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Not Alone | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD # 1424 | 06/07/1992 AM/PM

The Lord, bless your hearts. He is really real. Isn’t He? Lord, we come to church for one thing, that is to tell you how wonderful you are. Oh, eternal life, you can’t buy it. There is no way, Lord. You gave it to us. We’ve got it! Now, we follow through what you tell us to do. Now, touch the new ones and anybody out there, Lord that needs guidance. In the time that we live in, the devil has sown so many firestones here and there and confusion. The people—when they go this way, it looks wrong and when they go that way, it looks wrong. It looks like they can’t make a right decision…. But Lord, that is when you will nudge them where they are supposed to be. Satan is actually working for you and he doesn’t know it. I guess satan is a fertilizer around the flowers that make them grow so pretty for you. Amen…. If you are not tested, you are not a saint of God. I don’t care who you are. Amen. He said they must be proven, tried as gold is tried in the fire. Boy,that can get hot, that purges and when it gets through it, it looks pretty good. It is pretty valuable too. Amen. Give the Lord a handclap! I pray for my partners all over the world. Oh, how they want my prayers…. Go ahead and be seated. You’ve been wonderful.

You can repent all you want—then you don’t back it up…. Repentance is really good in the heart. You just have to back it up with witnessing, prayer and all these things, you know, or you sit around and become self-righteous. That is exactly right.

Now, Not Alone. Christians today see big organizations, big gatherings, big banquets, big this and big that. Some older people live alone, and singles live alone. It’s lonely. Christians—because they have so much disagreement with the real word of God—but Jesus told you if they had done this to me in the green tree, what would they do to you in the dry tree at the end of the age? Amen? Although, it looked like a great revival swept the earth…but it’s filtering out and the latter rain is coming to the field that is His. It may not rain on the others like that. He didn’t promise to rain on the whole world like that. But He will bring a powerful rain, and on the field that is His especially, more rain. He will come in the latter and the former rain and it will come on the field that is called the elect. You can practically see the waves just rolling out across that field. I did, and the Master is in the middle of it. See; come on now, we are getting close to the end of the age. He told me the more you preach it the less some people will believe it. And He said, I [Bro. Frisby] told them at the end of the age with great urgency that He is coming soon. “I will return. Behold, I come quickly,” three times before He closed the book (Revelation 22).

Now, let’s get down here: Not Alone. The believer is never alone. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, and how lonely the devil makes you…. Jesus’ presence, oh, how wonderful! Christ said this, “I will be with the believer even unto [the end of] this age.” Meaning, He will take up the elect, and the few that are scattered in the tribulation, and the Jewish believers (Revelation 7). He will be there and never leave you. He said you will not be alone. See? You can’t tell the Lord, “I am so lonely. The Lord is a million miles [away]” The human nature has always been a million miles [away], saith the Lord…. The fact is this: the presence of God is there, and the human nature will make you think that He is not when He is there in a strong way. Not only will He not leave or forsake the elect bride, straight on through until Armageddon, [even] those that are left over [behind]. I sure do not want to be in that group. You can’t try to be in that group [tribulation group]. He would have those chosen as He had [selected] the elect…. Stick with this Word and get in the first group. Amen. You’ve got a chance. How many of you believe that?

So, promise at the end of the age—and He will be in the midst of the believer. Now, that’s not in the midst of your body, but that is in the midst of that one that loves Him. He will stick to them. You can’t tell me you are alone because you can’t be. He is not only, not going to forsake you, but He is going to be in the midst of you. How in the world can you lose Him? You can’t lose Him. The flesh can lose Him…. Satan can do all kinds of things that he wants to do, but He is in the midst of the believer–inside the single believer—power. He is in the midst of this group here today and in the midst of the group of believers. That means a Central Figure in the midst of the golden candlesticks. It also means in the midst of where He is going to do His work. He is the Sun in the midst of the heaven as He shines down out of the bride chamber. You watch and see; He is in the midst. Not only will He be in the midst, He won’t leave you. He will come to comfort the believer. The flesh says it is impossible with the people full of anxiety…and they wring their hands not knowing which way to turn, and satan has gotten them confused. But He said, “I shall come to comfort the believer.” Though Christ Jesus goeth away, “I will make sure” [to the disciples, you are going to face trials] …. I will come again.” Now, He didn’t go anywhere, He just changed dimensions back into the Holy Spirit. How can God come and go? We use the term and He used the term because it is human nature…. He changed like you would turn the set [TV] and another cable would come on millions of miles away by satellite. He just changed into another dimension.

He went away from them. He disappeared for a moment. He walked back into the room again through the door. So, He will be right with you. “I goeth away but I come again.” That was to let them know that they wouldn’t see Him for a moment. He changed into another dimension. The wind bloweth where it wants to…. The Holy Spirit…He breathed upon them. In the Book of Acts, they were carried up into the [upper] chamber and the Holy Spirit Fire fell on every one of them. Now, when Christ goeth away, He changes in dimensions, and He cometh again. “I will send the Spirit of Truth and He will come in my name, Jesus; and there, I will comfort youand the Veil of the Lord will come upon His people. I will give them rest. There is a rest for the people of God. The world is restless, everything is restless, but He said, “I will give you rest.” So, He will give you rest at the end of the age when everything seems to be shaking apart, flying one way and the other way…you won’t be shaken apart. You will hold on to that rest…. Jesus will manifest Himself to the believer; meaning that those gifts and the fruit of the Spirit, and the power of the Holy Spirit…will begin to work. “I will manifest myself.” That means that before the end of the age, you will begin to see certain manifestations, certain things with your own eyes, certain glories and certain attributes. God will reveal them. “I will manifest in healings, in miracles, signs, in glory, in angels, in power, in presence, knowledge and wisdom and fruit of the Spirit. And in one glorious time, I will take them up.”

You see, He will fix it to where they are able to go up. Unless He does, you go nowhere. You can do nothing without me, saith the Lord, not a thing. How many of you believe that? If you try to do everything yourself, you haven’t done anything, saith the Lord. You must listen and without me, it will never come out right. You have to have me. I will make it come out right. It will work, saith the Lord. Do you believe that? See; organized systems have a better idea. “We’ll expand the kingdom this way. We’ll expand the kingdom that way.” They have all kinds of systems—it’s all Babylon out there. They don’t have the correct word. You have to call them Babylon. They’ve got to have the correct word, and have it manifested. They have to know who Jesus is and really believe in the power of the supernatural and be correct with the word. Otherwise, they are Babylon. That is all it is; it’s confusion, saith the Lord. Amen. If they ever got the right doctrine, it would straighten everything out. It would straighten the snake out. But see; they won’t swallow it [the word of God]. They won’t take that correct doctrine because it will run the people off. It will run the treasury down because they don’t have a big crowd. But if you get in there and tell the truth, you will probably wind up with what God is going to take up. How many of you believe that? Amen! That’s exactly right.

So, He goeth and He cometh again. He will manifest Himself, and you are not alone. “I will make my abode…. I will live with you.” Israel thought they were alone and He practically said that Israel dwelleth alone. He called them away from all the nations like the elect and He looked down from the mountains upon them…. He looked down and they were in their numbers. They were in their tribes together and they had the Supernatural God looking over them with two great prophets, maybe three, Caleb was there like a prophet and Joshua was there waiting his turn. Moses was there, and He looked down upon them. The elect, they are not alone. You may think you are dwelling alone—you are alone in one way—you are separated from the people and the systems that would drag you down. You are separated alone with God, but you are not alone because God is with you.…. The believer is never alone.

Now, Jesus said in Revelation 1:18, “I am He that liveth and was dead….” Watch this: He was living, dead and living. He actually never really died. When He was dead, He was alive. They never killed His soul. He shed His body like somebody would shed a sheep. So, you people that are in the audience out there, as long as you’ve got that flesh on, you are partly dead. That’s the seed of death in you, you can’t shake it. It is in there. You get salvation, potentially, and power in you; you have life. But you don’t really live, saith the Lord, until you shake the flesh and die. When you die, you truly live. You can’t completely live with the flesh. You are half dead and half alive because that flesh is dying by the billions of cells, and you begin to grow old. You go through your middle age crisis. You go through all kinds of crises in your life, and you begin to grow older. But God has got it fixed. Even Adam lived to be 960 [years old] in those days, but he had to die. He had to go on. He aged, and he went on his way, not as fast as we do today. God had seen that the wickedness of man was so great, He couldn’t allow it. If he [Adam] had been here 4000 years ago, Christ wouldn’t probably have a chance. But He cut it down like that and spaced it out 6000 years. That’s what it’s all about; computations and numerical values will show you why. And He will come just at the appointed second that He has called on it there.

So, at the end of the age, you are truly not alive completely until you are dead. The moment you die, you are alive for evermore, saith the Lord. That’s right. You cannot dispute the scriptures. “I am dead, I am alive. I am dead, I am alive.” They never killed His soul. He was alive all the time. His Spirit never died. You cannot kill His Spirit and man cannot kill your spirit. He can kill your body, but he cannot kill the spirit that God is going to take. So, Jesus, He was still alive when the body died. And when you die, you are still alive. The body just goes, and you are there with the Lord Jesus. So, dead and alive. But you will really not know what living is, you will not know what life is until you die or saith the Lord, you are translated in light, and that is coming soon. Then you know what life is, the moment it strikes in a twinkling of an eye, in a moment. When that change comes, you will see the difference between what real eternal life is and what He has given us upon the earth, and the difference is so dramatic and so powerful until you try to shout for joy until He has to cool you off. You will say, “Why did not I do this beforehand?” Jesus will say, “Therefore, faith comes in.”

He said at the end of the age, “Would I find that kind of faith?” Sure, He is going to find it, He said, among the few elect people. But on the earth, that is why so many people are left. It is because they do not have that kind of faith that He said the elect would have. He mentioned the “elect” and He will come to them speedily. But would He find any faith, the kind He is looking for? So, if you have that kind of faith, you will be jumping and praising God. But as long as you think you’ve got this flesh to live in and all that you’ve got to do, you just put it [faith] on the sideline. But actually, there is going to be, at the proper time, a lot of shouting, really a lot of praising, really heart-felt-soul-reaching out to God just before that translation.

It would be quite like Elijah. He thought he was alone too until the angel cooked him breakfast and talked to him. He thought he was alone [like the elect] and was going to give up and tell the Lord to let him die. But the next thing you knew, the old man wasn’t dead yet. He got a little food in him and he could walk for 40 days. He walked 40 days and nights without any food. He sat down there by that cave and here comes the Most High, that little Voice. He is coming to that elect and I tell you, if some of you have to get a little special food, well, that would be ok with me. Wouldn’t it be with you? Man, He is going to get that elect where He wants them. See; I mean He can sharpen that thing down to where it is like a point. It will be like on top of this point where that arrow shoots up, you know, and He is going away. He is going to leave in them wings. He is going to get them ready. He’s got to get everyone of you that is ready there.

“I am alive forever more, Amen, and have the keys of life and death. I am all of it.” Satan is ruled out here. He took him and slapped him around and got rid of him. He [the Lord] controls it, everything…. See; but in the heart, God will get all those in the beginning. He won’t lose one out of His hand, like I said the other night. Before I finish this—you have to die or be translated before you can cross into that eternal life. Evidently, I wrote that before the twenty-first century, the harvest would be completely over. It should be way before that. And people are sitting around. We are getting closer. By the twenty-first century…billions of souls will still not be saved…. Go ye into all the world, it says in the Book of Acts [Ch. 1]. Go to Judea and the uttermost parts of the earth and preach the gospel. Yet, before we cross into that century, billions, saith the Lord, billions will not have been saved; witnessed to, but not saved. I wrote this: you might say that we are entering the last hour of the Lord’s final work. We must be diligent. Let us not fail Him in His harvest work. He is making it plain. He is making it where there is no mistake about it. I do believe in the numerical values that it won’t be too far off and it could be, as far as I am concerned, now, tomorrow or the next year…. It will be close. We are getting closer and closer. We look at the nations. We see something that we haven’t seen since 1821 or somewhere in there—some of the things that are happening. You watch my prophecies start clicking and popping, man! We don’t know the date or the hour, but He promised the elect that somehow the season will be in front of them. The signposts will be everywhere. The lukewarm virgins could see nothing, and the midnight cry went forth. And they cried, the midnight criers made a loud noise, but they didn’t hear them. They didn’t pay them any attention. The criers said, “He cometh, go ye out to meet Him.” Not a one of them [moved]. They just sat there. See; they didn’t want to believe anything. Yet, at the midnight hour, Jesus came.

So, we find out, we are closing this out. Again, this message here and what He is doing, He wants that believer to witness…even unto the end of the age, until He takes the bride up and then lets a few Jews witness on. He is going to keep on talking like He did on the cross until He gets the last one. He is going to get him. Don’t ever lose sight [of this]: you are not alone when you talk to somebody. If you start witnessing to somebody, you will not be alone. That Holy Spirit is not going to fail to let that person listen to that. That is one thing: when you start telling somebody something [witnessing], you know He is going to be there. If you want to use that as symbolism to let you know that He is there, just start telling somebody about God. You don’t think He is going to run off, do you? He travelled; Jesus didn’t miss anything. He called everything in 31/2 years. He walked up to the woman at the well. You think He missed her? Oh no, she wasn’t alone. He sat down. He talked to her. He helped her. He had a messenger; He sent her to tell them. The same thing today: when you witness, Jesus would be sitting at the well with you. You may be talking to a man/woman that is in deep trouble or a kid that is in dope or narcotics, but Jesus will be sitting at the well with you. As God, He won’t let them get out. He will tell them. If they don’t like it, well, of course, they’ve got to face Him. And when they face Him, they can’t say, “You never told me.” See; He is the Word. They will be judged by the Word. He won’t really have to add to it or take away from it; a scripture will just come out.

We are judged by the Word which is Jesus. How many of you believe that? And the promises of the work of the Holy Spirit in that field [evangelism/witnessing]—He will quicken that believer to do this. He shall testify and give him great power. He shall teach him all things to tell them about; “Like I told you, tell them.” He shall guide you into all truth…. Not alone is the title. No believer is alone. He will give you power.   When they crucified Jesus Christ He let out something and was quiet. It was dark. The Old Loin of the Tribe of Judah had laid down His tools and they thought it was finished. But you know what? If you shoot once, you better make sure you put Him away or He will get you if you go after Him. And then in Revelation 10, He comes down in angelic form. The cloud and rainbow mean Deity. You can’t get away from that. He comes down in there and boy, He lets loose where they had stung Him. That reminded them of the cross, the Wounded Lion. And when He was stung, He roared. When He roared as if a lion roared, and then the sting of death that they hit Him with, boy—He comes back, and seven thunders begin to go off. When they killed Him, they set in motion power that they never dreamed of, and in them seven thunders power began to flash. He became the Almighty out of that Lion that had been wounded to death.

He rose again. He was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and John was sitting there, and the thunders uttered their voices to the elect. He told John, “You can hear it John. You are someone that can keep a secret too. That’s why you are on this island. When you laid your head on my breast, I made you different. You can hold the secret in your heart….” He said, “John, your anointing won’t change for that [to reveal the seven thunders]. There is an anointing of those seven thunders and lightening, it is so powerful. It is going to cause a change in the elect. You can’t put it in a pan. “You take what you heard. You leave it blank in a scroll…. And on that scroll, what you heard, John, you do not write it down. You seal it up like Daniel sealed his book up. I would have a time that I would come and reveal it.” The devil doesn’t know it because he was nowhere near where God was. You know, he can only be near where God is if God allows him to come there. He [God] said, “Have you considered my servant Job?” He knew what he had come for. He had been trying to get there…and He kept him off probably. He knew all about his comings and goings, didn’t He? Amen. He can only come when God lets him come. John on Patmos, satan was not around there, nowhere, except for the visions showing death and destruction later. And God said, “You seal that, John.” That part of the bible is left out.

I don’t know how many words were said in the thunders, but if we know God, it is like the psalmist’s scripts. It was piece by piece, just little small pieces because seven of them rang out and thundered. That Great Lion that was stung…. If you take a lion and sting it, it will roar and that was what was involved in there. He is fixing to get back at those that stung Him. And in the thunders, He is coming to get those that love Him. So, seal it up like Daniel. The books [Daniel and Revelation] are both apocalyptic. They both copied one another. They both stayed the same; added information was given by John, but they are both the same. “And at the end of the age, I will pass by my elect and I will reveal to them those thunders like you would to a bride elect, something you wouldn’t give to the rest of the world.” You hide it. Then you put it on her finger. Behold, she makes herself ready. Whatever is in them thunders is going to make you ready. And He said, “Now, John, here is the other secret.” He lifted one hand toward the heaven and one hand toward the earth. “Here comes the secret to the translation, John, to the tribulation, to the Day of the Lord, and to the Millennium.” Here it comes like a rocket, piece by piece. First, He lifted His hands up after He told John not to write them thunders—we know what it was—there was a time element given somehow that not even John understood all that. He lifted up His hands to heaven and earth, after He thundered like a Great Lion and said time shall be no longer, meaning it was running out. There shall be no more delay is the real rendering.

He set in motion; He didn’t stop right there, but somebody left this earth, saith the Lord right there [translation]. Oh, you said, “When/where did they leave?” Well then, you missed it! They were gone…. You know, all of a sudden. He talked about the days of the Seventh Angel—Christ in a messenger or the message—and then, it stopped and then it leads on out over into the two witnesses. The elect [people] are gone in the thunders. They are nowhere around here. When we come right through there in describing Deity step by step, if you missed where you left [were supposed to leave in the translation], I don’t know what to tell you. The world went on and He said there would be no more time, but the world went on. In that there, are those time gaps—the translation secret. He told John, “Don’t write it, the secret, don’t do it. Leave it alone like that.” Then the translation secret…the tribulation…the Day of the Lord, the White Throne, and infinite. There should be time no more. That was the beginning of the end, and the elect was gone. That’s right.

That chapter, Revelation 10, is a pivotal chapter. It should have been placed in Revelation chapter 4 really. But the Lord did [it this way] because He has a double witness in the Book of Revelation. He said it again in a different way and added more to it [in Revelation 10]. So, in Revelation chapter 4 is where the great translation really did take place. But He has done it this way because in there [Revelation 10] is the secret that got the elect through the door [Revelation 4], saith the Lord. He kept satan from knowing where it was. He kept the men of all ages from knowing that Revelation chapters 10 and 4 are matched in there—10 and 4 confirmed…. So, there we are; He will give you power that you haven’t seen before. It is coming upon the elect. Keep your eyes open.

As I said, by the time we close this thing out billions of souls would not have been saved or witnessed to. This is our hour to strike, to witness and to bring in as many as we can. Every one of you that is listening to my voice; every one of you that is out there, you’ve only got a few hours to tell people about Jesus. Some of you may be getting up in age and He may call you which may be a very fortunate thing because you won’t live until you die and there is no fear in death. The fear is in living, saith the Lord. How can you fear? You have no more fear then. You are passed on to that light. So, it’s really great. I want you to stand up to your feet. All over the world people are agreeing with me that truly the time sands are running out. We are coming; He is coming down. He is going to get us. I believe that. The Holy Spirit will reprove the world…of righteousness. We will only witness to as many as we can. How many of you really feel God? Now, Jesus, He can talk, and you will probably hear Him for five miles, but He could talk supernaturally to a crowd of 5,000 out of a boat or upon a hill and they would hear Him. No one has ever understood that…. He was a mild-mannered Man many times except for several times when He had to go to the temple and straighten up and get to them. He called the Jews vipers, snakes and so forth like that. Otherwise, He was gentle, and He talked to the people.

He came to Elijah and His Voice changed. He had a still small Voice. There was a change coming. Elijah was used to hearing it differently. But that Voice; that still small Voice, that was to tell him the chariot was on the way. He was getting ready [to go] in the translation. That was the reason for the changed Voice. And the Lord, at the end of the age—to each one of you, that Voice is coming to you. There are many voices, but only One like His. So, each one of you, get ready.

Now, this morning, I want you to shout the victory. I want you to thank God that He has kept you. You don’t have much longer to wait. I have gotten it written in the scrolls about other things that are coming. You better prepare what years, or months or hours that you’ve got left to tell them about Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him. Don’t wait until you get there. It’s kind of like an insult—to wait until you get there to do your glorifying and praising the Lord. You want to do it now and then when you get there, all that you do is wonder, oh, oh! Isn’t that wonderful? Give the Lord a handclap! Shout the victory! Amen. Now, I want everyone to raise your hands in the air and let us glorify the Lord Jesus. If you need salvation, He is as close as your breath. Your breath tells you, you are alive with Him or you will be dead. Say, “I love you, Jesus. You repent. Then you turn around and witness. You begin to read the bible. You get back in there and God will bless your heart…. You people, renew yourselves.

At the end of the age, the people changed before the change [translation] came. I want all this on the cassette. There was a change. It’s like the great eagle that renews its strength and mounts up after a long waiting period in the mountains, sheds its feathers and rises back with great power. The elect, they are going to have to renew; even the greatest and most wonderful saint is going to have to renew, saith the Lord, and be restored to the original place that was given in the scriptures. “Then he will be where I want him.” That’s right. All those listening to this cassette, may there be such a pouring out on you and supply, miracles, wonders and whatever until you cannot hold it and it runs over. If you wait long enough, it will run over. Give the Lord a handclap!

Not Alone | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD # 1424 | 06/07/1992 AM/PM