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Believe | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1316 | 05/27/1990 AM

How many of you feel good this morning? Amen…. You know the bible says it’s not who starts with the Lord, but who finishes with the Lord…. Many times, you find out…. You see, people start out with God, the next thing you know, what happened to them? So, you see, the bible is very clear on that. It says it’s not how you start, but how you finish. Amen. You can’t just start, you’ve got to continue. He that endureth to the end, that’s the one that is saved. Amen. There is trouble all the way along the line. There are rough roads, but he that endureth…. No matter what your problem is, it doesn’t make any difference what you need from the Lord; He will meet your need. I don’t care what it is. You’ve got to trust Him in your heart and believe, not just with your head. You’ve got to turn everything over [to Him] and believe.

Lord, we love you this morning. Amen. Now, touch all of thy people together, Lord. Unite them in the power of the Spirit allowing them Lord God to reach on out in a united heart. As we unite together, all things are possible. There is nothing impossible with the Lord. Touch each individual, Lord. Help each person here this morning in every way that you can. If you are new here this morning, let God guide your heart and you will feel the power of His great divine love. God will bless His people. He will take the strain, the anxiety, all the pressure and all of these things out and give you patience. Oh, we won’t have to have patience too much longer. He is coming soon. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus…. God is really great. Isn’t He? He is, and He is coming soon.

You know at the time of the end of the age, James especially, and in other places [in the bible], there was a need for patience because the people were running [here and there]. But in an hour you think not, is the time that the Lord is going to come. Oh, if He comes now, it will be an hour that they think not. Oh, people are religious, people are going to church, but they’ve got their minds on the cares of this life. They’ve got their minds on everything, but the Lord–“Oh, please don’t come tonight, now.” I believe He’ll leave a lot of them. Just before He comes, knowing His compassion, He is going to give certain signs to those with their hearts open. He is going to give a powerful move that is going to bring them on in. Those that are barely coming in, He is going to get them in, those that are truly His.

Now, this morning, listen to this right here: all I title it is Believe. You know, what do you believe? Some people don’t know what they do believe. That’s a pretty bad shape. What do you believe? Jesus said, search the scriptures and see where, and know what you have from the Lord. In the bible, it says, he that believeth. Today, in the time that we live in, many people make a claim. Let’s see what God says here: He that believeth hath everlasting life (John 6: 47). He that believeth is passed from death unto life (John 5: 24). No staggering around about it; its pointblank. It shows action in the heart. Obedience to the Word of God and what it says for you to do, that is believing in there. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life…. You say, “Why did he keep saying ‘he that believeth?’ That’s the title of my sermon.

Mark says this right here, “Repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1: 15). Now, besides repent, you don’t just stand there, you believe the gospel. We’ve got some nominals today and they say, “Well, you know we’ve repented, and we’ve received the gospel.” But do they believe the gospel?  I am going to show you what that is. Then you have some charismatic Catholics and different types and so forth, they repent, and they have salvation. But do they believe this gospel?  Now, there were some foolish virgins, you know. They evidently repented; they had salvation, but did they believe the gospel? So, that word ‘repentis separated. It says repent and then believe the gospel. It’s not good enough to just repent, see? But believe the gospel… You say, “That’s easy. I believe the gospel.” Yes, but do you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit–the spower of fire, the power of tongues, the power of the nine gifts, the power of the fruit of the Spirit, the power of the five ministerial offices, prophets, evangelists and so forth? Repent and believe this gospel, it says. So, you say, “I believe.” Do you believe in the prophecies in the bible? Do you believe in the translation that is going to take place real soon? Well, you say, “I have repented.” But do you believe? Now, how many of you see where we are getting to right here? Now, how many of you see where we are getting to right here?

Some repent, but do they really believe the gospel? Do you believe in the prophecies of the bible? Do you believe in the end of the age, the signs of the mark of the beast that is coming soon? Do you believe that or are you just shoving it aside? Do you believe the bible predicted that at the end of the age there would be perilous times of crimes—whatever is happening on the earth? Do you believe the Lord said that, and it is absolutely happening? Do you believe in the revelations of the water [baptism], and of the Godhead?  Do you believe like the bible said or have you just repented? Believe this gospel, it says after that [repentance]. Do you believe of sins forgiven, that Jesus has forgiven the sins of the world, but not all of them will repent? Do you believe sins were already forgiven? You must believe and then it is manifested. You see, the whole world and everything [everyone] that has come into this world throughout all the ages, Jesus already died for those sins. Do you believe that the sins of this world were forgiven? They were, but He said not everyone will repent and believe that. Now, if it wasn’t done in that manner, He would have to die and resurrect every time somebody got saved.

He died for the sins of the whole world, but you are never going to get the whole world to believe this gospel. They find all kinds of loopholes. You would think some of them went to law school. They’ve got all kinds of loopholes. That is preachers and some of the people. Some of them will believe a little bit this way. They will believe a little bit that way, you see, but never coming to this gospel or the Word of God. [Bro. Frisby related the story of an American comedian, W.C. Fields.  The man got serious one day. He was thinking things over. He was in bed, sick. His lawyer came in and said, “WC, what are you doing with that bible?” He said, “I am looking for loopholes.”] But he couldn’t find any loopholes…. Looking for loopholes? Come on back and get converted. Come on back and get salvation. Come on back and get the Holy Spirit. You see, like a lawyer, they can always find a loophole out of something. There is only one way and that is to believe this gospel. How many of you believe that? Oh my, how true it is!

So, you believe sins are forgiven. The whole world has been healed and the whole world has been saved. But the ones that are sick, if they don’t believe it, they are still sick. The ones that have gotten their sins forgiven, if they don’t believe it, they will still remain in their sins. But He paid the price for each one [of us]. He didn’t leave anybody out. It’s up to them to respect the Lord and what He did for them. And the mysteries—oh, they are couched in all kinds of symbols and all kinds of numericals in the bible. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure them all out. But do you believe that He said that those mysteries will be revealed as the age closes? He will reveal the mysteries of God.

Do you believe the mystery in this gospel of a little baby coming down from heaven on this earth there in Isaiah 9: 6? Do you believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the resurrection and in the Pentecost that was to follow? Some of them stop at Pentecost. They don’t go any further than that. See; they don’t believe this gospel. The others, they don’t even get to Pentecost. When it comes down to the Infinite, the virgin birth supernaturally that God gave, they stop right there. I would like to tell them: how in the world is He going to save unless He was supernatural, eternal Himself? Can you say, Amen? Why, certainly. The bible said it had to be that way.

Repent, Mark said (Mark 1: 15). Then he said, believe the gospel after that. Well, like I said, “We’ve received salvation. You know, we’ve repented.” But do you believe the gospel? One time, Paul went in there and asked, have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?” Remember, that is the rest of the gospel. Do you believe in the prophets and the apostles? Do you believe the signs that are upon the earth that are happening now—how strange and unusual the weather patterns are all over the world, the quakes that are telling men to repent? That is what they are all about when they are shaking. That is God shaking the earth in the thundering in the heavens telling men to repent. The signs in the heavens, the car, the automobile, and the space program that were predicted. Did you believe after you read about them and knew that those are signs of the times telling you that Jesus is coming again?s

Do you believe in the return of the Lord Jesus? Some people have repented…but some of them say, “Well, I believe the Lord. We’ll just keep going. Things will get better and better, and we’ll bring in the Millennium.” No, you won’t. Satan is going to have something to do in between [before] that. He [Jesus Christ] is coming again and He is coming very soon. Are you expecting [Him]–like He said in an hour they think not, in an hour that most religious people think, and in an hour that some of them that have salvation think not? But to the elect, He said, they will know—even though there is a delay at the midnight cry where the five wise and the five foolish virgins were there together, and the cry went forth. They that were ready, they knew. It wasn’t hidden, and they went on in with the Lord. But the rest, they were blinded. He didn’t know them at that time, see? [Bro. Frisby mentioned two upcoming scripts/ scrolls 178 & 179 that explained the signs of the end] That is the edge that will be coming to God’s people. That is the edge that God is going to give the elect in the last day ministry. They are going to know those signs. They are going to know that He is coming very soon. This word is going to match, and this word is going to tell them what is coming.

Do you believe in the mercies of God or do you believe that He is just hateful all the time? Do you believe that God is mad [angry] at you? He is never mad at you. His mercy is still here upon the earth…. The mercies of the Lord endureth forever. The mercies of the Lord are with you when you wake up in the morning if you understand the Lord. Do you believe in the mercies of the Lord? Then, believe in having mercy on others that are around you. Do you believe in divine love? Somebody believes in the Lord, but when it comes to real divine love when you can turn the other cheek, that is hard to do. But if you believe in mercy and divine love, then you are among the elect–because that is what it’s going to be brought down to—it is the cloud of that divine love that’s going to unite [the bride] and give the foundation to the faith and the Word of God. It’s coming now.

It’s getting closer or I wouldn’t be preaching this as hard as I am preaching it. I just love to separate the people because I know I am going to be rewarded for it. Do it right. Don’t do it wrong. I know a lot of people, they get separated, but they don’t do it according to the Word…. But when that Word of God goes forth, if you are testifying somewhere and your heart is clear, you know you are solid, and you have that divine love, and you are doing what God tells you, I tell you, they are separated. Don’t feel bad. That’s Jesus doing that, and He will do it if it’s done right. It’s kind of hard on the ministers. That’s why they will bend trying to hold the money and hold the crowd. Don’t do it! It is better to eat crackers and go to heaven than it is to go to hell with a big crowd. I can tell you that right now!

Watch Him! He is fixing to come soon. I have got people and you’d be surprised in the letter, they are expecting the Lord. “Oh, Brother Frisby, you can look around and all the signs I have been watching for years [they mark them—they mark down the prophecies], and you could see them day by day, and year by year…. You can tell that the Lord is coming. Oh, please don’t forget me in your prayers. I want to make it on that day.” They write from all over the country…. Listen to my voice in Canada, the United States, overseas and wherever this goes: you won’t have to wait too long…. This is the time; we better keep our eyes open. This is harvest time. Oh, that’s a sign! Do you believe in the harvest? A lot of people don’t. They don’t want to work in it. Amen. See; that’s the Lord. The harvest is here. There would be a little delay at the midnight cry. The Lord delayed a little bit right there. But between the slow growth and the final fruition of that wheat, when it pops up there, see; pretty soon it will get just right. When it gets just right, the people will be gone. That’s where we are now.

So, while we are here, there is a restoration. God is moving all over the earth. He is moving here and there. Suddenly, at the end of the age, He is going to unite the people. He is going to get them from the highways and hedges…. But He is going to go from here with a group. Satan is not going to stop it. God has promised it, and so help me Lord Jesus Christ, they are going to leave! They are going with Him. He’s got a group! But it’s not just to those that repent and forget. Repent and believe ye the gospel, Jesus says. Everything in the gospel, believe it, all the Word of God, and you are saved. If you leave out part of the Word of God, you are not saved. You’ve got to believe all the Word of God. Have faith in God. So, believe in divine love and the mercies of God. That would get you a long way with the Lord.

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Almighty? Oh, I lost some more there! Amen. Throughout my lifetime, He’s never failed me…. There are three manifestations. I realize that. But we know there is only One Light operating those three the Holy Spirit, all these three are One. Have you ever read that in the bible? It’s exactly right. The Almighty. Do you believe who Jesus is? That is going to go a long way in that translation out there. Now, you know 6000 years whether you call it the Gregorian calendar, the Caesar/Roman calendar, God’s prophetic calendar or whatever–He’s got a calendar; we know that—the 6000 years allowed to man (and the Lord rested on the seventh day) is running out. Do you believe that God is going to call time? Do you believe there is a certain time that He is going to say, it’s all over with? We don’t know exactly when. We know evidentially that it is within the area of 6000 years. We do know He is going to call time. He said I will interrupt it or there would be no flesh saved on the earth. Therefore, we know there is an interruption in the time pattern. It’s coming; in an hour you think not.

You can get your mind on a thousand different things or a hundred different things. When you do, then you are not going to have your sight on the expectation of the Lord. I can tell you, no matter how I preach, and I preach it rough and I preach it as the Lord gives me, I want to tell you this: He’s got a group behind me. I don’t care if one goes or comes; it makes no difference, He is with me. I have tried every way and I have preached it not leaving the Word of God to help God’s people. Such a compassion that God has! No matter what, He stands with that Word that I preach. He will not forsake His Word. You will feel good. You don’t feel like you have slighted God or stolen something from Him because you don’t put the Word out. Put the Word out there! He will plant what He wants no matter few or great, they will be there. He’s been with me and He will stay with you too. He will bless your heart in every way that you have ever been blessed. He will stand with you. Satan will try to make a rough trip out of it, but didn’t the Lord say he [satan] would try those things too? Amen. “The works that I did shall you do too. So, you will run up against some of the things that I ran up against.” But He will be with you. They don’t have anyone to stand with them, those that do not believe this gospel.

Do you believe that the Jews are a sign today? They are a sign. They are in their homeland. He gave the sign in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, and it is given in the Old Testament all the way through there that they [the Jews] would be driven out of their country and that He would draw them in at the end of the age. Then in the New Testament, He told them just about when they would go back home. What would take place? The budding of the fig tree. He said the powers of the heaven would be shaken. Amen. He gave all kinds of signs there. We saw the atomic bomb shake the heavens and we saw the Jews go home just like He said. They are home in Israel right now. So, the Jews are a sign to the Gentiles that the coming of the Lord is near. He said that the generation that they went home—what He called that generation—no one exactly knows—but that generation is getting close to being over with pretty soon. This is the hour to really have revival. This is the revival of restoration. This one [restoration revival] is going to do more for people than any time in the world.

Behold, I stand at the door. How many of you believe that? Oh, that’s what He said. The atomic weapon is a sign. He gave it all over the bible and in the book of Revelation. In the Old Testament, He gave it through the prophets, and even greater kinds of weapons are coming. They are a sign that we are in the last generation. And again, must I say, do you believe what the bible said that in an hour you think not, shall the Son of man come (Matthew 24: 44)? He is coming!. So, we find out, in the modern age, believe in all the signs that are happening all over the world.

You see the apostasy sign. They will not hear the Word of God. They will not listen to or endure sound doctrine, but will turn to fables and fantasies, and a cartoon, Paul said. They will neither accept nor endure sound doctrine. Do you believe in the bible? The apostasy must first come, Paul said, and then the wicked one shall be revealed. The very antichrist will come on the earth. We are living at the end of apostasy, the falling away. You can see the churches; some of them are getting larger and larger. You can see that, but the falling away is from the real Pentecost, from the real power that the apostles left and that Jesus left. They are falling away from the Word of God that is anointed with fire, not exactly from church membership. The falling away is departing from the Word of God and losing their faith, departing from the real Pentecost, departing from the power of the Word. That is your falling away! Falling away from the Tree of God…. Then between the falling away, just as it was ending, He got in there, and when He did, He gathered His last ones together in a great cloud of fire. All of a sudden, they were gone: as the other bound themselves up! They would tie themselves up in a bundle and bind themselves. Then gather my wheat quickly! That’s what is happening now underneath.

There would be some great crises. There would be events in this nation that people have never seen before. You will be astonished, startled and amazed at what is happening. All of a sudden, the power would change and the lamb that gave such freedom would speak like a dragon. Coming like a lamb when it starts; the next thing you know, there has been a switch on. He [the antichrist] is being prepared underneath, saith the Lord. Do you remember before they crucified me, they planned underneath; then they did what they said. Amen. They did Jesus the same way. They talked about it all underneath, then all of a sudden—He knew they were coming to get Him. He knew it was the final hour. Even the other disciple [Judas Iscariot] couldn’t go until the final time. Do you believe–such a One—that this the Infallible Word of God? Despite men’s mistakes, despite whatever it might be, this is the Infallible Word of God.

If you don’t believe that every word here is infallible, I can tell you one thing: I do. I can tell you one thing: the promises of God are set in His face. They are in His jaw…and you can see them all over His eyes and everywhere. Every promise that He gave in there is infallible. I will say that through the Holy Spirit. Those promises—I don’t care if you can’t match up to them and I don’t care if the churches can’t match up to them—those promises are infallible. What He has given, He will not withdraw from those that believe. But the hour of grace is running out. Amen. They refused them, saith the Lord. He didn’t take them away. But finally, when grace runs out, that’s the end of it right there.

We are to prepare and witness…. He that believeth, not just repent—people don’t know what they really do believe in there. Then too, if you have repented, you will believe in saving souls, you will believe in witnessing to people and you will believe. You absolutely will. They say, “We believe,” but I tell you one thing: do you believe in angels? Do you believe that angels are real in the power of God and in the glory of God? If you truly believe, then you believe all of what God says. There is another thing that He told me to put here: do you believe in giving to the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you believe in supporting His work? Do you believe in getting behind the Lord—that is, in the gospel? Do you believe that He prosper you too? There are sufferings on this earth at many different times. People go through tests and trials, but that word will stand with you, if you know how to work it. As you give, God will prosper you. You can’t leave that out. That is one of the messages of the gospel.

He said it—Jesus is returning again. You either accept it or reject it there. I believe that with all my heart. People repent, but he said, believe the gospel. That means with action. Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth hath everlasting life. He that believeth is passed from death unto life (John 5: 24). Repent, Mark said, and believe this gospel. Amen. How many of you believe that? I believe that with all my heart. There it is! Now, you can see why the foolish virgins, some of those are left by the wayside. Matthew 25 tells you the story. Those that believe the gospel went away with Him. He has a way to bring it out, doesn’t He?

My sermon is simply, Believe. Do you know what you believe? Many people don’t know. But if you have the Word of God, and you believe it, then you have believed this gospel. How many of you can say Amen to that? You believe the gospel, you act upon it. Nothing can turn you from that. Nothing can take you from that. All those with this cassette, there is a kind of salvation, powerful kind of anointing on here that will break through in your house and breakthrough in you people that are listening to this. It’s bound to give you an uplift. God is going to help you. The old devil wants to press you down, so that the Word of God does not seem right. He will oppress you in such a way that the Word of God and the promises don’t seem alive to you. Let me tell you, that is the time that they will get alive for you, if you know how turn in with the Lord—if you know how to turn aside and begin to praise the Lord and shout the victory. You might not feel like praising the Lord or shouting the victory, but He lives in the praises of His people. He lives in there…. He will turn that thing around for you. What is the wrong way He will turn it round the right way. He will help you if you know how to use the Word of God that He has given you.

If you need salvation, remember the message. He has already saved you. You have to repent in your heart and say, “I believe that you have given me salvation and saved me, Lord, and then too, I believe this gospel. I believe it, the Word of God.” Then you’ve got Him all the way like that. Some of them just repent and go on, but there is more to it than that. You [have to] believe in all that He said, the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of miracles and the power of healing. Oh, that [would] stop some of them. Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in healing and creative miracles, and miracles that if someone were to drop down, God would raise them up if it is appointed for that person to come back? Do you believe in the amazing miracles? These signs shall follow them that believe, and I just named them. I tell you, He is a God that is a Deliverer. You can’t see the Lord not doing anything for His people. He will do anything for any of those that are moving with Him—those that are acting with Him…. Let’s give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. God is really great!

Believe | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1316 | 05/27/1990 AM