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How To Trust | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #739 | 07/08/1979 AM

I told the Lord—you know preaching the word of God all the time–I believe I will just let them rejoice and praise the Lord and I will also rejoice and praise the Lord. He said, “No, before you do that, I want you to do this.” Amen. In the summer, we will have a time of really praising God and preparing for the meetings that are coming. Time is shortening all of the time. The bible is full of joy and what He does for you. Even in tribulation and trials, we are to rejoice and not to change our attitude toward God at all. It is hard because the flesh will make you not to see it that way. But the bible reasoning is the best. The evangelist has his sermons on rejoicing and praising the Lord, healing the people and helping them. But an evangelist/pastor—I do both—he has to put them down and then teach them the words of wisdom that have to go with the rejoicing. If we understand the Lord’s mind, it teaches us to be on solid ground and we are less likely to grow cold in the Lord. When we understand the Lord’s mind, we will have the mind of Christ. When we understand these things, we get added revelation and more faith. You’ll understand why so many things happen to you and when you compute it together, you know that God is in it all and He will help you.

We don’t seek for trials, but during our Christian experience they will come back and forth. What we will do—before we go into doing a lot of rejoicing and praising the Lord; we will have a lot of time to do that—we want to teach about those times that satan will attack you. He does everything and anything to cripple up the body of Christ, but the church is going into full bloom. The Lord is going to give us the right amount of sunshine–He is going to increase that—we are going to have a great one and he will bless His people. You mark that down. I believe that it will be in the era of my time that God will bless His people so much. God is going to have a group of people besides myself preaching the gospel, but he will have prophets, He will have power and He will lead His people the way He wants to lead them; not the way that you or I or man would like to see it done. Even when you are confronted with many things that face you, let Him do the leading, wait and watch and He will lead you out every time. But if you fall to your own self and lean to your own understanding, trying to figure it out yourself, you are going to have a hard time. It’s kind of like a woman travailing, she has to go along with it and let nature and God do it (if she seeks God).

Listen to this real close: a real look at reality and the right approach. Some people think that when they are converted, their problems are gone. God does bless them and they are full of joy but they don’t understand that satan is going to try to steal that joy. Satan will try to pull you back or cause you to backslide. He is good at this kind of things. This is to help you this morning. Listen to it real close; it is teaching us how to trust. I was sitting at the table putting the sermon together and the Holy Spirit moved. The Lord spoke to me and I just wrote down what he spoke to me. So, this is teaching us to trust. We have learned about faith, the power of confidence and all those things that go together. When you trust, it can be a short period of time or a long period of time. No matter how short or long, it is still called trust. How many of you know this that when you have your trials and tests, trust means that your attitude doesn’t change when you are in those problems and when you come out of them? But if your attitude changes, you don’t have any trust. Trust means that you have the same attitude going into the trial or test and the same attitude coming out of it. It’s hard to do that sometimes.

Why do the elects suffer and for what purpose? This is revealing God’s plan—there is a plan to it. It shows you what will produce trust. He is preparing His company. You know the church does not always stand on miracles, but has always stood on difficulties mixed with miracles and grace. The Lord Himself showed me and revealed it to me. He said, “My people don’t always stand on miracles. It is during the difficult times, those times of oppression that they will stand better with me than they will stand with miracles alone.” Albeit, miracles are from the Lord to point us, help us and to deliver us, but we don’t always stand on miracles alone. If you look in the scriptures, you’ll see that people seek God more in difficult times. They seek the Lord more when He puts the purging to them. He is ever present for deliverance in the time of sickness, trouble and so forth. I have received many letters from all over the country and they want help. People are suffering and they have trials. However, multitudes are delivered that write to me. He moves no matter what their trials are but they don’t understand why these things happen to them. Now, this message is an insight into the working of the Holy Spirit teaching us how to trust.

Watch this: Abraham in his difficulties trusted and rejoiced. At one time, his attitude began to change. He sort of joined up with Sarah a little bit—he let her do what she wanted—but Abraham’s faith was in the Lord. During the difficult times, Abraham trusted and he rejoiced. In fact, Jesus said, “Abraham rejoiced to see my day.” Glory to moment to God; through the tests and trials, the bible said that He rejoiced in the Spirit. This should give you a firm setting that when something comes against you in the future–no matter how many things satan pushes against you–the Lord is going to double His love, double His joy and double His anointing. The doubling of the anointing will take out the attacks of satan.  Jacob was heartbroken. That was a man that saw God and became a prince with God. He saw angels, Jacob’s ladder, wrestled with the Lord and with all that Jacob was heartbroken. He had lost little Joseph, a rare child that God had given him. The other children were rebellious at times; they did things that were terrible. He loved Joseph so much. The other children separated Jacob from Joseph and told him that Joseph was dead. How that must have hurt Jacob! But Jacob got himself together, somehow, trusting in the Lord and later what a reunion in Egypt when Jacob was brought down there! Then he began to see that God had sent the little fellow before so that he could teach the Egyptians how to save during the hard times and in a great crisis. Joseph did prepare and became a lord over Egypt. Only Pharaoh and his throne were greater than him. Then Jacob rejoiced to see his son ruling the world. What a rejoicing through the trials and the tests!

Joseph was also separated from his family. He suffered for many years before he saw them again. Sometimes, that happens to people today. They are separated from their families, but they are trusting in the Lord and when they come together, there is reunion. Joseph was separated from his family but God had something better for him. Watch this in your life; in your sufferings that you have gone though, He has something better for you. In this way, not only did God bring Joseph to his ministry, but by so doing, He saved the known world. At the same time, He saved the seed of Israel because all would have perished from the earth–the way the famine came at that time. So, Joseph was separated from his family, but the bible said he trusted in the Lord. With all his heart, he trusted. I believe that many times, he could have gone up to see his brethren, but he did what God told him at that time. He stayed right in Egypt. With the power that he had with Pharaoh. If Joseph had wanted to go back to his brethren, Pharaoh would have said, “Say no more. Take troops with you; go see your family.” Joseph didn’t do that. First, God kept him in a place (prison) where he couldn’t for a while and even when he could, he didn’t. He waited on the hand of God in the tests and trials. He stayed with the Lord. Like I said from the beginning of the sermon, don’t try to work it out yourself. Don’t try to lean to your own understanding. Joseph would have been doomed after he got into prison, but he wasn’t. He leaned on the word of God. He knew that God was in the tests and trials than He was in the blessings, sometimes, and he held on.

All through my ministry, the things that I have gotten from God have come in strange and mysterious ways. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivereth him out of them all” (Psalm 34: 19). All; A-L-L, how many of you say, praise the Lord to that? The elects are travailing; they are, right now. In all their happiness, in everything that they are going through, they are gaining wisdom and knowledge, saith the Lord God. People don’t understand why they have trials and suffer, sometimes. It is revealing that joy and more of it is coming. It is revealing that blessings and more blessings are coming. If he doesn’t test you, you cannot hold it; you will get high-minded, backslide and get out of the way of the Lord. He knows what is coming and He is teaching you to have faith and obedience. That is the main thing: to obey Him, if you are in joy or trial or if somebody has antagonized or criticized you–it is to know this—hold on and He will build your faith. If you do it the scriptural way, you will come out on top every time. Trust is this: when something happens, you still trust the Lord all the way through it and you come out the other side with the same trust. He will stay right there with you. But if you don’t, you didn’t have trust when you started. A Christian should be sober about these things and he will have a better understanding of why events take place.

Peter said beware of the fiery trials that will try you. They will come and go, but God will show you greater things. Brother Frisby read Romans 5: 3. Rejoice when you have tribulation just as when you are on the high top. “Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord…” (James 5: 7). It teaches us how to trust in the latter times, especially about patience. Many will be tried; be not like the wicked, but be like Job. With longsuffering and patience, God is working something in your life and He will do it. This message will go into books and cassette going all over the world and to foreign countries and they will want it more so than the people in the church (at Capstone) because they are not right here where the power is, except through prayer cloths and so forth. They are not sitting here like you so this means so much more to them even than you that are sitting here because when the message comes, it is like rain in a dry land. But we know that the Lord is the one that we are weighted to or the things going on in the world will throw you off. We are weighted to the Lord. Stay right in here. The Lord will bless your heart. Work on patience. Brother Frisby read Acts 14: 22. But through the tribulation, God is with you, ever ready. All the arguments of satan and all the things that he will put on the children of God, I know they are for a moment of time and Paul said that these things are not to be compared to the eternal weight of glory (2 Corinthians 4: 17).

When people get converted, they shout, praise God, talk in tongues and they say, “This will go on forever” and the first time that the devil walks up and knocks them down, they are ready to quit. Be expecting anything, but don’t look for it. By that I mean, don’t pray for those things, but be expecting—looking forward. With much tribulation, you will break forth into a greater understanding of God, into a greater kingdom of God; these things make you grow. If you can’t go through the tests and trials, you really didn’t believe God anyway. Trials and tests prove how much you trust God and they prove our confidence in God. Otherwise, if nothing ever happened and you never went through anything, how in the world would you ever prove to God that you trusted in Him? It (trial/test) makes you strong and to withstand what is coming upon the world. God is preparing your heart. Brother Frisby read 1 Peter 2: 21. He suffered as an example to show that this would happen to many of His children. He said if they had done this to me in a green tree, what would they do in a dry tree? If they had called me beelzebub, what would they call you and so forth? People don’t prepare for that. Anybody—you don’t even have to go to church here where the anointing is—anybody that has the real Pentecostal experience and they speak and believe exactly as this word of God is, right here—satan is going to take a shot at them. He doesn’t just shoot at the people that attend church here. Whoever believes in God, he will try to pull you down. But rejoice in the Lord. Jesus suffered as an example. This doesn’t mean that one should go out and seek after suffering–as I said a while ago–but when it does occur, do as Christ did, rejoice.

Listen, about this time the Lord moved on me and this is what came from the Lord: “Behold I see your sufferings. I see your sickness and trials. I also see when you laugh and when you rejoice. These cometh for one reason; they cometh to show that I will make a better way. Old leaves must shed as new leaves rejoice and come again.” You see; old leaves will dry up—troubles and problems—this little wind will blow them away. Then your troubles and problems will be shed off in that cycle and new leaves and a greater move of God will come into your life. Old leaves must shed away and new leaves must come. You are in continuous cycles and the leaves will dance in the wind. Praise God, hold on and shout the victory. How many of you see the cycles? You go through your good cycles and you go through the cycles when you are tested. If you go through the dry leaves and they fall off and you come through with the word of God in you, you will rejoice and new leaves, new outlook and everything will happen to you. Here is something else that He said right here: “When one gets to meet me, is not eternal life better?” See; when you go away with Him, He is saying, is not eternal life better than the things you have here? Also, when these other things happen to you, “I have something that is better for you. Oh, He is going to do something for the people this morning, I can feel it. You have been praying and have been tested, some of you, He is going to bless your heart.

Some that are going to listen to this cassette all over the world, God is going to bless them. He’s got something going here: Behold, saith the Lord Jesus, I am going to give my elect army, a new heart [that means strong faith, too], a new Spirit, a sound head, new hands and feet to walk in the presence of the seven powers, to do exploits and to translate!” Praise the Lord. My, my, my! We are going to shed off those old leaves now in this revival, saith the Lord. Praise God! The new leaves are coming. That is why we have been through so much, but He is going to give us much more and we will be able to handle it without getting haughty or getting out of the way or backsliding. You know He can bless His people in the midst of crisis when no one knows what to do. He can bless them when everybody is confused; they will know exactly where they are going. The Egyptians were so confused (at the Red Sea) they did not know where to go, but the children of Israel knew where they were with Moses. Praise the Lord. “This is my comfort in my affliction; for thy word hath quickened me” (Psalm 119:50). You meditate on the word of God and it will nourish you. This sermon and these messages will give you a spiritual light and help you too. I have something I want to read to close up the message: “The reason why the children of God are frequently overpowered by difficulties and trials is because they attempt to carry their burden themselves instead of casting it upon God as he graciously commands them to do.” Brother Frisby read Psalm 55: 22. They do not. There are some things that you have to do yourself, but when you know something is out of your hand and you cannot do anything about it, that is when you trust and walk with God. Stay there with Him like Joseph did.

All things work together for good to them that love the Lord. When you trust the Lord in the way that he said—cast your burden upon the Lord and trust the Lord—all things work together for good to them that love God (Roman 8: 28). Many of you remember George Muller. He passed on many years ago. He was the man that believed God for millions of dollars to help orphans. He stood with God. I am going to read a little bit of his writing to match this sermon: I have been a believer in the Lord Jesus for 43 years and I have invariably found that my greatest trials have proven (to be) my greatest blessings.” How many of you are still with me now? The man was known worldwide. He believed God for things that they thought were incredible in the age that he lived in. Yet, he said that he found out that his greatest trails had been his greatest blessings. We walk by faith and not by sight. Amen (2 Corinthians 5: 7). We have to believe what God said. We must neither look to our own feelings nor be discouraged though all appearances are against what God said; we must remain, for faith begins where sight fails. Amen. Lo, I am with you always, saith the Lord (Matthew 28: 20).

Now the Lord Jesus, the loving helpful Friend, is not seen by the natural eye by many people, but they know He is there; by faith they see Him. They know the word of God. Faith says, “I rest upon the word.” “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures…” (Psalm 23: 2). He almost commands us to believe in His way. In other words, all these things you are going through, He will finally by that way force you to green pastures. Wow! Praise God! I don’t think anybody saw that. Stay upon God (Isaiah 50: 10). There must be real trust in God and it must be more than merely using words. Many people use words. That is fine, you can pray. But it takes more than that. It takes more than words. God is listening to them but He knows what is in the heart. So, there must be real trust in God. If we trust in God, we must look to Him alone. We deal with Him alone and we are satisfied with Him knowing about our needs. We know He hears us when we pray. Now, listen to this: as an example, Jesus learned obedience by the things that He suffered (Hebrew 5: 8). If Christians who are just coming to the move of God could hear this message, it would cause them to hold to the message and keep it in cassette or book form. Anytime their faith is confronted, it (the message) would move their souls because it is revealing to them that in a matter of time, you shall rejoice, and that you should rejoice when you are going through your trials and troubles. Also, this message will show you that God is teaching you obedience. He is grooming you. You might say that He is forming you. He is bringing that vine and He is doing all He can to prepare you so you would have a more useful service and be a better voice for Him. Praise the Lord.

So, He learned by obedience. He became obedient even to the death on the cross. Brother Frisby read Philippians 2: 8 & 9). How did He get all that? According to His own words, He came in obedience even to death and He was made what He was. How much more we today? “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth…” (Hebrews 12: 6). “The Lord often allows events to befall us for the trial of our faith in order that we may be led on a spiritual journey and by such events we may be tested for the sake of a spiritual blessing which God will provide(George Muller). Be not dismayed, I will help thee (Isaiah 41: 10). George Muller stood alone with God and had to raise millions of dollars at one time. There was great power with him and he stood alone with God. He came through the tests and trials. Some things for which he believed God were unbelievable at that time. Men like Finney, Moody and other men of God at that time knew that God was with him. He became an inspiration to later ministries in our day to trust God. My own ministry–the way that the Lord led me seems to match the message. Brother Frisby read 1 Corinthians 4: 2). Now, this must be added to the message. It is another quotation from George Muller’s writing: “Now the great secret in stewardship—if we desire to be entrusted with more–is to be faithful in the stewardship that we have, which implies that we do not consider what we have to belong to ourselves but we know that it is the Lord’s should he require it.” God loveth a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9: 7). Give as God prospers you. Whether small or large, give, entrust it with God and by faith in Jesus, faithfully and steadily, you will work out something that God will bless your heart, in any trial that you go through. The liberal soul shall be made fat… (Proverbs 11: 25). God will lead you in this and the Lord will bless your heart.

How many of you believe that in all that we have today–the trials that I spoke about–things like this must be added. There is giving and there is praying, saith the Lord. That wasn’t me. There is believing, there is praising and there is giving, saith the Lord. I would not want anybody to miss anything. He will bless you when you do these things. He will bless you when you do these things as God moves on you. I am not taking an offering, but I do believe this that those who listen to this message, maybe, God will solve their problems through this (giving). Brother Frisby read Hebrews 5: 11 & 14). This message is to help you to understand the deep things of God and the things that belong to the Lord. I believe that the Lord has deep things that He is bringing to the elect. Now the foolish will not receive these things. They will receive a skinning of the gospel. They will receive parts of the word of God. They will only go so far with the word of God, but God will bring it deeper to His children and it will be according to His word. The foolish cannot receive it neither can they hear it. But if you are the children of God, you can receive the deep things that come from Him explaining all these mysteries and the strong meat. Then God can bless your heart. Those (the elect) are the ones that He has chosen for His divine revelations. The tribulation saints take a lighter light, but to His elect will come the strong meat.

Listen to this too: The Lord Jesus told meHe said, “People make themselves unhappy. They can just as easily make themselves rejoice and become merry in the Spirit, even in their burdens, if they want.” You can as easily make yourself happy. Praise the Lord. You can take on a heavenly atmosphere right now. It’s in your hand, so to speak, and that is called trust and faith, walking with God. You can begin to rejoice and praise. Sometimes, it can be hard, but you can begin to do it in the midst of your trials and tests. Come on and praise the Lord this morning. Wherever this message goes, Jesus anoint thy people into a new light. Let the anointing bring more light in their bodies and let them have the power showing them that you are blessing them. I believe you are prospering, you are blessing, and you are filling, leading them into your will and protecting them each day. You are with them. And He daily loadeth us with benefits, saith the Lord. So remember, I told the Lord, “I am going to go down there to rejoice, but He said, “Do that after you get through with this (message).” Praise God. How many of you are sharper this morning? How many of you have more knowledge in the working of the Holy Spirit? What is He doing to the church? He is teaching the church how to stand and to be prepared for the things that are ahead; how you can get more from God. Don’t let a little trial put you down. Have the same trust before and afterwards. Don’t let the tests or the people pull you aside in some manner to cause you to feel terrible but know this that the Lord will stand with you no matter what it is. Things will work out and He will benefit you.

That’s the end of my message and I pray that you have been blessed and that you have been helped this morning. I want you to rejoice. We are going to shed those old leaves. I don’t care what has happened to you. Just turn loose and let the Lord bless you this morning. Get in and rejoice with the Holy Spirit and I will see you tonight. Brother   Frisby added the following to the message:

I was setting here, I closed the bible and I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, “You did not finish your message.” Alright now, listen to this and it is a scripture. If it wasn’t important, He wouldn’t tell me to do it. “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him…” (2 Timothy 2: 12). Here is the second part: “…if we deny him, he cannot deny himself.” We better rejoice. That’s God. Come on, praise the Lord. Isn’t he wonderful? If we suffer, we’ll reign. Let’s go! Praise the Lord!

How To Trust | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #739 | 07/08/79 AM