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Positive Thoughts Are Powerful | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #858 | 09/02/1981 PM

You feel good tonight? Alright. I am going to pray for you. I believe Jesus is going to bless you…. You feel the blessing already? Amen. I want the anointing to get all over you and do you some good. You’ve got to allow it to do you some good…. Lord, touch your people as we get together tonight. All of our hearts are towards you knowing that you love those that praise you;—that’s what we were created for—that we thank you with all of our hearts for what you have done. In case they didn’t thank you, Lord, I will thank you for them—what you have done for them over the period of time they have been upon the earth. Now, anoint them. Meet their needs and bless them as they go. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus! Amen. [Bro. Frisby made some comments about the literature that had been published, his past writings and messages].

As we go deeper into the age, I believe He is really going to give a blessing to those that want a blessing, and to those that are alert, and the ones that are watchful. Those are the ones to whom the blessing is going to come. It is not going to come to the ones that are sleeping and not those that have not gotten their eyes open. You’ve got to have your eyes open or the devil will steal your victory while you are sleeping. And he can really slip around; you can hardly hear him, and he will steal your victory. No matter how much I preach and what I do here, if you are not careful, the devil will try to steal your victory and guide you into something in your mind away from the Lord. This message came to me in a kind of a strange way. I am going to preach it here tonight. I believe it is going to bless your hearts…. The Holy Spirit knows what we’d never know, and He guides in places/ways we’d never understand until He gets it fulfilled. Then, you begin to see the plan that He has.

So, tonight, this message is: Positive Thoughts Are Powerful. Thoughts speak louder than words ever could to God. That’s right, and silence is golden many times if you stay upon Him. Don’t ever let your negative feelings or thoughts drag you down. You’ve got to build a network in your mind and learn how to use those thoughts. Tonight, we see that everything came by thought. We’ll prove that. In John 1: 1-2 it says this, listen closely: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.” Did you know that a sharper rendering of that would be this way from the Holy Spirit: In the beginning was the Thought of God, and the Thought was with God, and the Thought was God? Before a word is spoken is a thought even in God’s visionary mind which is the Holy Spirit—that is larger than the universe. The Holy Spirit has those thoughts of the deepness that He dwells in, and every second or two, plans come forward–that He knew His own–that would be set up in order trillions of years from now. We are dealing with the infinite. How many of you realize that?

If you listen closely tonight, it [the message] will show you about your creation, how everything was in a void, and how God moved there. In chapter 1 of Genesis, did you remember that before Adam and Eve were created, they pre-existed in God’s thought as personalities? All of you sitting here tonight, millions and billions of years ago had already been seen by God in a thought before He ever brought you here. Adam and Eve were with God in the Holy Spirit. Then He brought them into the garden and created them out of dust. Then what was with Him that pre-existed was put in them, that personality. Here comes the spirit of life and it came forth from God. So, we see that each of you as a spiritual being pre-existed with God although, you may have been unconscious of it, and that was taken away. You came as points of light as He providentially sent them. John the Baptist couldn’t have come when Moses came and vice versa. See; that would have been all twisted up. Neither could Elijah have come at the same time that Jesus came. See, even John [the Baptist], representing Elijah in power and spirit, moved out of the way [after Jesus began His ministry]. So, we see that Adam and Eve could not come now. They were appointed—those names—and came at the very beginning. He knew the first two in the creation of His thought. He would know the last two on the earth in the creation of His thought because He knows the beginning and the end.

This may sound a little deep, but it is not. It is simple. When we get finished with it, it will be very simple—how that you can build within yourself a powerful power. The bible said it this way: in the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was void without form, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Now, that can be likened to a soul in sin today. It is void and it is without spiritual form. When we get Jesus in salvation, we take on a spiritual form. The void is gone. We amount to something. Amen. We are worth our value more than the world…. Pre-existing with God, the sons of God shouted for joy…. And God said, let there be light. See; the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, on the void and the formlessness…and the Spirit of God moved upon us and brought us in, same way. He moved in the Holy Spirit upon the deep within us—the deep calls the deep—and the Holy Spirit then began to move upon us, and we are no longer void and without form. We have a reasoning and that reasoning is that we are God’s, we belong to the Lord, and we serve Him. We worship Him because we were created to do that. Exactly, we were created for His pleasure and for His thoughts. Then we were created to show the glory and witness of the great King that He would have witnesses upon the earth despite the negatives. He threw out of heaven the satanic forces. All these were is His plans all down through His plans all down through there.

And God said, let there be light and there was light. The same as the Holy Spirit lights up our soul and let there be light to those that have faith to believe. God called the light in the darkness, and He called the darkness night. We know the difference between good and evil…. He created the fruits and the plants and so forth, and the same about the fruit of the Spirit and the things that God gives us. So, as we see, the void of the earth without form is the same as the void of the soul without God, and how the Lord moves in. When He first moved on Adam and Eve, that was like an everlasting Spirit upon them in the garden there, until sin came in. So, there was your soul, void without form, and that form, if it is not right, He will heal it. Not only was it formed in the spiritual form, it [bible] says we were created in the image of God. That settles the question about what colleges teach [evolution], doesn’t it? In the image of God, spiritually we are to be powerful and have the power of God, and dominion from the Lord.

So, in coming like that, if you have a physical defect, pray and He will heal that form. He moves in divine healing, health and spiritual form, and it’s all powerful. So, in the beginning was the Thought of God, the Thought was with God, just like the Word, you see. Before you ever had a word spoken, the thought would come. Before the Lord brought forth the Messiah which He Himself had to come—let me explain something here tonight: if He created another being like some of the nominals or–some of those that had been wayward at the Nicene Council way, way, back ages ago when the Pentecostal [move] broke and the apostles left– believed that Jesus was only a created being…just like an angel—then He could not save anybody. How many of you realize that? He could [not] have used an angel to do it. He could [not] have used another man to do it. It shows you that Jesus…is not a created Being. He is Eternal according to the scriptures. Now, the body that He got into was formed in the flesh. You see, it was God come to His people or they never would have been saved. God’s blood was spilled. Therefore, He gave us the best that He had. He came Himself in the form of the Lord Jesus. How many of you are still with me now?

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus said I am the Word. So, He couldn’t send a created being; it wouldn’t work. He sent something Eternal. Therefore, we know that Jesus is Eternal. Before Abraham was, He said, I am…. Never could He send a created being—the flesh, it was wrapped all around Him. But when God comes Himself to His people, we are saved. Can you say, praise the Lord? Just think about it yourself: if it was anything created, it would not have taken the sin from the world. Therefore, in order for Him to die, He had to choose a body to get into. The body itself died and was resurrected back because God Himself cannot die. Can you say, Amen?

So, we see positive thoughts are powerful. Soon, your thoughts become God’s thoughts of authority over satan and sickness. When you think upon God and His kingdom, and His promises and work, you are entering a positive atmosphere. I wrote this down myself as I was reading in the bible here. Now, your inner-determined thoughts are powerful. They are creative. When we come together in unity like tonight, our thoughts release faith. You come positive. You come believing. You come prepared to church. When the elect come together, we have faith, a positive power, not only faith, but a power and a presence come out across the audience, and the Lord blesses His people. At the end, when the thoughts of the elect come together by the Holy Spirit, He will bring an outpouring, and those thoughts coming together as God brings us together into one mind and one heart, the translation will take place…. There will be a vibration of God’s power upon the earth. That is just at the end of the age that He will come to His people like that.

Your mind can wander. The mind is strange. It wants to go everywhere but where God is. Did you ever notice that? Try as you can, many times, your mind wanders. You think about something that you have to do or something in the past that you’ve got to do, or about your job, your daughter, your son, your father or mother…or thinking about anything. Your mind wanders, but when you are seeking God you want to pull those thoughts back and get that [wandering] thought out of there. You want to get your wife out of your mind, your husband out of your mind, your children out of your mind and all these things. When you are seeking God, let your thoughts completely go toward Him and that is when you get something. Some people pray, but their mind is on something else. While you are praying, satan as he is—we are in this world—and there are confusing powers in the atmosphere of sinners…those would try to pull your mind away from God. Rebuke them, ignore them, hold on to Him and there is an atmosphere that comes around you. It will shut out the thoughts of the world [that are] trying to get to your mind. Can you realize how powerful thoughts are?

Thoughts can fly like the lightning…. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26: 3). Amen. “Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength” (v.4). That means keep your mind on Him. David said my thoughts are stayed upon thee. Isn’t that wonderful? If you train your thoughts and you train yourself, then it would begin to work for you. We are here because of a thought. That thought came before the word came. Can you say praise the Lord to that? That’s so exactly right. Pre-existing in the great mind of God. If you are going to believe the Lord, you better believe Him all the way. You know anytime I get into a little bit of something deep, it’s hard sometimes for people, and yet it is simple. I wouldn’t say that if the Holy Spirit didn’t tell me that. It is simple if you follow it.

People want to make three gods. It won’t work. There are three manifestations, but there is One Holy Spirit Light. The Voice of God told me that Himself. I have never changed. I will stay right with it.

If you believe that Jesus is eternal; it is simple. May be, I should go back to that. He cannot send somebody that is not God to save us. I am back–that is the Holy Spirit. The blessing of God, satan knows that [it]is on me. Look at those seats those seats out there; he already knows that, see? He knows that God sent me, but the Lord is building a standard. God is pushing, and God is moving because He will have a group that will hear all the Word of God manifested in power and in presence…. Remember, never could He send a created being to save this world. He came in the form of flesh, the Lord Jesus, and brought us back…. Isn’t that wonderful? Sure, eternally. That first chapter of John said just exactly what I said there. It cannot be changed. There is no way to change the bible.

David said my thoughts are stayed upon thee. In other words, don’t let your mind wander in prayer or in praise. Unify that; get your family, everything out of your mind and concentrate on the Lord… Some people say they need more time to pray that they are so busy. Use your thoughts and think upon His Name at every moment that you get if you want to pray. That is prayer. How many of you realize that? Sometimes, you wait until you have a certain time to pray, and you lose out with God. You don’t always have to fix things at a certain time…. But say you get a break or something on your job or wherever you are or where you are working; your thoughts can be upon God. You can build powerful positive thoughts in your mind regardless. When you lay down at night, no matter how tired you are, allow your thoughts to go to God until you do go to sleep. Think upon these things the Lord said because they are powerful. Within this message there is an anointing that is going to begin to work for you and bless you. See; out of the thought that God allowed came forth the automobile [car]. How many of you realize that? He allowed that to come out of somebody and out of that came out an invention. Out of a thought came the aircraft and it came on time. And then the radio and television came out of thoughts; they can be used for evil or for good for mankind. Finally, it looks like it is all taken for evil before the end of the age.

You can receive the Holy Spirit through the thought power of faith. You can have creation come through a thought power of the creative act. And then you have children; just ask the ladies about that thought…. That’s God. Amen? It came as a thought. Then they came together and created something. Isn’t that wonderful? Alright. Then too, on the other hand, listen to this real close: success comes through the proper thinking of [on] God in the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Psalms…David always had those thoughts going out there. His mind and heart were stayed upon God. His thoughts were on God. He had learned a lesson two or three times…. In warfare and many different things, he could concentrate on God and get rid of the enemy.

Your thoughts can create a divine love atmosphere around you. Also, there can be negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can create hate and create problems and troubles. You want to get the proper thoughts and push those [negative thoughts] out. Never let satan get a growth [in you]. I have seen people, no matter how powerful the ministry gets, no matter how many miracles they see—the same as Judas Iscariot, the same as Peter. No matter what Jesus did in all the creation of the bread and the loaves…here comes Peter and he tried to correct the Creator of the earth because he did not understand what He was doing, and the Lord overlooked it (Matthew 16: 21-23). Now, I am just human, but he was talking to Jesus. And then we see Judas Iscariot, no matter what had been performed, his thoughts were on other things, you see. So, the power of miracles and the power to preach—with all that’s been performed—if people allow satan to get a growth like Judas…if they allow hate to begin to grow and then satanic forces get into that, they’ll just depart from me like that. You cannot allow that. You must get that out and forgive and go on. It is not that it [negative thought] won’t come and go, but you don’t let the thing stagnate [stay]. It will ruin you quicker than anything I know.

So, have a joyful spirit…. You must listen. I am telling the truth. Had Judas kept his thoughts stayed on the Lord, but he was a son of perdition. He came in that manner; his thoughts toward the Messiah and what He was doing went in the opposite direction. But then Peter was predestinated. God reached on down, and He pulled him out and saved him out of trouble. So, never let anything [negative] grow within you. Cut it off and let your thoughts be joyful. Let the Lord win the battle for you. He cannot win unless you allow Him to win with your thoughts, and your thoughts have to be positive and powerful. Amen. Thoughts are more powerful than words because the thoughts come to the heart before you ever know you are going to say something.

I tell you before I ever write prophecy; it would come out on me before I even knew what was happening. It would come as a thought. Now, I don’t know how many of you people get something from the Lord, but I get to concentrating on something—I have a certain place where I get away, so that I get alone many times—and the Holy Spirit would move, and my thoughts get stayed upon Him, and prophecy–sometimes, just prophecy for myself that God gives me that I write down and watch. Other times, it would be something about faith, a revelation or a mystery; they are very powerful. Before I ever speak a word, before I ever write anything, you can tell it is coming…everything you receive from me comes as a thought from the power of God. Amen.

Your thoughts can even make you who you are or work against you. You are going to have negative thoughts coming and you are going to have positive thought coming. Learn to use those [positive thoughts] and build yourself a network in your mind of positive power and faith. Amen. Praise the Lord. So, get that in-filling and use positive joy and power, and active faith would begin to work in your life…. While you are thinking about God, rule out the other thoughts. Don’t let something over here that’s bothering you get in the way. Don’t let the thoughts of the world pull you down. Keep your thoughts stayed upon the Lord. When you do, there will be an atmosphere. When the atmosphere comes, you are going to get into God’s kingdom.

I want to get some scriptures; “…for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts…” (2 Chronicles 28: 9). He understands all the thoughts in you and in all of us whether you know it or not. Being alone, I thought on miracles and they took place, never uttered a word. No. I have just thought and allowed that to remain with God and I have seen miracles take place…. That’s why I know a little about this. Being with God and just sitting there waiting on God, I have had it happen and it will happen to you too, if you listen to me tonight. He will bless your hearts. In service, your thoughts can become potent and powerful. Leave all that is troubling you at home. Leave all your trouble, your job at home. Leave everything that is bothering you and keep your thoughts upon the Lord Jesus…and miracles will begin to happen in your life. I have the experience and as an example I have seen some of the greatest powerful miracles I have ever seen before take place in my life, both in finances and miracles—simply before I ever prayed. He knows what we have need of, before we pray. That could even be talking about a thought before it comes to us. He knows all things. Therefore, I am telling you tonight, a thought is very powerful.

Some people think they will talk to God, which is wonderful. I am 100% for it if it makes you feel like you are getting close to God. But did you know that thought has a power in it and within it of faith? Did you know that thought can reach out faster than anything? It is kind of like a gift of faith or the nature of the fruit of faith. It is calm. It is confidence. It is like you are not trying to prove anything to the Lord. Now, I want everyone of you to pray out aloud…you understand what I am saying. The gift of faith is a confident faith and it holds out when it looks like all is gone. Yet, that faith will hold. It’s like what Abraham had about Sarah and the baby. Somehow, that gift of faith will hold in there. Then, all of a sudden, it will come out and explode into a great miracle. So, when your thoughts are upon the Lord, you are building kind of like the fruit of faith, the nature of faith. With those thoughts going is a confidence. You may not feel or know anything about what you are praying about right then, but there is something working for you mysteriously. It is unseen. There is an element of mystery with it and it works.

I am just like you, a human in every way, you see, believing in God, may be born a little different to carry this here, but the same unction will work for you too in a minor way or sometimes, in a major way. Each one of us is given a measure [of faith]. In that calmness in your thoughts, I am talking about when you are alone, and you are resting in God–and that thought, you learn how to train that with God—but down the line, those thoughts will come to you. The next thing you know, a miracle will explode. It may take place right on the platform. It may take place while you are sitting in the audience. It may take place while you are cooking. It may even take place when you are in the restroom…. I know God is real. He talks to me anywhere when He’s got to talk. Nature doesn’t tell Him what to do. Amen. How many of you say, praise the Lord?

In my sleep, I think about God and it doesn’t make any difference about your sleep. If He’s got something to say, He will wake you up. He doesn’t [always] have to wake you up; He can seal it in your mind. You wake up the next morning, it is already a thought. See; I am trying to give you some supernatural things from experience, things that I know are true, and many things behind the sermon that I am telling you tonight that I have already witnessed and know to be true…. All that we see in this world came as thoughts in the great depths of God, in the very inner circle of God. All of us were in God’s thoughts from the beginning, and all that He has created. And they say, “Billions of people on the earth, how does He keep track of all those thoughts and the people upon the earth? The psalmist said that we are ever before the Lord and He thinks about our requests and our prayers. He knows what we need beforehand. You see, the thoughts cannot be counted that come before God. All those thoughts are in the infinite Mind of the Lord because when our numbers run out, we go into spiritual things…. His numbers go into something supernatural, and when they do, we leave the material world.

We are in the infinite world, where “I am the Lord. I change not.” “I am the same yesterday, today and forever. He lives in eternal time.” We are appointed a time to come and a time to go. My ministry or whosoever is working with me is appointed…. I come in a point of light appointed by the Lord in a thought…. What He had [appointed] in this ministry here in His thought was probably trillions or billions of years ago. We are just getting around to some of the work that God had laid down then. Oh, isn’t this a deed for God to come to us like this? It would build you up. There is power in these thoughts in your soul…. One man like Joshua would look up there and the sun and the moon stood still. The sun dial went back by faith. That was in Isaiah when his mind was stayed on God. So, we see, God has no problem at all keeping track of billions of people because it leaves the numerical value and it goes into something we don’t understand—the infinite. The numerical to Him is like you count up to 3. It’s even easier to Him because everything He does is pre-planned and laid out, and it works.

He is perfect, the Lord is. And when you get there, some of these sermons that I have been preaching, you are going to say, “What? You know He could have told us more. Just look at all this!” See; God is real, and He is mindful of you. You know the psalmist…looked up to heaven and the stars…the finger work of God, and he said the handiwork of God in the heavens showed the glory of God. Then the psalmist spoke out and said that He is thoughtful of man. Therefore, He visited him. Can you say, Amen? In other words, what is man to Him with all that is going on up there…that He visiteth man upon the earth? He has you in His thoughts. He knows all about it and He is mindful of us.

But there is one thing: He wants to see you go through that test. He wants to see you ride through that trial and come out stronger than ever. That’s what the Lord wants to see. He has the prophets to prove it and they had to buckle down, and they had to really go up against it. But everyone of them that we know of came out more powerful than they were before. And the bride and the elect of the Lord Jesus Christ, God is going to get a hold of some thoughts in their hearts. The thoughts start in the inner soul. These thoughts…happen in some kind of deep calls unto deep here. But at the end of the age, that thought that is in the soul, the Lord is doing something special for His people. Those that hear me preach and the ones that come here and get this anointing all over them, listen to me: He is going to be dealing in the thoughts. He deals in dreams and they come out as thoughts, and He seals them, even at night, something that you will say the next day.

So, at the end of the age, within deep in the soul—sometimes, some of you may even drift away from God, but in your soul, He will put those thoughts and they will come out right there. He is dealing with His people. As the age begins to close out, the kind of translative faith and power, all these thoughts coming, He will begin to move His people in unity, and they will come into unity and power. He will give them wisdom. He will give them knowledge. We are going to have a thunderous revival, to the ones that are formed of God. All void without form, but they are going to be with light and they are going to be formed by the Maker. We are headed for great things from God. This kind of message is set to let you know that in your soul, that would come. It’s coming from the Lord…. So, we see here: “In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men” (Job 4:13). “The wicked through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts” (Psalm 10: 4). In other words, when the wicked go out and away from God, it is like that. “The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity” (Psalm 94: 11). Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts” (Psalm 139: 23). “The thoughts of the righteous are right: but the counsels of the wicked are deceit” (Proverbs 12: 5). The thoughts of the righteous are right. Isn’t that wonderful?

To those that do not want to understand the Word of God or finding a loophole to get out from understanding the Word of God, and cannot live for the Lord, listen to this right here: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts….” (Isaiah 55: 8). When you begin to get away from the Lord, the thoughts will come from satan, and people will think evil. Pretty soon, satan has got them out there. Then their thoughts are no longer God’s thoughts…. You have to be careful. Don’t go out and sin. Stay with the Lord Jesus Christ. He will bless your heart. “But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither understand they his counsel…. (Micah 4: 12). So, there are thoughts that come from the Holy Spirit. He is backing this up 100%. “And Jesus, perceiving the thoughts of their hearts…. (Luke 9: 47)

Sometimes, people would like to hear a thunderous voice from God and He can speak that way if He wants. They are asking the Lord to hear an audible voice. Well, if you’ve got enough faith, evidently, He can speak by an audible voice. He’s done it over and over in the bible and in modern times too. But according to the scriptures, they know not the thoughts [of the Lord]. You see, while you are looking for those other ways, He comes in your heart and thoughts, and you are unaware of it. That’s Him; just as it was a voice. Sometimes, a thing would begin to come to me and my own thoughts would come and go, and the thoughts would come, and it wouldn’t seem to match anything, and I would write it down. A little later, it would come again. I know that my thoughts are changing. I know what is coming in me, how God’s thoughts are communing with my thoughts. Pretty soon, a mystery would come out, a mystery, or something would be revealed or a prophecy or something that I wanted to see. I understand that by the Holy Spirit.

“…bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10: 5). “We have thought of thy loving kindness, O God, in the midst of thy temple” (Psalm 48: 9). How many of you have ever thought of the Lord’s loving kindness? Our thought toward God is very powerful. “If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil. I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them” (Jeremiah 18: 8). That was the Lord Himself. “…and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name” (Malachi 3: 16). For them that thought upon His name—God remembers them in His book. How many of you ever think toward the Name, the Lord Jesus? Those that thought upon His Name, He wrote them in a book of remembrance, the bible said. You can’t bring this to any better conclusion tonight than to think upon the Name that has created all these things that we see in the universe.

So, with the power—it is within each one of you to rule out those things that put doubts in there. Satan will try every way to keep those thoughts from working for you, but if you learn how to discipline your life and control yourself, then the faith that you are reaching out for…will come out in the thoughts. So, we see, all of us, before we ever came out here, we were a thought from God. Neither I nor you, nor anyone knows how long ago that was. We know it was millions, probably trillions of years ago, and we are just now coming in this planet, to fruition as God has called it. He will call it all the way to Armageddon through the Millennium, and the last judgment, the White Throne, and then the new heaven and the new earth, perfect! So, remember this, when you are in unity, and when you are praying, allow God to get a hold of your thoughts…. When you are praying, keep your mind, rule out your work and everything out there. Let your thoughts stay upon Him there. Begin to learn how to do that and God will bless your heart. How many of you are ready to let the power that is within you begin to go?

This came to me from the Lord…. So, remember, your thoughts are more powerful for you than you ever dreamed of…. Think upon the Lord. His mind is stayed upon you…. Remember, when we come together, and you get in unity in your thoughts and don’t wander, you’ll create an atmosphere of electricity in this audience here. So, let’s come down and unite our thoughts and start a flame of deliverance here tonight. How many of you feel like you are going to turn loose tonight deep in your soul and allow it to come out there? Amen. [A sister clapped]. Before she could clap her hands, there was a thought behind that. Come on down here. Praise the Lord and allow the Lord to bless you tonight…. I pray that it stay with you in your sleep and when you are eating and everything. Amen.

See, that sermon is different. It proves that your thoughts are really powerful. When you come to church, sometimes, you think about this and that; you don’t realize how powerful it is when the Holy Spirit begins to move. The Lord is very sensitive than anything you would ever dream of…. I’ll tell you, when you are praying, you can keep me in your thoughts to God and you can pray for me. In my thoughts, I pray for you. I can’t preach a sermon like that and let you get out of here without praying. In the days ahead, what I have been praying and doing here, there are a lot of burdens. They don’t bother me because I put them in the hands of the Lord. Therefore, they are His responsibility, then I hold tight. Amen? You remember me in your thoughts and in your prayers, when you get time, you have other things to pray about, and I will be remembering you. I can guarantee you one thing, God will never forget you. Amen. The main thing: get happy, get your thoughts upon the Lord, and there is a blessing each time you come to church—a great blessing from the Lord and that is what we are here for. Amen?

How many of you feel better tonight? Let me tell you, this whole world will wear you down. It will try to take your energy, your happiness, and your joy, but you’ve got to shove them aside and come on for God. Amen? Believe Him with all your heart. Now, let’s clap and praise the Lord on our way out of here, and He will leave a blessing behind for us. You say, Amen? Alright. Let’s go. Let’s honor the Lord. Amen.

Positive Thoughts Are Powerful | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #858 | 09/02/1981 PM