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Real Faith Remembers | Neal Frisby Sermon | CD #1018B | 08/05/1984 AM

You feel good, this morning? Well, Jesus is with you always. Lord, touch the hearts this morning and the people’s bodies. Whatever the anxiety is, take it out… take away the oppression so that the people can feel uplifted. Touch the ones that are sick…. We command the pains to go, Lord Jesus, and let your anointing bless us in the service as we open our hearts. I know that it will, Lord Jesus. Give Him a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

This is one of the hardest summers. Services are down on Wednesday nights. [Brother Frisby made some remarks about people missing services, infrequent attendance and so on]…. I wonder if they are going to be gone when Jesus has the translation. I have no control over this ministry. He controls every facet of it…. How He does the ministry is entirely in His hands. I will do whatever He tells me to do…. He is the One that’s guiding the ministry. I really believe that. I want to thank the ones that are real faithful. The ones that come as often as they can and get behind the ministry with all their hearts; God will have a reward for those. One of the greatest signs of the bride is faithfulness of [to] the Lord Jesus Christ…. You know, people are unthankful. I have seen it often in the ministry what people would do to the Lord. When they really need something you know, then they will seek Him.

Now, listen to me real close this morning: Real Faith Remembers. He brought this to me this morning. I believe real faith remembers and if you remember the Lord, it is associated with a good healthy life and a long life many times. Now, wavering and weak faith forgets everything. It forgets all that God has done. Let us see what the Lord will show us by revealing the past. Let us look back at the past. You know, forgetting what God has done for you is a form of unbelief….It will create a form of unbelief. That is exactly right. Satan loves to make you forget what Jesus has done for you and the blessings that He has given you in the past like healing, like messages and so forth like that.

Looking back in the past, we can get a wonderful insight. Now the prophet and the king (David) described this differently from anybody else as he beautifully surveyed the great things here. It is a lesson and a wonderful insight. Now, Psalm 77. David couldn’t sleep or rest very good. He was fretting. He was troubled and he didn’t quite understand it. Seemingly, his heart was alright, but he was disturbed. God wanted him to write this. He often remembered what the Lord did. That’s why he wrote the book of Psalms. It says here in Psalm 77: 6 as we begin to read: “I call to remembrance my song in the night. I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search.” In the scripture above that he was troubled and it caused him to search his heart. Then he comes up with this in v. 9, “Hath God forgotten to be gracious? Hath he in anger shut up his tender mercies? Selah.” He said Selah, glory, see?

“And I said, this is my infirmity: but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most High” (v.10). This is my infirmity that is troubling me. God is gracious. God is full of tender mercy. He began to see a little something in his life. Then he looked back on Israel and brought a great message. He said this is my infirmity that’s troubling me, but I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most High. Now, he is coming back; he is going to rest, see? And he said here, “I will mediate also of all thy work and talk of thy doings” (v. 12). See; remember His works, talk of His doings. Remember His right hand of power. Remembering Him as a child; the great miracles that God wrought through him, the lion, the bear and the giant, and many more of the victories of war over the enemies. I will remember the Most High! Amen. David was looking too much into the future. He was dealing with the people and he had forgotten some of the things in the past [that God had done for him] that was what was troubling him. He said, “Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God” (Psalm 77: 13)? How many of you realize that?

“They kept not the covenant of God, and refused to walk in his law. And forgat his works, and his wonders that he had shewed them” (Psalm 78: 10 & 11). I have watched people, sometimes, the more that the Lord does for a nation or a people, the more they forget about Him. He has put upon them blessings. He has prospered different nations. He prospered Israel one time greatly and they forgot about the Lord. Every time He did wonderful miracles, the more He would do for them, the more likely they would forsake Him. Then He would bring the hard times. He would bring judgments upon them. I have seen people sometimes they forget His wonderful works that he has done in their lives in bringing salvation to them. Do you realize that?

“Marvellous things did he in the sight of their father, in the land of Egypt, in the field of Zoan” (v. 12). You see, he (David) got into trouble and he wrote all this that God wanted him to write…. Then He brought that to him and he said, “There is a message in there and I am going to bring it to the people of the earth.” “He divided the sea, and caused them to pass through: and he made the waters to stand as an heap’ (v. 13). Now, why did He make the waters to stand as an heap? He heaped them up on both sides and they looked way up in the air. He heaped them up and said, “There are my blessings unto you, heaped up before you.” Not only did the waters part, but He heaped them up right in front of them. They could look at the great awesome miracle. The hand of the Lord came down like this [Bro. Frisby gestured] and split the water right into two with the wind and turned it back, and then heaped it up. They stood and watched the great heap before them, it says here (v. 13). What did they do? They forgot all about the heap. They probably thought it was a mud puddle. It was a great river. See; the mind is dangerous.

They forgot the Most High and they forgot the miracles of the Lord…. You know, sometimes, people go to church and they think that somebody does not want them there and they leave. That’s the worst excuse they can stand before God with, if they ever come there. Can you say, Amen? If I ever want anybody to leave, I will personally write them or give them a note or something like that. But I haven’t. If it happens it will be on the account of church law or something like that. But people that do that [leave church because of people] are in the wrong. Don’t pay attention to people. People who like to watch people, saith the Lord, are like Peter when he watched the waves. Oh, what a message is this that the Lord gives! That was Him! You remember he got his eyes on people and he sank. People that watch people are like Peter. When they get their eyes off of Jesus and on people–and the people are waves—they sink like he did. Sometimes, the Lord lifts them up. Sometimes, He gives them a great lesson.

Where God is moving, pay attention only to the Lord Jesus. Keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus and forget not what He has done for you. If you are where the Lord wants you, stay there, and He will bless you according to the scriptures…. The heap stood up in front of them. Also, He had a Cloud that came over by night. They looked at the Cloud and a Light of Fire. He heaped it up. They looked at the Cloud and at the Fire. That is why today, no matter what people say or do, whatever you are watching in other places or wherever you are watching them, don’t pay any attention to them at all. In the bible, it tells us for an admonition that people can mess up in their faith and in their unbelief. They stood up there and looked at the heap of water, looked at the Pillar of Fire and the Cloud…all types of miracles, yet they forgot God. Look what the Lord had done in the early denominations. . Look at the sweeping revival worldwide and some of the gifts were there to bring that great revival, and they forgot the Most High.

Today, you do not see the sweeping revival of miracles and of casting out of evil spirits and so forth. They have other people like psychiatrists today, but God handles that, if you will believe Him in your heart, He will do those things. When people forget the Lord…He cannot forget. But He will forget you when you pray about something, sometimes, although He knows it. So, we find out, to our admonition, don’t ever follow people because people will fall into a ditch and you will fall in there with them. “He clave the rocks in the wilderness, and gave them drink out of the great depths. He brought streams also out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers” (Psalm 78: 15 & 16). It was at a great depth that He brought water out of the rocks; meaning way deep in the ground, the Lord forced out cool, pure cold water and had it gush out in every direction. I mean the finest water you can drink from way down deep. He brought it up for them. Then the bible said that with all that He did, they sinned the more against the Most High and provoked Him in the wilderness. The more He did, the madder [angrier], they got at Him. Out of the whole group, all of them died in the wilderness, only two of that whole generation went in, Joshua and Caleb, see? Fear kept the rest of them out of there.

Now the other generation that was raised up went in, but only two of the first group that came out into the wilderness, forty years later, only two, Joshua and Caleb, were left…and they went on over with the new generation into the Promised Land. I guarantee you, as they taught them about the great works that the Lord had done, they believed. They were little children, but they could still believe…. See; they hadn’t hardened [their hearts] already. They hadn’t gotten to an older generation where they had no salvation and they didn’t care. They [older generation] had Egypt in them. But those little children only had the wilderness in them. That was all they knew and they listened. Joshua and Caleb listened. They were old, but they went into the land over there.

“And they tempted God in their hearts by asking meat for their lust. Yea, they spake against God; they said, “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness” (Psalm 78: 18 & 19)? They asked if God could furnish a table in the wilderness–and a heap of water went miles high into the sky and a Cloud out there with Fire in it at night, thunder on the mountain and God’s Voice. Can God furnish a table? That’s like arguing with Him to stir up something. How many of you believe that? David said, “I couldn’t rest or sleep. I communed with my heart like a song” (Psalm 77: 6). He said, “I searched my heart. What’s wrong with me?” He said, “Here is my infirmity. I have forgotten some of the great works of God in the past like the children of Israel.” What am I trying to say? Don’t forget all of God’s miracles in the Old Testament, all of God’s miracles in the New Testament, all of God’s miracles in the church ages, all of His exploits in healings and miracles in our age, all the miracles in salvation and blessings that He has given you in your life. Don’t forget them or you will be troubled and full of anxiety like David. But remember the things of the past and I will do more for you in the future, saith the Lord.

How easy it is for people to receive miracles and how easy it is for them to quit God and go on to lukewarmness! The bible says where they are out in there something worse will come over them because they are not where faith is. It is where doubt and unbelief are taught. Some of them go out and sin all over the place. Don’t forget the Lord. Don’t forget what He has done in your life; how He has blessed you, how He has kept you together and how the Lord has protected you up to the time you can look back yourself. They spoke against the Most High. They weren’t satisfied with griping, they spoke against the Most High and they said, “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” “Behold, he smote the rock, that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed; can he give bread also? Can he provide flesh for his people” (v. 20)? Water even came out of there and it gushed everywhere to give drink to His people.

“Because they believed not in God, and trusted not in his salvation. Though he had commanded the clouds from above, and opened the doors of heaven” (Psalm 78: vs. 22& 23). He even opened up the door of heaven for them…. Can you imagine? They did not believe God. They did not trust in God’s salvation. That is hard to believe. Now, do you see why people do what they do today? See that human nature, how dangerous it is? How it would turn against God? Even your birth—that you have come here is according to God’s own providence. You were born, brought here and if you would take advantage of the scriptures, you were not brought here in vain. You will have a joyful life if you believe. Never mind what is left or right of you. Just think about God being with you. What a blessing He is to His people!

“And had rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the corn of heaven. Man did eat angels’ food: he sent them meat to the full” (vs. 24 & 25). Can God set a table in the wilderness? He rained angels’ food down upon them, they didn’t even want that. Yet, that was the finest thing spiritually and the finest thing that the human body can take in. Do you know that? It’s exactly right. Finally, it says in v. 29, “So they did eat, and were well filled: for he gave them their own desire.” He gave them their own desire, their own way of believing and their own way of working their problems out, and their own way in the wilderness. It goes on and says because they forgot God and His works, many of them were destroyed. As I said before, only two of that generation got into the Promised Land and a new group was raised up to believe God. All the miracles and all that He did…and they believed not in God. Can you imagine such a thing? What an insult to the Most High and Him over there blinking in the Cloud, the Pillar of Fire at night! Now that is human nature. Trained in Egypt, you see; they wanted their way. They didn’t want God’s law. They didn’t want God’s prophet at all….They wanted everything their way. Away with these miracles, see?

Now, who is doing that today? Your denominational systems. They have appointed captains, bishops and authorities upon them and they have gone back to Babylon. They have gone back to Egypt. But the handwriting is on the wall and the handwriting was on the wall when Moses came off the mountain. God had just written it with the Finger of Fire in there. We find out today…David said he could not sleep. He could not rest. He searched his heart and communed…. Finally, “He said, here is my infirmity. Here is my trouble and my problem. I have forgotten the great wonders.” For a moment, David said, “I have forgotten the great wonders that God has done unto me and unto the people, how the Lord has saved my life in many battles and how He would speak to me. Remember how the mulberry tree was stirred (2 Kings 5: 22-25) and how the Lord would speak and come down with great fiery things. David would see them and commune with the Most High. So, in his heart he said, “This is what happened. I will write this to the people.” Who’s got a God as great as our God, he said! There is no one as great as our God to do exploits, to heal the body and he wrote, who forgiveth all thine iniquities, David said who health all of thine diseases and takes away all of the fears. The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that forget not God.

This boils down to a generation that will finally forget the works of the Lord in this nation. They will forget what the Most High has done for this nation…where it was a lamb, religious setting, it turns around and it will finally speak like a dragon, see? Forgetting what the Most High has done unto them, this whole nation, except the real children of the Lord, and they will be in the minority. How many of you believe that? You know, the other night I said the more power you have over the power of the devil that is binding the people, the more power that you can push satan back, the less the people will want to come to that. How many of you realize that? I mean, according to the systems—some of those people [places] are packed out– no one can get healed. No one hears the Word of God. Also, during the slow growth, during the time just before the harvest, during the transition period between the former rain revival and the latter rain revival, it is always the prophet that they work against. In the slow growth, it just seems like the systems prosper…by the things that they are doing. But just at the right time, God will have people that are hungry because they are thirsty and hungry after the power of God.

I have people all over the nation, but in accordance with the millions and hundreds of millions in these systems, it is a minority. All these people are crippled up and sick in there. They all need salvation. They are like the children of Israel, see? They have gotten into such a state of affairs that they have forgotten what the Most High has done in the bible. So, don’t forget what Jesus said in the bible; the works that I did shall you do. Lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age in signs and wonders, and miracles. Don’t forget how the nation was founded upon the scriptures, how the Lord raised up the greatest missionaries and healing gifts in the world right here. But it is like the prodigal son, seems like they’d have to go through the same thing in the United States. They will forget God and speak like a dragon. Not now; they are still preaching, carrying the gospel some, and still going on. But there is coming a time, and when it comes, the power of God upon His people, in such a way, will just drive those systems together to unite against that very thing that has power over satan. They will try to work against it, but God will translate His people and the others left will flee in the great tribulation. Are you still with me?

They forgot about what the Most High said. They forgot about how the traditions of men bind them up together. They forgot about the miraculous power of the Lord. Did you know in the bible how God gathers His people? He gathers His people with messages. But in those messages, He unites His people through an apostolic power, He unites them in signs and wonders and all kinds of divers kinds of miracles. That is the way He unites them and that is the way that it will be at the end of the age. He will unite them that way or they won’t be united at all, but they will be united…. It will be in the miraculous. You will see those signs and wonders, the very power of miracles, the power to deliver people, the power for instant miracles, the power to push satan out of the way and the miraculous. That is a sign in itself with the Word of God preached. There is the elect of God! There is the way that the people will gather together. Put ye in the sickle—the power of the Lord—for the harvest has come. Amen. Do you believe that?

The first church age forgot God and turned into a dead system. Joel said, the cankerworm and the caterpillar worm have eaten up the vine. This went up right through the group there (first church age). The Lord pulling out a group later in the scriptures there. The second church age, they forgot God. He told them in the first church age, He said, “You have forgotten your first love and your zeal for me,” He said divine love for the Lord Jesus Christ. He said be careful or I will remove that candlestick completely. Although, the candle stick remained, He pulled out a few—that is what the candle stick is—the few that were pulled out, but the church in itself died away. In the second church age, the same way; they forgot God. In the first church age, they forgot what the apostles did. They forgot about the power. They had a form of godliness. They began to deny the power of the Lord. All systems do; they have a form of godliness, but deny the supernatural that is really doing things. The second and the third church ages, they also, the bible said, forgot the Most High and they forgot the wondrous works that He did for them. He turned them into what? A dead system. Ichabod was written across the door.

Right on to Laodicea, they forgot God, but He pulled out those in the Philadelphia Church Age–before Laodicea completely apostasized—He pulled them together in brotherly love and power, the missionary power, the evangelistic power, the restoration and miracles and those that have patience and wait upon the Lord. Those are the ones that he carries [will carry] away. Do you believe that? Even the seventh church age apostasized. Laodicea forgot about the miracles of the Lord that have been done in this generation. Read about Laodicea, the last church age that we have. We are in it right now.

Simultaneously, Philadelphia is running right along with Laodiea which has taken over and is coming in with these systems today. They forgot all the miracles and the power. Among the Pentecostal groups too, they have forgotten the Most High and His supernatural miraculous power that He has today. He said like all the rest of them, it [Laodicea] is dead. He said, “I will spew them out of my mouth like I did Israel that apostasized.” Then I will take the few. I will translate them.

So, don’t forget what God has done in this building, what the Lord has done in your life and what the Lord is doing today. In the Old Testament, believe all those miracles. Some of those people, I preached and said that people lived to be 900 years old they can’t believe that because they are not awarded eternal life [those who cannot believe that people lived to be 900 years old in the OT]. They can’t believe that. How can they believe He can give you eternal life? They are able to believe in eternal life and they are not able to believe that I can keep a man alive for 1000 years. They are hypocrites! They are able to believe in eternal life and they are not able to believe that I can keep a man alive for nearly 1000 years, I will say it twice, saith the Lord, they are hypocrites! Eternal life is not awarded to the doubter and unbeliever. It is awarded to those that believe and forget not the Most High.

If King David forgot for a moment, how about you? How many of you are still with me now? Never doubt, you believe in the Lord. Carry this message around if you know anybody that doubts that. Amen. It’s got wings to it, saith the Lord. You feel Him standing back just like an angel with the wings spread, hovering over that message. Amen. Can’t you? Don’t forget. If you forget what God has done for you, what He has done in the Old Testament and what He has done in the New Testament, if you forget the great miracles of the Lord, then you are not going to get very much in the future. But if you remember the Most High…and you remember the miraculous that is in the scriptures and the miracles that He has performed here and in your life, if you remember that, then the Lord has much more for you in the future. How many of you believe that?

So, David, one of the greatest reasons that he wrote the book of Psalms in addition to just glorify God, lift up the Lord and to prophesy different things—the prophesy of the Messiah coming at the end of the age—but one of the reasons he wrote the book of Psalms is to bring back. He wrote the book of Psalms to give God praises and forget not the Lord’s great works by praising the Lord. Now, Jesus never forgets the praises and the thanksgiving of the people. Jesus will never forget you as you praise Him. Your praises to Him and your thankfulness to the Lord Jesus will follow you even in eternity. He will never forget you. How many of you believe that? The Lord has promised us that as we believe, by faith in God, we have eternal life. There will never be an end. There is no such thing as an end to God. He can end all things if He wants to, but there is no end to Him. We’ve got a wonderful God!

You know, faith is deep. Faith is a dimension that goes in many different dimensions. There is a kind of small faith, great faith, growing faith, powerful faith and enormous, energizing faith, powerful creative faith that just reaches on in great power. That’s what we are going to have at the end of the age. Amen? How many of you believe this message this morning? Sad situation; David said they forgot the Most High in His wonderful works and believed not on Him, and forgot everything He did for them unless they wanted a drink of water and unless they wanted something else over there. How many of you believe that? It’s terrible that He even helped them off and on during this period of time. But if you look in the scriptures, He had to bring judgment to different groups in different ways in the wilderness. After He had performed all the great miracles—I pray this nationthere is nothing we can do except prophecy speaks, they will forget the Most High, finally, and receive a false system which will be later on in the age. It is not happening totally now, but it is happening on a minor [scale]. It is moving in that direction, slowly and gradually, like a slow motion, it is moving in that direction. It is time for us to take advantage.

At the end of the age, there will be plenty of people coming to the ministry, don’t get me wrong. We are in the slow growth of time when the power of the Lord is so powerful. It is dividing. It is separating. It is coming in. It is going out. It’s Him. He has satan completely confused and by the time I get through [this message] this morning, he is more confused. In fact, it was satan that got out in that wilderness with those people. How many of you believe that? It was satan that was mad [angry] about that Cloud being up there. He was mad about that Light being up there. They said, “We can’t do anything wrong. He is watching us.” They said. “At least, He could go away at night, but I see Him up there.” It says in the daytime, He wouldn’t leave. He had His eyes on them there. But I tell you what? He really had His eyes on the real seed of God that He had there. He made sure that the others did not get rid of them. Oh, glory to God! Alleluia!

So, we find out here, David wrote the book of Psalms in remembrance of God’s great works. Did you forget about the Lord, since you were a child, how many times He saved your life? Did you remember when you were a child, you said, “I am so sick, I’ll die,” and you felt the Lord really deliver you. And His protective hands on you by having you in another place at a time that something else could have occurred that may have taken your life…. Have you forgotten all of the wonderful things that the Lord had done for you as a child? Don’t forget all the miraculous in the bible and what Jesus has done for His people. Isn’t that wonderful? It is great.

I want you to stand to your feet this morning. It is 12 o’clock. I just looked over there God is finishing this up here. There is always something good out here. We have angels’ food from heaven and I believe this message is angels’ food. That is exactly right. Oh, what great wonders that God is going to bring among His people! The Lord Himself decided to talk to you about this, this morning. Do you believe that? You know, I can’t think up all those things all at once. It just kind of comes and it is good for everybody. When you get down like David—he got down—he said, “I searched my heart, I was troubled, I was fretting,” and he said these things were bothering me. Then he said, “here is my infirmity.” He said, “I will remember the great things of the Lord.” Then he couldn’t stop writing. He wrote it and wrote it and wrote it. It’s really great. Maybe, that’s one of your problems. You are always in the dumps. Maybe, you bring yourself down. Always remember the good things that the Lord has done for you. Then with the good things of the past, just hook them on to the good things of the future and say what He has done in the past, saith the Lord, I will even, yea, do more in the future. Yes, oh, yes, I will bless you. How many of you believe that?

You know, this is another way to look at this; not everybody is going to hear this message. How many of you believe that God loves you. He chooses who to talk to. Amen? He is really great…. There is a lot of energy that went forth off of me a while ago preaching that message. He is in the audience out here. I believe the Cloud of the Lord is with us. If you are new here tonight…I really got you ready for prayer. Amen. That’s all we do here; get you ready so that God can deliver you. That’s why you see the cancer disappear. That is why you see those that can’t move their neck move it. That is how a vertebrae is created or a bone is put back or a tumor is cast out or a bump disappears. See what I mean? Bring them right up to that miracle. Bring them right up to where God can do something for them.

Right now, you are lifted up on high in the power of faith. Reach on out and thank the Lord for what he has done for you…. We just want to thank the Lord this morning. Begin to rejoice. Begin to shout the victory. Are you ready? Let’s go! Give God thanks! Thank you, Jesus. Come on and praise Him! Thank you, Jesus. It’s great. Oh my, it’s great!

Real Faith Remembers | Neal Frisby Sermon | CD #1018B | 08/05/1984 AM