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The Anointed Church | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1035b | 12/30/1984 AM

The anointed church: the real church that we see in the bible. There is a church natural and there is a church supernatural—that is the Lord’s church. The church natural is guided by the heads of men, but the church supernatural, according to the scriptures is guided by the Lord. He is the Head to that church. His word is there and it is being spoken. In between the church natural and the church supernatural—the bunch in between are the ones that get caught into fleeing and they [try to] escape during the great tribulation. The church natural is destroyed before the Battle of Armageddon—most of it—along with the great Babylon system. The church that is in between, the foolish virgins, they do the fleeing during the great tribulation. Then you have the church supernatural, by faith in God that is translated. I don’t want to get caught in between the two. Do you? Amen.

The church elect: they have the power of binding and the power of loosing is given to them, according to the scripture (Matthew 18: 18). Special promises are given to those that are in the elect body of Christ. Jesus is the Head of the church. He is the Head of the church where the people allow Him to rule them as the bible says. That is where His presence is. The ones caught in the middle and the natural church; do not want to be where His presence is. That is just as plain from God as you can get. In His divine mercy, in between there, there is a group that will come out of the great tribulation and there are also the Hebrews, another wheel within a wheel with whom God is dealing, but that is not our subject.

>>>So, what is the true church? They are expecting the Lord and are looking for the coming of the Lord. They believe in His return absolutely. They believe it is infallible. They believe His promise to come again and receive them to Himself with all their hearts. They believe in His return and they are expecting it. Some people say they believe in God. That is not good enough. You’ve got to do what the word of God says. Amen. They believe in God but they don’t accept Him as their Lord and Savior. That is really in the dead systems.

The true church is built on nothing else but the Rock and that Rock, according to the scriptures, is the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. The bible says that the true church is built upon the Rock and on the revelation of Jesus Christ and His sonship (Matthew 16: 17 & 18). The true church knows what the name means. They know what the name is and they know what the name can do. That is why, saith the Lord, the gates of hell cannot prevail against the true church. It is my name. That is the key. It is the church that has the key in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The gates of hell cannot prevail against Him, being the Eternal One, the First and the Last. The gate of hell is stopped. But the gates of hell can prevail against the foolish virgins. They can prevail against the world and different people in there that are in the lukewarm systems. Against these, the gates of hell can prevail, overcome, take over, and dominate the systems completely and control them. But where the name is the key and where the people know how to operate the key, then all the gates of hell cannot prevail against the true church. You’ve got him (the gate of hell). He is stopped. Remember, that is a revelation, the bible said. The Lord told Peter flesh and blood has not revealed this to you.

The true church shall be known to the world by its members’ love one for another. We don’t see that in totality yet, but Jesus said my true church, the elect, will be known because of their love for one another—that are members in the true body. It is coming into fruition because without divine love, you have nothing. You can even have miracles and do exploit. We’ve seen these in previous revivals—but one thing was missing; they lacked true love. More of the true love—that is what causes the people to unite. Persecution can bring together that love and unity in the body of Christ. So, true love is one of the signs of the true elect body. That doesn’t mean that you love the ways that people behave or the demons that make them do that. You might even run into people in the world, the lukewarm and so forth. You’d never know who the true elect are until the time that God gathers them together and then you won’t really know until they are translated to heaven. But one of the signs is love toward one another. This is coming more and more that you will be able to see it because the elect of God will come closely together and the true ones will be involved more and more unlike the false ones that are just riding along. We will be a mixture for a while–a kind of revival that stirs and stirs.  But believe me, just before the translation, the anointed church, the anointed body–that is what my ministry is made of, just pure anointing [will come together]. They won’t like you if you are anointed, but those that need deliverance, those that need help and those that truly love the Lord; it would be like glue to them, it would be a magnetic pull. You’ve never seen such a pulling together or people coming together in your life. But it is timed by Providence. So, the true church shall be known to the world by their love one for another. That’s exactly right. Sometimes, that is hard for people to see, but it would come to that.

Members of the true church know that they are not of the world. They know that they sit in heavenly places with Christ and that they are heaven bound. Do you realize that? They have a feeling; it is built inside them. They know that as far as this world goes and the things that are in this world, they know they are passing through and doing their job—witnessing, testifying, bringing people to Christ and all of that—but they know that they are of heaven. They know that they will sit in heavenly places in this world and in the world to come. If you sit in heavenly places here, you will sit in heavenly places with Christ. You believe that? This is really good food here this morning. Before we leave this year, let’s stay anointed so that we can get over the New Year and really move out for the Lord. Great things are coming. I want to keep a solid base because power and miracles are coming that you’ve never seen before—they are coming from the Lord.

The true church teaches men/people to observe all things that Christ commanded. Here, as long as I preach, I have commanded people through the word of God by divine love to observe all the things that Christ said and to observe every word that the bible gives. That is, you believe in the miraculous, in the supernatural, you believe in the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Ghost moving upon His people, you believe in the divine prophecies, you believe in the signs that should follow and you believe in the signs of the time, every word—because in several chapters all that Jesus spoke about was prophecy and the parables were prophecies. So, the elect body will believe the signs of the time and because they do and they believe with all their hearts, they will not be caught off-guard. They see those signs, those prophecies all around them; therefore, they are not deceived. They know the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. He even said, “Look up now when you see all these signs.” Ninety percent of them are already fulfilled, maybe, even more than that. This is the sign He gave; He said when you see the armies around Jerusalem. Look at it; it is just an armed camp. He said when you see that, the armies that encompassed Jerusalem, look up for your redemption draweth nigh. That is how close it is getting. Right now, we are to look up. That means to watch for His coming and because of those signs that He gave—when He said to look up—then we know that the coming of the Lord Jesus is getting closer all the time and we are not left behind. That is why we believe in the signs of the time. These signs shall follow the believers as they lay hands on the sick. We have seen that here—miracles in the miraculous power of the Lord, signs of the anointing and the glorious power of the Lord.

The elect church will be loyal to what the Lord has said. They won’t be like the group that says, “Well, I believe in God.” See; that is not good enough. You have to take Him as your Lord and Savior as I said a while ago. The elect church is loyal to the word. If He said one thing in that word, they would believe it. If it is said in the word that His promises are true, they would believe it. How many of you believe that? No matter what it is, they are loyal and one of the greatest things that the bride, the very elect of Christ, has is its faithfulness to what God says. They believe in His return and all. Everything that I have spoken this morning, there is faithfulness to that. They will stand by the Lord no matter—here is where it really shows—they will stand by the Lord no matter how much they are persecuted by their neighbors. The bible says pray for them that despitefully use you. Pray for them, let the Lord handle it. He knows what He is doing. The faithful ones stay where the anointing is and they prove themselves to God. But most of all, no matter what they do to you on the job, no matter what they say to you in school, no matter what happens to you on the streets by an atheist, unbeliever, lukewarm or somebody that thinks that they have God, but are in the wrong—no matter what they say in persecution–you will stand by the Lord in faithfulness to His word. How much of a Christian are you if a man can draw you away from the word. See, if you have the word, you will believe and say, “I take Him as my Savior and also, I take Him as my Lord. That is making Him the Head when you take Him as your Lord and Savior. If you say that and then you depart because of somebody saying something or some minister saying something—if you depart—you really didn’t have what you thought you had—because if you took Him as your Lord and Savior, you took all the WORD. Did you hear that, Lord and Savior? A lot of people take the Lord Jesus as their Savior but they do not take Him as the Lord of their lives. When you take Him as your Lord and Savior, then you take all the WORD of God and I tell you one thing, you will make it. If you do all these things, saith the Lord, you will not fail.

These things, the lukewarm church has not done. They will fail and have to flee during the great tribulation. What is it? They only listen out of one spiritual ear and not both. In other words, they only receive a part of what God is saying and they are deaf to the rest of it. They see out of one spiritual eye and are blind in the other one. See; they’ve got half of it, but they didn’t get all of it. Just before He comes, there is a call given in Matthew 25—midnight. We are close to that midnight hour.  If we just have weeks, months or years left—add it up—it is close to that midnight hour. He has revealed that to me—we are getting close to that midnight. That is where that great revival will break forth—sudden, great and quick—outpouring of power that is coming from the Lord. Right at the midnight hour, they got up—they had somehow begun to see their mistake. There were those foolish virgins and they jumped up. They were ready then to give what it would take to get it. They had to really put down that old self. They had to get rid of that pride that they had and put down that old flesh. They had to get to the point where they didn’t care what anybody said. They were going to be Pentecostals, but you know what He said, they just didn’t make it. The bible said they went to buy—meaning what I just said—that is what it meant. It cost them something to make Him their Lord and Savior and their Baptizer. Here they went. Boy, they were coming toward a ministry like this. They were moving on to those that had it and the Lord came. See; He tarried and tarried, it is said. He waited for them to make up their minds and because He waited so long, He almost slipped up on those wise virgins. They just about got caught in that trap, but the bride, the true elect, was awake, didn’t have to wake them up. The mid-night cry—it was that great revival coming out of them (the bride) that thundered into those wise virgins with them. -When it did, they were ready too. It just took a little bit to thunder them back. And when it did, they went in together as one body, one higher in position than the other.

That is what you call the Lord’s watchers. Those that are close in that body, they were awake. Those listening to my ministry, the rest of them don’t like to listen, that anointing in there keeps them awake. But the foolish, they jumped up. They had seen the handwriting on the wall, but it was too late and so they were left (behind), the bible said. The Lord went and took those of the elect and they were taken away. Then they (foolish virgins) came, running back, knocking, but see; he didn’t know them at that time. We look over and we find out in Revelation 7 that many of them had to give up their lives to get on in. They had salvation, but they didn’t make it in there. They had to flee into the wilderness. All from that time on is divine providence in God’s hands. Then they go through the great tribulation. You find them again, separated from the bride, in Revelation 20. These are they that give their lives for the testimony of Jesus Christ. They sit with Christ for 1000 years (Millennium). The bride is already with Him in heavenly places. Oh, I don’t want to get caught in the middle. Oh, let’s run the race, Paul said. He said, “Looking ahead and racing for that prize.” How many of you believe that? He said I count all things but loss for the prize of the high calling for the overcomer. He looked around in heaven—God took him there—he looked around everywhere. God revealed secrets to him and that was why he was going for the prize. Now, he had salvation and he had the Holy Spirit, but he was going after something. He wanted in, in that first resurrection. He wanted to get in there with the translation and to come up before Christ. He was teaching the Gentiles the same way. He knew there was a group that got trapped. They just didn’t get there. He was going for the prize.

Now, some were settling for less than the prize; they wanted a second place. They were settling there. My nature has always been that if you do it, let’s go on and do it. Amen. Let’s try to do the best that we can. Win that race, Paul said. There is a race; it’s on. Some are lagging behind. So, we see in Revelation 20, the others that come in through the great tribulation. Revelation 7 gives another look at them. There are so many scriptures for example Revelation 12 and Paul’s writings that reveal the translation of the church. Remember, they (true elect) are loyal. They believe that He is returning. How many of you believe that this morning? There is a powerful anointing on that to keep you. Come on in. See; my duty, my job—what do you think that you people are here for? You come here to listen to me. I am to have the anointing of the Lord to keep you from a wolf. I’ve got a big gun, too. They (elect) are faithful and they are working. They are right there with the Lord. The true believer worships in spirit and in truth. God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4: 24). They must believe in what I preach. When you worship Him in spirit and in truth, that means that you take Him for what He is, you take Him for what He says and you love Him for what (who) He is. That’s why you are called the elect bride, saith the Lord. If they do not receive Him just like He is and just what He says, they are not going to be among the bride elect because He doesn’t want a woman—that is a symbol of the church—that does not take Him exactly as He is. But the bride will take Him as He is. Getting married today, you must take that man as he is and the man must take the woman as she is. Well, I’ll take the Lord for just what He is. Amen.

And what does He give? Eternal life and all the glory, the entire kingdom and all that is with Him. But of all that we are supernaturally preordained [to be] by divine providence, His choice is that we come upon the earth and go back to Him. That is why we rejoice that He Himself wants us. That is why we want to be there more than anything—to please Him. He wants that group, you better believe it. Sometimes, the way the devil will slap you around and try to get a hold of you in these kinds of different ways and the way the world would treat those that love God, it would seem like there is nothing that you can do. You just have to grit your teeth, sometimes, ignore them and go on. But I can tell you something, while the devil tries to make you think that God doesn’t love you—the group that will meet Him, that is the desire of the ages. That group is more desired (by Him) than all the creation of the plants, the sun, the moon, the solar system and the galaxies. That is exactly right. The Lord said what if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul? How many of you are still with me now? So, more than all His creation of the animals, all the creation of the beautiful planets and the stars that you’d ever see, it is that soul that He has providence, the soul that believes in Him and the soul that comes to Him, that soul means more to Him. It is the desire of all nations. The fact is this: His desire is for those that He is calling more than all of His creation that He has created. I believe that. How many of you believe that this morning?

Listen to this, this morning. Jesus is coming suddenly. It’s like a thief in the night. It’s like a lightning. Jesus went up. He will come again. His coming will be in a moment. It will be in a twinkling of an eye. Do you believe that? Then the bible says that He will change our bodies into glorified bodies (Philippians 3: 21). We shall be like Him and see Him as He is. Do you realize what kind of divine love [it is] that the Lord would turn around and give us bodies like unto His? How many of you believe that? Amen. I want you to stand to your feet this morning. So find out: there is a church natural that imitates the church supernatural and there is one in the middle that does a lot of imitation too. But the church supernatural, that is where the action is. Brother, there is where the power is and there is where the full word is. I believe that with all my heart. How many of you want to be the supernatural church in here this morning? Now, let’s praise Him more than that. Give him a good handclap. Thank you, Jesus. God bless your hearts. By receiving that, you are receiving that message and that will keep you going. What is the true church? You have heard it this morning. There could be so much more that you could talk about and all of them break off from each of those subjects, but that is the generality in there and it’s just great.

The Anointed Church | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1035b | 12/30/1984 AM