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  1. What God has given to His people, we will not be able to pay Him back. When we get to heaven, we will realize how much we owe
  2. Hold on to the word of God; out of that will come good and wonderful things. Everyone that God receives must be tested.
  3. The Lord is refining, burning and bringing together a people that will say, “I believe in God.”
  4. Infinite knowledge – foresight. People often wonder if God has control of this world because of all the problems, troubles and crises in today’s world. God has the world in control. Yes, says the Lord, “not only this world, all of them.”
  5. The word of God is the truth. All is foreknown before The Lord foresaw all creation and the whole world. He has known all from the beginning to the end until it blends into eternity (Isaiah 46: 11).
  6. The pre-knowledge of God. He has foreknown Do not worry about sickness, death or the trials of this world. The Lord has given us eternal life. Hate and disagreement will only pull people down.
  7. The Lord has appointed all things for example the migration of animals and birds from one continent to another, weather patterns, the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars. Nothing takes place by chance. The whole creation is by divine
  8. We are in the image of God—not a monkey. Adam and Even were made in the image of God by the calculation of the Holy Spirit, not by chance.
  9. At the exact time, God appeared to Abraham. At the exact time, God appeared to Moses. Moses tried to step out of time. He thought he could lead the children of Israel out of Egypt by force. A lot of people jump up out of time. But God’s time is exact and a straight path. At the exact moment, the Lord got Moses’s attention in the burning bush. Inside the fire was God as Christ. At the exact time, the water parted. At the exact time, Moses got the children of Israel out of Egypt.
  10. At the exact time, we are going to heaven.
  11. At the exact time, the sun and moon stopped for Joshua. At the exact time, the sun dial went backward for Hezekiah. We will have a translation at the exact time.
  12. At the exact time, Elijah crossed Jordan and went up in the Chariot of Fire. If he had come a day later, he would have missed the chariot. If you are late, you will miss the translation.
  13. God has foreseen all the earthquakes and plagues that have occurred and will occur upon the earth. God knows about the timing of mystery Babylon, the budding of the fig tree, the destruction and coming of Israel and the battle of Armageddon. All these events are predetermined.
  14. All the troubles going on in the world are predetermined. People wonder, but God Has got it all under control.
  15. The whole creation is in travail because the sons of God are about to step Nature is proclaiming it. Christ is coming to get them.
  16. At the exact time, the United States became a nation. The US is like Israel. The birth of the US is timed by God. It did not happen by chance. The nation has provided refuge for many, but it will go into a shipwreck. But God will get His children out of here.
  17. Jeremiah was known before he was born. God said, “Before I formed thee in womb, I knew thee…” (Jeremiah 1: 5). Cyrus’s name was given in the bible two hundred years before he came up.
  18. The revival of the last days will come at the exact time. The previous revival came by God’s timing. The revival had a great effect on many. However, that revival resulted in denominations and TV ministries which got people deeper into denomination. At the end of the age, the power will swing The Lord will pour out His power. The great crisis in the world today is the travailing before the Lord visits His children with great power and takes them out of here.
  19. We need power because the devils are five times stronger than before. Strength and power will come. Great deliverance will come. The translation will take place. The religious systems will come after the Christians who are left behind leading to great persecution during the tribulation. We have got to be very much like God and please God like Then, we are taken up. At the exact time, 42 months will be left on the earth until Armageddon.
  20. The writing of the Old Testament and the New Testament was timed at the exact time. The atomic bomb was dropped at the exact time. God knows about the space war and energy weapons. God foreknows prophesies that will take place.
  21. We were in Him before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1: 4 & 5). We are special and unique. We were predestinated in God’s love. If we have been chosen by God, we must be valuable to Him. God has got a pattern. He has a plan of how many Blacks, Whites, Jews and so on that will be in heaven. In the blueprint of God, everything will happen by His counsel. Believe God’s promises. He will carry us through. We are predetermined by His counsel.
  22. At the exact time, at 12 years of age, Jesus stood before the doctors of law in the temple. They saw the power of God in Him. He went into the wilderness at the exact time of Providence. At the exact moment, He will come again.
  23. Nobody can push He will bring the revival at the exact time. He will come at the exact time. All we can do is pray.


Note: Please read Special Writing #36 The Will of God in One’s Life along with Translation Alert 6.


Infinite Knowledge: Foresight.  
Sermon CD #1120
by Neal Frisby, 10/6/85 AM.