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The Wilderness Experience | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#815 | 12/14/1980 AM

You can have whatsoever you ask. You have it already. You just have to believe it. It is by faith. Lord, show them all these things that I have been preaching in a greater way so they can believe. Do exploits before the age closes out. Bless all your people together under the cloud of the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit come upon this message to reveal to thy people why the things happen that occur today. Give them knowledge and wisdom of this. Can you give the Lord a handclap? Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

We always have great services and no matter what, the Lord blesses His people. The antichrist is appearing in the electronic age. The people are to be prepared how to watch for him in the computers and different things. He is going to mark the earth. We are going to be ahead of these things. I am ahead of all that. In fact, I have been ahead of it a long time ago. In 1975, I spoke about the “Electronic Brain.” The Lord will explain how He is going to guide His people because he is the leader. He is the constant shepherd. He will not forsake His people. They will be one step or two ahead of everybody else; that means the lukewarm churches of the world. God’s people are always ahead of them. Can you say praise the Lord? It is not because of a prophet hardly or a man. He uses a prophet or a man, but it is God that is guiding His people. It is not a manufactured deal; it is God Himself when He comes to visit His people. In this way, it is different from man. So, this morning, listen to me. This should help you.

The Wilderness Experience: At first, this might sound on the negative side, but it is working for a cleansing, refined faith. Jesus and Paul both were examples. Jesus had everything; it looks like, going His way. He would speak and the power of God was there to do anything He said. Yet, on the other side of that was the negative side of the attacks of satan. Also, the type of anguish that He had to go through with His own disciples. So, on one hand, He looked powerful. Yet, for an example he showed how the church would suffer. Apostle Paul would speak things, the Lord appearing and even carrying him to paradise. He had visions and revelations and yet, by his experiences alone (sufferings), that is showing the church—Jesus and Paul—as an example for the people to watch. If they knew these things, when certain things happen to them, they will not say, “I don’t think this type of thing should happen because I am a Christian.” You will be tried and these things will spring forth. Yet, you don’t live in them. If you believe in Him, He will always take you out.

So, why do events happen sometimes in your life? In the world of sin, it is hundred times worse than what a Christian has to suffer because we have the Holy Spirit and the anointing. If you look at it from the viewpoint of the happiness and joy that God gives by faith, you can rise above anything that comes your way. So, as much as Christians are suffered and are tested in the world, it is not like the world (the people of the world) because God’s hand is with them—Christians. So, why is it that sometimes in your life it may look just the opposite of what you have believed for or something else will occur? I am going to bring this out.

Sometimes, it’s just the opposite of what the scriptures promise and what you have been praying for. And then, people are disappointed. But, should you have asked for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Lord, you won’t be disappointed. Rather, you will see it as an opportunity that God is going to bless you. You may go through tremendous trials and tests, but it is an opportunity that something is going to come your way. Those that are wise rise up early with the Lord to seek Him with their hearts. They are the ones that are able to see this and by that God blesses them through each one of those tests. But you must match scriptures as a Christian. The more you seek God, the more anointing you get around strange things. Peter said, “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you” (1 Peter 4: 12). Don’t even think it strange, but hold on to the Lord.

Many people read the scripture where the Lord made the promises, but they do not match the other scriptures that go with them. For example, He made the promise, “I will take away all sicknesses from the midst of thee.” Also, “I am the Lord thy God that healeth thee.” He said I will forgive and heal. Sometimes, those are the promises. And yet, sickness may strike a Christian. He may be tested like Job. He is unprepared for that. He is just looking through one angle. He doesn’t see the life of Jesus, Paul, the apostles or the prophets in the Old Testament. There is a reason behind this. How in the world would you ever prove your faith if you weren’t put to the test, saith the Lord? Oh my! Isn’t that wonderful?

He is doing something the last few years because we are getting prepared. This sermon may start out this way, but it is not going to end this way because right behind what I am talking about, I feel some things are coming. They will get here in a moment. You say, “How do you do that?” It is because the mind of the Lord is very deep and the deep calls unto the deep. And sometimes you speak and twenty minutes later, something will start occurring. Nevertheless, if you are struck with sickness, you have His promised help if you return to the word of God and hold on to His promises. He didn’t promise that none of you will ever get sick because His promises of divine health are with you. But He did promise that he will intervene. So, if you have the word of God, that testimony will turn to glory when you are healed and God will be God. Can you say, Amen? In the bible, it says those who drink poison or are bitten by a snake accidentally; the bible did not say a snake won’t bite you, but it says that it will not hurt you afterward.

So, immediately something attacks you like a sickness, begin to hold on to God and be it according to your faith and it will happen. Paul the Apostle proved it. He was putting sticks to the fire, when all of a sudden, out of the fire, a viper got a hold of him. You are supposed to die within some minutes afterward, but he just simply shook it into the fire. Now, it hurt him when it bit him for a bit, to let him know it was there. He saw it and it was a viper. God had told him he was going to Rome. It made no difference how he got there. He knew he was going there. He was very positive. Just before that, the Lord appeared to him in the ship and talked to him, “Be of good cheer” (Acts 27: 22-25). Anyway, he shook the viper off. The natives said, “This man is supposed to be dead, he is a god.” Paul said, “I am just flesh and blood.” He told them he was a servant of God that God was in him and would get into them if they listened to him. He prayed for all the sick people on the island.

So, we see the Lord promised that those that give and believe in the scriptures will prosper. Yet, sometimes, someone may have a really good job. Then, it is taken from them and they go into a debt. Yet, God promises prosperity. Let me tell you; let that be a blessing for you, hold on to that, watch out and see how God will bless you. So everything that happens to you negatively means that there is something vibrating toward you positively. If you are wise enough and have the knowledge of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, you can leap out and do twice as good as you did before. But you’ve got to listen to the scriptures. In them is eternal life. In them is prosperity that runs clear on to the golden streets of heaven. There is eternal and divine health and all these things, but you must listen to the Lord.

But the deep part of the message is this: Why does the church all over the world, the true body of the Lord Jesus Christ; there has been a wilderness experience. Even He sent me into the wilderness here (Arizona) by symbolism showing what he is going to do for His people. You go back in the scriptures—when the Lord did some of the greatest miracles the world had ever seen, He performed them on the border or in the desert. The prophet Elijah was in the desert. In the bible, it showed all the fantastic miracles the Lord did for Israel while they were in the desert. Jesus also had the people in the wilderness for three days; He created and did marvelous miracles. He will do the same miracles and signs and wonders. I know satan can go to those places and perform magical tricks and false miracles. God works miracles everywhere and anywhere, but He did some of His greatest miracles in the desert in His ministry. So, when the people are going through a wilderness experience, if they learn from these experiences, good will occur in their lives. He is preparing them for a great outpouring.

Things are coming your way. God will bless you and satan will go out of his way to discourage you. He will try every trick in the book and you think that maybe it is just your flesh. No. Satan’s job is to turn you back, to make you negative and to cause things to happen to you so you would think, “If God cared, this would not happen.” It will, too. Hold on to God. He is just as real as you are standing there and even more real. Never go by what satan is pushing against you. Never go by how you feel about it and the things that get you. But hold on to the promises. He is preparing you for a great powerful revival. The Lord has things down the line for His people that they have never seen before. Jesus came as an example.

They look around; instead of prosperity, debt will hit them and they have given to the Lord all their life. This is a test. All through the Old Testament, the prophets and kings were tested by God, but out of it came something great and something wonderful. Remember; you must match scriptures. There are definite promises and there are interventions.  It doesn’t mean that nothing will happen to you. It means be on guard, be watching and be expecting. Sure the positive thing; but should the other arise, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which come to try you, but be prepared, saith the Lord, and you will hold your ground. The bible says no hurt will come to you, but sometimes, you hurt yourself. It must mean that God can take away the pain and He will move for you. There is a deep walk with God and there is a walk of divine health.

In the world that we live in, it is good to hear a message like this. There are two sides to the coin. There is a front of the book and the back of the book to the bible. Your face has two sides; the front and the back of your face. So, the scriptures have it (trial and test) on one side and on the other side, they give you a way of escape. God is very great. You would never know how much you loved Him. You would not know how much faith you had unless a trial came. A diamond is no good unless it is cut and light comes to it and it sparkles. The Lord talks about the character of His people at the end of the age as gold refined in the fire. He is telling you that with all that you have been going through, you are coming into joy and revival. You won’t stay in those things; but, they will ever once in a while appear and they will go away. Don’t think it strange, hold to that faith. Faith holds, no matter what. It stays there as a death grip with God. It will stay with God. If you hold on to that, you will meet Him in eternity.

Without faith, you cannot believe for salvation; that is how important it is. Without faith, you cannot be healed. Without faith, you cannot get into heaven. So, faith is the very key with the word of God. Hold on to that faith. It is real. Your faith is tested. God always tries His people or they will be no good. Those who stand firm, what a blessing! His elect are being tested for the last restoration outpouring. They are being bleached (purged) for duty. Amen. It is coming. Your faith will increase. The power God gives will increase all around you. All these things are coming. Trials, difficulties and oppositions, all these things lead to a higher realm of fellowship with God. If you are truly the seed of God and you love God, you will go through the opposition, tests and challenges and you will be refined for duty like He wants. Through the other things, if you are not a true child of God, He will position you and you will fade out into something else, maybe the lukewarm system; finally, into the antichrist system. Who know?

If you are the real material, I guarantee you one thing; you will come out there just clean with God. He will bring you through. That faith will see you through there. You get on a higher plain with God. The bible says, “Resist the devil and he will flee.” In other words, put real resisting power against him, don’t yield at any point. He is the one that will flee from you and you won’t have to flee from the opposition. Hold on in right there. He is preparing the church in the wilderness. Moses and later Joshua took the real church in the wilderness across and they went on into the promise land. There is today all over the world, a church in the wilderness. Like the Captain of the Lord with Joshua, He is going feel the power wherever you are in this building. But all over the world, His people are being prepared; their character is being refined, everything, their faith, their knowledge and wisdom. The Holy Spirit is moving because an outpouring is on its way and it is going to come to His children. We have that promise.

It took 40 years for Moses to get prepared for God to say this in the scripture, “Come now, therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt” (Exodus 3: 10). You see that example, how long Moses was there? After 40 years, he moved on in there by the power of God and took them out. Right at the beginning of His ministry, Jesus was led into the wilderness where he was tempted by the devil. He went by the Holy Spirit into the desert, but He came back with power and authority—the anointing. Then, he really put satan aside there. He was tempted by the devil and during the time of the forty-day fast, the devil appealed to His flesh; the devil went down. Then, he appealed to the natural desire for power; the devil went down again. The very one standing there who created him (satan) and knew all about him said, “I am going to meet you over there by another power. He ordered satan around like you would just open a door and slam it. Satan doesn’t like that.

I have said some things about satan. I know being anointed, he takes me seriously. If I were not anointed, he wouldn’t pay any attention. I have said certain things and the power is so much that it would sting him. Another preacher will say the very same words without the same kind of anointing and the people won’t do anything about it. What is the difference there? It is something connected to the separation. It is something to prepare the people and get them ready. It is the fire and anointing of the last age anointing that will match this age of electronics. Can you say, Amen? He will prepare His people. Something is coming for his people. You can just feel it and know it. It will arrive right on time.

Anything that is anointed, when you start bringing satanic powers against that, (separation) defeat takes place quickly. We know that at the throne, the devil fell like lightning. Failing to tempt Jesus, the devil departed and angels came and ministered to Him. The same thing about the church in the wilderness. All those tests, temptations and trials that you have been through have been for a reason. Many blessings are coming. People here do not suffer like people in other nations, but I know what people are going through all over the country and how they are blessed and delivered through the ministry. God is a Great Shadow, a Wing of Power. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have any trials, but it means there is safety and a refuge from the world.

Temptation itself is not a sin. It becomes a sin when a person is carried away and runs after it. But if you are tested, it is worth more than the wealth of the world –your test of faith with God–should you stand and hold on to the Lord. So many Christians will experience a period of passing through the loneliness and desolation many times, whether it is a little or a big wilderness, the results are the same. It is during those times of passing through the wilderness that God refines, shapes and strengthens His people. He will bear you on eagle’s wings; put a fire over your head (Pillar of fire) and a cloud and glory. For example, when He took Israel out of Egypt, manna came out of heaven; all these miracles took place. He took them through the wilderness. They had their test. Do you know what? The first group to come out failed that test. But Moses, Joshua and Caleb did not fail the test. Finally, we see that the two, Joshua and Caleb went over. Moses was not allowed to go over. The Lord got a new group in. They didn’t fail the test. They went over to the promise land. But, the others having seen so many miracles in the wilderness, sat on God. The bible said they were slain and their carcasses were left in the wilderness. All of them did not pass the test in the wilderness, but a new generation came up. They stood the test and Joshua and Caleb went on over into the promise land.

So, we have the church in the wilderness today, the very gentile bride. He bears us on eagle’s wings with great power. There have been tests and I pray in my heart that you understand all the things that are happening and the way they do happen today. These things signal that something good is coming of a spiritual nature that is worth more than anything you would ever have in your life; more than any material thing and more than any prosperity in the world. He is coming with something on a higher plane and a higher realm for His people, that they have never seen anything like it since Jesus was here walking on the shore of Galilee. We are coming into the Messianic ministry of power. But first, the burden and the trial; for He is preparing something. Remember, Paul was in the wilderness at first. Later, he received strength; his sight came back and he preached Christ in the synagogue (Acts 9: 20). Many of God’s people are chosen to be blessed in the wilderness experience. These things will happen to you.

So, through the anguish, the trial and tests, your strength and the strengthening of your character should grow. If you are not tested, how can you prove your love? How can you prove your faith unless you are tried, the bible says? With all of this, His promises are still Yea and Amen for all those that believe. Out of that will come a church with more faith. Out of that will come a church with great power and anointing from the Lord. Evil powers keep telling you your soul is not going to have a revival. Evil powers keep telling you there will be no revival. But Jesus’s promises are just the opposite of what your human nature, the lukewarm and the failing systems are telling the people. The lukewarm will be spewed out. It is just like Sarah thought that Abraham should take the bondwoman. “That’s the way that God is going to move,” Sarah thought. An organized child, a bond child. They ran out ahead of God. Today, the organized false systems have run out and bound up the people for burning. But I tell you all over the world and not just here; where that elect seed are, it is not the way. God has the only way. He will come to His people in that cloud of fire. He will come to them in the supernatural through exploits. He always does. And the word of God will be with those signs and wonders. They won’t be alone, but the word of God will be in the middle of all that like the flame. Can you say, Amen?

When Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit after all His tests and trails (in the wilderness), it was like a flame that burned all the wickedness out in front of Him, all the way through the trials and tests at His suffering and death. Even His death and resurrection worked for the whole world. Everything came out and worked for Jesus. And after the resurrection, just see what happened to the world! So, all those tests and trials worked for good. The same thing about us; the trials and tests will work for the church, for the church in the wilderness shall experience something that no one else will ever experience in power. You know there were three visions that were given to great men of God about the church in the wilderness, how God will give that church an anointing like kings and priests of great power upon the earth just before the coming of the Lord. These visions were given to outstanding ministers that were known all over the world at that time, hundreds of years ago. Every one hundred years, somebody will receive a noted ministry; they will have this kind of ministry that could confirm what they (outstanding ministers) witnessed.

But I believe it in two ways. Not only will God have a place of leadership and power, but I also believe that the church in the wilderness will be all over the earth. They will be the sons of God. They will be prepared for the translation. They will be the ones around the rainbow throne. They are the ones to whom He will say when the door is opened, “Come up, hither.” There is coming a powerful work upon the earth to lead God’s people. Satan will say just the opposite of what God is going to do. There is a great outpouring for the true people of God; an electrifying event is going to take place. All the souls that can believe that will be so happy that God will lead them. The great persecution, the great trials, perilous times and the upheavals that are ahead of us; all of these things prepare the people for God to help them. So, what time is it? It is time to seek the  Lord till He comes and rains righteousness upon you.

“…break up your fallow ground; for it time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you” (Hosea 10:12). How many of you are going to break up your fallow ground? That means get the old heart broken up. God is coming to plant something in there. When people get saved and healed, that is one kind of revival. But when you get the true children of God and bring them back to power with the Lord like they should be, there is where your great revival comes in. Break that old flesh up. There is some Holy Spirit coming your way with refining power from the Lord. The bible says, “Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee” (Psalm 85: 6)? How does rejoicing come? Revive us your people again. Sometimes, there will be a time that it will be hard to rejoice. Then, there is a time of revival upon the earth. I believe that revival is definitely coming from the Lord.

Demons will always tell you that you will never be any better; you will not be spiritual. They will say, “You will never solve this problem.” I have had people say that after prayer and after several months of reading my literature, it is just like a new person begins to develop. And absolutely the difficulties and these problems rolled away. One wrote me and said “It’s just like a gigantic iceberg. I didn’t think I would get out of all these problems, all these debts and all these things with the family.” The fellow said “It was like an enormous iceberg “but I got hold of your literature and the power started getting hotter. Pretty soon, the iceberg to get smaller.” Finally, he said, “It got so small, it just washed everything away.” He said, “I am okay. God has blessed me and delivered me.” There are thousands of these letters over a period of time that the people have been blessed. Though the devil will tell you that you won’t be any better; don’t believe him. God has already said what He is going to say. Can you say, Amen? No matter what satan says, he cannot change the word, saith the Lord. It has already been spoken; it is finished. I have proclaimed what I will do for my people and satan cannot change the word. He may lie against the word, but he cannot change the word of the Lord to the people or the promises of God in their hearts. God will rapture His church on earth and those that are left behind can have the word of God in their hearts or run off with the word of the devil.

Satan can do all kinds of things, but he can never change the word. He can put out all new kinds of bibles but the people have heard the word of the Lord and the promises of God. When the Lord says I will save you, salvation is yours. When satan says otherwise, don’t believe him. Salvation is for all those that believe in the Lord. Some of you may have backslidden; satan says that God will not take your back. But the Lord says, “I am married to backslider that comes back with true repentance and believes in me with all his heart. Satan goes about giving all he can a depressing spirit. That’s his job. He is the old depressor. Don’t listen to him. He will make the situation ten times worse than what your situation really is. I don’t know how I got into all this, but it is God. The more things get that way, the more glory God gets when you get out of them. At the same time, some of the little things that you think are a mountain; if you just use a little courage and faith, ignore the devil and get in there with God, it won’t be that way. Don’t listen to satan.

So, we will have a wilderness experience.  A great revival is coming from the Lord and then the translation. All of this is on a fixed time and by infinite wisdom and the infinite mind of the Lord trillions of time ago in the eons of time around the throne. Everything we see today now, what is occurring now and will occur have been planned by the Most High. At a certain hour, the translation will occur. At a certain hour, the tribulation will occur. At a certain hour, the Armageddon will occur. At a certain hour, the great day of the Lord upon the earth will occur. At a certain hour, the millennium will occur.  At a certain hour, people will appear at the White Throne and everything will be judged. Now, the Holy City comes down from heaven, from God, and we should be forever with the Lord. Can you say, Praise the Lord? God has got everything timed out clear on to eternity. Pretty soon, time will blend into eternity and we will live with the Lord forever.

David ran around in that wilderness—a type of the royal church. He was anointed. He was a prophet and a king, and he had an angel with him too. He was chased around in that wilderness. He had his wilderness, but he held on with those test and trials. He was the church in the wilderness. All Israel was not in the same condition that David was; and there he was in that wilderness. He suffered through the tests and trials, the torment and anguish of imminent death. He would often sing psalm, bless and praise the Lord. He was happy. He had the opportunity to do away with his enemies and get to the throne, but he didn’t. He stood with the tests and the trials. David stood with it and God took him out of the wilderness. All that David suffered—the son that he lost, his own son turning against him, and the errors of counting Israel—yet, David stood like a rock. He said, “My God is a Rock.” Can you say, Amen? There is no way you can shake Him. There is no way you can put God off. He is right there everywhere. David said, “He is a Rock. My God is a Rock.” He had tests in the wilderness like the church of today. It was prophetic showing us what would happen. God is going to call for kingly people, a royal people and a peculiar people. He is going to send a kingly, priestly anointing upon the earth as He comes to get His people. They are going to stand before the Great King—the Greatest of all time.

Elijah was a powerful man. He would appear and disappear like a clap of lightning. He was a type of the church; look at the tests the old prophet suffered. Finally, he said he would like to die. He said, “Take my life; I am no better than my fathers.” That gives an inkling that God said to him, “You stay through and a chariot will come and pick you up without dying, and carry you out.”  And yet, out there in the wilderness, Elijah said, “I am no better than my fathers; let me die.” But God said, “I have other plans for you.” He stood fast and when he was under that juniper tree, there was much power; he drew an angel to himself. That is power. Can you say, Amen? So, stir up the power and the faith in your heart. Stack it up and make it strong. Fortify yourself even unconsciously in you are sleep. You can believe God for great things. Elijah went away after his tests and trials in the wilderness. He had a great revival before he left. We will, too. He said that heard the sound of rain, meaning revival. We are going to hear the sound of a mighty, powerful rain.

Prepare like Elijah, David, and Moses who were tested in the wilderness too. All of them had a wilderness experience. A chariot came down for Elijah and he was gone! He was a type of the bride. We will go into a great revival, tested like him and we will come out with great power of the Lord. Lo and behold, we don’t know how, but we will leave here in a twinkling of an eye. We will be carried away with the Lord. Out of the wilderness experience will come forth a powerful Capstone Church. All over the earth, sons of the Living God will come forth. Those who are determined and committed, and stand firm on what the word has said, will be rewarded and they will receive power. They will receive joy and come out of the wilderness experience as very kingly persons with God. You will come out there with royal power; not exalted, I don’t mean haughty. It means being positioned in heavenly places with God.

The anointing is working all over the earth. Out of the pruning will come forth a great crop. The fruit will remain with God and be carried away. We are getting ready—out of the wilderness—we are getting ready for a great outpouring. You can hear t

he sound of rain in the distance. God is coming to His people. Do you believe that? So, what time is it? It is time to break up you fallow ground and let the Lord rain righteousness upon you.  “I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower to see what he will say to me….And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that readeth it…. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie…it will come, it will not tarry” (Habakkuk 2: 1-3). Finally, it will come at the appointed time. How many can say, praise the Lord to that? The revival wheel within a wheel is coming, ordained of God and not by men. “Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain…” (Zechariah 10: 1). So, there is a fixed time there. Why would they ask Him? He will put such a hunger in the hearts of the people. When God gets that heart hungry, He can do it just in the snap of a finger. He is the greatest fisherman of all. The disciples fished all night and caught nothing. He just has to speak the word and the fish would come. When he wanted 5,000, he got them. He knows what he is doing.

Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain—the trials, pressures and the perilous times that were predicted in prophecy are coming—would cause the people to ask for rain and a hunger will begin to come from God. Man can create a little bit, advertise and do certain things that will help, but only God can get in that soul and bring forth a revival of all revivals. “…the Lord shall make bright clouds and give them showers of rain…” (Zechariah 10: 1). The dynamic presence and power of the Lord; it makes your face to shine like Moses’s face. I believe at the end of the age, your face will shine. Moses had to veil himself. The people couldn’t look at him. There was a reason why; they were not ready for him. It was a prophetic picture of the coming of the Lord with the brilliance of God. It was also a picture of the church in the wilderness at the end of the age. I have prayed for people and seen their eyes just glow; their face just lights up in front of me on this platform. It is prophetic of the transfiguration of the Lord, his face shone like lightning. The Lord’s anointing will be all over the church in the wilderness.

“I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valley; I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land springs of water” (Isaiah 41: 18). Right in the wilderness of the soul and the old dry heart, He is going to pour out His power. Break up you fallow ground. He is getting ready to do something for His people. The wilderness shall become a pool of water and the dry land a water spring. He is coming in pools and springs. “I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground…” (Isaiah 44: 3). He will only pour water on the souls and hearts that he made hungry. Floods upon the dry ground; Oh, it is coming. Praise the Lord. There will be great exploits and startling wonders. We will see showers of joy and love. We will see faith, power and ecstasy. We will be translated, changed and then, the word “rapture,” caught up in ecstasy. Many of the writers use the word “rapture.” It means to be caught up in ecstasy. Glory to God! You are never going to feel anything like it in your life. I am waiting for it, aren’t you? Can you say, praise the Lord!

Good rain will come at the proper time. When the cup of iniquity has reached its fullness, at that time the rain will come—at its appointed time. The former and the latter rain will come together. Then, God’s great cloud will burst over His people. You are already being prepared for it. The knowledge and the faith that I am building in every one of you in this building is preparing everyone called here to this building or around this building, should they take it seriously in their hearts; because a great power and a great anointing is waiting for you. Someone would say, “Why did I ever come into this world for? You are about to find out if you hold on. God is dramatic; He will do things overnight in your life. You can drag on for 30 or 40 years and overnight something will happen. I tell you of a truth in my own life, some years went by; then, all of a sudden, the appearance of God telling me what to do coming to his people—a dramatic event, more dramatic than anything I have ever seen in my life. It was like a wheel turning around me. I tell you, He is real. He is true. He has got something for every individual. There is a purpose behind your birth and your calling. He knows how many will be called into the wheel within a wheel. Destiny is providential for His people. He has the bride of the Lord Jesus, the attendants and the wise, and the foolish virgins on the earth during the tribulation. Also, He has the 144,000 Jews, the wheel within a wheel. I want to stay right where the cap is, where it goes first. Praise the Lord! That is the capstone in there. We will just stay right here with Him.

“Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God; for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and will cause to come down for you the rain, the former, and the latter rain in the first month” (Joel 2: 23). He has only given it moderately. He will cause it to come, not man. It has been fixed in destiny. Satan can’t stop it. God is coming through like a big tidal wave; the Lord is coming to His people. “Month” means time too. I tell you it is time to seek the Lord. He’s got a time, but the world is headed for the wages of sin. The world is getting more wicked and the cup of iniquity is getting full. In the days of Ezekiel, lights began to appear over Israel at tremendous speed–I know there are false lights too; we don’t get involved with that. But these lights showed the fullness of the cup of iniquity. At the end of the age, the cup of iniquity is getting full and there will be all kind of strange things, signs and wonders in the heaven, in the sea and everywhere. Eruptions and all kinds of earthquakes will occur. He is doing the same thing. He is getting ready to come and the sons of God will be there.

All the things you have gone through in your life, if you would hold steady and would allow Him to guide you by the Bright and Morning Star, I guarantee you that you will see why God has called you. But if you listen to the flesh and listen to satan, he is going to try to tell you just the opposite of what I have told you this morning. I have spoken the truth by the Holy Spirit that cannot be brought any different than what has been brought. Creative revival of wellbeing—you will have it—positive faith, the real word and a restoring confidence in your life of what God had called in your life for you to do. The people that are here have been called of God to help. There is a definite calling of the intercessor; one of the greatest callings and one of the greatest ministries of all time is that of the intercessor. So, you intercede for the Lord and the rain is coming. God is going to give a powerful outpouring. I tell you it is time to seek the Lord and let Him rain righteousness in your soul! Everything that the church in the wilderness has gone through is preparing them for a mighty restoration revival. The Lord said he will cause the rain to come down and make bright clouds. So, when you believe God for something and the opposite happens—for satan to test you—look at Daniel. He was going to do the mighty things of the Lord’s business that he put above the king’s business; he never missed his time with God. For all this, he was thrown into the lion’s den. He went through a lot. Then, the three Hebrew children were thrown into the fire. They didn’t do anything wrong. They stood the test. Nebuchadnezzar couldn’t shake them. They stood the test. They were brought out and God got all the glory. Daniel also got out of the lion’s den. So, with all this, we will have a preparation time and a joyous time. You won’t stay in all these tests and trials. He will take you out of there. But you are being prepared because we are getting ready for a great outpouring of salvation. God is bringing His people in and causing a stirring of those that are already in. You might have God, but I got news for you; there is much more coming from the Lord for your soul.

Lord, in this tape going overseas, those people all over the world bless their hearts. Give them a revival. Let them meet new people. Bring the people to them, Lord. Allow a revival to come into their souls all over the world. I feel a wonderful anointing in this cassette. Bless their hearts altogether now. “And I will,” saith the Lord, “for I have chosen the hour to preach this message and to bring it at the exact time to my people. Surely, look for it; though you may say it delays, it shall not. It will come and you know when you see the clouds coming, you know it is on the horizon.” “Yea”, saith the Lord, “it shall be a blessing and it shall be poured out upon my people. Look for it. It shall come to all those that love me,” Amen. Praise the Lord. Give Him a handclap! Rejoice and just tell the Lord to let the rain come on you.


The Wilderness Experience | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#815 | 12/14/1980 AM