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The Name Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1399 | 9/15/1981 PM

Praise the Lord! Feel good tonight? The Lord loves a happy people. Amen? Better be careful folks, you wake them up too much, Curtis and the singers, and somebody will get mad at you; they want to sleep. We don’t want to sleep right now, do we?

Lord, we love you tonight and we believe you with all of our hearts. You are going to bless. Meet the needs of your people, Lord. Open things up for them and you are going to guide them. You are looking for a positive, faithful believer; the one that believes you in the soul, Lord…when they pray, you answer them. Now, touch every heart here, Lord. The new ones here tonight, give them rest, peace. Let the power of God be in their lives, and the urgency of the Holy Spirit working and moving, and witnessing, Lord today. Relieve the people from the tension, the oppression of this world. We command it to go! We love you, Jesus. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus.

So, tonight, we are going to touch on this just a little bit and see what He has here. It will bless your hearts. The Name Jesus: In that Name is life and death…. Without that Name—this universe consists of that Name and power, the Lord Jesus Christ…. We have our being, whatever we do, and all the things created, they consist in that Name. Without that Name, it will be powder again. It will be just dust.

The Name of Jesus is beyond any kind of magic, any kind of witchcraft or sorcery, or any other way they would try to heal as Beelzebub or some other sort. The Name of Jesus, it is life, death and paradise. Can you say, Amen?

What a Name! The dead were raised in the Name of the Lord Jesus. And they were astonished at the Man. The God Man. They were astonished at His Word for it was with power that even the dead woke up at His command. That Name was creative miracles that took place all around them.

It is in this Name, the Magnificent Name that was hidden in the Old Testament. What is thy Name? He said, “What do you want to know it for?” “My Name is secret.” It would be revealed… When He came out to Abraham’s seed and the rest of them, He said, “I am Jesus, come to see my people. I came down to visit them.”

In the first chapter of John, the Word was God. God was in His Word. He was made flesh and He dwelt among His people. So, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, He has chosen to put all the power and weight in that Name. No one can be saved, no one can get healed, no one can do anything, saith the Lord, unless he comes through the Name of the Lord Jesus. How many of you believe that?

They may go around it. They may try to sidestep it. Even the Catholics would use the Name Jesus, intermingled with virgin Mary and the pope. They would use it. But the magnificent Name is the Name that stands out alone. It is the Immortal, the Eternal Name that God chose to use for His people upon this earth…. It is the miraculous and eternal life.

But to those that reject it, it just seems like it is in reverse; judgment and death follow in the wake of it…. So, whatsoever you ask in my Name, I will do it. Ask anything you want to, in my will, I will do it. Ask in my Name and your joy will be full. Ask in my Name for miracles and I will give them to you. I will make you a revelator; I will reveal to you. You shall ask, and you shall receive, the bible said.

So, that Name is beyond anything that the devil can produce. The Name, the Lord Jesus, is beyond anything in the underworld, no matter how many dimensions it is. The Name of the Lord Jesus is beyond anything that we have in heaven, in the dimensions that we have there, because in that Name is the power of life and death.

He chose to let us know that Name. It is a secret Name in the Old Testament, and He gave that to His people. Some people will put it down, shove it down and take something else, but it is the Matchless Name, and that is the One that does the work for you tonight. The Name of the Lord Jesus; no kind of magic can touch it. It is beyond that, and the miraculous is yours. The bible said if you ask in my Name, I will do it.

Jesus redeemed us from the curse of sickness, the bible said. He made us free from sin and sickness. He healeth all thy diseases. The Lord delivers you [him] out of all of them, and the Lord shall raise him up. He bore our pain and He bore our diseases, our weaknesses and all of the oppressions. He carried them with Him in that Name. All of them were placed on that Name.

When He went to the cross, it was finished for us. He has done anything [everything] that you ever want to believe for. It has been done for you. Now, with your measure of faith, you must accept it strongly in your heart and soul, and the light of God is manifested in great power.

So, in the Name Jesus, it is all wrapped up into One there for you, if you want to believe it. Remember, no demon would come out, no disease would be healed, no one would be saved, and there would be no eternal life, no baptism, no gifts, no fruit of the Spirit, no joy, no happiness, no divine love…unless it comes, Paul said, in the Matchless Name of the Lord Jesus. Without it, saith the Lord, you can do nothing. How many of you believe that? Give the Lord a handclap!

So, it is the great and powerful Name that is going to—as the Lord is bringing it to me—and the great Name of the Lord Jesus is going to cause the translation. The Name of the Lord Jesus is going to cause all the graves to open up and [the dead in Christ] shall then meet us in the air as we are translated away. Only by that power can all these things–translation, change to the glorified body come in that Name as you are changed to be with Him forever.

I want you to stand to your feet. If you are new here tonight, any of you here, He will in no wise cast you out. That Name bids you come now, “Let us reason together. Come. Let us talk this thing over.” And He said whosoever will, let him come in. Then He will show you things to come and He will touch your heart. If you need salvation tonight, you want to come to the Lord Jesus. See; as I have often said, He didn’t make it hard. He put it in One Name, not a million different confusions just One, the Lord Jesus and you get your salvation.

What I am going to do is take a little time tonight and I am going to pray for the people. If you’ve got any pain or need salvation or whatever you need; if you’ve got…any incurable disease for instance if you’ve got back problem, you have aches, you’ve got a lung problem or heart problem, no matter what kind of problem or oppression you’ve got, I want 12 or 14 of you people to come out of that audience tonight on this side here. Young people too, if you want to come or if you’ve got something for God to do [for you], come quickly now, this side. If you are new here tonight and you want to be prayed for, come boldly to the throne of God, the bible said, and let’s believe the Lord together. Who knows what would happen to you in the days ahead?


He told me, preach about my Name tonight. Wow! That Name! Boy, what a Name! I want you to stand to your feet tonight. We will have a mass prayer for the rest of you here and we will believe together. You just shout the victory and praise the Lord like you want to, and He is going to bless you…. He is going to come to His people…. Be prepared because He is coming pretty soon. Come on down, let’s unite…. Oh, yeah! Thank you, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Oh, yeah! Thank you, Jesus.

The Name Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1399 | 9/15/1981 PM