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Self-deception | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #2014 | 04/15/1984 AM

Praise the Lord! It’s great! Feel real good this morning? Alright, He is blessing. Isn’t He? He is really blessing His people. I am going to pray for you. You just kind of expect in your hearts. The anointing is already here. Miracles take place every time we pray. He is really kind. Just begin to open up your hearts and receive as Jesus said. Amen. Receive the Holy Spirit. Receive your healing. Receive whatever you need from the Lord. Lord, we worship you this morning. Thy Word is always true and we believe it in our hearts. You are going to touch the people this morning, each of them Lord. Guide them in thy truth. Put them on a solid basis with you, Lord. What a time we are living in! A time of pitfalls and snares Lord, but you can safely guide your people through every one of them. That is what we have you for, the Guide and the Shepherd, In Jesus’ Name, our Leader. Thank you, Lord. Now touch the bodies. Take out the pain. Touch the mind, Lord, and bring it to rest. Take away the oppression and the anxiety. Give rest to the people. As the age closes, a rest is promised and we claim it in our hearts. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus!

Listen to me this morning here and the Lord will really bless your heart. Self-deception: You know what self-deception is and we are going to see how it took place during Christ’s day. Now, to some people, the scriptures are a puzzlement…. That’s the way they look at it. Sometimes, they don’t really allow their hearts and the Holy Spirit to guide them, and they tend to think that it [scripture] contradicts itself sometimes, but it doesn’t. It’s the way the way the Lord places it in there. He wants us to go by our faith and believe in Him.

They Jews, you know, they thought that Jesus contradicted the scriptures. They didn’t even know the scriptures like they should know the scriptures. He told them to search the scriptures…. So, let me explain there is no contradiction. Listen to this: this is what puzzles people too. The scriptures say that Jesus came to bring peace and even the angels said peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Also, in Jesus’ messages He would say peace to them and so forth. But there are some other scriptures that seemed to be just the opposite. But those scriptures that He gave here—He foreknew that He would be rejected—and this is for the world after His rejection; they would not have peace. They would not have any salvation and they would not have any rest. So, He did it this way and it is not a contradiction.

The Jews, it set them on warring this way and that way because of their unbelief. If they had believed Him in their hearts and searched the scriptures, it would have been easy for them to accept Him as the Messiah. But the human mind is self-deceptive, very self-deceptive and satan works on that. Even at a distance, he can begin to oppress the mind until one begins to self-deceive according [with regard to] what the scriptures mean. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10: 34). See; just the opposite; after they rejected Him, the sword of the Romans came upon them. Amen? It’s exactly right. War broke out all over the world. Just the opposite, see? But it’s not contradiction at all. Those that have Him in their hearts, those that know Jesus’ salvation, they have peace beyond all peace. Amen? Isn’t wonderful?

“I am come to send fire on the earth, and what will I, if it be already kindled” (Luke 12: 49)? Yet, He turned around and He said don’t call fire. The disciple said, “Look, this people over here are really mad at us…. They rejected everything you said. They turned down every miracle that you performed…. They were disobedient to every good work…. Let’s just call fire on that bunch and destroy them.” But Jesus said, “No, I have come to save men’s lives. You know not what manner of spirit you are” (Luke 9: 52-56). Here He comes back with scriptures like these: “I am come to send fire on the earth and what will I if it be already kindled? Then the Jews said, “Over here, He said peace to all men, over here, He said, I didn’t come to bring peace, but I have come to bring war—a sword. Over here He told them not to call fire down and over here He said I came to send fire upon the earth. Now you see; human reasoning. They were self-deceiving themselves. They didn’t take any time to really inquire. They didn’t take any time to find out that the peace He was talking about was spiritual peace that He was giving to all mankind that would receive His peace that comes from the Holy Spirit. Those that rejected [His peace] down through the ages, there would be nothing but fire and war. Finally, at the end of the age, Armageddon, asteroids pulled from the heaven, fire from the heaven cast upon the earth.

Jesus said it is already kindled. Wars will be about on every side, one of these days. So, there was no contradiction at all. It was that these scriptures are for those that reject the Word of God. How many of you believe that? It was because they saw Him, heard His words, saw His miracles and turned around and rejected Him. So, it was not a contradiction. It wasn’t a puzzlement at all. I have peace in my heart. I have understanding of the scriptures. Therefore, I see it perfectly what He meant. It is so easy for the Gentiles today to see what He meant. But where would they also wind up at the end of the age? Let’s see what happened to this people that rejected Him. You see, they failed to see the signs of the times when Jesus was working miracles and He was predicting the future…predicting what was going to happen to Israel, how they were would be driven out and how they would come back again. He was telling them what was going to take place. But they looked right at the signs—He was the sign—and they turned it down. He said, “You hypocrite! That’s what you are because you cannot understand me.”

He said, “You said you believed in the scriptures of the Old Testament and the miraculous God, and the God of Abraham and of the miracles of Elijah and Moses…I come and fulfill it with even greater miracles and you do not believe what you say you believe.” Therefore that is a hypocrite…one that says he believes, but really does not believe. So, He said you hypocrites, you can look up at the sky. You can discern the face of the sky and you can tell when it is going to rain…but He said you cannot see the sign of the time that is all around you. And He was a great sign, the Express Image of God. They looked right at the Hand of God, the Express Image, the Holy Spirit said, of the Living God in the form of man and they could not see the signs of the times. He was standing right there in front of them.

At the end of the age, His sign of the times is right in front of them. Instead of coming into the power of the latter rain, coming into the power of the Holy Spirit that is going to come in such a way to translate His people and take them away, they are going at it in a different way, and they are trying to use the Holy Spirit on top of it. But it won’t work. It will all go into one system. It will just be like the Pharisees; no matter what is said or what is done, they will always be like the world. So, they looked right at the hand of God, but they still remained deluded. I tell you; self-deception is terrible. Isn’t it? He spoke right to them and they deceived themselves. Satan didn’t have to really do much as they had already deceived themselves before Jesus came and they would not change although He raised the dead.

So, we find out at the end of the age, once the pattern is set, once the dial is set…then that revival will come. When it comes, it will be what the Lord wants to do. The Jews believed not and were not God’s sheep. “But ye believed not, because ye are not my sheep, as I said unto you” (John 10: 26). You see, they believed not; therefore, they were not the sheep. There are other scriptures saying how His sheep hear His voice, but they didn’t want to hear it. The unbelief of the Jews was self-deception. The Jews received not Christ, but would receive another. I am come in my Father’s name and you received me not [Now, the Father’s name is the Lord Jesus Christ.] If another should come in his own name, him shall you receive (John 15: 43). That’s the antichrist. So, at the end of the age, all those that do not receive Jesus as the pattern of the Holy Spirit gets [gives] it—the Lord Jesus Christ—they will receive another one. How many of you believe it? Absolutely! More will be deceived than you ever dreamed of—self-deception. So, we find out, the Jews did not know the hour of their visitation and it was right in front of them. I believe that in the last great revival, the elect of God—they will not be deceived—but outside of the elect of God, I believe that most of the churches today will not see or understand the real last visitation of God. They will know it’s going on or something is going on. But finally, it will just get in there to where God is going to do His work to the ones that He has promised eternal life. The ones that He has called; those will come. Do you believe that?

At the end of the age, just like the Pharisees, you will have coming together the Laodiceans. Now, what [who] are the Laodiceans? That is the Protestants; that is the mixture of all kinds of beliefs coming together, mixing together to get bigger, saith the Lord. Oh my! Did you hear that? Coming together to become giants, mixing and mingling together. Looks good; people will get saved during that time. Many people will come to God. But the Laodicean spirit cannot work, He said, for it is a type of mixture. By trying to get more, saith the Lord, they turn their fire down lower. Amen. Finally, it went out. When it goes out, what is it? It is a mixture; it will become lukewarm. See; mingling and mixing with the fiery…the Pentecostal systems and different ones of deliverance, those that believe, and then trying to take in too much, taking too much of the world, too much of this belief and so much of the belief, mingling together as one, coming together as a superstructure, getting larger. Finally, they become what we call in Revelation 3 [14 -17]—this is the temptation which shall try the whole earth, He said. But those that have patience in His Word will not be deceived.

Then in a chapter of the Laodiceans [Revelation 3], the lukewarm Protestant system, the great Laodicean system, they wound up with almost everything; they had not need of nothing. But yet, Jesus said they were wretched, naked and they were blind. Lukewarm—it looked good because mingled in there was some of the fire, some of that left from Pentecost. But they wind up as a great super-church and then they become associated indirectly or directly with the other great structure of Babylon upon the earth. Then Jesus said, “You are lukewarm. You have become lukewarm. I will spew you out of my mouth.” It means that He kind of vomits them up like that out of His mouth at that time. So, when they get all kinds of beliefs together—sometimes, like I said certain things will happen [appear] to look good, but finally it is to become larger and larger, and then finally they outdo themselves. It’s kind of like the Pharisees, they will wind up that way. Then the Lord cannot bring that Word like He wants to. He cannot bring those kinds of miracles that He wants to. Finally, it is cut away into a superstructure on the earth. Then watch out! It is the wheat of God and that is where the remaining fire is. I’ll tell you one thing and you can count on this, saith the Living Lord: they will not be lukewarm for they will be the fire of the Holy Spirit. Glory! Alleluia! How many of you can say, Amen? They will burn out the chaff. I believe that! So, we find out, all kinds of them. Therefore, it leads to the antichrist. It’s that simple….

Remember, the scriptures bear it out: the Jews killed Christ. We know that, and the Romans joined in with them at that time. Finally, to get rid of Jesus and His miraculous power, they joined the Roman hand. When they did, they crucified Him. At the end of the age, the Pharisees, the Laodiceans, the Babylonians and all of them mixed together will join the hand of the Roman power of the united Roman [Empire] upon the world. In other words, Daniel’s vision of the end of the age–coming world government—joined together to try to stay the hand of God upon the elect. But it is too late, like Elijah, the prophet, they will cross on over and be gone! So, the Jews could not believe because they received honor one from another. They honored one another, but Him they would reject. The Jews saw and believed not. And I said unto you, you have also seen me and believed not. Jesus said, “You have seen me, looked right at me. The prophecies of Daniel, 483 years, he told you I would stand on your ground, would preach the gospel, standing right where I am supposed to stand here. You looked right at me and still believed not.”

Sometimes, it is better people don’t see Him. Amen? Today many people believe it by faith. That’s the way He loves it. Visions can and do transpire and they see Jesus. In my crusades when I am praying for the sick, He has been seen and I know for a fact that people were healed. But many times, He hides Himself because people would seem to believe better when they see something. Sometimes, they can’t believe and more is held against them. But He knows exactly what He is doing. Toward the end of the age, I believe many things would be seen. Besides the angels and manifestation of power, I believe the people would readily—if they get supernatural enough—see the glory of the Lord. Amen. Now, the Jews saw Him, but yet they believed not. Jesus stood there in the Expressed Image of God; still, they deceived themselves—self-deception.

You take a person, nobody has to help him, not even satan, and if they don’t want to look at those scriptures right, they will fool around; if they keep thinking that this contradicts that or that is a puzzlement there, they will keep fooling around. You take a person, without the devil or without a preacher or anyone bothering them and that one person can self-deceive themselves according to the scriptures. Did you know that? Believe all the scriptures. Believe everything that they say. Believe that they can do anything that they promise to do. Have faith in God. Leave it in God’s hand and you will be happy. Glory! Alleluia! When can anybody figure out God, David said? He said God’s wisdom is past searching. He is past finding out. You can’t find Him out. Just believe His Word; that’s what He wants you to do. The Jews would not believe the truth. Because I tell you the truth, you will not believe me [John 8: 45). See, He said because I tell you the truth, you will not believe me, but if I tell you a lie, every one of you will believe me. They could only believe in falsehood. They could not believe the truth.

So, at the end of the age, [with regard to] the Laodiceans, He said the same thing. He said He tried to tell them the truth and they would not believe the truth. Why are they lukewarm? They have a mixture of part truth, part lie and falsehood, all tangled up until finally, it went up into a falsehood. Amen. Stay with the pure truth. Amen? Even though Jesus was sinless, they still would not believe…. They Jews would not hear; therefore, they could not understand. He said, “Why do you not understand my speech because you cannot hear my words” (Jon 8: 43). He spoke right to them, but they could not hear it because they did not have spiritual understanding, and they did not want to change. If their hearts would have changed as Jesus spoke to them, then they would have understood His speech. Amen. Listen to this: Christ’s words will judge those who believed not. “If any man hear my words and believe not, I judge him not for I came not to judge the world but to save the world” (John 12: 47). But He said, “My Word in that day, the words that I have spoken, the words that I have written—these words—alone will judge. Isn’t that wonderful?

So, we find out something very unique, something that has been brought together by the Holy Spirit—the way the words and the bible are…the way the words in the King James [version] are—the way that all is brought together; it is a wonderful court, it is a lawyer, it is a judge, it is all things to all men. It will judge, just the Word. It will get the job done. How many of you say praise the Lord? Just the Word; the judge, the jury and all. It is really great, so unique, the way that He spoke it and the way that things come about in healing and the miracles that He performed, and the Word that He spoke—that alone will judge…right at the White Throne.

The Jews rejected the prophecies of the scriptures. The Jews had not God’s words abiding in them. They didn’t have the Old Testament abiding in them. Therefore, they didn’t see Him. The Jews were told to search the scriptures which they professed to believe. But they said that they already knew the scriptures as much as they wanted to know them. They didn’t search anything and were condemned. The writings of Moses accused them of their unbelief. Had the Jews believed Moses, they would have believed Christ. He said, “You said you believed Moses’ writings, but you don’t believe anything…. You are hypocrites! If you had believed Moses’ writing, you would have believed me because Moses said the Lord, your God, would raise up a Prophet like me and He would come and visit you.” You say praise the Lord? And so, what they even said they believed, they didn’t believe it. In fact, when Jesus got through talking to them—they thought they had so much God, the religious Pharisees of that day—they found out they didn’t believe in anything and I think that is the way it is going down. Can you say Amen? But they sure deceived a lot of people. Amen. So, unbelief in Moses resulted in unbelief in Christ. “But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words” (John 5: 47)? Moses gave the law, but the Jews did not even keep the law…. The scriptures cannot be broken, yet the Jews believed not. Jesus fulfilled the scriptures, brought them just as the Old Testament said they would come. Yet, they did not believe.

So, we find out, one of the greatest things that happened during that time, in that age when the Romans ruled the world was self-deception. They deceived their own selves because they would go no further than what they had. They would believe no further than what they believed in their rulings and systems. Man had gotten in there and the profession of man, the doctrine of man…had gotten into the law, had gotten into the Old Testament and had gotten into what was supposed to be the bible. When they got finished with it, it was just a dead body. Jesus came with supernatural power, for His Word was amazing and His Word was power. When He spoke, things took place and that upset them at that time. So, it got in such a way that they deceived themselves by trying to work out their own religion, trying to work out their salvation like man tries to work it out. They wanted to become larger. They wanted to have more controlling power. They had the people under complete domination. That was why they could crucify Christ. It was a doctrine of the Laodiceans, the doctrine of Balaam and so forth like that.

We find out, at the end of the age, be careful; the same type of spirit on the Pharisees would come again and join into the Babylonian religions and self-deception will come again on a plain that we have never seen before. In other words, besides all that lucifer is doing and besides all kinds of doctrines that are being preached, be careful of your own self, saith the Lord, because that is one of the last moves that satan will try. If you believe the way the Word has been laid out night after night, day after day, sermon after sermon, miracle after miracle, sermon after sermon, and the demonstration of the Sprit; if you believe in that Word, keeping that Word in your heart, you will never deceive yourself. You cannot deceive yourself if you have the Word of God, if you believe the Word of God in your heart, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, always expecting Jesus in your heart, always believing, activating that faith and using that faith. Every day use your faith for something. Pray for somebody. Pray for those in the world. Pray for their salvation.

Whatever, use that faith. Believe in that faith and absolutely read that Word and believe that Word for that Word is perfect. It is the only thing that we’ve got and it is the best thing that we can have. Do you believe that? I want you to stand to your feet here. So, we find out self-deception…He said, “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword upon the earth. Already, I have sent a fire.” That is to those that reject the Word of God. So, those predictions that He gave with the sword in Armageddon will come and with the fire upon the earth—the atomic explosion. Those will take place; I can tell you at the end of the age. But to those that believe in His Word and accept it–in their hearts is salvation–He is the Great Messiah, the Great Physician. This morning, in this building, if there is any sickness in here, just take that and blow it out like clouds in the rain. Amen. One thing you want to always do, believe that Word and believe it with all of your heart. As you believe in that Word, that is what keeps you from self-deception. Believe it no matter what. Believe it for what it is and it will carry you straight on through and keep that anointing in your heart. Do you believe that? Can you remember that?

On this cassette, as the age closes out, believe those words in your heart always and self-deception won’t come, but to the world that is coming—that self-deception. Now, why is that self-deception coming? Because they [have not] kept not the Word in their hearts, saith the Lord. David said I kept your Word in my heart that I sinned not against thee. At the end of the age, this is going to be more important than ever before in the history of the world…. This morning I am going to ask you to give your heart if you need Him in that audience. If you need Jesus in your heart this morning, just lift your hands up in the air to Him…. Don’t deceive yourself. Let Jesus in there and He will help you in every good work. If you need healing…. I am going to pray in a mass prayer this morning and I am going to believe it is going to touch every heart in here. Amen. One thing this morning, I thank God…that the Word that God has given me has been preached, not just miracles, but the Word of God has followed those miracles. When I preached that message this morning, that is the truth—I can feel—if there is anybody here that is self-deceived, there are not many because I can feel that thing hitting clear on through. That is God’s way of showing you that the Word that “I have sent in there has found a place to live.” It is a hook in there. I hooked it in there because that message will give it back as it is. It is wonderful!

I am going to pray across the audience because it really went on through and it’s great! Lift up your hands. I am going to ask Him to touch you. If you need salvation, ask Jesus to come into your heart. If you need healing, just begin to expect and believe in your heart as I pray. Lord, those hearts this morning, with the salvation that they need in their hearts, now Lord, reach in there. I command the pains to go. I command any kind of anxiety and sickness to depart from thy people. I command satan to take his hands off them. Go! In the name of the Lord Jesus. Bring an uplift, Lord. Bring a relief to their system here. Heal and touch them right now. Come on and thank the Lord. Give Him a handclap! Thank you, Jesus. He is really great! Touch them, Lord! Thank you, Jesus. My! Isn’t He great? Thank you, Lord. I thank you Jesus. He is going to bless your heart.

Study point #9 prayerfully.

Self-deception | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #2014 | 04/15/1984 AM