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Jesus is Coming Soon | Neal Frisby’s Sermon  CD# 1448 | 12/20/1992 AM

Lord, bless the people together. What a wonderful hour for your people to walk into! Touch them, the new ones. Let the power of God come upon them, Lord. Guide them in their lives. Uplift their hearts and meet every need that they have. Anoint them and guide them to their position. Amen.

How many of you have seen the sign out there? I may be in the house trying to get my national work done, but I am preaching through that sign out there. I want to thank some people for getting involved and helping with the project. They are talking about it all over town. It is lit up in such a way that it is a spectacular wonder. It is all kinds of light. You can see it both day and night, but is a lot better at night. I have seen so many people put out lights at Christmas, but nobody knows what the lights mean.

The Lord moved on me and told me to put the lights on that particular side of the building. I believe He is coming soon; Jesus is coming soon. All the other lights, His glory will dim them out. They will be dimmed away. Amen. When I preach about the coming of the Lord, I told about how soon His coming was really. The more you talk about His coming, the less people want to hear about it. They want to put it away in the distance. It cannot be far in the distance according to His own words. In the generation the Jews go home, that is it, He said. Let every man be a liar, but let God be true. Whatever that generation is 50 or so, it will come. It will not fail.

I was praying and doing my work at home; the Spirit moved on me and all of a sudden I could see it on the side of the building. He told me to light a side of the building up and put “I am coming soon” and I put “Jesus is coming soon.” I knew who He was. Jesus is coming soon. I have never done this before. Three to four hundred cars will pass through the street (Tatum and Shea Boulevard) within a week. You have many cars and people passing by every day. This is one of the busiest boulevards in the city. Even though I am in the house and the church is not open on those days, we are all preaching, you know. We are testifying, including you that give money in this church. You couldn’t reach that many people on your own if you started preaching from now until Jesus comes. So, you will be a part of those bulbs out there. The people on my mailing list, I want you to hear this; I used some of your money to put up the sign, so you will get some credit. You are part of this building, all of you.

What could be prouder than to say, “Jesus is coming soon?” Behold, I come quickly, I said it myself, saith the Lord. He said you would not have gone through all the cities until the Lord cometh. All the cities have been gone through. He said in the bible, “I am coming soon” and He will come suddenly. He will come unexpectedly. Three or four thousand people will drive through the boulevard and see the lights, but where are my people, saith the Lord? Some of them will be missing at the coming of the Lord. He told me that some that have heard me preach will not be with me and they won’t be there. He told me that. I used to think that I could save everybody. I have been kind of like a prisoner trapped in one place. For two or three years, sometimes, I would not even leave the church grounds to go to town, doing my national work. When you go for 30 years with no exercise, you don’t eat in the daytime and little in the nighttime, you are bound to get it. I want to do all that I can do for God; everything that I can. You people, do so, too.

Back to the people on the cassette, what a witness your money gave! Jesus is coming soon! For this time of the year (Christmas), what a way to testify! We will leave the lights on until after Christmas. The Lord built this temple. I didn’t have to beg for money. The Lord did it. We don’t go for big buildings. I can preach the gospel in little old bitty places. Those places are good enough for me. Anywhere is good enough for me to preach the gospel, but He has done this.

I will tell you this; there is an Angel that guards over this building. He is the Palmoni. He is a wonderful, wonderful Angel, the Mighty God. The Angel of the Lord encampeth about them that fear Him. He can run this building; the anointing is so powerful here. You can open that veil room there and you don’t need anybody. You pass through there and see your healing take place. It is Jesus. He is going to draw that thing to where you are going to face Him whether you like it or not. And then, it will get so powerful that His image will begin to focus before you. So powerful until you will see Him in heaven. He is coming for His people. And so, the Angel that guards over this temple, I know Him. I have seen Him. He is the Angel of the Lord. And the people that hear me on the cassette, every one of you, He will watch over you because He is in your home the same as He is here. He is the Immortal. He is the Omniscient One. He is everywhere and at all times. He never changes, yesterday, today and forever. Time means nothing to Him. He is guarding over the building and He will until such time as He takes His people away or He deems it (fit). He is a special One.

And there is too a great satanic force, a satanic angel that drags the people. I saw him; God showed me. He literally drags the people by force away from this anointing and from the Lord Jesus. He is a great satanic prince. He is the one that causes it that when we preach such wonderful and powerful sermons here–you see them–some of the Pentecostals turn down the name of Jesus. I believe that Jesus is the Immortal God. They are not going anywhere. They are going through the great tribulation. This satanic prince has demon powers and he will drag the people away from the message. The day that we are living in, is a day that you have never seen before. It just seems like at the drop of a hat, they are back in the Catholic Church, over in the Baptist church or Pentecostal–It’s alright; some people will come out of these systems and go to heaven–but they are over here and there. They don’t really know who they are, saith the Lord. But the ones that know my word, they know me and I know them. I don’t know the others that do not know my word and they do not know me. Oh God! That has to be on tape because I couldn’t just say it just like that.

In my opinion, in this century, we will see Jesus. We don’t give date; I just give it close in the season. I believe that we have got a short time to work. Some of the people that come here to this church don’t want to see God when He appears. “And I will not see them,” saith the Lord. That’s right. Tell the people that is how to do it at Christmas. You can have your gifts and everything, but to me, it means more to talk about Jesus and His first coming. Remember when Jesus was born—the Lord God Almighty showed me this way—He just came down. He was delivered just like when a woman has a baby. The Holy Spirit came and delivered Himself and the child came; Jesus was born. Jesus, when He was born was a shadow of God, the Holy Spirit overshadowed Him. Your shadow is the same as you are. So, the little baby was the same as God was, the Mighty God. The child shall be called the Mighty God, Amen, the Counselor. And so, Jesus was the shadow of God. The Holy Spirit, He could leave fingerprints, but you can’t see them if He does. But the fingerprint of the Almighty God is Jesus. He can put His fingerprints down there and you can fingerprint Him in the flesh. That is the fingerprint of the Almighty.

Everybody has a fingerprint. If God gives every human being a fingerprint and we were made in the image of God, then God Himself has a fingerprint. You’ll say, “No, I can’t see His fingerprints.” Jesus had two hands like us. He had His fingerprints. But there will be no fingerprints like His fingerprints. That is His mark, His prints and His eternal fingerprints. The Lord is coming soon. He put a sign out there (the lights) on the side of the church to back up the fact that He is coming soon. It seems like so many people are going to be asleep. Half of the real fundamentals–the bible said in Matthew 25—are going to be left. Where in the world does that leave the Pentecostals? So, you have the time to prepare your heart and a time if you need to repent; a time to declare and confess your shortcomings, maybe it’s about witnessing, maybe it’s about praying or a whole lot of other things. Even then, He can call you today or tomorrow because book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time to die and a time to live. The Lord says by divine providence you may be here today, tomorrow, next week or you may be gone the next week or today.

Jesus was only here for three and a half years (His Ministry). His disciples couldn’t believe it. He rebuked Peter because he couldn’t accept that Jesus was going to suffer and die; and he was gone. It was time for Him to go by divine providence. So, you may be sitting in the audience, you may be young or old, it makes no difference. You are here today and gone tomorrow. The real thing is that time is going to be short whichever way you look at it. So, you ought to confess and get yourself ready with God. Line yourself up with the Lord. Make sure to be ready. And be ye also ready (Matthew 24: 44). He was talking to a group of people at the end of the age. He was talking to His disciples and the Pentecostal elect, “Be ye also ready” as if the bride was ready, the wise had not gotten ready. So, he said, “Be ye also ready, wise.” You better think about that. If you think you got it all sewn up and you think, “I believe in God, I will get there,” I wouldn’t go on that at all. The devil believes in God and he is not going to get there. Even though he lies that that there is no God; He knows there is God. What you’ve got to do in your heart is that you not only have to accept Him, you have to hold on to Him and stay right there with Him. You want to listen to the audio and watch for every letter and scripts that are released, and God will bless your heart. Remember; He came down, the Great Angel, and said time shall be no more (Revelation 10).

I have never seen a sermon preached and come back with a sign like that. I am still preaching through the lights and sign every night and every day. I think they will leave the lights until 11 -12 pm every night. The lights are there during the day too, but they are lit up at night. Some Pentecostals may stick their nose up and say, “We’ve got forever.” “You don’t” saith the Lord. It is sooner than what you think. God is not a liar. “When Israel returns to their homeland, I will come in that generation. That generation shall not pass until I come,” says the Lord. It’s going to happen soon. So, that’s a sign; the lights and the words, Jesus is coming soon, on the building. The Lord told me to put up a sign, Jesus is coming soon, in lights. There is the mark of God. There is the sign of God. He is putting everything right in the open. He is witnessing to sinners and saints alike. “But soon,” saith the Lord, “I will only witness to the ones I love.” They will be gone. The other will have witness under a great judgment that will come upon the earth. So, be ye well prepared. In a time you think not, the Son of God, the Shadow of God will come. “That’s me,” saith the Lord, “I was a baby, yet I am God.” The Lord Jesus cometh very soon. “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout…” saith Paul and he shall take the people to Himself (1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18). Christ Himself declared it, “I will come again.” I will not leave you, I will come again (John 14: 3). Angels declared that this same Jesus will come again (Acts 1: 11). He is coming. While the world sleeps, He cometh.

Just before the coming of the Lord Jesus, winds will blow and nature will be stirred like never, before. Across the land, the ground will shake, the earth will give forth fire, howling and travailing of great winds, nature will be upset and the earth will be upset. The children of God, in the Shadow of God, in the thunder of God, will be shouting. They will shout, “I am coming soon,” saith the Lord. That’s my people; the ones that say, “I am coming soon with urgency. And, I am coming soon.” The Lord will come and He will call His people away. Those thunders in the resurrection will take place and we will go up to meet the Lord in the air. There is not much time left. I believe the church has a great thing to look forward to. This is the century of centuries.

I believe it, the Lord is coming soon. You know what? If it wasn’t true, you would have everybody here. When you tell the truth, you can’t get anybody to listen to you. But if He wasn’t coming soon and it was a lie, everybody would listen. At the end, He will gather a crowd; it will be a wonder, His own crowd and he will fill His house. Before the translation, God will bring a group that He loves to Himself. I want you people to prepare in your hearts. The Lord has taken the strength from me quite a bit, on purpose; my power, I don’t have anything to do with it, not a thing. You people in the audience, you want to pray and you want to be in God’s providence, in God’s divine will. The building, I take no credit; He built the building and designed it. God has done it. He designed the building and put it here this way, right on the rock where He wanted it; right on the ground where I am standing. He stood here before I did and looked it over after creating the earth. The rock behind me and the mountain behind me, everything has been placed in order.

So at the end, nature travailing get ready. We have already seen nature travailing, but it is going to get worse. The Lord is going to come in at the midnight cry. He will slip in. You don’t want to miss the Lord. You may miss me, fine; you may miss me all you want, but don’t miss the Lord when he has spoken it Himself that He is coming. When Jesus gives a sign, you want to be involved in it. If you suffer, you will reign with Christ. Someone says, “Why do the righteous suffer?” They are going to get greater rewards than the others. There are other reasons too; to get them to heaven and to keep them down. Paul said he was buffeted, a thorn in the flesh, tests and trials. He prayed three times and God would not lift it. Why do the righteous suffer like he did? Too many revelations, too much power and the Lord buffeted him. The Lord said, “Paul, my grace is sufficient for you, you’ll make it.” Every one of you in the audience, if you think it’s hard on you, you will make it, saith the Lord. The Lord will get you there.

I pray that God will raise ministers all over. Every one of you in the audience and those listening by audio, you may suffer; sometimes, you may think that God has forsaken you, but He is with you in your suffering. He understands that in His heart. He feels your suffering like no one else can. If you listen to Him, He will keep you down and buffet you some, but He will get you there. If you are one of those He has in the predestination, you will get there. That is why that pressure is on you. If you are chosen and ordained, the pressure will come from every direction. But if you hold on, you will be able to walk in those streets of gold and go through those pearly gates. You will be able to see Jesus and shine forever. He will love you forever.

The world is getting so full of pleasure. The world is so full of all worldly things and cares of this life in such a way that they are just letting the devil steal the word of God from them. That’s my message. The little baby is now becoming a grown-up Son of man. The Living God, the Lord Himself shall come. The Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, that little baby is still working. He has been working from His first cry and He is coming soon. To the audio audience, may the Lord bless your home. The Lord keep you ready and prepared as I pray for you. I pray for every one of this people and on my mailing list, all of them together, that they will be caught away soon to meet the Lord. Let us do all the praying and all we can do for Him now, because when it is all over, you can’t say, “I wish I could have, saith the Lord. That will be gone forever,” saith the Lord. “As far as this planet is concerned, I am calling the time and it is up.” Good day and God bless every one of you.

Jesus is Coming Soon | Neal Frisby’s Sermon  CD# 1448 | 12/20/1992 AM