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Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #998b | 04/29/1984 PM

You’ll be surprised, saith the Lord, who does not want to feel my presence, but calls themselves the children of the Lord. My, my, my! That comes from the heart of God. That didn’t come from man. I don’t think those things up; it is farthest from my mind. You see, He is talking about us. He is talking about the church across the earth. He is talking about this: people today are trying to serve God. They are in all kinds of denominations and fellowships. What He is saying is that people who call themselves Christians—they want to go heaven—but they don’t want to feel the presence of God. You say, why would they be like that—that is eternal life [the presence of God]? The bible says we should seek for the presence of God and ask for the Holy Spirit. So, without the presence of the Lord and Holy Spirit, how are they ever going to enter into heaven? Let me feel the presence of the Lord, said David. Amen? He said the Lord is on my side. He’ll move a nation, armies, it doesn’t make a difference. The statement [made earlier] was not to get on to you people. That was an international [universal] statement that the Lord made, a biblical kind of statement and I think this: we ought to stay in the presence of the Lord in any way we can or else you will not be translated. Do you believe that? The presence of the Lord gets powerful and it gets all those little foxes and drives them out. That is why people today should seek the presence of the Lord so that they can be delivered and so that the power of God can come upon them. I really believe that. Thank you Lord for the word. I really believe that. Thank you Lord for the word. We want it to remain on there [the recording or cassette]. I believe that it is the condition today of those that say one thing, but don’t want the real gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the presence of the Lord.

Pour out your presence upon them. Touch them. Give them the desires of their hearts and guide them like the Good Shepherd. I know you will and bless them tonight. Give the Lord a handclap! There is nothing like the presence of the Lord. Amen. That is exactly right. Some churches don’t even like music because the presence of the Lord moves. They just cut that out. But we want the power and we want the presence and we want the presence because when He performs miracles here you see short leg lengthened, crooked eyes straightened, tumors, cancers and all manners of diseases disappearing by the power of the Lord and it is done by the presence of God. Nothing else could do it. I can’t do it, but my faith will produce the power and the presence with the person that is with me—that is believing together—and then the miracle takes place.

Heaven is a wonderful place. Do you know that? God is an active God. When He translates the people away, He is going to instruct them how they would be of help when He comes back after the tribulation. We know that satan is cast down lower from the armies of heaven. But the Lord comes back at the end of the Battle of Armageddon, in the great day of the Lord with the saints and they are instructed about the Millennium and they are instructed to follow Him in what he is going to do. He is an active God. You are not just going to go up there and not do anything. You will have all the energy you would ever hope for. You will never feel tired again. You’ll never feel sick again. Your heart will never be broken again. No one, saith the Lord, can ever break your heart again. You will never have to worry anymore about sickness, about dying or death or anything. It would be wonderful and He would give you things to do in eternity. He is an active God; He is creating right now. When He calls time for this planet, that is it. Time is up. Six thousand years have come and gone. There is something about it! I rarely want to talk about hell. I have my mind on the Lord Jesus in heaven. I feel sorry for people that would not listen to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that would wind up in such a place with the devil and his angels, and all that bunch that he has with him. I want the Lord Jesus. Amen? The gospel that God has given me is no other gospel but the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen?

The Spiritual Heart: in heaven, the saints will not have the earthly body. You are changed, glorified. The white light, the light of the Holy Spirit is in you. Your bones are glorified and you will have the light running through you—a living creature of the Lord for eternal life. You would be a personality—there is a real personality and that old body that kept you down, that warred against you so much—while you were to do good, it was there to present evil, it kept dragging you down—this body, the flesh will be gone. You will be a personality, a personality in the spirit, your soul and spirit. You will be a personality glorified, your bones would be glorified, light would be in your body and look through your eyes, and the Lord would be with you in eternity. Glory! Alleluia! Paul explained all this in 1 Corinthians 15.

Now the spiritual heart or the soul personality responding back to the physical heart. Bro Frisby read 1John 3:21 & 22. “Beloved, if our heart condemns us not, then have we confidence toward God.” In another place, the bible says if our heart condemns us not, we have the petitions that we ask of Him. He answers us every time if our hearts condemn us not. Let’s explain that: some do have sins and some have faults. Some people get into a mental confusion, they say things that they shouldn’t say and they think, “Well, I can’t ask God for anything. They get all twisted up. But some really have sin in their hearts; they are sinners. Some have backslidden—they are out on God—their hearts condemn them, God doesn’t; their heart does. But He is there. He can bring the sin in front of you by the Holy Spirit. In our systems, in our bodies, He has made us in such a way that you know when something is wrong. Some do have sins and faults that are blocking them. But sometimes, people condemn themselves when they have done nothing [wrong]. I have seen people, I know they are Christians. I know they live for God and the Lord tells me they are Christians. Yet, their prayers are blocked. I always know, I don’t go into details, but the Holy Spirit would reveal it to them and sometimes I keep praying and break it. They condemn themselves. They didn’t do anything wrong, but they think they have. The devil can work on them as much as he would do to somebody that has sinned.

If your heart condemns—if you allow your heart to be condemned, listen real close here because I want to bring deliverance to you. They condemn themselves when they have done nothing because they do not know the scriptures. They don’t even know what is right from what is wrong. Instead of reading the word of God or listening to a real anointed minister and delivered by revelation, they’ll run into this kind of belief and that kind of belief. This kind of belief will tell them one thing and that kind of belief will tell them another thing. One says you can do this, another says, you can’t do this. The best thing is to learn the scriptures. See God’s great compassion. See His mercy, see His power and see what confession can do for you. Amen. You remember back just before the Pentecostal gifts began to be poured out and the Holy Spirit began to pour them out, there were all kinds of things—some things were good within themselves, they were good, holiness and so forth—I love holiness, people that are holy and so forth like that and righteousness—but there were different groups, Pentecostal groups and so forth. I remember just after I was saved the first time as a young boy, I had just come out of barber college and I was beginning to cut hair. I was young and it was the first time that I had gotten an experience with the Lord. I was 19 years old. It wasn’t the time of my calling yet, but I had good experience and then later, He began to deal with me. But I was with this people and I didn’t know much about the bible. I went to this little church out of town. Someone came to me and said, “You know it is wrong for you to wear that tie.” I said, I didn’t know that, brother.” He said, “Sure, back in the old days, people never wore ties like that.” You know I said [to myself], “I go to that church with that tie, how am I going to ask God to help me?” Then I said to myself, “If you can’t wear a tie, then you can’t wear cuffs [on the shirt]. Then I said, “Wait a minute, we are getting into a mess here. You can’t wear a watch or wear a ring if you are married.” I thought about it and asked others and then no, no, no. That got to where they were going by the letter and it killeth without the Spirit.

If you drink coffee, you’ll go to hell. You drink tea, you go to hell. I drink weak coffee, once in a while. The Lord knows about it. I can’t hide it. I won’t hide it. I told the story about a Pentecostal holiness boy. See; I have had a lot of different things so I know where I am going [with this message]. He [the Lord] had these experiences happen in different ways so I would be firm when I preach. He [the Pentecostal holiness boy] was sponsoring a meeting and I talked to him. He had seen the miracles in one of my crusades. He wanted me to come to that area and he would sponsor me. I said I would pray for your people and he said, “I have never seen so many miracles. All you do is like the bible said. You are the first one I have run into—you just talk it and you just command these things.” He said, “I prayed for two or three of those people and I couldn’t do anything for them. “He said, “But there is one thing: you drink a little coffee.” He said, I don’t know how you can do that [drink coffee] and do that [work miracles]. I said, “I don’t know either, brother.” I said it never bothered me any. I told him I never drink liquor or anything like that that runs you crazy. Here is what I am trying to tell you: we were in a meeting, so he invited me over [to the house] to meet his family, so I did. I had only been in the ministry myself for eight to nine months. I went there—he opened the refrigerator and asked me what I wanted. He said, “I think you would just have a cup of coffee.” I said, I drink cold drinks, too. He pulled out a drink [for Bro Frisby]. He had 24 cokes [two packs of Coca Cola) in the fridge. He said, I am going to have me a cup of coke. I said these things will eat your guts out. I said, don’t you ever continue to drink all that coke. He said, I can’t stop. I have been drinking coke since I was a kid. I said, “You mean you condemn people for drinking coffee and you drink all these cokes?” He said, “I drink a lot of them.” He said they didn’t tell me in the Pentecostal holiness church that it was wrong to drink coke, but they said drinking coffee and tea was wrong. Well, I said, there is more of it [caffeine] in coke than in coffee. I said if you continue to drink too many cokes, you are going down, boy. Finally, he said you are right.

It’s all in the matter of the mind, how you serve the Lord, how you love and how you are serving the Lord. That’s what I am trying to bring out here. He was condemning himself about other things, little things. In one case, this woman—he had known her for many years—they had prayed for her and prayed for her. The woman had had an operation and was totally deaf in one ear. She couldn’t hear anything. The man said, Oh, he is going down now and he hung his head [Bro Frisby was going to pray for the woman]. I stepped up there, put my hand in there and said, “Create what they have cut out, put it back there and let her hear again, Lord.” The woman was standing there —-Bro Frisby whispered in her ear. Oh, she said, I can hear. Oh my, I can hear. The man ran up to the front and said, “let me whisper in her ear. He said she can hear. He said this is God. He met me outside and said, “Drink all the coffee you want.” He said, “My God, man, I have tried to pray for her.” What am I trying to do? If it condemns you, don’t do it. People in the old days would say if you wear a ring, you are in sin. The bible says if one should come in goodly apparel and with a gold ring (James 2: 2), don’t turn him away. Allow him to come in. Did you ever read that he had a ring and so forth? God deals with the poor and the rich and whosoever wants the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s not just one type of people that God deals with; he deals with all kinds of people, all kinds of believers that believe in Him. They used to say you couldn’t wear a ring or anything like that. I think if a person is married and they want to wear a ring, let them wear a ring. Amen. The Lord Himself when He appeared, around His waist was a cord that was wrapped around His side and it was in gold (Revelation 1: 13). You know what? People who are condemned with all these little things cannot get anything from God. Their heart is condemned to the letter.

See; there are wrong things and there are sins, but some people have not done anything wrong and somebody told them they did something that is wrong. I have seen people that God would send in my prayer line in California, they just heard me preach, their faith was high and they got salvation and healing at the same time. They didn’t look like Christians when they got in the prayer line and they would come up close to me, I would talk to them, pray for them and they would receive a miracle from the Lord. Sometimes, a Pentecostal would go through the prayer line—they have tried very hard—and sometimes, they wouldn’t get anything. They can’t figure it out. The other ones, their hearts do not condemn them. I said God has forgiven you, you have no more sins when you give your heart to God. Ask and you shall receive and the Lord will give you a miracle. They just believe me and when they do, their hearts condemn them not. Then the ones that have been in church for many years—many failures—they have been prayed for many times, and they come to the prayer line, they are condemned about something. They may have told somebody off or criticized somebody. They have asked God to forgive them, but they can’t believe that He did forgive them and their heart is still condemned. See, it pays to live for God. Amen. Watch what you say and you won’t be condemned so much about that. If our hearts condemn us not, then we can ask what we will and we shall receive from the Lord God.

We can go on and on—when people get like that. The first radio that came out, all that have a radio will go to hell. It scared them to death. Phones came out, and the same condemnation of television. But I will say this about the television and radio: watch the programs that you listen to/watch. Watch what you are listening to and what you say on the phone. Later, we find out that the phone is used worldwide. With telecommunication—people being healed, the gospel being preached—the gospel has gone forth by radio through great ministries starting from 1946. Thousands of people were healed overseas and everywhere by telecommunication [reported through telecommunication]. Television has been used as a tool for the Lord Jesus Christ in so many ways. But there are things [programs] that are there as well as on radio that we know will corrupt. So, you must choose properly and know what you are doing. It is to be used for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reveal to sinners the power of the Holy Spirit when no one else can reach there—when there is no way to reach them, you can reach them on there [by television and radio]. You see, people, when radio came out, there was condemnation. You must know what you are doing, learn the scriptures and know where you stand.

People are [feel] condemned if they walk wrong and they are condemned if they are five minutes late. They are so condemned they can’t ask God for anything. See, they are like the Pharisees, and pretty soon they get into washing hands, washing their hands trying to get healed. You can’t do it. The thing for Christians to do is let not your heart condemn you. Then you have confidence toward God. Get it out there, these little things, these little foxes, the things that condemn you down and take away your blessings of the Lord and what you want from God. Shove them aside and give your heart to the Lord. Paul about eating: some were eating herbs and some were eating meat. One condemned the other one that was eating meat and the other one condemned the one that was eating herbs. Paul said they were ruining the faith. Paul said according to him they were both right. They could eat what they wanted to eat and serve the Lord. But Paul said if it condemned you, don’t do it. Paul said, but I can do it. He could eat meat if he wanted to and he could eat herbs if he wanted to. They were arguing about eating herbs or meat; all they were doing was creating an argument. No one was getting anything. Paul said the letter killeth without the Holy Spirit—without the Spirit of God moving. If you [don’t] know something you have done wrong, the scriptures will show you or your heart will show you. Remember, the spiritual heart or the soul personality responding back to the physical heart. That is a mystery that I just read there. See, the heart is free, if you feel you have done something, you may have done something wrong that you shouldn’t—it may not be that you are backslidden or even in sin—but if it is sin or you are backslidden—you are free and your heart will not be under condemnation by confessing to the Lord Jesus truthfully from the heart. He will be more than welcome quickly to hear your side and what you have to say. But confessing to a priest or a teacher is not going to work. You must go right straight to the Lord Jesus Christ, even the smallest matter—whether it is really a sin or you don’t know for sure—you confess it in your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and have Him take away the condemnation, and believe in your heart that you are free indeed. That is faith in God. You’ve got to have faith to do that. Amen.

But better than that, most of all, keep out of all these snares as best as you can. Sometimes, you are kind of trapped, snared in by someone else. Before you know it, you have done wrong; so, be careful what you are doing. The bible says beloved, if our hearts condemn us not—he had “beloved” right there (1John 3: 21). Love one another and your prayers will be answered. Believe in divine love. If our hearts condemn us not, then we ask and we shall receive because we keep His commandments. In another place, the bible says if our hearts condemn us not, the Lord hears the petitions that we put before Him. “Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth (Mark 9: 23). That statement is more than true. That statement is an eternal reality. Some of you people on the earth may not be able to move those mountains yet, but some of you are going to make it in the translation and truly you are going to say all things are possible to him that believeth when you see the rays of glory—that carries [that overshadow you] in this world and the next—all things are possible to him that believeth. Young men and women, older men and women, all things are possible to him that believeth, active in his heart and is not condemned. The Lord said if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed—just a little tiny seed, let it grow—you might say unto this sycamore tree, be thou plucked up by the root, be thou planted way in the sea over there, and it should obey you. The very elements, the very nature will move out of its roots. The power of the prophets moved the heavens around, calling fire, with cloud and rain and so forth. How great it is! At the end, two great prophets calling out asteroids, calling out on the earth, calling for famines, blood in the fire, all that takes place and poisons—these great prophets. If thou canst believe, Elijah, all things are possible, Protect thy people!

If any man be in Christ, He is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new (2 Corinthians 5: 17). See; ask for forgiveness, all things are become new, you are condemned no longer. Don’t let the little things here and there condemn you. Take a good hold on the Lord. Learn what the scriptures say! Different people, you might run into them; one tells you this and the other tells you that, but you have one talking here and that is the Holy Spirit, Amen, and He is good. So, we find out today, condemnation: sometimes, people condemn themselves when they haven’t done anything. Other times, they have. So, be careful. Satan is tricky and he is cunning. He is very crafty, he knows the human body and he knows how to trick people. Some people, just before they are going to get a miracle—they haven’t done anything wrong—but satan will slide and slip and they’ll say, “I ‘ve got to go up there tonight (prayer line), but I got mad [angry] at somebody. You see, he is working on you. Praise the Lord. You know this is the truth, saith the Lord. This is good to teach the little children as they grow up because they really don’t know and they just tremble and get scared. They don’t understand. This should help them. So, tell them how to live for God and how the Lord would forgive them. Keep them in with the Lord Jesus Christ. They may make a mistake, but God will forgive them. You have an advocate, so if you think your heart condemns you, confess to the Lord Jesus Christ and when you do, you are indeed free of any condemnation, for it is gone! That’s why we have Him as the Eternal God. You know, humankind, there is an end with them. One time, Peter said, Lord, seven times, that is a lot of times to keep on forgiving people and the Lord said seventy times seven. How much more the Lord who is in heaven. How merciful He is to His people! Remember; you live a strict life as close as you can to the Lord, but if you fall into any wayside snares or whatever they are, remember His mercy.

If you don’t know that you have done anything wrong, you might have said something that is condemning you or something that you shouldn’t do—some people believe because they did not testify to somebody, they are condemned all their lives and so forth like that—He will forgive. Whatever is in your heart, just confess it to the Lord Jesus. Tell Him you don’t know if it is right or wrong, but you confess it anyway. Because of His great compassion and mercy, you know that you have been heard and as far as you are concerned, it doesn’t make any difference anymore. He will never remember it again. [Now, you can say] “I go on to greater things and reach out unto great exploits for the Lord Jesus Christ.” Your faith is something powerful that will guide you and whatever it is, that faith is able to raise you up to where you need to be with the word of God. Jesus said have faith in God (Mark 11: 22). Be not faithless, but be full of faith. Neither be ye of a doubtful mind and take no thought for your life. Let not your heart be troubled, but believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Be of good cheer. Be not afraid, for I am with you, saith the Lord. Do you believe that, tonight? If you have any faults, confess them to one another that you may be healed, but not your sins, you must turn those over to the Lord. The prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord will raise him up and if he has any sins, they shall be forgiven him. How wonderful do we have it, have it here tonight! Which is easier to say, thy sins are forgiven thee or take up thy bed and walk? Alleluia!

There is a lot of force in this message here. I know this is the Lord. You remember when we walked in here to the platform, He gave this message real quick. I just barely got it written down. Neither did I know that force was going to come upon me. That surprised me when the force of the Holy Spirit came upon me and said what he said there. Now, we know when the presence of the Lord comes upon the people—He said many people don’t want the presence of the Lord—it condemns the heart to come on in and confess. Now, do you know what He is trying to tell us? How many of you now see why He said that first? The presence of the Lord revealing to that heart little or big or what sin, the presence of the Lord will cause you to make it right and you give your heart over to the Lord. Isn’t it wonderful that He speaks in front of this message? That means more and as much of the whole message put together. That’s why they don’t want to be around that presence—the condemnation. That presence of the Lord leads His people. It leads them out of sickness, out of sins, out of problems, out of trouble and fills their hearts full of faith and joy. If your heart condemns you not, leap for joy, saith the Lord! Amen. There is your happiness. Sometimes, people, the way they make their money, they have to work around sinners and they are condemned about that, but you’ve got to make a living.  Well, there may be one or two places—I don’t know about the house of ill-fame [bars, casinos, dance clubs, brothels and so forth]; stay out of there! My advice is to find God. There are plenty of jobs. If you have to stay in a job [you don’t like], pray and He will move you over to a better job. If that is what you need.

So, tonight, I believe we have covered everything. How many of you believe that? Those listening to this tape overseas and everywhere, abide by and listen to this tape [the message on the tape]. This message tonight will help people wherever it goes. It would begin to cause people to believe in God stronger. Jesus, you are here. I feel you just waving past me. He loved that sermon. Move by the Holy Spirit. You are already in the audience, moving around. Touch thy people. Receive their confession. Receive all their prayers and let the prayers be with you. Lord, there is a difference here. It’s different from when I just came here. There is a freedom that wasn’t here before because all those little foxes have been pushed out tonight. God bless your hearts.

Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #998b | 04/29/1984 PM