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Lord bless your hearts. Thank you, Jesus. Do you feel good tonight? Well, it’s really great. If you have any faith, you will be healed where you are standing. He’ll move right where you are by faith. There is a PRESENCE, an atmosphere of power. Sometimes, in the services, praying for the sick, you feel the POWER. It’s like waves. It’s the Glory of the Lord and He is really real. Amen. I am going to pray for every one of you right now. Lord, every one of us that tonight are gathered to worship you first and to praise you, and to thank you from the depths of our souls and hearts. We know you Lord, and believe you. Touch every heart. Inspire it Lord, and guide that heart. My prayer and faith in my heart will work for those that allow and receive what I am saying. Bless them Lord. Sometimes, it may look troublesome, it may look dark, but you are there in the dark, you say, the same as in the light. There is no difference, the bible says, between the light and darkness to you. So, you are with us always. Isn’t He wonderful? David said, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me. Glory! Touch the hearts tonight. Heal, Lord. Work miracles. We command the diseases to go in the Name of the Lord. Give Him a handclap! [Bro. Frisby made some remarks about upcoming crusades].

Tonight, Opportunities of a Lifetime. Now, we are entering a season of an outpouring. Exactly right! And it is not just a sprinkling either. But it is the arrows of the Lord and the power of the Lord to His people and I mean, they are packed with gifts, with wisdom and with knowledge. You know, in the bible, we have watched and seen, and the bible predicted the latter rain and the former rain, and different outpourings, bright clouds with glory and so forth like that. And Jesus, when He departed, they saw Him, about 500 of them, (Acts 1). About 500 of them watched Him and gazed as He was taken away. On each side, He was flanked by two men in white. He was in a cloud and He was received up. They said, why stand and gaze? Go about your business. Work for the Lord. They said, this same Jesus that was taken up in this manner shall return again. Now, what He did in Israel and the great miracles that He performed and the works, He said we are to do also. The exact type miracles that He performed will come again at the end of the age. For they said, this same Jesus who went away will come back in the same way. He will, in advance, begin to work among the people and we will see power as never before. That is coming.

In the scriptures in Joel 2:28—outpouring, the latter and the former rain. He worked and gave power to the 70, to the 12, and then it just broke out everywhere. The works that I did shall you do. You always know that scripture there. And at the end of the age, ordinary people—just before the translation—ordinary people who have faith in their hearts and they have been trained in the heart to believe in the heart [like] the message that has been preached;—ordinary people will be able to have their eyes open and the faith in their hearts to work miracles and to do exploits just before the coming of the Lord. But if you do not listen to the Lord’s ministers or to His Word that is anointed from the Lord, that is revealing and laying the foundation for the faith and miracles to receive now, how are you going to do anything? But those with an open heart and those that receive it [the Word] in their hearts—it’s a good ground—that is a good seed. Some bring forth a hundredfold, sixty or thirty. Did you ever read it in the great parable that we have? So, at the end of the age, there will be a repeat of His power because it’s in the same cycle and things will begin to happen.

You know, at His first coming also when He was born, it is like His second coming when He comes again. When He was born, there were angels round about. There was the Light, the Pillar of Fire of Israel, the Bright and Morning Star. There were signs in heaven and so forth. There were angels that gathered among the people. In His second coming again—as He returns—some of the same signs will take place. We’ll move into the cycle. Can you imagine such a cycle when the Messiah 30 years old stepped into His ministry—and the anointing of the Lord. The first thing He did, He reminded me, was to get rid of satan. Can you say Amen? Satan approached Him just before He went into His ministry and tried to show forth his power to the Lord and so forth like that in the time dimensions—set [Him] up on the temple, kingdoms of the world, fall in front of him and all that. And he stepped in front of Him right away in His ministry. He told satan it is written—in the power of the Lord’s promises. Right away, He got rid of satan and went on into His ministry. Isn’t that wonderful? He sought the Lord as an example and revealed to us what to do. Many times, early in the morning, He would rise up. He would go out and He was showing them the example. Later, in His disciples’ lives, they remembered those things and they sought the Lord at a certain time and so forth like that.

But we are moving. Can you imagine now? The dead were being raised, arms being created, ear-buds being put in, bread being created. They were hearing thunders in the heavens, transfiguration, astounding miracles–people who hadn’t walked in years [were walking]. We’ve seen many things today, some of them will even match that—we’ve seen, in the ministry. But it is moving into a different cycle, a deeper cycle and into that cycle He went. It began to get stronger and more powerful, and creation and things began to occur. Then He thundered out: the works that I do shall you do. Then He said these signs shall follow them that believe. Lo, I will be with you always even to the end. Now, we’ve had sprinkles and some showers, and some outpourings somewhat [somewhere], but now they are coming together—the former and the latter rain—and we are entering the cycle. It is the last promise to the church and in this cycle, it will be like the Messiah’s when it comes. The same ministry—it will be a quick short work. It was three and half years when He really got into the heat of it, although He was on earth longer than that. And such great power among the people. There was nothing—if they brought it to me and they had faith, they were healed. Miracles were wrought, and signs and wonders everywhere.

Now, again—the short period shook the earth at that time. And after they had seen all those things, they turned away because of the Word that He planted with it. Now, at the end of the age, He is coming again. Tremendous cycles are moving into the Messianic cycle—coming—when He will move in His prophets, move among His people, and then in that cycle, He will plant the Word. He is doing it. You see, those that can stay with His Word and those that can believe in their hearts, oh, what veil will be pulled back! What power you will step in[to]! You will be in a sphere unknown to man and you will walk in that until it becomes like Enoch and Elijah, the prophet. He walked with God and the Lord took him that he should not see death. That is a type of the translation. So, moving into this cycle, He is planting that Word right with it. Those that believe the Word will receive the glory of those miracles.

Listen to this, Ecclesiastes 3: 1: “To everything there is a season.” He said, to everything. You see, some people say, “Well, you know, I do this. I do that.” Sure, you do a lot of things yourself, but the major pull was of God. The major things in your life from a child—you go here and go there, and get into a lot of problems and wonder, boy, was I smart? You said, “I thought I knew everything about what I was doing.” You found out you were all tangled up, see? But when you get the hand of the Lord, He is there revealing it to you. Then you find out there is providence. Without Him, it would have been you wouldn’t pull out of it. Amen? But divine providence—I know some people, the way that their lives are—even in my own life, see—it was divine providence and predestination, how He moved on my life. You see, in providence, He holds that true seed. He holds the ones that He is doing [working on] in His hands. People say, “Well, I can do this. I can do that. I can go here and do this and do that.” But you know what? You were born by God’s light, by God’s power upon this earth, and you can do two things. You live your life; you either go to the grave or you are translated. You can’t do anything about it. Can you say praise the Lord? You can go this way. You can go that way. You go up, you go down. You go sideways. But there are two things coming in our future: You either go to the grave or you are going to be translated. Those are two things you can’t get out of. How many of you say praise the Lord?

Divine providence will guide you. We are near the translation. It is coming. It is a time to work. There is a time for everything and that includes the translation, only known in the heart of God. To everything there is a season. There is a time of God moving. There is a time for every purpose under the heaven. There is a time for men to kill men, wars and so forth like that. A time to heal. Other times, the earth is sick; unbelief all over the earth. A time for cycles of revival. He sends it at the proper time. First, He puts it in the people’s hearts to be hungry, to get hungry, and He puts it in their hearts as He gets them to pray. There it comes, and the sprinkles and the power begin to come more and more, and more. He puts it in their hearts. There is a season that He brings depression and recession, and war. There is a season that He brings prosperity and good things to people. How many of you believe that? It’s exactly right. Sometimes, in your life, you would go through a time of turmoil. You would go through a time of tests. If not for the providence of God, you could not hold on, see? Then you go through your good times. Sometimes, if you know how to work your faith, you’ll be in a lot of good times. Can you say Amen? But all of this is done for your good.

Everything that God does, no man can add to it, the bible says. Everything that He does is beautiful. Amen. Satan tries to sour it; he tries to turn you against Him [God]. Satan tries to use your own flesh to turn you away from the Lord and guide you away from His promises, see? He can’t do it. Then we find it here: “A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together…” (Ecclesiastes 3: 5). Like people, you know, the time that God cast them out. In other words, there is a coming and a going out. It’s been on through the church ages the same way. Now, we are coming into the cycle of this thing. Then he [Solomon] said this—this is what I want to bring out: “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past” (Ecclesiastes 3: 15). Now, he can speak that in a hundred different ways. But in the revival and the shape that these nations are in now is similar to Rome back down to the different kingdoms. Now, in the revival that we have here—see; Jesus had a great revival. Nothing [has] matched it in the history of the church ages after the apostolic era with Christ—nothing has matched what the Lord did until the age that we are pulling into right now. We are coming into that—to God’s time zone—and we are pulling into that.

That’s exactly what He does here. That which has been is now and that which is to come has already been. That which is to be has already been. You see, when Jesus said, this same Jesus that is taken away will come back likewise, He will precede that with tremendous power. Because preceding His carrying away was awesome power displayed to the Hebrews and those that saw Him. Some Gentiles witnessed it at that time before the gospel went to the Gentiles. Now, it is said, He [Jesus] will come likewise the same way. So, preceding Him—He will be coming in clouds of glory. Forerunning that would be supernatural signs and wonderful power [miracles]. It is an opportunity of a lifetime! No one since Adam and Eve or as we know it–the seed that’s been here for 6000 years has had the opportunity to do more and to believe God—and the faith that’s provided. There is a time for this and a time for that. Now, as we move out of this cycle zone and are translated—oh, you are in the tribulation—this cycle is gone! You can’t call it back; you see then. He’s moved on into the cycle of great tribulation—which is similar to what happened before—and will come again, but only it is intensified—so that is at the end of the age.

Now, it is an opportunity of a lifetime. That is that God, in His great compassion, will go out of His way to help you, to give you more faith and you will believe now more so than ever in the history of the world—those that would act on their faith. How many of you see that? That’s what we are moving into. It’s like you have one cycle of harvest and another cycle. It’s moving in kind of like out of one [cycle] into the rainbow, see, into another cycle. You move into it; you go deeper into it. That which has been has already been and God requires that which is past also. So we find out, He is the LORD, He changes not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His promises are true. Men change. They are not the same yesterday, today and forever. Did you ever know that? That’s where the problem comes in. It comes in today in different systems and cults and so forth like that. The Lord has not changed. He is the same as He was in the beginning as He would be in the end. But it is men that have changed. Their faith does not match His promises. Their lives do not match His salvation. How many of you realize that? So, there is faith, There is power.

Talk about the miracles–that we are going into! I have described to the people the things that the Lord revealed to me. You have people—I have seen inklings of this type—many miracles of healing of cancers, first one after the other. You couldn’t even count them in California, let alone in the other states. Immediately, they were healed by the power of God. You see people that have had these cancers and dreaded diseases; they looked 25 years or 30 years older. I have seen them come in their 30s and 40s and they looked like they were 75 or 80. They didn’t even look that good, just horror, death was on. It’s like a death march when you look at them. People already had their stomach gone; their intestines eaten out. And God healed them, gave them a miracle. I can see the miracle right there and I can see the change even coming on them right then. As we go in deeper at the end of the age, not only with those people that are near death—with that veil of death upon them—when they are prayed for. It doesn’t make any difference—by their faith matching—it’s enough to set off that power—to allow it to light up in them—that great power, the flame of the Lord. Those cancers were dried up just like that and the miracle process would speed up. That person would actually begin to gain their look back right in front of your eyes. Their face would become young again as they were supposed to be. And then probably an hour, maybe some of them it would take a day or two, their face would come back and their wrinkles and the blackness under their eyes where they looked like 75 or 80, they would look like they were even younger that they looked. He is God!

Somebody said, you are going to do that? Sure. Lazarus was dead four days. He [Jesus] said, “Let him loose!” And He on purpose allowed him to stay there that long before He came, so they could see he was dead, feel he was dead—all these senses. He didn’t want anybody to jump up and say that they thought he was dead. He let all their senses—they could feel it, see it and smell it. Amen? So, He just waited. They thought all hope was gone. But Jesus said I am the resurrection and I am the life. You have no problem here. Can you say, Amen? He said loose him, let him go! That’s power! Isn’t it? Satan doesn’t do things like that. So, we find out, all his [Lazarus] body was decomposed and wrapped up. They had already put him away and all of a sudden, sure, He loosed him, and he was able to walk immediately. He hadn’t eaten in four days, maybe longer than that before he died. They loosed him and let him go. Immediately, his whole character changes back to normal. See; his face became as new. Isn’t that wonderful. Now, this dimension—see, Jesus said the works that I do—He meant that—shall you do, and then He went on to say greater works shall you do. Because I will come back and give you full power that I could not even release to all this blind people walking here that can’t believe anything—some of them—the Pharisees. We have Pharisees today too. Those Pharisees might have passed on, but there are some Pharisees today and that spirit is still alive.

So, what has been shall be again, and what is past shall be required. What is now has been before. So we find out, there is a purpose. There is a design for everything under the heaven. You may do anything you want to, but you will come right out like God wants you. How many of you realize that tonight? A lot of people think He is somewhere distant. He is right here. He is present upon each one in this auditorium here. A lot of people think that He doesn’t really know all these problems and all these things that are going on. He is right here. Do you believe that? It doesn’t make any difference what is wrong with you. He is right there, and He is able to give you a miracle. So, we find out coming into this last move now, it’s an opportunity to believe God. An opportunity to believe God—would have never been like this before and we are moving into it. Are you really going to take advantage of it? Amen. How many of you feel the anointing of the Lord?

Listen to this. I have got one more scripture. Ecclesiastes chapter 3—read the entire scripture. All of it is really good. Isaiah 41: 10-18. He said this: Fear thou not: for I am with thee [do you believe that?]: be not dismayed: [that’s what satan tries to do] for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my majesty (v. 10). Fear not, for I am with thee. A lot of people all over the nation [the nations] that I cannot reach that listen to these cassettes, get great hope! He talks right to some of them that are wanting, answers. All of these cassettes are kind of like—every one of them is different. He moves like that and He works miracles for them. He is telling them in this message that the time is coming. Time for this and time for that, and we are moving on. Take courage for He said fear not, I am with thee. And I am with the church. Do you realize that? Ask and you shall receive. He is right here. He is not distant. He doesn’t have to come. He doesn’t have to go. He is always with us. Then He said in verse 18, I will open rivers in high places, [Oh, Glory! We are sitting in heavenly places with Christ the bible said at the end of the age] and fountains in the midst of the valleys: [He is fixing to have an outpouring] I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. This is not talking about the type of water that you drink. This is talking about salvation and power and deliverance to God’s people.

Fear not, for I am with thee. No matter what satan will do to discourage the last move of God or try to cause the people to disbelieve in the Lord—those are his [satan’s] plan–but God is coming right on through. He knows exactly what He is doing, and He has a pattern. He has a design—even if it is intercessory [intercession]—it’s one of the great ministries in the bible. Many prophets were actually intercessors. No matter what it is, He has a design for you. He has a plan for your life—manifold plan of wisdom. He is moving; that is the purpose. Now, you can go this way and that way in your heart and not listen, but what you want to do is yield and He will make it easier for you because He has something for every child of God. That is the cycle that we are moving into—mostly, love Him with all your heart and believe. He does love that faith. Amen. Both cases, especially Enoch, He admonished him for the great faith that he had in Him, and the Word of God. I want you to stand to your feet. He is right here. So, when we see Him creating and Him moving like never before—we are moving into that already—like I said you will see things that would be astounding.

But He is coming back in the cycle of revival. The works that I do, [shall you do] He said, and even greater works because He is going to gather His children. Opportunities to believe God as never before. He is unctioning, urging me to tell the people, what an opportunity! When Jesus walked the shores and spoke to them, it was almost like just a vapor; He was gone see? But yet what an opportunity that stood before them! Are you going to miss it? That is what He is trying to say right here tonight. Are you going to miss this opportunity when He walks again among His people? He will walk with greater power. You keep your heart and eyes open. You watch the feeling of that Holy Spirit and the power from that Holy Spirit that begins to move among His people. They are never going to be the same again. Oh! Can’t you feel the energy of the Holy Spirit? What an outpouring, not sprinkles, meaning that everybody on His way will be wet with the power of God. Glory! Alleluia! Isn’t that great? He knows what to give you. He knows how to guide you and He knows how to lead you. You, by prayer, and in your heart acceptance of the Word of God—standing in that Word of God, in the vacuum of the Word of God, and in that prayer—the will of God will work its way through your life. Did you know it?

Get ready! You know, those that received the outpouring and the Word of God were ready. Did you know that? They were prepared. I believe that. Now, if you are new here tonight, go to this side. Some of you need healing or [have] some serious problems; I want you to go over too. People from outside of town, if you want to see me a little bit, you go over there, and we’ll pray for you. Believe God together. The rest of you, I am going to pray for you right down here in the front. We are going to believe the Lord. No matter about the depression and anxiety, heart troubles, cancers, it doesn’t make any difference. We are going to command it to go. And command God—revealing [to reveal] His plan for your life. Can you say Amen? One thing He said, be not afraid, I am with you. That was spoken by the Lord tonight and He is right here.

Come on and begin to rally and thank the Lord. Come on and shout the victory. If you need the Holy Spirit, I’ll pray that the rivers of water, power of the Holy Spirit would come upon you. Come on down here. All of you get ready. Get ready! Glory! Alleluia! Thank you, Jesus! He is going to bless your heart. Get ready to believe God. I’ll be right back.