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Be Watchful | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1548 | 11/27/1991 AM

Lord bless your hearts. O Lord, how precious is it to be in the house of God! Soon, what would it be like when we stand before you in heaven and the surrounding that we will all get to see and to look at, and to look right at you and the angels, and those that are standing with you? We’ll be standing like them, then, because we’ll have the same kind of faith, power, and the same holiness. Now, touch thy people, Lord. Each one of them has a request in their heart. Each one has a prayer, evidently, for someone else, too. Now, touch the pain. Take away all the hurt, the broken heart, and all the things that push against them, and confront them Lord Jesus, this morning. Touch their bodies and I command all the diseases and all the pains to leave, and all the worldly oppressions that are able to come in and push against them on their jobs or wherever they are at, Lord. Touch the little children. Touch them all together from the least to the greatest. Lord, you have done that. You are with us this morning. The Lord said He is right here. I believe it. Don’t you? Come on, praise the Lord Jesus. Amen.

We are getting to the end of another year. The Lord has been kind to this earth; although, we do see great destruction, and we see Him trying to get the attention, that’s what He is doing to all the people. He is trying to wake them up, trying to stir them up and He is hitting the gospel in every corner across this earth, so that when the time comes and when it is all over with, they won’t be able to say, “Lord, you didn’t tell me” or “I didn’t hear it.” He is making sure the gospel is preached hundreds of times, especially to the people in the modern world. What are they going to say when they have heard it thousands of times, and the witness has been given thousands and thousands of times? So much has been given to us, and so much is going to be required. What an hour! What a day! There is no day, and I can say, saith the Lord, like the day this generation is living in. I believe that. Don’t you believe that? You know, if you are not careful, there is so much unbelief, so many thousands of people moving in with so many doctrines. Even some of them put them on their car/license plates. Some [of the license plates] said “Jesus is the Lord” or Jesus is coming soon.” Then the others, it’s just the opposite. They have other things on there. You know, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a license plate. The woman wrote, “I am crazy” and on the bottom it says, “To know me is to love me.” And I said that is a strange combination indeed; all mixed up, and that is kind of like the world.

Did you ever notice too that the license plates they are giving are kind of like a prophetic shadow casting before us, as you have a number and you have a letter on there? It is showing us that at the end of the age, everyone will have a certain kind of code mark. It will be digital. The bible speaks of it. It will come at the proper time. I was here last Wednesday and was speaking about Thanksgiving coming up. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving—a time of the year to really give thanks for this nation. Like Israel, His hand has been on it [this nation, USA]. Like Israel, it has…a big part of it has turned away from the old steadfastness, but there is a part of it that is turning toward God. That’s what the Lord is going to take away with Him, and some will have to flee to the great wilderness. We are reaching that age and that time is upon us now. This morning, I wrote this: you want to settle your hearts. You want to stablish them, the Lord said, and be established. Don’t be led astray by what somebody says or by what somebody does. You want to stablish your heart in His word; you keep it right in that word because the events are going to take place swiftly like they have been going, and there are so many things underneath, that all of a sudden, they will just pop up and catch you off guard.

Now, in this time of the catching away—I prayed much before I came over this morning because it could have been a later message, but I feel that the time we are in, right now will be a good time to [give the message]. I have been here quite often now and we are in the catching away soon. God’s Voice—I know in many years of praying and preaching the gospel, and people crossing the platform and getting healed–knowing that Voice and the spiritual part that comes with it; I have learned like Abraham did, to know when He said something. Reading in Isaiah and different scriptures, I would be reading—and the great anointing and power that’s in me, that’s been in there—something in the Old Testament and different parts of it where He would talk [other places the prophets did a lot of the talking as He gave them]—by reaching in there, I can tell that feeling and Voice. I would go over, even though thousands of years have passed, I would go over to some of the ways He talked back in the Old Testament, even 500 to 700 years after Isaiah, over into days of the Lord Jesus. Something about it is a little different, but the same thing—and when the Lord spoke in Isaiah, “Even I, I am the only Savior, I know no other God before me or after”– in speaking many ways to Isaiah, I would hear Jesus talk, and that same Voice. I know it is like John said; the word was with God, the word was God and the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. The world that He created and the people in it rejected Him. But as Jesus would talk and I would read the gospel, the same Voice in the Old Testament is the same Voice that met them Pharisees. I know that Voice. I am attuned to it after all those years, and you cannot fool me; the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. You watch and see.

One scripture said that He sat down at the right hand of God. Sure; that’s the body that God got into. He would come out of that body and sit there. John said, “One sat.” And then Isaiah, he looked and said “One sat” there. You can do it anyway you want to, like the bible said, these three are One. How can you make them three? You can’t. But the Spirit is manifested in three ways, and we don’t deny anything. We have Lord, Jesus Christ. We have Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Lord is the Father, Jesus the Son, and Christ the Anointed One, means the Holy Spirit. Oh, I will get out of that pretty quick. That’s my way of living, and that’s the way I have miracles, and they happen too. They’ve always happened.

Now, the catching away. We are reaching the latter times. Knowing His Voice, He told me definitely: “Tell the people…[this is on audio and it will be to my people  all over the country  and in every place we can get it, and you send it everywhere that you can]. I want them to know, in the hour that we live in and in this generation of time that we live in, be very careful. I know the human nature will not let you live like an angel every day because you are in the midst of an apostasy, and you are in the midst of like—like the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. You are living where sin is every way you look. You can turn it on and turn it off. You can see it, look at it and hear it…you can’t get away from it. But there is coming a time when He expects His people… and He will give the anointing to help you to control…when people do you wrong. When something happens, you can’t always control it, but you don’t have to live in it when the devil tries to make the flesh mad [angry]. It seems like the devil and the flesh work hand in glove. Sometimes, the flesh by itself is more trouble than you can get into, let alone, let the devil get a hold of it.

And so, the Lord was speaking to me. I was praying; you know, I do a lot of prophecy, and events would come and I would know them and see them. Sometimes, it is hard to say when events would happen, but I give a general opinion. But now, in this hour—I’ll try to speed this up—I want to get a hold of your hearts so your faith would rise up to catch this. Knowing that Voice, as I was praying, the Lord spoke to me. So, I am here this morning on the terms that He spoke to me; no one should miss this. Listen to this right here. As He was telling me, He said this: It’s going to be very hard for some people–because the devil knows that the carrying away is very close—he knows that we are living near the very time that He [the Lord] is going to call out the true ones that believe in Him. So, he [satan] is going to try…you will be tried and you will be tested. And He said, “Tell the people, do not harbor any ill feelings towards their fellow man, not even those in the world.” Be careful now, I know when He is speaking like that, He has a definite reason.

You say, how about the great outpouring? It’s already happening all over the earth. The former and the latter rain coming together only to become a completeness. While men sleep, believe me, He is getting that elect together like never before, because the rest are going in their own directions. But He is getting that elect right. He is going to take them out. Now, do not hold any ill feelings; I know that is hard. Satan is very tricky and he will try to get the elect at the end of the age to hold them. Paul said one time; don’t lie down at night with anger. It will probably destroy the whole body, and you may have a few nightmares too. Paul always said, try to lay down with peace on your heart in prayer. Try to have that consciousness of praise to the Lord when you lay down. Don’t let the devil at the last hour—the Lord knows that he is going to come stronger and steal everything that you have worked for. I used the word “steal” because the devil steals according to those parables. Don’t let the devil steal from your heart what you have worked for so long in the Spirit to make it to heaven, and to get out of this shaky planet that has been turned upside down nearly by sin and the things that are happening.

So, I was praying and after that, I said, Lord—I know His Voice, very distinct—and then about a day later, I believe it was the other day, the Lord began to talk to me. He gave me this scripture, as sure as I am standing here, I lie not; He gave it to me. Out of nowhere it came, but it was there all the time. To me, it was like it came from nowhere, and it was right there. Let me read it right here: “Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door” (James 5: 9). Now, you may have good reasons and be right; you may be right about it, but don’t let it steal your faith. Don’t let it turn your heart. If they deserve it, God is the One that will sure serve the sentence. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Be careful now–living when He wants to pour out the translative faith, the faith of tremendous power and of revelations; things that you just glance at and say, “I never knew the bible…meant that. Now, I know what it means.” That kind of faith to show you the Lord is coming and He doesn’t want the hearts of the elect to hold anything [ill feelings]. It’s up to the preachers and the Holy Spirit…to keep that out of there at that hour. Soon, a great change in the earth; the graves will be opened and they [the dead in Christ] will walk among us. We must be prepared to meet them, for we are going away with them; those that love the Lord.

Here is the scripture: James 5: 9. That is the end-time chapter of the bible. If you read, you will get a lot of lesson for the very end of the age. “Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned.” See; if you hold a grudge, you are condemned, I try to touch you [on the prayer line] and you can’t get anything. You see, it just bounces back. Remember, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, you will be changed. You want to be in a good shape. “Lest, you be condemned, behold, the judge standeth before the door.” Now, at the time in James that they are heaping treasure in the beginning of the chapter [James 5:1], at the end of the chapter…he [James] says at that time, satan will try to have the elect to harbor grudges against the sinner and against the church, that are even Pentecostals or Full Gospel people that are against them, and even their fellow man that would be against them. But the Judge is right at the door when that happens. Then, he said, have patience, brethren (James 5: 7), you will get help. Three different times, he used that word [expression]–be patient, brethren—because it would be an impatient time, they couldn’t wait. Did you ever get out on the streets and find out how they will cut in on you [in their cars] and go a block, that’s as far as they’ve got to go. They would speed up…the race is happening, swift push button; everything is happening by number and numerical, push buttons and digitals…. In a fast age, hold to that faith.

Grudge not, because He is standing, ready to come at that time. This is the hour for no bitterness because it would kill your faith. It would destroy the soul. Satan is subtle; he is very tricky. Things will happen at the end of the age to get your attention, just at that hour. But thanks be unto God for His warning out of the scriptures. And thanks be unto God for the men of God that are giving the right word and the right Spirit. You’ve got to have the right Spirit so that ones who by predestination and providential words of God will be able to snap out of grudges and get that anger and against feeling out of the heart, for you are going to face One that is the very love and divine love. The world will face the Judge when He comes in His wrath and judgment, but we will face the One with divine love; and we won’t stand there with grudges. We will not be standing there; we will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. But satan is going to try everything now…more than ever, for you to harbor, hold feelings, and to be against.

And sometimes, when things don’t go your way, satan may get you to take a shot at God. “Why Lord?” Your anger may be, “Why do I want to serve you, if this happened or if that happened?” I have letters from all over the US; people have things done to them and they ask me to pray because they do not want to harbor, they don’t want to have those feelings. They want me to pray for them to have their hearts right. Sometimes, in the family, the children can do things and the parents may be stirred up one against another. Jesus said that at the end of the age, parents will be against children; daughter against mother, father against son, and all of them against the other. Be careful, at the time when He would come, that is the way it would be. The devil is subtle and tricky. You want to keep divine love in your heart. How many of you believe that?

“For He spake; and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast” (Psalm 33). That scripture is [seems to be] out of the context with the rest that I have to do in Proverbs; I will come to it in a moment. Now, the elect that would listen to these messages, as I said, the old flesh and the devil will try you. You may get hooked and you may make a mistake, but don’t live in it. Get it out of there. As Paul said, don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Get it out of there, see; as fast as you can work it out there! He commanded and it stood fast. Now, about the time that He comes, a great, powerful and mighty uplift and help would come from the Lord. He will raise up a standard against all those that will try you. In every way, there is going to be help. It’s coming. He is already helping the people that will open up their hearts. Although, He has been your Comrade, your Companion and your Friend, now He is going to be closer than ever, as the Bridegroom comes for the bride. He is going to come. Pretty soon, you are going to be locked in together. You are going to be sealed. We have the Holy Spirit within us, but besides the sealing we have, there will be a major sealing, and the last one comes in. Then, those that He holds will not get out; those others will not come in. It will be like the ark because He said [it will be] like the days of Noah. That is coming.

So, be very careful about your comings, about your goings and about going back and out of the world, and so forth like that. He told me–don’t harbor—now, the Judge standeth at the door. Let me read a few scriptures here. We will come back to something and I will end it here. “The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy” (Proverbs 14: 10). See; don’t lie to yourself. Don’t let anything interrupt you from finding your own faults in your heart, but let it remain with joy. “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 16: 25). See; man will try to work it this way that they have a reason. You may have a reason, God knows it, but the whole bible—and when Jesus came, His whole mission and foundation—was based on FORGIVENESS. No matter how much a person has gossiped or done [something] to you, you must forgive. That is a hard thing for the human flesh. You have a reason, that’s right, many times. But you don’t want to let satan use that trick against you. He tried it on Jesus in every way, and Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do, before He went to the cross. How many of you know that? Watch out! Those that are not going up in the translation will be caught off guard, but such a help is coming to those with an open heart. There is a way which seemeth right unto a man….” You may find every way, as I said, but the ends thereof, are the ways of death.

Man and his doctrine–in everything that he does, there is a way that seemeth right, but the end thereof is death. The close imitation of the real thing may seem right, but it will wind up on the pale horse from the white horse, the one that says peace and safety, and prosperity [false] for all that follow it in Revelation 6 -8. There is a way that seemeth right, but it won’t work. So we go down through the scriptures. “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death” (Proverbs 14: 27). The fear of the Lord is the way that you escape [from] death. “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger” (Proverbs 15: 1). That’s hard many times for people to do in the hour that we live in; but a soft answer turns away wrath, while grievous words stir up anger. If you turn with anger, anger turns back. The next thing you know, you are in trouble and those feelings there… [of anger] are like poison. “The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness” (Proverbs 15: 2). Listen to these words. The wisest man in the world who had to learn these lessons himself is now telling us, as I have told you beforehand, saith the Lord, at the beginning of this sermon that God Himself has spoken to His people. It’s not one of these messages that I preach and get into a lot of prophecy, but I’ll come back to something in a moment.

And so it says here, “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good” (Proverbs 15: 3). He sees both. “All the days of the afflicted are evil: but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast” (v. 15). If you can keep your heart merry, away from harboring ill feeling…. It [ill feeling]  will poison the heart. It will poison the soul and it will poison the flesh and the body. You don’t want to do that. You want to keep away from that. These words are in Proverbs 14 and 15. James said the Judge standeth at the door…have patience therefore, brethren…grudge not one against another—for the Lord waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth as the former and latter rains are being poured out. Now, when He (the Lord) spoke to me, I also came as the former and latter rain is poured out. What a midnight cry! What an hour we are living in now! We can see it on every hand. You know, you go back to that license plate; above it, it says, “I am crazy.” I tell you what, that was only for a joke, and to know me is to love me. They might think that is all mixed up right there. But I tell you what, whoever that person is, is not alone; the whole world, the bible says, is off on a trip of madness. How many of you believe it? If you follow in their madness, and follow their signs and their slogans, the next thing you know, the scriptures don’t mean anything to you. Pretty soon, you’ve got plenty of time to get in a lot of trouble, plenty of time to hate, and plenty of time to harbor this and harbor that. Not so, saith the Lord, lest the Judge slips [in] on you. How many of you believe that?

He standeth right at the door. That’s exactly right. In James 5—we are still on that chapter—He waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth as the former and latter rain is poured out. It says the coming of the Lord draweth nigh at that time. The time that men were [are] heaping up treasure. The time that men will have grudges against [one] another. The time that men will push buttons and be fast, He said, “Have patience.” The time of revival being poured out upon the people. It is the time that the Judge is right at the door. He standeth there; it is the hour that He draweth nigh. The signs are all around us, and everywhere that we look in James 5, [the signs] are right here to the letter. We are standing at the end of the age. We are in the latter times.

I know that Voice and He tells me to tell everyone of you on this tape that you are going to be tried and you are going to be tested. Yea, satan will try to plant evil in your heart before the coming of the Lord. Once a grudge gets in your heart, and once evil and anger get in there, and get a root, it’s not easy to get out, saith the Lord. But if you would use the word and your faith, you will poison that weed and it will die out of there. It will not be able to take plant [root]. How many of you believe it? That’s what the Lord is saying. Have divine love. Be filled with the word of God and the Holy Spirit, and it [poison–anger and grudges] cannot grow in there, saith the Lord. It may come, but it will have to bounce out. It will not live there. The bible says either you love one master and hate the other, but it says you cannot serve two masters. Neither can we love two gods. The Lord said we are to love one Master. See; there is strife and discord, but when we believe in the Lord Jesus and do what He says, there is no discord and there is no anger in the heart.

If people disagree and say, “Well, I see it this way.” Well, that is the way you have to face God. If I say, “Well, I see it this way in the scriptures,” I will have to give account to God myself. There is no argument. Each man will have to give his own account to the Lord. You can’t say, “So and so made me do this, and so and so made me do that.” Adam said, the woman you gave me; but the Lord said, you asked me. The Lord straightened all that out in His divine purpose. Remember this; you have to give account of yourself. You can’t fall back on anything on that day. You have to depend on what the Lord told you in the scriptures. As the age is ending, the devil is going to plant…. Now, listen to me in the audio and I am going slow, so you can hear it—I will be out of here in a moment—he [satan]  is going to try to put it [anger, ill feeling, grudge] in your heart. People will do things against you, [people] that seem to be of the Pentecostal faith, or the Full Gospel faith or the Fundamental faith. They will try to get it in your heart; it’s coming. But at the same time, remember these words, “The Lord spoke and it held fast. He commanded and it stood just where it was.” He will do it for you.

So, as we close the age out, the grudges will come. They will come from every direction, members of the family, every direction. You must be wise. The bible said, [be] as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. You are going to have to use wisdom in order to be prepared because as a snare…it will come suddenly. It will come quickly. It will be over with, and the papers will say that millions are missing from the earth. Don’t let the devil now put a grudge in your heart this hour. As I was praying about something else entirely different, I was interrupted. Out of nowhere, He came. He was there all the time. But He revealed and He told me to preach this on the tape, to tell the people, that is what He said, to harbor no ill feeling, to hold nothing against their fellow man now. We are in the sunset; we are in the late hour, folks. And then later, I never even dreamed in my heart about what else He would do until He would come back [translation]. I was reading through Proverbs, reading through the Psalms, and the bible, but I never read James. Here He comes; after He spoke, He gave me the scripture in James 5: 9: “Grudge not against one another…. It was in the chapter of His coming and of the outpouring. That’s what He gave me, that scripture, and I said, “Oh, how beautiful and how wonderful you are, Lord!” Man cannot find the proper scripture. Man may search all over the scripture and You [the Lord] can come in a moment’s time; and that one scripture told it all. In fact, the Lord said that is the message alone without all that I have spoken. How many of you believe [it]? He can do more in one message than men, one time there.

Look around, what scientists are finding all over the world, how that prophecy is fulfilling and how this year is closing and will close out. Now watch, world crises are ahead that we have never seen before. All the signs are all about us. The celestial, saith the Lord, is speaking and uttering its voice and knowledge by night and by day, as spoken in Psalm 19; and as I, Myself, spoke in Luke 21: 25. The celestial will speak above and the earth will give its voice beneath, and the signs will be revealed in nature, in mankind and in nations. We see all of this happening, mankind trying to figure a way out, using God as a front, sometimes. The governments are trying to find a way out of the mess that they have gotten into. Finally, it seems as if they have found a way out, but it is only a way into death, and it even means more trouble. They have a slight relief there with a world leader, but it all crumbles and falls apart. It cannot stay together because the word is not in it, and the Living God, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, is not in it. It will not last. He will come down and show them.

Listen to this; nowhere in the bible did it say life will be kind all the time. But the bible says if we’ve got God, we can bear this life and He will give us joy, and He will take us through the trials and tribulation. How many of you believe it? You are entering that hour of the testing that I spoke [about] in this message. Keep your eyes, and your heart and your ears open, for it is coming. Now listen to this, I wrote it down, so I am going to read it. If one did not know the scriptures or the Spirit, and if you were not in tune, a person might think that God is on satan’s side, the way that it looks, sometimes. I have had people write and say, “I look around and it looks like God is taking care of the wicked, sometimes, more than some of the people that serve God on the earth.” Nay, nay. Watch out, sometimes, it looks like God is on satan’s side the way that things turn out in this life, and in the way that things turn out in your life. You say, “My, God has joined satan against me the way that this is happening.” Sometimes, even in the bible, the prophets thought it was unfair many times. But when we read the end of the story, we find out the answer. On the contrary, it just looks that way sometimes; you are being tested, God has pulled back the edge. “How much faith did you tell me you had,” the Lord said? “What was it last night you said you could believe for anything?” “How many times did you promise me, Lord, if you get me out of this mess, I promise you in my heart, I will never let you down?” How many times have you told the Lord, “Oh, if you get my boy out of this trouble, I’ll see to it that he serves and I serve the Lord?” “Lord, I failed on this and I failed on that. I failed to pray—if you would only—if you would help me, Lord. Oh, Lord, I’ve got pain, I am sick, Lord.” You tell the Lord, “If you get me out of this mess, I’ll never do that again.” Sometimes, you go overboard; you get into such trouble and you tell the Lord, “Lord, Lord, I will make a deal with you.” You get into dealing with Him. “Well, I’ll reason,” saith the Lord. That’s what He said in the bible, come now, let us reason together. And you reason and you tell the Lord. Then you forget those promises.

But I have not forgotten one, not one promise have I forgotten. All of my promises will come true, saith the Lord, in the proper time, and in the proper places. Men may come and men may go. Kings will rise and kings will fall, but my word will stand for ever. I will make it good. I will back up every prophecy. I will stand by every promise. I will keep every word I have spoken. I will give unto thee the reward that I have promised. Thou shall sit and walk with me, and thou shall have eternal life. My Spirit will be planted in thee. He [Spirit] will be eternal; never would He be able to be destroyed. You will live forever and ever, eternally where I inhabit eternity. For I am the Lord. My word will not fail like man’s [word]. He will fail you at the final end. He will lead you in imitation. He will deceive you in every way. He will come in my name and he will try you in every kind of spirit that he can. He would almost deceive those that I love, but he cannot take away the ones that I have foreknown, and the ones that I love. My words will not fail, but satan and time cause you to think that the Lord has forgotten. But the Lord has not forgotten. For in my time–which there is no time—when I started this and man was created has been less than time. It was as though it is now, and it will be over. But to you, there is a time given. There is a time to be born. There is a time to die and there is a time for each event. Today, this message cometh from the Lord. There is a time, and now is the time. Hold fast; let no man steal they crown, for these are the words of the Lord and they be not of my servant, saith the Lord of Hosts. Oh boy! That’s worth standing all night for, isn’t it? And the Lord said that is worth standing awake all [of] eternity.

But on the contrary, you would promise the Lord this and that, and sometimes, you fail him. Then when He pulls back the hedge, you are tested. Then the Lord said, “Didn’t you  promise me this? Didn’t you tell me you had this?” Now, you are tried and you think the Lord has turned the devil loose on you. Job thought, “The Lord God is against me.” Finally, the Lord got his mind straightened out. Then he said, “Oh my, old satan went to God and made this deal, and went against me. Job said, “Oh, that God would pin it down and right it.” But the Lord standeth by; you fight it out. You fight your cause out, whatever it is, with the Lord—what battle you are in—and He will help you.  On the contrary, not so; they are mortal enemies, satan and the Lord, I wrote. I should have read it all at one time, but He broke in with that prophecy. They are not friends. You see, the positive God is the good forces that come to us. The evil forces, they are the negative forces of the devil. This is what would test you.

The fire refines. The persecution brings out the truth, saith the Lord. How many of you know that? When He puts us through the fire, it refines us. When we are persecuted, it would bring out the truth in us, what we stand for. He did it in every church age. At a glance, look at Job again. It looked like God had joined up with satan for a moment, but Job carried it through for us. Although God destroys [slays] me, he said, I will serve Him. Joseph…it didn’t seem fair for him to be honest  and good in everything that he did and then to be tortured, thrown into a pit, tortured by not seeing his father, and then thrown into the prison in Egypt, when he did not do anything wrong. He only tried to help his fellow man. But at a glance, we say, look at Job. Look at what happened to Joseph. We find out that at the end of the story, it turned out that God was showing a lesson to all of mankind. Many people were delivered by it. Joseph, himself, delivered the very Jews that stand upon the earth today. They would have been destroyed in the famine, and a Gentile nation [Egypt] wiped out from the face of the earth from famine. But Joseph stood in the gap. The Gentiles lived and enough Jews lived to bring forth the Messiah. Satan thought to wipe out the Messiah, but Joseph was more than satan could deal with.

And Joseph didn’t harbor ill feelings, saith the Lord, and he beat the devil. Had he had anger, and had he harbored ill feelings against his brethren, such evil, satan would have won, and the Messiah would not have come. Oh, isn’t God wonderful! The old devil can put his demons in certain places, and God can put His men in certain places. Amen. So, Joseph…in God’s wisdom that is beyond men, His divine purposes and providence, His omnipresence and omnipotence…all around us we see everything. You look around and you see the violence, all the earthquakes and nature travailing, all of these things happening, and everything that we are going through, and one would say, “Where is God?” Oh, the Lord is in nature. The Lord is preaching. The Lord is warning. The Lord is telling us this is our hour. This is the hour of the outpouring of God on the hearts that would open them up. Keep that let anything live in there, but let the Holy Spirit live in your heart, and all the promises heart. Don’t would be yours. All of them will come to pass; everything that I have spoken, saith the Lord. I believe that, this morning.

This sermon comes from the Voice of God when He told me to go tell the people. This will be on tape and the people will get to hear it everywhere beside here. Always…if you get in trouble and something happens to you, come back. God loves you. He will allow satan to test you, but it is because He loves you. When He does, He will chasten those that He loves to get them back, to keep them in line and to get them ready for the translation of the saints. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, it would be over, and then all that He has told us this morning would be worth more than anything else in this world. It would be worth the word of God. How many of you believe that? I want you all to stand to your feet. I could have gotten out of here in 30 minutes, but I think the extra writing that I broke into was worth it. Sometimes, you may think that God had joined with the old devil, but He hadn’t. He just allowed things to happen that way. My prayer this morning on every one of you–and we have a good audience out there this morning—God bless your heart. I feel a relief out there….that you have gotten a relief from God, and that the Lord is going to help you.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you are going to let satan run all over you. It doesn’t mean that you are going to let satan get by with the things that the world said he can get by [away] with. But it means don’t let him get that heart away from God. How many of you believe me now? See; that word protects you and it will protect you against anything. It will show you what to do in any situation, in anything in this life that you get involved with, that word will guide you. But even when you know you are right and you know you have been mistreated, you want to keep divine love in your heart in such an hour as this, or He would not have told me to come over here. I am going to pray for every one of you. I tell you what, if you know people [who are] in trouble, you have family in trouble or you are in trouble, just open up your heart. He’s spoken in such a way that He is already there in the audience answering you. Your heart will feel free and you will have a real spirit at this time of the year to worship. I just thought about it; we are entering the holiday season when they worship the birth of Christ, the Lord Jesus. Of course, they don’t know exactly what month or what day; they just put one on there. We know about when it was…He really did come. He came, we know that. This is the season of joy and of good tidings, and greetings. And oh, keep the love of God in it.

Can you raise your hands up and help your heart? Oh Jesus, bless each one of them. Now, begin to praise the Lord. And when I leave here, I will be praying for each and every one of you. Remember that this old body has carried this gospel for almost 35 years, and the hardships that I had before I went into the ministry, God was able to take me right out of death and bring me all those years into the gospel. What a wonderful time! And you keep me in your prayers. As I pray for you, God will not fail. He will keep you. He spoke and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast. I believe that. I will be praying for each one of you. Now, you praise Him. If you need Jesus in your heart—you are new—just open up your heart and say, “Lord Jesus, I love you. You are going to take me out of my problems. Now, you are going to help me.” In every way, God will help you and heal you, and bring a miracle to you.

I want you to lift up your hands. Praise the Lord for this message. He came to you this morning. If it had been me, I would have said it differently, but because He got it in such a way, it couldn’t be spoken any other way, but the way the Lord brought it. Give Him the glory because mankind cannot deliver things like that, only the Lord can. I have sense enough to know that, and may it bless on the tape and the audio. May it bless every heart and may it stand fast and guide them to that moment that we face you, Lord Jesus. Take them out of this world. Be with them. Begin to praise the Lord. Amen. God bless your hearts. Come on, shout the victory! Shout the victory! Lord, touch them, every one of them. Jesus, bless their hearts.


Be Watchful | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1548 | 11/27/1991 AM



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