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The Great Caretaker | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1004B | 06/17/1984 AM

How do you feel this morning? Amen. He sent a little breeze up through there for me. You see, I was preaching a message one time and I said should they believe—even in the hot desert—the Arabian desert, the Lord, if they believe… can create a polar region right there. Do you believe that? It would be in a dimension there, and a few bears (polar bears), if you didn’t believe that! That’s exactly right. You know, He sends winds and by the Hebrew interpretation, it was a cool, whistling breeze at that time. That was the Holy Spirit. Oh! I doubt if they knew the difference between that wind and the ordinary cool wind because with it there would be a Presence, a Power to those that are alert.  Amen.

You know you have people coming to service and if their mind is on something else, they won’t feel that nice Holy Spirit moving that begins to cause you to expect. The Holy Spirit will alert you that something is within you and around you, and watching over you. Lord, we love you and we thank you this morning. I know you are going to bless your people and help them again to keep right on the path, building their faith in their hearts, Lord, for the greater works that are coming. The new ones this morning, Lord, let the power of the Holy Spirit guide them ever to the right place in their hearts, in their will with you, and salvation more abundantly for all the people. Pour out the Holy Spirit, heal, touch, bless every one of them here and drive out the pain. In the Voice and Power of the Holy Spirit, we command it now, Lord Jesus. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord! If you believe in the Lord… you can believe that if He rained quails out of heaven and parted the sea by His Power, then it’s easy for Him to cool things down. Amen? That’s right. So, He is just great in all that He does.

You know, some people today, they pray to the Lord and then they think that the Lord has not heard them. Well, they are just like an atheist. That’s Him! Can you say, Amen? When you get up, whether you know for certain in your heart that your prayer is answered, know this, He heard you. Isn’t that wonderful? But people pray and they say, “Well, our Lord didn’t…. He heard everything. There is no prayer that you ever uttered that He did not hear. But when faith is in it, the bell rings! Glory! Alleluia! That’s right. He has a set of laws and rules and they are governed by faith, just like nature…. It’s the law of faith. Once you come into the power of faith, then just about anything can happen that you ever dreamed of because that [faith] is what it is connected to. You can’t just always hope. Hope is good; it leads into faith many times, but if you just stay with hope, it is no good. You’ve got to hope and then change to believing, believing with all your heart and He will surely bless you. Amen?

Now this morning, I’ll like to…. You know, there is so much confusion in the world and the nations are confused. It will grow worse as we get into the age. Many things will grow worse; the weather, different things and so forth like that. While all the earth is in turmoil–wars and economic conditions all over the world and different things like famines and droughts—the Lord has a plan for His people. Amen. The Great Caretaker: the Holy Spirit is ever alert and He is the Great Caretaker. The Lord Jesus is your Caretaker. Can you say, Amen? Now as the world is headed into a storm of perplexity and brother, it is—perilous seasons, the waves roaring; perplexity in every nation—while it is headed into perplexity storm, we will be guided safely home by the Holy Spirit power. Now the Lord takes care of His people more than they will ever know. More than you will ever know, the Holy Spirit has been standing with you. He told me that this morning and always through my ministry, He will keep telling me that to tell the people.

But satan does certain things to make you think that He is a million miles away in the universe sitting down somewhere. How many of you know that? He may sit, it seems, but He can’t stop moving. Glory! Alleluia! He is always creating, doing things in other worlds that you know nothing about, and He can stand there and look at you in the form of a man and so forth like that. It’s eternal power. But satan, see, comes around and he diverts your attention. He tries any way known to get your attention off [the fact] that God’s hand has been on you. Satan comes and does these different things and you wonder if He [God] is a million miles away. He is right there with you. He takes care of you more than you will ever think. He keeps you out of different things that would have cost you your life or hurt you…. The flesh is always contrary, though. It is discontent to begin with; you were born that way. Did you know that? Unless you let the Holy Spirit…from time to time, it [discontentment] will get hold of you… Man born of a woman is full of troubles, the scriptures say in Job. [Man] is discontent and contrary to begin with. Now you correct this by loving His divine Word and acting on His ever-faithful promises.

Nothing upsets the Lord any more than rebellion against His promises or His faithful Word. Now, that upsets Him. Nothing in this world would upset Him any quicker that to cast His promises aside—the promise of the coming of the Messiah and the redeeming [redemption] of the human race that would believe—all of it is built on a promise that God gave. The bible itself will start off—it is all a promise from God either you take His Word or you can’t take any word because all the others are wrong. Amen? His Word is true. So we find out, [being] against His Word and promises—that upsets Him. Always believe His Word, believe His promises. Believe that He will deliver. Believe He is going to safely take you out. Jesus is your Guardian Angel. He is your Keeper of Destiny. He is the Anointing of Providence upon you. He is the Cloud of Wisdom that gathers around us and most certainly He is watching, and He is leading every individual carefully. Do you believe that?

Listen to me right here: you know, in the wilderness—in the psalms–you can find many sermons, all kinds of sermons in Psalm 107 here. And the people, He led them out. He performed all kinds of miracles, showed them all kinds of divine wisdom and knowledge…everything imaginable the Lord did for them except it was in a region of wilderness there. Did you know what? They rebelled against His promises. Finally, it said the shadow of death crossed all over them and they were in great trouble and affliction. Why? Listen to this—this is why: “Because they rebelled against the words of God, and contemned the counsel of the most High” (Psalm 107: 11). You don’t do that. And they actually contemned and condemned the counsel of the Most High. It says right here that He was leading them in the right way and everywhere they wanted to go was the wrong way. He was leading them—there was no city or nothing—He would have guided them to a city, but they would not listen to the Lord and they condemned His counsel. see? But through it all, it was a great lesson to learn…and despite themselves that seed went in. When God has a plan, that bride will go on in. Amen.

The shadow of death came upon them and every time they cried out in their trouble and distress, David said, God heard them even though they did all those things. He was very good at that positive. He will come back with it any way that He can. “Then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses” (v. 13). “He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction” (v. 20). The Angel of the Lord, the Guardian Angel, the Lord Jesus Christ, was over them in great power—before Abraham was, I am. Glory! He sent His Word—the Word was made flesh and He dwelt among us—the Messiah. He sent his Word and He healed them. Who is the great Physician? In that Name is where you can receive healing; the bible said it and I believe it is true.

All of this, He was safely guiding them in the most constructive and the proper way that they would grow in power and the knowledge of His plan, and to understand the Most High and His reasoning…. But their carnal mind—had no word or anything upon them. Some people—we talked about headaches, remember? Sometimes, people have sicknesses and sins that cause headaches…but sometimes when people are stubborn or when people have so much doubt, do you know that they will get a pain in the head around the anointing. Amen? If you stay with it [the anointing, it [human nature] will go with the pain. Alleluia! Alleluia! This old nature is hard to get under and if it has to leave in form of a pain, so be it. Let it go! Get some of that old stuff out of that fights, God, some of that old stuff that quarrels in there with Him, some of that old stuff that goofs off in there against Him because everything is not going your way 24 hours every day. That’s Him, isn’t it? That’s Him. Be satisfied and content, Paul said, no matter what state you are in. Amen? Be content with the Lord. I know it’s hard. The old flesh will battle it. That’s when old satan will come along, you see, and get a hold of you there. But watch; His [the Lord] plans are marvelous.

Now, I want to say it again: sometimes, them [those] pains come from sickness, sometimes they come from something in your body that you don’t know anything about…but other times, that human nature would rise up like that. Let the Lord have His way with you. Paul said I die daily. Amen? “I allow the Lord to have His way and when I am weak,” he said, “the power of God is very powerful and very strong.” So, here are this people, not understanding—carnal nature-not understanding anything. They didn’t want to hear anything. They wanted to have Egypt again out there; they wanted all these things. Finally, they went into idols and so forth like that…right in the presence of the Lord. That human nature is dangerous and that is why the Lord left it [the story] in the bible. Someone said, “Oh, if He didn’t show all those mistakes. If He didn’t show how those people acted…. If He hadn’t shown all of that, after all those miracles, I could have believed Him more properly.” Well, He had done it so you could look around today and see the same things. How many of you believe that? It was for our admonition to warn us against human nature and how satan can get a hold of it. I believe that with all my heart….

So, they wouldn’t listen. It’s an admonition to everyone of us today. Now the psalmist in many chapters deals with different ways that it all happened piece by piece, step by step. But here, the psalmist is bringing it out like a soul in distress…. Then he brings it out like a storm. Let’s look at it real close: “For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof. They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths, their soul is melted because of trouble” (Psalm 107: 25-26). He likened their soul in the wilderness as the sea going up and down, as God allowing the storm to come upon them—storm of troubles and distress. “They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wit’s end” (v. 27). See? They weren’t stable…. In other words, he said it looked like they didn’t know anything they were doing out in the wilderness, just staggering around out there, and God all over them. They came to their wit’s end. How many of you have ever been like that? Finally, just tossed to and fro, not knowing which way in confusion until you finally get to the wit’s end.

Behold, Elijah the prophet, with all the miracles that he performed and great exploits—in being taken out with the Lord, not knowing where he would be next, they couldn’t get their hands on him—and all the things that he performed on Carmel and the way that he did the wonderful things of the Lord. Finally, even after all these things, we find out that Jezebel was going to get him and he fled into the wilderness. He came—the bible said—in other words, he came to his wit’s end. The same thing the Lord would do to the church today. Even where the anointing and the power like Elijah had is upon the church, you can come to your wit’s end if you are not careful. How many of you realize that? But you have the Caretaker. You have the Guardian Angel of Destiny and He is with you. The Lord wants me to tell you He is with you now. Amen. He is not off to a distant journey. No. He is right here and He is with each individual. He is watching what He is going to do. So, their soul is melted because of trouble and they came to their wit’s end. But every time, see; they would cry out. In their troubles and distresses, every time, they would cry out and then like a good Father, see? He would come and help them out of their problems. But they were like the sea in different storms back and forth.

Now, here is my topic and here is what I want for my message this morning: it says, “He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still” (v. 29). He calms the storm and they are quietened down. “Then they are glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven” (v. 30). He quiets them down. He bringeth them to their desired haven that is the message. After all the troubles and the storms and all that happened, Joshua and Caleb, at the end took the children that were left—the children of Israel—across. He [the Lord] took them in and brought them to their desired haven. It was like a ship on a troubled sea, no matter how much trouble and distress and wit’s end—they were riding up and down in the storm and troubles—and the Lord calmed the storm. He made it quiet. They were glad to be in the quietness. Then it said He bringeth them to their desired haven. Isn’t that wonderful?

While the nations are up and down in each storm, in perplexity in Luke 21 as Jesus Himself prophesied and predicted for the end of the age–as the storms are going up and down, and as the waves are overturning them—He will bring His people, the ones that have faith in their hearts, He will bring them to their desired haven in Him. That would be done at the end of the age. That haven finally would be in heaven. How many of you believe that this morning? Then the psalmist said here, “Oh!, that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! Let them exalt him also in the congregation of the people, and praise him in the assembly of the elders” (Psalm 107: 31-32). Oh, that they would exalt Him! Oh, that they would praise Him? He would bring them to the desired haven, take them out of the storm, take them out of the waves, take them out of their problems and their troubles, and He would put them into a peaceful, quiet haven. Brother that is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end time! I believe He is going to do it. Do you believe that? Although the mountains melt and run into the sea, the sea thereof roaring, It [the bible] says my people will be quiet and I will be with them (Psalm 46: 2-3).

Let the congregation praise the Lord for His goodness and for His kindness for He is bringing us—no matter how many droughts, famines, wars, storms and problems, economic crises, rebellion, crimes atomic threats and so forth—we will be guided by the Angel of Destiny. We will be guided to our desired haven. That is absolutely infallible; He will guide His elect…. Those that are His children cannot escape the infallibility of the Lord and the availability of His promises cannot be put down. He will guide us safely to our desired haven. Do you believe that? Listen to this real close and he [psalmist] closes it all: “Whosoever is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord” (v. 43). Whosoever is wise will understand these things in this chapter and whosoever understands these things, they will know of the lovingkindness of the Lord. Isn’t that wonderful? How many of you understand these things here? If you are wise this morning, you understood this—and He will guide you safely there.

We find out the thunderclouds are gathering to pour out rain of fiery judgment, but the Lord Jesus will safely guide us home…. Let us exalt the Lord. Let us praise the Lord and let us believe His Word this morning. Always in my heart in the ministry, no matter how satan would try to discourage—and oh, he is good at that—old satan will try to do everything he can to disappoint anyway he can, I just stay with the Lord and just let it pass over, just runs right off. Amen? But always, in my heart, from the very beginning when satan would try anything…always in my heart, what has kept me going like I am, constantly… I always believe in my heart that the Lord will safely guide it where He wants to guide it. And despite what satan does, despite how he pushes, despite how he would try to discourage you or me or anybody else, He [the Lord] is infallible. I always believe that. I believe in His divine providence that He knows exactly what He does. He allows satan to throw some of that [discouragement and so on] at you because He wants to know how strong the faith is that you have got in Him. Amen? I take it as some kind of a hampering or some kind of a blocking in there to keep you where you should be in the Word of God. It always…drove me to the Word of God. Amen?

People always say, “I didn’t know that you’ve got any problems with the kind of ministry that you’ve got.” Let me tell you something: you could feel it in the air more than anything else…and that satan—you cannot preach the Word, cast devils out as I do without satan doing anything in his power to upset you. Why? People [should] go back and read the Word. I would be no different than the Old Testament type or the New Testament type doing the works that I am doing today. There is only one thing that I know, I have taken the bible as an admonition and I just ignore the devil whatever he does. Sometimes, you can feel him just pushing…pushing against that gift, pushing against that power, pushing against those messages, trying in every way to stop them. But thanks be to God, they get better every time since I have been in the ministry…. It’s really great. You don’t do the works of God without satan just standing over there. He doesn’t pat you on the back; he tries to destroy syou or go against you. Amen? But God has been kind to me… because He sees that I constantly stay with His Word, preach it to the people and work those miracles. And no matter, unbelief, doubts, and whatever he [satan] tries to bring, I stay right there with the Word. And because of being determined and believing in His infallibility and the way that He works to bring His people, He has shown His compassion.

In fact, His kindness and His compassion is what makes the ministry what it is today. I believe that. His longsuffering—and He knows what is in the heart. He knows the pain of the heart and He knows the contrite spirit, all of these things. I say this, like David, He has been good to me. He’s been very good to me regardless of what satan tries to do in the future, now or any other time. I just didn’t start in this building, but when I was in the ministry, I was everywhere. When you are going every day, sometimes twice a day, let me tell you something; satan is going every day and he is going twice a day, twenty- four hours a day because I kept him stirred up…. After you have had a great victory or a revival, then if you have a letdown, old satan will tap your victory and it would just be like you had no meeting at all—and I won’t say it—to hell with him! Amen? How many of you believe that? He will go and he will be sealed in that pit. One day, God will send him in there. So, after you have had a great victory, after God has done something for you, be careful when you set down and begin to forget what God has done for you. Then old devil will knock you all the way down. It was after Elijah and the prophets had their greatest victories that it wasn’t long until satan came in there and tried to discourage them and make them feel terrible. How many of you know that? Be careful today.

He will guide us to the desired haven. He will bring us safely home. I really believe that in all of my heart…. Always in your heart, remember that the Lord Jesus is your Caretaker. He is your Guardian Angel. He watches over the individual more than they ever dreamed of. He is taking care of you. What I want you to do this morning is I want you to thank Him for it. I want you to thank Him for these revivals and He will bring greater ones. As we thank Him for one revival and as we praise the Lord, He will send greater ones on down through the line. He will gather His people as never before and guide them into a safe haven and into a safe heaven too. How many of you believe that? So, the Great Caretaker, the Holy Spirit, is ever alert for your problems, your troubles. And every time they cried, David said, He helped them out of their distresses. How many of you enjoyed this morning? Amen. Now in the wilderness, had they heard messages and taken them into their hearts, my, my, my, what would have happened? They would have gotten there, says the Lord, 39 years earlier! Oh my! Somewhere in there, but less than a year. He would have brought them in…. What did they do? But it said they condemned the counsel of the Most High. They condemned the Lord’s Word. They didn’t like the way He was doing it. They didn’t like the way He was guiding them with the Pillar of fire and Cloud. They didn’t like the looks of that; they had the devil in them. Can you say, Amen?

You will say, “How can the people be like that? Well, [being] around Egypt and down through there. They condemned the Most High. So, He found out and said, “Well, you don’t like my way, I’ll just turn you loose in the wilderness and your way; see if your way would get it done. He turned them out in the wilderness and like David said, they didn’t know anything. They were staggering like a drunken man. They were in a storm up and down and going around in a circle, and finally, they came to their wit’s end. But thanks be to God, the elect of God wont [come to their wit’s end] because we see the mistakes of the past and we know…. The people that love God, they are going to come to the circle of the Lord God, the Infinite, and they are going to come on home to Him. Remember, whatever you need today, He is ever ready. Don’t forget your great victories; always remind the Lord of your great victories. Who cares about the negative part? Amen? Just remind the Lord of your great victories. Remind the Lord of His power and you can rejoice in the power.

So, this morning… if you are new and you want to give your heart to the Lord, He will safely guide you home. You can count on it. He will safely give you that peace and quiet in that soul and He will bring you to the desired haven. He will do that for you this morning. You give your heart to the Lord by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no way you can work for it or earn it; you work your faith. That is, you accept the Lord Jesus in your heart. You act upon the bible and sooner or later, you will meet me on this platform and you will really be close to the Lord…. That is as good as an altar call. This morning, you people, thank the Lord for your victories. Thank Him for all despite what the devil makes it look like to you. No matter what he [the devil] does to you, just thank the Lord. Amen? There is one thing about it: satan does not have eternal life and his demons do not have eternal life. But thanks be to God, you’ve got something that he cannot get! He is jealous of you and he is after you. He can’t get that [eternal life] and he knows how valuable it is. The very thing he is fighting is to keep you out of that eternal life. Let me tell you it’s something to be with the Lord throughout eternity. Oh my, my my! It is great….

Can’t you just feel yourself being pulled into that desired haven of the Lord? You begin to thank the Lord with all your heart. Thank the Lord for your victories. This morning, just put everything in His hands—any problems you have on your jobs, your finances or whatever in your family, relatives or anything you have in school—whatever it is, just put it in the hands of the Lord and thank Him for victory. Don’t let the devil steal this message out of your heart this morning.

All those listening to this cassette, I command the victory of the Lord in your house. I command the victory of the Lord in your home. I cast away the demon power or whatever will trouble you. Anything that will oppress you, we command it to leave by the command and power of the Lord right now. I believe you have done that Jesus as they worship and exalt you in the congregation…. As the psalmist said, they that do these things are wise and understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.

There is nothing like a praise service. Can’t you feel that electric? Can’t you see Him there? You can practically see the mist of the Lord coming over His people in here. If you believe strongly, you will ignite in a cloud. Glory, Alleluia! He is powerful. He is delivering right now. He is blessing the soul and delivering the heart. He is blessing the people right now. He is taking these troubles and these cares out of here. Begin to shout the victory and exalt the Lord in your heart. Thank the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord Jesus…. Let’s shout the victory. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord! We love you. My, my, my! I feel Jesus!

The Great Caretaker | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1004B | 06/17/84 AM