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TRANSLATION ALERT 91 | CD #2060 11/30/80 AM

The Revelation Church is the True Body of Christ CD # 2060 11/30/80 AM

Well, are you glad to be here this morning? I am going to ask the Lord to bless you. Oh, I feel blessing just walking toward this way. Don’t you? Amen. Ever since the building was built, it’s kind of like a trail. If it wasn’t for the city, it would be like the old prophet walking across the brook down through a trail, and I stay on the same trail in there. In that path or in that trail, I have sure dealt misery to the devil. He cannot cross it. Oh my! It’s wonderful! Bless them all that are here today. I believe each one will go away with a blessing, but don’t refuse it, audience. Receive ye the blessing of the Lord. There is a special blessing here today for you. Now, Lord, in unity of prayer together, we command it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. No matter what it is, what they are praying for, begin to move for them and give them the desires of their hearts this morning. And the message let it be supernatural to His people that they will always receive it just as it was written in fire on the Rock. Praise ye the Lord! Give the Lord a handclap!

If you are new here tonight, I will be praying for the sick and miracles are taking place each Sunday night. We see miracles every night. You can come on the platform and I will pray for you. I don’t care what the doctors told you or whatever you have—bone problems—it makes no difference to the Lord. A little faith that you have in your soul and heart; many of you don’t know that. But it’s a little faith. It is mustard-seed-like faith and it is inside your soul. Once you just let that begin to move, activate it, and you come into this anointing that I have got, it will explode, and you get exactly what you want from the Lord. How many of you really believed that? [Bro. Frisby gave an update on a woman that was healed]. She was dying, loaded with narcotics, painkillers. The woman said all her pains were gone. She could not feel the cancer anymore. The miracle took place. It’s up to her to attend church and worship the Lord to keep what she received from the Lord. How many of you know that God is real?

How many of you are ready for a message this morning? Miracles are real. Now this morning, I am probably going to touch on the subject—you’ve probably read this scripture many times. But we want to touch on this to see why I definitely felt led by the Lord to go to this scripture. I have a number of sermons and so forth, but He just kind of led me to this one here: The Revelation Church is the True Body of Christ. How many of you know it? It is the revelation church that is the true body of Christ. It is built on Rock of the Holy Spirit and the Rock of the Word. That’s the way it is built. And there is more than meets the eyes—the natural eyes—in these verses that we are going to read. If you just glance over, you will miss the revelation to it.

So, turn with me to Matthew 16. It will probably be preached different from what you have heard because the Holy Spirit reveals things as we go along and tie it in with other scriptures, not just the scripture here. Matthew 16—this chapter is where Jesus wanted them to discern the sky [signs], but they could not. He called them hypocrites; that you cannot discern the signs of the times that are all around. Same thing today, there are signs around us and yet the nominal churches, the lukewarm churches, the Full Gospel [churches] that are dead, and all these churches, they cannot see the signs of the times. In fact, they are fulfilling prophecy and they don’t know it. They are the exact fulfillment of the prophecies that will be at the end of the age—the sleepiness, the lukewarmness—how they would even reach into the main church, and how they would sleep, and the midnight cry would come with thunder in there, and wake and prepare the people. Some of them got out in time and some of them didn’t—the foolish and the wise virgins.

Now, as we begin to read this here in chapter 16 [Matthew], they were questioning Jesus here: Was He John the Baptist or Elijah, one of the prophets or Jeremiah or something like that? Of course, He set them straight. He was more than a man. He was more than a prophet. He was the Son of God, but He really set them straight. In other scriptures, He told them He was Deity. He was Divine too. “He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I the Son of man am” (v. 13). “And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God” (v. 16). That is the Anointed One. That is what Christ means, the Son of the Living God. “And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, [see; the revelation church doesn’t deal in flesh and blood], Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee but my Father which is in heaven [in other words, the Holy Spirit]” (v.17). It is built on the Rock of the Word and the Holy Spirit.

“And I say unto thee, That upon this rock [not upon Peter because that is wrong], I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (v.18). The Roman Catholics and everyone thought that. But upon the revelation of the Sonship and the revelation that He came in the Father’s Name. And upon the Rock of the binding and the loosening, and upon the Rock of the keys that He would give the church, and the gates of hell cannot come in. He said upon this Rock, not any rock, not all kinds of dogmas or systems. But upon this Rock, the Chief Cornerstone. The Main Stone that was rejected, that they didn’t want, that you can have—the bride and the 144,000 Israelites, and the apostles of Jesus Christ. Upon this Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ. Did that settle it? Say Amen. Not any rock, but this Rock. And I will build my church [my body] and the gates [that means the people]; gates mean gates to people and to hell, and to demons and everything else here. And the gates [or the people and demons of hell] shall not prevail against it because I am going to give you some tools.

“And I will give unto thee the keys [here are the keys of that Rock there] of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind [see; there is your binding power] on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:19). How many of you know that? Binding power, loosening power—you have seen it on the platform, binding devils, loosening sickness, and it goes further than that. While I was doing this, the Holy Spirit wrote some notes. I will preach some in between these notes. And if you just make a casual look of those scriptures, you miss it altogether there. A casual glance, you will miss the revelation. He does not use flesh and blood, but He uses people. How many of you know that? He does not use flesh and blood to build His church, He uses the Holy Spirit. They [flesh and blood] are the carriers of the Holy Spirit when He does that. He does not build His church upon it. He uses flesh and blood. He uses people, but He does not build His church upon flesh and blood because every time that has happened the churches apostatize. And we see a world system coming because it was built on flesh and blood, not upon the Rock of the Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ or His power.

Church systems–built on the flesh–they have a lukewarm doctrine. Jesus builds on His Rock, that is, the Word of the Sonship and coming in the Name of the Lord. That is what He builds it on. And this revelation church has keys, and these proper keys that you have, have power. This means you can unleash and unlock anything that you want to. You can use the atom in that kind of power even create things that are gone. It is the Lord. Isn’t it wonderful? And you have that power. Even that power goes into judgment where God would use judgment at times as with the old prophets. Probably, at the end of the world, it would begin to come again. We do know it does in the tribulation again there. And so, you have the binding and the loosening power—the key in the Name of the Authority. And that key is in the Name. Those keys are all in the Name of the Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot get to heaven without this Name. You cannot receive healing without it. You cannot receive salvation without the Name. You have the authority already given to you according to the scriptures, but it has to be in the Name, or your authority will not work. But it is authority that is one of the keys, the binding and the loosening power in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

Also, it has the apostolic doctrine of fire and power in the Name of the Lord Jesus. There is your power. There is your key. There is your Name and there is your authority. The reason why I never argue [about] it is [because] the Lord told me there is no argument about it. It is final. Can you say, praise the Lord? You know, when people argue about Who Jesus is and they begin to argue, that means they don’t really believe exactly Who He is themselves. I believe it in my heart. That settles it with me. He’s always worked miracles in His Name. He’s always given me what I wanted in His Name. He told me Who He is. He told me how to baptize, personally. I know all about it. Therefore, there cannot be any argument with me or anybody. I never have or ever will. It is settled once and for all in heaven and on earth. All power is given unto Me. Isn’t that wonderful! There is your keys’ to power. And if all power is given to Him in heaven and on earth [as] it says, all power in heaven and on earth is given to the church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail it. But it [the church] has power that He gives us to work these things. So, we see water and fire in the Name.

The church is [has] the revelation faith. They have the revelation that doesn’t just work in one direction; it will work in every direction that God calls for it. The mustard seed faith is what they have got. It grows until it reaches the highest spheres of power, and that is where we are headed now. The little mustard seed that began to grow in the early revival in the former rain is growing stronger. I have planted and built in here a foundation; underneath, it is growing. That tiny seed will begin to grow until it reaches into the highest sphere of power. It will grow clear on out into power that you’ve never seen before, before the end of this age. You know one time—what the church has to do—one time, Moses was praying, and God told him, He said, “You don’t need to pray, just get up and act in my Name.” God chided him. The praying is ok, and it is wonderful to pray without ceasing to God, but there is a time that you must act, and that time is when you act in the Holy Spirit. You seek and you shall find. Knock and keep knocking. The fact is this: you keep acting in His Name and you don’t just keep praying. You keep acting in that Name. You will keep pounding away until you get what you desire. How many of you get that?

Moses was praying about crossing [the Red Sea]. God had already given him the power. He had already given him the rod. He had already given him the authority. He was hemmed in by two mountains. He either had to move the mountain or move the sea. He was really caught in between. He looked at the mountain and he looked at the sea, and he forgot about the rod. He forgot about the Word that was given him. See; when God spoke the Word to Moses, it became a rod, and the Word in him was the Word of God. It was the Lord Jesus. How many of you believe that? And the bible said in the chapter of Corinthians [1 Corinthians 10], Paul said that the Rock that followed them was Christ. He was speaking about the wilderness and depicted exactly where He [the Rock] was, in the wilderness there. Anyway, that rod was the Word of God in his hand, and he was hemmed in by two mountains, and the enemy was coming, and he was hemmed in by the sea. He began to cry out, and he began to pray. Well, of course, God had to get him off his knees. He said, “Don’t pray anymore, just act.” Quit praying, He told him, and act your faith and authority. What did he do? He reached the highest sphere we have ever seen. He turned that Word of God at that sea in there, and when he did, the sword just cut it in half.

The Word of God is a living flame. It is a sword. I imagine a fire went across there and it just split on both sides, and dried it [the sea] clear to the ground, and over it they went. Can you say, praise the Lord? So, there is a time to pray. Men should always pray (Luke 18:1). I believe that, but there is a time to act with that prayer constantly. You must act constantly, and constantly believe God. Now, this mustard see: at first, when it first grows in the church, it doesn’t look spectacular. A mustard seed is a little old thing; it doesn’t look like anything. It doesn’t even look like it will ever do anything. But we have that measure of faith in each one of us. Some people plant it, and they dig it up the next day because they don’t see any results. Don’t do that. You continue on, it will grow. You continue to open up your heart and act on the Word of God and it will grow until it becomes like a tree. How many of you know that? So, the church has a mustard seed of faith, a measure of faith in their heart.

It will not stay just a mustard seed, the tiny seed, like it does in some of the other churches. But in the elect of God, it will expand till the gates of hell cannot work against it. It will have such power! It will grow and begin to get larger and [have] more power till it reaches the highest sphere. Then we go into translative [faith], and then God calls us home. Faith has got to be in it, and it has to be a revelation church going from faith to faith, in the Word of God to the Word of God. So, the church has the revelation faith in it, the power to bind and the power to loose. Can you say Amen? So, He told Moses to get up and act. He did and it was a miracle. So, it grows. Now, they [the elect] believe they already have the answer because the bible says they do. All of this is written by the Holy Spirit as He moved on me. I am preaching in between it on notes here.

What is the true church, the body of Christ? They believe they already have the answer because the bible says they do. Can you say Amen? They don’t base anything on what they see about their healing or what they hear about their healing or senses within them or symptoms. They base it on one thing: God said so. And the Lord said so and you hold with that. The mustard seed faith is perseverance. It will not give up. It is a pest just like Paul was. They said he is a pest to us (Acts 24: 5). It is a pest and it will persist and endeavor, and it will not give up, no matter what. You can hang it upside down, says the Lord, like Peter, but he did not give up. Oh my, my, my! That is your faith, you see. Teaching a little bit, this is revelation faith in here. So, we base it [on] simply the Word of God, said so. Every miracle I have worked is because the Lord said so. As far as I am concerned, everyone I touch is healed in my heart. Some of them, you don’t even know, but they are healed later as they go. When you pray, the event takes place, right now. But in many cases, you will not see the outward appearance right now—we do on the platform here. But some prayers–even though it did happen, and they believed right now–but it was not strong enough for faith to bring forth the miracle, and let it explode at once. But as they believe right now, eventually as they went, they were healed in the power of God. In the bible, Jesus had some miracles like that.

You don’t go by—maybe you don’t see any difference sometimes—maybe you don’t look any different sometimes. But you say God said so, and that’s the way it’s going to be. Hang me upside down and back and forth, but that’s the way it is. Can you say praise the Lord? I am telling you how to work your faith. You can work your faith. You know I can teach faith very strong, but a lot of people, they won’t use their faith right now. How many of you know that? Amen. I have been told by the Lord how to preach and how to bring this to the church that it will come just right. When it comes in unity, I believe that God is going to do some outstanding things because the foundation is being laid for a great explosion and a great power. Great exploits from the Lord will be on its way. We are going to see them more than we have ever seen right here. Do you believe that?

The world is in crisis. Just look at what is happening all over the world. Then we need more faith. He is going to let that mustard seed take on a little more growth. I can see that coming. Can’t you. Amen. Oh, praise the Lord! So, we see, it’s growing. They have the answer because the bible says they do, not because of what they see or feel, but they have the answer. They have the revelation of restorative power—to create—of the pure Word of faith. Now, let’s read Matthew 16: 18 [19] again: “And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” That’s what the Lord said—the power of authority. We are an attorney in the Name of the Lord. When He made us the attorney, we use His Name. When we exercise that name, we can pull and push, we take dominion. See: people pray and pray, but there is a time that you take dominion. Moses missed it that time, and God had to awaken him to that. He had faith, but he was praying. He would not have any [faith] if he had continued praying because he was looking at the water and the mountain when he should have been looking at the rod and the sea. Can you say Amen? He is teaching you this morning exactly how that occurred where Moses was, exactly what took place there.

You know, here is more revelation coming from the Lord. You know, Moses one time, he prayed that he would go into the Promised Land. With all his heart he wanted to go into the Promised Land. If anything, as hard as that man worked, and as much as he did with the complaining and groaning of a generation of people the like that had never been seen before. Joshua had it a little bit easier than he did, but he set that foundation in there so they would all have something to go by. He wanted to and he prayed to go to the Promised land. Right at the last minute, God’s plan was not that he would go in. In our hearts, we would say the man worked so hard, “Why didn’t the Lord just let him go for a little while and see it?” But God had another plan there. We find out that even though Moses prayed, that was one of his prayers that we never got to see take place—and he had great power with God. Yet he prayed; he wanted to go, but he listened to God. He had done exactly what God said. He had made the mistake of striking the rock twice. God kind of used that for excuse. He didn’t want him over there. But nevertheless, we find that over in the New Testament, in the very Promised Land, right at the heart of it, Jesus was transfigured before the three disciples. When He was transfigured, Moses’s prayer was answered because he was standing right in the heart of the Promised Land with Jesus. Can you say Amen? His prayer came to pass, didn’t it? He got there! How many of you saw that they saw Moses and Elijah speaking with Jesus Christ—His face was altered like lightning and the cloud passed over? Can you say Amen? Moses got there, didn’t he? And he would probably be there again as one of the [two] witnesses in Revelation 11. We know Elijah is one of them. And so, there is the prayer, and how that the Lord does things. I think it’s remarkable that God has that kind of prayer. So, the prayer was answered there. All kinds of revelation faith here.

So, the true church is built on that great power. Let’s read Matthew 16: 18: “And the gates of hell [and demon powers—because of the mustard see faith shall not prevail against it. [Bro. Frisby read v. 19 again]. Now, that binding power is to bound sicknesses away. Sometimes, there are certain demons that have to be bound. Other demons He would not allow to be bound. We don’t know all about that yet. And we know in the bible, there are different cases there. Yet there is the binding—there is the disciplinary action that must take place in the church before the end of the age. I believe it will come like the apostolic doctrine. There are the false ones coming in and bringing the weed doctrine, trying to cause trouble. But with the binding power to bind these things and to loosen certain things, you can bind, and you can loose. It goes into many dimensions; it has [power] on the demons and on the sicknesses, and so forth. It has [power on the problems, you name it. That scripture will take place there. So, we have the power of binding given to the local body church of Jesus Christ, and special promises are also given [to those] who agree in prayer. “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 18:19). How many of you know that? Isn’t that wonderful there? If any two of you agree, you can bind and loose. There is prayer. There is another way when you cannot get to a real powerful deliverance minister; there is prayer in [of] unity also. And there is a binding and a loosening power.

But the discipline in the local church as God gives it is also under the binding and loosening of that power. The church must have harmony. Even Paul in the New Testament, Paul might have seen that you could criticize a certain church, that maybe they weren’t up to the height that they should be in. But nevertheless, they had harmony. Paul could see a few begin to criticize and to judge those who were trying to lead the church. Paul felt that it was more wisdom that if they [critics] continue to bother them [church leaders], it was better to put them out. Even though, the church was not perfect sometimes–to have harmony, so they could arrive to be perfect—than to leave the others in there completely to criticize them. Some may have grown more in the Lord than others, but the bible says that the church should be in harmony. I believe that at the end of the age [with] the binding and loosening of the Lord, I believe the church will be in harmony. And the judges and the gossips and all these things that tear down the church, I believe God has a way to get rid of them. Don’t you? By the anointing of God. In other words, if you love God, and you love the body of Christ, you will be praying for them, believing God for them, coming here in unity of your hearts, and you will see that mustard seed really take off. We are going into greater things from the Lord.

So, one of the powers given to the local church is the apostolic doctrine of the binding and loosening which covers about anything that you can think of. We have harmony. I believe that in this church, we have a lot of harmony, but if need be, we will use the other. That is God’s Word and it must be there. How many of you believe in harmony. Oh, how sweet it is to dwell in harmony brethren! It’s all over the Old Testament and the New Testament. Show me a church that is in unity and divine love, and harmony, and I’ll tell you that even the music sounds better, the sermons sound better. Faith and power even feel better. Your feelings feel good. In fact, your nervous system is healed, Man, it will take care of everything, saith the Lord. Glory to God! It is harmony in the Holy Spirit, and that is on the Word and the power of the Rock. And upon this Rock of harmony and the Word will I build my church. Isn’t that wonderful? And that makes the gates of hell come against it because of the binding power. And they can’t do it because Jesus is going to stand right there with them.

So, we see, there is a time that faith will grow. All through the bible– threaded within even some mysteries, revelations and the teaching of other things–all through the bible, there is a thread of faith. It is pure faith. It is faith that you have never dreamed of before. And it is threaded from the first part of that bible clear on to the end of the bible. Sometimes, I would like to take a series on faith and how that faith can move and thread through your body and grow until absolutely you know—and you begin to get such confidence and power that you can handle your problems like never before. Can you say Amen? Now, sicknesses and all those problems are handled from this platform, but you may have other things that you would like to handle yourself—things that you are praying about concerning your job, concerning prosperity and concerning many other things. But no matter what it is—you may be praying for the lost—God will give you that power. How many of you can say Amen? So, we see there are all kinds of faith. There is the seed of faith. There is the mustard seed of faith. There is dynamic and powerful faith, creative faith. I can just name them on and on about faith. The book of Hebrews gives that. It is not just that you can preach one sermon on faith. There are thousands of sermons that can be preached on faith alone and on revelation. That is the height and the spirit that God wants us to get into, the revelation faith of God like the rainbow around the throne. Oh, praise the Lord! Isn’t that wonderful?

Now we are preaching about the true church this morning. So, that is why the apostolic doctrine was brought on in there. We are talking about the true church of Jesus Christ, on that Chief Cornerstone of the Living God, not built upon Peter. It was built upon the apostolic doctrine of that Rock and we all know what the apostolic doctrine is. It is not like [what] they have in the nominal churches. It is not like they do with all their false systems. But it is built on the apostolic doctrine of the book of Acts. Now, the true church shall be known to the world by its members’ love for one another. That is the signal right away that you are getting close to the elect of God—it’s their divine love, the love for one another. That is one of the signs of that. “By this shall all men know that you are disciples, if you have love one to another” (John 13:35). And that kind of divine love is what brings harmony. It’s what brings unity. It is exactly what takes the nervousness out of the church and brings peace. It brings rest. It brings energy both spiritually and physically. And God will take the mental problems and bind them and cast them out. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s harmony. It’s divine love. It’s unity in the Holy Spirit, built on the Chief Cornerstone that will give you a pure mind and heart. You will be happy, and all your problems God will wipe away except some tests and trials that you can put away yourself by the power that you are going to receive.

Members of the true church are not of the world. “I have given them thy word…they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world,” the bible said (John 17:14). “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil” (v.15). See; we are in the world, but we are not of the world. How many of you know that? He is trying to tell them that. “They are not of this world, even as I am not of this world. Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth” (vs. 16 & 17). So, He said sanctify them through thy truth, they word is truth. Therefore, the Rock is the Word, and it is in this Word that the miracles come, that the authority comes, power comes, that the faith comes. Now, you are in the world, but you are not of the world. You don’t belong to the social clubs, the drinking, and carousing and all these things. Neither do you join the political bodies and get involved because that is beginning to go, and it will go into the world. How many of you know that?

Jesus, Himself, was sent to the cross by the political body in Israel that worked with Rome. The Sanhedrin was the political body, the Pharisees and others made up the body—the Sanhedrin. They were political, yet they called themselves the religious professors of that age, and they totally missed Him, but a few of them on the outside of that. But the Sanhedrin had a trumped-up trial. It’s even said today in a normal court, it was crooked from one end to the other. Jesus knew it was, but He came to allow them to get Him through crookedness. That was the way He wanted it done and they did it that way. And the Sanhedrin was the political body. Can you imagine us today as we are Christians joining in [politics]? I am not talking about voting. If you have a vote to cast—but as far as getting involved into it and pushing behind this and pushing behind that, and being involved in different office, now watch out! You are getting on the pale horse of death that’s mixed. Those horses run in there. That’s politics, religion and worldliness, and satanic forces, and they are all pale—death—when they come out the other side. You stand with the Word of God. How many of you are still with me? You are not of the world. You are in the world and be careful what you are doing in there, and the Lord will bless you.

I know great temptation—and there is temptation in this world, and that’s one thing that’s coming at the end of the age. It’s the temptation to try all that dwell upon the earth—that comes in many measures. It will come through economics, finally. It will come through sin. It will come in pleasure and different things that will be in the world, but be careful. The bible says this: although, you are tried and tempted, your faith can be built. And the bible says He will not allow you to be tempted above what you can stand. Besides that, God will make a way of escape. Can you say Amen? It is coming upon this world, a deluge that you have never seen before. But behold, the bible said, and the Word of God said, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We are going to get out of here for those words are true. Can you say, praise the Lord? That means it will come to its full course and the Joel prophecy—the power of God will be restored. I am the Lord and I shall restore. And I will pour my Spirit out upon all flesh. That’s those that are waiting on the Lord God. He shall bring forth dreams and visions and power that be of God. How many of you believe that with all of your hearts?

The members of the true church recognize the unity of the body of Christ. That they may be one even as We are One. I in them and they in me that they may be made perfect in one. See; that’s one spiritual body, not through flesh and blood. We go back to where He said flesh and blood has not revealed this to you. I would not build my church upon flesh and blood, He told Peter. But upon this Rock–the revelation of the Sonship, of the power of God, of the Holy Spirit—would I build my church. So, we get right back to here: that they may be one in the spirit. It will be a spiritual body; one faith, one Lord, one baptism. They will be baptized into one body of faith, but it will not be built by flesh and blood. That’s the organizational systems; that’s lukewarmness. You can see Him spewing them out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16). So, they will be of one spirit, not joined to the organized false system, but in the body of Christ. You know today you can’t put a name on a church. You cannot put a name–anywhere on the earth—on the body of Christ. They are the body of Christ, and there is only one Name sealed on their heads and that is the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the bible says. And they have the seal on their head. Can you say Amen? It means that you can have this name and you can have that name on places of worship, but that means nothing to God. The body of Christ–it is the revelation spirit and faith of the Living God. How many of you know that? I have sense enough to know right here in this building; you may have a name called Capstone Cathedral, but I know the name that is supposed to be on you is the Elect of God. Amen? Not joined to any system, we are not into that at all. We are joined by the revelation of Christ here.

So, it says here that thou hast sent me and loved them as thou hast loved me (John 17: 21). And so, we see even as He and the Father are One in the Holy Spirit, three in One (1John 5:7) meaning three manifestations—one Light in those three ways that it works. It is still one Holy Spirit Light working in there. These three are One. That’s why He said it like that. And He has seven revelations there with power in Revelation 4, and they are called the seven spirits of God, but there is still One Spirit. That is seven revelations that go to the church, great power there. We [have] explained that. It’s like you see a bolt of lightning in the heavens, it will fork seven ways off of that one bolt. And that one bolt of lightning in Revelation 4, it says the seven spirits of God, the seven lamps of God that are before the throne and the rainbow—that’s revelation and power. That’s anointing, seven anointings of God coming forth there and they are from one bolt of lightning. That one Light puts seven revelations upon the church and forms a rainbow. Isn’t that wonderful there? So, these three are One in the power of the Holy Spirit. There is a Fathership, there is a Sonship, and there is a Holy Spiritship, but all three of these are One Holy Light going forth to the people. Isn’t that wonderful? It is just easy to explain those scriptures.

It says in the Name, it will come in the Name, and you understand it there. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (Matthew 28: 19-20). You can also read Acts 2: 38. And these signs shall follow the true church like we see on Sunday nights. Go ye into all the world. That is to reach out; preach the gospel to every creature. They may not all get saved. I know they won’t, but you are to witness. No matter what happens to them, you have laid that witness to them. God wants the church to witness to every creature before He comes at the end of time. Today, by electronic means, they are reaching out and we are getting it done real fast there. And he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned. It is just straight. “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16: 17&18). It says “if.” Now, what is the word “if” in there for? It means that you don’t go looking for these things. It doesn’t mean you go out and try to get them to bite you. That’s false. You don’t go to find poison and drink it.

He said “if,” if it happens. It [the scripture] says it shall not hurt them. They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Let me explain that. When the disciples were going forth from [after] Jesus [had left], the Pharisees hated them more than anything in the world. They tried to poison their food. That’s right. That’s why God said bless your food and bless it so I can purify it. It’s like the meal that was thrown into the poisoned pot (2 kings 4:41). It just neutralized it. When they prayed over their meal, it just neutralized the poison. They tried to kill them every way they could and each of them could have died, but it wasn’t time for the Lord to take them. That’s why it’s inscribed in the scriptures there. Some of them even planted deadly serpents near them where they would bite them, and nobody would be blamed for it. Because, the councils—after Jesus was dead [gone], and the apostles were going forth with signs and wonders, and miracle, and they were reaching out—of course, the Pharisees wanted to kill them, to get to them. Nevertheless, so it says this, if you are going through the woods and you are struck by one [snake] there, you have the immunity on this scripture and this power to quote it to the Living God. Accidentally, if somebody takes poison, you have that scripture on your side. But don’t go out looking for any of that.

People have misread that scripture and quit the bible. They said, “Man that must have been a mistake.” There was no mistake about it. If you were an apostle in the days of Peter, John and Andrew, and all those that were going forth, that scripture must have meant exactly what it said. Can you say Amen? Especially Paul, when he was in the wilderness. Paul came to the fire and out of the fire came a viper, which was deadly—no one lived when it bit you on that island. To prove that scripture is right, all that Paul did with the viper—he didn’t do it for display. He didn’t wonder about it. He knew he had immunity. He knew the word of immunity. He knew what had been preached. He shook it into the fire and went on about his business, and thought no more about it. It never did touch him. He was immune to it. And the heathens said God had come down. He straightened them out and said he wasn’t God. The he laid hands on the sick on that island and there were miracles, signs and wonders in every direction. But it was accidental—the snake bite—he didn’t look for trouble. How many of you can say praise the Lord? True believers, some of them, never had that scripture explained to them. Those that would like to tempt God, we find they have died; they have been bitten and gone. But if you were a disciple in the wilderness in the days when He told them to bless their food, then you would understand what we are talking about.

“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4: 23&24). I wonder, why did He give me that scripture? See; you don’t worship Him in flesh and blood. The church is built on the Spirit of truth, and you worship Him in the spirit. In other words, you don’t hold back anything in your heart. You just say I love you, Lord, with all your mind, body and soul, and you reach on out there and you get a hold of what you need from God. Can you say Amen? Traditions of men—they have a fixed prayer. The people come and they have just a fixed prayer. They are not allowed—and they don’t worship in spirit, and they don’t worship him in truth. We find out He spews them out of His mouth. They become lukewarm. With all the dogmas and all the traditions and all the names of the churches in the world, He does not build it [His church] upon those churches. He builds it upon the revelation of the power of God, the Word of God. And in the Word is truth. That Rock is the Word of God. It is the Chief Capstone. It is the Chief Cornerstone of heaven. It is the Star Rock. Can you say Amen? And He said not of flesh and blood, but of my Word will grow the faith that the church needs, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

And I will give you the keys, and the keys have been explained this morning—the binding and the loosening, the mustard seed faith, the power. You can open and shut any door by the power of God. Isn’t that wonderful! How many of you believe that this morning? So, with this power and this great revelation—you are healed because Jesus said by whose stripes you were healed. You are saved because Jesus said by His blood you are saved. The Shekinah blood of the Holy Spirit is what saved you there. So, with that today, the real church–the body, the apostolic church, and the real true church, the revelation church of the Lord Jesus Christ—they say they have the answer because God has told them they have the answer. How many of you believe that? That is the first step in getting things from God. So, we believe we have it because the Word of God simply says that we have it. And we don’t have it, we don’t see it; that doesn’t make any difference, we continue to believe it. I have seen—you can’t count the miracles because of that dogmatic faith, that kind of faith that holds and is persistent. It has teeth and it gets hold of it and holds on. Can you say Amen? It is a regular bulldog in there. Glory to God! It stays right on in there.

Those disciples and apostles—they held on to that faith until they went right to the death and they never turned loose, and in a split second, they were in glory land! Amen. In paradise, sitting there, watching. Isn’t that beautiful! It comes from the Lord. Today we have the answer already, let us act upon the faith that God has given us. Each time that something happens in your life, your faith should grow. Each time that you have your test, each time you are tested in your faith and you win out by perseverance and you continue to win out in that perseverance—oh, praise the Lord, that mustard seed will begin to grow. At first, it doesn’t look spectacular at all. It is so tiny, you say, “How in the world could that do anything?” But yet, Jesus said there is the secret there. You plant that and don’t go back and look, and uncover it. Once you put [in] that mustard seed of faith, you continue on; never try to dig it up. That’s unbelief. Go on! You say, “How do you dig it up?” You say, “Well, I have failed and so it’s not working.” No, continue on until you get what you want from the Lord. It’s growing–that foundation built in here for years and by the power of God—it will take wings. He said I brought you out on wings of an eagle and brought you forth. I believe that with all my heart. Now, in the church, as that begins to expand and begins to grow, you begin to act. Praying is wonderful, but you act with your prayer. You pray it through, and you’ve got your answer. Everyone that asketh, receiveth.

I want you to stand to your feet here this morning. I am telling you; God is wonderful! There is no time or space with God. I am the same, yesterday, today and forever. Glory to God! How many of you feel strong in your faith this morning? Do you feel like you’ve got faith and power with God? While I was preaching, it was coming to me about some other prayers that were answered. Here’s coming back from God right now. Here He comes! You remember Stephen, the martyr, the one that had great faith in God. His face even shone as [he was martyred]. Apostle Paul was the one there holding the coats. He was a blasphemer [then]. You know, he said I am the least of all saints because I persecuted the church albeit, I come behind in no gift. He was breathing out slaughter and people were being killed. He didn’t know what he was really doing. He believed in God in the wrong way. So, he was causing a lot of these things, executions and things that were happening. There was Stephen ready to be martyred and Paul standing there. Stephen looked up and saw God, and he said Lord, forgive them.

Listen to this: Stephen passed on, right? The martyr, he was gone. His prayer was for God to forgive them. Did you know Apostle Paul was saved after that prayer? Glory to God! Reach on out, see! Moses was reaching on out; I want to go to the Promised Land! The faith of that prophet was so powerful until God just had to bring him on later. Oh my, see Stephen reaching on out for Paul. Later, Paul was converted by God. Stephen’s prayer was heard from the Lord. Elijah had so much faith in him, built up in such a way that unconsciously it would work, and he didn’t have to say anything. It works like that in the people of God that have so much of it in them. In my life, I have seen it work that way. Before I ask, He answers. He [Elijah] was out there in the wilderness where there was nothing to eat. He got under a juniper tree and there was so much faith, unconscious, that it just caused an angel to appear and cook him a meal. Oh, praise God! Isn’t that wonderful! Glory to His Name! Unconscious, but that faith—that mustard seed grew and grew in Elijah, the prophet, until a chariot carried him on home. Glory to God!

And the faith in my children, saith the Lord, will grow and grow despite satan’s accusations against it and besides the gates of hell coming in upon it. I shall lift up a standard, saith the Lord, and it shall push back satan and their faith shall grow until like Elijah, the prophet, they shall come up hither and be carried away. Glory to God! Isn’t that wonderful! Alright, the bible says to worship Him in spirit and in truth. This morning let your whatever it is [your moderation] be known unto God. Build your faith this morning. Come on down here. Let your faith [loose] and worship Him in the spirit, in the spirit of truth. Come on down and worship God. Give your heart if you need salvation. Come on and He will bless your heart! Praise the Lord! He is wonderful. He is going to bless you.