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Time Limit | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD# 946b | 5/15/1983 AM

We are at the end of the age, in case you don’t know it. Time is moving very swiftly. What we are going to do for the Lord, we better do it in a hurry. Behold, I come quickly. It shows that the revival will be sudden. It shows that the coming of the Lord will be suddenly, because all scriptures run together concerning the translation and concerning the restoration revival of the Lord. So, there is going to be a sudden work that will come upon God’s people. We are kind of leaning toward it and going toward it, but it will be suddenly. Behold, I come quickly. So, events are right ahead. When I first entered the ministry, the Lord revealed to me that some of those that have been with Him for years with their faces toward Him for years and years, but right at the end when the real work of the Lord, the pure word of the Lord comes forth, [they turned away].

What is belief? It is the ultimate—that you believe God like the word says, not like people say, not like the flesh says and not like some ministers say who don’t preach the whole word of God. Faith is believing and having confidence that God will do what He says He would do. That is faith. You have confidence in that? So at the end of the age, when the real thing comes, there will be a turning away from it. Then there will be a pulling in by the power of God. So, some are foolish and some will never be in the house of God. I am speaking nation-wise and international-wise as God is dealing with His people. Then after that, here comes the real ones of God. Yes, some of the others (foolish) remained and some were probably taken on. But at the end of the age, the real workers came. Behold, she makes herself ready by the power of God.

So, some people that served the Lord,  for may be 20 or 30 years—I have said this many times in the building—you see, at the end of the age, they give up their faith. They just give up, but real faith will keep. It is preserved in the power of the Lord. So, the revival that is coming is God’s choice. It is not man’s choice; He will choose. He is the one that will prepare the bride and bring a great outpouring when they unite. I feel this, at the end of the age, God’s house will be completely filled, but it will be the real power of God. Finally, the real thing that comes from the Lord. How many of you can say Amen to that? That’s exactly right. In providence, if you are new this morning, He wants you to listen to this message. He is dealing with your heart. Give your heart to Him. It’s the time for the Lord to swing in by the Holy Spirit. He is calling you to come deeper into the power of the Lord.

Time Limit is the name of the message. When you come to church, the bible says, enter in to His gates with thanksgiving. That is the secret of getting something from the Lord. Then the bible says, serve the Lord with gladness. Amen. These are the key words at the end of the age. God tells His people; enter into His gates with thanksgiving. Oh, the real seed there—oh, he said, “I couldn’t wait to get into the house of God.” If it is too hard for you to muster that up and hard to get there, then begin to praise the Lord. Begin to thank the Lord and His wings will just pick you up. But you have to make that effort in praising Him. Enter His gates with praises and serve the Lord with gladness. You don’t serve the Lord any other way, but with gladness in your heart. Don’t look at the circumstances around you. Serve the Lord and He will take care of the circumstances.

Alright, Time Limit:

“Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations” (Psalm 90: 1). You see; nowhere else to dwell, David said.

“Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God” (v. 2). Even before the world was formed, He was and is still our resting place. Even before the mountains were formed, the Lord was from everlasting to everlasting, David said. You can count on Him. He is a good resting place. Amen?

“Thou turnest man to destruction; and sayest, Return, ye children of men” (v.3). That’s what happens sometimes; He gives man probation, so many years.  Sometimes, it may be hundreds of years. He works in a generation span where He allots a certain time upon His people. Then of course, destruction comes upon the earth. When it comes, He wants men to return to Him.

“For a thousand years in thy sight are but yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night” (v.4). We are in a time limit for the work of the Lord. He goes on to say your life is like in the morning and by evening time, it’s all gone. See; there is a time limit. If you lived to be 100 years old, after it’s over with, you didn’t have any time at all. What counts is eternity. Oh, but you can say, “A hundred years is a long time.” Not after it’s over with. It’s no time at all, saith the Lord. Do you know? I believe it was Adam who lived to be 950 something years old–in those days before the flood, God lengthened the days of man upon the earth–but when it was over with, it was no time at all. Amen. So, he (David) said your life is like the morning when you wake up and by evening time, it is all gone. And he begins to measure out the time that God allows. So, what he is doing is this: there is a time limit on man. He said a thousand years to God is like one day, like a night watch in the night.

What about you? You’ve got a few years that God has given us upon the earth. He puts a time limit on things. When time is called, it would be when the last one, when the last redeemed soul of the elect is redeemed. Then there is a silence; there is a stopping there. When we have the last one in, in this generation that is to be converted into the elect bride of the Lord Jesus, then it’s over. There is a translation. Now, the earth goes on, we know until the great Battle of Armageddon. But when the last one is redeemed, then time is called for us. You may say, “How would that happen?”  It may be all of a sudden; a group, there may be one thousand or two thousand that at one time suddenly are converted. They can be called the ones, the last Adam that is converted. Then that would be the last one and would be with Adam as God cares for them—the first and the last. Glory to God!

We find out there is a translation and then our work is over. Have you been here so many years? When it is over, there will be no time at all. Only what we do for the Lord Jesus now is going to count. And He wants me—oh, with such urgency, to tell the people—even if there were a few years left, that we are to expect Him each evening. The bible says to look for Him always. Expect the coming of the Lord. Even if there was a little time left, it’s practically over with now. What is done [for the Lord] right now is going to last for the Lord. Isn’t that right? Bro Frisby read Psalm 95: 10. For 40 years, God was grieved with that generation in the wilderness and He said they would not enter my rest. He allowed Joshua and Caleb to take a new generation over. I never thought about this, but look at those– when the Lord told me at the beginning of my ministry, so I wouldn’t be disturbed about Pentecostal people or any kind of denominational people—look at how the old faces have faded away. Moses went away too. The Lord called him away. Only Joshua and Caleb among the young leaders at time came up to the Promised Land, but the old faces passed away.

That doesn’t mean that all of you will pass away before the coming of the Lord. That’s not what my sermon is about. That’s in the hand of the Lord. Many of us will be alive when the Lord comes. That’s how I feel it in my heart. My personal opinion is that sometimes in this generation, we will see the coming of the Lord. We don’t know the exact day or the hour, but it is going to be that the Lord will move in such a way upon the people that they will begin to feel and know that something is up. Right now, you can begin to tell. The closer we get to it, the more that feeling is going to come from the Lord. Now, it will take the world by total surprise—in an hour that they think not. But the elect of God, they are going to be concentrating in their hearts; the closer that it gets, the more the Holy Spirit is going to work. He knows exactly what He is doing.

Now, the older generation passed away because they would not listen to the word of the Lord. Those that listened to the word of the Lord didn’t [pass away] and there were just a few—Joshua and Caleb took a new group over. Now, at the end of the age, the Jews have been in their homeland since 1948. Here it says in Psalm 90: 10 that He dealt with them for forty years—a generation. Gentiles, we don’t know how exactly He would number that, but we look at Israel as a time clock. At the end of the age, the first revival has run out—the former and the latter rain are coming together in a real outpouring to call the real people of God. They shall be called by a spiritual trumpet and that will be through the power of God. The generation passed away. Joshua got up. He had been talking about it as the years were going by. He had been alerting people, “It won’t be long now,” he said. “It won’t be long, we are going over. We have waited 40 years and you know I wanted to go there 40 years ago.” But fear kept them out. They did not claim the promise because they looked at giants on the other side and said, “We cannot take it.” Joshua said, “As you know, in my heart, I said we could.” And so did Caleb. “It won’t be long, children of Israel, we’ll be crossing over here.” They began to believe him. All the others were out of the way.

Once He gets that real seed working, there will be total unity and a total type of faith. You’ll see; just flash, fire, power and everything moving from the Lord, when you get that way. You are going to be different too. You will change. This message this morning is for the new ones to listen to it as they grow and for those that have been with the Lord, believing Him in their hearts, you will mature even more with the power of God. Now watch; forty years went by and he began to tell them—Joshua, the prophet with great power on him, Moses had put his hand on him, but he was called of the Lord. There was a gathering, a tremendous gathering—blow the trumpet. See; spiritual call, coming together and teaching them to believe. “We must have faith to cross over,” Joshua said. “The Angel of the Lord appeared to me and He had a great sword in His hand and He told me we are going over. He told me to take my shoes off—not in my success.” Shoes, you know, when you take them off, you are not in your human government anymore. It is not because of you or your human success, but it would be because of the supernatural. He asked prophets to do that; Moses, the same way because dispensations change. Here a dispensation change came because they crossed over into the Promised Land—a type of heaven. There was a powerful gathering, but you know, the old ones were going, “Oh, we would never go over there. You might as well stay here. You’d never get over there. We’ve been here for 40 years. There would never be a revival to take you over there. We have been trying to go over there for forty years. We have not gotten over there yet.” Pretty soon, they began to fade away. Yes, they didn’t tell all the truth. Joshua told all the truth about it.

At the end of the age, some people will say, “When will the revival come?” It will come and it will come from the Lord. Joshua rose by the power of the Lord. There was something about him that people obeyed the power of the Lord that was upon him, and he could get them together. You know, even the sun and the moon obeyed him and that was really powerful. Right at the end of those forty years, with all the miracles, signs and tests, still they wanted to go back to Egypt, back to the organization, back to the system of man. At the end of the age before we cross over, first, there will be a gathering. There will come a gathering from the Angel of the Lord and He will begin to gather them. They are getting ready to go over and they are going up to heaven this time. Glory to God! Like Elijah—He crossed that river with his mantel—he looked back, great heaps of water on both sides, he crossed over and saw it closed behind him. You say, “Why didn’t the Lord leave it open like that, so that Elisha that was treading close behind could cross?” He wanted him to do it too—to do the miracle. So Elijah went up in the Chariot of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire was in the form of a chariot—the Chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof. Glory to God! There was that Chariot waiting for him. It was the Pillar of Fire in the form of a fiery chariot that he saw out there and the Lord just laid out the rug for him to get on in. The mantle was on him. He was getting to give up that old mantle that he had. He would drop it right down and away he went during the uniting time. He was gone in the whirlwind and fire. He went to heaven to show what is going to happen to the church at the end of the age.

So we see; there is going to be a gathering right at the end of the age. After 40 years, God gathered the children of Israel together and they believed the word of the Lord—that group did. The older faces faded out of the picture; new faces came into the picture. Only Joshua and Caleb remained of the old faces. Right now at the end of the age, there will be a great gathering and I believe that this is going to begin to take place. First, there is a gathering of dramatic events, miracles, power everywhere and it will get bigger. They [elect] will begin to become one in the body of God. Then they will begin to believe with all their hearts; translation is close, you see—coming on. The Lord will bring His people together by a tremendous type of power. When they get together and they are uniting and gathering, that outpouring is going to be powerful. How long He would allow it to continue is only known by the Lord, should we even make that date [1988]—Israel’s 40th anniversary of becoming a nation. There will be a transition period, no doubt. We are talking about getting some of the last ones in. First, there is a gathering together of power in the next few years coming. Then a tremendous outpouring will come upon the people, even more so than they have ever had. How long? It won’t be very long. You can almost number it. How much would it reach into the 1990s? Only known to God. Between now and then is the gathering and it will get more and more as you get closer.

Then as the elect gather together, there will be gigantic and great exploits, even more so, from the Lord. We’ve been going through some great ones and then sometimes in the future, the translation will take place. I am telling you; that is what happened to Joshua. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Yes, the Old Testament covered up the New Testament all those years before the New Testament was written. The Old Testament God revealed Himself as the New Testament God, the Bright and Morning Star from the Pillar of Fire. No change; you see. How many of you can say, praise the Lord? First, we are going to have a gathering. There will be a great gathering unto the Lord, powerful miracles and anointing. How long will it last after that? Even before that, you can be taken out if it gets more powerful, we know that sometimes in there, He will begin to turn back to the Jews because of their probation. I was grieved with that generation (Psalm 95: 10). Here we are with Israel again—forty years after they became a nation. Now to the Gentiles, they are our time clock. Israel is God’s time clock. The events that surround Israel tell you that you are going home, Gentile. The time of the Gentiles is running out. When Israel became a nation in 1948, the time of the Gentiles began to run out.

There was a transition period. Here comes the revival (1946 -48), great miracles all over the earth. It will return, but it will be to the elect, the people positioned in there. In 1967, an event took place. It was not noticed by the government or by the world, but it was noticed by prophetic scholars that really have the word of God. Before 1967, Israel had fought to get the Old City but she couldn’t get it. Then in 1967, in the Six-day War—one of the miraculous wars they had seen in Israel—it was as if God Himself had fought the war for them. All of a sudden, the Old City fell into their hands and the temple grounds were theirs. Again, after all these thousands of years, it was over in 1967—one of the major events that took place for Israel besides their going home. That means the Gentile time has run out. We are in a transition now. Our time is running out. In this transition period, during the Gentile transition, there will come a great revival. Can you say, praise the Lord? When Israel came home, it was a transition period, but now it can be said that the time of the Gentiles is down to the letter. If there is any time left? I don’t know of it.

It is time for us to do what? It is a sign for God’s people to unite in the Spirit, not into systems and not in dogmas. Forget about that; those kinds of things are not going anywhere. But God’s people will unite and become one all over the world, not in one organization and not in one system, but in one body all over the world. That’s what the Lord wants; that’s His then! There is a lightning; that’s the way it will come, I am telling you. He will get that body and when He unites it together all over the world, it will be as He prayed that they would become one in the Spirit. That prayer will be answered for the elect bride and they will become one in the Spirit. At the end of the age, right now, there is to come a gathering; momentum is going, they are getting ready to cross over with miracles. The power of the Lord is coming. Time limit; time is running out. As David said here, wake up in the morning and when the sun goes down, it’s as if the time is over. Like I said, you could live to be 100, 90 or 80 years old, but after it’s done, that’s all it was. When our time runs out and our time limit is over, you know it would blend with eternity for each one of us. Amen. Praise the Lord. Do you know? If you recognize time, it is nothing compared to eternity. Praise the Lord for that!

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” (Psalm 90: 12). Each day, teach us to number our days. Each day, know where you are at; know what time the Lord’s coming is. Each day that you number it builds into the next day to get closer to the Lord, to go higher and to go on with the Lord. Each step and each day is another day of wisdom built. Amen. Teach us to number our days in wisdom.

“O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days” (v. 14). Time limit; time is nothing compared to eternity.

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us; and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it” (v. 17). He has established the work of our hands. Even now, I am working in the harvest field as never before. Our work is established. We are going forth in power. We are going forth to the harvest field like never before and the beauty of the Lord shall be upon His work. Glory to God! Alleluia! Isn’t that wonderful? He has established it. My work has been established and those that pray for it and get behind me in faith, He will most certainly bless them. Great blessings are coming from the Lord.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91: 1). The shadow of the Almighty is the Holy Spirit. We are abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. Can’t you see the shadow of the Almighty moving among His people? He will overshadow them with His Holy Spirit of power. Tonight, may He shadow us in here. As we have the baptism of the Holy Spirit, power will begin to move among the people. I want to make better prayer warriors and better believers out of you, so that you can really stand your ground with the Lord. Get into the dimension of the Lord. Once you get into the type of dimension I preach from, and believe from—My, I tell you—you are ready to go on a trip then. How many of you feel the energizing power of the Holy Spirit now, to heal and work miracles? Brother Frisby read v. 2. Isn’t that wonderful? The shadow of the Lord. Our work has been established upon the earth. There would be a gathering unto the Lord of Hosts. My, my, my! It’s about time for us, not in human ambition, but in the power of the Holy Spirit shall this last work be done. In the first revival, human ambition got in. The second revival will push it [human ambition] back. You’ve got to have your character in power and faith, I realize that. But human ambition will build something that would be left in man’s system and something that is out of the will of God, the second revival won’t.

This end-time revival, human ambition will be pushed out of the way. The Holy Spirit will take over and when He does, He is going to possess with His power. Be glad of your days in serving the Lord. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Serve the Lord with gladness. Revival is coming from that. How many of you believe that this morning? Abide under the shadow of the Almighty, the shadow of the Holy Spirit. It is a cool place on a hot day, isn’t it? We find out there is a great gathering. Are you going to gather or are you going to fade away like the other faces in the wilderness at that time? We are headed for a great gathering of the Lord and some wonderful things in blessings will come from Him. And when they [elect] unite, even greater things will take place. After the gathering, the translation will take place. How much sooner? We don’t know, but I tell you this morning, God calls the time limit. We have to go and we know it’s getting close. Can’t you see the power of the Holy Spirit moving? This is not acting; this is the Holy Spirit because you can feel there is a force behind the voice and the power of the Lord. Whatever you need this morning in this audience—if you need salvation, be in on the gathering of the Lord. It is either that you will gather with the Lord or saith the Lord, or you will gather with man. Which one would it be? Man will gather with the antichrist, the beast of the earth. Now is the appointed time. Now is the set time for my people to get prepared, to prepare their hearts and to believe with their hearts.  Marvelous things shall the Lord of Hosts do for each and every one of them.

Prophecy as follows:

Say not in thine heart, Oh, but O Lord, I am so weak. What can I do? But say in thine heart, I am strong in the Lord and I believe the Lord will help me. Behold, I shall help you, saith the Lord. I will abide with thee all the days of thy life until the very end of time. Believe in your heart for I am with you. I have not told you that I am not with you, but your own human nature has told you that and the satanic influences of man, but I am with you always, saith the Lord. I will never forsake you. I will never leave you alone. I am with you. That is why I created you to be with you.”

Oh, my! Give Him a handclap! Praise the Lord! Generally, I close my eyes when He begins to prophesy. Sometimes, I see something. But I couldn’t close them this time. We better be awake. Isn’t that wonderful? Keep that on the tape. That was directly from the Lord. It wasn’t from me at all. I didn’t even know it was coming. It just came like that. He is marvelous. Isn’t He? At the end of the age, more speaking, more guidance like that—the way that He would move blending with the word and the Holy Spirit.

Those listening to this cassette, what a revival is in their hearts this morning! There is a revival in the soul of man. Only the Lord can put it there. Jesus, touch all of the hearts on this cassette. May a revival break out from where they are like a spring of water, Lord, and just run everywhere. Wherever this goes, overseas and the USA, let a revival break out in their hearts. Let people be healed around them and let people be converted, and saved by the power of the Lord. Bless them, Lord. Touch the pains here today; we command them to leave and the tired bodies to mend in the strengthening power of the Holy Spirit. Lift them in thy power, Lord. Let their strength return to them mentally and physically, and their confidence in you, Lord. I feel that there have been many burdens lifted here this morning. Anxieties have been lifted. Hidden sins have been lifted. All kinds of things have taken place here in the power of the Holy Spirit. There has been a spiritual restoration from the Lord Jesus. Can you feel that? Let’s believe the Lord. Reach on out.

Time Limit | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD# 946b | 5/15/1983 AM