064 – SATAN’S A-1 Tool

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SATAN’S A-1 ToolSATAN’S A-1 Tool


Satan’s A-1 Tool | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #924A | 12/15/1982 PM

Amen! Yes, it’s great! You are happy tonight? Yes, it’s wonderful. Lord bless your hearts…. It’s great to be here tonight. Isn’t it? Talking about being happy; you know, sometimes, before Christmas, people are happy, but just as soon as Christmas is over, they start getting discouraged. I want to preach a message to keep you that way [happy] tonight. I believe it will bless your hearts. I am going to pray for you. If you are new here tonight, just get right in…. The good thing about the Lord Jesus is that it doesn’t make any difference about where you have come from, what color you are or what race you are. If you have faith in Him and you take Him as your Savior, ask and you shall receive. Amen? You can’t blame Him because of any other thing, but with your faith, you reach on out there.

Lord, we praise you tonight in our hearts because you are already moving on the people, you tell me, and you are blessing your people tonight. I believe they are going to feel free and blessed by thy Spirit. You are going to make a way out of every problem. You are going to guide them, Lord, into the next year that is coming, and we are always expecting you.  That means we are one year closer to your coming than we were a year ago. Isn’t that wonderful? And we know, Lord that you are going to guide us into the time that you translate and bring your people on home. Lord, we praise you with all of our hearts tonight and thank you. Give Him a handclap! Amen. Thank you, Jesus. Alright, you can be seated….

Tonight, I kind of took this down…. You hear people today talk about being disappointed all the time. You know, I get mail from all over the nation and everywhere else, people wanting prayer. When I was praying—I had other messages—I said, what is the best message right now, Lord, for the people or in the days to come on the cassette or however you would to do it? He said to me and this is the Holy Spirit too because I spent time until I felt it’s from Him and know it. Sometimes, He answers me immediately and always in a message. He is better at coming to me that way than any other way when it comes to the message He is going to give me, and I ask questions and wait upon Him. He has somehow worked in my life that way. He told me the best message right now is to teach the people not to be discouraged because He said satan’s a -1 tool—He didn’t say it like that—He said satan’s tool against my people is to try to discourage them in the hour that we are living in. I believe that with all my heart; that the Lord in all of His great wisdom and power looks across the earth and He sees that by discouragement and different ways, little by little, he [satan] causes the people to kind of go off and backslide or to drift off from Him….

So, tonight, Satan’s a-1 Tool: Discouragement. Listen real close. I said, Lord, in the bible and quickly through my mind it begins to work—not only are the people affected, and the individual and the churches, and so forth throughout the ages—especially the people when they have wars and concentration camps, great discouragement comes. It’s not only the people that suffer discouragement, but I look back through the bible quickly and there can be no greater discouragement than what comes to, and it does, to the prophet. The way that the people do and the way that the power that has been given to him, and the way that he brings that word, we see great discouragement that satan gives him, more discouragement than anybody else in the bible. Look at Jesus, the Messiah, the God of the prophets, coming to them [the people] Yet, He was able, through all the discouragement, He was able to cut that path right straight through and He went on unhindered to His job, and He finished the course. Prophet, eh? How many of you say, Amen? And in the bible, although they suffered persecution, many times stoned, and they tried to saw them in half and so forth like that with many kinds of persecution and discouragement, yet, the prophet would pull himself together and go on at it again. They are supposed to be a leader of the people.

So, tonight, I began to think: discouragement, satan’s a-1 tool. After Christmas, some of you would have depression, you know. Also, this time of the year, they say there is more suicide. There are more killings and violence many times…. So, we find out entering this next year, let’s make sure that we get an encouragement from the Lord. We’ll see how the Lord leads us in this message tonight. And as I was thinking, right away, the first part of the bible and here was Joseph with Mary, and I thought—the Lord moving on me—I never dreamed to look there or even think about it. I was thinking about the prophets first, in the Old Testament. And there can’t be any more discouragement than Joseph [discovering] that Mary was already pregnant. Can you say, Amen? The Lord brought that to me. Why? I’ll tell you in a minute. You know, oh, it must have disappointed him because he loved her. There, she was already pregnant. But in the hour of disappointment, when he was worrying about putting her away or what to do about it—he loved her alright—in that hour of discouragement and disappointment, all of a sudden, an angel appears! He appears to him and tells him the puzzle and the mystery. In your own life, in your discouragement, if you hold on long enough and believe the Lord, an angel will appear because in those periods of discouragement, God will work out a plan, a manifold plan of wisdom. How many of you believe that tonight?

And then we find out in the bible—the discouragement: Abraham was promised a child and he waited for years and years, and no child. Discouragement: here he was, a man of faith and power, and the devil tried to discourage him in every manner that he could…. Then after he received the child, great joy. The Lord had worked the miracle that he had promised him and then to slay him [the child]? What a discouragement and disappointment! But he followed that race through and what followed after that discouragement? No man could be more discouraged than that in the history of the whole earth. No man could be more discouraged except that we saw that the Messiah gave His life for the human race, but that was supposed to take place. Yet, Abraham believed God and went ahead with it, with great discouragement. The angel appeared, the Angel of the Lord, and when He did, he wiped away the discouragement and when He did, you could see the trademark on Abraham. Glory to God! He was God’s seed. Can you say Amen to that? And this [message] tonight will interchange between the trademark—two types of things coming here—the trademark and discouragement, if I can get into it. Then we find out, God answered his [Abraham’s] prayer.

Elijah, the prophet, we come to him. In the hour of discouragement–after great victory, great miracles and all the things that happened in his life, he was so discouraged one time that he asked the Lord [for him-Elijah] to just die and go on. He didn’t want the promise of the translation that the Lord had promised him. It was too tough. In his hour of discouragement—the prophet’s faith was so powerful… he got up on a juniper tree in [such] discouragement that we have never seen before and he wished that he could die…but in the hour of his discouragement, right on time, here comes the Angel of the Lord. In his hour of discouragement, he [the angel] cooked for him a meal, spoke to him there and let him on. How many of you say, Amen? And at the end of the age, in your hour of discouragement, whether it’s a group, a church or an individual…in your hour of discouragement, the Lord will lead you. He will find a way, and just at that time is when the Angel of the Lord will work in your life. If you know about how faith works, and you follow the Word of God and believe in your heart, He will work a miracle for you also.

We find out in the bible: Moses. For forty years, he tried to deliver the people—and discouragement: my, my, my! He had to wait for forty years and the people would not accept him and the discouragement? But he went on finally on his way. The Lord encouraged him to go on…. One day, the Pillar of Fire lit up! He went forty years like that…. God gave him a call and sent him forth because he was gifted. The Lord had His hand on him and when somebody is gifted, and the Lord has His hand on them, they will feel inside that that calling is there. They cannot do anything about it; because of providence, that deep calling is there—something that humans don’t know much about unless they have been called that way. He knew that that deep calling was there. When it came, then the Lord began to speak to him. Out of discouragement, the Lord began to work great and powerful miracles to deliver His people. At the end of the age—Elijah is a type of the church—if the church is in some kind of discouragement, whatever might come upon the earth, in that hour, the Angel of the Lord will send great encouragement. I believe that my ministry is in that hour. I am sent to encourage you. How many of you can say, praise the Lord? That was not me. That was the Lord and I believe it with all my heart.

Did you know that sometimes at Christmas time—I don’t know how it would be this year—but about Christmas time in my ministry, it would be one of the lowest crowds. I used to wonder…and the Lord told me the anointing is so far from the way they are thinking. How many of you know that? It is so far from Santa Claus…. You see, because of the extreme power of the anointing, they are getting away from it…. I have never said anything about people giving gifts [Christmas gifts] or anything like that at all. I leave that in the hands of the Lord. Nevertheless, it is the anointing that causes these things, the moving of the Holy Spirit. I tell you one thing; I wouldn’t let anything discourage me, would you? You preach all year round, and the time that you think people should really praise the Lord and get involved, there is a letdown, sometimes. Nevertheless, the Lord works His wonders, and this year could be different from previous years. Nevertheless, God is wonderful.

So, we find out: Daniel, the prophet. You couldn’t be any more discouraged than he was when he went up against several things that Nebuchadnezzar and several of the kings in the kingdom did. Finally, he was cast in the lions’ den. At that hour, you talk about anybody else being in discouragement, but you know, he pulled himself together. In the hour that most people would be in total discouragement, the Angel of the Lord appeared, and the lions did not touch him. Can you say, Amen? We find out it is just as true as anything before. And then we have Gideon: in his discouragement, in his hour of discouragement…the Lord moved in his hour of discouragement and gave him a miracle. Now, look in the bible; there are many [examples] in the Old Testament. You can’t see how many there are, yet God pulled them out of it [discouragement] every time. No matter, if it was Israel, the prophets or whoever it was, the Lord moved. And in the hour of your discouragement, He can move better than before, because it is at that time generally, if you hold to the Word of the Lord that a miracle would take place in your life. Can you say, praise the Lord?

I trust I didn’t lose you a while ago. He really comes, doesn’t He? Well, I go back because He is sending me back to that. It is the truth because the anointing is so far from the way that they do it today. You know the power of the anointing in the birth [of Jesus], how the wise men were drawn, and that great anointing came right down where He was? It was so powerful…. As the age goes on, it would be stronger for His people, and more powerful for His people. I say, at Christmas time—I believe He was born at some other time—but they picked out a date there. It doesn’t make a difference. But I say, at Christmas time, you should have divine love in your heart for everybody and worship the Lord with all your heart. Have a spiritual Merry Christmas in your heart to Him! How many of you say, Amen? Exactly right. Sure, it is.

And David; let’s get him before we get out of here. The Lord just got me on him. Now, David, several times in his life, discouragement. Sometimes, he made mistakes. During the time that men get discouraged, sometimes, they will make mistakes. You, yourself, sitting in the seat right here tonight, you may in your hour of disappointment, in your hour of discouragement make some kinds of mistakes. Something might be said or done, and you make that mistake. It’s been known in the bible and prophets. And David in his hour of discouragement and different things that were taking place—we don’t know all about it—he failed God several times, but he pulled himself together in the hour of discouragement. He lost one of his children, one time, but in that same hour, he pulled himself together (2 Samuel 12: 19-23). All of his children practically went against, and some of them tried to get the throne from him. You talk about discouragement! He really was kind of like the Messiah; he would fast, he would seek the Lord. Sometimes, he wouldn’t eat for days. He would seek the Lord. He sought his way through it all and the Lord would cause him to be happy and he would encourage him. In all his discouragement, in the hour of any kind of discouragement, he pulled himself back together and said, “Blessed be the name of the Lord. I can leap over a wall and [run] through a troop.” How many of you say, praise the Lord? So, we have him there, the king. It even comes to kings, discouragement. And yet, God, in all His power, would bring him out of it. You see, if you have power all of the time…then you wouldn’t be able to have faith to face the trials and the other things that are coming, the temptations and the different things like that. But sometimes, when you go through a few things, the trials and tests, if you let it [them], it [they] would build your faith. It’s like fire that molds the iron. You see, it would build your faith.

Coming to the New Testament…. You know, we have Peter. He denied the Lord. You talk about a discouraged personality after that. He was so discouraged. Sometimes, you have done things you should not have done. You may have been like Peter. You know he said bad things at the time. He lost his temper; he had his temper…and he had his temper working real well…. He got into a terrible thing when he did that [denied the Lord]. When he did, of course, he was sorry, and he was so discouraged. Even though, he began to get discouraged a little bit when he heard the news [of Jesus’ resurrection] afterwards, when the Lord spoke to his heart; do you know what? You never know where the real seed of God is, sometimes, and you can be fooled. But He knows; only God knows. He knows that seed and He knows [those] who are His own very well…. You know he had done it [behaved] like he didn’t even look like a disciple; like he didn’t even know God. Sometimes, it may look like that. But the Lord would bring that sinner in or the Lord would bring that one back that’s backslidden. He was discouraged, and he thought, “What have I done?” But, do you know what? When the Lord got through with him, he became one of the greatest apostles in the bible. When he rubbed that old dust back, of the discouragement, and the Lord rubbed back that denial, the trademark was on him [Peter]. Can you say, Amen? That trademark was the Holy Spirit in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, if you suffer through persecution, trials and tests, no matter what they are, when you get through with it and rub that out of the way and look; that trademark would be right there!

We find Thomas: oh, how discouraged [he was] doubting the Lord after seeing all of the miracles that He performed, and the things that He did. Yet, afterwards, when the Lord got through talking to him and revealing to him, he told Him that He was his Lord and He was his God at the time. The Lord just moved away that doubting, rubbed that back out of the way, and the trademark was on him. Can you say, Amen? But in Judas’ case, where had witnessed great miracles, he was looking out after number one, and he didn’t want to be disappointed, and he didn’t want to have the persecution that was coming. So, he stepped off to the sideline showing what seed he was. We find out though, when you rubbed that back, there was no trademark on him, no Holy Spirit trademark there. How many of you know that? He was called the son of perdition, you see? God knoweth who are His own. He [Judas] didn’t want to go through any persecution. He could foresee some bad trouble coming and he could see all these things, and he reversed himself and went in the opposite direction. The same thing today, you see powerful deliverance ministries on the earth, the Lord moving by His great power, and sometimes, the people, you know, they kind of feel like, “Well, may be, I am better off.” They would do like Judas and make the wrong move. They will get in places that have a form of godliness and deny the very power thereof…. You see, you have to be very careful today.

In the day that we are living in, He is calling His people in. Before the end of the age, He is going to move. I mean He is really going to move. A quick short and powerful work and we are going to have one of the greatest forces you have ever seen here. He is going to move by His Holy Spirit. He is going to bless His people. How many of you believe that? He is coming. It would come at the right time. God is going to bless His people…. To have a revival, it takes really the Holy Spirit—and as He moves when He sees His time, then things would be automatically different. All of a sudden, things would change. God would move in a way that you never dreamed of. I know Him. All of the last 20 years that I have been with Him, I have watched Him in my life. All of a sudden, something looks like it would be going on—all of a sudden, he would move, and He appeared to me. Perhaps, it is because He has already spoken to me long time ago about different things. All of them have been true so far. It will come to pass. We are going to have a wonderful move for His people. If you would, during any of your tests and trials, just let Him wipe away that discouragement; see whether you have got the trademark. If you can stand persecution, if you can stand criticism, if you can stand judging, and if you can stand trial like Abraham and the prophets—if you can stand that criticism and persecution, then you have the trademark on you. Those that cannot stand it, the persecution, they don’t have the trademark, saith the Lord. Oh my! How many of you are still with me? That’s right. The real seed can stand anything and walk right into it, if God said so. That’s exactly right! That is bible and He guides His people today.

There is going to be great persecution upon the earth…before this great revival comes, and it will come upon the earth. My, what a blessing is going to come from God! When you start seeing the persecution, the criticisms and different things going on in the world, then watch out! Great revival will come from the Lord. It will come like [it did] in every church age. Only this is going to come: what each church age had a little bit of each time, at the end, He is going to pour it all in one. He told me it’s going to break out like a rainbow, and oh, it’s going to be wonderful! How many of you believe that? It’s really going to be all of it: all seven powers, all seven lamps of anointing that are before the throne, all of that lit up until it is just a mixture of power. It’s just thunderous. God will unite [His people]. And every one of those, when you wipe it away or stand before Him, they will have that trademark of the Holy Spirit.

You say, trademark? Sure, He gave His life. He redeemed us back, that which was lost since Adam and Eve.  He came with the trademark, the Messiah. God’s name was upon Him. When He came, He redeemed us back. That means to bring back to the original. As I stand here tonight, He redeemed us. Our Redeemer came. He bought us back. You see, His trademark, His blood. He bought us back. When he did—the bible says to redeem is to come back to the original. When you come back to the original, it would be like this; the works that I do shall ye do, and greater ones than these, saith the Lord. There, that’s what He is getting at. How many of you caught that? I will restore, saith the Lord. It will be greater than anything He has ever sent because He will come to His elect bride. He will come in such a way that He will give her more than anybody has ever had in the history of the world because He loves her. Can you say, Amen? The church that He redeemed by His power. Trademark, there it is: redemption, bought back, and brought back to the original.

As we go through here: Apostle Paul: people were caused to be put in prison and some were stoned. At his great hour [of discouragement], after he failed God, he said, “I am the least of all saints.” He is the chief of the apostles, he said. Yet, I am the least of all saints because I persecuted the church. In his hour of great discouragement, after he had failed God and the Lord came to him, not knowing what he was doing—his zeal was eating the house of God in the wrong way—the Lord appeared to him. When He did, He turned around Paul who was causing great persecution upon the church. When the Lord just wiped away that old dust on that road, He said, “Trademark, you are redeemed Paul. You are one of them.” He looked, and the bible says he called His name, Jesus. “Who are you, Lord?” He said, “I am Jesus.” How many of you can say, Amen?

All the Hebrews got together. Many of them really schooled too…. They got seven or eight things that the Messiah would have to be, or He wouldn’t be Messiah. And they studied and got it down in that Old Testament. Nobody knows the Hebrew better than they do. We have to give them credit for that. The Old Testament was written in Aramaic. Most of it is Hebrew, all of it there, and the New Testament, Greek. When they got together, they named seven things; what city He would come through and everything. They got to Isaiah 9: 6 and a couple more scriptures in there. They said when He comes—they are not saying that was Jesus that came before or anything like that—but they said that when the Messiah comes, He would have to be God! “We are looking for God.” Well, Jesus came, didn’t He? That [He] was one of them, Hebrew. He would have to be God, they said. How many of you are still with me tonight? Sure, it is, Isaiah 9: 6 and other scriptures that they put together. Someday, I will bring to the people and show the seven or eight things as they put it right there and tacked it down. Can you say, Amen? That’s where the power is…. He loves you. He may manifest in three ways, but one Holy Spirit Light coming to His people.

So, we find out, you wipe away all of the persecution, all of that old dust of criticism, and all of that old dust of whatever they can put upon you, if you are a real seed of God, no matter if they throw you in the fire like the three Hebrew children or whatever it is, when you wipe it away, you have the trademark of redemption upon you. How many of you believe that? Isn’t that wonderful? And we find out; it is true in the bible. One time, Paul in His writings, he said this, “…To win the prize of the high calling.” He said forgetting all those things in the past, all the time that I persecuted and have been persecuted—and the Lord made up for it. He went through a bit of persecution. In fact, Paul went through more persecution than [what was] ever dealt to anybody…. He was left for dead many times. But he said forgetting those things that are behind and looking for those things in the future. He said I press on toward the mark which is the prize of the high calling, the trademark. Can you say, Amen? I press toward the mark. I think it is wonderful to watch the Lord. So, we find out too in the bible, remember this that in the hour always of Israel and in the hour of the prophets, in the deepest hour when there is no hope according to mankind…the Lord appeared in providence.

Late in the hour of this age, right at the time of the mark of the beast, that is his trademark over there—the antichrist. That is the other kind of a trademark. Right at the darkest hour when it looks like oh, oh, and they begin to look around, you see it’s closing in—boy, it surely will come—and when they do, in the darkest hour, He is going to call that trademark home. Can you say, Amen? The hour when it looks like discouragement may be able to hit them, it won’t. He is going to pull them [the elect] on out. He is going to take them on home with Him. I think it’s just great that God reveals Himself to His people. Although, there will be a great group that will go through the great tribulation—He chooses those—you can’t choose yourself there. He chooses how He chooses. He chooses the elect. He knows what He is doing. It is said in the bible, He said, you have not called me; I have called you that you bring forth fruit to repentance….

So, anytime you are disappointed, and you are discouraged in any part of your life—and those on this cassette—think of the prophets. Think of when Jeremiah was in the pit. The water was up to his nose, but God got him out there…. Then think about Isaiah, what he suffered too. Finally, they sawed him in half. It made no difference; God was with him…. And you can go on and on about all that happened to the prophets from the beginning of time and see it for yourself, the persecution, and the three Hebrew children in the fire and all that. Yet, in the hour of discouragement in that fire, He was right there with them. So, today, the same thing in your life. Many people, they begin to get discouraged and they just give up, see? If they [would] just hold to the Word of God and hold to the power of God. Remember in this message, all the things that I told you about how angels would appear, and that God appears just at the darkest hour. He will be there. Many times, He will lead you to where there is no hope, it looks like. All of a sudden, there would be a miracle from God. And then, when there isn’t [a miracle], you know it is divine providence when you have done all that you can do…. You do everything that you can do, and His divine providence will work for you and his plans in your life. I believe that. I believe that the people that God sends to me, absolutely, He told me are in divine providence. That is those that believe what I am preaching in the Word of God, believe in the miracles that the Lord is bringing among his people, and believe in the power that is in this building. I know those are the ones that God sent to listen. Can you say, praise the Lord? That is exactly right…. Those on my mailing list also, He gives me those and He has a way with them. He has something to do with them.

So, we find out in the bible in Hebrews 11: 33 &34, “Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions…. Out of weakness were made strong….” On and on by faith, no matter what discouragement. Some of them died. They were living in caves and so forth like that. On and on it went. They had a good report, the bible said. Did you ever read that? They suffered, died, and were chased into the wilderness and caves…but they brought a good report, no matter what satan did to discourage them and defy them. Amen. Israel, one time, was all discouraged. A big giant was standing out there. But little David was not discouraged by that. He was happy at that time, wasn’t he? He must have thought back when he got into some of his problems, when he got older, that this little boy said, “I can do that every day—walk against that giant again. Amen? He was happy, and he had those stones, and he knew God would not fail him anymore than the sun and the moon would be rising again. He knew in his heart that that giant was going down…. Can you say, Amen? He knew it more in his heart than when he actually saw it done. He knew he was going down. So, the Lord is very great. And so today, no matter what kind of a giant stands in your way, no matter what giant; persecution, discouragement or whatever it might be, the real seed of God, that [faith] would wipe that sweat off, that trademark would be looking right back out of there. You are one of His. He gives you that temperament. He gives you that determination. He gives you that character. He knows what He is doing, and you will stand right there with Him. I believe it’s really great, don’t you?

If you are new here tonight, you can become a new creature. You can have power in the mind, in the soul, in the body, and the strength of the Holy Spirit. He will guide you too, and that will be mingled and mixed with divine love and great faith. Brother, He will stand with you, no matter what is going to take place. I mean people are not always in discouragement, they are not always disappointed, and they are not always persecuted, but there would be times in your life, and it would come, and it would go. But stand right with this cassette and stand with this message here. I feel a divine power, divine faith and divine anointing will take you out of your problems. Trust in Him with all your heart and don’t lean to your own understanding, the bible said…. If you want Him to work something out in your life, keep trusting until you get it just where you want it. Work with the Lord, He’ll maneuver, He’ll work with you and He’ll do what you want Him to do by faith. But you must work with Him.

We find out in the bible, “…I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” (Philippians 4: 11). Now, God begins to move for you. No matter what comes your way, you must learn to be content. Paul said no matter what state—now the fellow had probably a chain there, having been locked up at the time, probably he was in prison. He had done his best writing in a muddy old hole in jail out there, probably he had very little [clothes] on there…because he wouldn’t have written it that way. But he said, “Whatever state I am in, I am glad to be with the Lord. It serves [gives] me an opportunity so the jailer or anybody else around here can hear about the Lord” because it is hard to get in there and talk to them. Can you say, Amen? And he went to …kings’ palaces, the great men of the earth, Paul talked to them and he talked to a jailer. He went everywhere on the boats, centurions, Romans, it didn’t make any difference…. No matter what happened to him, if you check the scriptures out, everything that happened to him served as an opportunity [to preach the gospel]. I have never seen anything like it. It didn’t make any difference. They starved him, it served as an opportunity. He laid on an island over there, he could have been killed, but it served as an opportunity to witness to the barbarians on the island. He healed the sick over there. It didn’t make any difference. No matter where he was, before whom he was standing, where he was going or what was happening, it would serve as an opportunity.

Now, everything in your life even when there is a kind of discouragement or somebody won’t listen to you when you are telling them about the Lord or whatever it is, you say, “No matter what happens to me it serves an opportunity to do something for God.” Most people say, “Oh, I am so disappointed. I am so discouraged.” But it can serve as an opportunity for God to work it out. Can you say, praise the Lord? Paul said I have learned to be content whether I haven’t eaten in four or five days, whether the storm is raging, and I am cold, and have no clothes. He said I am content in the Lord because the Lord is going to work it out. How many of you believe that tonight? He will work out your problems tonight. He will give you a good Christmas in your heart—divine love. He will work out everything that you’ve got tonight. This is strange for me to preach this way, at this time of the year, tonight. But it is good all year round, says the Lord. Praise the Lord. It is not just that type [of message] you use once a year. You use this all year long, year after year, until the Lord comes and takes us, and we are expecting Him.

So…my soul wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him. Isn’t that wonderful? Not from man, not from anybody, but my expectation, as I wait only on Him, is from God Himself, he [David] said. My expectation is from Him (Psalm 65: 5). God is our Refuge. He is our Strength, a very Present Help in the time of trouble. Run into that refuge with your discouragement and disappointment. I guarantee you, He will remove them. Cast your burden upon me for I careth for you. I will carry it away. Isn’t that wonderful? Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never lean unto your own understanding in your different trials coming upon you. Only lean on the Lord Jesus Christ and He would do that for you (Proverbs 3: 5).

Then the bible says in Isaiah 28: 12, this is the refreshing that will come at the end of the age. It will come…and I will move upon my people with stammering lips and so forth… and different kinds of unknown tongues…. But He will move in a refreshing power of the Holy Spirit. This is the time of refreshing, saith the Lord, coming from Him. Did you know we are in the early trends of God moving in a revival? You know I told you before, by advertisement we do get people out, and we help people with publications…and people do come to the Lord, and people are healed. But real revival comes from the Holy Spirit and He moves on the people like no other kind of advertisement can move. He can move in such a glorious way. I have seen it over and over in there, how that the Lord moves. If you are sharp enough to let your mind drift with God and begin to believe the Lord, that refreshing would be a comfort, cool just like a fresh water of comfort, like a brook or a stream where there is real quietness and tranquility. He said this is the refreshing that I will send at the end of the age. The book of Acts and Joel talk about the same thing as Isaiah; this is the refreshing. Now, this refreshing is already coming again. We’ve had one little refreshing, a great refreshing is coming, if you are able to reach on to another dimension of God. We are going into a dimension of faith that we’ve never seen before in the power of the Holy Spirit. And those that are early and can reach on out even now, you can reach that refreshing. Oh, it is just strength. It is power. It is healing. It is miracles, and it is whatever you need for [your] body and your mind…. The Lord will bless you.

But remember, in your darkest hour, sometimes, in your hour of disappointment and discouragement, the Angel of the Lord is ever so close and will appear. He will help you. He will guide you. He is guiding this church. He is upon this Rock. I believe that. He is guiding it. He doesn’t do it like men see. He doesn’t do anything like man sees as far as I have ever seen in my life. But He does [things] like He sees, and He is Sovereign. He is providential, and He doesn’t get ahead of Himself like men do, because it’s all been worked out before there was a world. That’s Him! He does things very well. Although, man has caused it to look like the utmost mess…. They have made such a mess out of this world that He has to interrupt time to save them from killing themselves.  That is it; from Adam to Atom, A-D-A-M to A-T-O-M. But He’s got to interrupt time, the bible said, or they will wipe the whole world out and nobody will be left…. I will shorten those days or there will be no flesh saved upon the earth. So, He intervenes. And so, we see the mess that men got into, the most awful mess we’ve ever seen before…. When they think they are getting out of one mess, they are getting into the most awful mud hole they have ever gotten into.


That [mud hole] reminds me of Naaman that came to Elisha, the prophet. The man was dying, you see, of leprosy. He went all those miles carrying tons of presents and offerings to the prophet…. The Lord talking you see. He said go down there. You talk about discouragement! Come all that way, then get muddy, and up and down in that mud, a general, you see, a man of authority and power. You know he looked at all those people [his servants], and to be commanded and they see him having to obey somebody [Elisha, the prophet] that he can’t even talk to and him, a general? Oh, generals are born, you know. They are real strong. They are natural leaders. And here, he had to go just the opposite of how he was raised. His servants talked to him and they had to see him get in this mud. It looked awful foolish to him. When he went in that mud, he said, “Wouldn’t one time be enough?” No, go again. He went down in that mud seven times! You talk about discouragement? Man, that man was discouraged, coming all that way…and the man wouldn’t see him…. But in the darkest hour of Naaman, the general—there, he was a Gentile coming over to a Jew, and the Jew wouldn’t talk to him. He went in that mud and…he dipped seven times in obedience as Elisha sent word for him to do…. But when he came out of there the seventh time, God rubbed that mud off him, and put the trademark on him. All the discouragement—he said, “My skin looks like a baby’s. I got all new skin and all my leprosy is gone!” He wiped that mud [off] and that trademark said divine healing is for him. Amen. He is one of mine. Isn’t that wonderful? He is a general. He is one of mine. Glory to God!

I could go on and on with this message, hundreds and hundreds of examples in there. But it is good tonight. You, sometimes, you might make a mistake like Peter and different ones, and like Thomas and so forth like that. You might have gotten in different kinds of things, but I tell you what, if you are the real seed of God, it makes no difference. Rub all of that off of you and that trademark will show through. That’s what counts. You have to be determined, and you have to be the seed of faith and power. Stay with God and He will stay with you. Amen. Isn’t that true? So, it doesn’t make any difference. You have to get yourself back up sometime, but march just right with the Lord and He will bless your heart. I don’t care how long you have been discouraged and how much. You may be dying right now. Some people listening to this, you may have problems, pain—I understand those pains too. The Lord does too. Reach on out. Amen. I am going to read something. He spoke to me about it…. Tonight, it doesn’t seem like it should go with this message, but because of the last thing I was saying there, it does go with this message. He brought it to my heart tonight to read it to you and I am going to read it to you here. It is perfect contentment and Jesus told me to read this tonight. As I was saying when I close on this cassette, you may have pains and sufferings, and be near death. You may have cancer or something eating your life away. But remember this. Listen to this. This is why He told me that. It’s on the other side of that page [Bro. Frisby’s notes]. I wouldn’t have known it was there, but He wants me to read it. He told me to read it, so He brought it back to me: They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore. Neither shall the sun light on them nor any heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and lead them to living fountains of waters, and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. Perfect contentment, spiritually satisfied, physically satisfied in any way that you’ve ever seen. And I will wipe all tears from their eyes. Isn’t it worth it all to go through all of this? Never again would they cry. Never again would they have pain. Never again would they suffer. They would be in a state of contentment unknown to man to this day except unto the Lord.

And I would wipe away all tears, and Light of the Lamb would light up around them…. So, it doesn’t make any difference, Paul said. Remember he was caught up to the third heaven—paradise. He came back and said it doesn’t make any difference about this mud house, this jailhouse or whatever it is. I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in…. How many of you can say, praise the Lord? So, every one of those people in the bible, all through the Old Testament and the New Testament were examples. So, don’t think you are just the only one that doesn’t have all the faith you think you ought to have, and you are just by yourself, and no one suffers like you do. I guess the Lord has a record, doesn’t He? You get into thinking that way, that’s satan’s trick. You get thinking that no one on this earth has been tormented like you have been tormented; nobody on this earth has gone through what you went through. Just reach on back and pull the curtain of time, and see those prophets suffer. Can you say, praise the Lord? What looks like glory, power and glamour that would come upon them when they spoke, even the sun stopped, the moon stood still, awesome power in there. Yet, look at what they went through. Look at Moses, and all the prophets, with Elijah hoping that he would die. One time, he called fire and sheets of fire fell on people and destroyed them, and with the baal prophets, how the Lord moved for him. Yet, just pull it back. You haven’t suffered anything. But the prophets, how they agonized, and what God gave them [tests, trials] for that faith to work inside of them to reach on into another dimension. Finally, he stuck with it; the trademark was on Elijah…. We find out that he carried it straight on into that fiery chariot and them [those] wheels took him away. How many of you can say, praise the Lord? The bible says the whirlwind took him out to heaven.

Are you ready to go tonight? How many of you feel the power of God? I will wipe away all tears. So, we find out, spiritually He will wipe them away now, and He will wipe them away even while you are on this earth, and in the times to come, whatever you have suffered. Oh, what a day! The Lamb would be at the throne. No more suffering then. It’s worth it, all of eternal life in a bliss unknown to man. So, remember this: satan’s a-1 tool is to discourage you away from God’s divine purpose. Sometimes, he [satan] does that for a while, but you rally under the power of the Word of God. No matter what you have done, no matter what it is, get a fresh start. Get a new start with the Lord Jesus in your heart. We’ll get into a new year very soon. Make that year best year you have ever had with the Lord. Can you say, Amen? The refreshing is here to those that will reach on out. A dimension is coming that we have never seen before. I mean, we are going to get in that dimension and they are not going to be able to get in where we are; we’ll be gone! How many of you can say, Amen? He closed the door of the ark and they were gone.

So, we find out, when you rub all that back, that dust; trademark, one of God’s. Isn’t that beautiful? Wonderful! I believe it tonight. I believe it with all of my heart that He will bless His people here. I want you to stand to your feet. Remember He loves you tonight. Some of you evidently say, oh, in my discouragement—some suffer more than others, some do suffer more than others—but all people have suffered at one time or another. Sometimes, the more that some suffer, the greater God would bless them, and the more He would give them. That’s absolute fact here tonight. Some of you tonight, I have got a little time here. What I am going to do is about 15 or 20 of you, I am going to pray that God would give you the spirit of joy and encouragement, and then I am going to pray over the whole audience. No matter what is discouraging you, we are going to blow it clear out of the building. And those on the cassette, no matter what, let’s get happy. I am going to tell the Lord to blow it up by the Holy Spirit; kick it out of the house by the power of the Lord. Let the wind [blow]—He’s got a refreshing wind, just like a breeze—through there.

He will bless those that are listening to this and those that are sitting in the audience tonight…. Are you ready to be blessed here tonight? Glory to God! He is going to bless you. Now, about 15 or 20 of you, get your hearts ready. Let your expectation—my expectation is in the Lord and we are just going to take away all of that, and you are going to expect great things from the Lord going into this New Year. Let’s get ready. Come on, I’ll take about 15 or 20 of you and pray for you. Come on. Thank you, Jesus. I believe you are going to bless your people. Come on now, I am going to pray for you. Lord, touch their hearts in Jesus Name. Oh, thank you, Jesus. Alleluia! Oh my, thank you, Jesus!

Satan’s A-1 Tool | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #924A | 12/15/82 PM