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What is going to count is the word of God and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. We’ve got a front row seat. All the events are taking place in front of us and heading to the end of the age.

  1. God is drawing it right down to who the real elect are. The latter and former rain are coming together. He is coming to translate us. The Lord’s coming is near. We are entering the days of sorrow and suffering, but what is most important is your faith in the word of God. Don’t lose your faith.
  2. The age will close in a gigantic rushing. Hold on to your faith. Contend and fight for your faith in the spirit. Satan is trying to steal it from you and plant a false faith that is not based on the word of God. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46: 1). God is faithful, He will not suffer you to be tempted above what you are able to bear (1 Corinthians 10: 13). No matter the temptation, He will make a way of escape. God will guide and lead you.
  3. You are in the last generation. I told you of the fig tree (Matthew 24: 32-34). Cast your burden upon the Lord. He will not allow you to be removed. He will not allow the righteous to be removed. Are you casting all your burdens on the Lord (1 Peter 5:17)? Do you want to live partly in the world? Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5). The Lord gave me this scripture when I first entered the ministry at the age of 27. It saved me from false Pentecostals. Although, there are some good Pentecostals.
  4. The devil means business. If you allow him and lose your guard, you will be burned. He is working in every subtle way to deceive man, in signs and pleasure. Spend time with the Lord like Daniel. He will direct your path. All things you shall ask in prayer, believing you shall receive (Matthew 21: 22). Accept the word of God in your heart. Sometimes, He will not say yes because you don’t need it at the time (John 15: 7).
  5. Angelic visitations are taking place more often. There are more with us than the population out there. Remember the chariots of fire around Elisha when the host of the Syrians surrounded him (2 Kings6: 17). Jesus said He will never leave you or forsake you. In my message, God said, get ready. The nation is changing from a lamb to a dragon. The former and the latter rain have come together. God is leading His bride. The blind are leading the blind.
  6. The sun is setting. Darkness is coming. The earth is travailing in weather patterns, diseases, pestilences and earthquakes. All the events I predicted are taking place. California and the western part of the United States will fall into the sea. Earthquakes are shaking the earth. The US government and governments around the world are doing things we have not seen before.
  7. The Lord is going to take His own in the translation. The technology is here to give you a numerical value like the mark. They can use it in medical checkup, finance and to trace someone that is lost. It’s just a matter of time. Things can happen in a month, but the translation should have taken place.
  8. We are living in eternity right now. Time is running with eternity. Time will stop at death. Eternity cannot stop. Angels are coming and going in the earth today because the translation is near. This is the time to stay with the Lord. The people of the world are taken by the cares of this life. God is going to take over His children. The world will follow the antichrist. Bad moon rising. The time of the antichrist is coming. It is our duty right now to witness. Get behind the ministry and the Lord. He will bless you. Every one of us should be ready to go.
  9. Immorality has reached a great height. What is done in the house is now done openly. Men have gone mad. The Lord showed me every kind of evil imaginable in the 1960s and 70s. All these things are coming to pass. Now men are changing into women and vice versa. One of the sex(gender) orientation people repented and stated that God does not make mistakes. Pray for this people. What would it be like during the great tribulation? It will be terrible. We are in the immorality of the age. Murder and violence on every hand (Genesis 6: 11-13). Before He comes, it will be like Sodom and Gomorrah. We have surpassed ancient Rome.
  10. God is going to send us signals one way or the other that He is real. Young boys and girls, watch yourself! There is a powerful spirit to go and have pleasure. Once you drop a piece of glass, you can’t put it together. There is no temptation you can’t overcome. Ask your parents to pray for you. Turn your mistakes over to the Lord. Pray for the youths. The youths are trapped.
  11. The word of God is going. Jesus is with us, He is coming. The antichrist is coming. The translation is long gone by the time he comes. We are in the front row seat. Don’t lose your crown. Hold fast to your position. He has said, He will never leave you or forsake you . Be thou faithful unto death or the translation. I will give you a crown of life.


Sermon by Neal Frisby CD #1623       
05/05/96 AM