106 – Secrets

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Translation alert 106 | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #2059

I was reading the reports today and I was telling them how powerful the winds were going to be. Great powerful winds would take off across the earth. Never seen anything like it. They are going to increase. And I noticed today they said that they’ve never seen winds come up like that. They’ve come up everywhere and I told the people ahead of time.

We are in a time when events are looming that they are going to shake this nation, shake up the presidency, and shake up the whole nation. The events are looming ahead. Before this next year is out, it’s going to be incredible. The people better prepare because we are running out of time. There is no time. In fact, I mean you need to make a decision what you are going to do.

You know, I was thinking about—and I said well, you know, the Sweetheart of God. What is the Sweetheart of God? It’s Jesus. Jesus is the Sweetheart of God and the Sweetheart of God is Jesus. If you look at it right, that’s the truth. He is the Honey in the Rock. He is the Sweet Pleiades. He is everything that is sweetness; you can name it in there. He said, “Can you bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades” (Job 38: 31)? You can’t. You go on out there wherever He is at, and there is honey in the rock. I was telling the people that there is nothing like it. The Sweetheart of God is Jesus and Jesus is God. You can read it in Isaiah 9:6.

But the thing is this: we are living in a time—all the things I talked about, the great winds—we are not through with that. The whole world is going to be shaken up. We are going to have different financial changes and they’ve never seen anything like it. Wait until they cross up. I have already given the dates. When you [they] cross up in there, you will never see anything like that in your life.

Now remember, out of the seven church ages that we are coming in and coming out of would come the eighth and out of that eighth that is the one that God is going to take away! He does it; it is going to be over with. People, it’s getting closer and closer—we are not only turning a stretch, but God is giving us a time to awaken. People think well, they’d go on. Well, the way He is going to do it: in an hour you think not.

You see, this is what happens: there is a certain period of time that no more can get in and no more can get out. Well, that is the end of it. And people, they try, they run and they try, but they can’t get in and the others, they can’t get out because God has got them trapped in there. He is the Sweet Influences. He is the Honey in the Rock. And the Sweetheart of God is Jesus and Jesus is God. That is the way it is there. I wish I had time to go through that, but in history, you’d notice that the great winds that we have never seen before are so powerful. I noticed in the news, they had some off the coast down there and overseas. They’ve never seen the like and the great earthquakes. It’s incredible. The prophecies are true.

Most of all, every one of you, you want to take note of where you stand. Get your mind fixed on exactly what the Lord wants you to. I have things that are being preserved up at the house and I told those that work for me—I think some of them have been preserved up there for years—that I thought I would let the people have. Oh my! You’ve never seen anything like it. It would be a boom for all of you to have these materials because they have been preserved by God [since] back in the 1970s and they are still new the way the Lord has done it. It’s really great! So, with all of this, you are going to see the whole presidential office, the whole religion, politics, everything that we see today, all of it—we’ve never seen anything like it in the history of the whole world that’s coming.

So, you want to make sure of your foundation and be sure you know where you are standing because there will a time when you [think/say], “I see now it is time to get ready.” Then it is too late. See; the Lord has a way that you can’t slip up on Him. And the reason I am warning you is: [this is] the way the Lord wants you [to be] warned because we are running out of time in terms of different preparations.

As far as I am concerned, my time is [nearly] up. I can tell it because there is not much more. I have done so much. By the time you get through all of it, it would probably be way up there. I have got it stored up, put up, and things to get through, and you will be reading about it and everything. So, every one of you now, you want to listen real close because that is the way it comes in an hour you think not. So, the thing is that you get caught unhappy, you get caught sleeping, napping, you get caught overwhelmed and you go, “Well, I am going to jump up and I am going to get ready.” No. It would be too late. So, those are the ADVICE I can give you.

When I told you about the elements and all the things I told you about, you watch, because never have they seen anything like it overseas and everywhere. We’ve got some alarming things coming, boy! I tell you it’s going to change the world. In fact, the whole thing is, the way it is going right now, the whole world will go into one of the strangest temptations that the world has ever seen. So, if you can get ready for it, you think things are going to be like they are. No. There is going to be a differential.

I said, well, I am over here this morning and I will give a little WARNING on that. So we find out, the Sweetheart of God is Jesus and it’s wonderful to learn that. So, when you learn that, you learn who God is. You learn who Jesus is. He is the Honey in the Rock. He is going to also be your Honey in the Rock. God is fixing everything up. So, you prepare and these things will come. And the elements and all—I have got a lot of it written yet that will be out, but we’ll get those things for you—that I was talking about. You want to ask about them because when you get one of those and [or] have the whole of them you would feel something that you have never felt before. My own father, I gave him a touch of it. I think he is 95, 96 years old now and he is still going. You figure that out and how great God is with the things that I am telling you about. He is really wonderful!

And so, all of you people, you prepare because God is getting ready to put you to where you know what is going on. At least, the future is right here with you and the future will not go away. God will not let you down. The Lord will stay with you if you stay with what has been said, what the Lord has spoken and follow it, He will see you through every bit of it. No matter what; He will be there with you? I think in all of this, the way I said out of the eighth will come forth—that is the one that comes out of the church ages in there. When God gets through, when that comes down, it’s going to be just like what I told you. So, all of you want to keep AWAKE in everything that you do. You are going to see some fantastic things looming in every direction and all that we have told you about. Now as I close off of here we’ll be telling you more about the clothes and different things like that that I have for you. I know other people have asked, but when I get to it, we’ll do that.

Right now, I’ll sign off of this [message]. Remember, the Sweetheart of God is Jesus and Jesus is GOD. It’s wonderful when you figure out the Almighty. And oh, more than Honey in the Rock, Jesus, You are really great! And who can, Lord? Who can bind up the Sweet Influences of the Pleiades? Lord, you are the Great One and we love you! I want your hands [up] right now. Each one of those that hears this message, I want them to receive it and every one of their hearts to be touched, and let them feel something that they haven’t felt because your power on me [is] really potent right now.

And what we have said, if you put it together, it’s going to be incredible. And you talk about things that are unusual and unexpected, different colors, and different things that are going in different directions around the world, man, you haven’t seen anything of what is going to take place! But this is enough right now to keep you busy with what is coming. May the Lord let His Presence abide with you and may your heart feel something it has not felt before, and your understanding will be something you have not understood before. I am sure that you are going to begin to understand.

God, you are touching each one of them. Your hand is on them and it is all over them. And day by day and evening by evening, through the time that I have prayed, they’ll begin to learn more and your Hand will be with them. God bless every one of you. You prepare your heart for the exciting years ahead. Those that love God, they’ll really, really love and understand what has been spoken in the past. They will say, oh my! I wish I had listened closer. But you’ve still got time to listen and that’s it.

God bless you and He will certainly be with you. You’ll have His understanding. He is going to give you wisdom and you’ll wake up. Watch and you will be a different person! God is with you. God bless you. I am leaving now and I am going to go pray for you. The Lord be with you forever!

Preached on November 5, 2004
Brother Frisby went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ on April 29, 2005.
The duration of the message: 10: 54 minutes.

106 – Secrets