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The Spirits-Forces | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1150 | 03/29/1987 AM

Lord bless your hearts. Amen. Are you ready for this message this morning? You may not need it this morning, but you are going to need it. Oh, yes. We love you, Lord. We thank you for all this people here in the background working, the singers and everybody. We thank you for the people in the audience that have faithfully stood behind us in prayer. Bless their hearts, and the new ones here this morning, let them find something new from you, Lord, to encourage their hearts. Touch each soul and each body praising the Lord. Praise ye the Lord! We worship you, Lord, and believe that great things are ahead for us, all those that believe in all thy promises. We are steadfast, Lord…. Give the Lord another praise offering. Thank you, Jesus…. Lord bless your hearts…. God ahead and be seated.

Christians face realities and they have fronts against them like a weather front moving in against them anytime…. So, I jotted down notes and got them together this morning…. I have many other sermons I could have preached, but somewhere in the future, this is going to be needed…. You listen real close here. You don’t see many churches as happy as this one or many Christians today that have the happiness that God intended for them to have. How many of you realize that? Have you ever looked around? Have you ever wondered in your own life that you are not as happy as you should be? What is causing all of that?

Many Christians today are really, really confronted. There is an unseen enemy that causes the real problems. You know there are fallen angels which are different from demon powers. At one time, demon powers were able to be seen and so forth until the fall or until they made a mistake or whatever they did. Then God dropped them into another kind of sphere or dimension of some sort; they cannot be seen, but they are just as real. Do you realize that? It’s the unseen enemy and what takes place with the unseen enemies that attack Christians, and even mankind. They are called the spirits and their duty is to thorn [spike] away at Christians. They are to take the joy from the Christians, the faith, and absolutely steal the word of God out of the heart and the promises.

Let’s take this step by step. They’ve got a real duty, and believe me, if Christians would be as dutiful…as the demon powers that go against mankind and go against the Christians—if you were just as determined—you would have everything that God has promised you. Isn’t that right? We can do it better. Can’t we? We can out pray that devil. We can move beyond that devil. We will just kind of go on with this as the Lord gave it to me here. You know, he [satan] steals right out of the home. He’ll steal the peace right out of your heart. But people today, they don’t recognize that. All they think they see is flesh and blood…but there is a difference. Now, after reading the bible promises and hearing fantastic powerful messages, why don’t more Christians make progress? Why aren’t they ahead more than they are today?

Now, there are joyful spirits and there are melancholy spirits; you choose what you want. There is the fruit of the Holy Spirit…. So, they fail to see the work of the spirits that confront them. They [spirits] will delay their prayers; the delaying kinds of spirits that push against your prayers. They will block your prayers; like Daniel, for twenty-one days, he laid everything down. They confronted him on every side. The reason why that is in the bible about Daniel is to show the Christian that there would be times when satan would really put up a front against him. He will cause delay of every kind… but if that Christian holds true to that word, he is going to break through just like Daniel and get what he asks for. The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and the angels of the Lord will come on in. Sometimes, it is a matter of faith. In Daniel’s case, it was a matter that the demon powers did not want this [vision] revealed to Daniel, for him to write it, but he broke through. It is to show the Christian how he must move on and how he must believe the Lord by getting stronger in the Spirit—moving in the Spirit in a greater degree.

So, we find out, the spirits—they will steal the victory…. You know, I have preached sermons and people are so happy, so powerful, great miracles would take place and you couldn’t ask for anything more that night. Two or three nights [later], you run in where the devil has attacked them again, but because of perseverance, we just keep it beaten down, beaten down. Do you feel good now? We are going to get on in; this is going to help the people. You know, I have people on my mailing list right now waiting for this. I have letters where they are up against things they write me about. They know it is some kind of an unseen power that would block them. I get letters from everywhere, outside this country and everywhere. They want me to pray concerning their problems. When they hear this cassette…it would be a great help to them. So, it is not only this audience this morning, but those that are waiting to be delivered, those that are waiting to get help, to find out and recognize what their problem is.

You know, I was watching the news… and there was one of these preachers in California…. Well, he said, what about the devil. You know, he [the preacher] has got a kind of psychology…kind of diploma. He said that [satan] is symbolic. It’s kind of in people’s minds. No wonder the people are in the conditions that they are in today. You must recognize that there is a real power there; there is a real Jesus and there is a real devil. Amen? He [the preacher] should turn to the four gospels, those alone would tell him—the whole bible is the same way—Jesus spent three-fourth of His time healing the sick and casting out the evil powers that bound the people. Three-fourth of His time, if you picked that bible up! He did more action than He did talking. He really moved them out. Acts 10: 38, Jesus went about doing good…healing all that were oppressed of the devil and bringing deliverance. He went about doing good….

You know, these little demon powers and devils, they will attack you and tell you, you don’t have any faith. Indeed, they will try to steal the very faith that you do have. But don’t let them ever tell you, you don’t have any faith. That is against God’s word. You’ve got it. You are not just using it and satan has spotted that. Use your faith. Ephesians 6: 10 – 17. Bro. Frisby read v. 10. You see, put on that confidence. Put on that strength in the Lord. When you do, you fit right in there. Bro. Frisby read v. 11. See; that whole armor, not part of the armor. Put the salvation on in there, faith, everything that He had, put it on—the Holy Spirit. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil at the end of the age because he calls it “in that evil day. Bro. Frisby read v. 12. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers…against spiritual wickedness in high places.” In the government, on the job…everywhere, they push against the Christian, but you are to put on the full armor of God.

Now, let’s get into this right here. This will bring in some knowledge. You learn how to use this, no matter if your prayer is hindered, you will swing into something else…. The old devil and his evil powers will tell you things will get no better. That is one of his attacks and approaches. If you are new here this morning, you have probably said to yourself. “I don’t see how things are going to ever get any better for me.” You see, don’t get into that train. This will help you in what you have been up against…. Listen close: satan will begin to say things will not get any better. That is a lie according to the scriptures. If you want to get all over that, you tell him, “Have you read about paradise yet?” See; if you only had that. If you had paradise to stand on, you couldn’t get any better than that, saith the Lord. See; he is a liar from the beginning. But in this world, when he says that, if you know how to confront the devil—recognize that it is demon powers, recognize that it is a force against the positive nature that God has given you, and that it is a negative nature to try and push you down…. You will have your tests. He will try you on every hand, but Jesus, saith the Almighty, will rescue you. That is exactly right. There is nothing any good unless it is tested before God. How many of you believe that?

Sometimes, those tests can last a long time. Sometimes, they are just spurts or short periods of time. They can be delayed or they can last, but God has a program for you. He is trying to reveal and to bring something out; something in you that you could never get out, but God will bring it out. Remember the story of Job. God, finally, brought out the best that he had. “Though God slay me, yet, will I trust Him and when I come forth, I will just be as clear as pure gold.” Hallelujah! That is the body of Christ right here! That is what he [Job] was saying, “Oh, that my words were penned in a rock.” They are penned in the Living Rock, Christ, and this bible. The Book of Revelation says it the same way; the body of Christ tested will come back refined as gold. Amen. Pure, powerful, rich and valuable to God. Exactly right. Durable and lasting eternal life, coming forth like that…. So, he will tell you things are not going to get any better. I will say today they will get better for you if you believe me. Amen? Keep on marching and keep on stepping in line with God. Keep on moving around with the Lord there.

There are unhappy spirits that will attack you…. They are unhappy spirits, but don’t let them put it on you. Amen? Exactly right. You say, “How do you fight it?”  You fight it with the joy of the Lord and the promises of God. Get happy yourself and God will give you a spiritual happiness that you have never felt before. You have to work with the Lord. The same with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. [Bro. Frisby made a mumbling sound]. When He pours the Holy Spirit on you, you have to let go and let Him have His way. Finally, you begin to say things you have never heard before. How many of you believe that? You start to get happy and He will come on and get happy with you. Glory! This thing, it works, see? Once He has already made His step, it’s up to you to join it [Him]. Amen. You see, He is in line. He, always, will be in line with His word and what He said there. These spirits will come right there and oppress you on every side. You may be happy one day, maybe happy two or three days in a row, but these tests will come. You can put them down; they won’t last, and last and last. If they do–finally, that will drag you down into things that you don’t want to be into, like doubt and so forth like that.

Then there are spirits that will cause people—I have even had Christian during my ministry, in the prayer line or write to me—they have spirits that are oppressing them in such a way that they want to commit suicide to get even or get out of it, you know. What frustration! What a mess satan has brought them [into], if they think for a moment—that is no way out. That is a quick way to more doom. When he attacks them and causes that, whether they commit suicide or not, he torments them that way anyway. Well, the best way out of that is to repeat the name of Jesus and love the Lord Jesus with all of your heart. Love the Lord Jesus and repeat His name. That kind of spirit that oppresses you—see; it will hit you when you are down, it will hit you when your friends are turned against you and it will hit you when you are broke—it has so many ways to come at you. When it does, you get happy in the Lord. You are going to make it. I am going to see with all my heart that the people of God that take my material and support me make it on in the Lord and have a happy life. Be happy! This audience is happy today and I thank the Lord for that. But this would come in handy. Watch and see. Satan said at the end of the age—he will step up and he will try to enforce—more demon powers will rise…. He will step up and he will try to wear out…. “Wear them out,” he will say. “Wear out the saints. Cause them to drop back from their faith. Cause them to fall away to the side.” But you see, with this kind of sermon, being positive, built into you—and it keeps building into your heart and it’s building into your soul—he can’t do it. He can’t take that Rock down; he is sand. How many of you believe that? Glory! God has already smashed him; he is sand. So, these spirits, they will torment and attack. Have you ever noticed how many young people are committing this sin [suicide] across the nation? Pray for them. It is absolutely a pressing problem. They see no future for themselves. They see no way out…. If you are a Christian and you are strong in the power of the Lord, it would make no difference whether you fail or not. It doesn’t make any difference…but what counts is this: don’t fail the Lord Jesus.  That’s great. You, young people, remember that. You want to do the best you can, but if you can’t make it perfectly, that doesn’t make any difference. You hold on to the Lord Jesus. He will make a way out for you. He does every time. Amen….

The spirits tell you that you are up against odds, that you are up against too muchyou will never get out of it. Don’t believe it. That’s a lie. Jesus went up against the greatest odds of mankind even to the point of death, but He came on back. Amen. Those people that died in the Lord Jesus Christ from the centuries are coming on back by their faith. Those that loved the Lord Jesus Christ in the past 6,000 years, they are going to come out of their graves. They are going to come on back and defeat the devil. Oh, Glory to God! That is why Jesus came; to pick up the past, to pick up the present and to pick up the future. He is glorified. He is the answer to all your problems, young people. He is the answer to every problem that you are confronted with today. No matter what kind of odds you are up against, do like Daniel, be not moved. David said I shall not be moved. My help cometh from the Lord. Sometimes, it seemed that the battle with the enemies and the armies of the enemies had lasted for a period of several years, but I [David said] shall not be moved. You know who won the victory. You know who got the victory over every enemy that ever was around Israel. He got the victory every time. He won. How many of you say, praise the Lord? That was like a symbolism of our spiritual things [battles] today. When he knocked the giant down with that One Stone, which was the Headstone and put him out of his misery. He didn’t need another…he had One Stone and that took care of it. Really Great! Learn how to use the Name of the Lord Jesus with all your heart. It is like Capstone; it will knock down the giant. It will take that mountain out of your life. It will remove the obstacles you are confronted with today, no matter what they are. You stay and believe God in these prayer lines, you are going to be delivered…. I believe that with all of my heart. Like I said, some of you may not need this now, but satan may try [you], just around the corner. Those listening to this on the cassette too….

They [the spirits] will hinder your progress. They will stop the Christian progress. They will come at you.… You will say, “I have heard these messages. I have read the bible, but it seems like I just can’t cut through.” Well, the demon powers are pushing. Learn how to go against them in prayer. Learn how to go against them by acting. Recognize them, saith the Lord, and they are 50% through. A lot of people say, “I won’t say anything about them demons.” Recognize that those [demons] are behind the problems of this nation. They are behind the troubles of the Christians today. They are behind the kinds of things that steal your faith. Indeed, they will tell you, you have no faith. They will tell you any kind of thing that you will listen to. But if you listen to the Word of God, they can’t get in there. Amen…. They can’t oppress you in such a way as to make you just sink down. No matter what your trouble or problem is, you are going to rise up. Glory! Before I pray for people, if they would recognize that their sickness is from satan…they are probably 50% to 70% to the victory. That’s exactly right. By recognizing—once you expose and recognize that problem, that sickness has to move out of the way.

They [spirits] will tell you, you are not going to get ahead. What do you care, satan? Amen? Just tell him, “I am waiting on God. He will pull me out in front. What do you want to do, satan? Knock me down? I am just waiting. Let God lead me on here.” When he says you are not going to get ahead, if you look around, God is helping you, anyway. Amen? That’s exactly right….

There are tricky ones too. There are tricky spirits. They will take away your joy. You will be happy and the next moment, something will happen and you will just lose it like that. They are tricky and they will take away your joy. They will tell you, you are not going to get healed. God isn’t going to heal you. Don’t pay any attention to them. They will say you are not going to receive salvation. God is not going to forgive you for this or God is not going to forgive you for that…. My answer to satan is that God has already saved me. God has already healed me. I must accept it. There is faith in faith, saith the Lord. That’s right! Jesus said it’s finished.  On the cross, He saved everybody that would believe that. By whose stripes you were healed, when they beat Him. And everybody that would believe, by His stripes they are healed. If they accept it, it will be manifested. He is not going to save or heal you. He has already done it. But you must believe it. Amen. He has also told you about satan. He said, “Satan, it written…fall down and worship the Lord thy God.” He [satan] left [fled]. How many of you are still with me? Praise the Lord. That’s what you should tell Lucifer, “fall down and worship the Lord God,” and move on. Amen….

Then you know what? He will tell the Christian church and the real believers in God—he will tell you, “Jesus is not coming. Jesus is not going to come. Just look, all the time you thought two years ago that Jesus was going to come. You thought 10 years ago that Jesus was going to come. You thought the Second World War—the preacher said Jesus was coming and set dates for it…. The comet came in 1984, Jesus is coming; Jesus is coming.” They set a date for it in the early 1900s, but the Jews had not gone home yet. So, anything below 1948 couldn’t have been true anyway. Oh, that was a great sign! Israel should be in their homeland…. He said the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. That is atomic. They went home. How many of you say, praise the Lord? Then watch out, now! That time clock is ticking. It’s moving close and fast toward that midnight hour. That last generation is coming upon us and He is going to take us out of here. Now, you can set your clock. In 1948, that flag went up, they minted their coins and Israel became a nation for the first time. She has the ammunition from the US, the guns, power and the weapons to push back the Russians. There she stands in her homeland, where she is today. Now, from 1948 you can set that clock and start watching. It’s our time clock—the Jews. The time of the Gentiles has run its course; it is finishing up. We are in the transition period and satan is telling the people, “Jesus is not coming. Jesus has forgotten all about you.” He never forgets anything, anyway…. Well, now, they realize there is a Jesus, isn’t it, by saying He is not coming? Over here, they are saying He is not going to do that. At the same time, they are saying He is real…. But Jesus is coming. “I will come again.” The angel said this same Jesus, not a different one, this same Jesus shall come again. “Behold, I come quickly.” Isn’t that good enough? The Book of Revelation is futuristic. It tells us of the present and it tells us of the future. It relates some of the past, but mostly leads forward into the future and there are so many scriptures that say, “I will come again.” He shall return. He will gather His elect. He will translate you. “Behold, the Lord Himself shall descend with a shout, with the Voice of the Archangel….” Then that Angel lifted up His hand to heaven and said time shall be no more. He is coming and the more they scoff—they told Noah, it wasn’t going to happen and they told this one and that one that it wasn’t going to happen—but the fact is, it always happened at the time God wanted it to happen. Jesus—when they start saying because of the delay that they have seen in history and all the preachers that have set dates since the 1900s—but after 1948, you can say any hour; you won’t be false either. He is coming at any time because that sign is there. Oh, they just preach about the coming of the Lord so much that the people go to sleep listening to it like that. You see, yeah, put them to sleep by preaching it so much…. Very seldom does one really preach it with urgency and really get down to business. It’s been preached so much that they try to tell the people He is not coming…. When you start hearing those things—the bible said when you start hearing those things—He is just at the door. He is at the door when we start hearing all of these denials…. There is a delay, alright. There is a hesitation in Matthew 25, where there was a short lull, a hesitation, but it picked up again real fast. We are at the midnight hour. It is turning quicker. We are going home soon. Yes, saith the Lord, “I am coming again. I am coming for those that love me and those that believe in my Word.” Amen. I believe that, don’t you? We must keep this urgency before the people. Don’t go to sleep.

Then he [the devil] will tell you that true prophets are false and that false prophets are true. They [spirits] are confused, aren’t they? They are confused…. But the Word of god says I will also show you the false prophets. Believe me there are more false prophets than true prophets in the land. We can see that right now….They will cause you to doubt. They will tell you all these things and they will have false witness…. We have seen a lot of that in the nation.

There will be arguing spirits that will go up against you when you know you have the true Word of God. There isn’t anything they can confront you with; you have the true Word of the Lord. You have the power of the Lord and you know the promises of the Lord. Yet, there will be arguing spirits that will try to go up against that. Don’t pay them any attention. You have the truth and there is nothing to argue about there. You have the truth…. You will run into people and they want to argue religion. That will never work. I have never had to do that in my ministry. I just preach the Word of God, go on delivering the sick, go on healing people, and casting out the devils causing their problems and so forth like that. I have never seen anything to argue about, but to tell the truth, and it is so easy to tell the truth of the bible, and relate the truth to them. If they cannot see it, something is wrong with them. So, you don’t have to protect yourself out there. The Lord has already protected you. Amen. You might get blamed for something He does in your life by relating the Word of God, but He told me one time that there are some nice things ahead in paradise for you. Amen? You have to understand; you have to help carry that load that He has put upon the elect that carry that [Word]. They get blamed because they stand on the Word of God, and satan will smite at them. He will do all kinds of things unmercifully to those that really love God. But oh, what a hope! My, what a day coming! How wonderful it is!

There will be discouraging type spirits, you know. They will come in a hundred thousand different ways. That [discouragement] is satan’s best tool tight there. If he ever got a prophet down that way in the bible—and the disciples, the Lord had to help them by intervention—He got the disciples. Boy, he caught them off guard and when he did, they saw no hope. They thought it was all gone. They fled in every direction. But the Faithful Witness, Jesus, came and collected them back together. He is our Faithful Witness, it says in the Book of Revelation. During the Laodicean age—that Faithful Witness—when everything is spewed out, when everything becomes lukewarm, when everything falls by the wayside and when all of them just fell and dropped away, that Faithful witness is standing with the faithful messenger. Glory! Hallelujah! There it is right there. At the end of the age, we are going to have a Great One. He is coming back again. That hesitation, the lull is here now. He is coming back again, a Great Power. Now, it’s mainly based on personalities and different things like that; you know if television is not used right…it is television without the power of God. Then it becomes worthless. But if you can use it with the power to deliver the sick–and the power of radio and so forth—then it becomes a tool. Otherwise, it creates something that there is nothing to it at all…. Believe me, at the end of the age, God is going to show them some things. Glory! Behold a new thing God will do among His people, great and powerful things.

Then you have sick spirits. I know there is a real sickness. You can get cancer; cancer gets into people. There is a real sickness. But you can get sick spirits. Listen real close; don’t get mad at me now, listen if you are on the cassette here; there is a sick spirit. In other words, people want to look sick. They want to be sick, but they are not really sick. They want to look at everything in despair. That’s satan. They make everything [look] hopeless. That was revelation, wasn’t it? Amen. But if they keep on like that, they will be sick…. In other words, you can hardly do anything for them. There is that great power, the great gifts of God, but [they say], “I’d just rather be sick and look sick.” Those are sick spirits…. The demon is sick…. Don’t let him do that to you. There is a real cause; it doesn’t come causelessly. One time Jesus said if you don’t obey what I am doing—and He told them about different diseases—I will give you astonishment of heart and confusion. They would be so astonished they wouldn’t know what they were doing… There are real sicknesses now that will bring you down but at other times, it’s just satan working on the mind; satan oppressing you in such a way that you’d rather be that way than be delivered. Don’t ever get into that kind of a coup [situation]…. Have you ever been around people like that? That is exactly right. Sometimes, you may have been tricked that way yourself. Don’t believe him. Believe the Lord Jesus. Now, to the reality of real diseases that must be cast out; those are real. Those are right there, but the other kind is different…..

Then the devil will tell you that God is against you and that is the reason that you have been having so many problems. Here you are, just praying and going to service, but the devil will say God is against you. No, God isn’t against you. He has never been against you. You can’t shake Him if you want Him. If you don’t want Him, you can shake Him off. You can’t shake Him off if you want the Lord Jesus. I said, saith the Lord, if everyone be against you, God will be for you. You know what the bible says? It says if everyone be against you, the scriptures say … God will be for you. I believe the real scripture is if God be for you, who in the world can be against you? Listen to this real close here: This is what is attacking the Christian vine, the elect vine. The [people of the]  world have their own problems in similarity; but satan is pushing against that bride, pushing against those that have faith, that faithful witness, pushing in there against that witness, trying to …keep them from the translation and keep them from the kingdom of God. Amen. But we just hold our ground and watch them [spirits] go one by one—the unseen enemy, that is what it is—just ignore him and go on with the Lord Jesus Christ. You are in a good spot to cast them out. I have run into them on the platform…. I just cast them out…. At the same time, I just go on about my business. It’s nothing new to me…. My heart is strong. So, they are real today…. You believe the Lord with all your heart. They will tell you God is against you. They will tell you everybody is against you. Don’t believe it. You can always find people who are for you anyway. You have good spirits to help you too. There are bad spirits and there are good spirits, but you’ve got angels all around you. They are everywhere encamped around you, but sometimes people want to believe stronger in those things that are suppressing them than in the good spirits that are trying to help them. There are good spirits up here, there are angels and powers, and they are helping the people. You know what? I already feel lighter…. I felt happiness a while ago in the songs service and all that we did, but there is a kind lightness because when the truth goes forth saith the Lord, it will bring light. Glory! Hallelujah! There is no other way around this; recognize what hinders you. Recognize those things. Fill up with the fruit of the Spirit; joy, faith and all the fruit of the Spirit. Combat these demon powers.

There are demon powers that will put fright in you. They will give you fear and try to scare you…. But the Lord said He encamps around about you. God delivered me from all my fears, David said. He will do the same thing for you. The spirits and what they do to the Christians: Ephesians 6: 12-17. Bro. Frisby read Ephesians 6: 12. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers….” No matter where you are, it seems like they are moving in, on your job, and everywhere….You know demons today, they will turn friend against friend. They will cause havoc and despair, and they will try to cause hopelessness. That is their duty. But we are Christians. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Bro. Frisby read v. 16. “Above all, taking the shield of faith….” See that platform up there [Bro. Frisby proceeded to explain the meaning of the symbols on the podium]. You see that shield. You see the red, the stripes; those denote the bruising of the Lord, the blood and so forth like that. There is the Bright and Morning Star inside that sun that rises, the Sun of Righteousness and the Morning Star. See that lightning there; the energy off of that; that is the shield. That shield—if satan is sitting in the audience, he will recognize it before the people…. Put on the shield of faith. That shield of faith is going to block all those things [the operations/attacks of the evil spirits] that I just told you about this morning. Put on the shield of faith, for with it, you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked, the evil one, the demon power, satan…. The shield of faith–the Word of God is powerful–but unless you act upon it and upon your faith, there will not be a shield created…. When you act upon the Word of God, that shield shines right on through there. Your faith opens that shield in front of you. When it does, you are able to withstand anything that satan would throw at you. You are able to recognize it and to hold up. Take the helmet of salvation too and the sword of the Spirit, an actual sword of the Spirit of God and His power, which is the Word of God. How many of you are ready to act upon these words?

The unseen enemy—the confrontations that Christians meet, and they forget all these scriptures that are in the bible…. There are so many more demon powers to prevent your progress. Stay praised up. Stay alert by God’s power, steadfast and determined that you are stronger, so much more stronger than satan. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The bible says you are more than conquerors…. Paul said I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me–when he himself was confronted. He said the very air is filled with these spirits that had attacked me. And yet, Paul said, you don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but these things [spirits] are in the air, the very air is filled with them. Then he turned around to those spirits and said, “Behold, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” How many of you believe that this morning? That is exactly right. So, you have the goods.

They will take away your peace. They will take away your joy. Much of the churches today, when they lose the power to recognize what I have preached about this morning, they will lose the power of spiritual sight to understand the great war that is going on against Christians. Then they become organizations that God spews out of His mouth—Revelation chapter 3. But those that have patience in the Word and in the Name of the Lord, those are my faithful witnesses. How great you are! Keep that joy. It’s more valuable than all the money in the world. Keep that faith in your heart. It’s more valuable than all the diamonds and all the gold of this world. Keep that faith because in your faith and joy you can get all those things, if you want to, by believing God and by faith—that is, if you really need them. The Word of God–keep it in your heart and act upon it. Let the Word of God have free course in you. Put that faith behind it and that shield will pop up just like that! So, we have a shield here that is protecting the church and that is protecting the people that believe God by your faith. Shield against sickness. Shield against discouragement. Shield against melancholy…. Oh, He is going to have a body! He is going to have a group. When He calls, when He translates…and unites them totally together for that great move, you have never seen such a commotion of power, such a moving of power in your life. The very energy of the Spirit will pick up such a momentum like we have never seen before.

I want you to stand to your feet. You people are moving right with me. You are moving right along. Wow! Wow! Praise God! That’s exactly right. Recognize those little things like that. If you allow them to grow they will become big obstacles in your life. You believe Him and put on the whole armor of God; above all, faith in God’s promises…. The Lord will bless you. You have your ups and downs sometimes, but by remembering this message, you can get rid of them [your downs] quickly. You can have God move for you quickly. How many of you feel good in your body and soul? Let’s thank God this morning…. Are you ready? Let’s thank the Lord Jesus. Come on, and thank Him. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Jesus! I feel Him now!

The Spirits-Forces | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1150 | 03/29/1987 AM