107 – Hold! Restoration Cometh

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Hold! Restoration ComethHold! Restoration Cometh

Translation alert 107 | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #878

Amen. All made it back here? You feel good in your soul this morning? I am going to ask the Lord to bless you. There is a blessing in the building anytime you walk in here. Now, He told me that. Those with faith, it will go right to them and begin to bless them and answer their prayers. Before the end of the age closes out, many miraculous things are going to take place all around the building, inside the building, and where you are sitting because it is anointed by the Most High God. If you can’t feel the anointing in here after being here for a while, you better find the Lord. Amen? Lord, touch their hearts. I already feel you moving among them this morning with your anointing and I believe you are going to bless them. No matter what they ask for, in thy will God, let it be done to them and meet their needs. Anoint all of them together now in faith and divine love and power of the Holy Spirit. Give the Lord a great handclap!

Alright, I am going to minister for a while then I will be doing something else. I want you to be seated. God is moving. Isn’t He? Praise the Lord Jesus! We are expecting miracles to be seen and God to reveal the end of the age. He is coming. I took some notations after I read about half a chapter here. I am going to be preaching on it. Then I will see how the Lord leads me.

It says Hold! Restoration Cometh. There is a holding pattern in the bible here and we’ve got to stir ourselves up. You cannot wait until judgment strikes. But we’ve got to have zeal, faith, and power and that faith goes on beyond that because soon judgment is coming upon the earth there. So, each one of us has got to shake ourselves. We’ve got to take hold of God. I am going to prove that in a minute here. And we won’t let Him go either except He sends revival. Now He is moving and He is moving in the hearts of the people. There is a stirring. Remember, it was mentioned this morning. I have preached on it many times—about the stirring in the mulberry trees. And when the stirring begins to come then His people rise up. When they rise up, they win the battle. They’ve got the victory. God is with them, see? So, we are not going to let Him go until revival comes.

And Jacob, we will read about that in a minute in Genesis 32: 24 -32. And then too, as I preached last Sunday, let us sigh, let us cry for the abominations that are being done today and thus have God’s mark of protection upon us. It is just what we are doing now and what I am going to preach about this morning will put that seal of protection–sealed with the Holy Spirit. And the world will receive the false seal out towards the antichrist and Armageddon. But God has a seal of the Holy Spirit (Ezekiel 9: 4 & 6) and that seal is the Name of the Lord Jesus in the forehand [forehead] put there by the Holy Spirit. How many of you know that? That is the seal of God, the Almighty. In Revelation chapter 1, Alpha and Omega. That’s Him. And judgment must first begin in the house of God (1 Peter 4: 17) and that will be worldwide that God is beginning to shake the land—bringing churches that have kind of gone on to the wayside—He will give them another chance. There will be a shaking in there. He preaches through nature. He preaches through earthquakes, typhoons, and storms and economic conditions and shortages. He knows all kinds of ways to outdo man when He preaches there.

And so, we are going to have a revival and we must set our face to seek God, [set] our hearts like Daniel. He saw it in his heart before he ever saw it come to pass. How many of you believe that? As I was reading this chapter (Genesis 32), I wrote this down: “A person has to see revival in his or her heart before it becomes a reality.” Did you know all the miracles that you have seen here, people travelling here and receiving miracles, the power of revival in the air, and power of the Lord healing? Never go by how many people are coming and going, just go by what God is doing by His Word. Tremendous lines [prayer lines] since we’ve had the building open for crusades and also for sermons. And you see the miraculous power beginning to come upon the people healing them, salvation, and the power of the Holy Spirit working those miracles. First, I had to see it in my heart and believe God, and those things begin to take place. The same as what I am doing now. I had to first see it in my heart in order to bring all of this because just what is here can never do that. I had to reach on out and get hold of God. I had to pray and see it in my heart. Once I can see it in my heart, I step out and believe God and I will not sink because there is no bottom to Him. Are you with me? Amen? He is on top. Glory to God!

And so, [when] you see revival in your heart, the reality appears. What you want you possess. You must see it in your heart. You see the vision of His promises in your soul and possess it. The answer is within you. Hold to it! You’ve got the answer until it becomes a living reality. And that is what I got out of that chapter (Genesis 32). The Holy Spirit is the writer. Remember, Jacob shows us how to hold and he saw the vision in reality in his heart because he brought forth the vision. He would not turn loose until what he had in his heart was accomplished and then he got exactly what he asked from the Lord and it became a reality. When you do that, God will bless.

So, we are going to read Genesis 32: 24-32. It reads this way: “And Jacob was left alone.” Now He put him aside, crossed over into another place. Notice this, he was alone. That word “alone” is there. If you are ever going to get anything from the Lord outside of the services, really great. But after you have been alone with the Lord, you come into these services; you can receive twice as much. How many of you realize that? And so, Jacob was left alone “and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day” (v. 24). Which was the Angel of the Lord. He was in the form of a man so that he could wrestle with Him to show something through the ages and something at that time—to save him from his brother, Esau, too. “And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh, and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him” (v.25). In other words, the Angel could not get loose from him. He would not turn Him loose. His life was upon this. His brother was coming for him. He didn’t know exactly what he would do because he had stolen the birthright. Now he had to come back and face the thing that happened there. But did you know that God was with him? Can you say Amen?

See, through thick and thin you know if you make things right God will go with you. How many of you know that? It’s the people that don’t make things right. I have seen things that happened sometimes over the years in the building here. People won’t make things right, you see. But once they do, God goes with them, Amen. That is exactly right! I know what I am talking about. So, he got a hold of Him. I have preached on this before but you see you can preach four or five different ways from this message. I will try to bring some of the things differently that God was revealing to me. I just happened to come on to this chapter. I believe it is Hold! Restoration cometh for the people of God. And this wrestling was to be a prevailing of what Israel would go through right clear down to the end of the age and we see that God put them back in because something broke out there. He put it out. You know his joint came out but he never stopped. How many of you are still with me now? That is faith. Isn’t it? That is power. But God appeared to him as a man so he didn’t really know for sure at first if it was a man or God or what had got a hold of him. But I tell you one thing, he wasn’t turning loose. Can you say Amen? And if it was the devil, he said I am not turning loose. I am going to fix you. He didn’t know exactly, but he got hold of something in his heart by faith. He felt it was something from God. The Lord appeared that way so He could disguise Himself so that Jacob would have to use his faith.

Many times, God would come to you in such a way, you would not really realize it, but you can feel it and know in your heart. And by the Word, the way that Jacob was praying, he realized that it was God possibly with him here. He found out later on here. “And he said, let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said I will not let thee go, except thou bless me” (v. 26). Now why “the day breaketh? Because some of those around there might look across and see what Jacob got a hold of. He [the Angel of the Lord] wanted to get out of there. The Angel wanted to leave before daybreak so he would not see Him. And he was wrestling.

“And he said unto him, what is thy name? And he said Jacob” (v. 27). He knew his name all the time. He wanted him to say that because He is going to change his name. “And he said, Thy name shall be no more Jacob, but Israel…” (v. 28). That is where Israel got their name to this very day. Israel is called out of Jacob. That is exactly right. “For as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.” If Jacob had not prevailed with this Angel, Joseph would not have been able to rule Egypt and save both Gentiles and Jews at the appointed time. The wrestling took place just at that time there. So, he prevailed and was able to stand before Pharaoh in Egypt as his son ruled the world at that time. See; when you get hold of the Lord, don’t turn Him loose till you get that blessing. Sometimes, that blessing would follow you for years and many things would break forth from one great blessing from God. Did you know that?

Sometimes people are asking everyday for this and for that, but I know some of the things that God has touched me with, to this day, they are overtaking me and I can’t shake them off because I got a hold of God. That’s right. Once you do a good job of it, you can really get things from the Lord. There are other things I have to pray for from time to time, but some things to this day, they carry through by the power of the Lord. He is surely wonderful! It’s just the people that can’t seem sometimes to get a hold of Him in such measure. Because when they get a hold of Him, they turn Him loose before He has time to bless them. Can you praise the Lord? There is a real blessing too when you are seeking out there. There is a real blessing too when you are seeking out there.

“And Jacob asked him, and said; tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there” (v. 29). See; he was bold. Isn’t he? He just made him a prince. All Israel would be called after him. “What is your name?” And He said, you ask me my Name? “Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.” He said what do you want to know my Name for? You got your blessing. I have called you a prince with God. Now you are going to ask me my Name? Anyway, all that Jacob could get, the Name that he received was that he was face to face with God. In other words, Peniel means the face of God. How many of you know that? He was wrestling with God in the form of a man. That’s the name of it. I have seen God face-to-face and looked right at Him. So, He wouldn’t tell him all about it because He would have to tell the whole story right there, of the death and resurrection of Christ so forth like that and what was coming. But He told him that much.

“And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel; for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved” (v. 30). He is the only One that can preserve our lives. How many of you know that? The Savior—and my life has been preserved. “And as he passed over Peniel the sun rose upon him, and he limped upon his thigh. Therefore, the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank, which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day: because he touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh in the sinew that shrank” (vs. 31 & 32). Now Jacob’s thigh went out; He (the Angel of the Lord] drew it out and Israel was out of place. Now through history we see clear to the end of the age that Israel itself began to get out of place. All down through the ages they wrestled with God. It’s been a great wrestling with that seed, Israel—the true Israelites. It seemed like everything was against them because they went against God and they have suffered things untold that the Gentiles would never suffer nearly and they went through the ages with that joint out. And right at the end of the age we already see Him putting the joint back in. How many of you know that?

See; Jacob walked with a slight limp. It wasn’t about God’s healing power. It was a sign. When they said, “Why are you limping?” He said I wrestled with God. Oh my! Let’s turn this fellow loose right now! Can you say Amen? No other man in the bible can say that. And he wrestled with Him. And God left a sign and he looked upon it as a blessing, as a testimony that I wrestled in person with the Almighty. Can you say Amen? And the Lord said–like unto Abraham—your seed shall sojourn in darkness and he showed him a dream, a horror in a dream that came upon him–about 400 years they sojourned in there. Now here is Jacob, years before, wrestling—that seed of Israel would wrestle with the Lord all through the ages. But did you know what? The real seed is going to win. He is going to come to them again; turning to the Gentiles as His bride, turning back to the seed of Israel. It would be Jacob’s seed—a time of Jacob’s trouble it is called. And that is what is at the end. Never should there be any like that. And so, with his joint out, he had a slight limp as a testimony he was with the Angel of the Lord, the Almighty, in the form of a man. Sure, the Lord should have destroyed him with one stroke, but the Lord became what strength would be in an ordinary and put it there like that. And Jacob was powerful and he stayed right there. He could shake his join, but he still wouldn’t turn Him loose.

Hold on to God and you will have revival in your heart. Hold on to God and the church will see the vision of God and the power of the Lord sweep the earth. Watch and see! But you must hold in your heart. Possess it in your soul and in your heart. The things you want see them in your soul, and then hold on to God. Don’t let go and the blessings will come. All my life the Lord has done these things for me and He will bless you too. This is for you this morning. Well, do I already know it? It’s good for me to hear it, but it’s for everybody in this building this morning. People hold a few minutes then they go their way. But only during a crisis many times will people hold onto God sometimes. But you don’t want to wait for that. This is the hour that you want your part in God’s ministry. Let Him have your heart. Hold on to the Holy Spirit in there and a revival and a blessing will come to the Lord’s people. Isn’t that wonderful? So, we see that you can possess it.

Then down at the end of the age when they placed them [Israel] back—they were out of joint—little later scattered to all nations. Wrestling with God, millions of them put to death until there were not many left. Back in their homeland, they are being put back to joint. Already, that is taking place and not too many years from hence He will call 144,000 and seal them in Revelation 7. We see that coming. And that joint at the end of Israel will be put back to [in] place. How many of you see what I am trying to tell you? When He does [put the joint in place] then Israel will walk as a prince with God without a limp. Isn’t that beautiful! How many of you believe that? They are limping now. On each side the enemy is pushing at them, Russia, the Arabs, Palestinians, and all of them from left to the right. They are threatening to blow them out of the Gulf with atomic bomb. The sword is against them and great nations on all sides. They are limping but they are holding on and that true seed in there, God will come and preserve them like He did Jacob. For I have seen God face to face. Then Israel will see God face to face as Jacob’s trouble comes and He will come to them.

So, we see the old joint being put back into place. To this day, it is called Israel there. So, at the end of the age as they hold, God will see that some survive and those will be walking with the Lord Jesus. Isn’t that wonderful there? Hold till you see revival in your heart–the only way to do it. You possess it in your soul. But you must hold the vision in your heart and soul. Whatever you have there, you hold it and leave it with God. Don’t turn it loose. It has to fit with the will of God and the promises. When you do [hold], you are going to see many things happen not just one thing, but many things will happen around you. This is the message that the church needs to hear. You know in the bible it says—I am going to read some scriptures as I close that. But that is kind of prophetic in that sermon there. It took in Jacob’s time of trouble. It showed the seed of Israel way down the end of the age and how God will replace that joint back in. It’s like Paul said—the grafting back to the tree, the olive tree at the end of the age there (Romans 11: 24). And the Lord will see to it too.

Now we got this: Psalm 147:11 showing how David would wrestle with God and how God would bless him. “The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.” Notice that? He has pleasure—and Jacob feared the Lord and wrestled with Him because he knew that He could have Esau kill him or make him alive. But the answer was not in Esau and the answer was not in the 400 men that were coming after him. The answer was not there with his brother. The answer was with the Almighty. How many of you know that? He was running from Laban on one side there; he had left there [Laban’s]. Then he came from a bear and he is facing a lion straight on. So, his answer came from the Lord and He helped him. Psalm 119: 161, “And the Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy. “Princes have persecuted me [that’s David and also that was the Messiah coming: Many times, David was prophetic of what happened to Christ,-[it bears it out in the scripture] without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word” Watch, this is where he is going to win the victory. Now, princes criticized him, threatened him, but he said, my heart standeth in awe of God’s Word. That settles it. Doesn’t it? He won every time. So, instead of standing in awe of them that were criticizing him, his heart stood in the awe of thy [God’s] word. And he knew their days were numbered. They just messed around a little longer. How many of you know that? It’s exactly right. The Anointed One.

Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived [Don’t be deceived]; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” This world, outside of a small percentage point has literally mocked God, made a mockery of God’s kingdom. Listen to what it says here: “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap.” See; man is headed for destruction. He has sown it [destruction] and he is going to receive destruction. How many of you know that? He sowed that himself. He sowed it with the inventions. He sowed it with hatred against one another. He sowed it in war and weapons.. And now because they did not take divine love and faith but unbelief and hate—that’s what the world has in there—they are sowing and they are going to reap what they are sowing Right now, the nations are in sin and they are sowing for destruction and they are going to reap the last judgment. How many of you realize that? The last judgment [is] standing and we are going right straight toward it right now. So, any nation and any people, God is not mocked. His Word means exactly what it says.

It also means hold! You have revival in your heart. Don’t let Him go till you get revival in your heart. You can’t tell me that if you want revival in your heart—if you hold, you are going to get it. Hold until revival comes in your heart. When it does, you have revival in the church. I have revival in my heart. I believe it’s going to break forth and it’s going to bless the children of the Lord. Oh my! Can’t you feel the turning of the power of God? Sometimes, it gets so energizing I don’t know how the people can help but to feel the energy of the Holy Spirit and how that it [He] moves in such ways. Proverbs 1: 5, “A wise man will hear and increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.” Anytime you would hear the sermon this morning—the very words of God—this is what would occur to you: “A wise man will hear and increase learning.” Isn’t wonderful! Here is the Word of God. Stand in the Word of God with all your heart and you will see Him bless [you].

Then Ephesians 6: 10, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord [Hold!], and in the power of his might.” And He will bless you. For I have seen God face to face. Isn’t it wonderful! A blessing for the church. A blessing from the Almighty! So, in your heart, listen to this last scripture. In your heart; believe it, you possess it. Let that vision be in your heart of what you want God to do and how you want the Lord to do it, and hold to that thing and that thing will become your very vision in your heart. Now, sometimes I see things. Sure, that’s another type of vision. You may do that too. You may see or you may write prophecy or prophecies will come. But I am talking about whether you can see it with your natural eyes or not, in your heart. We are speaking about another type of vision and it can break forth in a vision, but in your heart and soul, you begin to see the unseen. That’s the way I am describing it. You see the unseen. You may not even see it with the natural eyes, but you possess it in your heart. You already have your answer and with that answer, you hold on until revival or until your needs are met or until whatever you want from the Lord [comes]. How many of you believe that? That’s exactly right. Hold to the Lord Jesus Christ there and He will bless you.

Here is what it is here: “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and no lie; though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry” (Habakkuk 2: 3). Sometimes it will tarry. Jacob had to tarry all night. It will tarry with you. The midnight cry is here and there is a tarrying time. You know, the midnight cry. You know the atomic scientists set the clock. It’s moving close to midnight hour and it is getting ready to call out a complete people that will fit in into the Rock of the Lord Jesus. The Headstone of God that was rejected by the Jews many years ago will bear fruit. God is coming to His people. You must realize that and that you are part of those people and inside of your heart, you become part of the working machine of God. And He will bless your heart. Though it tarries, wait for it because it will surely come. It will not tarry. How many of you know that? We are sowing for what? Revival and we are going to reap tremendous signs and wonders. So far as I am concerned, I don’t care if the whole world disbelieves. That makes no difference to me whatsoever. I have about seen anything a man can see people do. Can you say Amen?

That makes no difference and it makes no difference to Jacob either. I mean hold on! Some of you may have been shaken out of thigh two or three times, but hold on. Can you say praise the Lord? God will bless your heart. Just like that though, I do believe the people of God that love God, they get shook [shaken] up like Jacob. But I tell you what? That’s no reason to turn loose because God is fixing to encourage your faith. He is strengthening your faith. He is causing your faith to grow and He is getting ready to bless your heart. And those that hold are the ones that are going to get the blessing. And behold, saith the Lord, those that turn loose shall receive nothing. Behold, I tell you, they have their reward! Oh my! Isn’t that wonderful! See; don’t turn loose on Him. Hold on to the Lord. And those that hold on to the Lord Jesus are going to receive the latter rain revival that is going to come upon the earth. I believe that, so I am ready like Jacob. How many of you are ready just to hold on to God for a blessing of the Lord? So, it’s really great! Though it tarries, the bible says, wait for it. For it will surely come. Now I don’t know—you know what you want God to do for you. This would take in healing. It would take healing. It would take prosperity. It would take in the Holy Spirit. It would take in the gifts. It would take in whatsoever, your family. It would take in what you are praying for, a combination of things that you want. Once you get it in your heart and in your soul, you’ve got your answer in there. You’ve got it! Amen. And you will see the blessing of the Lord.

He is going to bless His church too. He is going to crown them with faith, crown them with divine love, and crown them with strength and courage. A valiant people will step forth and believe the Lord. I can’t see anything less than that if you are called the elect of God! How can you be anything less than valiant with God and courageous for God, and noble for God, rising up an army of power? Glory to God! Alleluia! Isn’t that wonderful! I want you to rise up to your feet this morning. If you need anything from God, it is here. And right now, maybe you’ve been wrestling around and got something in your heart, well, He is going to bless you. This morning, I have been promising quite a while and I don’t know how many I can take. About 30 or 40 of you that really need a request about something, I will take a little time to touch and talk to you a little bit. But the ones that want the interviews I have to spend a little bit more time with [them]. But I can take about 30 or 40 extra people that want to get prayed for over on the side here.

Now, I am going to be back here about 12 o’clock. I am going to go home for a moment and then I will be back over here at 12 o’clock. But if some of you want to go and eat, I will be here probably till 1: 30 pm. Some of you can come back if you have a real need that you want God to meet, but I did promise some interviews. So, I will be back at noon and I will try to remain here for quite a while. Then I have a service tonight. If you need salvation, you don’t even need to go eat. You can come over to the line over there. Amen. And I will pray for you and God will bless you. If you are new here today, put your eating off and get spiritual food in your heart and you will receive something from the Lord. Amen? So, this morning that’s what I am going to do.

The rest of you, you want to come down here and rally and I will be back in 15 minutes. You want to eat, be back at 1 o’clock. Ok, God bless your hearts. Oh, praise the Lord! Bless them, Lord. Let Jesus come upon them this morning. Jesus, every one of them, bless their hearts. Oh, praise the Lord Jesus! Come on and praise Him! O bless their hearts Jesus! Praise God, Jesus! Glory! Alleluia! He is going to bless your hearts. Just let Him bless your heart. Praise God! Oh, Jesus!

107 – Hold! Restoration Cometh