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I did get three or four days off. I went away and enjoyed it very much. I got away alone from the work. But, the only time I can take off is from here on these services. In my national ministry, it is impossible to be gone very long because those prayer requests stack up. Some people are suffering, someone has an emergency or they have an accident. So, I must come back and pray over those prayer requests. Taking time away from here doesn’t mean that I am entirely off completely. It only means that I am off from one part of my work. We did have three or four days off. We went to a cooler part of Arizona. We got a place over the canyons, we were not at the Grand Canyon. We were in another place. Up above were these big rocks. It was so beautiful and I kept watching the mountain. While I was watching, my wife was wondering, “you keep watching the mountain.” She was watching too. I said, “God will show me something.” She didn’t say anything more. Amen. I kept watching the mountain. The Lord gave me a few words. He said, “My people limit me.” I just left it alone and said, He has already spoken to me.

  1. Let’s get into the sermon. It is called “Limiting.” We speak of the supernatural when we speak of that. He revealed it to me and I know it is significant. In 1901-1903, there was a new day There was an outpouring or the beginning of an outpouring. It was strange to the people. The tongues and the power began to fall. A new day came. In 1946-47, another new day came. When God begins a new day, there is always the supernatural; there is something that takes place. There is a dispensational change. When He appeared to Moses in the burning bush, there was a dispensational change. In the 1980s, a new day is coming again. A new era. Then, there will be a translation and a new day into the tribulation. We are entering a new day now. It is a day of translative faith and creative power. At the end of the age, as the Lord moves upon the people and more ministers, the healings and the miraculous will be greater than we have ever seen before.
  2. What an hour we are living! But the people are just letting it go on by, just like that. While I was there, He told me, “My people limit me.” That was it. You will say, “sure, the sinners limit God, the lukewarm churches, they limit God.” That is not what He said. He said, “My people, My people limit me.” He wasn’t talking about sinners or lukewarm churches (although, they do it). He was talking about my people, the very body of Christ. They have been limiting the works the Lord wants to do unto them. Although, they are His people, they should be moving on with Him. They should, in every day of their lives, be expecting new things in prayer, moving by the power of God.
  3. In the past time, when the anointing would come, they will say, “Let’s play it safe.” Every time they limited God after an outpouring, it turned into an organization but God moved on God. When they limited the Most High, He just moved on, got another group of people and brought another revival at the appointed time.
  4. Psalm 78: 40 & 41: They provoked and limited the Most High in the wilderness, in the desert. The Lord said, He was grieved because they limited Him. They turned back and tempted the Lord daring Him to go any further. And they limited the Holy One of Israel. Later on, we found out that they were talking to each other in confusion at the golden calf. At the end of the age, we find out again, they are talking in confusion and idolatry—antichrist. They limited the Most High and you say, “How did they do that?” Just see what He did for them. When that dispensation changed at the burning of the bush, it was miracle time, it was the anointing that they will be translated in.It was deliverance time. It was time to move out for the Lord. For one thing, their shoes never wore out for 40 years. Their clothing on their backs never wore out for 40 years. The manna did not stop until after 40 years and new corn of the land. And after all that the Lord did for them, they still said it is not enough. They limited the Most High.
  5. How many of you believe that? Sitting right there, as clearly as you can hear me now, He said, “My people limit me.” It’s edge out time. You must swim out deeper. It’s coming. He will move on His people. Great and powerful things are happening but people are just letting them go on by. This generation will have to change in order to stand the anointing that God is changing His people into—It’s coming. The bible says, have patience brethren until the former and latter rain come together at the end of the age.
  6. So, their shoes and clothes did not wear out. Nehemiah said that they lacked nothing. In other words, they got spoiled and turned on the Most High. Manna rained all over them. The Pillar of Fire lit up the sky at night. You would think those people would really try to get hold of God. They did just the opposite. You are dealing with human nature; mercy and grace altogether have not been poured out. But then, they should have had more sense than that. They were in confusion. They limited God. God had done all. They lacked nothing. He wanted to go further with them but they limited the Most High.
  7. It has been limiting since then. Each time an outpouring has come, they limited God. They would say, “Let play it safe, let’s be cautious, let’s get it tied down here.” They organized it. People like these places where they can get in that way rather than letting God lead them; limiting the Most High in the supernatural. We are speaking of the supernatural.
  8. Elijah: Never before in the history of mankind that we know of—never before was the dead raised. We speak of the prophet raising the dead. Never before in history had death given up from a prayer and the soul returned to say, “Good morning, how are you?” Never before. Here is Elijah, the prophet. The woman said, “My son is dead.” And he was dead. You’ll say, “We just pray.” We know that today. We have seen all the miracles in the bible. He had nothing to go by. Never before had he seen a human raised from the dead. But I kind of believe that he had seen something. But did Elijah limit the Most High, though he had nothing to go by, to go on raising the dead? He did not limit God. The prophet said, “Let’s take him up.” He had a strange anointing. He knew if he could get the anointing in that body, nothing could die. When he prayed for the soul to return, it came back to the child. He lived again. That is the law of first mention of a prophet raising a dead person. That was symbolizing that Jesus Christ was coming too. Absolutely, the Eternal One did the miracle, anyway, through His great power. Elijah did not limit the Lord.
  9. Today, it is the same thing. No matter what, don’t limit the Lord. He will do it for you. Don’t put any kind of limitation on Him. Believe the Lord and He will bless you. Elijah never limited Him to this earth but he went away in a fiery chariot. Don’t limit Him; you might not go away. Amen.
  10. Elisha, the prophet: The woman said there is nothing to eat. He also raised the dead afterward. He said, “Go get all pots and pans you can gather up.” There is a real powerful message in this. If they had gathered one or two pots, that is all that would be filled. But, they went here and went there and got all the pots that they could find. And every pot that they found, He filled it with oil, supernaturally. They just kept pouring. The woman’s faith was enough to get all over the borders, the highways and edges. This is our opportunity, let’s seize it. Let’s not let it pass by. Let’s get all the pots and pans we can find, till there is none left. There is faith in God! If you people want to drag along, let’s see if can you jump and catch the translation when it is gone. Get right into the power of God, pot and pan.
  11. Joshua: Never before in history had this miracle been performed. Never before did God speak to a man like this. He had a battle to win. He had great faith in the most High. He watched and saw the miraculous under Moses. Moses did not let the Red Sea stop him. He parted it and went on. He did not limit the Most High. Here is Joshua. No way to win that battle unless he had another day. And yet, never before had this happened. But, he did not limit the Most High. He said, “Sun, stand thou still in Gibeon. Moon, move thou not in Ajalon.” Now, that is power. He didn’t limit the Most High. The sun stayed there for another day and the moon too. Scientists know it happened but they do not know how it happened; because it was a miracle, its laws are suspended. When God performs a miracle, it is different. It is supernaturally done. The same thing Hezekiah. No one knows how the sun dial went backward when it was supposed to go forward. Scientists cannot figure it out, that’s why it is done by faith. You believe it by faith. If you can figure it out, it is no more faith.
  12. When the Hebrew children were thrown into the fiery furnace: If the Hebrew children had limited God, they would have said, “Let’s worship that god because we do not want to get in the fire. But, they didn’t. They said, “Our God is able to deliver us.” They did not limit God because of what had happened in the past. They were ready for a new day, new things. They wanted this dictator to see the power of God in them. They did not limit God. They were thrown in the fire that was made seven times hotter. It killed the men that threw them in the fire. While they were in there, No Limit was in there, the Lord Jesus Christ. It said one like unto the Son of God was standing in there. He was in His glorified state, in a state of glistening white against that fire that was there. The fire did not burn them.
  13. Daniel would have been in a bad shape if he had limited God’s power. They threw him in the hungry lions’ den which could have eaten him in a minute, because they kept them hungry for that purpose. He did not limit God. He took the limit off. He stayed there and the lions touched him not. I tell you, don’t limit God. Many times, your mind gets on the miracles, cancers, tumors, the arthritis cases, lung problems, the back problems and all the things that are taking place. We think of the healings and so forth. That’s what God is going to give, a lot of healing. But, don’t limit Him in other things in your life either, for He will move where faith is; in the material world, in your jobs, where you want to go and what you want to do, in the will of God.
  14. Philip did not limit the Lord. The limit was off. He was caught up and transported to Azotus to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. There was no limit. Now, we are coming to the end of the age, there is no limit. “And they limited the Holy One of Israel.” All those prophets that God called did not limit Him.
  15. Now, Jesus never limited the supernatural. He did limit His ministry. They only got to see Him for 31/2 He limited His ministry in the form of the Messiah, but then, according to the bible, He came back in the form of the Holy Spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. But physically, in the Messiah-ship he was limited to 31/2 years. Yet, there was enough done during the time; that John said, no book could fill it up. How great and powerful the Lord Jesus Christ is! He never limited the supernatural but He revealed it. The only time He limited it was when they did not believe Him. He would limit Himself and turn away from them. And then another time when the Pharisees would appear on the scene and they would challenge what he had said, and so challenge and limit the Most High. Then, the miracles were limited. But, as long as faith rose up and the people believed in Him, he took the limit off.
  16. Now, Lazarus was dead so long, it would have to fit in a resurrection miracle. Jesus took the limit off and said, “Loose him and let him go.” Out of the grave, he came. If there had been a limit on it, he would have still lain there, wrapped up. But, there was no limit. He came forth. He had been dead so long. It would have to be a resurrection miracle that Jesus performed in setting back the deterioration. He is really great! How many of you believe this morning? You should be getting miracles right now in your hearts.
  17. We found out there was some finances needed. He did not stop in the materialistic realm either as some might think. It’s all over the bible there. And they needed money to pay the taxes. Jesus said, “Let’s take the limit off.” He told the apostle Peter, “Go down to the river, the first fish thou bringeth out, there will be a coin in its mouth, Take out that coin.” If Peter had said, “There aint no coin in that mouth. I would never find one. I’d be here all day long.” He didn’t say that. He ran as quickly as possible being a fisherman, all things are possible. You see, they get excited. He ran there as fast as possible. He has never seen one like this, this is the first time. He got that coin out of the mouth of the fish. God, the creator created the fish, created the man that got the coin out of the mouth of the fish and cleared Himself with everybody. He will move in the supernatural, in the miracles of supply, miracles of raising the dead, the miracles of the miraculous. Don’t put a limit on God because you can’t go any further. That’s not going to stop the rest of us.
  18. The bible says that God is not slack concerning His promises, but He is very faithful. It is the people that are slack. They go so slack that they are choking on it. Put off that slack. Tighten the rope and believe the Most High. Don’t put a limit on Him. He will heal you. He will work a miracle, no matter what it is. He is not slack concerning His promises in the supernatural.
  19. The Lord prepared a fish for Jonah and put him in there. Finally, Jonah said, “I am not going to limit God anymore. Get me out of this fish. I would get up from here and go tell those people there something.” He took the limit off. When he took the limit off, he said this people can be saved. Before, he said they couldn’t. The bible said, God prepared a great fish to swallow him up and take him out into the sea for a while to think it over. When the fish finally spit him out, he probably waved at that fish and left there. See, don’t put no limit on God. He said, “I am taking the limit off. I am going to go right in the middle of that town.” Jonah went and preached the gospel as he should have done, like he should have warned them in the first place. What happened? The greatest revival of that time–that has never been seen at that time. Over 100,000, 200,000 or even more people all got converted, got down in sackcloth and ashes, and began to pray. It shook the prophet in pieces. Do not limit the Lord.
  20. Today, some people limit the Lord in how much salvation they will get. They will get enough salvation to get converted where they are on the edge, not knowing whether they have it or not. You know you have it. Get all the salvation, waters and wells of salvation. That is what gives you the bubbling power to give you more effort to go on to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Get in a deeper degree in there. Don’t limit God. Go on in the power of the Holy Spirit, then the enduement of the power of the Holy Spirit. Some people limit the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The tongues broke out in the 1900s. They organized that. That’s about all they wanted. It’s just that part of it. They don’t even let it operate all the time. When they do, it’s not done right. We need all of it. Do not limit God. Go into the power to create. Go into the other dimension calling those that be not as though they were and they will be. That is what the Lord said, “Speak the word only.”
  21. Some people will say, “Mine is too hard for the Lord.” Nothing is too hard for the Lord. They have been prayed for by many people. That makes it hard. There have been many failures. Don’t limit Him in healing and miracles. May be, your healing hasn’t come yet, just lift the lid off. Begin to believe that at any time, the lightning will strike from heaven. Glory to God! You know in the bible, people have sat around for many years, then the lightning struck and the miracle took place. Sometimes, it doesn’t take place overnight. God does that for a purpose.
  22. My people limit me. What do you suppose that means? It means the very body, the very ones that are going to be translated, they have to move out. They’ve got to move on into the power of the Spirit. They’ve got to have miracles. They’ve got to believe we are in the new day. They limit God in joy, in about everything. Take the limit off! Be happy in the Lord. Be drunk in the Spirit. Glory! Alleluia! They took the limit off and Pentecost fell on them. Fiery tongues were everywhere.
  23. Ephesians 3: 20 — Unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly (watch those words) according to the power of faith and anointing power that worketh in you. He can do more than you will ever be able to believe for. He can do more than you can imagine in your heart. There is not limit. Exploits belong unto my people, saith the Lord. It’s incredible. God will come down in His people until they will be like Him, speaking the word of power. This is what generates that confidence and the power within you to do these things (exploits). Bless thy people, Lord. There is no limit. He can do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works in us. When it reaches that stage, then, all things become possible unto you (Matthew 17: 20).
  24. If you make Jesus just the son of God or one of three, then indeed, you have limited Him. He is not one of three, He is the triune God. But, when they make Him a separate personality and make Him a separate compartment, they limit the Most High God of Israel. You cannot limit Him just to a son, making Him secondary power, for Jesus Himself said, “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth.” He is eternal life. “Destroy this temple, in three days, I will raise it up.” The Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout…. Jesus will raise the dead. I am the resurrection and the life. When the organizations limit Him to only a part, we can see the limitation upon them today.
  25. “I am the Root and also the Offspring of David.” Doesn’t that tell you something? I am the Bright and Morning Star. I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Also, Isaiah 9: 6 and other scriptures showing us who He is. Yet, it is couched in mystery. God comes in three manifestations but all of them are the same Spirit light. That’s exactly right. When you make Jesus part instead of the whole, you limit the Most High. When this church age and the people in the church age we are living in now can believe Him and put Him in the proper place, you are going to see some explosion of supernatural power that we have never seen before. That is what is going to translate the people. There is a secret connection. It is there and God is going to give it. He has the key to that door. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all you ask or think or even enter into your heart what he will do for you. How many of you believe that?
  26. Never limit Him. Jesus said, “Ask anything in my name and I will do it. To those that believe who I am, I will do it for them; the things you ask in my name shall be done. I believe that with all my heart. Now is the day to move. Now is the time to move on out by the power of God. Now is the time. Take the limit off! Watch the supernatural, the incredible take place in your life. Put no limit upon Him. We are moving into what you will call the resurrection power. He will gather them and take them out of the graves as we go in the translation and are caught away. It is the resurrection kind of glory that’s coming upon the people. It reaches into the realm of the creative; it is the translative power. How many of you believe that? Those are the powers that be and the powers that we are moving into; in that realm of the resurrection, creation and translative power. All three come together and then we are gone! Now, that’s when the limit is taken off, saith the Lord. I believe that with all my heart.
  27. We are really moving into the cloud of glory. And they saw Him coming in the cloud of glory. And Israel looked and he was in the cloud of glory. All over the bible, they saw the glory of the Lord. Solomon saw His glory in the temple. David saw the glory of the Lord. John saw the glory of the Lord. At the end of the age, in this revival, take the limit off! The glory of the Lord is all around us. The earth is full of the glory of the Lord. No matter how mean men are, the crimes in our sidewalks, how many murders and wars are taking place on the earth; it makes no difference. We are walking in glory. Let them walk like they want to. Put no limit on the Lord.
  28. And they limited the Most High, provoked and grieved Him (Psalm 78: 40 & 41). They wanted to turn back, they wanted to get away from the supernatural. They forgot the signs and wonders that God did when He brought them out of Egypt. Just a few days before, they were jumping up and down on God’s side, and a few days later they were ready to take Him to the cross and crucify Him. They went into utter confusion and only two of the bunch went on to the Promised Land with the new bunch. Jesus worked miracles among them and revealed the Messiah-ship. One day, they were His friends, and the next day, public opinion turned against Him and we saw Him nailed to the cross. That’s what he came to do. That didn’t stop anything. He came right back out. He burst back in glory and came to us today. Miracles are everywhere. God took the limit off. Jesus exploded and came back.
  29. In your heart, in any kind of work you are doing, in any kind of miracle or healing, take the limit off. Go on. We are moving on into the miraculous and supernatural. Glory to God! There is a special anointing on the sermon here. The Lord bless every one of them that takes this and make their new day arrive in the days ahead, as the power of the Lord comes upon them and works the miraculous.
  30. Whether people like it or not in this world, whether Satan likes it or not, it makes no difference; God is moving on with His people. He is moving on into the supernatural. How many of you believe that? Amen. Praise the Lord. I would like to say I had nothing to do with this sermon. He put it out there. Man didn’t do it. He did it. The spiritual ideas came from the Most High.


Sermon by Neal Frisby – CD #1063        
08/04/85 AM