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Providence: God’s Wings of Trust | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1803 | 02/10/1982 PM

Well, you made it back, good. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? It’s trickling down outside. I come through a little rain out there; only a trickle of what is going to come one of these days in the spiritual world. And already, it’s wonderful, isn’t it? The old human nature is what keeps you thinking it isn’t, but you can’t listen to it. You must accept the Word of God. Believe it in your heart, and then the joy of the Lord will begin to rain throughout your being. It gives you faith and helps you to cultivate your faith to grow. Lord, touch your people here tonight. Bless them. I still feel the anointing from the crusade. I believe you are going to touch their hearts tonight. All of those that are suffering, release them from their suffering. I command the satanic power of sickness to draw back and to leave the bodies tonight. Touch all of them here together, the new ones and the people [who] here all the time. Guide and lead them Lord, and bless them in such a day that we live in. Give the Lord a handclap. Praise the Lord!

[Bro Frisby made some remarks]. Believe me the Lord is moving, not only here in the auditorium, but all over country. In the most severe times, His hand is…sometimes, you have to wait a little bit, but He is right there, testing your faith…. We are praying about other things too, and I know that before the end of the age, we are moving into a zone that is powerful….I often wonder, I say, “Lord, we have great services…moving for several years  by His power…it seems like seems like things kind of slow [down] in different places.” Now, if you are travelling, you will hit places where you have greater revivals than others…. I was praying about it. You know, I feel this way about it: The Lord does this; He kind of slows things down as if to say, “I am the Good Shepherd, let those others catch up there.” Amen. Things get to a standstill, like a slow growth, as if to wait until something matures, so He can sweep it on in, and then take off again. Isn’t that wonderful? Glory to God!

Now tonight, we will begin the message and it should help you…. I have got this one rather quickly. I have been wanting to preach it. I have touched on it several times slightly; most of you would know the story. It is too long to do in one night. I kind of gleaned, because it is a story about gleaning…. So, it is called Providence in and Providence Keeps. Sometimes, the Lord allows providence to take one in; they get in all kinds of troubles, and providence would bring them out. Watch this close; this is about God’s Wings of Trust, the bible said. It teaches his people how to trust Him. Sometimes, things are not automatic. Things do not happen suddenly. So, it teaches trust; that’s an option in there. These people that we are going to talk about tonight got into a bad situation, and the Lord got them out of the most severe test. I don’t think anybody has quite suffered in a while like these people.

Now, let’s read about it. It’s about Boaz, it’s about Ruth, and it’s about Naomi in the bible. It’s a beautiful story of the Kinsman Redeemer, who is Christ to us. The same thing happened in the field as Boaz redeemed the Gentile, along with Naomi, the Hebrew, there…. So, Boaz became the kinsman redeemer to Naomi and got Ruth in the bargain. The Lord is our Kinsman Redeemer. He came and got the Gentile, but he will come and get the Hebrew too. Can you say, Amen? Watch Him redeem one and get the other one.

Now, we go into the story…. Bro Frisby read Ruth 1: 1. See; when you get off your ground in a strange place—now, sometimes, God sends ministers and they do go to dangerous places. They get off the ground sometimes to fight the battles of satan in different missionary fields and so forth. But the Hebrew, when he gets out of his land, he better watch out! And sure enough, the famine was severe, and he (Elimelech) moved over to the land of the Moabites, and it became worse. Now, let’s catch up with the story here. It’s about harvest time, too. Then it says here: Bro. Frisby read vs. 3 & 4. Naomi’s husband died, and she was left with her two sons. God was going to bring out something wonderful here…. The two sons died too. Then it was only Naomi, the mother of the two sons left, with her two daughters-in-law. In the meantime, she tried to discourage them [from going back with her to the Land of Judah] because she knew that her Hebrew God was different from the gods that they served…. By the Holy Spirit, she was kind of an instructor in the story, instructing the little Gentile bride [Ruth]. After all, it was the Hebrew that instructed the Gentile to Christ. All of them that wrote in the Old Testament and probably all the writers of the New Testament, including Luke, were Hebrews. They were instructors, and they instructed us to the body of Christ. That’s how I received salvation, from the writings of the Hebrews and from the Lord Jesus Christ. How many of you believe that? So, she became a symbol of an instructor there.

So, she became a symbol of an instructor there; knowing in all this, at the back of her mind, that after Boaz had received Ruth, she [Naomi] would come in too…. It was horrible because her two sons had died. It was just a severe test. She was out of her land. She is going home now, God is driving them back home, bringing the Hebrew in at the end of the age. The two daughters-in-law were contemplating about going with her…. She had a God that was different from theirs [gods]. He was the Real God, Elohim, the Word. Here is what happened: Bro Frisby read v.14. Ruth would not turn her loose. Now watch this: Bro Frisby read v. 15. [She told Ruth to go back to her people and her gods]. Look at the “s” on gods. Listen to this: Bro Frisby read v. 16. Ruth said to Naomi. “Please let me come. Wither thou goest, I will go….” Here is the Holy Spirit; you see the church there? There is obedience, people. “Thy people shall be my people and thy God my God.” Isn’t that wonderful. Now, look at that change coming in there. She won’t go back there [land of Moab]. There is nothing there. Bro Frisby read vs. 17 & 18. She [Naomi] left off speaking to her and took Ruth with her. Isn’t that wonderful.

Now, look at this, the other girl [Orpah], she proved [to be] the type of church that goes too far, and little persecution, just a little bit, she is ready to run back to her gods. It is speaking to the church that only goes part way with the Lord; lukewarm like the Laodiceans, and then turn around and return. They only go so far with the Word of God. But Ruth was rewarded because she went all the way. Isn’t that wonderful? One was the type of the elect Gentile bride. Boaz is a type of Christ—here is the bride of Christ—and Naomi is the type of the Hebrew. The other one turned and went back; a type of the church that says thus far and no further will I go with God and His Word. Ruth said, “I will lodge with you. I will die with you. Your people will be my people [your God my God]. Isn’t that wonderful? You know, when Jesus came to the Hebrews, they should have had the same spirit about them.

We drop down here: Bro Frisby read Ruth1: 22. They came to Bethlehem in the beginning of the barley harvest. Now, see how the story opens up; it’s harvest time. Boaz is a type of Christ. Surely, in the bible, it speaks of that. Ruth is a gentile. Here she is coming to Boaz. Now Boaz, his mother was a Gentile, but his father was Salmon. Boaz was the son of Rahab. How many of you know that? He produced Obed, who produced Jesse, from whom came forth David, and from whom came forth Christ later. Oh, see that coming forth through there. Amen…. So, they came to Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest. They arrived, and this is what happened. Naomi began to instruct Ruth. She began to tell her about the gleaning in the field. You know at the end of the age, the real bride has the gleanings left. The organizations and the big groups, they just about gobbled up the earth and pulled them all into this great system. But here and there, God has a powerful people. There may be some over here, and some over there. He knows how to unite them at the end of the age. They kind of get the gleaning, but oh, that’s the best because God is in that. Amen. There will be a gleaning too during the great tribulation, several gleanings, such a great harvest that God has upon the earth. Revelation chapter 7 shows the great tribulation gleaning in there, and so forth like that.

Then she was told by Naomi just exactly what to do. She [Naomi] said, “there is a kinsman of mine. You go and lay at his feet.” See; we are to humble ourselves, down at the feet of Christ. How many of you know that? That is the church right there at the feet…the ones that would not turn back. They would die before they would turn back…. They will go on. They are not going back like the [other] girl. You know, there comes a time in each person’s life…when they either have to go forward or they have to put it in reverse and go back. How many of you can say, Amen? Now, the Lord had mercy even on the woman that went back, but it brings out in [the] symbolism. I prayed about it and I know what it means in this field, and what is happening. And so, the little girl came in there and slipped right in there by his feet and laid there. He is going to redeem her now. He loved her. He liked her, see. He looked upon her and saw her; God put it in his heart. Naomi, knowing that she was the kinsman—she was the one who was the kinsman, not this woman [Ruth] here—but should he come in and get Ruth, he would get her [Naomi] too, in there. See; and then Ruth could come in.

Bro Frisby read Ruth 2: 11. “And Boaz answered and said unto her, it hath been fully shewed me, all that thou hast done unto thy mother in law….” You see, God spoke to him. “…And how thou hast left thy father and thy mother…” You gave it All up, he said, and you followed my kinsman, Naomi, here. “…And art come to a people which thou knewest not heretofore.” You don’t know anything about us. That’s faith, Boaz said. And he was a great one. He was a wealthy man, and he had faith in God because of Salmon, not Solomon…. He has seen faith in that little girl. He knew that for her to come out of her country of strange gods into this country and accept his God, that it was a different type of woman. Something surely would come good; God’s providence is in there. Then the Lord began to speak to him and knew that providence was in it. He tried all the harder to go in…they had a hearing and everything…. He had to put in so much and redeemed them at that time. That was in the Old Testament there. Then he said here: “The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust” (Ruth 2: 12). Isn’t that wonderful? When you depart and leave all behind, when you don’t go into reverse, but you go forward, behold saith the Lord, I will speak these words to you also. Wow! Amen. Let’s read it then. Here it comes: Bro Frisby read v. 12 again. Look at this temple; laying with those wings. He is speaking to the audience here tonight. I know it is a strange service tonight, a message to His people again, coming to those who linger and those who want to go forward with God…. He is talking to them; it is not me. I had this on my heart to preach quite a while back, but He began to bring it back because it is coming to the cycle in which it has to come.

Now, he [Boaz] said, “The Wings thou hast come to trust.” We know the story; he redeemed Ruth and married her, and brought her in. Here is the kinsman redeemer. Jesus is coming to a people who are strangers to Him and everything. He came in and when He did, through His blood, He purchased and redeemed the Gentile bride, along with some Hebrews that He would bring in also by predestination and providence. So, you see, Naomi went into the land of the Moabites. Providence stayed right with her. She brought back a little maiden for Boaz after it was all over. All the suffering, they would not forget it, and that there was something about it, an unforgettable experience. God’s hand was on there for it to be in the bible, see…. Providence took them in and watched over them with Wings. He [Boaz] said, you have trusted in the Wings of God and you’ve come back under the Wings of God. Then providence brought them out again and brought them under the Wings of God to settle and to raise a Seed that would come through David, a king that Jesus said, “I would sit upon his throne forever. Isn’t that wonderful? I tell you, when God has got something on His mind, nothing can stop it. Can’t you see how He works? You look at that family tree in the bible and it comes just exactly as I am reading it tonight because through Boaz and Ruth came the one that produced David. Read the first chapter of Matthew, and you begin to catch on and see what happened there.

He said to Ruth, “The Lord reward thee and the Lord recompense thy work…. Look at the redemption. Look at the power of the church. He [the Lord Jesus] has purchased us. He has redeemed us. He is our Kinsman. He is the very Soul. He is our Savior. How many of you know that? He is our Father. He is the Almighty and we are under His Wings. Therefore, we partake of the blessings. Under his Wings shall we trust the Almighty. He will guide us. We will not go in reverse. We will go forward in power with God. He will pour out His Spirit upon us. We will go away with those same Wings and we will travel to heaven. Isn’t that wonderful?

So, we see in this story, harvest time, and as she gleaned in the fields, laid down at his feet, he took her and married her. Naomi got to come in too and helped with the children afterward. I think it is marvelous to watch a destitute situation where people were dying in famine and disease, and yet, God did not allow the proper thing to be hurt at all. But His hand was on it right to the end. I tell of a truth, He guards over the ones that have faith and the ones that are of the seed of the faith of Abraham. Can you say, Amen? This ought to show you how to trust Him. He is your Kinsman Redeemer and he has purchased you with the great price. He has forsaken all of heaven for a moment. He came down in Shekinah blood and bought the church. Here we are, and I am going to rest on His Wings. Amen. Faith, see; Ruth said, “Wherever you lodge, I will lodge. Wherever you die, I will die. You see, I am not coming back here [Moab] to live. When I leave here, I am going to stick closer to you than you have ever thought.” God was on that little girl and here she married one of the wealthiest men. See; when she came to the field, she was just a little maid and they just put her in one corner with the rest of the workers. He was a great one. When he [Boaz] came to the city, they said, a great one cometh. The man of the hour, see? But, because she trusted in the Lord, he told her, great is your reward. The Lord had shown him all about it and he knew it was His choice. He had been waiting and after all, here she came as a Gentile. He had to [marry her] because God spoke to him. Can you say, Amen?

He [Boaz] was the type of Christ. Christ also coming for the Gentile bride—the Wings of heaven. Then the Hebrews like Naomi, [were] the instructors that instructed us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She was telling her all these things to do, allowing the Holy Spirit to work. The Hebrews, the bible said that in the last days, He will pour out His Spirit upon them. There will be a certain group of those Hebrews [that would be] redeemed too, along with that Gentile bride. Isn’t that powerful? How many of you feel the power of God here tonight? Listen to this. This is harvest time. This is the time of faith. It is a gleaning time. And a great harvest time. The wheat is ready. The hour is coming upon us. As I read in the bible, today, there are many Christians who do not want to be disturbed. They don’t want to be awakened. They want to turn back like the one [Orpah] and not get woken up, but Ruth wanted to be woken up. Can you say, Amen? In fact, she stayed awake all night at that man’s feet. The midnight call, isn’t that wonderful?

They don’t want to be awakened from their lukewarmness and sleep, by the trumpet call of a message that says, “Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light” (Ephesians 5: 14). If you just shake yourself and awake, that light would come upon you. Oh, He is ever ready. He is right there to allow the brilliance and the power, and the splendor of glory…awake thyself, shake thyself and He shall what? He will give the Light of the Holy Spirit and that is the Wings of God. Glory! Alleluia! So, we have come to an hour when Christ’s gospel alarm clock, which is the Holy Spirit, is ringing, and ringing and ringing, calling the sleeping Christians out of the bed of ease, and unconcerned. Midnight hour—some of them are sleeping. The cry is going forth. The alarm clock of the Holy Spirit is striking. You can hear Him striking. That Voice is going for the end is coming. The bible said this [to] those that are at ease in comfort, “Woe to them that are at ease in Zion.” How many times do you think of the lost? How many times do you think of the One that gave you your breath? It is time to shake ourselves. Can you say, Amen? Those people on television—should we show this on television—awaken yourself. He is your Kinsman Redeemer. Don’t go backward, go forward with Him. Oh, there is a blessing. It says right here, if you trust under His Wings, what a reward you’d have! Not only in this life, but in the world to come. No man has left house, home or anything, without a hundredfold; God touching his life in the spiritual and the material. I tell you, He is the only One that can really get you out of debt in this inflation. It is the Lord God under whose Wings you learn to trust. A rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

It is impossible to please the Lord without having a faith like Ruth’s and going forward. Amen? And there was reward to it; not knowing where she was going, hardly. Not even knowing how it was going to work out; it was so far-fetched, it was beyond the beyond. Oh, but she came to her heart, and to the promise of a Hebrew God who would do something for her. Look back; death and destruction. Forward; possibly, death and destruction too, over there—famine. Nevertheless, she was going with the God of the Hebrews, and that’s what happened to her. She was blinded; she was blinded by faith. She just went right straight on, not by feeling or sight, but she went straight on, believing God. At least she didn’t go in reverse. When she believed God with bold faith, she ran right smack into a blessing. A great one stood there; a wealthy man. Not only that, but spiritual heritage, and he said, you will be rewarded for all that you have done.

In this last days’ work, God is not going to let anybody down. In this last days’ work, all those that are helping the Lord in prayers and in their support, in any way they can, you are going to trust under those Wings. He is your Kinsman Redeemer. He has redeemed you. He is a wealthy man. Wow! Glory to God! Can you say, Amen? Not only in finances, but in spiritual gifts and power. “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth.” Amen. We’ve got a Great One, a Man of Valor, our Kinsman Redeemer. And so, we see the alarm clock of the Holy Spirit moving by His power. So, it’s the hour to awake. The alarm clock has gone off. I wonder how many will reach over and turn it off and go on back to sleep again. That’s Him! That is spiritual symbolism, that’s right. Of course, many of you do that in the natural part of the world. But in the spiritual world, when that alarm goes off in your soul and that heart says to go forward, begin to activate those spiritual feet and legs, and begin to go out by the power of God. He will begin to move with you. He will give you gas [fuel] to go. The Holy Spirit will move on you. Can you say, Amen?

See; get up and go when you are alarmed…and the awakening power of the Holy Spirit stirs you. So, be filled with the Spirit. The word of God says in Ephesians 5: 18, “Be filled with the [Holy] Spirit.” Then Jesus said, “…Let the children first be filled…” (Mark 7: 27). That’s what it says. Now, the Holy Spirit is given by God’s Word to them that ask in faith for the Holy Spirit–He would come upon them—and to them that obey God (Luke 11: 13, Acts 5: 32).  It is up to them to act and do it. Do, ask in faith for God to fill you with the Holy Spirit in this hour, and to keep you filled so that you will always walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. We have a Kinsman Redeemer. He is looking for us and we are looking for Him. How many of you believe that tonight? Take comfort all that are in the realm of this voice, by television and in the auditorium, take comfort in your heart. You’ve run right head on into a Great One. Amen. Use your faith. You have faith in your heart. The kingdom of God is within you. Allow it to work for you. You see; you keep it locked in there and shut up. Allow it to get out. Allow Him to work for you. Believe to activate. Begin to believe God and it will be no time before you begin to rise out of that miry clay. You will begin to step up on a Rock and you will be in the tabernacle of God’s palaces and He will bless you.

And so, we say this, the alarm is going off. It is time to awake. Don’t go back to sleep now. The hour is too late, saith the Lord. Don’t go back to sleep now, the hour is too late, saith the Lord. It is on the horizon. We can see the smoke clouds coming in one direction. We can see God coming in the other direction, and we are preparing because we will take our flight soon. This is really an hour for one to shake himself and to work in that field. Can you say, Amen? If you are working in the harvest field, I tell you what, you are going to lay down right beside the feet of Jesus, and I tell you what, He is going to take you and receive you because of that obedience. Can you say, Amen? So, out in the field was where all the action was for Ruth. “And out in the field would be all the actions for my church.” In that field is the Word, the gospel and the harvest. The gospel net is out. It is up to us to go forward by His power and He will bless us. Amen. These words are encouraging. One of the ancient bible stories. It is the truth. It is for faith. It is victory out of what looked like bleakness and barrenness…famine and death, came forth a beautiful promise. Later, the Messiah, Himself, came because God watches over what He is going to do. You take Him by faith, He will watch over you. Satan may tempt or try; he may test, but let me tell you something, the Lord is right there. You are by His feet. Can you say, Amen? He is going to lead you as the Good Shepherd.

So, with the encouraging words of the Spirit, I feel tonight and today, and all the time, that the Lord has awakened His people. I feel you are awake now, stay awake, spiritually, it’s what it is talking about. It is not talking about physically; you have to rest sometimes.  I am talking spiritually and that means to be awakened to read His Word, to love God, to praise the Lord and to be right into victory. We are finishing the message. So, we see Boaz, Ruth and Naomi; beautiful symbolism, but there is so much more to the story than that. We just kind of gleaned through that. I believe we got the most important facts out of this. One of them is determined faith and positive faith; nothing, not even death could turn it back. Not knowing…what was going to happen, yet, clinging to something they believed in their hearts would work out. “Wherever thou goest, I will go and wherever thou lodgest, I will lodge.” That’s the way we [should] talk about the Lord. Whatever He wants us to do today, that’s what we should say, like Ruth, and we would be redeemed…. Amen. I feel the Lord. How many of you feel Jesus tonight?

Lift up your hands. Lord, bless the people watching this. We praise the Lord. Let the power of the Holy Spirit come upon them…. Lift them up and may they become like Ruth and Naomi, strike out for Him…no matter what your  problems are, no matter how far you are from God…no matter how destitute and in debt…it makes no difference, do like these two people did, and strike out for God. Allow God to lead, not knowing all about it. You may not know anything about what is going to happen, but [have] bold faith and trust under the Wings of the Almighty, and there will be a reward for you. How many of you believe that tonight? I tell you of a truth, He is so real. You can’t help but feel the power of God. He is wonderfully illustrated to His people…. I believe He is really great! We could have gone prophetically into the great tribulation, how the Lord…would take the Gentiles away just as Boaz married Ruth and took her on. We would be gone too, and He would begin to deal with the Hebrews. Isn’t this beautiful?

It is so beautiful here tonight. I want you all to stand to your feet. I want you to come down here. The anointing is so powerful. You need not go home with any more fear. That little chapter there will always warm up your heart, no matter what. You may not know tonight, all of you come from all over the US, and you come here because faith and power drew you here. Let me tell you something: you’ve come to trust in the Hand, and the Wings of the Almighty, and there will be a reward in this generation, in this age, Amen…. I want all of you to come down here and we are going to praise the Lord. I will pray a mass prayer for every one of you. Lift up your hands and tell the Lord wherever He lodges, you will lodge, wherever He leads, you will follow, and that you will rest and trust under the Wings of the Lord God of Israel. He will bless your hearts. Come on and praise the Lord.

Providence: God’s Wings of Trust | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1803 | 02/10/1982 PM