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The Closing Door | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #148

God bless your hearts. It’s good to be here. Any day in the house of God is a good one. Isn’t it? If faith could just rise as strong as the latter-day apostles’ and as powerful as Jesus’s, what a wonderful thing! Lord, all this people that are here today, with an open heart—now, we are coming to you, and we believe that you are going to touch them—the new ones and the ones that are here, Lord, taking away the tension of this world. The old flesh, Lord, binds them up and tightens them up from their jobs in different ways—the anxieties that get hold of them. I believe that you are going to move and release them, and let them feel free, Lord. The restoration—surely, we are in the bible days of restoration—restore thy people to the original power. And the original power shall be restored, saith the Lord. It will come; I believe it. Like rain on a thirsty land, it will pour forth over my people. Touch them, Lord. Touch their bodies. Take away their pain and sicknesses. Meet every need and supply their needs that they may help you and work for you, Lord. Touch all of them together in great power and faith. We command it. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus. Praise God. [Bro. Frisby made some comments about current conditions in the world and the problem/danger of drug addiction among young people. He read an article about the damaging effect of heroin on a young fashion model].

Now, listen real close as I wrote this here: A Definite Belief. Do you know that people today do not have it even in Pentecostal circles? Sometimes, the fundamentalists do not have a definite stand. They have a cause. They have some kind of a belief, a little bit, but no definite stand. God is looking for a definite stand. That is what He told me. You must have a definite stand and most of them do not have a definite stand at all. Many of the movements and systems, no real stand. It is wishy washy, you know, from one time to the next. About healing? “Yes, you know, I don’t know.” They talk about the healing power and they talk about this and that—from the lukewarm to the apostates, and even Pentecostals–but they don’t have any click to it. They believe in full salvation, some of them, in baptism and in healing, but there is no stability. They’ve got to be definite. How many of you believe that? If you are not definite, then you are wishy washy. “Well, I don’t know. Does it really matter?” It sure does, saith the Lord. When the disciples and the apostles, and those in Old Testament gave their lives for the Word of God, the blood ran, the fire burned, and the torture came, but the Word of God came forth. It does count, and it is going to mean something too.

In 2 Timothy 1: 12 Paul said, “I know in whom I have believed…” Now, 50% to 75% of the people in the movements do not know in whom they believe; the Holy Spirit, Jesus or God, who to go to…. Not only did he [Paul] say “I know in whom I have believed,” but that He is able to keep what He has given him until that day—no matter what He has given me. How many of you believe that? He is able to keep it. We did a lot of prophecy last week and a lot of people come to hear about prophecy and so forth. But today, it is more of a down-to-heart message that you should be definite. Don’t be wishy washy. Make a stand. You know some people are kind of born [that way] that once they make a stand—and it is a good one, too–especially if they’ve got the right belief in this bible and they are really stubborn about it and believe it in their hearts. Not to the point that they are going to hurt themselves or somebody, but they really believe it and then have a definite stand, hold to that stand and never give up ground. Paul didn’t. “I am persuaded. I know in whom I have believed.” He was not wishy washy. He stood before Agrippa. He stood before kings. He stood before Nero. He stood before all of them that were officials. “I know in whom I have believed. You can’t move me.” He stayed right with the One in whom he believed, not matter what. That is what is going to count and the Lord saith so. I believe it and I know because we are coming down to a time when people are going to have a level of lukewarmness; “It doesn’t matter.” It matters a lot to the Lord.

So, we find out in here: I know in whom I have believed, and He is able to keep me unto that day. And he said whether it be angels, hunger, cold, nakedness, prison, beatings, demons, man or whatsoever—we have read about those fourteen tribulations. What shall keep me from the love of God? Shall the prison, shall the beatings, shall hunger, shall cold, shall fasting often…the night watches, perilous places? What shall keep me from the love of God? Shall angels or principalities? No. Nothing shall separate me from the love of God…. He pinned it down for each one of us. I know in whom I have believed. Paul was traveling on the road. He persecuted the Lord. He became ashamed of himself afterwards. The light struck. He quivered. He went into blindness. He said, “Who art thou, Lord?” He said, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.” “Who art thou, Lord?” “I am Jesus.” That was enough for him. So, Paul said, “I know in whom I have believed.” He trembled. Paul did. Knowing the very God who had promised to come–that he had made the same mistake as the Pharisees—but he made up for it. “For in nothing am I behind the chiefest apostles, though I be nothing” (2 Corinthians 12: 11). “I am the least of all saints because I had persecuted the church.” That’s what he said even though his position that God has given him is incredible. God is honest. He will be where God is going to put him. Amen?

Now, people, this is what is happening: if they don’t have a definite stand and things are not definite…. In the beginning, there was nothing here in this galaxy at that point. It was an open door God made. He just opened up nothing from nothing, and He created where we are now, this galaxy and other solar systems, and planets through an open door. He walked in time door and created it [time] from eternity where there is no time. When He created matter, force, time began for this planet. He brought it. So, there is a door. We are in a door. This galaxy and the Milky way is a door. If you want to go on to the next galaxy, you go through another one [door]. They call them black holes sometimes, and different things, but this is the place that God made right here among millions and trillions of places that the scientists never had it so wonderful to see such glory and wonders of beauty…. Their eyes cannot behold such a Majestic God out there. But this place, He opens the door and the door closes too when He want it to close. Now, listen to this right here: it will close if you don’t have a definite stand. It is going to close. Satan—God had a door opened in heaven for him. Satan just kept on. Pretty soon, he knew more than the Lord did [so he thought]. “After all, how do I know how He got here.” He wasn’t a real angel. See; he was an imitator. And you know what? It wasn’t very long until the Lord kicked him out of that door and he crashed somewhere down here on this planet. As lightning would fall, satan went down through the door that God had.

Now, in Eden, a little later on after the pre-Adamic kingdom of satan that he tried to set up…. We come to the Garden of Eden…. In Eden, God gave His Word and talked to them [Adam and Eve]. Then sin came. They didn’t stay with a definite stand. Eve wandered from the plan. Adam was not as watchful as he should have been. But she wandered from the plan. By the way, this has two titles. The subtitle of it is A definite stand. The name of it is The Door is Closing. Satan can’t get back through that door anymore unless God allows him to, but for eternity, No. And he doesn’t want anything to do with it because his mind is deranged. That’s what happens when people go so far, you know. So, after the fall—they didn’t stay definite and after the fall—that was the first church, Adam and Eve—they lost that nature of divinity, but still they lived on for a long time. God would come and talk to them and He did talk to them. God forgave them, but you know what? He closed the door to Eden and the door was shut. He drove them out of the Garden and He put at the front entrance of the gate a flaming sword, a sharp wheel that they might not enter back in there. And the door, saith the Lord, was closed and they wandered out across the land. It was closed at that time.

We come on down right after, and the doors were closing, one right after the other. The Mesopotamians, not too long after that, the Mesopotamian civilization sprang forth, the Great Pyramid was built. The door was shut. It wasn’t opened until the 1800s—all of its secrets. He sealed it away in the great flood. And then, the ark—the people didn’t take a definite stand. Noah did. God had given the Word and He gave him [Noah] a definite stand. He took that stand. He built that ark. And as God revealed it to me, and as I know what He showed me, the door of this church age is closing. It won’t be long, it will close right out into the great tribulation. Noah, pleading with the people, but all they would do was laugh, mock. They had a better way. They went out of their way to do things that would irritate him.  They even became wicked on purpose. They did things you wouldn’t believe to taunt Noah. “But I am persuaded, and I know who I talked to,” Noah said. I know in whom I believed. Finally, the people would not listen, and Jesus said that at the end of the age that we live in, it will be the same way. The animals came in…. They had been driven out by house building and industries, and pollutions… and different things…highways built, and trees cut down—something was up…. The same as in Noah’s day the animals knew by instinct that they better find a place. They could feel the rumble. They could sense something in the heavens, something in the earth, and by the reaction of the people that something was wrong; they better get to that ark. When they got in and God had got His children in there, the closing of the door took place. God closed the door. You know what? No one else got in there. The door was closed. How many of you believe that?

We find out; you say “Doors, where did you get all these doors?” He’s had them in every church age. Ephesus, Paul said with tears, “After I am gone, they are going to come in here like wolves and they are going to try to overthrow what I have built.” Jesus threatened to remove that candlestick because they had lost their first love for souls. The first love for God, they did not have it anymore…. Abraham was standing by the tent door and the Lord moved in such a way that He startled Abraham, but there was a door. He told Abraham, “I am going to close door to Sodom. After the four got out, God closed the door. Like atomic energy of some sort, the city went up in flames like a burnt furnace the next day. God practically predicted the time. Many times, in the bible, He predicted the comings and goings of different events. The [time of the] translation has already been kept, but He predicted it too by signs. If you tie the symbols together, the signs and the numerology—not the kind they have in the world—but the numerical values in the bible, if you tie them together, and the prophecies, and you have them together, you will come up with a close period of the translation because in many places [in the bible] He would tell what He was going to do. He told Abraham…. All of a sudden, the door was closed to Sodom. God had given a warning. He told them all about it, but they went on with their…laughing, their drinking and all that they could do, and what they imagined to do. Today, we have reached the portals of where they were, and surpassed it in some cities. From the gutters and the skylines of Manhattan, they do the same things. From the rich and famous to the ones on the street that look homeless and on drugs, they are all in the same boat nearly; one glamorizes and covers it up. Finally, some of those on the street because they are busted, their lives are torn, their families are broken, and their door is closed. So, God closed the door on Sodom, and fire came upon it.

Matthew 25: 1-10: He told them the parable of the wise and the foolish virgins. He told them about the midnight cry. The midnight cry, the silence. After the silence and the trumpet, the fire falls, one third of the trees are burnt; the bride is gone! We are getting closer and closer; in symbolism and signs we are getting nearer and nearer. The door is getting closer to being closed in the bible there. In Matthew 25, the foolish were asleep. They had the Word of God, but they had lost their first love. They were foolish and stable. They were not certain. They didn’t have a definite stand on all the Word of God. They had a stand on part of the Word of God, enough to get salvation, but they didn’t have a definite stand like Paul “I know in whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that He will keep it until that day.” Paul, God has kept it…. And after the midnight cry, the bride warned the foolish, warned the wise, and woke them up just in time. Then all of a sudden, in a moment…it’s all over with. It’s gone in a twinkling of an eye. What a God that we have! The bible said they went to those that sold, but they weren’t there. They are no more; they are with Jesus! And the bible said in Matthew 25, the door was closed. They knocked, but they couldn’t get in. The closing of the door—in this twentieth into the twenty-first century, the millennium door—and it was closed. He [Christ] didn’t know them [the foolish] at that time. There will be a great tribulation that pours out upon the world.

The bible says in Revelation 3: 20, “Behold, I stand at the door….” Jesus was standing at the door and He was knocking. He was standing outside the church that He had one time given an outpouring to, Laodicea. If any man has ears, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches. There was Jesus, knocking at the door, but finally, the door was closed to the Laodiceans. He gave them a chance. “I will cast her in bed” and they will go through the great tribulation. The door is [still] open. Behold, I stand at the door. But I saw God, and the way that He moves, the door is closing like the ark. He is gradually closing out this century. I would say He would finish closing the door earlier probably but closing the door will go up as far as the tribulation saints too, closing them out. And He closed the door.

Moses was at the Ark and there was a door in the Veil. They went behind there and closed the door. He went in there for God and prayed for the people. Elijah, the prophet, preached, was turned down and rejected. The lukewarm rejected him…. “I and only I am alone,” it looked like. But he had given a witness to that generation. Finally… he crossed Jordan supernaturally. The waters just obeyed, by the Word. See; no matter what is, the Word backs him up, knocks them out of the way. By the Word, the waters obeyed, they opened up and the door of Jordan was closed. Here is another door: and he got to the chariot. When he got to the chariot, God got him in the chariot–and that is symbolic of the translation–and the door of the chariot was closed. The spinning wheels, like whirlwind, went up and he went up into the heavens, and shut things out. The closing of the door. How many of you believe that?

The Philadelphian Church age has a door no man can open. That’s your age that you are living now, off of Laodicea. No man can open it. No man can shut it. “I leave an open door. I can shut it when I want to, and I can open it when I want to.” That’s exactly right. He opened up revival in the 1900s and closed it down. He opened it up in 1946, closed it down again and separation came. He opened it again and it is fixing to close. A quick short revival and the Philadelphian age will be closed out. He closed out Smyrna. He closed the door. He closed out the Ephesian church age. He closed out Sardis. He closed out Thyatira. He closed out each door and the seven doors were closed and sealed. No more [people] can get in; they are sealed away for the saints of those ages. Now, Laodicea, the door is going to be closed. He was knocking at the door. Philadelphia is an open door. He can open it and shut it when He wants to….

Revelation 10: out of a time door from eternity came an Angel. He came down, wrapped in rainbow and a cloud, and fire on His feet—beautiful and powerful. He had a message, little roll in His hand, came on down. He set one foot on the sea and with one hand there and from eternity, He declared that time shall be no more. And from that time, we are nearing the translation. That is the first time capsule. And then it would be the next chapter [Revelation 11], the tribulation temple, time capsule. The next one, the beast power over there—time capsule at the end as we go on out and blend into eternity…. He is at the door. There is, saith the Lord, the gates and the door to hell, and I burst asunder the gates of hell. And Jesus tore down the gates and walked into hell itself at the door. There is a doorway to hell…. There is a road that leads to hell and that door is always open. Like Sodom, it is open until God closes it and casts it [hell] into the lake of fire. That door is open; the doorway that goes into hell. You have a door, the gates into heaven. There is a doorway into heaven. That door is open. God has got the Holy City coming, one of these days. But before that, the great atomic war will wipe out millions of people, nearly this earth, nearly—through hunger and starvation…. If He didn’t intervene there would be no flesh saved, but what is left is not very many and I tell about how Zechariah described the weapons. They melted while on their feet, millions, hundreds of thousands in the cities and wherever people are.

The door: it’s coming. After the atomic war, there is a door into the millennium. And the door on this old world, the one that we know and the one that we live in…. You know way back before Eden even before the pre-Adamic Kingdom in there, He closed the door on the Dinosaur age. There was an Ice age; it was closed. It came into age of Adam, 6000 years ago…. God has these doors. You get through some of these time doors that go through this universe; before you get into eternity, you would think you are in eternity. There is no end to God. And I’ll tell you one thing…He’s got a door that will never be closed for us. That door is open, and you will never find the end of it, saith the Lord. That’s right. The door into the millennium and after the millennium; the books are opened for all of the judgments. The sea and everything gave up the dead, and they were judged by the books that were written. Daniel saw it [the judgment] too. And then the books were closed like a door. It’s over, and the Holy City came down. The door of the saints: no one could get in there except the ones that God predestinated to go in and out—the ones that are supposed to be there. They have an effectual door to go in there.

God gives us a door of faith. Each of you is given a measure of faith, and it’s your door of faith. The bible calls it a door of faith. You enter into that door with God and you begin to use that measure [of faith]. Like anything that you plant, you get more seeds from it and you plant more seeds. Finally, you get a whole bunch of fields of wheat and you keep using that [measure of faith] there. But the door is closing. The Veil door opened in heaven… and the Ark was seen. So, we see, in the last age, God is lifting the veil now. His people are coming home. During that time, there is going to be foolishness, there is going to be scoffers, and there will be people that have plenty of time—ignorant, people that are careless. They have no stability. There is no definite plan. They are just kind of wishy washy. They are on sand. They are not on the Rock, and they are going to sink…. The door will be closed. It is closing now. How many of you believe that? If you don’t have a definite stand, the door will close. You must remember; He is at the door. But as I have said by the Holy Spirit, we are that close. “Behold, I stand at the door,” and He is closing it out at the end of the age there. Jesus said, “I am the Door of the sheep” meaning that at night, He would lay across the doorway in the little place where they had them [the sheep]. He has become the Door, so that nothing can go through the Door; it has to come through Him first. Jesus has got us in a little corral-like, in a little place. Wherever it is, Jesus is laying across the door. He is there at the door. “I am the Door of the sheep. They go in and out, and I watch them.” He’s got the door for us. I believe this: we are going to get to water. We are going to find pasture, aren’t we? We are going to get all that we need there. He leads me besides still waters, green pastures, and all of this, the Word of God.

In the fast-paced age that we live in, hectic movement, the nervousness, the age of no patience—run over them, don’t go around them is the name of the game, the mob scene—wherever the mob is, that is God? Well, wherever the mob is, generally, God is somewhere else. How many of you believe that? Not that you can’t have large crowds, but [when] you go pulling millions of systems together and mingle and mix them with all kinds of things that are going to come into one, you’ve got a mob. You have the underworld, you have Babylon; treacherous, dangerous, murderous…deceivable, delusive, full of it, imitator, glamorous, greedy, growing, seducing…. She [has] fornicated with the nations, all the nations, Mystery Babylon, controlling finally the economic Babylon…it’s coming, and it’s here now. The closing of the door and the opening to heaven is coming. We don’t have long….

God closed the door. At the beginning, He shut out satan, and at the end, He is going to let the saints in through the door that He shut for satan. We are coming. But now, as the age begins to end, it’s the closing of the door. Right now, there is still time to get in. There is still time to do something for the Lord, and believe me; it’s not going to always be [time do something for the Lord]. It’s going to finally shut and then those that are sealed in—we which are alive and remain shall not prevent them—the graves will be opened. They will walk about. May be in a moment’s time, though, we don’t know how long, then we will be caught up together. My, what a beautiful picture! Possibly, at that time, somebody may have died that you knew, and it hurt you so bad. The next day, translation took place and they walked up and said, “I am Ok.” May be, you lost somebody two or three months or a year ago. If translation takes place—at the time of translation—and they say, “I feel fine. Here I am. Look at me now.” Isn’t that wonderful? Sure, you are never going to find anything like that. That’s my message. I tried to make it to where it is like, it is because if you don’t have a definite plan, the door will close on you.

So, the Closing of the Door is the title name of it [the sermon], but the subtitle is A Definite Plan. If they don’t have one [a definite plan], the door will close. “I am persuaded. I know in whom I have believed. Neither angels nor principalities, nor devils, nor demons, nor hunger, nor death itself, nor any beating, nor jail…their threats should keep me from the love of God.” Oh, walk on, Paul. Walk on them streets of gold! Amen. How great it is! What we need is a new wave of revival and that is coming. The door is in motion. It’s finally coming to an end. But explosive events will be on every side in the 90s…. We are in the last round up, folks. So, what you want to do is: listen to me; you get it in your heart. I know in whom I believe, and I am persuaded, no matter what—sickness, death or what would strike—I know in whom I believe, and I am persuaded in whom I believe, the Lord Jesus. Put it in your heart. Don’t wander about, “Do I really believe?” Get strong, and definitely you know in whom you believe, and you always keep it like that in your heart; you have a definite plan. Hold to that plan and believe that way. He will keep you until that day. The Lord will keep your faith.

When you enter here, you are entering into the door of faith. I believe God is going to bless your heart. I want you to stand to your feet this morning. Don’t follow the crowd and the mob. Follow the Lord Jesus. Be with the Lord Jesus and know who you are with. Know at all times that you believe in Him. If you need Jesus this morning, all you have to do is say—there is only one name, the Lord Jesus—I accept you in my heart and I know in whom I believe too. If you are definite, boy, you are going to get answers from Him. He is faithful. But if you are not faithful, see; He just stands there, waiting. But if you are faithful to confess, He is faithful to forgive. So, you say, “I am going to confess.” He’s [already] forgiven. That’s how faithful He is. You say, “When did he forgive me?” He forgave you at the cross, if you have enough sense to know how God works in faith. He’s all power. Can you say, Amen?

I want you to lift up your hands in the air. Let’s praise Him in the door of praise. Amen? Lift up your hands. As He is closing the door, let’s get more in. Let’s get a few more prayers in. Let’s stand by in the Lord. Be behind the Lord. Let’s stand up. Let’s have a definite plan…. We are going to be definite about the Lord Jesus. We are going to stabilize with the Lord Jesus. We are going to be part of the Lord Jesus. In fact, we are going to be so glued to the Lord Jesus that we are going away with Him. Now, shout the victory!

The Closing Door | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #148