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Praise the Lord. You know a lot of people want to go somewhere where they can receive salvation without receiving salvation. Can you figure that out? Amen. There is only one kind and it is in the Lord Jesus. That is repentance, confession and to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, body and soul in salvation. Lord, we love you this morning and we believe that you are going to touch the heart of everyone. All the people Lord, united, you will hear their prayers and you have already heard our prayers. We believe that you will manifest it. Amen. Bless them all together as we praise you this morning. We believe you with all our hearts and we know you have something good for us this morning. We believe that you are going to bless the people. Give the Lord a handclap. Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Come on, just praise Him. Lord, touch their hearts. Whatever they need, bless them. We are entering a new era of the Spirit, Lord Jesus. What a time! What a time to worship you! What a time you have called us! Never a time like it again. Amen. No time like this time. What an hour, Lord Jesus! Come on and praise Him. Praise the Lord Jesus. Alleluia!

The Lord is working everywhere all over the earth. He has a few here and a few there, a group here and a group there. He will get them together. He is going to bless them marvelously. Sometimes, you know, I wonder, at such a time that He called me. He could have called me beforehand, but it was at the hour that He wanted me to come, to run right into the same faces, the group of people on my mailing list that listen to my cassettes and so forth. Run right into that group of people, you see, with something [the message] that He sent. It’s providence, you believe that? If He had called me 20 years before He did, I would have run into a new group preaching a little differently because it wasn’t the hour and it wasn’t the time. The anointing is getting stronger as the age begins to close out, and so are satanic forces; they are increasing also, but the Lord should lift a standard for His people. This is gathering time as never before. He is reaching on out.

Now, you know we are living in an age when they are darting back and forth. It is an age of neurotics and nervousness. Everybody is running everywhere at the same time, going to several different places. We know two different places people are going; one, they are going below and the other, they are making their way to go to heaven. People and Christians today are uneasy. They need peace. They need rest. They worry about the end of the age, the fear and the atomic war. They worry about economics [the economy], but the bible says relax in Jesus in a spiritual way. The message this morning is The Perfect Hiding Place in the Presence of the Lord, His chosen place. See; people need rest from the pressures more than anything else. Sometimes, when I am on the platform praying for the sick, we see miracles and you can see the uneasiness and the worry that new people have coming into the prayer line, and the pressure that has built up. But the anointing begins to work and when it does; you can see the pressure just dart back from that power. It is a type of an oppressing spirit. Many of them know it and they tell you it is like a band. It is coming from the world, the problems of the world, the anxiety and the worry of the world. It begins to build around them until they begin to take it on. If they are not careful, it will trap them. But when we pray, we watch that break back like a light hits them. Then they are healed, not just of the disease, but mentally, the oppression is taken from their body and they feel a relief. They are able to relax.

The people more than anything else need to relax from the pressures so that their faith will begin to work. In the great cities, so much nervousness, so much worry and anxiety. In the great cities of today, people are on pins and needles. They are not like humans; they are just bouncing here and there. But, O thanks be to God’s amazing grace, the power of the Lord will break it. You don’t need any pills. You don’t need any type of medicine, if you believe in your heart and allow the Lord to take that load and the sin off. Allow Him to touch you. He will make you all new. It says here in Psalm 32: 7, “Thou art my hiding place…” Oh, he called the Lord a Hiding Place. Not only shall He hide, He shall preserve him. Bro Frisby read 8. Meaning, I will guide thee with revelation and by the eye of the Holy Spirit. Bro Frisby read vs. 9- 11 and Psalm 33: 13. Amen. Listen to this message. Solomon once said wisdom is too high for a fool. If you listen to the wisdom of the scripture, it will deliver you. Jesus likened the man that listened to His word to a wise man. Automatically, He called him a wise man.

Remember the message, The Perfect Hiding Place. Bro Frisby read Isaiah 26: 20 &21. “…the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity…” (v. 21). You better be around the Hiding Place that is around the throne at that time. He is going to do it [the earth] all in and He is going to make it over again. He is coming. This is the time to be in the Ark of Safety and that Ark of Safety, the Hiding Place, is the Lord Jesus. Now, not only do you hide in the Lord Jesus, but I believe that besides this tabernacle of the Lord, there are tabernacles on the earth that are symbolic and are perfect hiding places of the Lord until He takes us and translates us because we are hidden in the word. Bro Frisby read Isaiah 32: 2. See; the tempest can’t get to you. That’s the storm of the devil. Now, what is the Shadow of a Great Rock? The Shadow is the Lord Jesus. He is the express image of God—of the invisible God. He is the Shadow of a Great Rock and you hide in that Shadow. That is the Shadow of the Almighty through Jesus Christ.

Watch this: listen to this right here in Proverbs 1: 33. “But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.” The Perfect Hiding place is in His Presence, in the tabernacle of the Lord where His word is. There is the Holy Spirit in the Perfect Hiding Place. He will relieve the pressure. He will take away the worry. He will take away the nerves and He will give you a strong heart. He will bless you. These are the promises of the Almighty and not man. Man cannot give you these kinds of promises. They will not be fulfilled. But the Lord God, the Most High, in all of His promises, He promised you peace and He promised you rest. You should know how to approach Him according to the scriptures in faith and the promises are yours.

We find out in the bible—Bro Frisby read Psalm 61: 2 – 4. David knew just where to go anytime he got in trouble. Can you say, Amen? People listening to this watch how David moved. No matter what kind of problem he got into, he knew where to go. He knew where his protection was. Listen, you will learn something this morning. If you listen to the words of the Lord Jesus, you are a wise man. “…When my heart is overwhelmed…”(v. 2). By all the problems and troubles, and family; David had some family problems, too. He had problems of war. He had problems of state. He had problems among some of the people and problems from enemies. He was overwhelmed with them. He said this: “…Lead me to the rock that is higher than I” (v. 2). You see this temple here, it is built in the crevice of a mountain– there are few mountains in Phoenix—but it is built in the crevice of a great rock that is higher than us. Amen? And that rock, if you look at it—you can call it what you want—it actually looks like it has a face in there, like a headstone. It is right there. Nevertheless, he [David] is talking about a rock, but of all the mountains around Phoenix, this building is kind of notched right in the rock. It is kind of symbolic of His protection. It follows the scriptural path, the way it was built.

He said, “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” David is always talking about a Rock, that is the Lord Jesus Christ, coming as the great Headstone, the very Capstone to His people, rejected by the Jewish race and taken up by the Gentiles—the Lord Jesus Christ. “For thou hast been a shelter for me and a strong tower from the enemy” (v. 3). Now, in the shelter of the Great Rock, you can hide from diseases, you can receive your healing, you can receive your health and you can receive deliverance. Hide me in that Rock, in the tabernacle of thy palace. All over the country this week, people wrote for prayer looking for hiding place. People are asking for prayer all over the United States and the world, wanting a place to hide. A great revival is working right now among His people. This is the place of protection. God has put it that way. “…And a strong tower from the enemy.” What a tower! See; we are locking this in and locking the devil out, saith the Lord. Glory to God! You people watching on television, just believe in your heart and you will be delivered where you are sitting. Believe Him; all things are possible to him that believeth. In other words, he that acteth on the word. He is great! Amen.

“I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever; I will trust in the covert of thy wings” (v.4). As we said the other day and He told the people, you don’t need any vacation; just stay here. Well, people do have a chance to go out and go somewhere. Nevertheless, David said, “I will abide in thy tabernacle forever. I will never get out of there.” Isn’t that wonderful. A hiding place is the tabernacle of His wings, His power. Now, David’s tabernacle: when he couldn’t get to the one he had in the city for example when he was in a war, he was still in the tabernacle. The tabernacle was under the Wings of the Almighty. He prayed Him right down and then he would hide under that Presence. Glory! That’s the Lord talking. When his enemies were encamped around him on every side, he would pray down that Presence and get in it. Glory! He was protected all of his life. None of them [enemies] could destroy him. He lived to be a very old man. Many of them tried to do it; they couldn’t do it. The Lord’s hand was upon him. Even his own children turned against him, but God’s hand was there. How great He is!

“I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever; I will trust in the covert of thy wings” (v. 4). Do you ever notice that this place [Capstone Cathedral] is built like wings? Bro Frisby read Isaiah 4: 6. See; the Shadow of the Almighty, the Lord Jesus. You know, it is said in Psalm—we don’t have time to go there—but it says under the wings of the Almighty that is where peace abides. Read Psalm 91; it is a great one. “…For a covert from storm and from rain” (Isaiah 4: 6). A covert, a shelter, a shadow from your tests, from your weariness and from your trials. Right here is where the Lord relieves His people; it’s in His Presence. Can you say, Amen? You are in His Presence. If you are watching by television at home, get on your knees; His Presence will relieve you now. More than anything else in the world, people need to be relieved from these pressures and healed by the power of God. Do you ever know when you get around the quietness and peace in the place where people are delivered, how beautiful it feels to be relieved of torments and so forth. Satan tries to put that on the people, you see, to make them disbelieve in God, to irritate and torment them, so that they cannot believe the Lord. But living in the Shadow of the Great Rock, in the tabernacle, in the Presence of the Lord; how wonderful it is to lock in with the Lord for a time of rest. How great it is!

Listen to this right here, the scripture that precedes Isaiah 4: 6, that is, v. 5 says, “And the Lord will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for upon the glory shall be a defence.” That’s glory in the daytime and fire by night. The glory shall be the defense. Amen. Oh, whoso hearkeneth unto His voice shall dwell safely (Proverbs 1: 33). I believe it’s just wonderful. How wonderful it is to watch how the Presence of the Lord begins to move. I’ve got another scripture I would like to read and it is a real wonderful scripture. The Lord looketh from heaven upon the sons of men. He knows all about your tests, all about your trials and He is the one that can help you.

Then it says in Psalm 27 as we begin to read: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear…” (v. 1). He will guide me. He will lead me. He has set a path before me and He will definitely see that I go in the right direction. He is my salvation, whom shall I fear? One time, a giant, 12 feet tall, and him [David] as a little boy said let me go out [against the giant]. They were afraid of this giant with a great spear. He defied the whole army. This little boy, David, said I would go out and tell him about the Most High God. See; just nothing but faith. He never feared great armies and he always won because he knew where his Hiding place was, saith the Lord. Right, prophet and king. He had an angel with him. He got into a problem once in a while but that angel was with David. He said whom shall I fear. You are just a man, whether you are a midget or 10 or 12 feet tall, it makes no difference. David picked up a little rock and he took that old Rock of salvation, the Hiding Place, amen? He took the little rock. He just turned it around like that, right to the mark, saith the Lord. That was the word of God. He spoke and then he sent it to him in a message. Amen. The old giant fell down because he defied the Resting Place of Israel. He stood up against the Lord and the Lord sent a little boy that had faith to get rid of him. Can you say, Amen?

“…Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid” (v. 1)? These armies at times could compass him about that he only had about 10 minutes to live and they were crushing him on every side. He would just get down and he would reach on out, and through a miracle, miraculously–one time the Lord sent some type of celestial light that sent forth lightning from it and all his enemies fled from him at that time. Isn’t the Lord marvelous? He found a Hiding Place in the Lord Jesus, the Presence of the Almighty. Lots of people, they go to church, they want to feel the Presence of the Lord. The Hiding Place is in the Presence of the Lord. It is the Wings of the Almighty. How wonderful it is? The great healer, the Lord Jesus Christ. “Of whom shall I be afraid?”

As this age begins to close out, we are going to need this message. We need a message like this because of the time of chaos, the time of destruction and the time of terror; all these things are coming upon the land according to prophecy. And it is at this time that we need the Hiding Place of the Lord until the translation. How many of you can say, Amen? The storm clouds and the firestorms of Armageddon are on the horizon. An evil king will arise upon the earth, but the coming of the Lord is near. More than anything, we need the Hiding Place of the Lord Jesus in the Ark of safety. Lead me to that Rock that is higher than I, the Shadow of a Great Rock. Glory to God! Amen. “Of whom shall I be afraid?”

Bro Frisby read Psalm 27: 3. Boy, he was ticking with God, wasn’t he? You know when you have the Lord Jesus and you’ve really got Him in your heart, the power of the Lord is with you and you feel the joy of the Lord; then you are riding right along. Sometimes, you hit the low spot. That doesn’t make any difference. You’ll hit the high spot if you keep going. You will be back up there again. That [low spot] only builds your faith stronger. When you are tested a little bit, it refines you, gets you ready for a greater work and a greater belief. “…Though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident” (v. 3). I don’t know if his enemies ever got a glimpse of some of his psalms, they would have known that it would be hard to go against him. Amen.

Bro Frisby read 4. He made a bargain with the Lord, didn’t he? I would stay in the Presence of the Lord all the days of my life. What a wonderful time! Today, each of us–how many of you in your hearts believe that you want to dwell in the house of the Lord forever? Amen? Settle that in your heart. That comfort will come from the Holy Spirit for it is wonderful and it must come from the Most High God. “…To behold the beauty of the Lord…” The beauty of the Lord is not in the world, but in the anointing and the presence of the Holy Spirit–like it is said in Isaiah chapter 6–when Isaiah saw him, the seraphims on each side saying holy, holy, holy and the power of the Lord moving in the temple in a magnetic force. How great He is! Amen? What peace is there! We can have that in our lives too. “…And to inquire in his temple” 9 v. 4). That’s one thing he desires and he is confident that he will get his answer. That is to inquire in the temple of the Lord and to be in the beauty and the holiness of the Lord.

Bro Frisby read 5. Now, a pavilion can be an open-air structure or it can be a building similar to this structure. He shall hide me in His pavilion. He shall hide me in the secret of His tabernacle. He shall set me upon a Rock; I will not sink. How many of you believe that? Isn’t that a beautiful scripture? All through the psalms, he [David] speaks of protection, of shelter in the presence of Lord; all things are possible by believing in the Lord Jesus. And these signs shall follow them that believe, to heal the sick and to let go the sinners, prisoners that are trapped by satan and the oppression. Jesus said His anointing was to break the yoke and the bounds of the wicked one, and to destroy the works of the devil. I mean to tell you in real faith and real anointing by the Lord, there is nothing like the peace under the Wings of the Almighty. Do you believe that this morning? Glory! Alleluia!

Somebody says, “How come you preach like that?” That is the only way to preach the word of God. There is deliverance in that. Too much man-made things, too many dogmas and too many systems today; they have no rock to hide and they have no presence to hide–too many of that today. But the word of God, deliverance and power, that is what people need today. That is what this whole nation needs, straight up to the White House. This nation has had a wonderful hiding place in God, not like the Christians would have completely, but I am telling you this nation has been protected by the Lord. His hand has been on this nation–Divine Providence–it has been living under the Shadow of a Great Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ by providence. But the bible says that at the end of the age because they will not listen, O what a lesson they would have to learn! A nation that He loved like Israel, what they would have to go through and learn?

Right now, it is teaching time. It is harvest time. It is time to prepare our hearts for the days and the dark clouds, and the storms ahead. But we will be quiet [far] from evil, we will be in the safety place of the Lord because we listen to His word and have become wise in the Lord Jesus Christ. “For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion; in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me, he shall set me up upon a rock” (Psalm 27 : 5). “The Lord will give strength to his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace” (Psalm 29: 11). Like I said before, what this nation and all nations need is the peace that comes from God and the pressure to be taken off by the Lord Jesus Christ. He can do it and will do it. It would be according to your faith. Believe Him in your heart and trust also in the Lord and He will bring it to pass. You know, the thing we are talking about is the age of rest and peace according to the Holy Spirit, but no rest would be like when your bodies are changed. I say, thanks be to God! In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, the bible says our bodies shall be changed; out bones will turn to light, our structures will be glorified and we will have eternal life with Him. Those words are true and cannot be broken.

Give thanks unto the Lord and give Him the glory due unto His name. Bro Frisby read Psalm 29: vs. 2-4. This morning, I believe that through the word of God, His Voice of majesty has touched His people and He has blessed His people. Do you believe that? I believe that with all my heart. There is deliverance in the power of His Presence. There is deliverance in the Power of His Presence. In the power of the Lord, there is protection and nothing can abide like abiding in the presence of the Lord. Not only do we get what we get here now, but let me reemphasize, the bible says those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ shall have eternal life. That is great, isn’t it? You know, you can look around the creation and see all that the Lord has created. If you ever get alone, you can see pictures of them like motion pictures of mountains, the wilderness, streams of water and trees. Just watching those mountains and streams without being there, you can see the beauty of the Lord everywhere and how contented and satisfied it looks. Remember the bible says He shall lead us by still waters and green pastures. Amen. Glory to God! As you get way along with nature and see how it feels and how restful it is, that is exactly how the Lord wants you to feel [in the city]. Can you say, Amen? He will bless you too.

But you must praise the Lord and you must give thanks unto the Lord. “The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth King forever,” (Psalm 29: 10). In one place, the bible says let the earth keep silence, the Lord sitteth upon His throne (Habakkuk 2: 20). Somebody says, “I wish I could believe all that.” It is simple and easy; just take it in your heart. You begin to believe the Lord and He will make it true to your heart. He will bring it to pass in your heart. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will give you the desire of your heart. The Perfect Hiding Place–in the Presence of the Lord, His Chosen Place. Bro Frisby read Psalm 61: 2 – 4). How wonderful and restful it is even in this tabernacle here at Tatum and Shea Boulevard. We believe in deliverance and we feel the power of God. We believe according to the word and we don’t do anything unless it is done out of the word of God. Give the Lord a handclap. Praise the Lord. People need this kind of help [sermon].

You people that listen to this; there is some kind of power and there is deliverance all through the message. You can feel him moving on me and the anointing will be on the cassette. Whether you see it [on TV] or listen to this on audio, you will feel that there is a kind of Presence on it; it is to relax you. He will give you rest and the Lord will heal you. He has provided a place, the Rock is present and greater than I am. Can you say, Amen? That is the Lord Jesus. The Shadow of the Great Rock is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Express Image of the Immortal, Invisible God. Oh, there is joy and there is happiness when somebody really gets peace in their heart. There is no happiness in the world and there is no pill that can do that. It is supernatural. It is real. Just a moment of it [peace in the soul] is worth the whole world. If you take anything else [drug, alcohol] to try to get near to it, you will get sick the next day or you can’t get off of it [become addicted]. But I tell you one thing; there is nothing like the rest of the Lord.

The old prophets spoke about a place with God that is beyond anything; a place that many people that have received salvation and even the baptism of the Holy Spirit have never found entirely. Few saints have entered there. It’s kind of like divine health too. Few saints have entered into the divine health that God gives besides His healing and miracles. There is a Resting Place, a place of safety and a feeling that comes from the Almighty. Few saints have really entered into this place. But now, the age is closing and more than any other time in the world, He is going to provide that feeling for the saints of the Lord. They will enter something in another atmosphere, in another realm of power when they enter it. It is coming just before the mark of the beast and it is upon the earth for His children, and they will enter that place. Some saints have touched it for a moment, a twinkling of an eye, maybe just a few minutes–they have felt that. Some for a few hours and some have been privileged to feel it for possibly days, but not many people.

I mean to tell you, according to the prophets and how the Lord revealed it to me, and how I have felt the Lord, there is a place that is not known by many Christians. I believe it is Job 28: 7- 28 says, there is a place that not even the old vulture or the lion or its whelps have come through this path. There is a place and it is in God, and very few people have traveled in it. It is worth more than rubies and gold, and all the precious stones of the earth. It is found by wisdom, the bible says. This place is a wonderful place to be. With all the terror, with all the hustle and bustle and the darting back and forth in this age of neurotics and worry, there is a place in God. Oh, praise the Lord Jesus. I am preparing my heart for it.

Touch thy people. Out of this message, Lord, bring forth that safety place unto thy children and at the appointed time and the appointed hour, may thy glory come upon them. Give them the Presence of the Lord and the Wings of the Almighty–the Shadow Place. We love the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. No matter where this goes, all over the nation and everywhere else, peace be unto you. My peace I give unto you, saith the Lord, meaning that He has given it to you and you have it all your life. Believe it. Lord, we love you for the message this morning. I believe with all my heart that you gave it to your children to bless them. Now, you are following through Lord, and your Wings are overshadowing us this morning, and everybody in [under] these Wings will receive peace, comfort and rest from the Lord Jesus Christ. Touch everybody in this building and let their hearts take on a renewing of the Holy Spirit allowing the peace and rest of the Lord, as we abide under the Shadow of a Great Rock. Glory! We claim that, Lord, as our resting Place. Thy presence will go with us. Glory! Alleluia! Alright, shout the victory. Let’s shout the victory.


Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #951A
06/19/83 AM