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Titles and Character of Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1807 | 02/28/1982 AM

Amen. Well, everybody welcome. I am glad that everybody is here this morning…. I am so happy that you are here this morning and I feel Jesus is moving already. Don’t you feel Him? There is a kind of an awe in the audience of His power. Sometimes, people think that that is probably me, but that is Him going before me. Can you say Amen? We give Him all the credit because He deserves it all.

I have got a good message this morning. You can’t help it; when you read certain parts of the bible and you know who He is, then you believe strong. Lord, touch the hearts this morning. All the new ones that are here guide them in the days ahead, because they need guidance, Lord. In a confused world that we live in, only your guidance and by power and faith are people led into the proper places. But they must put you first. How can you lead them unless you are ahead of them? Oh my! Isn’t that wonderful? You put Jesus behind you, you cannot be led. You put him first, there is the leadership of the Holy Spirit. A lot of wisdom is in that coming from prayer. Bless them and anoint them this morning. Touch the sick bodies, please Lord, and let the salvation of the Lord just be upon them with great blessings. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus! Amen.

This morning, this is a different type [of] message. It’s called His Titles, Names and Types and Jesus the Lord. This is a different type of message and another way to build your faith. How many of you realize that? When you lift up the Lord Jesus, you build your faith. Also, by divine knowledge, it opens up to you revelations of the Eternal One…. Today, it’s Part Two: His Character. When you follow His character exactly like it is; I’ll tell you one thing, you will have eternal life…. I have preached all over the bible, but now I am at the back of it. Listen to this real close here. It’s different titles of the Lord Jesus, names and types….

The bible says this in 1 Corinthians 15:45—it says the second Adam. In the first Adam, all died. In the second Adam, all are made alive again. How many of you believe that? He is the Spiritual Adam, the Eternal One. He is the Advocator [Advocate]. He is our Lawyer. He will stand in any problem. He will go up against satan and tell satan you cannot go that far. He will tell him [satan] court is adjourned. How many of you can say praise the Lord? He is the Mediator So, that’s another title, the Advocator [Advocate].

He is the Alpha and Omega. There was nobody before Him and surely, He said, there would be nobody after me, but Me. I am Myself. How many of you can say praise the Lord? That shows He is eternal. You can find that in Revelation 1: 8 and over in 20: 13. Then we have this right here: He is called the Amen. Now, the Amen is final. He is the Final One. He will have the final Word that’s uttered both at the Rainbow Throne and at the White Throne judgment. He will be there.

The Apostle of our Profession (Hebrews 3:1). Do you know that He is the Teacher of our profession? He is the Apostle of our profession. Never man spake like this Man and never man has so many titles with such a great Name behind Him! In heaven and on earth, there is no name known like His Name. You listen to this, and with these titles…your faith will grow. You will automatically be able to feel the presence of the Lord just by mentioning what He is associated to here.

He is the Beginning of the creation of God (Revelation 3: 14). He is the Root. He is also the Offspring. He is the Blessed and Only Potentate, Paul said in 1Timothy 6: 15). The Only Potentate, the Lord of lords. He is the King of kings. What kind of power? No matter what you need, He has the power to deliver. It just takes a little faith to move the great hand of God.


He is the Captain of our salvation (Hebrews 2: 10). He is not only the Captain of our salvation, but He is also the Lord of Hosts. How many of you believe that? He is the Captain of the Hosts that Joshua knew about. He is called the Chief Cornerstone. All things will rest upon Him or they will not rest at all. Everything would be shaken and anything that is not of God would be shaken out. If you rest upon the Great Cornerstone, you will be supported by the Great Eternal One and He is Power! That is tremendous anointing. He is magnetic! He is wonderful! That’s the way you get your healing; by worshipping and by praising the Lord, putting Him in His proper place and an essence comes forth and a Presence will cover you—baptism and all that He has. People hold back. They do not give Him His proper place or praise. That’s why the shortcomings are there…. Like we said at the beginning of the sermon; [if] you to put Him first, He will guide you. If you put Him second, how can He guide you? A guide has to be in front. So, all things behind, He must be the Preeminent. Miracles will take place and He will guide you.

1 Peter 5:4 said He is the Chief Shepherd. No shepherd known like Him. He guides His sheep by still waters. He guides them by the Word of God in the fields, in pastures. He feeds our souls. He prepares us. He watches over us. The wolf cannot come. The lion cannot tear because He is the Shepherd with a rod and it is the Almighty rod. Amen. Therefore, He is the Guardian of your soul.

The Dayspring (Luke 1: 75): the very Dayspring. Wells of salvation from the Dayspring. He is also the Chariot of Israel, the Pillar of Fire lit up above them. He is the Bright and Morning Star to the Gentiles. He was the Pillar of Fire to His ancient people [Israel]. Emmanuel (Matthew 1: 23; Isaiah 7: 14): Emmanuel, God is among you. The Lord has risen up among you as a great Prophet, the God Prophet among His people. The Captain of Salvation, the Lord of Hosts has come to visit us. Remember this is right out of the bible and each one is placed in its proper perspective and what they say. I am only bringing it to you and adding the revelation part of it somewhat, but all of it is stated just as it is here [in the bible].

Then He is called—and no one will ever be like thisHe is called the Faithful Witness. Isn’t that wonderful? People may fail you. Somebody may fail you. Some friend may fail you. Some of your family may fail you, but not Jesus. He is the Faithful Witness. If you are faithful, He is more than faithful to forgive. Isn’t that wonderful?

The First and the Last: see; you can’t add anything to it and you can’t take anything from it. In the Greek, the Alpha and Omega is like the A-Z in English. He is not only the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the Ending, but now He is the First and the Last. None before Him and none after Him. There is where our power lies, within there. You see, raise Jesus up and you automatically build up your faith. No miracle can take place unless it’s in the Name. A lot of time people misunderstand me; they think I only believe in that one manifestation of the Lord Jesus. No. There are three manifestations the Sonship, the Fathership, and the Holy Spirit. The bible says these three are One. They are Light and then it breaks into offices. How many of you believe that? Amen. But no one can be healed unless it’s in the name of the Lord Jesus. No other name known in heaven or on earth will bring such power. No salvation can come in any name on the earth and in heaven; it has to come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That name with the power is like a great attorney and when it is associated to it, you can write out your own check if you believe in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Isn’t that wonderful? There is the power! All things were put into His hands…. He is great! I am the First and I am the Last (Revelation 1: 17). This gives another witness. The Alpha and Omega was one witness—the Beginning and then the End. Then He comes back to the First and the Last again. Then He is the Good Shepherd. Over here, He is the Chief Shepherd…. He has friendly hands. He loves you. It said [in the bible] cast your burden upon me; I will carry your burden. He will give you a sound mind and divine love in your heart. Do you believe that this morning? Then He is yours. He is the Good Shepherd. He does not hurt, but He pacifies. He brings peace, He brings joy and He is your Friend. So, He is the Chief Shepherd. That means He is not only the Chief, but He is a good Friend and a good Shepherd, meaning that He watches His duties closely. It is the people that get out of line. It is the people that fail to believe. It’s [that’s] where the problem is coming in.

He is our Governor (Matthew 2: 6). He is the Controller. He governs things. He rules [over] things in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came back in truth. The Holy Spirit came back in His Name to His people. He is the Caretaker. He is the Overseer and He controls our lives by the power of the Word of God. You have a little faith; the Lord will lead you. He is our great High Priest (Hebrews 3:1). None other can get any higher because there is nobody infinite enough to get any higher. One in the bible called Lucifer said, “I will exalt my throne above the heavens and I will exalt my throne above God.” He moved back away and the Lord Jesus said at 186,000 miles a second, at the speed of lightning. How many of you can say praise the Lord? I saw satan fall like lightning when he made those statements. Out of heaven, he [satan] came here.

He is the great High Priest. None can get any higher than that. “Why are you exalting Him,” you say? Because it helps the people. When I begin to preach like this, faith begins to come out of my body. Energy of the Holy Spirit comes through the television set [televised message] and what the people have to do is accept it. The Lord will deliver them from any problem. If they need salvation, it is right there. When you exalt Him, He said I live in the praises of my people. All through the bible when He was healing people, delivering them and bringing blessings, it says the power of the Lord was present to do that. Jesus would speak–create an atmosphere–and once He got the people to accept it and to praise and shout the praises of the Lord, all of a sudden, somebody was screaming. Their back was straightened. The next thing you know, somebody had something created, somebody jumped out of a cot and ran. Somebody else said, “I can see. I can see. I can hear. I can hear. I can talk. I can move my arm. I couldn’t move my leg. I am moving my leg.” He went to thousands to bring forth this kind of message. And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world” in signs and wonders.” These signs shall follow them that believe. They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. He is with us.

He is the Head of the Church (Ephesians 6: 23; Colossians 1: 18). If anybody is going to do any talking, it would be Him. Can you say Amen? He is our Voice. He is our Guide. He is our Leader and He will speak…. No one can overrule that position [the Head of the Church]; I don’t care what cult or whatever they are, it makes no difference, He will remain the Chief Head. All of this will come true as the age ends and they stand before Him. It will be automatic truth for them. They will be there to see it. Now, you say, “How about those that don’t believe?” They will be there too, the bible says. A thousand years later, after the first resurrection, they have to stand and look at Him. He does not condemn anybody until they stand before Him, look at Him, and then He pronounces it [judgment]. But He wishes not any should perish, but all should believe the Word. You see, through history satan has tried to cloud the Word. He has tried to cover up the Word. He has tried to bring only part of the Word, only part of the greatness of the Lord and only part of what Jesus can do for you…. What the Lord wants you to do is only believe, He says, all things are possible to him that believeth. To men it is not possible, but to God all things are possible as you believe.

He is the Heir of all things. No one can be heir of all things, but He is. You know, He left His heavenly throne. Even Daniel said this in the bible; he saw them walking in the fire, the Fourth One in there. He hadn’t come yet, see? It was a body created and the Holy Spirit got in there—the Messiah. He came there. He is the Heir of all things (Hebrews 1: 2). He is the Holy One. Now, no one is holy, but the Eternal One. How many of you believe that? So, He is the Holy One. Then He is the very Horn of our Salvation. He is the Horn of Oil. He pours out that salvation on the open hearts and those that receive Him. See; there is no other way. You will be a thief or a robber if you try to get into heaven any other way, but through the Lord Jesus Christ, the bible says. That’s where the secret is of all power…. Only this name will unlock that door. Behold, I put a door before you—for the saints of God, He said—and you can come and go as you can with that key, and the mystery of God is revealed to you. Isn’t that wonderful? Some people say, “I don’t understand these scriptures….” See; you have to get the Leader in you that we have been talking about. When you begin to get the Holy Spirit in you, He will light up those passage ways. Then when somebody brings a message, you will begin to understand. But you cannot understand until the Holy Spirit begins to illuminate your mind. Then it will all fall into place like that. You may not know all things at once, but you will know much more than you’ve ever known before.

He is called the I Am. Now we know we heard that in the Old Testament. The Pillar of Fire got in the bush and the bush burned, but the fire did not burn it. Moses saw it and he was startled. He was amazed that the fire was in the bush, and glory was in the cloud. It was a beautiful sight; fire was tinkling in the bush, but it would not burn it. Moses stood there and wondered. Now, God got his attention with a sign…. He was going to use him. The elect and the people that He would use at the end of the age—teaching power, faith and what He has in the scriptures—there would be a sign to them. The power of the Lord will rise upon them, but unto the unbelievers and the world, they cannot see those kinds of signs. We find out in John 8: 68 and Exodus 3: 14, I Am, is all it says right here.

He is called the Just One (Acts 7: 52). Then He is called the Lamb of God. He is the great Sacrifice. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the Lion to the ancient people and also to those who are the children of Abraham by spiritual faith, and also to the real seed of Abraham which is the Israelites. To them, He is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Revelation 5: 5). Then He is called the Messiah. He is the Messiah, the El Shaddai, the El Elyon, the Most High, Elohim. He is the Word. Isn’t that beautiful? Can’t you feel the faith, the sparkling of the Holy Spirit? It’s like a gem, it’s like great power—the Lord visiting His people. You can drink it right in.

Right behind that, Messiah (Daniel 9: 25; John 1: 41), it says, the Morning Star. The Pillar of Fire to His ancient people. To the Gentiles, the Bright and Morning Star in the New Testament (Revelation 22: 16). In the Old Testament, they called Him the Pillar of Fire. He is the very Prince of Life. None can be a Prince of Life like Him…. He is the Prince of the kings of the earth (Revelation 1: 5). He is over all the kings of the earth that ever have come or will come. He is the Lord of lords and He is called the King of kings. In Revelation 1: 8, He is called the Almighty, who was and is and shall come. It’s powerful! Can’t you feel the very presence of the Most High? We are called—we are told to preach it in such manner. No matter what men say, they will not be delivered, but those that say, I believe. He that believeth all things are possible. “How can you believe unless I set up a standard to deliver and allow the anointing and power of God to break forth on the people?” If you need anything from God, just open up your heart and drink it in. It is here, more than you will ever handle, the power of the Most High.

Then He is called the Resurrection and the Life. I think that is marvelous! He is the Resurrection and the Life (John 11: 25). He is the Root of David, then He said He is the Offspring of David (Revelation 22: 16). What does that mean? The Root of David is that He is the creator. The Offspring means that He came through him in human flesh. Can you say Amen? Root means create; the very Root of the human race. He is the offspring of the human race, coming as El Messiah. That He is! Did you ever meet a real Hebrew? You know that the thing that is stopping them; most of them—is that they only believe in the Most Holy One. They do not believe that you chop up three different gods. They won’t have that at all…. No, no, no. You are automatically false to them and they wouldn’t want to go any further with you. Even though it is Old Ancient Hebrew God that they are dealing with, they know that you cannot make three gods out of One God. A while ago, I explained this: the three manifestations and One Holy Spirit Light—three offices…. John said these three are One Holy Power…. Now, let me bring out a point: he did not say these three are three. The bible is very full of wisdom and it is full of knowledge. He said these three are One Holy Spirit Power. How many of you are with me now? I believe this is great wisdom. It gets you into the sieve [filter], as you might say, of the Holy Spirit so you can be delivered with great faith. All people ought to be delivered first from the message here and from the bible. Remember, nothing added or taken away; all of this is from the scriptures. The bible denotes it that way.

He is called the Savior. He is the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls (1 Peter 2: 25). How many of you know that? Isn’t that beautiful? He is the Teacher of our souls. He is the Caretaker of our souls. He said, “Cast your burden on me, trust me, I will never forsake you. You may forsake me, but I will never forsake you.” Isn’t that marvelous faith? “Unbelief causes separation between you and me, He said. As long as you have faith in me, I will never forsake you! I am married to the backslider.” You may have drifted from God, but He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you. Turn [up] you faith and here I am.” He is the Son of the Blessed. He is the Son of the Highest. He is the Word of God. He is the Word of Life (1 John 1: 1).

He is the Head of the Church. He declared Himself to be the Head of the Corner (Matthew 21: 42). Paul declared this (Ephesians 4: 12, 15 and 5: 23) as having such preeminence in all things. He is the Head of all things. He is the Preeminent. He is the Great Physician. He is the very Capstone as the bible gives it. He is your Physician. He is your Healer. He is the Savior of your soul. He is the Bishop of souls. We have Him here as the Great One. So, as such, He has preeminence in all things. The saints are complete in Him and none other but Him (Colossians 2: 10). Doesn’t the Lord narrow this right down like a pyramid at the top? The bride has that Stone that was left off, see? We have the secret in the bible, in the thunders that says, “Don’t talk it. I will reveal it to my people. It is so precious, John, that I want to handle this until the end of the age.” That’s in Revelation 10. So, as we narrow this down like a sword point and the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword—it cuts wide…revealing the secrets…. This morning, I feel…. it’s like these titles, types and names are revealing to us a type of pyramid that God is building, a block upon a block, for His church. Faith and grace and power, sanctification and righteousness, all these things are being built by Him, and it is intermingled with great faith and divine love. Isn’t that wonderful?

You know that love is eternal. You might have physical love; that would die away…. Hate will be destroyed, but eternal love will be forever. He said so in the bible—because God is love. God is divine love. So, in building all of this, He loves His people. He is delivering His people. Only a compassionate God would turn again to somebody who had done just about anything possible against Him and yet say, “Lord, forgive me’ and Him [He will] reach out and heal him of cancer and take away the pain by faith in the Living God.

The Types: we have some types that we have in the bible—Aaron. He was like the priest and Christ was the Priest. He [Aaron] wore the Urim Thummim which broke into rainbow colors when the light hit it like the throne in Revelation 4. He [Jesus Christ] is called Adam. The first Adam brought death. The second Adam, Christ, brought life. David was a type and He [Christ] will be set as a King upon David’s throne. David typed Him in different ways. And then we have Isaac. In those days, they married many wives, many women, but Isaac only chose one, and she was the bride. Isaac stayed with the one as the Lord Jesus; He has His bride.

We’ve got Jacob. Although, his character was kind of sharp and he got into troubles and problems, yet he was delivered and he was called a prince with God. He was named Israel. So, the Lord, following suit was called a Prince of Israel! Can you say Amen? And Moses said the Lord thy God shall raise up a Prophet like unto me. He will appear. He is the Messiah. He will come at the end of the age. Moses made that statement. [He is] Melchisedec, the Eternal Priest, that is given in Hebrews. We’ve got Noahbuilt the ark—which is the ark that saved the people. Jesus is our Ark. You come inside of Him. He will bear you up above and carry you through [out of] the great tribulation and take you out of here. We have Solomon who in his splendor and great riches, in his glory and throne was typing Christ—all the magnificent power that we have today. Can you say praise the Lord to all of that?

These are types–building faith here. And then He is called this: Jacob’s Ladder, which means the Lord going and coming to mankind—coming down and going up and down. But He never really goes anywhere; God is all power. He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. We like to use the term, Jacob’s ladder, of the angels going up and down. It teaches us many things. It’s a type of Christ—the Ladder of Life into eternal life.

He is called the Passover Lamb. That is wonderful! He is called the Manna. You know manna fell, supernaturally 12,500 times in a miracle in the Old Testament to the children of Israel if you deduct it just right. Manna came out of heaven; Jesus typing that the Bread of Life was coming. When Jesus stood before the Hebrews, He told them this, “I am the bread of Life which came down from heaven. Those died in the wilderness, but the bread of life that I give you, you shall never die.” In other words, eternal life is given to you. He is called the Rock (Exodus 17: 6). In 1 Corinthians 10: 4, they drank from this Rock, and this Rock was called Christ. It’s beautiful. He is called the Firstfruit. That’s right. He is called the Burnt Offering. He is called the Sin Offering. He is called the Atonement Sacrifice thereof and He is also called the Scapegoat. Now Israel—Caiaphas—prophesied that one man should die for a whole nation, and the Pharisees and the Sadducees of those days made Him a Scapegoat for the nation. He is called the Scapegoat, yet He is the Divine Lamb that brought eternal life. Do you believe that this morning?

He is called the Brazen Serpent. Why would He be called a brazen serpent in the wilderness? Because He took the curse upon Him—the old serpent—and He took the curse off of mankind. By faith that curse is lifted today. Anybody on television, you are healed by faith. He took the curse upon Him. He was made sin that you would be delivered from sin. So, He was called the Brazen Serpent because upon Him was cast it all—the judgment—and He carried that. Now, by faith in God, it is finished and you have your salvation, you have your healing by faith in God. It is yours. It is your inheritance.

Then He is called the Tabernacle and the Temple. He is called the Veil. He is called the Branch and the Messiah. In Matthew 28: 18, He is called all power in heaven and on earth. I believe this morning…. I believe He is the Bishop of our souls, the very Lord of Hosts. He is our Savior. How many of you can say Amen?

I feel this morning—I feel deliverance in the air. You know when you get into something like this you are controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that is bringing forth these things to bless His people. Give the Lord a handclap and a praise offering! You should feel good this morning and refreshed, and full of the Holy Spirit. If you are new and need salvation, by all means, He is as close as your breath. All you have to do is say, “Lord, I repent. I love you, Lord Jesus. I am yours. Here I am, guide me now.” Follow the bible.

The sermon has been preached. If you need healing this morning, I am going to pray a mass prayer. Like I said, you put Him first, He will guide you and He will lead you. I want you to stand to your feet now. If you need salvation, the Holy Spirit, prosperity, if you are in debt, you have problems, come down here and believe the Lord. If you make a promise to the Lord to help…you follow on through, He will follow you through. I am praying for your souls. He is the Bishop of your souls. He is the Comforter. He is the Governor…. Come on down. Oh, praise God! Believe the Lord with all your heart. Lord, begin to touch them. Deliver them, Lord Jesus. Lift them up. Touch their hearts in Jesus Name. Oh, thank you, Jesus! Do you feel Jesus? He is going to bless your heart.

Titles and Character of Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1807 | 02/28/1982 AM