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The Elijah Anointing | Neal Frisby’s Sermon  CD #764 | 12/30/1979 AM

I am going to ask the Lord to bless the service and I believe He is going to bless the group here this morning. Amen. Throw up your hands and let’s praise the Lord a little bit. Ok? Lord, we know you are with us this morning and you are going to bless your people like never before. They are going to feel the surge of the anointing…. The new people and our people together, Lord, all as one, you are going to bless. Oh, come on and thank Him…. Oh, praise the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! Can you wave to the Lord? Oh, praise the God….

We are going to go into a new decade. We are to keep our eyes open, for the Lord can come at any time. Amen? We know that we are to occupy until He comes. Somebody asked me the best date for the Lord’s coming. Of course, we are not to predict a certain date for that, but we know that the time and season are getting close. The best date for the Lord’s coming is each day. So, we are to prepare for that. … On this side, this is the time to work. Can you say, Amen? From what I get from the Lord, He is unctioning me to preach as if He can come at any time…. At the end of the service, I pray that this anointing that the Lord is going to bring on His children will increase to such a point that it will help you … to witness and to do something for the people before the end of the age.

I noticed one thing, listen close: During the 1970s, it would have made no difference how many services…I would have had, I would have been out of the will of God because of what He had me doing for all the people. Every day, we get testimonies of the things that happened from reading…the books and [using] the prayer cloths. But I noticed that in the 70s what seemed like a revival that was moving among the people was more or less the seeds for the great tribulation. It was a lukewarm revival. It was based more on television personalities and doctrines, and different things like that…but as far as the word and the power like Elijah, in similarity, that was missing….  The 70s did not witness the great outpouring, but the seeds of the tribulation were planted during that decade. In small groups, God was moving, and He is getting ready to gather His bride…. How many of you witnessed that, the cooling off period?

It seemed to cool off in there. Although massive groups of people came to the knowledge and the understanding of the Lord, as far as I know from the evangelists I talked to, who have written me for prayer or have spoken to me…they told me this, that what they did, didn’t seem to last. It was like the people were with God one day, and they were gone the next day. They had a [TV] special on Billy Graham. He has done a great work for the Lord and He has blessed Him in that field. It is not our field. But when he got into the wine drinking and pills, I left him. Can you say, praise the Lord? He said that he takes a glass of wine, once in a while. Let me tell you, drinking a glass of wine once in a while may not bother him, but think of all of them that [that would bother]. That’s a false example that any minister can put before the people. Even if he can drink one glass of wine, some of them can’t do it that way. It is a bad example. Of course, that’s his business. If that keeps him out of heaven, I don’t know. That’s his business. One glass, that’s a bad example.

Back to the point: What looks like large crowds and conversions many times, it doesn’t stand like it did in the 1950s and early 1960s…. So, we saw the planting of the tribulation. But there is coming an outpouring and there is coming a great revival and power. God will move…. Among His elect, we are to look for the thunder. There is where the next great move is coming. But the larger systems in the world won’t be able to see that. Tragedies and different crises will come across the nation…. God is pointing to the end of the age…. Nevertheless, we are to look forward for a great outpouring on the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay close to Him.

The Lord healed in the 70s. He worked great miracles in the 70s, but it kind of settled down into lukewarmness, the seeds for the tribulation. There will be millions and millions that will come through, like the sand of the sea that will get to heaven through the great tribulation. But then, according to the scripture, there is a translation and people are taken before the last part of that great tribulation. The high calling is here, the Lord spoke that. You know what? That is the overcomer. That is the one that’s translated. That is the Elijah saint…. Before the end of the age, the people’s faith will get high, the Lord will speak…. The Lord is going to come. The weeds will be pushed away and the wheat will come together where the weeds cannot bother the wheat. When they gather, then they will pull together. When they do that, that’s where the body of Jesus Christ is, and there are the saints of the Living God. That is yet to come. That is an outpouring in there. The world will have their revival, but it won’t be like this one. This would be powerful.

So, this morning in my message: The Elijah Anointing. The way it came, it was very strange. Now watch how I explain this. I took down and wrote a little list so that I would be sure and get what He was leading me to do. We are going to read some inspiring scriptures that are already past and are coming again, and would revolutionize your lives…. The Elijah anointing: We are to expect it. It will be on His church to a degree and then getting to His coming, it will become stronger upon the elect–the closer the Lord’s coming. We are not to look for Elijah, the Jewish prophet. The Israelite Jews will look for him (Revelation 11 & Malachi 4). The Elijah anointing is what we are to look for. We are to look for the type of anointing….This anointing will be on a Gentile prophet and it will spread to the elect. Remember, this kind of anointing is taken away. When it comes on the Gentiles, it will be translation. It will come and it will go back, and sweep over there into Israel. Watch and see as it pulls over those 144,000 in Revelation 7 there, and then you have the tribulation saints in there too….

The Elijah anointing: We have seen parts of it as it is beginning to work and how the people will come into it and then turn it right down. Watch Him! He is doing something, see?  I know it is hard to tell the people because they are so used to seeing revivals…but when it comes to the purging and the separation, even Jesus lost what few was behind Him (John 6: 66). How many of you know that? Look that up in the bible there. But we are coming to where He will build, and He will build a powerful revival around His people. It will really be something. The Elijah anointing: This is what it is supposed to do. The Elijah anointing is to purge, that is absolutely right. It is to separate. It is to build tremendous faith. It is to refresh, it will strengthen and it will drive back oppression. It will burn it right out. It is to bring reality in the midst of lukewarmness, sin and unbelief. It will point out and destroy false doctrines and idols.

Now wait, people say, “Idols?” Sure, there are plenty of idols today. Anything that people put ahead of the Lord is an idol, and this anointing will crack it or they will go somewhere else. Can you say, praise the Lord? Watch and see… but first we get into that Elijah anointing. I want to do something because He’s done it this way. I was going another way, but He cut me back to come right to this scripture. First, Jesus gave me this scripture to read, Haggai 2: 6 – 9. Listen to me; as I read it, a prophetic anointing moved on me and I saw things flash. Watch out! He’s done something here. I wrote it down too. A prophetic anointing moved on me and a future feeling came upon me. It was electrifying. I want you to listen…it is significant. Bro. Frisby read Haggai 2: 4. You see that “working” coming there? It is futuristic. He is going to do that. Bro. Frisby read Haggai 2: 6. We know some of these scriptures have a past rendering, but the future rendering is there too. Bro. Frisby read Haggai 2: 7. In the past, He couldn’t have shaken all nations; they weren’t there at that time, but they are now. Now, that glory has already come. We’ve seen that.

When I was reading this, note that He said, “I will shake the heavens” (v. 6). As far as I know you are getting into the atomic power that is coming somewhat up there. Also, you have a sound like nuclear or air quakes in the heavens there. You have atomic lasers… new discoveries that are coming as I have written years ago…. In 1967, I wrote about the beam lights that they are just discovering that I saw. The Lord showed me; it just melted things. I saw them go like ashes. That was 1967. I guess it was 12 to 15 years in advance. It’s written in the scrolls. But the heavens would shake from the new [discoveries] that are coming. Finally, it would really shake in Armageddon. When that is going to come…we don’t know the exact date of Armageddon…. Listen to this: It says, “I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.” He mentions the heavens and earth. There are going to be earthquakes. It is coming…. Then He speaks of water. He is bringing, prophetically, water. I feel you can just read it and guess at it, but I am not [guessing].  I know that when He moved on me, what was coming, it would have something to do with water, and the forces of water too. This is prophetic…. It is coming toward the end of the great tribulation. … Also, you have earthquakes and the sea and the dry land, as if it was drying in some places, drought….

He is going to shake all nations finally in here. Notice this here; it was in the 1960s that I predicted the electronic age would be coming, leading to the mark of the beast. Something to do with electronic computers…would lead to the mark of the beast and we are beginning to see that coming to the forefront…. There are going to be sea quakes, and the heavens will shake, tidal forces…titanic forces, then it’s shaking, the whole earth shaking in there. As we are in the 1980s, the whole government will be shaken and changed. The very foundation will be shaken apart. It won’t be the same nation that we’ve once known either. I predicted long ago; our government, everything is going to change because the Holy Spirit has prophesied and predicted it. I really believe that. You people say, “I’ll wait and see.” You go ahead. It is coming; all the prophecies and the things that have been [predicted] in the past are gradually taking place, one by one.

So, as we have seen, there is a spiritual shaking coming. It is a foundation power. It is coming power…. You see, He gave me this as the year is ending and we are going over in there…. Go back when you get this tape and listen to it as we go. Soon, we will see parts of this in the near 80s and the rest will take place in there. I don’t know when all of this would take place except in Armageddon. I give no dates on that. There will be earthquakes and floods…in the 80s. The number 8 is a new era…. Right in the next verse, Haggai 2: 8, it speaks of wealth. It belongs to Him, saith the Lord…. But it speaks of wealth. There is coming a shaking in there….

Then in v. 9, it mentions an outpouring. Bro. Frisby read v. 9. “The glory of this latter house….” That would be us today. Twice, he brings the Lord of Hosts in there. I will bring my glory into this latter house and I will give peace and rest. How many of you know that this is the Lord speaking to His people there? Along with this rest and peace to the church, [there is] the glory that’s been photographed, and the power just as it was on Mount Sinai, the glory rolling just like the prophet saw. It appeared where Jesus and His disciples were (Luke 17: 5). And He said the works that I did shall ye do and greater works than these shall ye do. He said that there will be great things and exploits at the end of the age…. At the same time that there is rest and an outpouring to the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the world, there will be worldwide rebellion …. That rebellion will finally bring on world dictatorship….

We are to be in peace and rest here, and God will give more glory in this latter house than they had in the former house. How many of you are still with me? The former revival passes away and the latter and the former rain come together, the bible said in Joel. When it does, there is more of it, and He really knows how to gather together His people. There will be peace. There will be rest to the elect of God and those that believe in the word of God. So, remember when you get this cassette, watch in there and see what has been spoken…. Listen to this real close; as we get worldwide rebellion, we just receive an outpouring…. Tumults and commotion–when He said I will shake the earth, He is not playing around. Let’s read Malachi 3: 1-2, the purging that is coming there…. This is a purging that’s coming here. Some of the things that I tell the people will take place long after the church is gone. It will be telling what is going to take place, what is coming for the world, and they will have the books left, let them read for themselves. But the Lord will take His children out. Can you say praise the Lord?

Bro. Frisby read Malachi 3: 1. That was Jesus and He appeared; He came to the temple and He appeared to the Hebrews–the Messiah. At the end of the age, He will come to His temple…only it will be the Elijah anointing…. It will be different and it will be similar to Elijah’s in power. He will come again, “whom ye delight” and He will gather His children. He will switch over and the same thing to the Israelites, 144,000 in Revelation 7, Revelation12. Bro. Frisby read Malachi 3: 2. Boy, He is going to burn and cleanse them…. That’s what it sounds like, fuller’s soap and burning, it just scorches things and refines…. It burns out the impurities…. No dirt or anything in there, just the pureness is left in there. When it is pure, it would be God. Amen? The body, it will fit the Head. How can He put His Head—the bible said they received the Headstone—how can the Head of God fit on the body unless it is like Him? Can you say, praise the Lord? It will never be as perfect as the Lord, but it will be whole…just as He wants and He will set right there. Paul said we grow up into a holy temple, the Chief Corner Stone (Ephesians 2: 20 & 21)…. He is coming to that bride.

Bro. Frisby read Malachi 3: 3. The sons of Levi; we are associated to Abraham’s seed by faith. “…That they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” That’s what He is coming for, the white righteousness there…. I feel the power of God that the Elijah anointing is in these tragedies, in the crises, and in the shaking that is coming—shaking of the foundation of our government, the shaking of all nations, the shaking of the economy, and the powers that be, and a revival that is coming to purge. He is going to clean that church; I mean He is going to sweep it. Can you say, praise the Lord? He is going to do it very soon. I believe the scriptures that I am reading, as the bride will see most of this… it will come in 80s, and the revival will switch over to the 144,000 as the two major prophets in Revelation 11 appear, we know that. The same thing will occur there as it is occurring here. He will get that bride ready.

Listen to this close here; He brings me over here, and we will read it real close in Malachi 3: 14. Remember the purge is coming and the fire, and He is going to cleanse. That is coming now. Bro Frisby read Malachi 3: 14. They say, “What use is it to serve God?” What does it profit to serve God? Look at that devil coming in the midst of this great shaking…. God just gave me that scripture to give to you. He (satan) is going to come like that to you; whether he comes through another person to tell you that or oppresses you…Satan says, “What good is it to serve the Lord? Just look around you at all the sin. Look at what is happening around you. No one is really trying to serve the Lord, yet they all say they’ve got God. What good is it to serve God?” I tell you one thing…as for me and my house, Joshua said, we will serve the Lord. And when that sun begins to scorch the earth, and all those judgments in the trumpets begin to take place, and the plagues are poured, we will ask them the same question from heaven. Can you say, praise the Lord? Hold on to the Lord for the bible says that God does not fail in His promises. He delays those promises for a reason, sometimes, but He never fails. Delay, yes, but [He] never fails. God is there as long as you are there. He sticks closer. Praise the Lord! I will not forsake you, saith the Lord. You have to first walk away [from Him]. Glory to God! He is really true, isn’t He? And that goes for the sinner; He will wash you.  He will get you, if you come to Him….

Watch this; something happens here. Bro. Frisby read Malachi 3: 16. It’s like today, we are preaching back and forth. See; when those others were hollering, “What good it is to serve the Lord,” the rest of them who were talking about serving the Lord, He wrote a book of their remembrance…. That book today is written for the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that! Bro. Frisby read v. 17. How any of you know that the Lord has a book of remembrance for those that listen to this message this morning or to the sermons that the Lord has preached? He has a book of remembrance. My bible says all those that do not know the Lord and are not in the book of remembrance…worship the antichrist or they flee [into the wilderness during] the great tribulation. Are you still with me? That is going to take place there. Bro. Frisby read Malachi 4: 2. How many of you know that? He is going to bless you. Bro. Frisby read v. 5. This anointing comes first to us. Then it goes over to the Israelites. That’s before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

John, the Baptist, came in the spirit of Elijah. He came preaching that way. But He was not Elijah, he said so himself. It was the spirit of Elijah. But this one here is different, and I shall send him, Elijah, the prophet, and he shall turn the hearts of the fathers—that’s like the first revival that we had—turn the hearts of the children…. He is going to step in here for a moment. He did not smite it [the earth] that time. It would be about three and a half years that God withholds His judgment. He said if he didn’t come, if Elijah didn’t appear, He would smite the earth with a curse right then—but he comes at that time. But the anointing—behold, I send you the anointing of Elijah, in the bible, it will come upon the Gentile bride. It will be…a very powerful and potent anointing; so powerful that as you change, you are translated. One more thing to think about Elijah; he left in an electrifying fiery celestial craft. Here is what happened: the turmoil or the turning, it started turning… and it created a whirlwind motion. That’s found in 2 Kings 2: 11. The bible said He took him and he did not die. He went away in a fiery chariot into heaven. How many of you are still with me?

This power and this anointing will become like a whirlwind. It will become like a wheel within a wheel in the fire, in the thunder and in the power. God will gather His people and they will be taken out of here. How many of you are preparing…to get right on in with God? Get your wheels moving, saith the Lord! Wow! Praise God. And let them turn over and over in there. So, the Elijah anointing, I feel my ministry is to bring it to help the people…. I know so. That’s why it cuts, it separates, it purges, it’s fiery and it is strong. Remember, we don’t look for Elijah, the prophet. We look for the Elijah anointing which is a gift to the church and which is the Manna of the Lord. It shall come, only it will be even more potent and powerful. It will be in a different way too because it will bring other types of anointings with it. It will work wonders, exploits and miracles. But it will be in such a way in wisdom and it will be done in such word of God and power until it will just form the people of the Lord like we’ve never seen before. They will form like He wants them to form and it will be His hand that is forming them.

A man will be symbolic standing there, but God will do this…. We just don’t have this here. God is over 50 states and all over, a little here and a little there, everywhere, God is blessing His people. How many of you know He is real? And the miracles are incredible that God is doing. [Bro. Frisby shared a testimony from overseas about an incident where the doctors said they could only deliver a woman’s baby by Caesarian Section. The husband took a prayer cloth he had just received in the mail and placed it on the woman. He believed God, and the baby came right out like that. The doctors were dumbfounded. As soon as the prayer cloth hit, God performed the miracle]. Can you say, praise the Lord? [Bro. Frisby shared another testimony about a woman who had a severe disease and was recovering from surgery. She read the letter that she had just received and placed the prayer cloth on her body. The power of the Lord healed her]. See; that’s God, not man. Man can’t do that. The Lord does that.

God is moving everywhere, overseas, and everywhere. So, we see this coming…the anointing is going to be in such a way that it is just going to saturate His church…. That covering, if you see it, it will just be on you like a covering. Praise the Lord! I know and it is the Lord’s Spirit too. You will begin to see it [on one another]. It will be here at the proper time. He is saturating and pouring it on in there…. The Elijah anointing is working. How many of you see the glory lights breaking forth? It [anointing] is what is producing that. The Elijah-type anointing is producing those lights, the glory and power…. They’ve been photographed. It’s there. It’s supernatural; there is nothing wrong with the camera. See; we are getting into a dimension where most people don’t want to go. How in the world are they going to get out of here? We’ve got to get into that to get out of here. Can you say, praise the Lord? Solomon said that the glory of the Lord rolled into the temple in such a way that they couldn’t even minister anymore. The works that I did shall ye do and greater works than these, saith the Lord.

He said I will pour out my glory and my Spirit upon the earth…. Some going that way, the Jews going this way, the Gentiles going that way, the bride going that way and the foolish virgins going that way. God is moving. Can you say, praise the Lord? The antichrist seed is running that way. He’s got the thing shaken up. No wonder, the thunders scatter them in different ways and we are gone in some kind of whirlwind sent from God. Amen. It will just be like Elijah…. He went away in a whirlwind of fire. He was gone! He went fast too. He didn’t linger…. It’s very significant that He gave me this…because we are at the end of the 1970s and we are going into the 80s, you see, bringing it to a total new era…. God’s power, revival—it will come. Before we get out of here, He is going to bring something to His people, a new era, astonishing events and spiritually too. Be ye also ready, saith the Lord. A refreshing is coming from Him. Do you believe this morning here?

We are to prepare. We know this; the separating is coming and the weeds will be taken from the wheat (Matthew 13: 30). We are to rally around the Lord in His power. So, with all these events taking place—the Elijah anointing coming to His people—I believe the era of that is coming. We are to grow stronger as we get to the coming of the Lord. What He showed me in the 80s is going to come. Everything that I have often spoken about—the tumults and all the overthrows and shakings—is going to take place. But He is going to prepare His bride…. This anointing will grow in you if you open your heart. If you open your heart, you can receive it. But the people that don’t want to get close to God, they shun that in there. That’s the tribulation saints or just the sinner in there that won’t get back to God. But believe me, all over the world, He is going to have a time that He is going to visit His people. We are going to see the shakings in those thunders too. Can you say, praise the Lord?

I want you to stand to your feet. I want you to do something: open up your heart. If you are new this morning, this might sound strange, but it is 100% scripture. It [anointing] is coming to set the people free from oppression, nerves, fear and worries. Just come down here and throw up your hands…. You children of the Lord…ask Him for the anointing of the Lord…. This morning, I am going to pray that the anointing will be upon you and come in a strong way. Come out right here and cry out for it because it is coming. Come on and get it! Praise ye the Lord! Come on, praise God. Hallelujah! I feel Jesus is coming.

The Elijah Anointing | Neal Frisby’s Sermon  CD #764 | 12/30/1979 AM