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Prepared-Readiness | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#1425 | 06/07/1992 PM

Lord bless your hearts. I am proud to be in the house of God. He is wonderful. Lord, we love you. How great thou art! You know, we love the American flag, but oh, how greater you are than the flag, Lord. That’s just a mark. You are the Creator of both flag and the land in providence, Lord. Your great power flies over your people, Lord. You’ve got a flag of your own, the Holy Spirit and great Comforter. Now, touch each one in the audience that they should be more loyal to you than anything else on this earth. Take the hurts and the pains, and all of the things that overshadow their lives, Lord, and push them aside. Let the power of the Lord come upon their lives. Let the Lord’s anointing be with them. I command the demon powers and I command the bondage to be lifted from them. Give them comfort. Give them rest and give them peace in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Almighty. Oh, praise God! Bless your hearts.

This is just a brief message to kind of wake people up. You know, many Pentecostal people, Full Gospel people, Fundamental people and all kinds of them, they are making all kinds of racket everywhere, and all over the country. How many of them are really prepared? That is what is going to count. Can you say, Amen? You know, you can talk up and you can say this and say that, but how many are really prepared? I am going to talk about this just a little bit before we do something else here tonight.

Now, Prepared-Readiness: How many Christians with all these great cares of this life, how many Christians are prepared? In such an hour as you think not; that’s exactly right. If you really get where the real word of God is burning, and the real Word of God is powerful, and it is just exactly as the scripture, and the anointing becomes a twin with the Word…there, you will separate the false twin from the other one. Oh, there is a real make believer and a real believer.

So, Prepared and Readiness: are you a faithful witness? That’s what it says in the Book of Revelation. It said, and He is a faithful witness. That means that that faithful witness is right up to the end of the age before you are called up in the translation—a faithful witness unto the coming of the Lord. How many of these faithful witnesses are out there? Behold, she, that is the church or the elect, makes herself ready; meaning, she does not leave it all up to God. She does not throw it up on God’s hands completely. There are certain things that the church/the elect must do themselves; preparing their hearts in great faith, knowledge, wisdom, power, witnessing and giving prayer and praise unto the Living God. How many of you believe that? Now, if you are not scurrying around in your heart and making yourself ready for the Bridegroom, it says this is leaving time. This is the time to get out!

According to all the signs, the packing should have already started because the train is coming around the corner. If the people are not even packed yet, and the train is coming around the corner, they are not going to have time to get on God’s train. I don’t know how they are going to get there. Otherwise, that is great tribulation for some of them. But the train is going to be gone. God is going to take His people into heaven. Amen. Ready and prepared: loyalty to Jesus, the Great God, The Word. Now, that loyalty to Jesus—how many of you are loyal? The Word—and He was made flesh and dwelt among us, and He was called the Word, Faithful Witness. You see, faithful to that Word right there.

The bible says this here: Be ye also ready (Matthew 24: 44). Now, be ye also ready—what does it mean? It does not mean just be watching and praying. But it says, be ye also ready. That goes back to–are you prepared during this worldliness that is going on all over the world? They think God is billions of miles away and they don’t know that He has already come and has been down here before they got here, and He will be here long after their ashes are upon the earth. How many of you know that? That is exactly right. Be prepared at all time. Be ye also ready. Be sure in your heart that you believe and that you have salvation in your heart. Some people have salvation in the brain, but in their thoughts, they are somewhere else. They think they’ll work it out somehow; they will do this, and they will do that. But make sure–repent and make sure in your heart where you stand with God each day and each time because we are to watch for the Lord not next month or next year. We are to watch for the Lord daily now because there are too many signs and they are all around us. So, that gives us the privilege to say, when will the Lord come? Anytime, anytime. He can come anytime He wants to come.

We are getting that close that you can say He is coming at any time. Jesus looked upon the fields; they were white, ready to harvest. Look, He said, you thought you had four months, look out there. That’s how close it was there. For the power of His Word, [be ready] to work, ready to witness to the unbeliever, those with an open heart, heal, and work a miracle. That’s right. Cast not away therefore your faith for it is going to bring you a recompense; a great reward. Without faith, it is impossible to please the Holy Spirit, the Word…Lord Jesus. Without faith, it is impossible to please God or any of His attributes or the seven-fold aspects of the Spirit. You must have faith in your heart. He is a Super God. How many of you believe that?

He will do anything. There is no limit. Why in world, all things are possible, but a lot of people never reach that stage? If you want to reach out, you can go a long way with the Lord. Faith—that is, telling others of His soon return. If you have enough faith in your heart, you are going to tell somebody, “You know, it’s time to come to the Lord. Did you know, by the signs, I have got faith in my heart. I believe that Jesus’ return is soon, and He can come anytime. Are you prepared? He is on His way.” Be ye a holy example. Be an example of how the Word teaches it. A holiness [holy] people; people that believe and separate from the world. They separate themselves from many of the things that the world out there is doing today. Be ye holy to God. It is more than just an appearance outward, inwardly or whatever it is. Holy means before God. You have vowed yourself to God, a Holy God. You must come to Him, cleansing your heart of the least little things, even things that are not sins, things that may be legal to do. You may have done too much of them. You may have done a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Holiness gets down to where you clean that vessel and reach out to God. You haven’t said anything wrong about anybody, you see, you haven’t got on to anybody unwisely. Make sure you have got that [holiness] when you step before Him for that great faith that is in Him.

Are you prepared in this world of dizziness, in this world of madness….? The world doesn’t know which way it is going, and the people are perplexed. They are not restful. They don’t have confidence. They don’t know the straight direction. They have no guide, saith the Lord, how can they know where they are going? That’s you, Lord. That is right. The Guide is the Holy Spirit. He came in Jesus’ Name and He will guide you. Now, how many of you are preparing. On this night, tonight, how many of you are preparing for the change? Are you preparing for the translation? Behold, she makes herself ready. Be watch and prayerful. Also, prepare and not just watch and pray, but know that you are ready.

Prepared and readiness: In an hour that we live in where people can literally spend 10 hours watching TV or maybe seek God two minutes or thirty on the weekend. You never know, they may be doing something for 25-30 hours and never think about God. He said where your heart is, that is where your treasure is going to be. If your heart is stayed upon the Lord—wherever your heart is planted—you plant it in your heart that you are going to be with Jesus—there is going to be your treasure. What is in your heart? Today, pitiful, even among all the so-called Laodicean Pentecostals, the Fundamentals, the Baptists…every one of them falls short, but it was prophesied. It was predicted that it would be one of the signs that the few that God would call, they would come together and do exactly as this message is right here. They will believe it in their hearts. Their heart is placed in the Heavenly City. It is placed in the Lord Jesus. It is placed in the eternal life that never runs out—life eternal.

. Tonight people, seats are empty. What if He did call tonight? What if He did and then translation took place? How many here and around the world would be ready? That readiness is not just here yet. You can tell it by the slackness. The Lord said my hand is not slack, but the people are slack. You can look around and you can see what is happening here and there. All the signs are fulfilling, but the people, you have to get a steamroller to get them to where they should be. While those that are wise are preparing themselves and getting ready in their hearts…the Lord Himself is doing a work that no one sees. It says at midnight, while men sleep, He is working by the Holy Spirit, and they did not understand when they woke up what had happened—what God had done. That is what is going on now. You say, “Sometimes, it looks like God is not there. Look at all the world. Look at what is happening.” Don’t you worry: He’s got another one ready, another one ready, another one ready; one ready here, one would be taken, and another would be left. He is getting them ready. That is where we are today.

So, prepared and ready. How many according to the revelation of the Living God are ready to enter into the seven-fold aspect of that Holy Spirit in Revelation chapter 4, where those lamps of fire are, where the Voice is, where the lightning is, where the thunder is, where the cherubims are, where the rainbow is, where One sat as a Super, Super God? How many are prepared to see such a sight? Isaiah was caught off guard and he was a prophet at that time. It just about shook him up to pieces. All of a sudden, he was caught up before the throne. Such a throne! He had never seen such a sight. Everything was in movement. Everything was making harmony. Everything was working. It just seemed like each knew what to do…. It was all in unison and such unity that he felt like he shouldn’t be part of the party up there, and repented before God—Isaiah, the prophet. How many are going to get caught off guard and all of a sudden, they will miss the great translation?

Then later, they will be caught up before another throne. This one is stark white. The books are before it and it has some kind of an ominous feeling. Everything for miles fled from it, and One sat. Now, that is the One before Whom you will be standing if you are not prepared. Where would those people stand who openly crucified Christ and would have to walk up to Him, one by one? Yeah, it will come, saith the Lord. Your own eyes shall see it, and your own ears shall hear the report thereof. He is talking to everyone in those seats out there. No matter which way you go or what happens, translation, dead or wherever you go, you are going to witness what is going to take place there because He is going to call them up. He is going to call all the dead up then from the sea or wherever they are. Are you prepared? Are you ready to go?

You know, tonight, I came over here to do a certain thing and not knowing it, this broke up in a great revelation message. We preach so much of the coming of the Lord. He told me, sometimes, people take it for granted when you preach it [the coming of the Lord] too much. We are at the end of the age now in such a way that there is such an urgency to tell about the coming of the Lord each day for a witness. That is just wonderful. Amen…. I said to myself, “I am only going to preach for a few minutes.” I have some unfinished business with some people that I have to pray for. All of a sudden, I said, “Get a pencil real fast.” I wrote, prepared, readiness in the world that we are living in now. I don’t know if it would be infallible because it is passed to our own language, but every word would be right; the meaning is there. Each one of those [words] pointed were noted down in just a few minutes…and I had to preach from that. This message is from God and He is telling you. I am not telling you anything. He just got through telling you how many of you are not prepared by just what you heard Him say.

He is the Almighty. How many of you can say, praise the Lord? He is getting things ready. So, be prepared for in such an hour as you think not, something is going to throw them off cuff where they don’t even think about it. The Lord is coming, and He is coming soon…. Already, we see things are occurring. Shadows of prophecy are breaking forth everywhere. They are coming. More biblical prophecies are breaking forth. Things are happening. As I know the bible, the lukewarm will get more lukewarm and colder, and those that are worldly out there will get more like that. Those that are semi-word will get more semi-word, and pretty soon have no word. But those that reaching out for more power will get more power. Those that want more of God will get more of God. I believe that with all my heart. If you believe it in your heart, and you believe that God is going to take you away from here—as I said, where your treasure is, is where you are going to be.

I want you to stand to your feet tonight. Oh, how great and how wonderful the Lord is! Now tonight, I am headed for the Veil. I didn’t know that message was coming…. Now, they picked out some people who said they had not been prayed for. I am only going to pray a short prayer this time because last time I prayed for so long a time there…. How many of you are happy tonight? You say, praise the Lord! Paul said when I am weak, I am strong. That’s right. You people tonight, shout the victory! I am behind you in prayer. Some of you have been writing to me, sending me notes, giving up your finances, and helping me in every way. God is taking note of that. I make sure that He takes note of that.

We are in the last era of time. Whatever you do on this earth, the only thing that is going to count is the storehouse up there—the storehouse that you’ve got up there. That’s right. Everything is going to vanish. Anyway, I appreciate everyone of you that’s gotten behind me and is helping me. I am not letting you down in prayer. You say you don’t feel it; you wait around until you run into something out there. Some answers are short-term, some are long-term, and some are according to the cycle of your life, the way that He moves at different times. Sometimes, this one will move faster and then it will be slower. I just watch Him. I watch Him in the prayer line and everything else.

You come down here tonight and shout the victory! I am going to pray for those people in the Veil. God loves everyone of you. You witness; that was Him. That message was God…. Be ye my witnesses, saith the Lord.

Prepared-Readiness | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#1425 | 06/07/92 PM