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Thank you, Jesus. God bless your hearts. He is wonderful, isn’t He? Remarkable things take place; yea even amazing things take place when people unite their faith together. I believe He gave me the right message for you tonight. Lord, we are uniting our faith and we believe in our hearts and we know you are moving on whatever need we have now and what should be in the future, for you go before us all the time in thy cloud. Glory! You see what we need and provide for us, even before we pray, you already know what we need. We stand on that and we know that you know what is best for everyone here tonight. Touch the people, Lord Jesus; physically Lord and spiritually. Touch them in their hearts. Those that need salvation, be especially kind to them under the anointing that is upon me tonight, wooing them by the Holy Spirit. Anoint them, O Lord Jesus together. Give the Lord a handclap. Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. My, there is no telling what He will do for His people in the time to come. I am not only expecting it; it is as if I have already been through it. Amen. I mean as far as the excitement and the thrill of the Lord Jesus Christ and what is going to take place, I don’t believe it will put me off guard at all. I know what He is going to do for Hiss people and it is just wonderful.

I believe you are going to enjoy this message. It is a relaxing and a refreshing one for us tonight. Bro Frisby read Galatians 5: 1. See; hold to the liberty of the Lord Jesus. Now tonight, people get tangled up sometimes. People have their problems on their minds. They have been through a few things. They have their bills on their minds or their families. Finally, they think about so many things that are not even important. Their minds are tangled up. It says in this scripture not to be entangled. It goes deeper than that for example going out to sin or something like that. But the best way—if any of you tonight are tangled up spiritually, mentally or physically, we are going to untangle it. Amen. I just love to untangle what the physical body does or what satan tries to do. Amen. Glory to God!

Praise commands, do you know it? Every so often, He leads and guides me. I have so many messages to bring and yet He would guide me into what we need best at a particular time. Praise commands the attention of God. Praise is wonderful. Praise creates confidence and renews the body and soul. It will untangle you and it will give you freedom. It [the bible] says stand fast in the freedom wherewith Christ has set you free. Once you are set free by the Lord Jesus Christ, the satanic forces and all kinds of forces will try to come back and tangle you up. But the Lord has made a way, not only through praise, but also through the power, gifts [of the Spirit] and faith.

I wrote this before I came over: I noticed all through the psalms, how big and large a book it is. Habakkuk sang some songs and there are songs in different books of the bible, even the songs of Moses and so on. But the book of psalms, why a whole book of psalms? See; the other books of the bible have different subjects, most generally, some would complement the other, but there are different subjects as the bible teaches us right straight up all through to the end of Revelation. But why a whole book of psalms? See; so you would not overlook the importance of it. Besides that, a king wrote it, stamping it as the ultimate. Are you with me? It is the royal way to believe God. It is a royal way to reach out in the faith that will move Him. Many churches omit praise because it stirs. It begins to quake. People get filled with the Holy Spirit and people get healed by the power of God. They feel real good. Do you know that? They feel real good when the power of praise is in the air and it begins to work in many different ways.

Now, listen: there are certain vitamins that you have to store [take] up daily. You have to take them daily because they do not store up for example Vitamin B and C—for functioning good health. Here is another thing: you cannot store up praise either. It is the best medicine known to man. Oh, Glory to God! You must praise the Lord daily. It is just like some vitamins that you can’t store up. The longer you go without it, the more the body deteriorates. It is a very important vitamin. And I said to myself, why is it that on certain vitamins, He did that? One of the things is to bring to your attention how important Vitamins B and C are, that He made you seek them out. How many of you say, praise the Lord? He has other reasons too. The same about praise–a spiritual vitamin. You can’t just store it, but you have to praise the Lord daily. That is the gateway to God to solve many of your problems that sometimes, it is hard for you to reach in prayer, but by praise. This is quite a subject and it should be interesting here.

So we find out: it [praise] is the best of anything and everything. Praise is unsearchable [of] greatness. Amen. Now Psalm 145: 3 -13. Bro Frisby read 3. You believe that? See; His greatness is unsearchable. Bro Frisby read v. 4. What are we doing tonight? What should we do in the service? Praising Him, declaring in these messages—declaring His mighty works, not only talk about them, but do them and declare His wonderfulness to the people. He is really great. Bro Frisby read v. 5. That means to do this from one generation to the next. Oh, praise the Lord. Bro Frisby read vs. 6 & 7. You know in my ministry, probably since I have been here too, the Lord would do great and wonderful things for people—giving them a miracle, healing them, loosening them from bondage, bringing them back to the Lord and working by great power—and then the people are so easy to forget about the wonderful things that God has done for them. All they can see are the bad things. Could you say praise the Lord with me tonight? He is teaching you faith. He is teaching you how to cross over now, a shortcut to power, how that He moves with His glory.

Bro Frisby read 8. I don’t believe He would ever let me down when I believe in my heart and reveal to His people –His compassion will move on the hearts and touch and heal people spiritually and physically tonight. He won’t let me down. I won’t let Him let me down, but He won’t let me down. Amen. I am getting contact with Him. Glory, Alleluia! He is gracious. He is full of compassion and slow to anger. Sometimes, it would take a hundred years before He would do something and spank Israel, sometimes 200 or 400 years. He would send prophets in between and try to woo them. He would try everything before He did anything. But during 6,000 years, on and off, the earth was judged at different times. But now after 6,000 years, most of the people have quit praising the Lord, only the ones that love Him, the choice of the chosen of the Lord. But after 6,000 years now, because of rejecting the word of the Lord and the way that God wants to move among the people, and the sins that are among all nations–at the same time, God is still moving in His people, but the world is turning into an immoral place all over– judgement will come. After about 6,000 years, the heaven will open and judgment will come upon the earth. My sermon is not into that tonight. But He is full of compassion.

Bro Frisby read Psalm 145: v. 9. Now people, by having a little problem, the little incidents that happen to them—I am not saying that some of you don’t have some tremendous problems sometimes, some real tests. But the days that we live in today, it doesn’t matter anything, they let those things cheat them out of the compassion, mercy and the greatness of the Lord Jesus. Do you know that? They talk themselves right out [of faith], saith the Lord. Now, you are what you confess. Isn’t that right? And when you confess it positive and begin to hold on to the Lord—I know there are tests and it is trying sometimes—but you must hold. In any kind of storm, don’t jump overboard, stay in there; you’ll get to the bank. Amen. That’s the way He teaches. That’s the way it is. So we find out: the Lord is good to all.

Bro Frisby read 10 & 11. That is what we are doing now. He says to do that. Remember, praise commands the attention of the Lord. That’s right. It gets His attention and it works in your faith. Bro Frisby read v. 12. All of this is uplifting. All of this is positive about the Lord. It gives no wedge, no crack and no razor crack for the devil to slip in and get something negative against God. Amen? And when you build the way the pyramid in Egypt was encased in glass and smooth, nothing could penetrate how wonderful it was. The same is the Holy Spirit today. If you are able to uplift the Lord and believe in the Lord, He is a positive God. He is good to all.

He brings this to my attention: now, each of you sitting here tonight including me in my early life, you can think back on your life, there are some things that you did, the Lord ought to really take you and shake you up. But did he? He didn’t. And look at you today under the great mercies of God. How many of you will say, “Well, in my life, He should have gotten me for that? But He is God. But they never think about all the things that they did wrong, all of their life—what they did from the time of accountability, age 12 and up—how they mistreated the Lord, what they did and the Lord kind of spoiled them and kept them going. But if you think back—and people never do, think back on all their life what they have done and then compare that with where they stand today, then they can see just how much He is good to all. That’s right. I believe it. And when you pass over and love the Lord, He is still good to you. Oh, Glory! He is wonderful. It is the people that just keep refusing Him, keep disbelieving in His word and rejecting His word, His divine love and His grace. They leave Him no alternative. That’s the way it is. And yet, He created man that if he will, in his heart, he can turn to the great Creator; whosoever will, let him come. He knows the ones that will and the ones that won’t. He knows about what He has created and what He has prepared.

Bro Frisby read Psalm 145 vs. 11, 12 & 13. Somewhere in the New Testament and also in Daniel, it is said, “Of his kingdom there is no end.” It will never run out. That’s infinite. See; we have time and space that stop us. With Him, there is no such thing as time and space. He created that. When you get over into the world of spiritual things, you are in another kind of sphere altogether. You are in the supernatural place. You can’t dream that God, being so supernatural, could create anything so earthly. That makes Him God. Amen. That’s exactly right. Of His kingdom, it is said, there shall be no end. Look at the glories in heaven. They can’t even find the end by computer or any other way. Through all the mysteries of the heavens and of His kingdom that He has, there is no end, and He shares that [His kingdom] with His people that love Him. It says, His majesty (v. 12)–put Him in His proper place. According to the majesty of the Lord, the royalty of the Lord and the graciousness of the Lord, there is no majesty upon the earth at all in comparison to Him. Do you know that? That’s a little something that men have a little bit, but nothing like the Great One. Watch and see when He comes.

“Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom…” (v. 13). It just goes on eternally. Oh, my! “And thy dominion endureth throughout all generations” (v. 13). Frisby read Psalm 150 vs. 1 & 2). Glory! He is excellent. Isn’t He? So, each book in the bible explains different subjects. Even the book of psalms explains many subjects, but always on the same tenor, it is to praise and uplift the Lord. It takes a whole book of psalms that is in the bible to bring the importance that it is the best medicine known to man—to make you happy. Amen. Some people, though, praise is hard—and He is now dropping this in. When they praise the Lord in their hearts, they are actually thinking of something else. If you praise God right and believe that you are really praising the Magnificent One and He is the only One that you believe in your heart—the Eternal One—God in your heart, if you believe in your heart and praise him the same way—determined and consecutive and daily uplift Him—He will not only hear you, but He will move and do things for you that probably you will never see in your lifetime. He will do so much for you. Some things that He does for you, He never tells you about them. He just does those things. He is really great. He is teaching this message to us.

Praising the Lord will produce anointing. It will produce a very strong anointing if you know how to approach Him. Now, many people approach Him in praise, but they are not praising the Lord right. It has to be in the soul; any kind of praise though—even though, you don’t know how to do it—but you are praising Him in your heart, will get His attention. I know one thing: the angels understand what praise is and they will come quickly to your side. They will rush right to you because they understand how powerful praise is. The bible says the Lord lives, where? Not exactly in the sanctuary. No. But it says He lives in that part of the person where he praises and praise must come from the soul. He lives, the bible says, in the praises of His people. He abides, He will work miracles and He abides with salvation, power and freedom. He lives in the praises [from the heart] of His people. Now, at the end of the age as He appears with His people, the power of praise will be magnificent alright. It will be great and they will go out with great joyful sounds, praising the Lord as they are translated into heaven. Can you say, Amen?

I have often said and the bible brings it out: He calls the church the bride elect with Him as the husband, we know that. Just before the marriage supper—any woman that is in love with the one she is going to marry that’s been away for a while—Jesus said, He was going away for a while and He will return. He likens it to the wise and foolish virgins and so forth like that. But He will return and take His bride elect at the time of the end. Anybody knows that if the one you really love who has been gone for a while says I am coming–see; they are going to join up together (He puts that in symbolism, you see), and they send letters and signs to you that He is coming. Well, in the bible we have the signs that He is coming. We see Israel do a certain thing; He is telling us I am coming. You see the nations and the conditions in which they are, “I am coming now.” And you look around at the earthquakes, the weather patterns and all that is occurring all over the world, they are in the bible. He said in that hour, look up, your redemption is near. You see armies all around Israel look up, He said, your redemption draws nigh. Yea, He said when you see these things; I am even at the door. Now, if a woman knows and she loves that man very much and he has been gone for quite a while—as soon as he comes back, they are going to get married—and then she sees the signs, gets the card and everything, she can’t help but to get happy and be full of joy. Do you know that?

Now before Jesus comes, He is going to give us the joy. Just in the same order: He gives us the signs and He is going to send these messages. He is going to send us messages how close the season of His return is and the whole church, the elect of God, knowing they are going to the Marriage Supper in the sky—the closer they get to it—the happier [they will be] and more rejoicing is going to take place. How long have we waited for the Lord to come and take us away? There are signs to the bride. He calls them out in the bible and in the book of Revelation, too. So, the closer He gets to coming for the elect lady, the happier she gets because He will send her messages and the gifts will explode around them. You’ll begin to see the power explode around them. And behold, she begins to make herself ready. Praise God! Can you say, Alleluia? And she is clothed with the anointing as the sun and clothed with the power and the word of the Lord. Isn’t that beautiful? As we get near the end of the age, she will be full of praise and joy unspeakable because the King cometh. He will create that [joy] because He is prophetic. The closer He gets the more joy He is going to give to His saints. They are going to be full of it. Watch and see; faith that we have never seen before.


You know when you have positive faith; when your faith becomes very positive, confident and very powerful, when it becomes like that, you can’t help but feel good and feel happy. Amen? I know if anybody was tangled up here tonight, I have cut it off from every direction. It is really cut loose now. It’s time for you to move in. Strike while the iron is hot. Amen. He moves like that and He moves in the praises of His people. There is an atmosphere that He creates. How powerful it is and how glorious He is, too! Praise is unsearchable in greatness.

Now listen to this: Paul could have been discouraged in his long travels, his persecutions and his shipwrecks. Most of all, he was rejected by some of the churches that he had founded. Now, do you see what an apostolic prophet is? He was rejected by some of the very churches that he had once founded! That was hard to take when he knew that he was right and that God spoke to him. When the word [and the truth] is told, that will make satan to turn loose. Amen? Praise will get rid of him too. Glory to God! Nevertheless, the point I want to bring out is that he [Paul] won. He was victorious and more than a conqueror of the good fight. We know he went to heaven and saw it before he left. God was good to him. How many times did he say, “Always abounding in the work of the Lord?” No matter how many rejections, no matter what people say, I am always abounding in the work of the Lord (1 Corinthians 15: 58). Then he said here: I exercise myself to have always a conscience that is void of offence toward God and toward man (Acts 24: 16). That’s hard to do, isn’t it? He tried to keep no offence no matter what anybody did to him. Always confident, he said (2 Corinthians 5: 6). Always rejoicing, in prison and out of prison, at the hands of my enemies. You know he sang songs one time and an earthquake opened up the prison (Acts 16: 25 & 26). They were rejoicing and singing; all of a sudden, an earthquake came and opened up the door, and people got saved. It’s just marvelous. Always confident! Always rejoicing! Praying always, he said. Giving thanks always. Always having all sufficiency in all things. Take that, satan, he said. Glory to God! He might have not eaten two or three days when he wrote this. It did not matter to him. He said here, “Always having all sufficiency in all things.” Satan couldn’t get a hold of that, could he? It didn’t matter which way the wind was blowing or what was happening to him, many times he said, “Always having all sufficiency” and we know there were times when he said he was in perils. We can name 14 or 15 of the tribulation perils that he was in. But he said, always abounding, always confident and always thankful in praising the Lord. Always sufficient in all things. You see, he was building his confidence, allowing his confidence to work out with the power of faith. His work was finished. It was done just exactly as the Lord wanted it done and then the Lord said, come on up. Amen.

Elijah finished his work and was gone. So we find out, praising God will multiply your faith. It will fill you up with joy. It will strengthen you in the power of the Holy Spirit. Praising God changes you. It changes the situation before you. It will then open the way for miracles. I believe that in my heart. Praising the Lord makes you triumphant in the battle of God. I know this: the angels understand praise. The Lord understands praise and tonight, He is with His people. Amen. Can’t you feel the confidence in the audience tonight? Why, you have been loosed! Stand fast therefore in the liberty where Christ has made you free. Be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage. If you have any kind of entanglement, untangle them up there. He is very compassionate. He is altogether very lovely. Now, you will get your prayers answered tonight by believing in what has been preached. We want this on cassette, too, for our partners all over the country. Take courage. Let your heart be lifted up, He is healing people. I know everywhere my cassettes go, I get letters. Anywhere the anointing goes no matter where, people are being healed now, by this cassette. People are getting filled with the power of God. People are getting saved as they are playing this—salvation and power. Anxiety is leaving as well as worries and fear. You see, fear works against your faith, but praising the Lord drives that fear back. Isn’t He wonderful? You try that, sometime.

You see, fear is upon the earth in such a way that it is affecting even Christians. It is pushing against them. Sometimes, you will feel this. When through your life, you are tested and fear comes, begin to praise the Lord, become confident and powerful. You will see that an atmosphere will come in your heart. You will know that an angel has revealed that he is there, although he has been around there all the time. But when you begin to reach out [in praise], you’ll know that somebody else is there. See; that is the way you walk with God. It is by faith and when you praise Him, confidence will come like a little heat. It will come from the Lord in the stirring of the heart and He will lift you up. He is working miracles too in this cassette. He is working for His people everywhere. No matter what your problem is, no matter what your trial is or what is happening to you, He is good to all. Think back on how you have mistreated God throughout your life. Think back how you have failed God ever since you were 12 or 14 years old. Think back how He has really been to you and how marvelously He has saved you from different things that have occurred in your life, different accidents and even escape from death, by the hand of the Lord. Think back and then say, “Oh, my Lord, He is good to all.

The people that come here—they have to receive the letters, the books, the literature and the scrolls in different parts of the nation; they are not here, you see. And yet, you have the privilege that God loved you and made a way, miraculously, some way for you to come and sit right in the presence of the Lord and the supernatural. My, can’t you thank the Lord for that? It’s really great. Setting down in such a place that He Himself framed with power, framed with confidence, framed in the positive; it’s just wrapped up in faith. I believe that every nail nailed, anointing went with it. It is too much for the devil. But it is just right for my people, saith the Lord. He knows what He is doing. You remember in the desert, He brought the people out, set them down, talked to them and then began to create. He is really great. We are headed for a great time. I feel there is a really lovely anointing and a real sweet presence on this cassette tonight. It will be no sweeter than what I felt from the Holy Spirit.

People have been seeking Him. Some of you have been praising Him and you have been seeking Him. You have been wondering about some events in your life and may be you don’t understand some of the things you have read in the bible, or the different things occurring to you. But He knows your heart and tonight—sometimes, you sit alone and wonder and may be sometimes, you don’t sleep like you should, you think about things. It’s in your mind—but He knows. See; and He hears all those things. Then He comes to me and I know by the anointing that He has heard all of you here tonight. No matter what you have, He is with you tonight. You want to thank Him because He is good. He is kind to all. Amen. If He didn’t step in to protect you sometimes, you won’t be here. You would be lost in sin and never had an opportunity to come back to God. But He is really great tonight. How many of you feel the majesty of the Lord. That is what is on this cassette. It is the cloud of the Holy Spirit, the majesty of the Holy Spirit that is on this cassette tonight.

Lord, deliver thy people and rebuke any kind of evil spirit or evil force that’s against your people. We rebuke it. It must go. I want you to stand to your feet. He’s got you where He wants you. The atmosphere [and the praise] of the Lord is here. The people listening to this; just begin to praise the Lord. You play this in the daytime and begin to praise the Lord and He will move on you. There will be many times in your life that you need to play this cassette. You need to stay with it. Let the Holy Spirit move on you. Any time satan moves against you, He [the Lord] will untangle with this cassette. Satan will come at you with any kind of a negative thing. I feel this cassette is made from the Holy Spirit to untangle anything that satan can tangle up. In fact, he cannot tangle up something that cannot be untangled by this cassette and the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is great. I tell you, you have never seen such a wonderful spirit that was passing back and forth around me. I know that you felt it in the audience. Are you ready to praise him tonight? This is wonderful teaching from the Holy Spirit and it is what He wants. He loves you tonight. He has heard your prayers. He knows all about your prayers this week. God is moving.

God is moving. Come down here and shout the victory! We look for His return. Praise the Lord! Oh, those angels are moving tonight. Thank you Jesus. See what He does when He appoints a message that each of you [needs] including me, I love it. Each one of you needs it in your soul. There is something about it. You can preach all kinds of messages. You can preach about faith and work miracles, but when God moves at a certain time, He does something for the person, not only tonight, but He is doing something in your life throughout, even unto eternity. It is marvelous. His word will not return void. And so tonight, in the way that He has brought the message to His people, He knows exactly what will work for you tonight. And it works real good because you can just feel that there are angels all around us letting us know that they love the message too and God answers back that, “I am living in the praises.” See; He answers that sermon back because I am very positive with Him—knowing He revealed Himself—only if you can look in the other dimension of the other world. What a sight! It just felt like that. Glory, Alleluia! You can feel the Lord and His angels. You can feel them. You just felt them that they are satisfied because we love the Lord and we praise Him. That is why we put Him up. We worship Him. That is really great. How many of you just feel free in your body. Pains are all gone. This will stay with you. Glory to God!

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Praise Commands
Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #967A
09/21/83 PM