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Lord, bless your hearts. How do you feel tonight? So, you feel great tonight? Well, bless you. I didn’t expect to be here. You know, I was walking around, and the Lord said—it’s strange—you couldn’t miss it. If you didn’t know God, you wouldn’t have missed how He said to me, Carelessness.

There is great carelessness among my people, and it is in every part of all the churches. A great carelessness– and it is covering the people by the millions. And then the prophecy of the Lord came to me. There will be great affliction like the world has never seen, and the greatest type of judgment, and the mightiest types of things that nature will do in travailing, and the way that He moves across the lives of society and across the lives of people like never before. Because after 30 or 40 years of preaching the gospel, not only me, but the others—the carelessness that has come has been the great falling away into delusion. Now, God’s judgment will begin in the house of the Lord. It has already, many years ago, begun all over the world. It is time to sober up, saith the Lord. Be ye therefore vigilant lest the Lord slips on you unawares. How many of you believe that?

And the people today, just give a moment–it’s just like the disciples—to disappear. I want those people to stand behind God with all my heart. I want to see the loyalty. If God would allow that I could get here, I will be here. Let me tell you a little story: in the 34 years of my ministry, in the time that I was announced to be there, I never missed a service that I was announced to go. The only time I ever missed a service was if the roads were rained out and blocked, and I couldn’t walk or get there. I was in my crusades. But in this building, no matter what, I never missed when it was announced that I would be here. God put me here. That record would stand. All of a sudden, I told the people two or three years [ago] that God was pulling me. He told me that they weren’t listening, not only to me, but also many ministers. And in between that would be a time that they would think it over. There is a time that people are beginning—and right now—are you going to really stand up for Jesus or are you going to drift on away?

It is time for thought—faith. You keep your faith because it is going to be a rare thing. False faith is everywhere. Natural faith is everywhere. But the real genuine, supernatural faith is going to be a rare thing. There would be nothing like it that matches the Word of God. That type of faith steps up into the translative faith and will not be given to those that are lukewarm. It will be given to those who have kept my Word, saith the Lord. They have been loyal to what I have spoken. They have been faithful to what I have said, and they have loved me with all their heart, mind, soul and body. They are the ones that I will keep. The rest shall be lost in darkness. But light shall shine upon those that I have chosen.

And tonight, I lie not before God. I was not supposed to be here. I told Curtis as far as I know, I cannot and will not. I turned around a few minutes later; something happened, and He came to me—the carelessness. It’s the carelessness that they are getting from the world. Television, which can be used for a tool to teach, a tool to carry the gospel, a tool to tell about Jesus, about nature, about the greatness of the heavens, about what is happening, revealing the signs of prophecy–right there in the air, in the media and newspaper—all of those tools can be used for good. But the Lord said they are replacing me with the image unto the beast and they are making it out of television. And he [the false prophet] made fire and electricity to come down, and they worshipped an image which would be over [on] television. Great signs and wonders, and miracles shall he do—mixed up in the systems. The great delusion has come. God has shown that to the ministry.

If I never had to speak again, He has proved one thing: people are not where they think they were. People are not where they ought to be, but God’s love is greater than man’s. And those folks, some He will snatch out of fire, but it’s getting late in the day. We are talking about this one—looking right behind me–those two great celestials, after 24 years are meeting again. The temple was built 24 years ago. Is there a week left till Armageddon? How long will it be? The church would go on there for about a few years probably. Some say as soon as the covenant is signed—but I am afraid there is going to be a whole taken off guard when it happens. The papers are already. The prince that shall come is here, but not revealed. He will be revealed, but they will not catch it because it’s in the midst [of the seven years] that his revelation comes forth as a beast.

People are allowing pleasures, programs and all these things to take the place of God. They better find Him a seat or there will be no seat for them in heaven unless they find one with God where the anointing is. You see those seats, listen to this: I wouldn’t sell one of those seats for thousands of dollars. You couldn’t buy one of those seats from me because they have been through thousands of sermons and messages. The anointing has literally soaked those seats. You can take a camera sometime and shoot the glory off them. And yet people will go and sit in a theater full of evil, yet the anointing of the Lord is on those seats. You can get anything you want. If you want it, God will give it to you. We are nearing an hour to where all things are possible. Speak the Word only. But it would be to those who really have a good mind. They are not going to fail now. Some won’t be in the great tribulation.

Some say “Well, I have heard the gospel of the Pentecostals, if I don’t make it, I will go through the great tribulation.” Those [that will go through the tribulation] are chosen people that heard the Word—they didn’t hear about Pentecost [before the translation]. I wouldn’t take any chance on it from what He told me. Those that have heard [shared] this light could be in the other seat too. Watch out! There are certain ones chosen that will be tribulation saints. Many, He told me, that have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout this earth will not be tribulations saints. They will be somewhere else. Now, that may hurt. From what He told me, there is a chosen group of the foolish. The elect of God—if you have heard the Word of God and it’s been shown in the great power that He has, you will either be the elect or I don’t know what you will be.

Foolish virgins don’t stay around me. They cannot swallow the Word like that. I had a fellow sit down in the car, a minister. He sat in the car a little bit. He said, “Man, you can’t stand much of this [anointing].” He said it will burn your hide clear off. I said, “Yeah! The great Separator, the One that comes to separate, He is sending it.” It will come across this earth. You better have faith. And the carelessness, there is so much carelessness up and down the streets that is affecting the churches everywhere. I am getting letters from people—many of them never heard of my ministry before—they tell me they are finding God because the churches—you can’t tell them [apart] from the world out there. There is such carelessness. On the night that Jesus was crucified, look at the carelessness of the disciples. Look at the churches! Don’t fall into that category. The earth right now is going through catastrophic changes. The mental changes in society are incredible. Men’s minds are getting ready for 1995 and 1996. A total new era is coming. The wars and the things that I said would happen this year are already happening. We are at the dead end; it comes right up to it. Everything now is changing toward the antichrist system just as it has been spoken. We are there.

What I am preaching is serious. He hit me all at once. Hold back nothing, but bring it forth and make it plain. And I will make it plain tonight. There is a time for humor and there is a time for this. There is a time to live; a time to be born and a time to die. But it is appointed once to die and after that judgment. The wheel is spinning fast. This earth is moving towards the Lord, and the translative faith to get you out of here is here. Across the earth, He is going to give it to whosoever will. I am glad I have the strength tonight that I haven’t had. It comes from a supernatural power. Otherwise, my voice will break down sometimes from many years of preaching. But I do know this, I would love to see more loyalty behind these people that are working so hard, and behind Curtis here. I believe that God will bless those people and remember their names in the hall of fame, and in the records of heaven forever because they cared.

I have never seen such an age. I told you we had to go for a while into a motel because they were re-doing the house up a little bit after 20 years. I can write anywhere. My wife said, “You know, you ought to fix the house up some. It’s been about 20 years. I said, I don’t pay much attention…. All I know is writing, and going and coming, making these things for God: Because I said, according to what is moving on me, He is coming quicker than people think. There is plenty of time now between the times we have been given in this century. You watch and see as that church moves on in there. But the door is closing and the delusion to keep back will set in early. Then they can’t get back. It’s a dangerous game to play with God right now. Now is the time you want to keep Him in your heart with all your heart. And I looked around and I saw the world one time in the early part of my ministry probably in the 1960s. I saw the world turning. I saw the great apostasy that would set in. I saw the condition of the Pentecostals and I saw the condition of the Pentecostals that would leave. That has almost fulfilled itself.

The immorality out there has almost reached the stage that I saw, but not quite. While we were there [motel], they had tables. I said, it’s getting close. They are just in their homes and they [can] get Sodom and Gomorrah. Nothing is withheld from the public. I said, hand me that bible over there. I opened it up two or three pages. I said, look at it here. I said the public now can buy anything that they want; anything, it doesn’t make any difference. Immorality among the youth—listen young people: Paul said it’s better to marry than to burn. How many of you believe that? And listen to this: don’t jump up in a hurry. Hold on to the Lord. There are too many mistakes made. But I can see now that the immorality is reaching a place where God must take His people out soon. How many of you believe it? I believe you should love your wife with all your heart. As far as the rest of them women out there and all that is going on—I mean there are a dime a dozen, and millions of them out there. From what I can tell from what is going on, I have never seen anything like it. Tonight, I will tell it and it will only be on this cassette—and carelessness and debauchery, and all that is happening. I didn’t know I was going to say it, but God is going to bring it out. But the world vision that I saw of the destruction that finally came upon the world after I saw the immorality, I wrote some about it.

If that wasn’t enough, my wife, she drinks tea. I don’t. She said we’ll go down to a little place here and she said, I can go through here and get some. I said alright. It’s really hot…. I sat back. God is within. Boy that devil is a real thing, but God is in it more than even satan. God is holding me. He holds. And she went there. I was saying something about prophecy. And I said, if God doesn’t turn me loose pretty soon to warn this people of the prophecies and the things that are coming that He has already given me, that I can’t get on paper. Anyway, I was saying to her about the condition of this world. I said it’s getting to such a stage, it’s surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah. We turned the corner—the way that I said it, my voice changed. She said it sounded like, “You were gone.” It was God.

We turned the corner and it was a couple. There was a little place where they dance and have a bar on the other side over there. Along there are really nice buildings where they have stores; we buy clothes and so forth like that. We made a turn and a couple came out. They had their arms around each other. The girl had her hand in his back pocket. He had his arm all around her. They were walking out through there. He was older quite a bit than her. They were walking along there kissing each other like that. They came out from the dancing bar over there. Right out in the public, they were doing things that you shouldn’t do in the public. I said the prophets of old time began to look around and saw that—right in the bible. We turned around and to a little place there that they had at the corner. She [Sister Frisby] got a little iced tea. We were going down the street. The lights were on the stores like that see? As we went down through there—the immorality has reached a place—and I can tell you of other cases. Accidentally, that night, God sent me [there]. It was accidental. I looked over there and the hood of the car was like this—the girl was laying on the hood of the car. Her legs were dangling down from the hood of the car, and the guy was up in the middle and they were having oral-you-know-what. And my wife said, “Oh, my Lord! My Lord! My Lord!” Well, I said, you are going to see worse things than that. Right out in the public! I have never seen anything like that. How many of you believe time is drawing close? No shame, carelessness! There was no shame. It did not matter. Sex, right on the hood, and in the wrong way that they were doing it.

And I looked over and I said, in my vision, I didn’t exactly see that, but I have seen things worse than that. And I am telling you folks, we are in the last times. The immorality—Jesus said one of the greatest signs you would see would be the apostasy and the immorality that would reach a stage that would be unbelievable—that I had written and preached about 34 years ago. It has arrived almost to the point where I saw the world go up in flames. Listen, watch your children. Be careful now. Be on guard, saith the Lord. Satan, as a roaring lion and as a wolf pack would try to get them. But your prayers and your faith will hold [them]. All of you on this cassette, if you’ve got grandchildren or if you’ve got children, you pray. If they go astray, leave them in the hands of God. He knows how to spank. He knows how to draw; divine providence can overrule any of your prayers. The greatest prophet [Elijah] on this earth that God ever sent was overruled. Even Jesus, the God of the prophets, was overruled. He didn’t want to be, but He went on right straight on to the cross, and He fulfilled it—the cup that He was talking about. He said, “It is finished.”

Boy, we are living in the times that the prophets spoke about—the days where the world is upside down! Upside down means many different things; backward is forward, forward is backward. Don’t get tangled up in the world that is out there because you will not get back. It’s a quicksand. It is like a fishing net, saith the Lord that is tangled up and cannot be untangled. If you get in it, you will not get out of it. These things come from the Lord. I know I am serious when I get here because I don’t get here as often as I should. But the people are getting it in the mail. You get on the phone and tell them that an important message—carelessness, not only of the world, but of the churches all over the world. Don’t let it happen here. You’ve got a place here that is anointed, a wonderful place. Don’t let that carelessness strike you in your homes, but keep God in front and He will keep you all the days until you meet Him. And many of you alive will see Him coming in the clouds of glory. I believe that. I don’t know the exact day or hour, but oh, I believe that I know the season! I know and I lie not, I believe that it is much closer than people think.

There is still yet a time to get your thoughts together and not let satan steal your faith because it is going to turn. That faith is going to turn to a faith called supernatural. It will be like a gift of faith. It would be translative faith which only Elijah and Enoch got a taste of, and you are going to get a taste of it. That’s where the faith is headed. I mean it would be so forceful and powerful that the dead would not be able to stay in the graves, saith the Lord; that loved me. When your faith reaches a certain point, the dead shall live again. Oh my, put my hand on and help this man! Praying for all of them! The world of affliction, the prophecies, the great tribulation, a time that never should be again nor seen again, is coming. This is our hour. Be ye therefore not careless, but be ye therefore wide awake for slumbering has already come upon those that once knew me. But I, the Lord, neither slumber nor sleep. Woe to them that are at ease in Zion! For the Word that I have given was to be an urgency, to be an alert, to be full of wisdom, and to be full divine knowledge and divine love. I will not forsake you and I will not leave you alone. But satan will try to make each of you think that I have forgotten you. That’s when I am remembering you and he knows it. His hour is coming, and I will take mine out of here and they should go with me. I believe it! This Word has never told a lie and never will. You are, saith the Lord, part of the Word. In the beginning with me, you were in this world. You came as I appointed you.

From the days of Adam and Eve, unto where we are right now and where it shall be, I have appointed, not man. And the appointment that I have given, and the time is arriving. So, be sober and be vigilant, watching at all times, praying, for as a snare now it shall come upon the world, but it is hidden. Did you know that underneath, a new money system is coming? They’ve already cleared it. We’ll have it out in the open. A new wave for society and credit is coming. They’ve got a little thing like the grain of rice that they put in your skin and track you all over the world, and in there they know all about you. They can put it on animals, and they do it now. What chance if some should get out in the great tribulation—whosoever they are—how shall they escape given the kinds of things that they have today? The invention, technology should speed up like we’ve never seen before, before the ending of this century. What hour to be living in at this time! So, this is the time for each one of you to watch and pray. Changes in society will come like we’ve never seen before. People would lean toward the system that almost deceived the very elect–that looks good—but it will not be. We are at the crossroads.

The decision will have to be made soon. You are going to make it. He is going to pull. The angels are going to separate. None of my prayers, yea, no prophet’s prayers nor angel’s shall bring them back. When the final separation comes, it will be over with. It will be finished. As the Lord said upon the cross, “It is finished.” That would be it. The door will be closed. Then there will be a period of time and then that great faith, and the dead shall live again, and we will be carried away. The time as I saw it, the days are packed tremendous both sides—the super worldly parts and on the side of the supernatural. Never would there be a decade like decade of the year 2000—probably it would take a little—what they have never seen before shall come upon this century and it is coming.

I am going to quit right here. I want you to stand to your feet real quick! That’s all! You hold on to that, and brother, you are going to make it! Now, listen, I am going to pray for—I want you—if you are suffering. As long as I am here this power, gift that God gave me, I am going to use it just for a few minutes. I am hurting and feeling the power of God so powerfully, it takes it away. It is so strong upon me that my voice even changes before I get here sometimes.