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This message will scatter every devil in front of you for miles.

  1. No one knows what eternal is. There is no time with the Lord. The real seed of God will go back to Him. We are in this time, but He is not. The Lord is eternal. “I am the Lord, I change not…” (Malachi 3: 6). He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13: 8).
  2. With the Lord, everything happens at one time. We are trapped in time. The Lord is infinite. When we get out of this body, we step into eternity. There will be not time for us at all. The moment we change into that channel, we are in eternity with God.
  3. When He does things, He does them NOW. He is Now Eternal. Everything He makes has time in it. It can happen all at once. With us, events are slowed down because we are trapped in time. With Him, it is the twinkle of an eye. At the time He created He created Eve also, but brought her out later.
  4. God is beyond science fiction. He is eternal. Everything He does is eternal now with Him: your healing is done, your salvation is done. Whatever you need, any kind of miracle is already there and done. It is already in the past with Him.
  5. The real seed of God will get today’s message and believe the eternal What keeps you limited is the carnal body, the time zone. To us, things/events are in slow movement. But, we are in His eternal.
  6. In the eternal of God, you have your healing, your salvation. The Lord’s love is eternal. His mercy is eternal. Everything to Him is eternal. We are in the channel of time but He is with us in the eternal things of God. This revelation makes it easier for us to work and walk with the Lord and follow Him into the channel of the eternal.
  7. The Lord knows everything about you. Everything that has been spoken on the earth is recorded. Jesus told them that if they didn’t cry out, the rocks “would immediately cry out” (Luke 19: 40). What they have said is recorded in the rocks. The Lord is supernatural. He is great. Satan is a lie, he is a delusion. The bible says God is able to raise up children for Abraham from the stones.
  8. The three disciples on the mount of Transfiguration saw Him as the Eternal One. Peter said, “let us build three tabernacles” (Matthew 17: 4). Anytime God does something, they want to organize. You cannot organize the Holy Ghost, which is eternal. You cannot trap the manifestation of the Spirit. You cannot trap the revelation of God. It will not work. The body of Christ is everywhere. In that body is the Eternal Spirit. We will soon be out of the body and enter into eternity.
  9. The denomination trap: The Lord blessed the Pentecostal movement. They were close to God but did not use all the word of God. They baptized in three gods. At the end of the age, the Lord will cause revival to come and remove the denomination trap. He will gather His elect. God has people that need to get into the power of God. A great revival is coming to sweep us into the eternal of God. Each organization will die but the people in the organization, who are crying for revival, will be saved and swept into the power of God.
  10. The organizations bind people with chains. There is coming a great revival. No one can hold it back. Thus saith the Lord, the bride will not organize. The real elect will not organize. He will take us out before we can organize, because we know He is eternal. He can do anything. God says, “I am Jehovah of the Old Testament and the Jehovah Messiah of the New Testament.”
  11. The three disciples were caught in the eternal zone. They were in the presence of the Ancient of Days. Moses and Elijah appeared, talking with Him. In a moment of time, they were caught in the channel of eternity.
  12. John, on the island of Patmos, saw Him standing in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks (Revelation 1: 13). But, in Laodicea, He is standing outside His church. He is knocking at the door. The Laodiceans will not let Him in. The system is trapped (Revelation 3: 14 – 22; Revelation 17).
  13. Another great revival is coming. Power is coming. He will knock on all doors. Some of the people will come out. His people are coming out and drifting into the eternal of God. Your healing is here. Today is the day of healing. Today is the day of salvation.
  14. The Lord will bring upon His people a powerful anointing. We will be in the eternal of God. He came out of the grave. He defied death, the Angel of the Lord, the Eternal One.
  15. The Pentecostal movement is the closest of the seven church ages, with the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit. In the end-time, the closeness has passed to the bride of Christ. The bride is drawing closer to the Lord and the fire is coming upon them. He said at the end of the age, He will bring the full light to His people.
  16. If the three disciples had stayed in that dimension (on the mount of transfiguration), they would not have died. To God, everything is in the past, it is eternal, all at once. But to us, things are slowed down, in slow movement. We are going to manifest the translation because it is already past with the Lord. This message is true as true can be.


Note: Please read Scroll 23 Part II paragraph 3 “Time and Eternity’ along with the alert.


Sermon by Neal Frisby  
7/18/82 PM