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The little foxes spoilersTHE LITTLE FOXES (SPOILERS)

The Holy Spirit spoke directly to me that wonderful things are ahead for the people. But the little foxes in their lives will cause some to lose the best for them. And the best is yet to come. I was praying and I asked the Lord, why is it that the people receive something one time and then lose what they have received?

  1. The Lord moved on me. Sometimes, you think it is the large things that can do great damage, but it is the little foxes in the human nature and in the spirit world (Song of Solomon 2:15). They appear just before or after a great outpouring.
  2. Wonderful blessings are ahead for the people. Big opportunities are ahead for you. Doors will be opening for the church. God will move by his power. But the little foxes will cause some to lose the best for them. When it is gone and your vine is eaten, you can’t see it. It is already God has come for His people. Then, it will be terrible and tremendous persecution across the earth.
  3. The little creatures that spoil the vine of power. They spoil the joy that was placed there by the Holy Spirit. Satan will send a little fox and he will bite into the vine and cause the oil to leak.
  4. Watch out! The little foxes are very busy and they know exactly how to come. These are little spirits that can do great They gnaw away and can do as much damage as the big ones.
  5. They can come and bite into your faith, into peace, your healing and your victory. They can bite into your spiritual depth and advancement in the spirit. They will hinder you. They will steal your wisdom and knowledge. They will give you the wrong attitude on how to receive from Jesus.
  6. You may think you have the right attitude. But, somewhere lodged in your mind is something you have against somebody or something that somebody did to you that upset The little fox of sin will begin to steal.
  7. The little fox can steal a great victory. We have only to look in the Old Testament and see the great victory of David, Samson, the prophets and even Elijah, in the hour he thought he was the only one left. We can see all through the bible how the little fox will come and begin to work in the human nature. He works in the spirit world, too.
  8. Wisdom will keep you from the snares of the little foxes. “Wisdom is too high for a fool” (Proverbs). But the Lord will tell His church what to do. They will listen. They will not be fools. Paul says, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” because they have rejected the word of God for idols, heresies and fables (Romans 1: 22). Be careful of such things.
  9. Most people will say, I will put it off till I will do it tomorrow. You can’t count on tomorrow. The little foxes will get there before you wake up. You want to do something for the Lord? Today is the day, not tomorrow. Expect every day, work every day, activate your heart every day. “Boast not thyself of tomorrow…” (Proverbs 27:1).
  10. People say I will pray I am too tired. Do you know your prayers are answered when you are tired? Paul says when I am weak, I am powerful. People say I will pray when I feel good. Paul says I will pray when I am weak. The Lord just moved mountains for me. They can hit me with stones, but I will rise and walk away. I die daily. The little foxes will not get to me. I will die daily.
  11. People say I will praise the Lord when I feel good. You are supposed to praise the Lord when you are tired and do not feel good. Suddenly, there will be a surge of energy. Begin to drink in this message and you will have a burst of energy and joy. The bible says, it is a sin if I cease to pray for you (1 Samuel 12:23). We must pray and praise the Lord every day, else the little fox will steal your victory day by day. Pretty soon, you put off praising the Lord. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day that I work for God, pray in my heart and praise the Lord. Then divine strength will come.
  12. People say I will pray but I am too tired. Go to praying right Go to praising the Lord. Something will take place and during the night, He will visit you in the dream world. You will feel better. You know not what shall be on the morrow (James 4:13). Today is the accepted time, the bible says, now is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6: 2).
  13. People say I will seek Him tomorrow. The little fox takes tomorrow from you. God cannot always be found (Isaiah 55: 6).You have delayed, so the devil has more power to go against It is like a battle. If you delay too long, your enemy will come and take you over. You must strike when the iron is hot. It is hot on the earth right now. The Lord is coming for His people. Seek ye the Lord while He may be found before He drifts from you and you miss Him.
  14. You young people, stay with the Lord. Seek Him while you are young. It makes it easier to hold on to the Lord when you are older. Seek the Lord when you are young. You will build armor and He will help you all the time.
  15. This message is going forth because great opportunities and blessings are coming your way; give no place to the devil. Electrocute the little foxes by the power of the Holy Spirit. Beware of the complaining, gossiping and arguing little foxes. You are losing spiritual energy. The little foxes are eating your vine and stealing your time with God. Also, the little foxes of idle words and not expecting everything from the Lord. The little foxes choke up your faith and blessings from the Lord.
  16. The Lord will give us wisdom to know how to deal with the little foxes. The little foxes will get you through your appetite. People need to fast with determination. You will starve the little foxes to death. There needs to be a time of waiting on the Lord. Allow the Lord to guide you (Proverbs 8: 10-24). Wisdom will guide you how to keep and use your faith.
  17. Our faith and the power of the Holy Spirit will kill the little foxes. Amen.

The Little Foxes (Spoilers) CD# 895
Neal Frisby’s Sermon: June 28, 1982 PM