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Thank you Jesus. Lord bless your hearts. I don’t know about you, but I think it rained all night long. I am sure glad to see you got here to church. The Lord bless your heart for that effort. If you are new here this morning, you can receive right there in the audience.

We just closed that crusade and it was a great one. But you know, it’s after a crusade, it’s after a revival meeting when He moves, and the people, they get in unity and they are believing, they get healed and begin to believe God—it’s  after a crusade that the devil will fight you for what you’ve got. You see, you gained ground. You have power over certain things and you gained ground; your faith grows. After the revival, the devil will try to cool you off. That is when you prove what you received or not. You hold on to it. Each time, hold on. Don’t let the devil cheat you out of it.

You know, when you listen to the Lord and you listen to the Lord’s Word, you do two things: God blesses you and you defeat the devil. But he [the devil] will tell you, you didn’t, but you have. By [you] listening to God, he [the devil] is through. Did you know that? But people don’t want to listen to Him. Lord, touch the people today in their hearts and when they leave, let them feel the exuberance of the Holy Spirit energizing your people Lord. What you have given us that the Holy Spirit will abide, and even stronger and stronger in our age than ever and ever and ever—He will abide with us. Lord, bless your people so they can feel the divine joy of the Holy Spirit Lord and the happiness of God within them because that is your nature Lord—to bless your people. Take away the pains and I command the sicknesses to depart from the bodies this morning. Bless all of this people for you have created every individual Lord, every person here today and in the world. Give the Lord a handclap! Alright, the Lord is great! Go ahead and be seated.

You know, even the people that don’t want to make it to heaven, He has created them for a divine purpose—the negative, the positive and so forth like that and he has a real reason in it. So, we listen close this morning. You know, in this revival, we could have still been going. Amen. You would have still been feeling the power of God, how He moves. Someday, He will appoint for that anointing because it will give you the unction to come. He will give you the feeling of power, that is the place to be. Within yourself you cannot do it. You must rely upon the Holy Spirit for without me saith the Lord, you can do nothing. Oh my! Now, you see what revival is! It is the help of the Holy Spirit. It is the power of the Holy Spirit to keep you lifted up. Whatever is wrong with you, He will take care of it.

Now, listen to this real close and we will begin here, The Appointments. I was thinking you know, do you ever notice that they make appointments. Foreign countries do with the president. Countries have people making appointments. People today, they make appointments with the governor. They make appointments with the councilman. They make appointments at the beauty shop. They make appointments at the psychiatrist office, at the doctor’s office, and the barber shop. They make appointments; everywhere you go, they are making appointments. Now, sometimes, those appointments are kept. Sometimes, they are not. Sometimes, people can’t help it and sometimes, people can. And I began to think about it. I don’t know how I got to thinking about it. But I was thinking about how people make appointments you know–and human nature as it is, something takes place—and they fail sometimes. But the Lord’s Holy Spirit moved on. If you go back to the beginning of the bible, He never failed one appointment, not even when He was to see Lucifer. He never failed an appointment. You know, one time, the sons of God and Lucifer came to see the Lord; remember, during the days of Job—an appointment.

But He never failed any of the appointments in the bible. So, the Appointments. He had an appointment with Adam and Eve and He kept that appointment. The bible says this in Isaiah 46: 9, “…For I am God, and there is none else: I am God, and there is none like me.” When you say God never failed an appointment, you are saying Jesus never failed an appointment. When you say Jesus never failed an appointment, you are saying God never failed an appointment. And I found out one thing, the Lord brought it to me; there cannot be two rulers in the universe or it will not be called a Supreme ruler. That word alone settles it there. Check it out! There is none like me, see? “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.” See; He declares the end from the beginning. Right around Adam and Eve in the beginning, He began to talk about the Messiah that was coming. He declared the end from the very beginning and from ancient times—what I WANT TO DO, and He will.

So, we see the appointments, and He never missed an appointment. Every name of those major, prophets and minor, prophets was in the book of life before the foundation of the world. He had an appointment to meet them. He met them. Each individual here today, I don’t care who you are you have an appointment with Him. He will not fail that appointment, and when you give your heart to God, He had that appointment coming to your life. Here is another thing: every individual that is ever born on this earth—no matter what, where or when—they will have an appointment at the White Throne. Do you know that? The appointments of God are kept. There are so many appointments in the bible that you couldn’t preach them in a month nearly. It will take you hours to preach the appointments that He made in that bible and He kept His appointments. We have appointments before the foundation of the world.

Gabriel with Mary: That appointment was prophesied in the Old Testament. Declaring the end from the beginning–it was declared in Genesis. The time angel, Gabriel, appeared to Mary right at the appointed time. He had an appointment with that little virgin, and He appeared. The Almighty overshadowed her. Then Jesus had an appointment, the Lord did, at birth. He never missed the appointment; exactly on time. He came in the bible as the Messiah. He had an appointment with the shepherds. He had appointments with Jews and Gentiles, and with the wise men. He had those appointments. He never failed any of those appointments. When He was 12 years old, before the foundation of the world, He had an appointment at the temple. He was appointed to be there. He never failed in His appointments. He was there. He stood before the learned men and He spoke to them at 12 years old. Then He disappeared, it seemed like.

Then He had an appointment when He was 30 years old. This time, He was to meet satan head on. That appointment was out of the wilderness. Jesus came with power after 40 days and 40 nights [of fasting]. You see, He had an appointment in the wilderness, angels surrounding Him and so forth like that. He came to the wilderness; He had an appointment with satan and He was about to have an appointment with man. When He had an appointment with satan, He defeated him easily, handily. He only used one thing and that was the Word. The Word was standing before satan, and he leaveth Him. And He [Jesus Christ] had him tied right there. He had an appointment with Lucifer. He defeated Lucifer, although he kept coming back trying to make it look like He didn’t, but He did.

Then He had an appointment with the lost and suffering according to Isaiah and the prophets that He would heal; take away the iniquities, and all the sins and the burdens and the heartaches, and every type of diseases you can imagine—He would carry them away. He had an appointment with the lost. He had an appointment with the sick. In every appointment, He arrived on time. He had an appointment with the multitude when He fed them. The Old Testament foreshadowed that when Isaiah [Elisha] fed the multitude with bread one time—one hundred men with just a few pieces of bread (2 Kings 14: 42-43).

He had a meeting—predestination–coming on time. He had an appointment. He had an appointment with Mary Magdalene. He met her, cast out the devils and she was made completely whole. He had an appointment, intensifying His compassion on the sinners that He came for. He had an appointment with the woman at the well. He arrived at the exact time that she appeared. He never failed an appointment for one little soul. Did you know that? And He never failed an appointment for a multitude of souls. He had an appointment with the dead and they lived. They crossed that appointment. He had a schedule; when Jesus was little, the bible said I will call my Son out of Egypt. He went out of Israel as a little child. He had a schedule to meet. He went down into Egypt. Herod died and God pulled Him right out. I will call my Son out of Egypt. He came out [of] there at that scheduled time. He came back.

He had an appointment with the dead and they lived again. He had an appointment with Lazarus, His friend, and he lived again. Each time He had an appointment—He never failed an appointment with the Pharisees. He saw Zacchaeus in [on] the tree. The bible said He had an appointment with him. I must come to thine house. Amen. How many of you are still with me. If you go back each case in the bible, the nobleman, the centurion He had an appointment with him, the Roman, to meet with him. Nicodemus, at night, He waited. He had an appointment at the marriage there, at the time that He performed His first miracle. All of these appointments, from satan right straight on out, He never failed. He never failed any of the sinners. He never failed any of the lost. But oh, how they failed Him in their appointment to be there! Daniel and all the prophets said the Messiah would come, the Messiah would do these things, the Messiah would say these things, and the Messiah would be like this. The Messiah fulfilled it to the letter. They [sinners/the lost] failed their appointment. Over 90% of them probably when it was over with failed their appointment with the very One that created them. God is not like that.

That is why when you need healing or are in sickness; you believe with your heart, see? Faith in the heart. Now, you say, how does faith work? According to the bible, according to the way my gift works, the ministry that He has given me, and the anointing that He has given me, you have faith in your heart already. You have it; it’s covered up or something. It’s like this: it is there, you are not activating it. Some people can imagine certain things and they hope for certain things, but it’s still not reality. But faith is a substance. It is as real saith the Lord as you and more so. Oh, faith is—look at yourself—it’s as real as you as you are and what you want is too [real]. If you have faith, the faith that can work into potential, it is great power. The potential faith that you have, it is there to grow and to do great incredible things. I have a coat on. I can’t say, you know, I want a coat to put on. I have got a coat already. How many of you see what I mean? You say I have got a shirt on. You don’t say give me a shirt. I have got a shirt. How many of you are learning now? See; it’s within you to manifest. But your appointment, with that anointing—see; you’ve got to have power to trigger that faith. And that anointing and presence—how strong it is—will trigger that power. But it’s inside of you. If you only knew how to work this anointing that God has put in this building by the appointment of time. This whole building was made by appointment. Many people say, “Why did he build this out here?” You have to ask the Lord. He said something, do it, and it would be fulfilled. Oh, why didn’t he build it in California? Why didn’t he build it in Florida or the east coast? The Lord had a reason and by providence wanted it set right on the piece of ground that it is on.

He knows what He is doing. It’s appointment. I couldn’t have been born 100 years ago. I couldn’t have been born 1,000 years ago. I had to be born at the exact time, and so were you. If you ever wondered, “Why am I here now? I am not doing any good.” You wouldn’t have God, if you had been born on the other side probably. See; He knows how to position and get that seed from the very beginning, from the first child, from Adam and Eve and so forth like that. He knows how to come. All the way I declare from the beginning the end of all things. And before the foundation of the world, it says the Lamb was slain which is the Lord Jesus Christ—all in His plans. And before the foundation of the world the ones that He came to get were already appointed by God, and not a one of them saith the Lord would I miss. He won’t miss a one of you. See; have confidence in Him! Don’t ask the Lord to give me a coat when you’ve got one on. Amen? You have that salvation in your heart. You can work on that salvation till it bubbles up like everything. You can go from a revival, build on that revival—you keep building fire on that revival—revival to revival. So, use what you’ve got. It is within you, that power of the Lord. Blocking it; sure, if you sin you block it. But you can get that out of the way.

See; the Presence—now, let’s put it this way. You have faith within you, but you have to activate the presence, and the presence fires that thing off. Glory! When it does, from it comes lightning—it’s just like flashes of blue and red. It flashes, and I have seen cancers just dry off and everything else. It is the power of the Lord. How many of you believe that? So, with the faith you’ve got, it takes the Presence of God to activate it. This book is exactly the Word of God. But without putting it into action with the Presence of God, it can do you no good. It’s like food in the table, but if you never make any effort to get that food, it won’t do you any good. Same about faith, you’ve got to use it. Use what you’ve got. It will begin to grow and the power of the Lord will be with you.

He has destiny in each of these cases. He has an appointment in what men call death—and as the bible describes this death—He had an appointment. He didn’t shun that appointment. I know a lot of men would shun it. But He didn’t shun that appointment with death on the cross. He had an appointment at the exact hour, minutes, and seconds—and even beyond that, infinite—that He would give up the ghost. He had an appointment also to turn back in to eternal life, and that appointment came right on time. See; these appointments, He met them afterwards by appointment—talked to them—the disciples. He told them to go to Galilee and tell them I would meet them at a certain place. He kept His appointment. When He said in the bible, I am the Lord thy God that healeth thee, that appointment was kept. It is up to you to move out by faith. Move out and believe the Lord for the things of life that you want. Begin to work on these things and He will do [it] them.

These appointments: He came back to eternal life and met the disciples. He came inside, walked among them—a rendezvous—He met them right on time. Whatever you need in your life, your appointments will be met. No one will escape this generation, he is about to meet an appointment. So we find out at the resurrection, He came forth. He had an appointment with eternal life. Then He moved in, He had an appointment with Paul on the road to Damascus in destiny. At the exact moment, He struck Paul. That was the end of Paul’s former life. It changed in the foundation of the world declaring the beginning from the end—all things from ancient time, I KNOW. Paul, from that time on in destiny, had an appointment, and he made it. One time, he promised to go to Jerusalem and he kept his appointments. The Holy Spirit, from other minor prophets—not as great as he was—gave prophecy, “Paul, you go, they will bind you up and you’ll go to prison.” Anyway, he felt that the prophecy evidently was true, but God was greater. So, the apostle said I would go anyway. They said they will bind you and throw you into prison. Evidently, Paul prayed all night. He saw himself going out in a basket. He didn’t tell them anything. They said he was bold, but he had met God, see? He went down to Jerusalem exactly. He got liberty from God to do it. He went down to Jerusalem and they bound him and threw him in prison, and shaved their heads and said, “We will kill him. We will destroy him this time.” He found out that when God said something, He will carry it out on through and do it. But he had met with God. He had an appointment. Evidently, the Lord said go ahead and keep that appointment. So, God was with him in the appointment or he would not have gone.

He told John that before he died, he would see Him again, He saw Him on Patmos. He appeared to John, the writer of the book of Revelation, which is the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, written by the Lord Jesus Christ. He met John on Patmos just exactly on schedule with the visions and revelations of the end time. And we have an appointment today, each one of us that loves God. We have an appointment and He shall not fail—and that is the TRANSLATION. That translation appointment is to the infinite second. It surely will come. Rolls of glory will precede it. Glory! Alleluia! You talk about a good time. I tell you, the age is shortening fast. This is the time to really rejoice. We’ve got something that no other generation has. We’ve got something that no period of time has ever had and that is that the coming of the Lord is right on top of our head! I can feel His feet, amen, coming down on me. Can’t you see? The hour is drawing close. So, on Patmos, he saw Him there glorified, and those candlesticks. He appeared to him in different forms there. He had an appointment.

He will have an appointment with the 144,000 after the translation (Revelation 7). He has an appointment with the two prophets, and those two prophets will be there waiting. He will be there—those 144,000—He will seal them. That appointment will be kept right on time. And we have an appointment with eternity that we cannot escape. The bible said so. Once a man is born and dies, then the judgment, see? It’s almost automatic, you see, like that. That is an appointment that each of us would have to make. Many of you, most of you here would see the coming of the Lord. I feel that. But there are two appointments: you either have an appointment with death or you have an appointment with eternity in the translation. That would be there. This generation has an appointment according to the Lord Jesus Christ’s words, and He will not fail. It [this generation] has an appointment with destiny; it is sure, it is certain as the day’s sun rises. Jesus said this generation shall not pass away till all these things that I have spoken are fulfilled.

According to the definite factors of the scripture, we are definitely living our last generation–according to the bible. How that stands with God is left up to God. But [by] my understanding of the scripture and my understanding of the signs with the anointing upon me, we are that generation with the appointment of destiny. Destiny is upon us like never before. The moment you were saved, each individual, at that moment you were saved, you had an appointment with Jesus. One, when you were born, He appointed you to come. You have an appointment and He will stay right there with you. When He makes that appointment, He never leaves it. Amen? You could go through all the prophets, back to Abraham’s time, he had an appointment. He [the Lord] met with him and said 400 years they [children of Israel] would go and exactly 400 years later, the children [of Israel] went [into captivity]. To everybody, there is an appointment. This generation has an appointment with Him. Jesus is scheduled to bring judgment on this generation that finally rejects Christ. It says finally this generation is beyond redemption. It would be given over to its own corruption—the deluge of sin, crime, you name it, unbelief, false doctrines—systems would just eat up everything. It would be given over, beyond redemption. When that elect is gone, the clock begins ticking [to tick] fast.

Nineveh, one time, had an appointment. He [God] had a little trouble getting Jonah there, but He got him there. Nineveh shall condemn this generation at the judgment for that particular era of time. Look what they did beyond everything you’ve ever heard. For at the preaching of Jonah, the bible said all of them repented. Did you know that? From one prophet, and he was disobedient, but still it worked because of God’s timing, for the Lord had an appointment with Nineveh. For Nineveh to turn down that appointment, she would have ashes and fire before it’s time. But He delayed it for a long time before it ever took place. It was finally destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. Jonah had an appointment. The people of Nineveh shall condemn this generation at the judgment. They listened to Jonah. The Queen of Sheba shall condemn this generation at the judgment because she traveled across the continent to see the wisdom of Solomon. She did not reject that wisdom and what he told her. She believed what Solomon told her and took it in her heart. By believing with no more signs than what she saw in the Word of God, and what she knew, the queen would rise and judge the generation of rejecters. It’s exactly right.

He has an appointment with this generation. An appointment is coming; it would be on time. It would be sudden. It would be swift. It would come. According to the scriptures, the last days of this generation will be one of subjection. It will be subjected to satanic powers that we have never seen in the history of the world. This generation will be subjected to the worst satanic powers. The devils running around now would be like Sunday school compared to what is coming. I mean when God unleashes them, when a generation totally rejects Him and only a few—and those gathered together that believe in His Word—and you have billions that have turned it down. With that turning down, they will be subjected to satanic powers until it calls for satan’s man. It’s exactly right. It’s coming. It will be given over to corruption that you’ve never seen in the history of the world about the time that tribulation starts across there. Except for the elect there will be no escape for this generation according to the scriptures—only [except for] those that trust, those that believe, those that are translated, and those that flee according to God’s providence into the wilderness. Taking the mark of the beast, there is no escape prepared for this generation–except to call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are coming to the end. The blood of the prophets to be required of this generation because all the shed blood of the prophets will come up before God—in that great system of corruption (Revelation 17 & 18). He has an appointment and without mixture God’s plagues are poured out (Revelation 16). That appointment will be kept. The angels have already been appointed. They are standing by and at the silence when the church is caught up before the throne, the trumpets will begin to sound one by one. They are waiting in that silence and there it goes forth into the great tribulation. Those angels are appointed to sound one by one—even the bible says one year and five months, one sounds and for six months over there, another sounds—and it gives the time of the sounding, the time of the appointment of the great tribulation—the timing of all that to Armageddon. Those angels have an appointment and those angels will keep their appointment. How many of you realize that? Those appointments shall come.

Now men today—all kinds of appointments are given out today. God gives out an invitation too. Those invitations that are given—some of those people will fail those invitations, but those that come to God will taste of His supper. So we find out, each appointment from the sounding of those angels—sounding at the end of time—the thunders that come first, the sweeping revival that we would be in—that God has given, and He is moving with His people in that revival as appointed. It is appointed. Time up! Like it says in the scriptures, the time of refreshing shall surely come, and it is by appointment. So, no matter how many men or how many women or how many [people] fail you, or how many times a man makes promises—see; in politics, they make promises, they can’t keep them; presidents make promises, they can’t keep them. But I can promise you one thing; Jesus will not miss an appointment. You can count on it! We are getting close now to where you can stand by and watch them because they are going to start ticking off more and more as time goes by.

Look at the streets. Look at the weather. Look at the heavens. Look at nature. Look at the cities. Look everywhere. Bible prophecies are right on time. So we find out, the appointments will be kept. Then when it is all over, every person that has ever been born, they will all be there and stand before Him. Every mountain and island fled before Him and He is sitting there with the books, and everyone is appointed. Throughout history, different appointments are separated by thousands of years. He made the appointments with individuals, but at that time, somehow by miraculous power, every individual, all of them will make an appointment. How many of you know that? Isn’t that wonderful? Some of the people walking on the streets, some of them are sinners and some are good Christians. Some of them say, “I wonder if I would ever meet God, person to person.” Oh yes, you can mark that one down all you want to because you will meet Him there. There is no escape from that. There is something about it that some of them—they can’t explain it—by just being there, they will condemn themselves. The people that did not follow Him—it seems all conclusive by being there when they see Him.

I think it is a wonderful thing. He is going to keep His appointment in this revival. He appointed this building to be built here at the exact time that it was built here. He will visit this by the same type of timing. We’ve already seen Him. He is mysterious. He moves to where you can’t even notice Him sometimes. He does this by faith, and then there will be an explosion of something that He does. But He is moving not only here, but all over the nation in my ministry and everywhere. He is moving in a dimension. He is doing many wonderful things already that you are not able to pick out. He is going to make it more pronounced. He is going to intensify [it] and He is going to bring knowledge. He is going to bring more faith and allow it to be released within you. He is going to intensify your desire for Him. He is going to intensify that your needs are met and He will abide with you. How many of you believe that? I want you to stand to your feet.

So remember, this generation has an appointment. “Well, you say, “This guy over here is a governor and this one is a rich man.” That doesn’t make any difference. The rich has an appointment with Him and the educator too. The genius will sit there—like the dumb—all sit together. Amen. The educated will be there with the uneducated. The rich will be there with the poor, but they will all be the same before Him. Do you know what? This is a great message. Praise the Lord! And all of that by just simply thinking—the title of this sermon—The Appointments. He had an appointment for the sick and He came. He revealed Himself to you. He has an appointment to tell you that you’ve got faith and you’ve got to operate that faith. It’s within you like the clothes that you’ve got on. You’ve already gotten it with you. Use it! How many of you believe that? Amen. See?

So, in this message we have here this morning, I started thinking about men and appointments and different things, and oh, He said, “I never failed an appointment.” You look in the scriptures here. All through the scripture and you find out that each prophecy that He said He would come and see somebody or that He would visit Israel or call a prophet—we find out Daniel said 483 years—he timed it in prophetic weeks—Messiah would come, Messiah would be cut off. And exactly 483 years from the restoring of the walls of Jerusalem and the proclamation to go home—at exactly the time that Daniel said, 69 weeks–there is one week [to] be fulfilled for the tribulation—right on time, seven years per week, 483 years, the Messiah came and was cut off. Exactly on time with the appointments. How many of you believe that? Those weeks evidently were 30 days per clockwise as God’s timing is. Amen. He is not like man. He keeps it right on schedule. How many of you feel good right now? You’ve got faith. Don’t you? Remember, some of you will be surprised how God has chosen with faith that you were born, and is inside of you. But you have to have Presence to set that power off in there. And that anointing and power—if you know how to use what God has put in this building, say what you will, see? Speak it now!

The Lord spoke to me early in my ministry, and then all through the ministry concerning myself, about what He was going to do. And it would come all of a sudden and it would come upon me. He would tell me by the Holy Spirit too and He revealed what He was going to do. It seemed impossible [what was going to take place], but I believed it. I found out that everything that He appointed and told me about the ministry, He never failed an appointment with me. That’s exactly right. Some things to believe for—financially—you don’t make statements like that because if you don’t have God with you, you are going to owe some money. That’s where the bull stops. Yes, I spoke what was going to be built and everything that God told me, He met me on His appointment all the time. I believe that was Him. In other words, He wasn’t blowing any hot air to me. God is right on time. He doesn’t fail. He is right there, and it is appointed on time. I believe that with all my heart. How many of you believe that? Glory! Glory!

Elijah would be like some of you. He got so nervous like some women would get sometimes. You know, they get nervous before a birth or about something, and they just walk up and down. Elijah got like that. He didn’t know for a long time what was going to take place and he just wanted to go on and face it. It just seemed like time went on and on. But at the appointed time, He said to the prophet, “Now, go to Israel. Challenge them, the king and all the prophets [baal prophets], Elijah. You be there at the appointed time and tell them to meet you there at the appointed time.” He gave a time and the appointed time for Elijah to appear. Finally, it was appointed time after many years. He called that fire out. That appointment of destiny—that fire could not fall two years before that. It could not fall 10 years afterward or 100 years before that, at that spot. But that was appointed for that fire and for that prophet to be standing right there in God’s vision.

When that prophet was standing, he had to be standing just right. He couldn’t be turning this way [or that] according to what God’s vision was for him. He had to be facing somebody or whosoever he was looking at exactly. He had to say certain words just as exactly as it had to be said. He chided those prophets. “Where did their gods go? Mine is a God of destiny. Your god hasn’t appeared; maybe he went on vacation and failed you. He didn’t appear in your appointment. But I’ve got a God. Call on your god and I will call on my God.” Amen? He said mine is by appointment. Something I have wanted to do to prove to Israel that God liveth. And when he said certain words and looked a certain way, just like motion picture, fire came to the exact second. It hit that ground. And it took place just as God predicted it. He didn’t think it up then. Before the foundation of the world, the prophet—his vision turned and it was right there on time. How many of you can say praise the Lord!

Explaining the vision of God—how great it is to lift your faith up. Amen? So, as you learn how to allow that Presence to trigger that faith that is growing in you with that expectation, my, what is going to happen to you! Let’s thank the Lord for this service. I am on my way. Glory to God! I will be here tonight and we will have some Presence. Let’s just shout the victory! You need Jesus, call on Him. He is all over you. Call on Him now. Praise the Lord! Come on, and thank Him. Thank you, Jesus. He is going to bless your heart. Reach out! He is going to bless your heart.