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The Holy Spirit is the liquid word. There is a deeper faith than just receiving healing; a faith that will get you into the translation, a faith where you will be called one of the sons of God. How do you praise the Lord the most? The way that you praise the Lord in the highest is to say that Jesus Christ is God. He is the Eternal One. At the end of the age, many people are going to see the light. They are going to know who Jesus is. As the age closes, the Lord will move on the ones that He is going to take away. There will be a mighty outpouring on the ones He is going to take out of here. The elect and the man-child mean the same thing. We are the elect of God. The 144,000 Jews that will be sealed are also the elect of God. But the real elect is the Gentile bride. The people that are really God’s people will listen to the word. You know they are not the children of the Lord when they won’t listen to God’s word. But the real children of God believe the word of God. They believe the prophets.

  1. The elect of God—Satan will move against them to oppress them in every way possible. He will try to depress you, make you feel bad and get you away from the word of God. He knows you are getting close to the translation and to a great He is going to do his best, but he is going to lose. Jesus is going to win.
  2. The Christian warfare—Satan’s trick is to get the mind of the elect off the promises of faith. He will detour them, get the Christian off Some people worry about tomorrow. That is akin to human nature. However, Satan’s trick is to put a burden on you so that it is difficult to operate in the Spirit.
  3. I was praying and I asked the Lord why people worry about tomorrow. The Lord spoke to me, “When people worry about tomorrow, they are not where they should be with me today (in faith).” That is the truth (Matthew 6: 24). The Christian should pray to be gone and not worry about tomorrow. The best thing you can do is to get yourself in shape today for tomorrow. If you are with the Lord today, with the power of faith, you can wipe out the fear and worry about tomorrow. Praise the Lord, get the day under control. Then, you will be prepared for tomorrow. If you allow worry to stack up, it becomes so heavy that your faith is not able to put it off.
  4. Ephesians 6: 12 – 18 speaks about the Christian warfare. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,…(v. 12). Someone might offend you, but your warfare is not against flesh and blood but against the power that is behind that.
  5. After listing the spiritual armor and weapons that we can use to defeat the foe, Paul shows the Christian how he can put the weapons into motion by praying in the Spirit (v. 18). When you begin to pray in the Spirit of God, the Spirit can do a lot better than you can. He can believe a lot better than you can.
  6. Allow the Holy Spirit to move in your praises and your faith. He can believe beyond mortal conception. He can handle anything better that you can yourself. He will even pray for things that you don’t know In a few words that He prays through you, He can handle so many things all over the world including your own problems.
  7. There are great promises in Psalm 37. Read this psalm and study it. My business is to deliver and get the people ready for the Lord. Psalm 37 shows the happy state of the godly and the shortlived prosperity of the wicked.
  8. “Fret not thyself because of evildoers…” (v. 1). Fear has to depart, so faith can get full rule. When faith gets full rule, it will dominate anything that gets in its way, any evil power. In order for you to move mountains by faith, you must have a forgiving You must forgive or you will not be forgiven. You must have a heart of forgiveness that will surprise you yourself. You must have a heart of divine love. A forgiving heart will cause you to have greater faith in God and greater power to move mountains out of the way.
  9. “Fret not thyself because of evil doers…” Evil doers may cause you to fret, for example on the job. Problems with your children may cause you to fret. That’s the devil. When he causes you to fret, he steals the victory from you. Don’t fret. The evil doers will “be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb” (v. 2).
  10. I don’t care how much an evil doer prospers, one Christian with one promise is more than what he will ever be. No matter how rich a man is, he cannot buy back the past. Remember the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man tried but failed to buy back the past (Luke 16: 24-29). When a Christian gets to heaven—Eternal–that is, yesterday, today and tomorrow is with him, standing with him right there. Don’t envy evil doers. God will bless you in His own time.
  11. Trust in the Lord, and do good…”(Psalm 37: 3).
  12. Delight thyself in the Lord…” (v. 4)
  13. Commit thy way unto the Lord…” (v. 5
  14. Commit, trust, delight thyself in the Lord. Don’t allow Satan to steal your faith, you shall have the desires of your heart. You have a master builder, a great teacher, the Lord Jesus Christ. Those that listen to His word are considered wise and those that will not listen are foolish. They are built upon sand and are blown away.
  15. Delight, commit and trust, He will bring it to pass. Here is the key: Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him (v. 7). He said “fret not” twice. Fretting and anxiety is not waiting for anybody. If you are fretting about tomorrow, how can you wait patiently for the Lord today? These are the words of wisdom to help you. I am only a man; God is Eternal. What He says goes. He will bring the revival to those who are waiting for Him.
  16. Trust can be short-term or long-term. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Cease from anger and forsake wrath and you will receive the desires of your heart.
  17. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…” (Psalm 37: 23). God has ordered the steps and ways of the elect. Though, they let Him down, he continually goes before them and helps Jesus will always say, “Let not your heart be troubled.” Fear not, for your redemption draws near. This is the hour of the Christian. This is the hour of your calling. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Commit thy way unto the Lord. Rest in Him. Wait patiently for Him, not only for your miracles but for the translation.
  18. If the devil can’t get you by fretting, he will try to get you another way. Satan upsets people by telling them they are not humble The whole church needs humility. You thought you had divine love. Satan comes around and tells you, you need more divine love. A man may get so humble, he won’t do anything for God. There was a great prophet that came and was so humble, they nearly destroyed his ministry. Just before the end of his life, he stood his ground and saved his ministry.
  19. Humility is good. Have it before the Lord, not to prove something to somebody. Real humility is the one that listens to these messages, does likewise and believes the Lord. Jesus was humble. For Him to come as a man was enough Jesus did not let the humility get in the way that Satan took Him over. Jesus Christ stood His ground when it came to the devil. He said, Satan, it is written. With authority and power, He worked among the people. He went into the temple with a whip and divine anger to straighten them out. He whipped and drove out the sellers in the temple.
  20. Although, Jesus was humble, it never caused Him to back down for the devil. Jesus said, you serpents, you vipers, you hypocrites, and to Herod, you fox. To the people that loved Him, he was humble enough to have compassion, to heal them and deliver them.
  21. Fret not thyself because of those that will cause you to go astray. Be full of faith and divine love, you will move the satanic forces out of your way. I am not going to get so humble that I cannot cast the devil out.
  22. Martha, Martha, you fret about so much (Luke 10: 41 & 42). Mary was at His feet, spiritually speaking, delighting herself in the Lord. Through fretting, Martha missed the great promise of sitting and hearing the Lord. Concern for the Guest was proper, but it got out of hand. Mary was at the right place.
  23. Rest patiently in the Lord. If Satan can’t get you one way, he will try another But most important, don’t fret. No matter what, don’t let Satan depress you. Keep your mind on this scripture (Psalm 37). This message will mean so much in the days ahead. This psalm will mean so much. Read Psalm 37 and other scriptures. God loves you; facts are facts. God has sent me to a people who will recognize my voice and the Spirit of God in me. Be bold and confident in the Lord with divine love.


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The Christian Warfare          
Sermon by Neal Frisby:  6/01/83 PM