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What a day it is! This is the hour for the children of the Lord to come together. Put all your confidence in Him and believe in Him with all your heart. The rest will begin to come to you. Anywhere you go, man can find electric current in the air—plug in—they can reach out and pull out the power/electricity and so on. Well, God is above that and beyond that. He is infinite. He is everywhere, more so, than electricity. Amen. There are some places in the galaxy where you cannot find electricity, but you can find the Lord anywhere that you ever go or will go. He is more potent and powerful; He is all around you, just plug in. Amen. Can you stand the power and the current?

Now, the last days: These are terrible times, but they are fantastic times. They are perilous, but more hopeful, they are blissful times to those that take advantage of the Holy Spirit and how the Lord is talking and speaking to His people. To those that spiritually have their minds open and waiting for the Lord to move, it is a blissful day for them. In the bible we find out, David said. “…all my springs are in thee” (Psalm 87: 7). See; like water springs. He said all my springs are in the Lord meaning fresh praise everyday springing up unto the Lord. All his thoughts, all his praise and all his faith were springing up in God like a bubbling brook. It is like springs out of me from the Holy Spirit. What about you tonight? Are all your springs in the Lord? Are some of them in man or in different things today? Are all your springs in the Lord?

You see, the time we live in, there may be evil on each side, there may be perilous times like we spoke about, but the Lord always has the standard lifted up. Now, we are privileged channels; you have a standard to go by. Each individual, each person has a measure of faith. I don’t care who you are, each person here tonight is a channel. You are a channel, the bible says, for the Holy Spirit to work. Just like a channel—you turn your TV to different channels—you are a channel for the Holy Spirit and how much you want the Lord to channel through you is up to the individual as his faith, anointing and power begin to grow. So, you are privileged to be that way. He has made you a channel for the Almighty God; just a channel, Christ is the power. You believe it? He is the Infinite. He has many dimensions that you can move and have your being in—many dimensions to go into.

We are just the branches, the bible says, Jesus is the vine. He would bring you the nutrients and He would bring you the food that your spiritual body needs. Now, you have to be associated with the vine. He is the vine, ye are the branches. So, you are just a branch. Sometimes, people today as the bible says, they are too self-righteous—in the organizations and systems in different ways—they are the vine and they make the Lord the branch. That doesn’t work, does it? Why? If they make the Lord the branch and they become the vine, then they cannot get any food from Him and it is death written across that horse (Revelation 6: 8). How many of you say praise the Lord now, see what I mean? If you want to get that life (food), you have to turn it around like it is supposed to be in the name of the Lord Jesus and life comes. So, you are a branch. He is the Almighty vine. He is the true vine, the bible says. We are, as we believe in His word, the true branches and that is the only way the true food will come; that is to be on the true vine. Not on the false vine because on the false vine is destruction

Now we are just the vessel, Jesus is the treasure. Today, as the bible gives it at the end of time, the churches will say that they are the treasure because the bibles says that they are rich, proud and blown up in all their ways, caring for nothing that is spiritual. This is the prediction given in the bible about the Laodiceans and Mystery Babylon toward the end of time. But it’s just the opposite; we are the vessel, Jesus is the treasure and we have the treasure in earthen vessels. Do you believe that? You are the vessel. Jesus is the treasure. Glory! Now, these are positive statements and positive power. When you do [them], you go out of here feeling better. If anything is trying to attack your body, any sickness trying to come to you, any mental spirit trying to work on you or any anxiety trying to work on you, I have cut it off. I know exactly what the Lord is doing and He will cut it back. Some people stay out of church for too long and it begins to build up, the oppression builds up. As they stay out weeks after weeks, pretty soon, the oppression just drags them down, they can’t even crawl back. You see, this world that we live in today is dangerous. Without the Holy Spirit guiding you, what hope has this world? Unless God had intervened in great revivals, in power and miraculous ways, the planet would have already been wiped out. Prayer has withstood that. Prayer is why we are standing today or we would have all been destroyed. It is the mercy of God. When that mercy runs out and the preaching is over with, when divine love is down and out of the way, pulled back, then comes the judgment.

So we find out, He is the treasure, we are the vessel. We are just a lamp, Christ is the light. You can’t twist it around; leave it like it is. As the lamp, you must work. You must keep the fuel or your light will go out. Matthew 25 said that the lamps of some of them [the virgins] went out; they did not have the oil. So, you are the lamp. Keep the oil of the Holy Spirit by praising Him, bubbling up like the spring in the Lord. David said that means every day he renewed his mind. Every day, he renewed his heart in praise. He said all my springs are in thee. They are bubbling up. Taste and see that the Lord is good, David said. They said, “Sure, I have read all that, but it doesn’t happen to me.” That’s because you don’t approach it right. When people would approach God on His level and the way that He spoke it, and they are really serious in their hearts that nothing else matters but what He said—that’s Him now—then you will have more than you can ever handle.

In fact, seeking the Lord, when I first began and the Lord poured out His Spirit upon me, I had more than I could handle. I could hardly even walk. Wherever I stood, it was very powerful. It was incredible in my bones; it was more than anyone could carry. The power was incredible, the people could feel it. If they had demons, they [demons] got right out of the way. God is real, isn’t He? He is bringing those points out. You can have that kind of anointing today. You can have the power right off the ministry, right off the Lord blessing the audience through His word. I don’t make myself no a great one. What I am trying to do is inspire each individual here, inspire you for the days are coming ahead that you are going to need this inspiration. In the days that we are living in right now, with what is in this building, the anointing that is in this building—partake of this, begin to breathe it in, expect in your heart and believe the Lord with all your heart. You can get what you want from the Lord. You won’t have to have me pray for you all the time. If you need prayer; that is OK, but many other little things you can have the anointing to help you do things like that and to pray for the lost.

We are just the cup, the bible said Christ, the Lord Jesus, He is the living water and He fills that cup up. Back to David again, the psalmist said all my springs are in thee. One time, David got into praising the Lord until he said my cup is not only full, but it is running over. We are the cup. Some people have that much in their cup and some are just bubbling over and running over. Well, that’s the best place in the world. You put all your springs in the Lord and they become eternal; they never run out. The water of salvation will run forever and ever. My cup runneth over, David said, in revelation, in visions in dreams, in inspiration, in words and in prophetic wonders. All my springs are in thee; that is the revelation that God gave him and by the power of the Lord my cup runneth over. David saw much in great battles in Israel. He saw all that [and still proclaimed], my cup runneth over with the goodness of the Lord. Do you believe that your cup will run over?

But today, the people are negative, “My cup is empty.” I don’t like the feeling of being negative, do you? No, I go back the other way [positive].All the negatives would just lead you to confusion and anxiety. You don’t have to ask for that. It’s all around you in the world. But by His word and by His power, my cup runneth over. Just pull out the water of salvation in there. When you do all these things and believe like this, I believe that He would use you every day and each hour of the day. From the words that we have spoken here, if you become a cup and let Him fill you with water, if you are just a branch and He is the vine, you are the lamp and He is the light and you are a channel and He is the power, then you begin to think positive [about it].

Now, I am going off the subject. People pray, you know. When you pray, if you are interceding for the world and the sins of the people; that is wonderful. One of the greatest intercessors was Abraham. He was called the friend of God; you have a friend, you talk to them, you see. He would go out of his way to help the Lord. Everything the Lord told him, he did with all his heart. God would come down and talk to him as we would talk to one another. Now today, when you pray, if you are interceding for the world and the sins of the people as Abraham did, that is wonderful. But if you are asking the Lord for something; after you have prayed, believe it in your heart and accept it in your heart. If you go on praying about it, you are trying to convince the Lord to hear you. He’s already heard you. He heard you over 6,000 years ago when He first put the seed of man here. See; the Lord has answered you already. What you better do is convince God that you’ve heard Him and that is by faith. Then you convince Him and you accept it in your heart. There are two different ways here: one, you are praying and interceding for the Lord’s anointing, for power, for souls and so on. But if you reach out and pray for something, put it in the Lord’s hands. Accept it. He has already heard you by faith, go on. There is faith in God! Sometimes, you may have to come back many days later and try, but you know, that the will of God will step in then, you see. Providence has to take hold in there. You can pray without ceasing if you are praying for the anointing. You can pray for weeks and months in intercession, but when it comes to things, accepting it [the answer] by faith is important. So don’t convince God to hear you. He’s already heard you and He’s already answered thousands of years ago–I am the Lord thy God that healeth. I am the Lord, I change not–in the Old Testament, you see [“He heard you over 6,000 years ago”].

My cup runneth over. Do you know that drugs are destroying the roots of the youth of this nation? The bible says he [antichrist] will take over by a strong delusion. Do you know that part of the delusion is drugs that are among the people today? Young people, stay away from that. I tell you, a delusion will come. There is only heartache and destruction. Yea, saith the Lord, death follows it. Stay away from drugs, young people. Stay with David’s cup. My cup runneth over. Young people, stay in the anointing of the Lord. Don’t listen to anybody in the world. Pay attention to the word of the Lord and your cup will run over with the Holy Spirit until there would be no desire for that [drugs]. This is a true sermon, saith the Lord. You know the human nature hasn’t got any sense at all. I am beginning to think that the human nature, without Christ, can’t even think right. If you can’t listen to a message like this, what can you listen to? This is the heart of the gospel. Amen. This will be going to people all over the country. Whatever I said, the Lord allowed it to be said because this will be dropping into some homes that are not very spiritual. You may not want to listen to this; I can tell you one thing, your child may be alright now, but in a week or so, he may not be. So, you listen to this and put them in the hands of the Lord. Do all you can as a parent, but leave them in the hands of the Lord. Know how to talk to your child and show them the love of God.

My cup runneth over. All my springs are in thee. What deliverance! What power! It just feels like lightning running on all my sides. Glory, Alleluia! There is deliverance in the power of God. “…that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3: 19). All my springs are in thee. That is the fullness of God coming in there. That you might be filled with the fullness of God. Yea, did I not say my cup runneth over? You’ve got the fullness of God and your cup runs over. That’s the anointing. That’s the revelation of the Lord. What we need right now in the day that we live in is the overflow experience—the overflowing experience, that’s tight. I will pour out my Spirit—my cup runneth over. Christ is the light. He is the rainbow light, the sun. They [scientists] found out that insects can see colors that we can’t even see on some flowers. Insects see in a different dimension because they’ve got eyes that are different from ours. We’ve got eyes and if they are open we can see the most beautiful glories and powers that you have ever seen because the whole earth is filled with my glory, saith the Lord. In fact, Isaiah 6 will tell you all about it. The angels [seraphims] cried out that the whole earth is full of the glory of God (v. 3). We are walking in and living in it. We are breathing the glory of God, He just told me. [Bro Frisby made a breathing sound]. Wow, my! Can’t get healed? Oh, you can get healed. Can’t get your prayers answered? They are answered. You can’t even believe it when He has already answered you. Praise God.

Jesus is called the Sun—when the sun of rainbow rises with rays of power. When the Sun of Righteousness rises with healing in His wings in Malachi. At the end of the age, He will rise with healing for whosoever will believe in Him. The Sun of Righteousness means Jesus the Messiah. What did He do in Malachi when He gave that scripture? That was telling Israel that He was coming. Malachi was written before the Messiah came and He was to rise up among them. It is for our age too. He went and rose with healing to the people with His power as a God prophet to the people. That is what the wings mean there. In Revelation 1, He stands between the seven golden candlesticks and His face was as the sun. We find out in Revelation 10, His face was as the noon day sun. When the prophet saw the rays of the sun, the prophet said there was a rainbow upon His head. His face was as the sun and there was a rainbow upon His head. I tell you the cloud of Deity was wrapped around Him and fire was upon His feet as He worked the creative power and when He raised his hands to the heavens, He declared time shall be no more. Oh! Thunders began to go. So we find out, if your eyes could get into the spiritual world—what I have been talking about here will be manifested in its fullness to the people. As it is said, that ye might be filled with the fullness of God.

My cup runneth over. All my springs are in thee. Glory to God! Read revelation 10 and see if it doesn’t show the sun on His face with rainbow rays coming out of that sun. The Sun of Righteousness is rising with resurrection power. He is rising with translation power, calling the time for the translation, calling the time for the tribulation, calling the time for the day of the Lord, calling the time for the Millennium and calling that time shall be no more. The infinite comes then and we blend into the infinite. God created time. Time is not eternal. Only God is eternal. He is infinite. When you create matter and forces like that and set them in motion, time starts. Otherwise, there is no time because it never did start with God.

The last days: We are living in the last days. The stone with seven eyes (Zechariah 3: 4). What is that stone with seven eyes? In Revelation 5, there is a Lamb with seven eyes who was slain for the world. That is Jesus. In symbolism, the stone with the seven eyes is the Headstone—seven revelations, seven lamps of fire coming to God’s people at the end of the age. My cup runneth over. Oh, that ye may be filled with the fullness of God. That’s what we need today. So, we find out, we are living in the last days. In fact, we are living in the hours of the last days. God’s hand has stayed from destroying this planet until we get some in because the intercessors have reached His heart. But knowing Him, He knows the exact time that He will intervene in the translation. So, we need the overflowing experience for the last days that we live in right now. We are in the hours of the last days. Do people really believe that we are living in the last hours? About 80% may be. Some of them believe that we are living in some kind of last hours, but they cannot tie it to God.

We are living in the last hours of the last days of this age and God’s promises are going to be fulfilled. No one can stop them; this earth, any galaxy, any solar system, no matter how many angels and no matter how many devils can ever stop God from fulfilling His plans to the ultimate. How many believe that? In other words, what I really meant was how many believe we are in the last days? How many believe that God will fulfill His promises? “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh…” (Acts 2: 17). Is He coming in the whirlwind to the Gentiles and snatching the Gentiles up in the translation? Going from the Gentiles in a whirlwind to the Hebrews in Revelation 7. You can read it where He is going from the Gentiles in Acts 2: 17 and Joel 2: 18-30. Whenever Jesus finds people who will meet His conditions, God will give a floodtide and overflowing revival of His power. If we meet the conditions that God has outlined in the bible, sooner or later, we are going to run right through it—a rainstorm—and we are going right into a rainstorm of power.

But we find out, for a genuine Holy Spirit outpouring, there must be a conviction of sin and what is lacking today in evangelism is a true heart ringing, that is in there, for conviction. In that sin, the witness of the true word is missing. There are a few tears here and there, but they don’t last. There is coming a real ringing and it is here now for those that will listen to it. The sound of the Holy Spirit is moving among His people. I tell you today, God is going to send the convicting power. You can see it; they don’t know which way to turn. They are in utter confusion. The US government cannot handle all the problems that they have today. In the future, there will be economic problems and shortage of food supply. Can they handle that with all the moral problems, wars and rumors of war, violence, nations in rebellion and the things that are happening today? They are confused and they are in perplexity as the bible says. But my people, amen, those that understand my words and act upon my words, they will not be in confusion. They will have the wisdom and the knowledge hidden in the ages and revealed to them at the end of the age. They will have the power and the fullness of the Holy Spirit upon them. They shall not be in confusion. Now is the time to remain in the house of God, in the Spirit of God. I really believe that.

Now the revelation of God, the Chief headstone, the bible talks about it, the stone with seven eyes and seven powers coming to the church—this stone, the color of the stone is seen again in Revelation 4: 3. “I saw One sat…. I saw Him crystal clear as I looked upon Him.” Myriad of people around the throne—the redeeming throne, that is why it is there. It is not like the one [throne] that you see in Revelation 20 and on through there—the judgment strikes right in there. This is the redeeming throne that is pulsating with all the redemption. You can see the very life of the Messiah going like this, in many ways. It is wonderful. How many believe that? So, what Zechariah saw is unfolded again. He saw the stone. He saw all these eyes—beautiful colors. All those eyes were revelations. It was the Holy Spirit that was looking through revelations. What Zechariah saw folded up in the stone was revealed later around the throne in the same way—and One sat—seven rays of power came out to His church, seven lightnings, seven thunders sealed up. It would come later, He told John. See, it could not come to John then or he would have been translated right there. If it had come earlier, the translation would have come hundreds of years ago. But it would come—the seven thunders, the seven lightnings, seven anointings of God’s voice of power. Seal it up; I will be calling time down there in a minute. He said, “Don’t say anything about it. The devil doesn’t know anything about it and never will know anything about it. In those thunders and lightnings—the only place God told him [John] not to do that—not to write—because at the end of the age, it is tied to the translation of the church. They will translate when the thunders start. When the thunders finish off, then the church is gone. Can’t you see why they couldn’t be revealed then or the church would have already come to its fullness and be gone?

The topic of this sermon is the last days. How many of you have spiritual eyes? I am telling you the truth. God is in this building and He is here in a wonderful way. When I am praying for the sick, I do see flashes and things taking place as the sick are being healed. All through my ministry, the lights have been photographed. Tonight, not even thinking about it as I was about to end this sermon—I want this to be left on the cassette—whatever I was talking about at the time, that light was going back and forth that I was seeing right there. He is real! You better believe it in your heart. How many of you believe that tonight? I can tell you one thing; we are in the last days. When I spoke that, I believe that was what I was saying when what the Lord revealed [the light] happened. In the days we are living in, you can hear anything, but I stay with what is real. That’s the way to be. Don’t ever get away from that. Those on this cassette, it was just like lights moving and the light was moving brightly right here in front of me. God is here to answer your prayers. I don’t even have to talk about it. We don’t brag about these things. I believe God is revealing Himself to the people, just like in the bible. The word was spoken by revelation and by His power. We are headed into a revival. “You are in one here all the time” saith the Lord.

We are on His side, young people. Get in and stay here, God will bless your heart. He loves you. He is talking to you, too. He will bless you. Pray for this nation. Pray for the harvest and pray for the intercessors. All of you that are on this cassette, God will bless your hearts and let the anointing help your families and your friends. Anyone that is in trouble should listen to this. He will uplift them. The light and the power of the Holy Spirit will be with you and if you have spiritual eyes, God will reveal Himself to you. He doesn’t just reveal himself to me or a few more [people]; He will reveal Himself to you. The Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and love Him, and all things are possible to them. Praise the Lord. Lord, bless all of them that hear this. Take all the sickness and pain from them. I believe it is all gone. Direct them in your revelation and in your power. May the Lord bless all who hear this message.

Some of them—I don’t know—they go to sleep a little bit, you know, but you missed some good things if you did. You better stay awake around here. It would be terrible if you woke up and everybody was gone. Someday, those lights, those powers, those things that be, will carry you away. Oh, my! That was Him. Just can’t shake it loose, you see. Did you hear it? I want that left on the cassette. That’s Him. David said all my springs are in thee. My cup runneth over. That you may be filled with the fullness of God. We are in the last days and the last hours, saith the Lord. We are getting now to hours, aren’t we? Anytime or in a few years, we don’t know exactly, but we are narrowing it down. Well, I tell you what, we would all about go to heaven, won’t we—if we don’t get down here and begin to thank God for answering our prayers. God bless every one of you. Praise God. I feel good. Jesus!

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The Last Days
Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1065
05/22/85 PM