049 – BE ALERT

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Lord, you are touching your people and guiding them. A more sure word of prophecy—the Daystar has arisen in our hearts and will guide us to the end of the age as you make plans for our lives and every individual’s life that loves you. Touch all thy people now, anoint them, Lord. Anoint them with knowledge and wisdom. Anybody new tonight, let them feel the Presence for it is this Presence that will take them out of the grave, it is this Presence that will translate them and it is this Presence that gives eternal life. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus. You know, delusion is already setting on the world. Do you know that?

Tonight, be alert. Be careful of the lethargy of Laodicea. That is the age we are living in now. It says here in Amos 6: 1, “Woe to them that are at ease in Zion….” The spiritual places, the spiritual churches of the United States, woe to them that are at ease now. Watch out! Because at that time is when the revival comes and when God takes His children away. And then, it says in Hosea 8: 1, set the trumpet or sound the trumpet. He shall come as an eagle. Do you know that? God will come to His people. See; alert my people. Be not careless. Testify. Witness. Save souls. Prepare. Set the trumpet. Sound the alarm.

Tonight, the message: Be alert. We find out in Habakkuk 2: 3, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time… ” Some thought it was a lie. Some people thought that the bible had told things that looked like they were not coming to pass. But they did and will, and they will keep coming to pass. How many of you believe that? “But at the end it shall speak and not lie…” See; they kept waiting for it, watching for it all that time, that year—waiting for it. But at the end, it says now, if they only notice those words [at the end], in the latter times of the kingdom when the kings come out of the north, in the latter times when the eastern kings come and the west moves toward the Middle East, in the latter times, “it shall speak and not lie, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” Write it. Make it plain; the revival, the things that are coming and the judgment.

“Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him, but the just shall live by his faith” (v. 4). At that time, those that love God shall simply just live by faith. You can’t live by what people are doing. You can’t live by some tradition that is being preached. You can’t go by part word and part imitation. You can’t even go by many Pentecostals today or many traditional churches, by you must live by [faith]—the just shall live by faith, entirely within themselves, the power of God that is within them. They shall live by faith and not pay attention to the comings and goings because they have to take care of their own duty. The age is closing fast. Sound the alarm, you see.

Now listen to this: Jesus said, “…Occupy until I come” (Luke 19: 13). That means to keep busy, doing something for the Lord. Whatever it is; He said, occupy. Keep busy for it is serious. Therefore, do not trifle with it. In fact, keep it important as the most serious thing in your life.  The task is difficult. Therefore, do not relax—relax only in the Lord. As far as God’s word is concerned, do not be at ease in Zion, but be alert. Be activated in the heart at all times. Be expecting. That is how miracles take place, in an expecting heart that keeps the expectation of faith. That is the way it is going to come at the end of the age. Those that do not have strong faith will be blown away like the chaff in the field. They are just blown away. My fan is in my hand, I will purge my floor (Luke 3: 17). Those without solid faith the wind shall carry them away. The just shall live by faith and they will believe in God’s promises.

The opportunity is brief. Not much time is left. According to the scriptures now, you can almost count it, it’s right down the line. The time is brief to do the work of the Lord. Therefore, do not delay. You believe that? Write the vision, make it plain. Let him run, run, and run that reads it (Habakkuk 2: 2). The work is very important. Do not delay, you see, in your prayer life and in your expectancy. Some people say, “I thought the Lord was going to come a long time ago, so I’ll just sit around.” No. During that tarrying time watch these little words that I am using here. I have to go by the Holy Spirit. Do not delay. Keep it at the utmost. Have patience or you will slide off. You know some people; they don’t watch what they are doing. They are careless. The path is narrow. Be careful and have patience, and God will reward you.

When there was a lull was exactly when the midnight cry went out, see? Do not delay. The path is narrow. You know people, they lose their patience. They give up and go back out in sin. They go back and stop serving the Lord. They say, “I have got a hundred years, I have got fifty years or I have gotten 10 years.” They don’t have any time at all, saith the Lord. I will declare unto you: anything can happen to you. Stay in with the Lord. So, the road is narrow. Have patience. At the time that they will say, the Lord has put off His coming—that’s what the bible said they would say—the Lord has delayed His coming. It is in that hour that He said, be alert. Woe to them that are at ease in Zion. Watch out, O United States and the rest of the world! He will slip up like a thief in the night. So, have patience.

You know in James it says have patience therefore, brethren for the Lord waiteth for the precious fruit of the former and latter rain (James 5: 7). Have patience, he said, until it reaches the fruition that He wants it to reach and then the Lord of the harvest will come. In that very chapter, it shows the end of the world—things that will be taking place right at the end of the world. [It is during] this time that He told us to be alert. He is the best Lord of the Harvest of anybody that you have ever seen. When it gets just right, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye—translated, gone! Not a moment, not a twinkling of an eye longer. It is computed right down; not even a second, a twinkle or a tenth of a second [longer] and at that time, the bride is ready. He knows exactly when the last one will come in. There will be a momentary silence, a waiting. Then, all of a sudden, in a twinkling of an eye…. That is really calling that harvest right down in a tenth of a second or less.

Therefore, He said, the path is narrow. Have patience now. He warns in James chapter 5—it shows it just as it would be at the end of the age because he saw a neurotic and a confused age. The devil is getting a hold of people just at will. He saw all the rushing, fast speed, going here and there, darting back and forth, until they were going so fast, they just missed the Lord. Amen. So, be patient. The prize is glorious. Therefore, do not faint. The bible says my word goeth forth, it shall not return to me void, but it would have substance (Isaiah 55: 11). Amen. The just shall live by faith and they cannot believe by faith unless they believe the word of God–then the just shall live by faith. And because they believe the word of God, He shall keep them from the hour of temptation that is going to try the whole world. That is when all your political large systems, the great mega-type churches and the huge organizations come together at the end of the age—that great political beast and that church beast come together. That is the patience of the saints; just before they put that mark and stamp down, He translates in there. But at that hour, it shall try the whole world.

Pray that you escape all these things–He said that–and stand before the Son of man. He has it figured down to the twinkling of an eye. He’s got it just right. Praise God. I am glad it’s in His hands. Oh, how well I know Him! How full of wisdom and knowledge He is! This little old place here [the earth] has He computed as nothing, not even as a drop in a bucket; He has so many different places. He can handle this [place] easy enough. The prize is glorious. My word shall not return to me void. Therefore, do not faint. Listen to this in the bible here, Galatians 6: 9 & 10: “.And let us not be weary in well doing….” See: the way revival takes place, it seems that there is a weariness and impatience that set in, but God is always on time. Amen He knows exactly what He is doing. If He told the people everything and just how exactly He was going to do it, you see—no, no, He is not going to do that. He is going to do it His way, so you can use your faith. But He reveals it so cleverly and so full of wisdom. He is actually revealing it while it is yet hidden at the time that He is revealing it. But just before the translation, almost all things would be put out and given to His bride. What a time we [would] have here!

So, in due season, we should reap if we faint not (v. 9). We will have a crop, a good harvest. “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith” (v. 10). The bible is kind of written like the past, present and future. “Now as we have therefore opportunity….” In all the history, not even in Jesus’ time when He reached out to a small group in Israel—compared with the world’s population today—there was not the opportunity to put out the gospel [as we have now]. But now, the opportunity is beyond that. Believe me, He knows that. While He was preaching then, He was already in our age in His thoughts, in His wisdom and in His knowledge. While they were yet to kill Him, He was way past that, saving souls in our generation. He said they didn’t even know what they were doing. Glory! Alleluia! He was living in time zones and dimensions while He yet stood before them. That is incredible.

There has never been a time [like this], never in the history of the world. The priests and the kings, all of them had wondered and wanted to be in this very age that was prophesied to come. Never again shall an opportunity come to a people on this planet, on this global earth that we are living in now; the opportunity of the billions of souls that are here now, to witness to and to save as many as the Lord your God should call out of it. Never again. Don’t let this opportunity [pass you by]. You were not born one hundred years ago, one thousand or five thousand years ago. You were born right now, in this age that you are living in right now. The Lord appointed it in the time zones; He appointed the exact hour you would be born on this earth, at this time. What an opportunity! He knows what He is doing. He knows that the people He places here, the real true elect of God, in their hearts are going to believe. They are going to reach out in their hearts. They are going to use their faith. They are going to pray for souls to come to God. He knows exactly who those people are. He put them here. He planted them here in His own purpose, too. So, He said be not weary, in due season, you are going to do well. He said you will reap if you faint not. As we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men. Try to reach them with the gospel, with the Lord’s kindness, with His love and everything that He has. Warn them, witness to them and testify of the soon coming of the Lord. Tell them the Lord is coming soon. The signs of the time are around us. This is our hour. This is our opportunity. Never again!

I am glad that the Lord gave me the outreach for the prophetic scrolls and the letters; that I am not only able to come here and minister, but I am able to reach out to people in every state and overseas with a warning and a blessing. Many are healed by the power of God and many feel the power of God. So, the outreach, the opportunity, I never let it slip by. When He told me to begin to write at the early part of my ministry, I never hesitated. I have never missed [thank the Lord Jesus] any week or any month without sending something somewhere 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. I am not local here. No, sir! I am everywhere. God is great. I am surrounded by thousands of people, but they are all over the country and they are behind me because they know that God is with me, and they have been with me for years, some of them since my crusades when I travelled. I haven’t missed a day, 7 days a week that somebody has reached out and taken a gospel literature or a cassette and read it or listened to it. I don’t talk about it much.

While you have the opportunity; people of the cassette, may the Lord bless you for getting behind me, for you have saved a multitude of people. Because delusion will come later, the truth has to be preached now. The truth is being preached now. This is prophecy; the truth is being preached now; for later, the false doctrine will fall upon the earth. The truth goes forth first. Amen? You know what happens? Let them bundle together and then He said, “Bring the wheat into my barn. “ He knows exactly what He is doing. The truth has been preached. Everyone on this cassette, everything you have done for me, your finances have been 100%. God has blessed His people. Isn’t that wonderful? There is no glory to me. He moved on those people to help me. Not only you people that come here to this auditorium, but those that are on the cassette all over the country and get my literature, stay with it. There will be a reward that you will not be able to contain, saith the Lord. Wow! All those rewards come with an anointing. I don’t know how I got into that. It is Him! I know what is; it is an encouragement to the people on my list and an encouragement to the people that are coming and going here by His power. Something is being done everywhere by the power of the Lord.

So we find out: I have an opportunity and I am staying with it all the time. “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6: 10). As you do good to all men, helping them, witnessing to them, then Paul turned right at the end of it and said, “Especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” Yea, the just shall live by faith. So, that is who I am especially good to, and especially careful for and praying for; it is the household of faith. How many of you feel this? Amen. So, we find out: at the end of the age; harvest time is coming. This is the hour of opportunity, don’t let it pass by. Time is shortening. It’s like a vapor; the vapor is passing on. Supercharge yourself in faith. Supercharge yourself in expectation. Believe the Lord. In just a little while, you will say, “Oh, that message, it was correct. It was exactly correct.” People can look back and see better sometimes than what you are trying to tell them [now] about what is coming in the future. After it is passed, everybody can see it, the bible says.

He said wait for it, it will not lie. They were wondering about it. He said at the end, it shall speak and oh my, it shall speak. You need to be well informed and advised about what is going to take place in the few years that are ahead of us so you can prepare yourself in your hearts, so that you can begin to be careful [about it]. God is good. So, believe, don’t faint, take hold and be courageous. Be careful therefore, brethren, have patience, the path is narrow. You don’t want to slide off and backslide. Stay right in there with the Lord. We find out here in Habakkuk chapter 3: he was praying and he said, “O Lord, I heard thy speech, and was afraid: O Lord revive they work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy” (v. 2). He said, “Revive they work in the midst of the years. I heard thy Voice and I shook. I was afraid. I heard Him.” And Habakkuk; it just frightened him because he heard the very Voice of God. It would shake anybody, you know. When God speaks, it’s always something. I don’t care how many times you have heard it [His Voice]. But for those who have never heard His Voice before, it is quite shocking to them. It is startling. Anyway, he said revive thy work in the midst of the years.

Listen to this right here, Habakkuk 3: 5: Then he saw this, “Before him went the pestilence, and burning coals went forth.” All the uprisings, all the chemicals, all the radiation—burning coals—went from Him to cleanse. Bro Frisby read 6. He measured the entire earth. He drove out all the poisons and the pestilence before His feet. In a moment’s time, He measured the nations and the earth, and He cut the nations asunder. That’s at Armageddon; everlasting mountains were scattered—the perpetual hills. He just scattered them. His ways are everlasting. How many of you believe that tonight. After all this is over, He revived His work in the midst of the years. He said I heard the Voice of the Lord. Sure, we will hear the Voice of God. In the midst of the years, in the midst of the former and latter rain, He will revive His work. The voice of God like a trumpet shall sound the alarm; be alert and you will shake, and be translated. Amen? Watch Him speak to His people. Watch His Presence among them. He will come.

So, he [Habakkuk] saw Him. The hill bowed. The mountains were scattered just like you would scatter sand. He measured the earth, put down the nations and fire went before His feet. It was over with. He is the Almighty. Your simple faith tonight; just simple faith, don’t try to make it hard. For simple faith, you will see signs and wonders and supernatural things from the Almighty among you. Just the simple faith He has planted in your heart. The just shall live by faith. There are some great things for each individual in this building tonight in your life or you wouldn’t be hearing my voice. I understand that from the Lord and He has appointed each of you to pray, to have faith and to reach out and pray for souls. Pray for the ministry; pray that wherever I go or the literature goes, that people are witnessed to and that salvation will come because time is brief.

So, don’t stumble along the way or wander. Work quickly and swiftly. Remember, let us not be weary in well-doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. And as we have opportunity, let us do good to all men, especially to the household of faith. Write the vision and make it plain on tables so that he that reads may run. It will not lie; though, it tarries, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to come to pass. Watch for it, for it shall speak at the end. Glory! Alleluia! God is great here tonight. Those people on this cassette, God bless your hearts. You are feeling it; He told me you would feel it. He knows where this is going and who is watching [listening to] it right now. Oh, sure, He sees them hearing it now in another dimension. “For I know the beginning to the end.” Nothing is hidden from the Lord. If only your mind could become like His mind. Remember, it is the faith of God in you that does the believing. Have the faith of God.

The anointing is everywhere. It is in their rooms and everywhere they are listening to this. The power of God is like a cloud. It is just present everywhere in the name of the Lord Jesus. Lord, bless everyone that hears this because this is going to lift them up when they are down. It is going to carry them through. Lord, you are going to knock down the walls for them and then, you are going to plant a fire and surround them with thy power and in the midst is the Lord. Let the Daystar run among us. Glory! Alleluia! Faint not. Alert yourself. Keep expecting in your heart. Get your motor running and get happy. The Lord loves a happy people. Amen? Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, saith the Lord.

The closer we get to His coming, the happier the people ought to be. But those that are not among the elect, the sadder they will get. Even though you may be tested, it makes no difference—in your heart, you have been tried in the fire. Rejoice, He said, forever. Faint not; you will reap if you faint not. In other words, there will come a time when you will be tempted to faint and fall away. Like I said, when that great temptation tries the world, He will hold you at that time. It means this great systems will be like a magnet on the people, but they will never draw the just that live by faith. Amen. God bless your hearts. Get alerted in your hearts. Begin to expect in your heart. Get excited. He will come by and blessing will be yours.


Be Alert
Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD# 1038b
02/03/85 PM