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The Revelation in Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #908 | 06/13/1982 PM

Amen! Isn’t it wonderful to be here tonight? Bless your hearts wherever you are standing tonight. The Holy Spirit is just moving like waves of the wind on the audience and it is just like I am telling you, if you believe it in your hearts. I don’t make believe things. I tell them like they are. When the Holy Spirit moves on you, He will bless your heart. Can you say, Amen? I tell things like I see them; sometimes like He reveals to me, sometimes like I feel they are, sometimes by an opinion that I have, or sometimes by revelation. However they come; they come to me. But I can tell you God is here to bless you tonight. Can you say, Amen?

Lord, we love you tonight; right off, first thing. We know you are going to bless the hearts tonight. In these perilous times, you are going to guide and lead. You are going to help your people as never before …when they need your help that is exactly what you want to do…to come on down and bless us with thine hand. Amen. See; sometimes, He allows the people to get in conditions across the nation and around the world that they have to really remember and look back to Him, and then reach out. We cast our burdens upon you tonight and we believe you have carried them off…every burden in here. I rebuke any satanic forces that are binding up the people. I command them to leave. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the name of the Lord Jesus!

Now tonight, the way the Lord moved on me by the Holy Spirit … this message …I believe it will reveal some things. If you listen close, you will receive, right in your seat. If you just have an open heart, you will really be blessed…. Listen to this message. You will get a real thrill to your soul. Your faith should even be stronger and [more] powerful. Keep your faith strong and keep the presence of the Lord powerful in your mind and in your heart—renewing of your mind daily, the bible said—and you will be able to advance and go forward into anything that is coming your way. He will make a way for you.

Listen to this real close here: Revelation in Jesus. I wrote these words down to go with the message: more knowledge of who Jesus really is will create and bring great sapostolic restoration and revival. How many of you believe that? We’ve had revivals, but restoration is coming. That means the restoring of all things. “I am the Lord,” He said in the bible, “and I shall restore.” And He will do it, too. He will bring great outpouring by this revelation and power…it’s got to come. It is the only way, real, real true revival will come. Also, the elect and the ministers, and the laymen must stir themselves up first. That must be first. A stirring will come among the laymen and among the ministers. It will come among the elect of God, the children of the Lord. A great stirring has to come in there first. When it begins to roll through the saints, they’ll begin to confess and to repent of their shortcomings, in their prayer life and possibly in their giving, and in their praising the Lord and in their thanksgiving to God. When all of this gets together in their hearts and they begin to get stirred, then we are in a revival and in the restoration that is coming.

But it [the stirring] must come into the hearts of God’s children first, by praising the Lord and by giving thanksgiving to God. It must be in there in the heart and He will move on the open heart. Through that stirring, as the power of God begins to move, then a revival will come. Then you will begin to see more and more people truly coming to God for salvation, not [just] cry a little bit, and go on and forget the Lord. But it will be in the heart where it is involving the soul, not just the head. Are you still with me now? That is revival. That kind will come.

The other reason that the other [former revival] blended off and the reason that it got lukewarm is that they tried to mix three gods. It will not work. See; that’s what caused it. And that revival, it was just in the power of Pentecost and by the power of the working of miracles before the systems began to take and dissect it and began to say this…about this doctrine and about that doctrine and they began to criticize one another. They began to stand off and look at one another. The revival kind of [went into] slow growth. Huge crowds still came, but that old heart, the one that is inside, in the soul, where revival comes from, began to get lukewarm. Moreover, it just was kind of an outward appearance, kind of trying to reach out and manufacture something out there, you see. We see it today, all over.

But soul stirring revival? It will move the heart. The people will rejoice. They will manifest in their bodies, in their hearts and in their souls; there is true revival. But because of the way it [the former revival] came, mixing it up … caused it to be watered down. Through this, we get into the real revival. Watch! When we pray for world revival…this, I think in my heart, is the most serious time. Yet, [on] one hand, you have a few that really have their eyes open and are really praying and are alerted to what is going on, but in such a time as this, most of them are just kind of asleep. Did you know that? In such an important time! You know, just before Jesus went to the cross, just before the hour, His disciples fell asleep on Him! That’s terrible, you would say. That’s the Great Messiah. He was standing right with them and He had to unction them, “Couldn’t you tarry with me one hour,” you see? So, we are late in the hour at the end of the age, and the saddest part of it is the sleeping that is creeping in. It [former revival] just seems like the real true Holy Spirit, but God will come back; He is going to bring a move in there, and some of them don’t want to be woken up by Him. Did you ever wake up somebody and they got mad at you? I used to have an uncle. If you touched him, you would get kicked through the wall. When I was a kid, I learned to stay away from him. That’s right. The reason is that he slept so hard and he worked so hard, you know, and when you touched him, it set him off.

When the Lord comes, Amen…He is going to begin to wake them up in there, you see. The ones that don’t want to [wake up], they will get mad [angry] and go back to sleep. But those that are jarred [jolted, shaken up] and the ones that He truly predestinates to come to—and He will come by providence to His people—then they are going to stay awake, and He is going to come. He is going to bring them on in. When He does, we are going to have a soul-stirring revival that we’ve never had before. Now, this is a little bit of a foundation. Those getting this cassette listen closely; He is going to bless you in your homes tonight. He is going to bless you in your hearts today. No matter when you have this cassette; morning, noon or night, He will bless your heart. When we begin to pray for world revival among the saints of God in the harvest field, we pray with all our hearts, then He will begin to meet the necessary things, the spiritual things and the material things that we need. How many of you believe it? He will do that. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. When you do, you begin to pray for God to move all over the earth. He is coming. Whether you pray or not, He will raise somebody else to pray in your place because He is the Almighty God and He can do these things.

We find out in the bible here. Brother Frisby read 2 Timothy 3: 16, Romans 15: 4 and Matthew 22: 29. That’s why there is an err [error] today. There is an err [error] in most of the Salvationist movements that have come. Some of them don’t understand because it’s become a tradition, but they err even in Pentecost [Pentecostal groups] today. It’s right in there. It’s not the same as it was in the days of the apostles. It began to wither away in the First Church age, in the dying of the apostolic power of that time; and not knowing the scriptures, they do err. If only they knew [the scriptures] and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead, see! Man, get out of the way, allow the Holy Spirit to come in, all the way. When He does, there is no more error [in understanding] the word of God; you understand the word of God, and by the power of the Lord. “…Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” Two things: they don’t know the power of God, and they don’t know how the scriptures work in there. They are two different things.

And then it says this, “…For thou hast magnified thy word above all they name” (Psalm 138: 2). You see, here is where we are going with this. Now, the real genuine move—and I felt an inspiration of the Holy Spirit when I wrote this on the top—the real genuine move will appear from understanding these scriptures [that] I am going to read and [the revelation of] who Jesus really is. Now, here is your revival. Can you say, Amen? It’s exactly right. The tribulation saints that are driven [to the wilderness] in the midst of [amid] the great tribulation across the earth, they will begin to understand who Jesus is. He appears to 144,000 Hebrews and they can’t even destroy them at all. They are sealed at that time in Revelation 7. They understand who He is, with those two great prophets. They understand. The tribulation saints [would] begin to learn what many of you have known for years. See; you are the firstfruit, the people that ripen first under the power of God and the word of God. They are foreknown as the bride-elect of God. Therefore, He comes on early for them, see? They must have patience also until He comes for the harvest of the earth. Then, He comes for the reaping of the earth at the end of the great tribulation, at that time.

So, with what He teaches you, He is able by the power of the word of God to ripen you first. That is called the firstfruits. Then those that follow [after] are some of the foolish and so forth like that, on down. So, from understanding these scriptures [about] who Jesus really is, when they [bride-elect] do, then they will receive bold translative power and bold translative faith. It cannot come any other way. That’s the way it’s revealed to me. It will not come through any other source. We have it here, let’s read it. Bro Frisby read St. John 1: 4, 9. “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world” (v. 9). Every man that comes into the world; none of them can escape it, you see? “He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not” (v.10). He stood right there and looked at them; He was looking right at them. Oh, what an awesome manifestation standing before those people! This is the way revival will come, watch. So, He was in the world and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. The Very One that created them came back and looked at them, what did they do? They rejected Him. But those that received Him with the knowledge of who He was, including the apostles, great revival broke out in every direction and swept even to the world today.

That’s what caused the last moving of the Spirit. When it first began, it came by this revelation, and it began to move out in great power. When it did, men didn’t care about how they believed in three gods or many gods or what; they have just seen the Lord moving and they jumped right in and began to believe God. There was no dogma. There wasn’t any kind of a tradition tied to it. They just went forth delivering the people by His power. When they did, the revival spread; come on out. As I said at the beginning of this sermon, then [later] men began to stop awhile to see how many they could get here, how many they could get there in this lot, how many into this system, until they all wind up in the Babylonian system, in the Roman system. How many of you believe that? It’s coming. He is going to give a great revival. It is going to come in such a way that people would never expect the way it is coming. It is going to come from Him. It will come from Him.

Many people tend to give up and they go to sleep, you see? That is the hour He is going to give it. When they just finally give up and say, “Well, you know things will continue like they always do.” About this hour, they begin to go to sleep. You know there was a tarrying; it was a lamp-trimming time. It says the Lord tarried for a moment before the cry went forth. And when He tarried, they slumbered and slept. Now, He had that little spell on purpose; if He had come in, He would have caught more. But oh, He is a minute [precise, detailed, meticulous] God. Everything is timed. You can’t time it any better than He does. It’s beyond any of our clocks on earth. Even the moon and the sun in their positions are timed. He times everything in utter perfection; infinite when He does. When He tarried, at the right moment, they slumbered and slept. Then a cry went forth. He knew exactly what He was doing. You see, He is the Great Preacher. Can you say, Amen? He is the One that has the keys to all things. He gives those keys to those that love Him. With those keys, we are able to work with Him, and great things happen.

So, the world knew him not and He made the world. Then, 1st Timothy 2: 5: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” He is the God Man. He is the only One that can step in there with His name. Bro Frisby read Colossians 1: 14 &15. “Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature” (v. 15). He is the image of the Invisible God. He stood in the image, didn’t He? There He was; He was in the image of the Invisible God. Philip said, “Lord, where is the Father?” Philip was standing right there. He [the Lord Jesus Christ] said, “You have seen Him and talked with Him.” Glory to God! Anybody going to analyze [deny] that? It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Didn’t you feel revival? This is what weeds out those people with split personalities of the Spirit. That’s Him! They are split personalities, make believers.

Watch this revival come. It looks [seems] small at first, but boy, it is explosive and very powerful. You know the atomic bomb; this little thing you can hardly see, it blows hundreds of miles and things are igniting, and things are taking place there. Revival starts, and it begins to roll. When it does, it gets just what it wants. It’s going to be powerful in there. Now, He moved on my heart to bring a message tonight…. Remember, keep this in your heart. You’ll never go wrong. He will bless your heart. You’ll never go wrong. He will prosper your hands. He will touch you. He will heal you. He will fill you. I know what I am talking about. This [message] here, you can say is sound; it is true, it is a faithful witness because it [the Godhead] cannot be split. How many of you can say, praise the Lord? Now, watch this here, the scriptures that we read here. So, we have it: His name is magnified. Bro. Frisby read 1st Timothy 3: 16. No argument at all, Paul said, no controversy at all. Nobody can argue that. Bro. Frisby read Colossians 2: 9 and Isaiah 9: 6. His name shall be called the Mighty God. Anybody wants to argue with that? God doesn’t lie, but it is by revelation. If you search all the scriptures and put them together in Greek and Hebrew, you find He is the same One. All roads lead to the Lord Jesus. I already found that out. How many of you believe that?

You know, some people believe it this way: there is One God in three persons. That is paganism. Did you realize that? That’s the antichrist mark. That is what it is going to come to. Here is the way it is: He is one God in three manifestations, not One God in three persons. That is false doctrine. It is One God in three manifestations; there is a total difference in that. How many of you believe that tonight? Oh, I am going to have the group that is left here, a great one, full of faith and power. You believe that? You see, that light is sparkling, cracking around all around here. That’s the way it operates. Glory to God! Revival is coming. Do you believe that with all your hearts? Why? Sure, and He created the world and the world knew Him not. Amen. That is exactly right. Three manifestations, One Holy Spirit Light. That’s what it means there; those different offices there. It says here, Mighty Counselor, the Mighty God that is His name. The Everlasting Father, the little baby was called the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. How many of you say, praise the Lord? That little baby is Ancient, Ancient, Ancient, till it goes back in the infinite. Isn’t it wonderful? You know He gives you this message for the good offering you gave me. That’s Him. You get in behind Him, He will bless your heart. See; this can come no other way.

And you say, “How come those people [One God in three persons’ people] have some miracles once in a while too, out there? I [used to] know them. I shake their hands. They have the power of God on them. But you know, there is going to be a day when the separation is coming. That is right. I know this, the power is not as powerful, nor can they work it like He works it. But He is a merciful God. The bible puts it this way…. See; they don’t know how to put it [the Godhead] because they don’t have it by revelation. I feel very sorry for them. Those that don’t have the light, but love the Lord Jesus with all their hearts, that’s going to be a different story. But those to whom the light was revealed, see; that a different one. He has that by predestination. He knows who everything is going to, and He knows what He is doing. The heathen, they never have the light of that; no, no, no. See; He knows exactly what He is doing here.

In the bible, He said many will come in my name and they shall deceive many. And then He said it this way: He said it would be so close to the real thing that it would [almost] deceive the very elect. What is it? It is so close. You say, “How could He speak like that? We are Pentecostals, see; with the power of the Holy Spirit even in us. We are full of the power of the Holy Spirit and full of the word of God and it would almost deceive us?” How is it? What could it be that would almost deceive the very elect? The real elect is the Pentecost by word and by power. Almost deceive the very elect, what is it? It is another form of Pentecost. Now, are you still with me? That other form of Pentecost will be connected to Rome. The other form of Pentecost and those systems will go right in there. That is the mark of the beast and the rest will flee into the wilderness. “My God, why [did I] listen to that preacher? Now, I have to flee for my life. I did not know it would go all the way in like that?” It’s a gradual move, about like a snake that is shedding its skin. Oh my, my, my, you know, a snake works in the dark too. This is really true; it is dynamic and very powerful. Almost deceive the very elect: it is like Pentecost, it is involved with Pentecost. Finally, Pentecost is associated to it and that is when the great tribulation strikes and they flee. But the bride doesn’t do that. The elect of God do not believe in three gods at all; no matter how you bring it to them in the form of one God and holler three gods, they still won’t believe it. Isn’t that right? Many are called through the great gifts and power, just look at them…when Jesus tells them who He is, there are not many people, see? Only a few [were left]. That’s exactly right. Eh, real revival!

This [revelation of who Jesus is] is going to bring revival. It won’t be the other way. They are going to copy off of the revival, but they didn’t bring it. It would come by what I am telling you tonight, by the Holy Spirit and by His power. It would come by the revelation of who Jesus is and by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. That is the way the revival will come. When it comes, let me tell you something, you are going to be able to see that glory. Sure, and He will come in such a whirlwind of power that it would feel like Elijah got to feel before he went in that fiery chariot. We’ll get the same feeling. We’ll get the same power, almost like fire to be called out. You see, He will bring it all around us in glory. That’s exactly right. Real revival; this next time, it will be different from the other one. This next time, the elect of God is going to carry it right in all the way into thunder. They are going to take it right on into heaven with them. It’s going to be swept out of this world; He is going to take it right on in with them. That’s your real revival. I don’t care who you are tonight [or] what your name …. That is the way the revival is going to come; it’s [by] the revelation of who Jesus is.

I do believe in three manifestations. I do. But I believe it’s one Holy Light and one Holy Spirit, the Ancient [of Days] where no man can attempt to go in there because the bible says no man can approach Him in His Eternal Light, unless He changes you or He changes Himself to meet you through the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s exactly right; One Holy Spirit, and that is all there ever would be. He can even reveal Himself seven different ways by seven anointings. We find that in the book of Revelation. One Holy Spirit Light manifested in three ways; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He comes and manifests in three different ways, and He reveals Himself in seven different ways. Isn’t that wonderful? How many of you can say, praise the Lord? Now, these seven revelations in there are called the seven spirits of God. They come out of One Eternal God. Whether He can separate and come into a million pieces and begin to visit all of His universe, that makes no difference. All of those [pieces] unite back as One, and they are the personality, they are infinite, they are wisdom, and they are the power, and they are the Glory for evermore!

But it would almost deceive the very elect at the end of the age. Yes, sir! It is another form of Pentecost that joins the dragon and boy, do they get burned and you talk about scattering? Boy, would they take off then! Stay with the word of God. Be with the word of God and you will have a great revival. You say, “Oh, you had it going so good, you just killed it.” Oh, go on home. Amen. Are you ready? Sure, I get it going good. See; the Holy Spirit is doing something. He is chopping, and He is cutting. If you love God by the Holy seed in you and you believe that Jesus is the Eternal God—because we cannot have eternal life unless He is Eternal. He said, “I am the Life”—that settles it. Doesn’t it? “All things were made by me and there wasn’t anything not made by me including those offices that I work in.” That’s exactly right. We believe with all our hearts. You believe with all your heart that Jesus is the Eternal One. You believe that. Jesus is not just a prophet, or just a man, or just some personality walking around under God. If you believe that Jesus is and was, like in the first chapter of Revelation, who said He was and is and the One to come, the Almighty, is what it says—you believe that Jesus is Eternal, you are the seed of God. You believe that in your heart and in your soul. Those are faithful words, says the Lord. I believe it too. I know where I stand with this and He came to me and He told me. I know where I stand [or] I wouldn’t talk like this. He is going to bless His people. That revival is coming that way…. We’ll branch out. God is reaching on out…. You can’t run ahead of God and create anything. But when the appointed time comes, when God begins to move on His people, great revival [will come]. So, knowing the revelation of who Jesus is, is going to bring on that great revival and He is going to reach on out. It will reach everywhere. He said preach this gospel in all the world as a witness with signs and wonders, and great miracles from the Lord.

Listen to this, now, here is some more: the revelation of who Jesus is. Listen to this right here, it says here: casting out the devils is proof of the presence of the kingdom of God. Then He told them, “If I cast out devils by the power of God,” which is the Holy Spirit, He said, “then the kingdom of God is come unto you” Who do you cast yours out by (Matthew 12: 28)? Here is what I am getting at, this is the viewpoint right here: casting out devils. No revival can come until He releases that power to cast those devils out. It would be nothing, but the revival of man. You have to have the anointing [come] to deliver those people. It will automatically bring revival when you cast them out of the way. That’s right. Jesus had that; look at what He did that caused revival, those spirits began to bow. Those spirits by the great authority in Him began to see what was happening and they began to flee. The power of the Lord was beginning to strike. Revival began to come. You can have no revival unless you have the supernatural power of the Spirit to break the power of the devil, and that power is casting out the devils. There is your revival. I don’t care who tells you they’ve got a revival, if they cannot cast out the devil, they’ve got a make-believe revival. They don’t have any revival. That’s exactly right. That’s the way revival comes.

He has told you three or four different ways that revival comes. You say, “Boy, you sure are getting kind of egoistical tonight.” No, that’s Him. He is straightforward. He is very sure of Himself. He knows exactly what He is doing. It doesn’t make any difference to Him what the people think. He is going to put it right down the middle, right in there where it would do some good, and the power of God, the Sword of the Spirit cuts in both directions. It is a double-edged sword. Isn’t that wonderful? It will do you real good too. Besides casting out devils, healing the sick and working miracles, there will be persecution before the end of the age. No matter how much He is moving—and the more you move and the more people that are coming to God by the great power of the Lord—there will be opposition and there will be some kind of persecution. But He will be working more and more, and He will give you grace to carry it through. He continued His ministry of deliverance despite the opposition, no matter who it was, until the time came that He was to give it up. Listen to this: He said, “Go ye and tell that fox….” Have we got any foxes here tonight? He got a hold of them, didn’t He? He said go ye and tell that fox, behold, I cast out devils and I do cures today and tomorrow—nobody can stop Him, none—and the third day, I am perfected. See; it’s like one, two, three years and half of His ministry, and He was perfected, just prophecy. He told that to Herod. See; he couldn’t prevent Him or stop Him. He couldn’t at all and that is in Luke 13: 32. He said on the third day, I shall be perfected. Jesus came to set men free and that’s what we are here for, and through the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, men will be set free. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8: 36).

You remember the other night we read in the bible, it says in John that many other signs did Jesus do that are not written in this book (20: 30). At the end of it (John 21: 25), it says, he [John] supposed that all the books in the world could not hold all the things that Jesus did, the miracles that He did. Why would the Lord allow him to write it that way that all the books of the whole world could not contain what He did? Well, because when He was ministering on earth, John knew good and well—he had that insight—the Lord revealed the insight [to John] when He was in that transfiguration, when His face was altered, and He became like lightning before He went to the cross. That is called the Transfiguration. John looked upon the Ancient One standing there, the Glorified One that John saw on the isle of Patmos. He changed back to the Messiah with skin and He looked upon them there with His power. John got a glimpse and heard Him talk that all the books– He said the things that He did the books of the world cannot contain them. That statement sounds outlandish. But John knew He was the Ancient One, and while He was still on this earth, He was creating and doing marvelous things in the universe. How many of you believe that? He said the same Son of Man here, that is upon the earth is in heaven now. He talked to the Pharisees. They just couldn’t handle it, see? They didn’t know how to handle it.

So, we find out, at the end of the age, when we approach the Book of Acts—now coming to the end of the age, our Book of Acts is coming, and a great stirring among those…. He said I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, but all flesh won’t receive it. Those that do, upon them shall come a mighty revival. At the end of the age, did you know Jesus said that the works that I do shall ye do….? Probably, you might speak [say] that again that the books cannot contain what He is going to do among the people of God. Do you realize that? The anointing is [will be] so great that you will probably watch it come off of the people of God, or off yourself or whosoever believes God. The anointing and the power that He has will be upon His people like never before. It’s like I said, you will have the same feeling and the same kind of faith like Elijah. He was translated because he had faith, the bible said. Enoch was translated; three times, it says, he was translated in the same few verses in Hebrews 11. He had faith in the Almighty God and He was translated. At the end of the age, like Elijah and Enoch, the saints of God are going to feel the same positive power, the same surging in the soul and the same anointing that those two men began to feel when they were carried away. It was showing us what would happen to the elect of God at the end of the age. It’s coming, and it can only come by the revelation of who the Lord Jesus is to His people. The more they believe that in their hearts—sometimes, they believe it in their heads—and they wonder about it. Well, there will be no wondering about it. You will know in your heart and soul exactly who He is and how much power He would reveal to you. Then at the end of the age, like the Book of Acts, so much is going to be done through the elect children of God that many books won’t be able to contain what is going to be done.

The works that I do shall ye do and greater works than these shall ye do. How many of you think this is wonderful? This is exactly what the world needs right now. It is this kind of revival, and the people that love the Lord Jesus are the people that are going to receive this power. You know Jesus said in John 8: 58, “Jesus said unto them,” ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.’ I am that I am. Isn’t that wonderful? To get the point over to them that He meant what He said, they said, “You are not yet 50 years old and you saw Abraham?” Are you still with me now? He is Eternal, oh yeah! Coming as a little baby, He came to His people as the Messiah. John 1, the word was with God and the word was God, and then the word was made flesh and dwelled among us. It’s just as simple as can be. I have always touched on this in every sermon, how powerful He is. But to take it and bring it like this, is the way the revival is going to come and generate. It will be in the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing [this] in my heart for years why there has not really been another move of God…it’s watered down, lukewarm in the systems, lukewarm in deliverance, not just in the Pentecostal movement; lukewarm in the deliverance ministries that do not have the proper revelation. They want to do this, and they want to do that, but they leave out the proper revelation of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Knowing in my heart what was causing the defect, how you can work so many powerful miracles and just watch the people go on serving three gods—it has to come by revelation, and when it comes by great power and revelation, then the revival will be on. I mean, and it will branch out. It’s going to shake those people; those other Pentecostal people will feel a great shaking from it and a great power. Some will come on into the true revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is going to bring many people and they will come in. Come out of her my people. He will move with such a great power. Those that do not come into the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ…it is thus saith the Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ; those that do not come into the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, will be the other form of Pentecost that is going to learn one of the greatest lessons they’ve ever learned in their lives. That form of Pentecost will go right into the Babylon system and be associated [with Babylon]. Then a break will come, and the people will scatter all over the earth. They’ve learned it the hard way. The firstfruit, as it is called in the bible, they learned their lesson first. They know Him and who He is. That form of Pentecost is going to be taken away [in the translation]. I believe it with all my heart. Do you believe that tonight? It’s exactly right. I never argue it. I’ve never had to. It seems like [with] the force and power that God gives me, I have never had to argue the point. In fact, I don’t see people. They don’t get much of a chance to talk to me. But you know, they would write notes; many of them don’t…because something in their souls tells them that there is something to that [revelation of Jesus Christ]. They may go to different places that don’t quite believe it like that, but it is placed in such a way from the Holy Spirit that they know that something is there in it. But I look to see toward the end of the age, many opposing and trying to argue. You can’t argue with God in the first place, can you? Amen. Satan tried that, and he moved as fast as lightning; he just moved back out of the way.

The Lord will come to His people. He is going to bless them. But by the revelation of who Jesus is, that is from where this great revival is coming. A group here or a group there may be, a large group here or a large group there that believes that way, but it will come; and when it does, we are going to have a great revival that will be fire and the rest will get the heat off of the fire. And I might say this, just the heat off of it is enough to lay you out. Amen? He is coming to His people. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8: 36). Healing the sick is the work of God. “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day…” (John 9: 4). Who is “Him” that sent me? That is the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is inside of Him because the fullness of the Godhead dwelled in Him bodily. Isn’t that wonderful? It is the revelation of God. It is all over the bible. You take that; you believe it with all your heart. Read the first chapter of John, it will tell you there, and then read the first chapter of Revelation, it will tell you there, and then in different parts of the bible, it will bring that revelation. There is where the revival will come.

You know, I am staying with the word and I keep drilling. You believe that? He has blessed me. He has helped me. Sure, I have to pray hard sometimes because people do let me down at times, but I tell you what, He reaches out; I wouldn’t have to give account of that. He reaches out and makes it so by His power. But I am staying with the word of God. Of course, it will cost me [you] in the long run to really let that word out there. Can you say, praise the Lord? It will cost you too, if you really believe it in your heart. But at the same time, the weight of glory is beyond that, and the riches of heaven, and the power even upon this earth—the power that He gives us and the way that He blesses—is beyond any of the criticisms, beyond any of the persecution, and anything else. It is just glorious, and more and more [people] will begin to see it. How is it that they can see it? It is because the bible says with men it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible. More and more that light will begin to move, it will strike, and it will begin to come. When it comes, you cannot organize that kind of movement. Man, you can’t organize that with all kinds of chains, but it can chain up the devil, says the Lord Jesus. It will put a chain on the devil. Then you can have real revival. It’s coming, too. It’s coming, and it is sweeping toward the end of the age. So, I am staying close to that word with the power of the Holy Spirit…. I want everybody to know that I am anchored in this word here to bring that power. It cannot come, and it will not come in any other way because if it doesn’t come this way, you are going to miss it…you won’t be the predestinated part of that, and it is coming.

You say, “How about all those people?” You see, God in His great mercy, if they have no light, if they never had the word brought to them, and never heard it, they would not be judged that way. It would be by how much they loved God in their hearts and what they have heard in their hearts. That is the way He does that. This nation knows they have heard it and it’s been all over the world…. Paul said it is written in the heart and so forth…the heathen and in different people who never knew it…. So, stay in the word of God. All of that is a mystery and it stays in His hand who and what…and what He is going to do to those that had the light, and those that did not have the light through the ages. He’s got all of that figured out; the bible said so. He won’t lose a one; He knows the hearts. So, staying by the word, I am going to keep drilling. That’s what I have been doing, drilling. You say, “You are going to strike oil?” Yes, oil of the Holy Spirit that takes them away. That was the Lord! Did you know that the bible says their vessels were filled with oil at the lamp-trimming time, and some didn’t have oil? When we strike oil, we are going to have that revival. When we do, it is going to be a vein that is going to be the real thing—the character of God. In the bible it says, “Buy of me gold tried in the fire…” meaning the character of God, the character of the Lord Jesus, the character of revival, and that is what is coming at the end of the age. We are going to strike that vein of oil, and the Holy Spirit is going to bring a great revival. But according to what He told me, it [revival] will come through the revelation of who He is, and how the power of God moves from there.

“I am the Lord,” He said, “I will restore all things. I will restore the apostolic doctrine exactly as it was in the Book of Acts.” It shall be restored. We know this in the bible; everything we do, we do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. No miracle can be performed, no miracle can work—that matches the word of God—unless it is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no name in heaven or earth wherein you can enter heaven. It is all…. He’s got a monopoly on that. We can’t monopolize the Holy Spirit or organize it. I tell you, He’s got a monopoly on that. There is only one way to get through there, and that is [in] Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. There is the key to eternity. You will be a thief or a robber if you attempt to go in any other way.

I was going through the parables, researching the parables…in those parables…are hidden mysteries, they are truths, and they are not for everybody. Everybody is not going to really understand them because they don’t know how to accept them or believe them. But the elect, they [parables] will begin to come to them, and in those parables…it is to the children of the Lord that love revelation and mystery…. He will begin to explain them and they [parables] are held up to point to the same thing: how revival comes and how it is turned down. The bible says you can’t put a new patch on an old garment, can you? Amen. He is coming with great power. This old system that has gotten everything together and the whole world led unto Babylon, you can’t put that in there. Amen. And you can’t put the new wine into old bottles; it will blow the organization out of place…. God is moving and by His revelation, we are headed for revival. Stay with the word. Keep drilling. You will strike oil. God will pour out a blessing. And in that blessing will be the translative faith. Now…you will begin to feel, and you will begin to see, and you will begin to understand like Elijah and Enoch did at one time–and the prophets—and they were translated and taken away. So, at the end of the age, this type of faith, and this type of understanding and knowledge will come to the elect of God. The same feeling, the same power, the same ecstasy and the same kind of anointing and the mantle of Elijah will come sweeping on the earth. When you begin to get that in the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is your translative faith.

Now, translative faith…this is infallible tonight. Translative faith can come by no other way, but by the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Try to break that one; you can’t do it, can you? How many of you believe this tonight? Do you really believe it? Then, let’s praise the Lord. Come on and praise the Lord. Glory to God! You know, the bible said in the [mid] night there was a cry; there was a lamp-trimming time, and we are getting close to that. In this tonight, in your heart, this is how God blesses. This is the way the Lord leads, and this is the way revival will come, and it is going to come. It [revival] just gets out what God wants, see? You know the Holy Spirit blows it up and blows out the chaff, and the wheat is left there. That is when revival comes. I mean it is coming upon this earth. We are headed for a great revival, and as He moves on me, I am going in every direction I can to reach the people. I am going to get the message out there to them, and nothing short of this will bring it to you…. It’s got to come and it will come in that revelation and power. More and more, [the] people that He will raise up—they will be raised up and they will know it [the revelation] in a minute. It has to come through providence, and it will really come. Remember this; it would almost deceive the very elect. How many of you believe that in your heart? It was a form of Pentecost that went into something besides what God wanted them to go into. The others didn’t go; they stayed right with that word! He made the world and the world knew Him not, but we know who He is. Can you say, Amen? That’s exactly right.

I want you to stand to your feet. This revelation is good for your soul. It should be preached. This is the way the revival is coming, through that, with the connection of gifts and the association of His power, signs and wonders. The revelation of His name will produce the gifts and power. It will produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit and it will produce the anointing of the Sprit, and there will be great signs and wonders following that name. I mean, there are going to be exploits among His people. You talk about a rallying time and an anointed time, brother, it is coming, and it will come at the appointed time! This message is going out, and that revelation is going to bring those gifts and power. We are going to have revival. How many of you believe that? Oh, thank you, Jesus…. You shout the victory and pray for world revival to come across the nations and for God to bless His people. Come on down and pray tonight…. sYou believe in the revelation of the Lord Jesus and you’ve got a Comforter that will stay closer to you than your wife, brother, sister, or mother, or father…. I mean, that is the Comforter.

There is a heat around me. How many of you feel that? You have read my literature and the cassettes; when you turn it on, just concentrate and you will feel that wave coming out in there. If you love God, you stay there. If you don’t, you leave…. I mean He is really great. [Bro Frisby made some remarks about the Pyramid]. The Lord is all powerful…. As we go, you see God building a foundation that cannot be shaken…. He is the Rock of the Ages. He is the Capstone of Eternity…. There is One True Living God with His people through the Lord Jesus, manifested in the Holy Spirit Light! There is power, isn’t there? Boy, there should be rejoicing. Emmanuel, God among [with] us…. The pyramid is in Isaiah 19: 19. It is a sign to the end of the world. I believe it with all my heart. It is a sign. This huge building here is a sign to all nations. It is a witness. It is an evidence of some sort that God has put as a witness to His people in all nations. As they come through and fly over it [by plane], it is a witness that we are moving toward the translation, and that we are moving toward a great revival. How many of you believe that with all your hearts? Come on now, let’s praise the Lord!

The Revelation in Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #908 | 06/13/82 PM