009 – BE AWARE

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Be aware: Two powers are around you all the time –God’s power and satanic forces. One power is to build you up, help and guide you. The other power is to tear you down, divide you and confuse you.

  1. After a meeting or service, satan will steal the victory if you are not careful. If you ever have a good time in the Lord–you are praying—you know that the Lord has answered your prayer. You know that His divine power will be worked out in your life. Yet, if you are not careful, after you have had a time with the Lord in this way, satan will try to steal your victory. You have to be careful.
  2. Evil forces work to disturb the mind so that the power of the Lord will not have free When your mind is divided and you are frustrated, the power of the Lord cannot have free course. All of you will be going through this because the age is ending. These are the things that confront Christians.
  3. We are living in a perilous time. The age is neurotic. Everything is rushing. The Christian that has the anointing has the best chance in the world. God will give him much. But the power of God cannot have free course if your mind is unsettled.
  4. After a meeting, you are built up, the Lord does great things for you and the power of God is in you. But if satan can move in and unsettle you, you lose grounds to satanic forces. The devil will try to shake you loose from God’s promises. Also, your human nature will cause you to have negative
  5. There are tests and cycles that will move through your life. But one that is wise will ignore these things and hold fast to the promise. He will come through. The one that lets these things drag him down is in deep trouble. It is harder for him to come back. If you listen to your human nature, it will keep you from receiving what is really yours from God.
  6. Without the Holy Spirit in your life to help, the mind will see all of God’s things from a different viewpoint. The Holy Spirit has the right Sometimes, this viewpoint will be different from your own, but He is trying to reveal something to you. Without the Holy Spirit, the mind will go this way and that way. The mind can become dangerous without the Holy Spirit.
  7. At the end of the age, many religious people will kill people thinking that they are doing God a service. It is in their minds, the Holy Spirit has been taken out. You have to watch. This is the extreme case of the absence of the Holy Spirit.
  8. The Spirit sees The Holy Spirit is positive faith. It is not negative feeling. The Holy Spirit is positive concerning where He is going, who He is and He is positive about the name of the Lord Jesus; because I came in my Father’s name, saith the Lord. He is the Spirit of truth. He will lead you in all things. He will not let you down.
  9. The human nature and satanic forces are constantly burning away at your faith. You have to keep putting wood in the fire or else it will die. You have to keep doing something to keep the Holy Spirit working in you. You must keep replenishing your faith by the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Jeremiah says, that the word of God was in his heart as a burning fire shut up in his bones (Jeremiah 20: 9).
  10. Hold on to the anointing. Staying in the anointing is putting on the whole armor of God. There is help all around you from the presence of the Lord, if you are constructive and know how to use There is false help which leads in the wrong direction. Remember the two powers, one is of the Lord. That is the one you want.
  11. Be aware. A person should have the proper Think positive on what the Lord has promised . If not, something will go wrong. As a man thinketh, so is he (Proverbs 23: 7). If you want to improve your disposition, always ask the Lord to renew a right spirit within you (Psalm 51: 10). David got in trouble. One time, satan moved against him and he numbered Israel when he was not supposed to. He got into a wrong spirit for a while. However, as a young man, Saul wanted to kill him and chased him into the wilderness. When David found him, he didn’t kill him. Instead, he left a sign to show Saul that he had been there and had spared his life. David had the right spirit. Having a right spirit will help you to acquire friends and your spiritual friends will admire you.
  12. God has not given us an unsettled, worried and frustrated mind that leads to fear. This happens to be one of the foremost things troubling the churches today. This spirit is everywhere. The power of God breaks this band of the wicked and oppression that seems to be bothering the church. This oppression saps the revival. God has given the spirit of power, love and a sound mind, not an unsettled, worried and confused mind (2 Timothy 1: 7). You may be tested and be in that way for a while. But you don’t need to live that way. Remember the Lord has made a way. Second Timothy 1: 7 is one of the greatest scripture in the bible to help an unsettled mind.
  13. World crises, perilous time and satan will try to shake the elect. But, Jesus has given us the proper medicine and prescription (Isaiah 26: 3). The Holy Spirit will move with great divine love and power at the end of the age to settle the mind. We shall have the mind of Christ, according to the scriptures. I can’t see the mind of Christ unsettled, Oh, Oh—Praise the Lord! That is your full armor and helmet coming on, says the Lord. Behold, the bride makes herself ready.
  14. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee…” (Isaiah 26: 3). As you praise Him and pray, you can keep your mind stayed on the Lord all the time. There is something about divine love that will bring the soundness of mind. John the beloved had tremendous love. He got anointed, went to Patmos and got the Revelations. No matter what they did to him, they could kill He survived all the apostles. He had such divine love you could not shake him. God made John to stand out for a reason. Divine love will shake the foundation of the kingdom of satan.
  15. “…because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26: 4). Have simple childlike Rest in His word settled forever in your heart. “Trust ye in the Lord forever” (v. 4). He gives a confident heart. Don’t let your heart control you. Instead, control your heart with the help of the Holy Spirit. Love overcomes fear. Practice this and your faith will grow. The Lord will lift a standard against the power of the evil forces. Messages like this, showing how the scriptures work, will help to get your mind settled, get you anchored in the Holy Spirit and let the word of God fly you away. The dove of the Holy Spirit takes His flight.
  16. There is a refreshing It will move on the people with stammering lips (Isaiah 28: 11&12). The rest of the Holy Spirit will come in such a way that the mind and the heart will come together as one– believing in unity– the Lord Jesus Christ for a great outpouring and power coming to the bride. But, it will not come until messages such as or similar to this message go forth everywhere preparing the people’s hearts for a great outpouring that God is going to send to His people.
  17. I know that the devil will trouble anybody that comes out to listen to me or anybody that tries to help me, in any way that he (devil) can. Satanic forces do not like people that want to help me. But, you stand up for the Lord and I guarantee you one thing: you will go on with the Lord. He will help you and bless you like you have never been blessed before.
  18. God doesn’t have any ups and downs. He is up all the time. And I like to say this, down with the devil and Up with Jesus. Amen. “Then shall thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble” (Proverbs 3: 23). Be aware. You can really set up shop with God and push back human nature and the devil. Get control of this thing. You don’t want to be in this world unless you’ve got the Lord with you to control it. You better have control and that is to get the word of God and believe God.
  19. “When thou liest down,…thou shalt lie down and thy sleep shall be sweet” (v. 24). God can visit you and give you a peaceful There are some people that will never hear a message like this, but Christians sometimes can get the very best from God; He can put it right in front of them, and they can’t see it. Yet, these things are for you. You should just drink it as if you have been in the desert without water. If you have a thirst and a hunger for God, he said, I will satisfy it.
  20. People say, God fill me but not many of them want to be filled with the true power because God’s power does not come in the way they want it to come. If you listen and learn how the Lord is moving, you learn to go with the Holy Spirit. He will fill you and you will feel good about it. Men of God have prayed for great revival. But many of them will turn their back on it because it did not come in the way they wanted it to come.
  21. Israel was praying for a revival and Messiah. When the Messiah came to them in such a way, they turned Him down. When the revival came in the 1900s, they didn’t want it that way. Another revival came in 1946, the very thing they were praying to see, the power and miracles came, but it caused a division among them, jealousies broke out. The next thing, division and the old cankerworm came upon them and chewed the whole thing up. But, the bride will not be divided, saith the Lord. That’s one thing, they will never divide. When He brings the bride together and the mind is settled by the Holy Spirit, they won’t divide away from the word of God. He will make us one heart, one spirit, one word and one translation.
  22. “Be not afraid of sudden fear…” (Proverbs 3: 25). That’s the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, the body gets negative. He will hold you to walk in the path of the Lord.
  23. “…They were all in one accord in one place…” (Acts 2: 1). Your mind must be in one accord. It must be in unity. It cannot be unsettled. Then you come to church and get great things from the Lord. “Suddenly, there came…a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house…” (v. 2). That is positive; when you fill something, it is positive. “And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them” (v. 3). The fire is pointed in many directions depicting that the Holy Spirit was fixing to use them. It came on each individual meaning that each individual will have to give account of himself in that experience, that is, what God has called him to do. Each individual was singled out as unified with the Lord. He can’t speak for the person next to him. It sat upon each of them, meaning He rested on each one of them. He doesn’t come and go. Each of you that believe, the Pillar of Fire, God will unite your soul. “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues…” (v. 4). They felt it and it was a tremendous force. It can be so today if you have faith.
  24. They got together in one accord. They were together in unity. Each man was in accord with himself and with God. There was tremendous power in that one accord. Get in one accord. As the Holy Spirit begins to work, work with Him and you will get power. You have salvation. He will not give you a stone. He will not give you the wrong thing. The Holy Spirit will give you utterance and you will begin to grow in power.
  25. The experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is what you call a spray that comes just to set up. Then, God says, I have come in one more step from salvation, I have set up in here. What do you want to do? Are you going to really go on with power with me? How much do you want? There is a gauge here, you want more? It is up to you. There is greater There are seven anointings (Revelation 4: 5). There is a depth to the Holy Spirit anointing. It is very powerful and rich. Some people get a little experience with God. They don’t seek after the Lord as they should. You want to go on for the rich experience. Get into the anointing. The word of the Lord will not return void.
  26. The word that has gone forth in this building and the work of the Lord that has been done will not return void. You can’t get close to this without something happening in your life, without a change coming to your life. Your way of thinking will change. Your own heart will change. God will bless your soul. Now, there is plenty more for you. It is up to you. The Holy Spirit has set up shop in there. He is in there. He is moving. The Holy Spirit was upon Jesus without measure. That is coming to the church. The Holy Spirit without measure will be poured out in the restoration It will be powerful enough to raise the dead. And thus saith the Lord, I will raise the dead. Wake up, thou that sleepest!
  27. “ And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled” (Acts 4: 31). Signs, wonders and miracles followed. God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will take and heal an unsettled, worried and confused mind. He will make it sound. He will give you divine love and give you power. There is power with a settled There is great faith and anointing. The mind of Christ is coming to the church.

This message is filled with the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit to settle your heart and mind, to give you freedom from the things that will bring your mind down and all the strongholds, breaking them loose so that you can just soar in the power of the Holy Spirit with a settled mind in the Lord. If you do the things that are spoken in the message here, blessed is your heart for God will not forget. Your mind will be stayed upon the Lord. Your thoughts will be upon Him and He will give you perfect peace.


Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #827        
02/25/81 PM