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The Age of Angels | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1400 | 01/12/1992 AM

What would God do for you if you concentrate? Can you say, Amen? We need you. How we need you, Jesus! Even this whole nation needs you Jesus. I have touched on this subject before, but I want to add some new information to it.

The Age of Angels: There are two different types of angels. When you look around all over the nations and everywhere, you see the prophecies of Daniel are coming to pass. We look over the nations and we see good and bad angels manifesting all over the world as all the nations are blending together to bring about a system that will fail. In this world’s crisis, the Lord’s angels are busy indeed. Jesus is directing them in the harvest fields. If you open your eyes, activities are everywhere. Satan and his demon powers are also working in his field of tares.

Among the elect there seems to be a real interest in the activities of angels. Some people say, “Where are the angels?” Well, if you get deep enough in God, you will run into some of them. But you have to get into a dimension, out of the dimension of the flesh into the dimension of the spirit. The fact that angels are not always seen doesn’t mean that they are not there. You go by faith for everything you get from God. I feel the presence of God/Jesus and the angels. They are here; some people do see them. It is like the wind. You don’t see it, you look around, the trees and leaves are blown by the wind, but you don’t exactly see the wind. The same is said about the Holy Spirit as He goes about, here and there (John 3: 8). You can’t really see but He is doing the work. It is the same thing about angels. You may not be able to see them all the time but if you look around, you can see the work that God has called these angels to do every day.

Then, you look around the streets, look around the organized religions, look around the cults and you can see where the evil angels are manifesting themselves. You don’t have to look hard to see what is going on. Remember the parable of the net, the separation is going on right now (Matthew 13: 47 – 50). Jesus said they cast out the net and pulled it in. They separated the good from the bad and cast out the bad fish. At the end of the age it will take place. The great separation is here. God is separating to bring in the ones he wants. He will take them out.

We are living in the most significant hour of world history because the return of Jesus is near. We are going to see more activities from the other world, both ways; from God and from satan. Jesus is going to win. We are going to have a visitation that has not been seen before. It is the age of angels and they will be working with the Lord.  When I am praying for the sick, some people have seen Christ, angels, lights or the glory cloud. They have seen these manifestations not because of me, but because of the faith that was built up; the Lord appears in faith. He does not appear in unbelief. He appears in faith. It will boost your faith to know that angels will gather us together and get us out of here.

Jesus was an Angel Himself. He is the Angel of the Lord. He is the King of the angels. He is the Capstone Angel. Therefore, he is the very Angel of the Lord. He came in human form to visit the world. He died and was resurrected. The angels were created by Him a long time ago. They had a beginning, but He didn’t. The angel at the tomb of Jesus was millions of years old, yet he was described as a young man (Mark 16: 5). That’s how we are going to look, eternally young. Angels do not die. The elect will be like that in glory (Luke 20: 36). Angels do not marry. The world was polluted because the angels mixed with the unrighteous. That is what is happening now. We are at the latter age and we cannot stay here much longer until He says, “Come up hither.”

Angels are not omnipotent, omnipresent or omniscient. They know the secrets of God, but not all. They know that the translation is close, but they do not know the exact day. They don’t know anything about the past before they were created. The Lord has kept some things to Himself—I am the first and the last. Are you going through the future or are you in the past? In God’s eyes, you are traveling through the past. The future is past to Him. He is eternal. We are on borrowed time. When you are translated, you shed time. You cannot number eternity/eternal, it won’t run out.

Angels are organized into legions or they can come by one. Paul said, you can entertain angels unawares. Paul always had the Angel of the Lord (Acts 27: 23). Different angels in the bible have special missions. There are Cherubims which are special angels. There are Seraphims saying, “Holy, holy, holy” (Isaiah 6: 3). Seraphims are couched in mystery; they have wings and they can fly. They are around the throne. They are the guardians of the throne.  Then, you have all the other angels; there are billions and millions of them. Satan can’t do anything unless what he is allowed to do. The Lord will halt him.

Angels are involved in the conversion of sinners. The angels rejoice because of those who give their lives to the Lord. The redeemed will be introduced to the angels when we get to heaven. If you confess Jesus Christ, you will be confessed before the angels of heaven. Angels are guardians of little ones. At death, angels carry the righteous to paradise (Luke 16: 22). There is a place called paradise and there is a place called hell/hades. When you die in the faith, you go up. When you die out of faith, you go down. You are on probation whether you will receive the word of God or reject it. You are here on probation to receive or reject Jesus Christ and to love the Lord thy God with all your heart.

Some of you here tonight will see the translation. Enoch was carried away. He didn’t die. Elijah was taken away in the chariot of Israel; “the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof” (2 Kings 2: 11 & 12). Before Elisha died, Jehoahaz, the king of Israel wept over his face and said, O my father, my father, the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof” (2 Kings 13: 14). Did the chariot come to get Elisha? Does He send the chariot to get His prophets and His saints? The same statement that was made by Elisha when Elijah was carried away was made by King Jehoahaz around the time of Elisha’s death. The angels of the Lord carry the elect to paradise, such bliss and peace. There, you will rest (in paradise) until your brethren catch up with you.

The angels are around us. Angels shall gather the elect at Jesus’s coming. The angels shall sever the elect from sinners. God is separating. If you do not listen to do what God says, anything can happen to you. Angels shall separate and God will finish it off. Angels minister to the redeemed. Paul said, “…When I am weak, then am I strong” (2 Corinthians 12: 10). He knew that the presence of God was more powerful than his condition. He was strong in faith and power.

If you are around the anointing, you can’t help but be drained when you are in the world; for example on your job or in the shopping centers. Even ministers and miracle workers are oppressed by satan, but God will strengthen them and pull them out. Satan will try to wear out the saints but the angels will raise you up and give you a drink of the living water. Oppression will come, but the Lord will lift you up and help you. He will set up a standard against the devil. There are times when you are down and sometimes, you are on the hill; but you won’t be on the hill all the time. Paul said, I am more than a conqueror and I can do all things through Christ. The angels are ministering spirits.

In the bible, there is a special veiled Angel—the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is our veiled Angel, the Eternal One. He took the disciples to the mount and was transfigured. The veil of the flesh was removed and the disciples saw the Eternal One. The bible is our doctrine—the King James Version. Angels are watching God’s precious jewels. All truth is in God, the Lord Jesus. There is no truth in satan, Lucifer. He is doomed. He was cast out. Satan cannot cast out satan (Mark 3: 23 – 26). He is an imitator; he imitates Pentecost. If you put it (imitation) to the word’s test, it will fail. Sometimes, people get healed in a false system, but God will not confirm the false system. Satan can only imitate; he cannot do the work of God. Some organizations may do healing but God is not there. Satan was involved in the death of Christ; he bit the Lord’s leg, but Jesus burst his head. Satan was defeated at Calvary. Jesus dealt him a blow. He can only operate through unbelief. Satan and his demons will be cast into everlasting fire. If you have unbelief and doubt, you are giving satan his medicine.

When you get afraid and lonesome, remember the angels are around. Satan takes away the word sown in the heart of the careless, for example the word that I am preaching this morning. Be sure of what you hear and let it grow in your heart. People hear the word of God, they forget and satan steals the victory. Satan has gotten the tares. Evil spirits inhabit the bodies of unbelievers. You always want to be positive. When the evil spirit tries to steal away your faith, stay in faith with Jesus. Doubt is the gasoline of satan. Don’t get your mind on angels so much that you don’t believe that evil angels are there.

Whenever possible, satan will try to oppress the bodies of the children of God. In the oppressed age that we are living in today, you must have patience. When satan oppresses you, Jesus will do great things and deliver you. By your faith, you will defeat him. Jesus said if they had done this to me in a green tree, what would they do to you in a dry tree? The Lord knows everything beforehand. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows the ones He has chosen will stand. He will take His people out. Satan will not stop that translation. He will not stop the angels of the Lord. He couldn’t stop Elijah’s translation. He could not take the body of Moses (Jude 9). He will not stop the translation.

We are at the end of the age and the Lord wants to bless. When it is all said and done, the only things that you are going to take out of here are the Lord Jesus, His promises and the souls that you have won for Jesus; I am infallible on this one. No one is infallible but God. Some of you that are hearing my voice, may be the Lord wants to take you up earlier; consider yourself fortunate. You will enter into eternal bliss. But we are getting close now. God will help and bless you. We can hear the rustling at the door.

Some of the people that hear my voice, I may not see on this earth. I believe that angels are around the message. If I don’t see you on this earth, there will be millions of years to see each other (in heaven). You are on God’s camera. The great light of the Holy Spirit is here and those angels are here. They want to hear you shout in the spirit.


The Age of Angels | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1400 | 01/12/1992 AM