102 – Finishing Touch

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Finishing TouchFinishing Touch

Translation alert 102 | CD #2053

How many of you are real, real happy today” Let’s first offer a praise to Him this morning. He loves your praises more than your money. How many of you know that? Amen. He wants your money for the gospel, but He wants your praises or there can be no preaching. Come now and praise Him! Oh, blessed be the Name of the Lord! Alleluia! Lord, bless your people here this morning and let the atmosphere of the Lord Jesus come upon them. Bless each in a different manner. Let it be individually, to each of them–something in their heart. And all the new ones here today, bless them. Amen. Go ahead and be seated.

I am going to touch on a message here. We’ve been preaching quite a bit on prophecy, events of the future, and they are coming to pass. The church right now is the best place to be in the world. All over the world—and I get letters from all over the world and all over the US—peoples’ problems, and what is happening to their relatives, neighbors, and friends. It just seems like nothing seems to go right for people today. It just seems like a lying spirit and all kinds of spirits are cut loose upon the people, and every kind of negative spirits—all kinds of them. Demons in every direction, that’s what it is. With the whole world in confusion, it’s like it said it would be—in perplexity—it calls it in the bible, as the age closes out. The seas and the waves—that is not only symbolic of the ocean, but it is symbolic of governments and people in perplexity.

And it is all over the world now, the perplexity that has set in. With all those problems and troubles, this [Capstone Cathedral] is one of the most wonderful places in the world. You can’t get this anywhere but here. Can you say Amen? I mean from the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other place to go but to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that is what you need today. Stay with Him. Don’t turn Him loose. When you start with Him, get a good start and stay close to the Lord and He will surely bless you all the days of your life. He will go through every kind of a sickness, trial, and heal you, and bless you. He will see you through it all. So, with all the confusion and problems today, what a wonderful place the house of the Lord is! If you just go ahead in the future, a few years and be able to look about what was going to happen to the earth—and I have a special privilege to see some of it—you will say in your heart ten times what you feel this morning–Oh, it was good to be in the house of God! See; but you don’t know what is down the line ahead of you and the people of the world don’t know, and even after it is all over with and you seem to look back from the translation and the Lord giving you eternal life, oh, the victory today will be shouted, I am telling you! It will just be a feeling that almost pushed back the whole city because of you hearts. The Lord loves faith and He loves the people that love Him with all their heart.

Now this morning I am going to preach and should I have a little time left, I am going to try to pray for some of you. If I don’t have any time, I do have a special healing miracle service tonight. I don’t care if the doctors have given up on you, what they have said, it makes no difference because we can prove those x-rays wrong after prayer. No matter if you are dying whatever the condition is; cancer, it makes no difference to the Lord. If you are here tonight with a little faith in your heart, the light will light up inside of you from the power of God and you will receive healing. But it takes faith, with little faith and God will bless you.

Now this sermon here, you know, I don’t believe that I have ever preached from this sermon here in my life. I have touched on it going through other sermons, but I don’t believe I have picked out the chapter to go clear through it. I have touched on many sermons but I have never preached on that particular subject in many sermons. But I just happen to be led to this, this morning, and I am going to preach on it a little bit here. You listen close. I have decided—the Lord moved on me–The Finishing Touch. At the end of the age there is going to be a finishing touch to His people. You know something is kind of rough, but it is what counts, that finishing touch. This story is about a king who started out real good with the Lord, but he got in trouble at the end of his age, see? And wisdom and knowledge would be found.

You can begin to turn to 2 Chronicles 15: 2-7. It reveals the importance of how you end up. Doubt or faith, which would it be when you end up your life? And this king had a promising outlook too. So, we’ll begin to read it. You know, you can figure out things in a chapter if you just go in prayer and wait a minute, God will reveal it to you. So, we begin to read here: “And the Spirit of the Lord came upon Azariah the son of Oded (v.1). Now listen real close. He said this for a purpose and he meant to say it this way, and if you are reading this, you will know that he came and said this, this way to Asa. “And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, “Hear ye me, Asa, and all of Judah and Benjamin; The Lord is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you” (v.2). Did you know, anytime you seek the Lord, you cannot say that you have not found the Lord? He is there. And in your seeking, you will find Him, if you seek Him from your heart. Now, if you are just going to seek Him out of curiosity and you begin to seek the Lord out of just fooling around—but if you mean business with the Lord and you are serious about it, you will find God. Your faith will tell you right there you have found Him. Can you say Amen?

A lot of people keep looking for God and He is already with them. Did you learn anything about that? He doesn’t go. He doesn’t come. He is the Lord. We use those terms coming and going, but the Lord can’t go anywhere and He can’t come from anywhere. Everything is on the inside of Him. I don’t care what He creates, He is larger than it. He is also smaller than it. There is no space nor size to contain God. He is a Spirit. He moves everywhere and He doesn’t come, and He doesn’t go. He does get in different forms and He appears and disappears according to us. But He is in a dimension, you see? Therefore, if you are looking for God, He is already with you. The word forsaken would be that He is still there, He just shut off from touching or talking to you right at that time. But the Lord doesn’t come and he doesn’t go. I don’t care billions of years in space, trillions of years from now, and when you get past the numbering and get into spiritual things past there, He is right there creating. He is right here this morning. He is in me. I can feel Him and He is right here. He can be trillions of light years away. That makes no difference. Everything is on the inside of the Lord that He created. He is a Mighty God. And He can come down and condense Himself in theophany just like I am here this morning, through a man like the Messiah: And He can speak to you like that while He is creating just worlds. They see them being created out in the heavens all the time.

So, He is a busy God and He is working. But He is never too busy to hear every prayer of millions of people upon the earth. Isn’t that marvelous? Lift up your faith, saith the Lord. Even greater than what has been spoken here this morning! Oh, Alleluia! But He is great! And so, here he comes, “…The Lord is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you” (2 Chronicles 15: 2). Now listen to this here. The key to the mystery—a lot of people do not understand what happened here and if you are really sharp here this morning, you will find out why that prophet came out here and spoke to that king like that. When the Lord makes a first mention like Elijah used to talk or Elisha talked to the kings or whatever it was—the first mention—it meant something. And you will find out that it would really mean something in a moment here. So, the king heard it. This is the key to the mystery—what was spoken by this prophet here. “Now for a long season Israel hath been without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without law. But when they in their trouble did turn unto the Lord God of Israel, and sought him, he was found of them” (vs. 3 & 4). In their trouble—and today most people seek God when they get into trouble. When they get out of the trouble, they have no need for the Lord. That is a hypocrite. How many of you know that? That was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit right there. I never thought of that.

You should stay with the Lord. In other words, what I mean is they are saying one thing and doing another. You should always love the Lord, in trouble, out of trouble, in tests, and in trials, no matter where you are. I don’t care if you think you are down, still love God. Don’t just look to God when you are in trouble. When you are out of trouble, look for God, in trouble and out of trouble. Give the Lord His credit. Give Him the thanksgiving and He’ll pull you back in. He’ll help you. But a lot of people don’t know that. Hold on to Him and praise Him no matter what kind of problems, tests and trials, you have to do this finally. He asked you to do it finally and I am telling you—teaching– this morning that the Lord will be with you as long as you cry out to Him and you are with Him. No matter what your trouble is, no matter what your trial is, He is right there. That might be harsh for some people here. It might be harsh for some church people, but I have spoken the truth this morning. He is with you in trouble and out of trouble, and never forget Him. Can you say praise the Lord?

So, they are in trouble, they come running back. Israel used to do that. Then they would run to idols. And they would worship old baal idols, and get in front of the idols, and do terrible things there, with their children. All kinds of things would take place. Then very soon the generation would pass or something, they would come running back to God, He would send a great prophet–back and forth like that for those years, but for the kindness of God, there is no way. All we see is the judgment—and many times we hear what happened to them later on. But hundreds of years sometimes many hundreds of years really before He would ever bring severe judgment upon the people. People fail to see the real kindness of God’s longsuffering—worshipping idols after they had heard God, His prophets and so forth and they would return and have images before God. But in their troubles, they returned to the Lord. Then verse 7 says this here: “Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded” (2 Chronicles 15: 7). See; whatever you are going to do for God, don’t weaken. Isn’t that right?

My work is rewarded all the time by the Lord. I stay in the strength of these scriptures and I know that if I am bringing these scriptures to the people they will be delivered. It does not matter how many of them like me or not—because they won’t like Jesus either—but what counts are the precious souls that are able to get into the true Word of God and they are going to be translated. Can you say Amen? You get enough of the anointing and you are not going to be liked. Can you say Amen? Boy! That puts the test to them. I tell you right now, it’s that anointing and it will get the job well done. I mean it will get it done. Amen. So, be strong and He will reward your work. My own personal testimony—it’s overwhelming what God has done in my life. I have never seen anything quite like what He has done. I simply did what He said do and it worked like magic. But it wasn’t magic, it was the Holy Spirit. It was just so beautiful, so wonderful! But I have had tests. I have had trials through the ministry. Satanic forces will try anything they can to thwart me from bringing the message to the people. But it’s all just a small price to pay to really bring the gospel to God’s people and to enthuse them about the glorious things that are in the kingdom of God, and they are glorious. Amen. We hear so much about the earth, the pleasures of the earth. Oh! It’s not even entered into your heart, in your soul what God has for you! But He will reward your work. That’s the finishing touch saith the Lord. Oh my! Isn’t that wonderful!

Alright, it’s not going to be too long of a sermon. I don’t imagine I have gotten off here real good. Here is what happened. The king was really serious in his heart and he was going to do something. But you know, Paul would say that he had no roots. He was really serious he was going to do something. “And they entered into a covenant to seek the LORD God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul” (Chronicles 15:12). They had such a frenzy of coming back to God in their trouble. Whatever happened, they really wanted God. They wanted Him like they never wanted Him before. And I can see in this nation, some of these days, they are going to be faced with it. Watch this here. It says here: “That whosoever would not seek the Lord God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman” (v. 13). They had idols, but now they were going to kill everyone that didn’t serve God. They kind of went over balance. The Lord never necessarily does anything [like that]. It’s like freedom of mind and choice. We find out that at the end of the age they are going to get into such a religious and political spirit. If you want to read it, it’s in Revelation 13. Finally, they issued a death penalty. They don’t even have the proper doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ. This people right here—showing you it wasn’t going to end right—in their zeal and everything that they did, evidently they got rid of everything and they wanted to seek Him with all their heart, with all their soul. “That whosoever would not seek the Lord God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.” Whether a little child or not, it didn’t make any difference to them. They were going to seek God and get out of this mess. I imagine when that went out they all sought the Lord. That’s right. Ok, that’s in there.

And then right here, it goes on through here—the fact of the business was the king’s mother was the one that was on the throne. Usually, a woman didn’t sit on the throne. We’ve had Deborah and several of them in the bible. They refused to sit on the throne of Israel. It was a man’s job at the time. God would bring them a king and he would sit there. So, his mother had usurped and sat on the throne there. Nevertheless, he put his mother off of the throne, and put her out of the way, and he took the throne. This young man did because she had idols in the grove and he cut down the idols. But way off in the distance, he didn’t get rid of all the idols. I am telling you the story because it went down through here. Then he came upon the throne and it says here: “But the high places were not taken away out of Israel: nevertheless the heart of the king was perfect all his days” (2 Chronicles 15:17). Now how did that scripture come? It says he was perfect in the days that he was with God. Now, not in the days that we live in under grace and under the Holy Spirit. He wasn’t living like us today. But in that generation according to what people had done and according to what had been there at that time, it was considered that his heart was perfect before the Lord in his days.

Now, we get over here. Watch the change. Then a prophet came to him there in 2 Chronicles 16 verse 7: “And at that time Hanan the seer came to Asa king of Judah, and said unto him, Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the Lord thy God, therefore is the host of the king of Assyria escaped out of thine hand.” Now his problem was that he was too lazy to begin to seek the Lord and he didn’t want to reach out and get hold of the Lord. He began to sit down on the Lord. Then he began to rely on the kings instead of the Lord to win his battles. And the prophets began to appear, a different one, and began to talk to him here. He began to rely on man and not the Lord. We can see that his downfall is already set up. It is beginning to set in motion now what is going to happen. “Were not the Ethiopians and the Lubims a huge host, with very many chariots and horsemen? yet, because thou didst rely on the Lord, he delivered them into thine hand” (v.8). All those, the great hosts, the Lord delivered you out of their hands and now you are relying upon man to do [fight] your battles, and you not seeking the Lord, the prophet said.

And then here is what happened here. It says here, this is a beautiful scripture. I have quoted this one too, as well as several more in here: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars” (v. 9). See; His eyes meaning the Holy Spirit and they are running back and forth throughout the whole earth. His eyes are running and He is going with those eyes looking everywhere. That’s the way the prophet gave it—to show Himself strong. “Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars”. See; he started perfectly with the Lord. God was going to put wars upon him because of his foolishness. Many times when a nation begins to go into sin and turn away from the face of the Lord, then the bible says wars will come upon them. This nation has suffered some severe horrible wars not only the Civil War, because of the sin, but also because of the world wars and all the problems overseas that we have suffered and so forth. The nation, part of them trying to turn to God and the other going completely away from the Lord. We can see it every day. There are going to be more wars upon the earth and finally, because of sin, because of idols, and rebellion this nation will have to march to Armageddon in the Middle East. We are seeing right now a kind of preview of some of the things that will occur one of these days even after they have signed their new peace deal.

But wars—and so because he relied upon man (2 Chronicles 16:9). Today, how many have ever noticed how much more they are beginning to rely upon man for everything they do instead of the Lord? The have electronic machinery. They have computers. I read an article a while back. Nowadays they don’t act proper. They are relying upon man to have their children instead of their husband and so forth. I don’t want to get into that this morning. Relying on everything but God and nature. They are without natural affection. And so wars will come to him [Asa]. “Then Asa was wroth with the seer, and put him in a prison house; for he was in a rage with him because of this thing. And Asa oppressed some of the people the same time” (v. 10). He got mad at him, enraged against him [the seer/prophet] because of this thing. See; a while ago, I told you about that anointing. When things strike wrong, I always get blamed. Off of a distance when it strikes—it’s just like a laser when it hits them. Brother, it will move that devil back. Nothing else but the anointing and the Word of God will move him back. Can you say Amen? It will move him out of there. It’s very deep, the way God does things, but I always know. I know what is going on.

Satanic forces on this earth will try to prevent you people from being rewarded, but there is a reward for each one of you. Don’t forget it. So, he was mad at him. The anointed prophet stepped before him and told him that he was wrong and foolish in his heart. Now there is a difference in the prophets. Elijah marched up in front of Ahab and told him that (1 Kings 17: 1. 21: 18-25). Even though Jezebel ran him off a while he came back again in the power of the Lord. The prophets run and say; they speak forth what God puts there because the force of the prophet—the strength of the anointing—just about pushes it out there and makes it plain to him. He can’t back down. He has to put it right out what it is like. And the prophet said, you are foolish in your heart. Not only that, you are going to have wars. All of a sudden, he put him in jail. The king went into a rage (2 Chronicles 16:10). The demons got all upset in there and he went into a rage. Remember Micaiah when he went up before the king [Ahab]. When he stood before the king, he told him you are going to go up and die in battle (1 Kings 22: 10-28). It says he [Zedekiah] slapped him and the king gave him bread and water, and put him in there [jail]. His prophets, who were false, with lying spirits told him to go on—you shall surely win the battle. But the prophet said “No, if he comes back then I have not spoken anything. He is not coming back no more” (v. 28). They put him in prison, but it didn’t do anything. Ahab went to battle and he didn’t come back. How many of you know that? He died just like the prophet said he would.

So, the prophet stepped in there and said you are foolish in your heart. So, he flew in rage and put him in jail. He oppressed some of the people at the same time (2 Chronicle 16: 10). And we begin to find out what is happening here. “And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians” (2 Chronicles 16: 12). He never even sought the Lord. You say, how could a king that God appointed, yet when he got sick in his feet, he never even sought God at all? Evidently, he wanted to do it that way. He absolutely got mad at the Lord. You can’t get mad at God. How many of you know that? There is no possible way for him [the king] to win. Now somebody said why in the world? God being so gracious to him, the Lord sending him a prophet to him saying he would sit on the throne–and he was perfect in his heart at that time—and the Lord took him and provided what needed, and rewarded his work, and helped him there. Why did he turn to the physicians and did not seek the Lord?

Let’s find out what happened to him. I think we are going to find the key when we turn right back to where it started and we go to 2 Chronicles 15: 2: “The Lord is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.” Can you say Amen? That’s what happened to him. As long as he sought the Lord, he was found of Him. But he had forsaken the Lord in such a way that he didn’t even come to the Lord for his healing. The bible says he sought not the Lord for his healing, but he sought the physicians. When he did, the bible said it this way: “And they buried him in his own sepulchers” (2 Chronicles 16: 14). That’s what happened to him. Now, starting off good—the finishing touch is what counts. It pays to get a real good start with the Lord too like he did and it pays that the Lord’s hand is in there. But what’s going to count in your spiritual life—in between that you will have your temptations, you will have your trials, you will have your misgivings, you will have your irritations and different things like that—those things will strengthen you if you hold on to the Word of the Lord. Those tests and trials will bring a strength to you. But what is going to count through all of that at the end—the finishing touch—it’s what counts. He started off right, but he didn’t end up right. So, every one of you here this morning, what is going to count in your life is how you end up and how you hold [on] to what God has said. So, it’s the finishing touch in your life which he [the king] did not have. It’s the finishing touch. That is where the reward is going to come from. So, let’s end it up right. Can you say Amen? And that is what my job is: to polish this down, get it ready for the Lord, and the very finishing touch of the Lord here, and we’ll do that.

Listen right here—the physicians right here. Now, I am going to bring out a point here. In the time that we are living in, in emergencies when people–[it] just seems like—they have done everything they can, they have sought God everyway that they can, they will have to go to doctors. Sometimes they go for checkups, for insurance and different things. That’s not what the Lord is talking about here. This fellow didn’t even seek God for anything. How many of you realize that at the end of the age we have different systems now that are going in that direction? I am not going to name any names, but at the end of the age, it will turn out that they will seek to the physicians rather than the faith that is supposed to go with it. It’s always easier because they won’t live the life there. But people should seek the Lord with all their heart first. How many of you know that? And then you have unbelief in the world and those poor people don’t know–they don’t have the Word of God, many of them. Therefore, God does allow physicians to help those people in pain. They are suffering out there. But that is not God’s way. That is permissible for some of them that don’t know God or they’ll die, I guess. But His real way is this: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added, saith the Lord (Matthew 6: 33). Isn’t that right? So, people during emergencies, they have no choice sometimes; things happen like that. I want to tell you here: Check your faith first and see where it stands with God. Put Him first. Give him the first chance that you can, give the Lord before you do anything. Then of course if you can’t get your faith or your problem straightened out, then you must do what you should do.

I am going to bring out something. Legally, I pray for many people up here and it is legal too. I pray for them to be healed by a miracle and many miracles happen here, but I am not to use my ministry to prevent somebody, in other words, talking somebody out of going somewhere when they don’t have any faith. If they don’t have any faith, they can go where they want to go and make their own decision–I am through with it. Can you say Amen? There was a case a while back. I am bringing this out because the age is going to end in a strange way. One time, a minister—several times this has happened in this country. It happened a while back—I guess it was a minister that was kind of nominal and yet he had a little knowledge that God heals. He had one of his members and the person was going through a mental problem and trials. His parents were Catholic. This minister said, “Let’s just hold on to God, you and me.” See; if the minister doesn’t have that kind of faith, he is going to get in trouble pretty quick. I know with my faith and power, some don’t happen [something doesn’t happen], they are on their own because I know you can’t try to heal people when they don’t have faith. You do all you can and I am to encourage you [with] all my heart and I will pray for you. That is God’s way. There is no other way, to me. That’s the Lord’s way. That is the proper way. So what happened here was that he kept on telling him not to go for any help. The parents used it as an excuse. Finally, he couldn’t do anything for the fellow, but yet they said he prevented him from getting help. So, the fellow killed himself; he committed suicide. Then the parents who were Catholic turned around and sued him, and the organization, and the system for about $2 or $3 million in that situation.

I am bringing out this point here that sometimes you see me pray for somebody. I pray for them by faith, but I am not talking anybody out of anything if they don’t have faith. But if they have faith, I will unction, I will preach, I will tell them in earnest and I will tell them what God does. As far as that goes, if they don’t have any faith, they can make their own decision. How many of you see the way they have arranged this in the United States? That is what is happening in this United States of America. They are arranging that to try and prevent some healing that is going on. But the Lord will heal the sick and the Lord will pour out miracles until He says it is enough. He said, “You go tell that fox. I work miracles today and tomorrow, and next day, until my time comes” (Luke 13: 32). Can you say Amen? So, no matter how many laws they pass so that they can get a deeper grip and scare the people by suing, God will continue with His prophets. The Lord will move with His anointing and bless His people. This sermon may be strange today, but as long as I come to that part of it, I felt that it was wisdom and knowledge to reveal it to you. In your own life when you see people don’t have any faith and they continue on and on, you pray for them with all your heart, let them make the decision and you hold on to God in prayer. Can you say Amen? That’s exactly right! There is a lot of wisdom and knowledge in this today. I know several minsters have gotten in deep trouble. Also, on the platform I pray for them and I tell them to do what you want to do with that, and generally many times I have had them go home and take off what they had on. They are healed. They took it off, healed by a miracle of God.

So far you can go in this legal world, but you can pray for the people. You can ask God to heal them still. But I believe that one of these days after the outpouring or in the middle of this, there is such a force coming from the Lord and in such a powerful way until satan is going to try every measure to stop that bride from coming forth. But let me tell you something: he can no more stop that bride from coming forth than he can turn back into [being] a real angel of God. Can you say Amen? The Lord gave me that. God has fixed that. He can never turn back as an angel of God. How many of you know that he will never stop the bride? And he cannot stop that resurrection. The Lord stepped over there and satan said, “Give me Moses’s body here.” And the Lord said, “The Lord rebuke thee (Jude v.9). I am showing the people that at the end of the world that you are not going to get the saints’ bodies” Glory to God! “When I say come out of that grave—He buried him where no one could find him. I believe He raised him and took him somewhere else. I really do. God is mysterious and very potent. He has a reason for it. We find several places in the Old Testament and in Jude where the Archangel Michael was there. He said, “The Lord rebuke thee. He said, “Give me that body” and he said, “No” and the Lord resurrected him. God took him out. You see those graves and all those on earth that died in the Lord Jesus Christ? Let me tell you something: when He says, “Come forth—I am the resurrection and the life,” satan is fallen back completely. He couldn’t even stop the Lord Jesus Christ there, even the Lord died, He just did it all, resurrected by Himself anyway. Say Amen? And so He is going to bring them forth and they will come forth. Satan is not going to stop that.

And the translation—Elijah and Enoch—he tried to prevent the translation. Both men were translated and took off, the bible said. Showing you that he will not prevent the translation. He will not prevent the resurrection. God has done it and satan couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do it then. But he is going to put his pressure. He is going to use his force to keep the bride of the Lord Jesus from coming forth. He will put [up] a lot of pressure, but he will not be able to win because we have won in the Name of the Lord. We have the victory! Remember, first before you do anything, always seek the Lord with all of your heart. Give Him first attention. If your faith is unable to hold up then you have to make the right decision for your child or whatever you have. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and give Him all the attention. But me, I am ready to pray for you at any time. Can you say Amen? Believe God. We are off that subject now and we get right here. As we come along through here there is one more thing through this case. Many times when you are trying to help people, they don’t want to live for God or come to God sometimes or there is disobedience or something in their life. So, the best thing to do is to pray by faith and go your way. Leave it to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now instead of this king going from faith to faith—you know the bible says if you stand still and don’t activate your faith—praise the Lord. Evidently, the king at some point had faith in God, but he didn’t go from victory of faith to faith and dimension of faith. He stayed in one kind of faith until he had little faith. Finally, it went dormant on him at the end of his life. As I said a while go, Paul would say he had a real good start, but he didn’t have any roots in there and that is what happened to him (Colossians 2: 6 – 7). He stayed with one faith instead of going on into it. See; you want to keep a living active faith in the Lord. “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith” (Romans 1: 17). You go from one faith to another faith. You go from the miraculous of the Lord moving upon you to the anointing for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You go first into salvation. That is one faith. You get from salvation into the wells of salvation. Then you get in the chariot where it looks like you are going to leave. You got into salvation from faith to faith and then you go into the baptism of faith to faith. Dimensions and even gifts begin to break forth. And you go from faith to faith in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and miraculous healings, and miracles begin to take place, and you continue on from faith to faith and knowledge—supernatural wisdom–as the Lord moves His anointing from faith to faith. Finally, you go into creative faith. You begin to bring forth and have whatsoever you say, bones are created, eye parts are put back in there, the Lord creates lungs, and your faith begins to move in a creative way.

The works that I do shall you do, Jesus said [John 14: 12). “And these signs shall follow them that believe,” the ones that act their faith (Mark 16:17). And you go from faith to faith until you go into the translation faith and when you get into translation faith then you are carried away to your great reward. Can you say Amen? That’s your finishing touch of God and He will touch you too! Strange–in this sermon. Man that was head of Judah—he had problems with his feet. He didn’t walk before the Lord. Anyway, it’s kind of symbolic here. So, you travel from faith to faith. “It is written,” Paul said, “the just shall live by faith”—real faith, creative faith of God (Romans 1: 17). Over here we read that the king’s heart was perfect for his era and time. He started, but he didn’t end—he ended with little faith or dormant faith and his disease was in his feet, symbolic of the last part of his life. He didn’t finish right. He did not walk before God in faith. Therefore, the end of his life was at that point, as it is said here, he did not walk with God. So, it is how you finish that counts. How many of know that? Like I said you may go through your tests and your trials in between this thing here and that is necessary to build your faith and to help you, should you do it according to the will of God. So, it’s the finishing touch that counts. With Jesus you believe and you travel from faith to faith.

Remember this king and remember your life. If you want to do something greater than a king and you want to be greater in some way than this king then you are greater than this king with the Lord Jesus Christ—if you finish up with the Lord Jesus Christ what you started. Oh, my, my, my! Isn’t that right. Let’s finish what we started with the Lord. No matter how much satan pressures and how many trials he will send your way–it’s the finishing touch of God that He is going to put upon His church. You remember the great pyramid in Egypt—symbolic in many ways. Of course, Satan has used that and twisted it up. But remember in Egypt there that the cap of the pyramid was left off–on the top, the finished stone. It was the finishing touch. It was absolutely symbolic of the Lord Jesus, the Chief Headstone that was coming to Israel although they rejected it, they turned it down. But the rejected Headstone went to the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ and behold, the bride makes herself ready. She has something to do with her faith too as the Lord works with her. At the end of the age, the very Headstone that was rejected has come to the Gentile bride and the finishing touch that was left off is coming back. And that finishing touch in Revelation 10, speaks some of them thunders in there. Of course that chapter has to do with clear on out to the end of the age and the calling of time—everything in there. But in those thunders and in the gathering of the Lord’s true children, and the faith of the Lord that is involved, there is going to be the finishing touch to the elective children of God. In there is where satan is going to try everything he can to prevent the Lord from putting that crown of glory on that bride–and the anointing of the Holy Spirit from faith to faith will produce this [crown of glory].

In this building we are going from faith to faith, into more faith and dimensions of faith. So now, the little stones, He is going to polish and they are going to be finished. I am the Lord and I shall restore. So, it is that touch that satan is going to fight. But let me tell you something: you all love the Lord with your heart. You are going to be lights before the Lord. The finishing touch will be lights—glorified bodies before God. He is going to do it. How many of you feel Jesus here this morning? Raise your hands and tell him; say, “Lord, give me that finishing touch.” That’s what it’s going to take. That’s always at the very touch of the pyramid starting on the foundation, working through the church ages, going right on up–and that jewel is going to be cut just right. Boy! It’s going to shine seven different ways saith the Lord. Glory to God! Can you see those rainbows raised from that thing in there? When the sun strikes the diamond, if you look at it, it will break in about seven different colors in there. It’s the fire that’s inside the diamond when the sun hits it and that fire that is left in there is cut, and it is cut just right. When it is cut and finished, they call it the finishing touch in there. The light, we say, hits the diamond—the Lord Jesus Christ, the Sun of Righteousness arising with healing in His wings. He hits that light and the diamond being cut right, and those rays will come out in seven different colors in there off of that diamond, and the light will just flash out.

So, the Lord is cutting His diamond. We are just going to stand before Him in beautiful colors. In fact, Revelation 4: 3, they are before the Rainbow Throne and they are standing right there in beautiful colors— the Lord’s children in the light of the Lord. So, this morning, how many of you want the very special finishing touch of the Lord? That is what is going to come [to] put you in the full armor of God. Oh, it is going to be poured out and faith is going to rise. Whatever is wrong with you inside out, the Lord is the Great Physician of all time. Can you say Amen? He is here this morning. I want you to stand to your feet. If you need Jesus this morning, all you’ve got to do—He is here with us. You can feel Him. All you’ve got to do is open up your heart and tell the Lord to come in to your heart this morning and then I want to see you on the platform tonight. Come on down here and say give me the finishing touch, and shout the victory! From faith to faith saith the Lord! Come on, praise the Lord Jesus! Come on and let Him bless your heart. Bless their hearts Jesus. He is going to bless your heart.

102 – Finishing Touch