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The Election | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #928b | 1/9/1983 AM

Praise the Lord! Feel good this morning? You know, the Lord’s children [have] never lost a battle really? Did you know it? Do you ever think about that? Sooner or later, the Lord brings them out of whatever they get into, but it is their duty to stay firm and stay as solid as He does. He is not moved, He said. Amen. And David said he would look unto the hills. He knew he had a God sitting on his right hand that shall not be moved. He said I shall not be moved either. It’s wonderful.

Lord, your children are here this morning because you are going to bless them, and because they love you. They are going to worship you, and the church is to worship the Creator. That signifies that we believe in you when we worship from our hearts together, not in embarrassment and not ashamed of you at all because you are the real One. Everything else in the world is just material. Only the spiritual is real, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Isn’t that wonderful? And we have that spiritual thing today. Now, bless [your people] together. Touch and heal the bodies, Lord. No matter what the problems are here this morning, deliver and bless them. Meet their needs. Some are in debt, guide them out of it. Give them a job and meet their needs, blessing them spiritually and otherwise. Let’s give Him a good handclap! Thank you, Jesus.  [Bro Frisby made an announcement regarding upcoming services and TV presentations] ….

I know sometimes you are down, and that is kind of human. But now, the whole church needs to get up, and get ready for a revival. Get to expecting. You know if you are beginning to get closer to the coming of the Lord, you begin to expect. You begin to show it because you are alert, and you know that at any hour, He can come. Not only that, none of us has guarantee about tomorrow, the bible says. You know it’s like a vapor; you come in and you go. But if you have the Lord Jesus in your heart, there is no worry there. No matter how it takes place, you are alright. Isn’t that wonderful? But you know, the Lord prepares all things well. One time I preached that all the material [needed] to make man was in the earth already. All He did was to come along and put it all together and breathe in it. He prepared all things together, taking Eve out [of Adam]. All that took place. He told me, and this is the truth.

I wondered when I first went into the ministry—the Lord working miracles, and very dynamic miracles, some of them tremendous power to create—it always comes out to me that the Lord foreknowing us, my own life, the way He called me to the ministry, I can see predestination like no one else. Apostle Paul could see it better than anybody…. One day he was fighting the church, the next day, he was a chief among the apostles. Can you say, praise the Lord? And He knows those seeds, you see. I always bring it out how that God foreknows. You know the deliverance ministries–I can name a few of them that I first got to meet, and they felt it [Bro. Frisby’s ministry] and they knew about it that it was different. Now, they [ministers] were a bit older than I was…. It was kind of hard for some of them, even some that were working miracles, to know about predestination, the way God works.

We are not to stop. We are to occupy all the time. We are to witness and that is where it comes in, even if people don’t understand, you see. You say, “Why tell them? Why witness, if they don’t want God?” But that witness has got to be there before He comes. Witness to all nations. He didn’t say He would save all nations. He said witness to all nations. You know He is not going to save them all, it is the witnessing, [working] our daily work. Even if you believe in predestination, how the Lord works by election that is not good enough to sit down and say, “God will get them by election.” No, no, no. He wants us to witness. He wants to deliver even those that may not make it in the first group. He wants us to work with all our hearts, just exactly. There wasn’t any hour, any time, when Jesus came to His people as the Messiah—did you ever notice? When He had time off, He was praying at night. He was up early in the morning. He was going. His time was short. Our time is short too. We must hurry. Events are swift. It is quick events. Behold, I come quickly, at the end of the age.

So, He told me, and I know I am right about the election too—how the Lord moves in His different positions even as described in the bible akin to the sun, the moon and the stars; how in His positions among the people, the Hebrews, and the Gentiles… the heathen and so forth that will never hear the gospel. All of that is in the bible and it is explained perfectly. To some of those that never got a chance to hear the Lord Jesus Christ, all of that is written on their conscience. He knows the seed, who they are, and what He is doing. He has a great master plan, manifold plan of the ages, a great plan. So, He told me. I said all that to say this: as I was praying, the Lord revealed to me–He said if it were not for election, the whole plan of salvation would have been thwarted by satan, and He said because of election, he cannot do it. How many of you say, praise the Lord? If we were not elected—we would not be able to thank God, this morning for election—there would hardly be anybody. It would be like the days of Noah really, at the end of the age. But because of that point, and there was election right there [in the days of Noah], only what He wanted to elect as a sign to the world.

This morning, we are going to touch on the election and the salvation that we have here. Did you ever wonder why you came here and why you are sitting in this building, most of you that are sitting here this morning? You can thank God because of election. How many of you believe that? Satan does not like election. How many of you know that? For one thing, he was left out. That’s why he doesn’t like it, you see. Preachers have taken and twisted election up that it does not mean the same thing as the bible says. But it means exactly what it [the bible] says. And satan doesn’t like it because he cannot get everybody that way, and he never will. I’ll tell him right here, he’ll get mad if he hears it in the air or wherever, he cannot, and he will not get that real seed of the Jew, or the real seed of the Gentile. How many of you believe that this morning? See, you are sealed. Aren’t you? If you believe this word, you are elected. If you cannot believe the whole Word of God, you are not elected. That’s exactly right. Satan comes in every measure that he can come in. You know…right here, some of you made this trip here to Capstone, but I have to stay here because of election.

Preachers go as far as this with one God as they can do it, even the Baptists. They say, “Jesus is God.” Oh yeah, they are starting that now, but I am so heavy on it; television, every way that I move in, my literature. They say Jesus is the Lord but be careful. They turn right back around and baptize Father, Son behind your back. Oh, oh, see? Watch him [satan], he is gimmick. How many of you believe that? They are going to get them all, see? If you believe Jesus is God, everything is done in His name like the book of Acts said. That’s what it means. The name of the Lord Jesus makes [up] Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You’ve got it anyway. Why argue with it? He sent it [Holy Spirit] back in His name, didn’t He? Glory to God! Alleluia! Is this election day? It is, isn’t it? They are doing that. So be careful, or they will come back in another way; three individual personalities in one. No, no, no, no. One Personality. Behold, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One. You believe that? Three manifestations: the Fathership, the Sonship, and the Holy Spirit, but that One Personality. He is working; He won’t leave it up to three to argue about it. They got to be two in heaven, and God said, “You’ll have to go [lucifer]. Can you say, praise the Lord?

So, satan does not like election and those that believe it that way. Honestly, your faith is more powerful [when you believe in One God, the Lord Jesus Christ]. You will love Jesus more. Oh, He’ll test you and you will have your trials. But let me tell you something, you are standing in a totally different light, in a totally different power than they would ever realize till they get to heaven, and some of them get there through the great tribulation. Can you say, Amen? He is full of mercy, and He is full of compassion. He’ll pull all of them out there out of fire as many as He can get out of there. You watch and see, because of election. But some won’t always see it this way, neither do they have the opportunity to hear it this way either. But He does deal, He knows, and He is fair. Won’t the Judge of the whole earth do that which is right? He will, too. You can count on that. It is satan that gets in there and throws that pain all over…like that and clouds it up. You say, “My lands, why did the Lord create all these people, all the miseries, and all these things on the earth?” He has a plan. He is teaching you man cannot do it, never will do it, but He can, and will do it. Amen. We will have peace through Him and He is the Prince of Peace. He will call us all back together. He is the only One that can do it. Human nature cannot do it. It takes the Almighty who spawned the world right here…. He is about ready to call time on this one [the world] here; just a few years, a few day or a few hours, how do we know when? But it is coming. It’s a short time.

Election and salvation: Now, we know that satan does not like election…. Without election, we would have been the ones blinded today, and the Jews would have received it all. That’s Him talking right now. So, I know, without election the whole plan would have been thwarted by satan. It would have left it [the plan] wide open to him. The people cannot exactly stand on their own… but by faith, that is where it stands, in the Word of God. If you believe it, He will take you in. Now, Jesus working through the Jews—this is one time that Jesus worked through unbelief. Did you know that? Not healing or working of miracles, but it was a miracle. And this is one time that He did it. Through the unbelief of the Jews, He was able to bring in the Gentiles. Paul speaks all about it here. The Lord allowed the unbelieving seed to stand up just at the hour that He was coming according to Daniel’s prophecies, so the Gentiles could receive His salvation. His gifts, His mercy, His love and His divine life, or they would not have received it. At that time, they were blinded. It was the seed [Jewish] that blocked it that stood up and caused it to turn to the Gentiles. We were left out completely for 4,000 years. Here all of it came; He just threw in the hands of the Gentiles…. Only a few Jews can see the light and come out to the Lord Jesus Christ. But at the end, many would see the Lord Jesus Christ, the bible said. The hundred and forty and four thousand [144,000] would be sealed to know that answer, and the revelation of it there.

Then He just swept all that unbelief out of there that He could, brought on the apostolic age of the Gentiles, and the faithful, the seed of faith and the seed of power went forth. How many of you believe that? It’s exactly right. Then Paul said to not be mad at them; what happened to them [the Jews]. He is telling us in Romans chapter 11; we cannot read it all. It would be a two-hour sermon if we did. He said, “…hath God cast away his people? God forbid.” He goes on to say that he is an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, and of the tribe of Benjamin. He said God has not cast away His people which He foreknew and will foreknow to the end of time. Then Elijah, the great prophet, one time, he had been battled and he had been rejected. He was rejected until it got in such a way, he said, “Lord, they have killed all the prophets. They have destroyed anything that believed in God. I and I alone, I am left.” He was ready to pray against Israel. He was interceding, it says here, against Israel, all Israel. He was going to bring a catastrophic overthrow against them. It had reached that point. The prophet couldn’t stand it any longer. Then God called him into that cave and began to deal with him. Shrouded in that mystery [mysterious] mantle, He looked down at him and He said, “Elijah, we are not destroying them all. There are 7,000 of them that would never bow to Baal…. I have elected them, that is why; or they would have gotten them. Then in the elected seed in Elijah [Elijah’s time], Paul used that saying, God forbid. He foreknew His people….

It says here in Romans 11: 25, “For I would not brethren that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness is in part happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved…” (v. 26). ‘All Israel’—not everything [everybody] in the holy land is Israel. Did you know that? Not every Jew over there is Israel (an Israelite]. But the real Israelite from the seed of Abraham, and thus from the seed and faith of Abraham, all will be saved. Not a one of those will be lost.   See? Election, how many of you see that? And what he says, “God forbid that He should cast out His people that He foreknew.” Heaven and earth will pass away, but the election of the Gentiles and the election of the Jewish seed shall not be cast off. It will take place, and there isn’t anything satan can do about it. He cannot do it because of one thing: the election of God as we witness upon the earth of His kindness. How many of you believe that? He goes on and says here, “…until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.” We are fulfilling time. We are in a transition period right now. The forty-year period that Israel has come in to become a nation—finally brought back as the bible said and predicted they would be brought back—until the times of the Gentiles [be fulfilled]. Then our time runs out, the tribulation begins…two Hebrew prophets [appear] and 144,000 are sealed. “And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob” (Romans 11: 25). That was Him. Jesus came, the Messiah. “For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes; but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes” (Romans 11: 27 & 28). See; they were enemies to the Gentiles, absolutely, and here Paul straightens it out…. They are enemies for your sakes, but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes. Can you say, Amen? See; even those that got out of line, some of those that got confused and messed up, He would bring back again because of election. How many of you can say, Amen? He knows what He is doing.

Now, at the end of the age, there would be a seed and He would call them alone there. This election is wonderful. For our gifts and our calling in God are without repentance. What God said He would do, He would not repent this time. He would not repent of His foreknowledge. He would not repent of His election that He has cast upon His people. That, we can count on. If you count on that election in your heart by faith, you definitely will make it in there. How many of you believe that? He knows what He is talking about. When He forgives you of you sins…sometimes, you may get out of line, say the wrong thing, but election would hold you up until you walk completely away from Him. Then you are on your own…. But as long as you love Jesus, on that election, when you repent and confess to Him your shortcomings, He will hold you up until that day. How many of you believe that? This is bible all the way.

He would not cast off His people as bad as Elijah thought they were. He [Elijah] was ready to completely overthrow them. If he could call fire out, there wouldn’t even be anything in Israel right now because it had reached the point of annihilation in his heart. God had to stop him and say there are 7,000 that you don’t know anything about that love me and I have elected them. Paul used that on the state of election here (Romans 11: 2 – 4. Paul talked about election at the end of the age, and we begin to see that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. When the Lord calls somebody, and even what He called Judas, that was without repentance in that point there. He went ahead and sent him because he had to come—the son of perdition came in there. In the ministries today, the people today, if you are gifted in your calling, you go ahead and bring that. It would come along in its way, the good, and the election of the bad, whatever it might be, it would come.

In my own life, watching the Lord move in such a way—totally different from Judas, though—I would admit that. I preach salvation. Jesus is staying right with me. But in my own life, in predestination, how God called me and told me to, “Go to My people. Go to those that are elected and they would hear you.” How many of you believe that this morning? I know what He told me, and He has a people. I know He has a people. He has an elected people that hear the whole gospel of Jesus Christ. Can you say, Amen? That’s wonderful. So, to the people, the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Despite everything that I did as a young child, going out in sin as a young teenager like they all do today—I understand very well the problems that they are in and what is taking place out there–as a teenager, getting into the problem of drinking and different things like that. Then with predestination and providence, despite anybody else, He said the gifts and calling of God are without repentance; I have had it [the calling of God] all my life. He said, “You would come at the right time.” Always, in my heart, I felt something was going to take place and was running from it. I didn’t actually want to do anything about it, and I didn’t want to do it. Feeling in my heart all that burden, yet, running in the opposite direction, something like Jonah did nearly, just about—running from it, you see. But finally, when the hour ticked away, and the light and God were just light, it turned; that [running away from the calling] was over with. Here, He is, see? All my heart saved and converted. You know the problems I was in, the nervous exertions…and all of a sudden by divine light, the power of the Holy Spirit just turned black into white…it just turned around, just like that.

Despite myself, He called me and said, “Go.” Can you say, Amen? Of course, I had to jump up and go along with it because I didn’t want to go back the other way. If you go through a lot of snares…and you go through pitfalls and quicksand…. If you go out in the world and get involved in that…. Ask any of them that really got involved in that as a teenager or a young man out there. When He finally turned it, just right—He knew the exact hour that I would agree with Him, and I did. When He turned it, then I jumped in instead of going back that way. I didn’t want no more of that anyway. I went that way with Him and it has been marvelous. See; no more assurance except that He talked to me…and the rest was by faith to see what He would do. All along, He was with me. He will do the same thing for you. You don’t want to go back in that direction. You want to stay with the Lord…. Stay with the Lord Jesus. So, that is election. Despite everything, His grace, divine love and His great mercy reached on down and said, “By election son, you should go and talk to my people.”

By election, Jonah had to go back and do it anyway, in his particular time. Didn’t he? Our ministries are different surely. Everyone of you in the audience that is sitting here today—His great divine love—you are not here by accident to hear this. By His great divine love, He reaches down, or you will be in the most terrible mess, worse than you have ever dreamed of. In your life, you may have a few tests and trials today, but let me tell you something, you are in a good place when you are in the hands of the Lord…. They have a commercial [TV advertisement] that says, “you are in good hands with Allstate [insurance company].” But you are in good hands with the Lord. Amen. That is exactly right. I am not trying to knock that company or anything like that. But it’s in the hands of the Lord.

It says here, “For as ye in times past have not believed God yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief” (Romans 11: 30). Now, God has given the Gentiles mercy through their [Jews’] unbelief. Now, you see how He did it. If it were not for the blindness of Israel, if they had accepted it like the Gentiles, then we would have been blinded, and all of us would have been like they are in different parts of the world…stumbling in darkness, never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. It would have still been a monopoly of Jews. They monopolized it for about 4,000 years nearly. It would have still been a monopoly. God had seen to that. He broke it [monopoly] up and the Gentiles got it all. Can you say, Amen? Until the time that it really goes back, only a few Jews would be converted. Only a few would be saved in God’s great manifold plan. Your life is well planned by the Lord, saith the Lord. Amen.

“Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy. For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all” (vs. 31 & 32). He included them in unbelief that He might have mercy upon all. Isn’t that wonderful? Upon the Gentiles, upon the Jews, part-Jew and part-Gentile; He had mercy upon all, and He did it right there. Now, we didn’t read all of this, because there are two chapters of it. You may read back chapters 11 & 12. When Paul looked this over, here are the words that he said about election in his own life and everything: “O the depth of the riches both of wisdom and knowledge of God: how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out” (v. 33)! Isn’t that wonderful? He is unsearchable. The depth of His wisdom, the riches of His glory; it’s incredible, Paul said to see this. He said here: “For who hath known the mind of the Lord? Or who hath been his counselor. Yea, that’s what I want to know! We might have the mind of Christ alright in certain things, but who hath known all of it? No one. See; who has known the mind of the Lord or who has been His counselor” (v. 34)? Do you think somebody is going to come unto Him and counsel Him like may be, the Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit? No. How many of you are still with me now? Amen. Who has been His counselor? He is the Almighty and when He comes to us, He has that power that He gives us. “Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again? For of him and through him, and to him, are all things. To whom be glory forever. Amen” (vs. 35 & 36). Can you say Amen today?

Let me read something here about how all these things took place. In the prophecies concerning the judgment of Jerusalem when He [Jesus Christ] was rejected…. He predicted the desolation of Jerusalem. Forty years later, about 69/70 AD, Titus’ army overran them and scattered them [Jews] to all nations. He predicted that they would come back. He said Jerusalem would be laid even to the ground in Luke 19: 42. He foretold that the house of the Jews would be laid desolate. They were left desolate, coming to the Gentiles. He predicted utter destruction of their [Jewish] temple, and it was destroyed. One stone was not left standing upon another, and He predicted it forty years in advance. It took place as the Roman army overran it at that time. Many deaths—they died during that time because of the rejection of Jesus (Matthew 24: 2). At the end of the age, they will raise up another temple, but it will be destroyed too, as it is said in Zechariah and different parts of the bible. Then they will build a Millennium kind of temple at that time. After all these things and the Millennium, there would be the Holy City. But the bride goes up way before all this—the latter part that we are talking about here. So, He predicted the destruction of the temple, the ground would be split, the carrying away at the end of the age, and the antichrist destroyed. He foretold the Gentile dominion over Jerusalem until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Surely this was the truth as we saw that the land of the Jews was dominated by Arabs, dominated by the Gentiles until the Israelites went home during that time.

He foretold the judgment on the population of Jerusalem as it is said in Luke 23: 28 & 30). He said destruction would come upon them. He predicted the judgment of the abomination that should take place. I believe this would come in the Middle East when it takes place…. He predicted the destruction of the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel, the prophet, stand in the holy place…. See; something is standing in the holy place; either the vile antichrist or the image of the antichrist is standing there in the holy place, which is set aside for the Almighty alone. It is set aside for the Lord, but here there is something the opposite of the Lord trying to take the place of the Lord saying, “I am god, and this is my image” and so forth like that. The false messiah standing where he ought not, in the holy place…. Whoever readeth, let him understand. How many of you understand? Then He said let them which be in Judea flee unto the mountains because great tribulation would come upon the world. Here, He predicted that the time of the great tribulation would be when he [the antichrist] reveals himself in the holy place at that time. Translation, gone! Children of God, gone! Then the great tribulation takes place on the face of the earth in the midst of the seven years, and by election, there are some gone! By election, some stay [tribulation saints]. By election, some Hebrew are protected and sealed. Isn’t God wonderful? That means you can’t cast your faith aside because you won’t be involved in the bride. You can’t say, “Well, I don’t care.” No. That is not what election is. Election is—the person that believes it in their heart and they act upon the Word of God, and they believe by faith in God, in His miracles, and they believe in His divine purpose and providence. Can you say Amen? And they witness, no matter what satan says, they witness that He is the King of Glory, and that He is eternal. Can you say praise the Lord here this morning?

So, with all these prophecies here…He predicted that they would fall by the sword and be led away captive to every nation. Then He would bring them to their homeland as a sign to the Gentiles till the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled—the moment they begin to fill into Jerusalem, and build up that country, plant trees, have their own flag, their nation, their own coins…. He said. That was 2,000 years before. It took place. No one thought it was going to take place, but the Lord allowed it to take place. That was a sign to the Gentiles for great revival. There was a great outpouring, if you notice, about that time [1946-1948]. It came just at that time. The gifts were restored, and the apostolic power began to go forth. Some preached it real true. Some preached it kind of light, but it was preached, and the power of the Lord was everywhere. The great revival spread across the earth until 1958 or 1960 and it began to lull away. The growth is in a lull. Now, He is going to quicken the sun; He is going to bring some rain and let the heat hit it…and we are going into a revival of a quick short work of righteousness and power. That is where we are in the election. The revival is coming. We are going to have a great one; I mean, among that seed. He is going to move. How many of you believe that? Do you believe that with all your heart?

He loves you. By election, if it were not for God, we would all be destroyed, the bible said. Do you believe that? But His kindness, you can see it in election. You can see His divine love there. He said you haven’t called me, but I have called you to bring forth fruit to repentance. How many of you believe that? You get in such a shape, you call upon God, but He has already made the call. He has already called [you]. We are at the supper time of the age, at the end of the age. Like I said, as soon as they [Jews] got into their homeland, He poured out a revival on the Gentiles. Now, He is going to sweep on back, He is going to pour it on them Hebrews [144,000 Jews]. We know that. But now, it is upon the Gentiles. The first anointing and the first power had come. The last one would be a quickening, like lightning. It would be working like creating [creative miracles] and would move in such a great power upon that seed.

So, this morning, you thank God for election, believe in providence, but you keep up your bargain with the Lord Jesus. He is going to see that you are going to be there. He has made everything well. He has laid everything down, and satan cannot take that real seed from Him. He couldn’t do that if there were a billion satans; He couldn’t do it because the Lord overrules all things. Amen! Although, satan runs around and tries to hide it, all you have to do is remember, go back [tell him] when he was not elected, and you’ve got it [him]. Can you say Amen? You fixed him right there! He doesn’t like election because he was left out of it. God foreknowing what would take place there, and then He sent the Lord Jesus Christ to bring us back to Him.

I want you to stand to your feet this morning here…. I am going to pray for you in the audience. Tonight, I am going to pray for miracles on the platform. I don’t care what is wrong with you. You may have things cut out of your body. You may have been operated on for cancer, tumor or heart problems. You may have bones cut away. It makes no difference. The Lord heals the people. It is by divine power that the people are healed. It is by His divine mercy that the people are healed. Tonight, I am going to be praying for the sick on the platform here…. If you are new here this morning. Your heart has just been lifted up. Now, He knows you. You’ve heard the Word of God. He has called you. This morning, you want to repent in your heart. You want to accept that election and believe that you are one of God’s children…. Do you know that in you already, the Lord revealed to me, is the beginning of a miracle? Each one of you, you have to develop that miracle…. There is a measure of faith in each one of you. Already, there is inside of you a light, a power, but you cover it up because you just darkened it out. Allow it to grow and that is by expecting and acceptance of faith and power. In there is the beginning of the miracle that you need in your life. In fact, it is the beginning of all the miracles you would ever need in this world. It is already there. Why don’t you allow it to grow? Why don’t you allow it to develop? Why don’t you allow it to grow by praising the Lord?

You that are new here this morning, you have it. He is within you. The kingdom of God, behold, it is within thee, the bible said. You can’t look over here or look over there. He said it is within you. Allow it to develop. Begin to praise the Lord. Do what it says in the bible about believing and that light would begin to grow. It would get so bright it would just blind satan around you. Amen! Let your light shine. That’s the anointing, He said. It cannot be hidden. So, this morning, in your hearts, you accept the election of the Lord Jesus Christ…you believe in your heart and there is no place in the world that satan can hit you back.

Right now, I am going to pray a prayer and thank the Lord that He has elected a group that will stand by faith and believe in Him despite anything. He will bless His people. Be preparing for revival because we are headed for a great one. How many of you had some confusion cleared up here? I have preached a little bit on this before…. He is a real God. The Judge of the earth would do that which is right. Alright now, whatever you need this morning, you let it be known, the bible said. It said you let it be known to God who has a throne and believe as I pray. Lord, I command all of the oppression on anybody that is suffering from oppression, nerves or exhaustion, I command the tiredness…to go from their minds and bodies and deliver them.

Come on and praise Him. Join in into the prayer. He lives in the praise of His people. Glory to God! Lord, we command it all to go and renew thine people’s minds and hearts, delivering them. Touch the bodies here. Allow them to get relief from any kind of torment. Satan, we command you to go! God’s people are touched by the Living God. The Lord Jesus is blessing His people. Come on and praise the Lord. Let us praise the Lord! Come on! Thank you, Jesus. Oh, my, my, I believe Jesus. Hallelujah! Wow! Come on and praise Him! Oh, thank you, Jesus. He is really great. Touch their hearts, Lord and bless them…. Oh, praise God. I feel great! Are you happy? Oh, thank you, Jesus! Come on and shout the victory!

The Election | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #928b | 1/9/1983 AM