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The Crowning Light | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#1277 | 08/27/1989 AM

The Lord bless you this morning. How great the Lord is! Amen. Do you feel that He is going to move for you? Sure, He is going to move for you. You just kind of have to jump on it. Amen? ….Lord Jesus, we are together, believing you with all our hearts. Go before thy people like you did in the days of old…. Touch each heart, no matter what’s on their hearts. Lord, answer the requests and we command the power of the Lord to be with thy people. Lord, touch the ones that need salvation. Touch the ones that want a closer walk, Lord. Lord, touch the ones they are praying for, to get saved, that more will come to this harvest work at the end of the age. Lord, take the stress out so that they can unite together. All of the old worries and all of the fears that disunite your people, Lord, take all the problems and troubles out so that they may come in one Spirit, Lord. Then if they are not divided, you shall call back the answer. Amen. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord….

The Holy Spirit is a Comforter and that is what He is doing in the church. He is a Comforter. Forget your problems. Forget that for a moment. Then as you begin to unite in the Spirit of the Lord, it becomes a bond. When that unity comes together, He goes striking right through the audience, healing and answering prayers. The reason why there are not more prayers answered in the churches today is that they come with such division among them until God couldn’t answer them if He wanted to. He wouldn’t. It would go against His Word. How many of you believe that? That’s exactly right. All over the nation—always dissension, strife—these things are going on everywhere. So, in the church–no matter what happens to you anywhere else…when you come to church, just allow your mind to come together with the Lord. You will be surprised who you will help and how many times God will help you.s

[Bro. Frisby made some remarks about a recent scientific/space program discovery]. Oh, wait until they see heaven. They haven’t seen anything yet…. One time, I was praying and the Lord said, “Tell the people about my works that are in the heavens. Reveal to them and shew them my handiwork.” Jesus said in Luke 21: 25 and different places all over the bible, He said that there should be signs in the sun and in the moon, the planets and stars…. The Lord said though they climb into the heavens, it’s about time that I would begin to pull them down…. But the Holy Spirit, the Eternal Fire, the Fire of God…He is out there. Man can say one simple prayer and he will get an answer quicker than that they can get [space rocket] to the moon—faster than the speed of light. God knows what we need before we ask …. He is right here and our prayer is answered just like that. Oh, a Majestic God! How great He is! Amen…. So, we find out how great and powerful God is. Job heard the Lord talk about those things [celestial] and he forgot about all the problems and troubles that he was in. When the great Creator began to explain how great and powerful the Lord was and how small Job was to begin with, he reached out by faith and got what he needed from the Lord. The Lord stopped and explained the creation to him.

Now, listen to this right here: The Crowning Light. See; what are you working towards? Some people don’t even know how important it is. They don’t know what they are working towards. They are just going along…. In preaching the gospel, some preach a lesser gospel. Some preach a greater gospel. There is more to the gospel than just salvation and there is more to the cross than just salvation. People like Billy Graham…one of the finest ministers…but he is only preaching half of the truth. Where he winds up in God…I don’t know…. But it is only half of the gospel. There is more to the cross and there is more to the crowns of the Lord…. Although, some will be rewarded … for winning souls, there is more than just salvation to the cross. By whose stripes ye were healed. God is healing and those that don’t preach it leave out half of the gospel out. There is more to the cross than just healing and the power of miracles. There is an Upper Room, Jesus said. When you go to the Upper Room, the Holy Spirit Fire falls upon you to do these things. So, when you only preach half of the gospel, you only get half the reward; if you get there at all. Not my judgment, not your judgment, but whatever God gives to those preachers that preach half the gospel, that is up to Him and it remains in His hands. We can do very little about it except pray and ask God to move on them for a deeper walk in Him.

People don’t know what they are striving for. You know, most of our redemption except [being] changed into the glorified light of the Lord in a glorified body, we have received. We have been redeemed from sickness and sin. We have been redeemed from all of the stress, anxieties, worries and all the things in this world. We have been redeemed from poverty into the riches of the Lord. How many of you believe that? We have been redeemed! All the things that the devil has put on the world and all the things he brought into the world …we have been redeemed. But they will not believe the Lord for it. Our last redemption comes when God turns this body and changes it into eternal light. We have what we call borrowed time from Him now until that day, and our redemption is fully come when He does that.

Now, Jesus left a Crown of Glory for a crown of thorns. How many of you believe that? He would have some stars later. He left a Crown of Glory in heaven for a crown of thorns…. The people on this earth, they want the gospel just right. They want a crown, but they don’t want to wear the crown of thorns. He said you have to bear your cross. There will be times of tribulation and times of gossip against you. There will be times of stress and times of pain. You will even suffer pain many times, but that goes along with winning the crown. It’s exactly right. He came down and left a great one there for the thorns that He received for mankind, and the trouble and all the things that go with it here…. But Jesus was a Victor in everything that you need, and [need to] be redeemed from today.

You will receive a crown if you listen and you know the word of God. The Crowning Light is coming. In Revelation chapter10, the Great Angel—we already know it is Jesus– came down, clothed with a cloud. He had a rainbow on His head. Later, we look in Revelation chapter 14 after the firstfruits went up and He had another crown. He was already like unto the Son of man. He had a crown on His head and He was reaping the rest of the earth at that time. An then, over in Revelation chapter 19, after redeeming the saints, He had a crown of many crowns upon His head— Marriage Supper—and the saints were with Him, the elect of God, and they followed Him. Now, we find out in Revelation chapter 7, the tribulation saints, they had branches of palm leaves—palm branches—and they were dressed in white; we see no crowns. We find out in Revelation chapter 20 that they were beheaded, but they had no crowns. We know that that there is a Martyr’s Crown, but their martyrdom was not like that of the ones who gave it up when they gave it [before the translation, not during the tribulation]. Maybe there will be something to that [martyrdom during the tribulation], but we see none [crowns] there.

Let’s get into the heart of the message here. The bible…speaks of various crowns, but all are crowns of life and distinction. You have different ways that you will go to get this crown. Now, your patience in Him will win you a crown (Revelation 3: 10). If you keep the word with patience, in that patience, you will win a crown. The reason why He wants you to have patience in the time that we live in is that if you have no patience, you will get into an argument. If you have no patience, you will be in strife. If you don’t have patience, the next thing you know, everything will go wrong and the devil will have you so full of anxiety that you will jump into anything that moves…. Have patience now, He said. Those that have kept the word of My patience will receive the crown. James also said that the end of the age, it is not the time to hold grudges. It is not the time to have arguments. It is not the time to be in those things. That is the time that the Lord will come. The people that are left in all those things will be left [behind], the bible said. The parable said this: when they begin to drink and smite one another; that is the hour that the Lord will come…the hour that He is coming for His saints.

Be careful that satan doesn’t pull you off guard this way or that way. You’ve got to be careful. The devil is moving to get rid of your crown. Jesus had many crowns—Revelation chapter 19. In one place, He had a rainbow and one crown. In the next place, He had many crowns (chapter 19). He was coming down with the saints. The bible said His vesture was dipped in blood—The Word of God—The King of kings. A light went out of His mouth at Armageddon and struck in there, and He took everything over at that time. Many crowns in there. So, we find out, you’ve got to be careful. If you have patience, don’t jump into conclusions. That’s hard to do in the age that we live in, but James chapter 5 names [mentions] it three times and other scriptures bear this out; you will win your crown, but only by patience will you possess your soul. That’s a key word at the end of the age. Faith, love and patience will guide the elect towards the Lord. They are going to gravitate…towards the Lord. All of a sudden, we are going to be caught up, snatched…He is going to snatch, that’s what it means…and raptured—they call it translation in there. Remember…those that keep the word of my patience…. There are various crowns mentioned in the bible.

The Crown of Righteousness for those who love, I mean literally love His Appearing. They love the word, too (2 Timothy 4: 8). These, said Paul, are the ones that kept the faith. They did not let out [give up] the faith. Some people today, they have faith one minute, the next minute, they don’t have any faith. One week they have faith, the next week, something doesn’t go just right, they go in reverse…they go in the opposite direction. Those that kept the faith, Paul said. He was under pressure when he wrote this—in Timothy 4: 7 & 8)—under pressure. That was his last trip to Nero. He said, “I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith.” He said he did not lose it…. That was one of his last speeches going on in there…he was going to give up his life, but he kept the faith. Nero couldn’t shake his faith. The Jews couldn’t shake his faith. The Pharisees couldn’t shake his faith. The Roman governors couldn’t shake his faith. His own brethren couldn’t shake His faith. The other disciples didn’t shake his faith; He went (to Nero and martyrdom]. Why did God allow one man to do that? Why did he allow one man to stand out like that? To show you how to do it. He was an example and though the hammer came down on his head, he would not deny. But he told the vision to Nero, although it meant his death. … There were all kinds of things that Paul could have gotten entangled with, but he was true enough and smart enough in the Spirit of God and in the wisdom and knowledge of God to get out of them. He knew what his redemption meant, I can tell you that. He couldn’t wait to get there. So, there is a Crown of Righteousness for those who [have] kept the faith. The Crown of Righteousness for those who keep the faith and love His Appearing. In other words, expecting. Nothing can happen without that expectation.

The Crown of Glory for elders and pastors, and different workers (1 Peter 5: 2 & 4)…. Bro. Frisby read 1 Peter 5: 4. That’s the Chief Shepherd, Evangelist, there. That’s the Lord Jesus. It [the Crown of Glory] will never fade away. You talk about a crown and a star on your head….Jesus, instantly, could appear to His disciples no matter if He was at the throne …it doesn’t matter. He could appear through the wall and talk to them in there. He could appear at the seashore, all of a sudden, in a dimension there. We will have bodies just like unto Him that will never suffer pain or death again. He showed us those things that He was doing. They [the disciples] would be walking around, and He would be right there “Where did He come from?” He was showing us the things that our bodies will do also when we receive total redemption from the Lord. That’s exactly right; that Crown of Life. You know, light years don’t even enter in; by thought, you will be where God wants you. That Crown of Life may be like a thought. It is a thought, isn’t it? Amen? With that, it is part of the Eternal God wrapped to [around] you. We don’t know what all that is going to do, but believe me; you will be wise indeed in all the spiritual things. The revelations of heaven, all the great things and the details of heaven will begin to come to you…. No doubt, the Lord Himself will guide you…. It is incredible, a crown that will never fade away; not made out of natural or material things, but made out of something beyond. It is made out of the Heart of God. It will never die. It has to be part of God. Therefore, you are with Him everywhere. Glory, Hallelujah! Then it [the bible] tells you how to receive it. Bro. Frisby read 1Peter 5: 6. “Humble yourselves…under the mighty hand of God….” Patience now, see? Patience now, humble thyself that He may exalt you in due time. There is that patience coming again for that crown. Bro. Frisby read v. 7. Casting all now, all the cares of this life… your sickness, it doesn’t make a difference…. Whatever your care is, casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you. Then it says in verse 8—Bro. Frisby read v. 8. We know there will be no drunkards in heaven, people that drink and so forth like that. Be so full of the scriptures that you are sober. Nothing can throw you off; no kind of gossip, no kind of ignorance, stress or whatever it might be. You get it? Be sober, full of the word of God, alert and sober. Don’t miss His coming. And then the word right behind it, vigilant; watching and waiting every time for the Lord Jesus. How many of you see that? You say, “How did he get this message?” He [God] sealed it in my heart. I saw a dream and I came and did it. That’s how I got this message, if you want to know. He comes in so many different ways. Vigilant, boy, you be on your guard there! Vigilant, because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, he is roaring out there. Yet, the world just says, “I am over here. I want to go on that trip with you.” Look at all the systems that he is devouring. It says here that he is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. It means he is on the move…. He is downtown and he is everywhere. He is all over the place…. See; be vigilant, be sober and be wide awake. Don’t let any false doctrine get a hold of you. Don’t let anything that is different from the word—not a half-truth that some preach today—but get all the Cross, everything that Jesus has promised in there. Get it all. You have to have a whole meal in order for everything to work for your body. How many of you believe that?

“But the God of grace, who has called us to his eternal glory by Jesus Christ, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you” (I Peter 5: 10). There is no such thing as time and space with that. Oh, it’s beyond anything materialistic…. After that you have suffered a while on this earth, see? He will make you perfect. That is, after you get the crown. He will stablish you. He will strengthen you. He will settle you. My, isn’t that wonderful? Ready for perfection. Ready for the crown there. How great and wonderful He is! Talk about the lights in the heavens. My, we are going to get some of the lights that are eternal, some of the lights in the glories of the Lord. You know, everything about salvation, every promise in that bible, if you appropriate it in your heart, a message like this would be more than all the fine gold, jewelry and the finances of this world. It will do something for the soul, something for the spiritual part of man that cannot be done by anything in this world…. If you believe the Word of God like it is appropriated and given to you, and you believe it in your heart, my, what a blessing! Some would never be able to see this until it is over with. Then, it’s too late. If you see it now; if you could just get a moment to glimpse into the future and just see how everything is going to go by the hand of the Lord, you’d be a different person. If you could see it for a minute, you’d never be the same again. Some have seen it by faith and God’s strong faith has guided them into it, I can assure you of that…. If you haven’t seen anything like that, you take it by faith…and God will bless your heart.

Talking about crowns, Revelation chapter 4—“One sat.” The twenty-four elders, the four beasts and the Cherubims, all were arrayed…. The twenty-four elders, they threw down their crowns. No one has exactly figured out these elders. But according to the scriptures, the word, “elder” would mean some of the first, evidently, that started—the Patriarchs and back in there to Abraham, back in there Moses, and right straight on through there. They [We] don’t know exactly who they are. But the elders sat there. No matter what they went through. No matter how much they had suffered…. No matter how they thought they were done wrong and what was said about them. They [each one of them] received a crown. The twenty-four elders and all the people, the saints, were gathered around the Rainbow Throne. When they [twenty-four] elders saw the Lord sitting there, as crystal clear and as a Stone, Jasper and Sardius, sparkling under those glorious lights, they threw their crowns off and threw them on the floor. They fell down and worshipped Him and said, “We don’t even deserve it. Just look at Him! Look at Him! Such purity! Such power! Such wonderment!” All of these things looking at them. The God of gods. “We did do only half of what we should have done.” The elders said “Oh my, I should have done…” and we look in the bible and think that they had done all that anybody could ever do. But they didn’t want it [crown]. They put it on the floor and said, “Oh, we don’t even deserve what you gave us here.” They worshipped Him and said this is the Lord God Almighty here! The four beasts were making all kinds of tunes, little sounds…. They were saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” All of them round about [the throne] in there. What a place! So strange for this world and for John too at the time. But yet it would be the only thing [place] that does look correct compared to what we have seen down here. You better believe it; when you are changed in that light, with that crown. He will have His reward. Watch and see. There it was; they threw them down. They saw Him there. They weren’t worthy of them, but they had their crowns.

Listen to this: The Crown of Rejoicing for the soul winners and for those that witness to the people in that heart-felt witness from the Lord. Philippians 4: 1 tells about crowns…. Oh, we are set; a race is set before us. A race to run like a champion and Paul said, to win the prize. We run the race to win. Then he said, not a corruptible prize of this world. When we run the race, we win a crown. When you run a race and you are going to win that race, you don’t stop or you lose the race. You don’t stop by the wayside to argue doctrine. You don’t stop by the wayside to say this or that. You continue in that race. If you stop because somebody said–“You holly-roller…. Hey, I don’t believe in you”—if you stop, you are going to lose that race. You preach … and keep going. Don’t turn back. You turn back, you lose the race, see? Then you will win a crown, a prize. That’s why I said, “Some people don’t even know what they are working for.” Some people don’t even know how important it is to run the race and to win the prize, Paul said. I have never seen anybody fall down…get out of the line or run out of breath—I have never seen them ever win a race. They don’t even have enough of the Spirit of God in them. They don’t have enough breath to get there. How many of you believe that? That is the Crown of Rejoicing for the soul winners, the ones that witness with all their hearts and they believe. You know, Paul would say, “The people that I have won…in different places—Oh, you are so important to me.” He said, “You are the love of my life. The souls that I have preached to and have won to the Lord, the ones that have believed in me, I cherish you with a Godly jealousy nearly.” What do you think of souls today? Do they love those souls that they are winning? Do they love the people that they are winning? What are they doing for them? Paul did everything beyond the call of duty to keep those people and for the Lord to move. Although, he knew about predestination and providence, he was still in the hope that He could keep them all…. He did not know how many the Lord had provided, but he did the best he could to keep them out of the way of the false doctrine that was rising in his day. A Crown of Rejoicing! A Crown of Joy! My, how great…! You can win souls in different ways; by prayer, by supporting…, by talking, by witnessing—many ways that you can be a soul winner and an intercessor in there….

Then the Crown of Life for those who love Jesus (James 1: 12; Revelation 2: 10). That would probably come to the Martyr’s Crown there. Those who love Jesus; they didn’t love their lives unto death; it didn’t matter. Those who love Jesus: What truly is loving Jesus? It is believing everything that He said. Confidence in all that He told you; everything about heaven and the mansion that He is preparing for you and already probably completed for us at the going away, all that He ever spoke. You love Him and you are ready to obey Him. If He tells you to cast out a devil, cast it out. If He tells you to heal the sick, heal the sick. If He tells you to preach salvation, preach salvation. If He tells you to witness, witness. Whatever, you believe in what He does and what He has said. That is true love. That’s loyalty in His word. It’s what it is; true love. That word, you will not back off from anything [in it]. That Word is your Crown in there and He will turn the Light. Glory! Hallelujah! The Crown of Life for those that love Jesus…. How great it is! Man, the love that is in the soul!  A lot of people say, “I love Jesus, I love Jesus” and in the churches they say prayers, wonderful, but half of them are asleep. Real divine love has energy in it. Real love for Jesus is action. It is not dead faith. It is not half gospel like some of them preach. But it is the Upper Room. It is the Fire of the Holy Spirit. It is salvation. It is all and many other things that are combined in there. That’s exactly right. You love Jesus—how we love Him now!

The Victor’s Crown is given for not yielding to anything [pertaining] to the cares of this world, the things of this world. No matter what it is; Jesus comes first. He cannot come second, but He will come first and you will put Him first over family, friends or foe; it makes no difference. He must remain there [first] in your heart. The victor, the overcomer there, 1 Corinthians 9: 24, 25 & 27 will tell you more about that. There are many other scriptures. Already, we have gone through five types of crowns there. There are probably seven kinds.

Listen to this right here: All [the crowns] are a dimensional Crown of Light. Now, the bible teaches–even from the Old Testament and back up to the New Testament—the bible teaches that there are different positions and places that people have in the Lord. We have a dimensional crown; although, all have crowns that love the Lord. Like I said in Revelation 7, the Jews were sealed; it [the bible] spoke nothing about the prize. On down, later, it said [about] those carrying palm branches like the sand of the sea—the angel said that these are those that came out of great tribulation. They were dressed in white, but it [the bible] spoke nothing about crowns. In revelation chapter 20, although, there is a Martyr’s Crown, that takes place in a certain way, evidently, the disciples and so forth—however, it takes place—but they did not have them [crowns]. Revelation 7, like the sand of the sea. Revelation chapter 20 showed a group of them that was there and it said, “These are beheaded  for the word of the Lord and for the Lord Jesus Christ.” They had thrones and they reigned with Him a thousand years during the Millennium there, but it spoke nothing about crowns. Do you know what you are working for? Amen…. Those were over in the tribulation there. However, He brings it all together; it is going to be one of the most marvelous things that we have ever seen. But I tell you, when you love Him, you have a crown.

All the way through, He shows you ways—and one of them by which you [can] get a crown is by patience in the Lord. He said you [should] have patience in the words that He has spoken. Without any faith, at the end of the age, it is going to be hyper and neurotic, and all the things that take place in this stress. You have to do what the bible says; you have to stay around a thick, powerful, comforting anointing. When that Comforter is there, I can tell you one thing, that patience is automatically going to demand that crown, and you are going up. You will be snatched away! So, there are different ways. He names these crowns that way, but they are a dimensional Crown of Light and He tells you how to get all of them.

So, the Crowning Light: Right now as the age is closing out, man’s knowledge has increased to the point that we spoke about. We are speaking about time and space, and how far and how fast it takes man to do that. Then we transfer to the spiritual world …. We transfer over there and that Crown of Light has nothing to do with the material world. It has nothing to do with time and space; it is eternal and the glory that goes with it there! I mean, now, we are in a spiritual thing. We have left man and we are moving toward the Lord Jesus. And we will be carried away into a dimension so beautiful and to a place that is so wonderful that our eyes, ears and hearts can’t think about. He never put it in us. You can imagine all that you want to, but there are just some things that when He created man, He blocked out, that satan and the rest, and all the angels will never know. The angels may know part of it, but all the rest of them will never know…. It has not entered the heart of man what God has prepared for them that love Him. Here we are again, “that love Him” the Lord Jesus. It’s worth it all. Young children, and all the rest of the young people, it’s worth it to stick with the Lord Jesus. Let the Lord help you in any and every way that He can. Oh, it’s just like a second down here [on earth], it seems. There, there will be no seconds or nothing; it’s just worth it all.

It’s time to love the Lord Jesus with all our hearts and that Crown that He promised, I can guarantee you one thing, it would be just like He said it was going to be. Imagine; after they looked upon Him, they [the 24 elders] had to take them [their crowns] down. Those were the hardest workers…the greatest ones, of all of them in the bible. They said, “Oh my, take it off and worship Him Who is the Almighty!” I will tell you right now, it’s really great! But Jesus is going to reward His people and we are getting close. Our faith in the Word of God is changing into a powerful faith; a dimensional faith that we have never seen before, so strong and so powerful in the Word of God that actually, at a point, we will change. That’s what we are working [for]. That change will bring on that Crown. It will pulsate right out of there and be right on you there. Oh, it’s worth it all!

You can go on, but remember this; humble yourself under the mighty Hand of God. No matter what it is in this life, you must bear your cross. Jesus took that Crown of Life from heaven and exchanged it for a while for those thorns. Sometimes, on this earth, everything will not go the way you think it ought to go. But I can tell you, those that have patience will win it all; patience and love, and faith in the Word of God…. This message is a little different this morning—very, very strange. The material things that man can do–and then how far beyond God is in His own creation—it’s nothing compared to what He is. Remember, you can imagine all you want to, but you will never know what He has for you until you pass the test. You say, praise the Lord! Oh, when that Great Shepherd appears, He will give you a Crown of Glory that fadeth not away. Oh, how we love Jesus! The elect, the predestined and those that love the Lord, He is going to make a way. He is faithful. He will not let you down. Oh, no, no. He will be right there with you.

Stand to your feet. If you need salvation, why don’t you start running the race? You get in that race; you can’t win unless you get in the race. I am talking to some Christians too. You have been sitting down a while; you better get up and go. Amen. So, we run the race to win. That is where we are today. Don’t let the devil, at the end of the age, get you off in any kind of mischief or any kind of argument, doctrine and all that. That’s what the devil said he would be doing. Be alert; be expecting the Lord Jesus. Don’t fall into these traps and snares, and things like that. Keep your mind on the Word of God. I want you to lift everything [your hands] in the air. This kind of message is to get you prepared and to you, Jesus.straighten you out, so that you can run that race right. Amen? Oh, praise God! I want you to shout the victory this morning…. This morning, say, “Lord, I am going for the Crown, Jesus. I am pressing toward the mark. I will win the prize. I will believe the word. I will love you. I will keep the patience, no matter what.” Come on and shout the victory! Thank

The Crowning Light | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#1277 | 08/27/89 AM