092 – Bible and Science

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Thank you Jesus! Lord, bless your hearts! It’s wonderful to be here. Isn’t it? Together again, in the house of God. You know, according to the bible, some day we won’t be able to say that because we won’t be here. Amen? It’s really wonderful! Lord, touch your people this morning. Bless their hearts, Lord. Each and every one of them, guide them. The new ones today touch and heal. Work miracles in their lives, Lord, and the anointing and the presence of the Lord to be with them. In thy Name we pray. Touch each individual that they will be strengthened and that you will reveal yourself to them in a special way. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord! It’s really great. Isn’t it? Alright, go ahead and be seated.

You know, you wonder at times what you are going to speak on. You’ve got something to say. I have been working on things for the future plus we are getting ready for the meeting. [Bro. Frisby made some remarks about upcoming meetings, television programs and sermons]. If you listen, and listen to the Lord, you can receive something right there where you are sitting. Amen.

Now this morning, listen to this real close: Bible and Science. I have been wanting to bring this message quite a while because not only here, but in the mail some people have asked me about the seventh day or the Sabbath. People are worried about that. You know in the bible, it clarifies it. Amen. We’ll listen real close. Some people even believe if they don’t get the right day—that they have received the mark of the beast if they don’t get the right day and so forth, like that or they don’t have salvation. That is not true and it worries some people. Especially, I have got somebody write me in the mail—because other literature get in the mail, and they receive [mail] from the Seventh Day Adventists, and they receive from this one and that one. So, there are many questions about it [Sabbath].

But a certain day won’t save you. How many of you know that? Water baptism, you know, is for a sign you have been saved and so forth, but it’s the blood that saves you. It [water baptism] won’t save you. Christ Jesus does that. Only the Lord Jesus can save you. Let’s get a scripture here to start on this. If you listen close, we’ll bring it out. We find out in Revelation 1: 10, it says, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day….” Whatever day that John chose, while he was in Patmos–probably the tradition or back in the customs and religions of the times—he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. And then, he was given these great visions that came from the Lord. But it was the Lord’s day, and whatever day he chose to set aside on Patmos was a special day. But we know him being alone in Patmos that each day was special. Amen. But in his heart, of the time he was growing up, they had a certain day. And he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and he heard the trumpet, see? He heard it several times there, one in chapter 4 too. And so, it was on the Lord’s day that he was doing that.

Now, listen to this. We find out, accurate studies reveal that there are—of course many scriptures in the New Testament which show that the seventh day which was given as a sign to Israel is not applicable to the church today exactly. It was given to Israel, but we do have a day set aside and God has honored that day. You know no one knew I was going to preach this sermon today and they [Capstone Cathedral singers) sang in a song, “This is the Day the Lord has made.” How many of you realize that? You will, by the time I get through with this sermon. Then it says here in Romans 14:5, “One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind,” of what day you want or what you are doing. Now, he [Paul] had Gentiles that had a certain day, Jews that had a certain day, and Romans and Greeks that had a certain day. But Paul said let every man be fully persuaded in his mind about what day you want to serve the Lord.

We’ll get into it deeper here. And he said, “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days [see; do not judge a holy day that a person sets aside there]. “Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ” (Colossians 2: 16-17). How many of you believe that? See him pointing toward Christ. Now, the Lord has done something in nature in such a way that man does not know exactly what day or where He is at. If he thinks he does, he is wrong because God has fixed it that satan himself does not know where He is at. Because the way God does things satan is unable to find out which day the translation will take place, but the Lord knows which day it is. The days have been changed by God Himself—all that will be put back later. So, we see that the Lord has done that to put HIM first. He must come first because He will settle it there.

So, we find out—but the body is of Christ. And Christians are not to judge on the basis of observance or non-observance of Saturday. Now Saturday—they think you have to go [to church] on Saturday, but we’ll straighten that out. Now the effect of Joshua’s miracle of the long day absolutely showed [this is science] why the observance of Saturday could not be valid even if it wanted to be. But we don’t condemn them. Let them go if they want to, see? Neither can they condemn us, the bible says. Let’s get down to the original, what took place in the scriptures as we read this here. See; each day should be the Lord’s day to us, a special day. But you can have a special day to unite and not forsake the assembling of yourselves. That we have done that on Sunday which the Lord has made a day. There is a day which the Lord has made, see? He has done this and it’s been working for us. We don’t know if later that will be changed by the antichrist system—who will change the times and seasons and so forth like that. Down through history, different emperors have tried to change things, but the Lord knows where everything is.

So, don’t forsake the assembling—and those who do not have an anointed church—I used to say, well find a church somewhere to go. But now the Lord has spoken to me as not being quite so liberal because in some places they do not have an anointed church. And people write to me and they say, “We don’t have a place like out there [Capstone cathedral]. I have been out there where your anointing is at.” My advice to them is stay with the bible, listen to these cassettes, read those scrolls, and you will make it alright. But if you’ve got a place such as this, what is happening here and the power of the Lord, for the Lord to instruct you—as a sign of leadership—then be there. That’s HIM talking. But if they can’t, they must do the best they can. If they can find a real anointed church that does not work against the Godhead, that does not work against the miracles, does not work against the revelation of the bible, then of course, you must go. Otherwise, you will be in confusion and lose out on every side. You realize that?

There are all kinds of voices in this world working in every way they can and only the Lord Himself is going to bring His people and He will bring them together. Amen. No matter how much it hurts, He will bring them together. So, I just put it this way: if there is no anointed church–and what time you can’t come here to the crusades–you stay with the bible and you stay with the cassettes, and I guarantee you will have church every day. He has fixed it in the anointing and the power of those revelations that they have church every day. But if there is a good anointed place, especially this place here, forsake not the assembling of yourselves together because He is going to lead and He is going to show the people and bring great revival. And then He is going to translate them. Oh, what a place to prepare so you can escape all these things that should come upon the world. And it is very close indeed. In an hour you think not, see? And people think forever and ever. No, no no—see; the signs around us are pointing to that.

So, God made it hard to choose the day because He wants to be put first. Amen? Now, let’s down to a little business here. “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.” See, at the time that he chose because they used to worship the Lord on a different day from us—the first day of the week and so forth. Now, let’s go into this right here. Watch how this works, and it is good for the children to learn these things about how God can deal with the universe in the solar system. The record says the sun stood still in the heavens and hasted not to go down about a whole day. It says about a whole day. We’ll go back to Hezekiah and get those 10o (degrees) in a minute—40 minutes. God didn’t just heal him [Hezekiah], He did something else upstairs. I know that. He showed me that. He is a God of time and eternity. You realize that? Joshua 10:13, let’s illustrate this in Joshua’s long day. “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies….So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.” You can say that on any other day, but if you start on Sunday, the first of the week—any other day can be chosen alright. Now, Sunday ended and Monday came while the sun was yet in the sky. It took Monday in too. There it is! It hasted not to go down, neither did the moon for a whole day. In other words, it stayed right there for 24 hours nearly in the heavens. It stayed up there for two days—for two whole days. It hasted not to go down.

That day was lost out still yet, we’ll bring it out; a whole day was lost. Tuesday, in a manner of succession was only the second day of the week. Wednesday was the third day. Thursday was the fourth day. Friday was the fifth day. Saturday became the sixth day, and Sunday was the seventh day by the movement there. How many of you believe that? Where is that day? It took in two there, you see? God has made this day. By the original creation this is true; Saturday was on the seventh day, but because of the loss of one day at the time of Joshua, it became in succession the sixth day. Oh, He is dealing. Isn’t He? Satan is confused too. Try to find out which day the Lord is coming on? He kept it in perfect succession, satan almost figured that out and could have probably. But it is interrupted, see? He [the Lord] is going to do some more to do with time—at the end of the age in shortening [time]. Now, watch what He does, bringing things back to the creation. Sixth day then [Saturday], because of succession, it became the sixth day—the creation. Now, Sunday therefore, has the distinction of becoming, by the original creation, the first day of the week. But by point of succession because of Joshua’s long day, it has also become the seventh day.

You put that together; you can figure it out yourself. See; each day becomes a different day right into it. Likewise, Saturday is by the original creation the seventh day, but in the point of succession however, it is now the sixth day. How many of you believe that? The only way you can disprove this is to say God did not stop the sun or however He did up there. That’s the only way you can disprove it; it’s to disbelieve Joshua’s miracle. Otherwise, you have to believe it this way. Any scientist will tell you that if you believe the sun hasted not to go down a whole day, if you believe that, then this is correct. If you don’t believe that, then you can take this apart as being inaccurate. But if you believe in the miracle then this is exactly what was in succession. God knows what He is doing. Doesn’t He? Yea, He is great there! Now, the significance of all this has to the teaching that Saturday is the only true day to worship is obvious. Sunday, by creation is not only the first day of the week—the Lord rose from the dead on that day—but back to succession due to Joshua’s long day, it is the seventh day. Of course, many scriptures will bear this out too. So, we find out Joshua’s day changed it.

Now I will read this here and we’ll go to something else. These scriptures make it clear that Christians are not to be judged on the basis of observance or non-observance on Saturday. The effect of Joshua’s miracle of the long day absolutely shows that the observance of the present day Saturday could not be valid because it’s moved back to the sixth day. Sunday comes in on that day—seventh day. God has fixed it. It says the sun hasted not to go down about a whole day. In other words, it was not quite a whole day. Scientists claimed—it looked like what they could get together—it’s exactly like reading in the book of Hezekiah [Isaiah]. Each day has been moved and each day is a special day. I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. On the Lord’s day, I was in the Spirit. How many of you believe that. So, do not put any day ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the day the Lord has made. Evidently, in His own observance–and looking down upon us where all the miracles take place, and how God does things—it does not matter at all to Him, but that we love Him on the day that we meet on Sunday and every day of the week. It’s only a uniting day and He evidently has honored this day regardless. Do you believe that?

Now, at the end of the age, the antichrist will change the times, the days, and the seasons again. He will try to change these around to where he will probably be worshipped on some other days, see? But while we are here now, I believe that Sunday—somebody said, “Well, you have to go on Saturday.” No, you don’t. Paul said you do not judge that. Somebody said you have to go on Monday. No, you don’t. They can’t tell you anything, but out of honor, we worship the Lord on Sunday. It seems to be—away from the jobs and the work—a clear day too, after you have prepared and rested , and gotten things ready on Saturday to come on in [on Sunday] because they work five days a week. How many of you believe that? So, it seems to me to be as good a day as any day. So, people say you go to heaven by what day you go to church. No. If they say you go to heaven only by going to church on Saturday, that’s a lie to begin with. You must have salvation and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I know people that are in the wilderness and they don’t have any place to go and those people will be in heaven because they’ve got a bible and they love God, and they have salvation, and they believe in the power of the Lord. What are you going to do about the darkest places where missionaries have been and a few here and there have been saved in the darkest regions? Bibles were left with them and every once in a while, they [missionaries] go back to them, and they love the Lord. They don’t really have a place to go to church. God will translate those [people] if they are the real seed of God. I believe that. Every day to them is the day of the Lord. So, each day should be the Lord’s day to us. Each day we should love the Lord. And then on one day we unite together to show Him how much we really love Him, and how much we believe in Him, and then help one another to be delivered, to be saved and filled full of the power of God, and remind them of the signs of the times, and what is taking place. Amen?

The sun hasted not to go down about a whole day. See, it means it was not exactly a whole day and some people believe it that way. It was not exactly a whole day—it said about a whole day. This is no doubt, but the remainder of time about 40minutes which is 10o of the sun dial was made up in the days of Hezekiah. God concluded it as a whole day. About a whole day, the sun stood stil Now, God when He healed Hezekiah, He gave a sign, and He began to move in the universe, and began to move in our solar system again. We’ll begin to read it. “In those days Hezekiah sick unto death. And the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him, and said to him, thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live. (2 Kings 20:1). In the normal course of events, the disease would have been fatal. Therefore, God wanted him to set his house in order. The prophet said to him, set your house in order, for thou shalt die and not live. Now, that prophecy was reversed because of a man’s faith. So, we find out that Hezekiah’s faith changed not only the picture, but it changed history some. God chose the time.

When Joshua was there–at the time it took place—Moses could easily have done it, but because of providence of in God’s timing, it had to take place. And the Lord wanted it to take place at the time Joshua was standing there, at that exact day—because prearranged, God had it ready. Amen. He puts things forward. So, we find out, Hezekiah instead of dying was healed because he believed God. Now, how do you explain this? God is a God of miracles. He is therefore, the God of both time and eternity. So, when the time came for Hezekiah to die, God stopped the clock some way. He gave a sign and He turned it backward until the fatal moment passed. Of course, all this could not have been done for Hezekiah’s benefit alone—not all that—not moving the heavens around like that. And He told him [Isaiah], I would heal him then because of his faith. He told Isaiah, the prophet, to tell him, I would turn the sun dial back 10o [degrees] which is 40 minutes and let it pass over. He should be healed and I will add 15 more years to his time. Now when that sun dial went backwards, 10o that is 40 minutes, and the sun hasted not to go down about a whole day, there is your whole day gone right there. God came back and He made it a whole day. Let’s reserve [reverence] Him all day—day and night. Praise the Lord! Amen.

So we find out, it was not for his benefit alone. God causes all events in this universe to interweave together in fulfilling His eternal plan. I believe that. The forty minutes that were missing in Joshua’s long day were now accounted for. How many of you believe that? You see, Joshua came first, and the day was about a whole day. Then when He got the last 40 minutes—a whole day now in succession. Scientists say by computation somehow that a whole day had been lost or they would have to say about a whole day. But we see, not only did He heal a man and work a miracle—and gave him a sign—He absolutely worked a plan to bring about the 40 minutes He needed to complete the whole day. And He chose these two men, Joshua and Isaiah [Hezekiah), and therefore, His plan was complete. Isn’t God great! How many of you believe this? Therefore at that time, Joshua’s long day was accounted for completely. Israel was getting ready after Hezekiah to go into captivity. The seven times of judgment against her were about to begin.

God was preparing now for a new dispensation because the dispensation of Christ was soon to come through Daniel’s prophecy. When the captivity did come and the children of Israel were swept into Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar—at that time, the prophet [Daniel] received the visitation and pointed to the next [dispensation] when they went home–that the Messiah would come. Four hundred and eighty-three years later from that point, the Messiah would arrive, and the dispensation of Christ would come to them. How many of you believe that? You say, what is all of this about then? See; well that day, nobody knew which day to worship God. One day, Paul said, seemed like another day. Do not condemn one over the other one. Do not judge one over the other one. But in your heart, if you know that is the day that the Lord blesses and if that is the day that God is working for you, that settles it. You see the miracles working. You see the Lord revealing His Word. You feel His power, and you feel satan knocking at you. Amen? So, the business of saying, you know, unless you go to church on Saturday or Monday or some other day, you won’t make it, is wrong. You will make it if you have the Lord Jesus and I mean the Lord will bless you.

You go back and find out, by the original creation and then by the changing of that day, you will find out that nobody can put their finger on it right now, but the antichrist himself will change times and laws and all these things will be changed. We can’t speak for what is going to happen. Daniel spoke about that, and he was well aware at the time about the sun dial. How would you like to be standing there and watch 40 minutes disappear backwards in there? That would add to the other—about a whole day. Now, it’s whole day gone. That’s exactly why He had done that with Hezekiah. He didn’t do it just for Hezekiah’s benefit, but He chose that day to bring that complete day together. One thing—satan now is lost; he doesn’t know what day the Lord would come. Do you realize that? Do you realize it? Would it be the numerical value of the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday—one of those that had been changed? Would he come on a day that would have been changed or how would it change? See; we don’t know. No one knows. This one thing we do know, that He is coming on a certain day and it would be a special day. So, He has made it so hard that you do not condemn or judge that. I believe for me that Sunday is good enough for me. If God tells me another day, well, that’s good enough for me too. Amen?

Now, at the end of the age in the book of Revelation chapter 8, we find out that in the solar system, it begins to be changed some. The moon only shines for about a third of the day [night] and the sun about a third of the day. You see what He is doing? They are losing time and it’s beginning. He said there will be a shortening of time. When He said shortening, the word takes in many things. Already, one shortening of time is that they only have one third by night [moon] and one third by day [sun] for a while. When you begin to do that, pretty much you catch up on that one day that was lost. But when He said shortening of time, it means this: at the end of the age as He shortens that time back, that one day is going to be restored. How many of you believe that? Then the bible says in Revelation 6, at the end of that chapter, He absolutely said that axis of the earth will change again. That’s the scriptures. You must remember that this earth to Him is like you taking a few little marbles in His hands and moving them around. It’s exactly right! It means nothing to Him. It’s easy, simple for Him.

Now, in Revelation and also in Isaiah, I think it is chapter 24 [Isaiah], you can see Him bringing those axis back. The book of Psalm says for the foundations of the earth are out of course. Scientists say they are off by so many degrees; they know that. And that’s what brings extreme weather. That’s what brings the freezing weather, the tornadoes, the hurricanes, the hot drought and famines. It’s because the degrees of the axis are not right. During the time of the flood, some of that happened, when the foundations were broken up and the deeps and so forth moved out of their places drawing the ocean water over on land and so forth like that. It’s all science, but it happened and God does it. So, we find out as those axis are set back into order at the end of the great tribulation—at the end of the great tribulation, pretty soon, the sun and the moon do not shine for a while. The kingdom of the antichrist is in darkness, chaos across the face of the earth, and the Lord intervenes in Armageddon. And then at the end of both chapters Revelation 6 &16 and Isaiah 24, the earth begins to change and with it the greatest earthquakes this earth has ever seen. Every mountain is laid low. All the cities of the nations fall because of the great earthquakes. What would cause such a thing as the mightiest earthquakes the world has ever seen? The earth is turning, see?

It is righting, those axis for the Millennium because then we have 360 days a year and 30 days a month. See; the calendar comes back perfect. And when He rights the degrees back—then of course, Isaiah book is true. Then our seasons, it says, are back to normal. And you don’t have any extreme heat or any extreme cold. It’s said during the Millennium, the weather is marvelous—the most beautiful weather. It’s Eden again, says the Lord. He brings that back. People live to great ages again after a certain group went out through the atomic war and so forth like that. So we find out, the day that was lost, the long day, God has righted it back when He changed those axis. So, this earth then could be in perfect climate. The climate at that time would run just as it was or similar to what it was in Eden. Armageddon is over. God has come back to the earth and He has made it right. He has put that day back in order. Then if they go up once a year to worship the King during the Millennium, they would hit the right day.

Oh, you say that is so confusing! It’s not as confusing as those people who worship on Saturday or every other day and condemn us. Neither do I condemn them, but I know that it is not right and they need—many of them—salvation, the power to deliver, and power over all these things. Some of this people are fine people because I worked with them when I was a barber and I talked to them. Then the others are just argumentative. But Paul said don’t argue now. How many of you read what he said. I believe the Lord wanted me to read that scripture one more time. “One man esteemeth one day above another; another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind” (Romans 14: 5). It is all of Christ. What he is saying is you need Jesus. Here is what Paul ran into and the Lord gave him permission to write about it because it had come at the time. He ran into those that believed that one day was better than another day, and that they only had the right day. Others believed in the new moon. Others believed on the Sabbath day. One believed you shouldn’t eat meat; you should eat herbs. Others ate meat and condemned the others. Paul said they were just killing their faith and tearing everything up. Paul said don’t judge one another in those things. Just leave that alone for it is the Spirit of Christ that you need to get into and stay in the body of Christ. Get out of those arguments, genealogies and all those things, arguing about one day above another day—and you are all sick!

No doubt Paul being a reader of the Old Testament before the Lord Jesus came to him, he knew it perfectly. That’s why he knew the Messiah was coming too, but he missed it at the time. Paul found Him later. But he knew the Old Testament and he knew Joshua’s long day and he knew about Hezekiah. He just put it together like that, see? No doubt when he came to them [the people], he would use those scriptures and believe me they could not withstand what the Lord Himself said there. So, don’t worry about those things, Paul said. I have got people you know that it gets them to where they can’t even believe God hardly. They are so worried about what day. If they would put that same effort into believing God and to witnessing to others, I tell you they would be happier and forget about the other. Amen. That’s exactly right.

But don’t forsake the assembling together where there is a good place that you can find God. I have to say that and He will really bless your heart. I want you to stand to your feet. We got into a little science here, but believe me if you believe in the miracle of Joshua’s long day, you believe in the miracle of Hezekiah’s sun dial which made it a complete whole day—if you believe in that then, what I read about succession would have to stand forever. Believe me, satan doesn’t know one day from another, what God is going to do; he can only assume it. But I know this; God has a special day for that translation. Do you believe that? By doing what He did in the heavens, He has hidden it that no man is going to be able to know anything. He [a brother] might accidentally, on that day believe the Lord is coming because he has done it every day. See; you can’t miss. “I believe the Lord is coming today. I believe the Lord is coming.” Amen. He’s about hit it! Isn’t it? Amen? But then he can’t tell anybody because he thinks he might be wrong. So, all of the elect that are praying that way will know when the Lord is coming, but they won’t outwardly know. Amen? But they know. There is coming a time.

How many of you have ever had people ask you those questions about the Sabbath? I was going to preach it a year ago and people keep writing me. It would help those on the cassette—all of those people that run into those different kinds of people. Don’t say much to tell, but tell them that you don’t exactly agree or disagree, but you have a day that you worship and that is your day. Amen? However, the other [Saturday] couldn’t be valid anyway on the account of the change. God knows what He is doing. I can’t’ say how long this would stay this way after the translation. We don’t know that. So, science and the bible absolutely agree on that situation because it can’t come out any other way. You realize they have used computer in every other way to figure that out? God’s Word would stand eternally. Amen. Now, this might not be the kind of a sermon you are ready for, but God was ready to give it. That’s exactly right. It’s really great.

Get your hands in the air. Let’s thank Him for the day the Lord has made. Are you ready? Alright, let’s go! Thank you, Jesus! Lord, just reach out there. Bless their hearts in the Name of the Lord. Thank you Jesus.