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Anointing Sons of Thunder | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #756 | 11/11/1979 AM

Oh, praise the Lord! You love Jesus really this morning? Let me read something to you…. I want you to listen to this right here. It is for you. [Bro. Frisby read Psalm 1: 3]. This is the person that loves God. “And he shall be planted by the rivers of water…” You have been planted by this river of water, so much that some of you can swim in it. Can you say praise the Lord? You should be like a tree planted by the rivers of water…. How many of you know that is revival too? I found that to be true in my ministry. One night I said, “Lord, I know I am not anything special–if anybody believes God—I only know that my calling is pre-ordained. That part of it is.” The Lord told me, “Those promises are for all my people that would take advantage of them.” Praise the Lord! See; trust the Lord.

Now this morning, I have a message. I have prayed about this too. I have got such a type of message here to be given. It’s such a message—I want to get my hands on you before I get to the message. It will bless you…. Go ahead and be seated.

You will always be in the flesh until you are translated. We know that. But there is such a thing as walking in the Spirit too, and not letting the flesh get the upper hand. There is a warfare. The old flesh see; will keep you back from the blessings, from the Word of God, from healing, and from salvation. That’s the flesh, you see. You have a warfare. No matter how much you are anointed, that warfare continues. Sometimes, when you get strongly anointed, the flesh would get stronger too, but you are the winner. Right off the bat, you are the winner in there.

This message this morning is going to show you something. It is called The Anointing and the Flesh. Do you know that the stronger the anointing, the less attraction it has for the foolish virgins out there in the nominal world? The stronger the anointing—it keeps it cut down to the real thing of God. That part of my ministry is a type that is cutting, but it is going to do a great job on the earth. The Lord told me…He said the anointing [it is like a sharp point], it will finish up to the sons of God, and not to the others. That’s what He told me. That’s why sometimes, you see some foolish coming for their healing [they get miracles], and you see some of the nominals coming [they get miracles], …but there has to come a change the Lord told me—the change to match the ministry. When it comes, you haven’t seen anything yet.

You listen this morning and I believe you are going to learn. People think the stronger the anointing, the more people. No, no, not anymore…. With the anointing, He can bring in the reins just right. It is at a cutting edge. Malachi 3 says a purging (v. 3). It will bleach them, see? They are not quite ready. There has to come a change. But you always have your early runners. They are in the thunders. It is the early runners that come into it. While I am dealing with the foolish virgins and dealing with the wise, I am definitely sent to the sons of God. How many of you know that the creation/creature is waiting for them? There has to come a change. I believe this is going to bring out why the struggle and the things that are happening not only here, but around the world to the true overcomers in the Lord.

So, the Anointing and the Flesh. This morning, not knowing what He wanted me to bring, I had other sermons, but He crossed over into this message. I picked up the pen and I wrote this right here: when the anointing of the Holy Spirit gets strong enough to work miracles and to begin to separate and purge; that’s when people get out of the way, see? They get out of that, especially if it is accompanied by a strong anointing, and with the Word of God coupled with it. It is just like atomic power going against dynamite, and carnality will flee.

They will not come under the law of the Spirit. Remember, the anointed Cloud and the Pillar of Fire upset Israel. They got so upset that they chose captains and wanted to go back to bondage, and they were right in the midst of glory. We see the same thing happening upon the earth now. This will lead to this message. They wanted to flee back to Egypt because the Cloud and the Pillar of Fire upset them so much. They were so carnal and God was dealing with them there. So, it is the same today that we are beginning to see until God changes and brings the right people, and it is at the right time. It is high time now. I believe it is soon. We are going into some perilous times, some crises, but the greatest joy that the people of God have ever entered into since the history of the world. They are going to enter the greatest joy they have ever had, no matter the events surrounding them, because they know that when certain signs begin to come forth, as He speaks to me and begins to tell you, you will know it is close to the translation. He will not do it without a witness to the ones that are following Him. You will know how close it is to the translation, although you won’t know the day or the hour. Your joy will pick up because you will be translated right into the rapturous joy and blend right in with it into eternity.

Listen to this: the sons of thunder will receive my message. Remember, Jesus told me, and Jesus said this: remember James and John. He chose them to prove a point—witnesses there. He said, “These be the sons of thunder” (Mark 3: 17). In Revelation 10: 4, it was the thunders. In those thunders is where the sons of God collect together and unite under the Cloud of God. It is like Revelation 4 and the seven lamps of fire are in them seven anointings and the seven anointings are in the thunders, and the sons of God are called the sons of thunder. Amen. They are what is produced after the lightning strikes; they produce the sons of God, and that is a high calling. Paul said I want the prize [of the high calling]. He had already been saved. He already had the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but he said he wanted the prize of the high calling, the overcomer.

The high calling in Christ, that is the sons of God. I believe that they are different from some of the wise and completely different from the foolish. They are the very brideship, the very sonship; they are right in there today. Revelation 10: 4: in the thunders shall gather the sons of God. Now, listen to what Paul said here and you will see why He wants to anoint you for this, this morning: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” (Romans 8: 1). The sons of God may be in the flesh, but they will strive for that Spirit more than anything else in the world. It would be an obsession, a tremendous surge. I notice here this morning; some people couldn’t wait to give me an offering…. It is wonderful that your hearts are set on something like that. I believe that the Holy Spirit wants me to tell you that. He welcomes that. He loves a cheerful giver.

So this morning, He is going to give of His Word and learn [teach] you the revelations and show you where we are standing, and what we are entering into. You remember, you are fixing to bloom. That’s where we are headed. This last revival has been like the worm to the cocoon. I told you the story that God brought to me one time about the Monarch butterfly. First, it’s a little worm and it is in a cocoon. But that flesh part must die out, and when it does, a most wonderful transformation takes place. It is a metamorphosis. That worm that has been feeding on the leaves, it just seals itself and drops down, and stays there. That life dies, but all of a sudden comes forth the breaking forth in colors, a beautiful butterfly! It is a monarch from that worm. There are two lives there. One dies away and the other goes into a beautiful Monarch butterfly.

The church has been like the cocoon. Even in Joel, it set the stages that the worm worked on in there (Joel 2: 25-29). But it is different here. It’s at the seventh church age of thunders in there. It is going to shake that cocoon and it is going to break loose. Watch them thunders! They are coming…. You’ve seen a little bit of it in this anointing, how it scatters, and how it is coming to shake in there. The church has been like that cocoon. God’s Holy Spirit will set fire, see? It will take and purge. It will set fire there and that will break forth into the butterfly. That would be the sons of God, the Monarch. They will be the very Prince seed of God. The Royal seed which is a strange, peculiar people, Peter said. The bible says that they are lively stones. They are the ones that are in the corner of the Headstone of God, being the body and the very mouth of God, talking in the thunders to Him. That means God is talking, see? All these are mysteries this morning and they are coming forth to His people.

So, when it breaks forth into a monarch, it takes on wings, and it won’t be long till it takes its flight into a new life. It is transformed into a glorified body. In fact, when it comes out of that cocoon, after it’s been there for a certain amount of time, it looks so beautiful. It looks just like it is glorified as it comes out of that worm. So, the other dies, and out of death comes a beautiful butterfly. So, when the church breaks out of that flesh mold to the monarch, and it breaks into the wings of the eagle like the butterfly, then it will take on more of the Spirit, and it is going to take its flight. That’s called the thunders and the sons of God…. We are fixing to bloom. How many of you know that? Look at those seats [the seats at Capstone Cathedral], the colors they are! It’s going to bloom in here one of these days and it’s going to be powerful.

Bro. Frisby read Romans 8: 4 – 6. How many of you know that? If you have struggles with the flesh, then commit yourself more totally to God. Rejoice and praise the Lord. There is coming such a purge under them thunders, such a power in there to set you free that you have never seen before. Somebody said, “I am free.” You are not free like you are going to be free. Praise God! Somehow, around His children, He is going to bring forth kind of like a ring of fire-like. It’s coming. Where you have been oppressed by the weed, and where you have been oppressed by the negatives coming at you like that, somehow, in the Spirit…He will do it [set you free]. When He does, it will cause you to be more in the Spirit of God and have more faith in God. You can be more confident. With the aggravations and irritations, God is going to help like never before because He doesn’t want to marry somebody that is aggravated and upset. How many of you know that? You are going to be in good shape when you meet Him. There is one thing we can count on: The Lord Jesus, when He does something, He does it really good. When He gets through preparing us, behold, the bride makes herself ready. You better be sure. He is going to prepare something that is going to be wonderful that the world has never seen, and He shall receive it into glory. Praise God. That purging in the thunders there.

The carnal mind is against God. It hates God. Finally, it will get to hating God, you see. We can go back to the Old Testament how Esau went in the wrong direction. Even though Jacob was not perfect, and he was carnal at times, but He stayed with God. Finally, the Lord got a hold of him in such a way that he became a prince with God…. We will become princes with God and it will work just like He said it would right there. So, Paul in Romans 8 is trying to tell you what is going to prepare the real sons of God. “So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God” (v. 8). I know you live in the flesh and work in the flesh, but you must walk in the Holy Spirit, and take on the anointing, and praise God. Be sincere. In other words, just take it for what it is. It is there. You can try to make up something or He is just in you. The power of God is within you. It is the power that is going to work you right on into the butterfly that I told you about, that is coming to spread its wings and break out of the cocoon.

Bro. Frisby read Romans 8: 9. Now the body which is kind of like it is in the body of sin, but if you are in the Spirit of God, Paul said, the Spirit of life gives righteousness to that body. Amen. We know the flesh, corruptible will go on and will be changed into a glorified body. That thing that changes us is within us, inside of us here. Then it goes further here: Bro Frisby read v. 11. Did you ever notice that sometimes, when you are prayed for, there would be a quickening in your body that you didn’t know you had? There would be a surge of energy that you didn’t know where it came from…. That’s the Holy Spirit…. That is the surge of the supernatural to that body. It has done a cleansing process. It has done a purging process. It will quicken your mortal body and it will change into a glorified body.

Paul continues in Romans 8:14. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God’ (v. 14). Here we get into these thunders and the overcomers come out here. I used to wonder when I first entered the ministry as God was dealing with me: Who are the sons of God? They are different. The bible is not really silent concerning it, but it does not reveal much about it. It’s just like Revelation 10:4. Not even the Apostle John knew all about it, although he heard some of it. They said, “Don’t write that. Don’t do anything about it. It’s all mystery in there.” God began to deal with me. The sons of God are in the bible in different places, but He didn’t go out of His way to say so much about it because He was dealing within a wheel, within a wheel. He’s got the foolish virgins. He’s got the Jews. He has the wise that somehow fits in with the bride of Jesus Christ as attendants. He has His wheel within a wheel. Therefore, He mentions all in the bible. But the sons of God, He kind of leaves a little bit less about them.

I wondered who and what are the sons of God? I never could see them coming forth even when I used to travel. I wondered about that. It’s for the end of the age and I felt that in the thunders of God, that’s when those come forth. He said of James and John, these are the sons of thunder, meaning that they were really chosen of God. They were the anointed ones. They would do things like Jesus did in miracles. They would perform great exploits. They would have the faith that God wanted them to have. Therefore, they were chosen as examples, as two witnesses. I really believe this in my heart that on the earth, God is bringing forth and there would come forth one to the greatest surges of His power.

Now listen as Paul continues to show you that they are led by the Spirit of God. Bro. Frisby read Romans 8:14 again. Note that it says, ‘being led.’ It’s not just that you know about the Spirit of God or involved with salvation, but you are led; you know when God is talking. Those that are led by the Spirit of God will take every word in the bible. Oh, there it is right there, you see. They know what the proper baptism is. They know who Jesus is. They know the eternal of the Sonship. They know all about the powers that be of God. These are the ones, saith the Lord, that are led by the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God. Amen. Isn’t that right? We know that’s the truth.

Then it says here; Paul knew there would be a waiting period toward the end of the age. In verse 19, it says, “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” See; there is a waiting period and a silence. There comes a sound and the sound begins to sound. Sometimes, it’s just a gathering, but there is a sound that goes forth. When the sound goes forth, I believe there is a voice and there is a sound in the air. God begins to sound. That means He is going to do something. There is a waiting period there. It says, ‘the earnest,’ that means they are serious—the expectation of the creature [waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God]. You see the butterfly? It will come out of that cocoon and it will begin to manifest. See; manifests in beautiful color and flies away. It says, “waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” They have not manifested yet, but they are coming out of their cocoon and they are going to manifest as a Royal seed of God. They are a peculiar people. They have the Word of God. They are led by the Spirit of God. They understand the Spirit of God. They want the Spirit of God more than anything else in the world and they will walk in the Spirit of God. Are you still with me now? Praise the Lord!

So, they are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Some of you don’t know how blessed you really are! Jesus is wooing the bride with gifts and power. He is bringing the sons of God into manifestation. What joy would come! You know, with a birth comes great joy. When they birth into the monarch, when they are come into power, there would be great joy, and the translation follows soon after that.

Bro. Frisby read Romans 8: 22. We know why the creation groaneth; you see there is a trial. Revelation 12: 4 says the travailing comes and the manchild—the manchild is the sons of God—is born. The rest of the woman’s seed, the foolish flee into the wilderness. The whole chapter of Revelation 12 gives you all that belongs to God, the ones that will be translated upward and the ones that will flee into the wilderness. So it says here that the creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. See; something is going to happen, but it shows a travailing. Each church age had something but nothing like the sons of God waiting at the end of the age. There would be nothing like it and never would be.

As it gets through here: Bro Frisby read Romans 8: 23. Watch! “The firstfruits of the Spirit” are the sons of God. The bible said that the ones that were translated were called the firstfruits of God’s picking. They are the firstfruits unto God. They are the manchild. They are the bride of Christ. Behold, saith the Lord, they are the very sons of thunder! Praise God. That’s right. They would have that flash of lightning and they would have that commotion of power. When it thunders, it shakes the devil and he will scramble in there. Can you say, praise the Lord? That’s right. It’s coming. It will jar [shake] things all over the earth.

“…Not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for…the redemption of our body” (Romans 8: 23). In other words, the sons of God occur [are manifested] at the time that God is going to redeem the body. The period is so close together; it is called a quick short harvest work by the Holy Spirit in the utterance of prophecy, the sure Word of God. So, almost simultaneously [at the time] that the bodies of the sons of God, coming forth in great manifestation of power and gifts and the anointing to praise the Lord, when all that comes forth, there would be a quick lightning thunder work of power in there, and then it would be the redemption of our body. Shortly afterward, the body is redeemed, and it is translated. I guess they can hear it on the earth, but it says as the lightning shineth from the east to the west—when the lightning strikes, there is always a thunder—He says that is the way the Son of man is coming.

Then when our bodies are redeemed, when the lightning shines from one place to another, we are caught up in thunder. Amen. The world won’t hear it, but we will hear God calling us. It would be the Voice of God and the dead will be raised in that lightning and thunder and be caught with us together in the body as it is in Revelation 4. He will say, “Come up, hither’ and henceforth around the throne of God. Hallelujah! The same joy will continue right on there.

Bro. Frisby read v. 25. Watch! You can’t see it yet. It’s a hope. Paul in other words is saying that it is a kind of hope. You can’t see it, but he is telling you to hold on to your faith. Then he said, by faith if we wait for it, we will see it. How many of you believe that?

He said in v. 29. Bro. Frisby read Romans 8: 29. That is an overcomer! He said, predestinated to be conformed to the image of His Son that He might the firstborn among many brethren. Isn’t that wonderful?

And then Paul in verse 27 tells you, “And he that searchest the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.” He is making intercession and He will work in this sermon. Suddenly, it came on me this morning, this little writing that I had—what He did, He did for a purpose, the Holy Spirit leading here.

So, many people have their problems, and especially the sons of God will come through a groaning, a travailing, it said. They would have been through in their lives something that others have never been through. They would often wonder, “Why in the world did God call me, and I am faced with such obstacles?” But the bible said that that is a travailing too and it will come. But there is joy. Let me tell you, you might have been through something to help you get ready for the purging, the bleaching, but it tells you in the Word of God unless you come through the purging and the chastisement, you are no more sons of God, but ye are bastards. Did you ever read that in the bible? Meaning the seed of the weed that will go into the antichrist system. That antichrist system will have the worship of the antichrist. They are sons of satan. They are going in the wrong direction to be marked in there.

He said under groaning and chastisement, He calls forth His sons. He said if you can’t come under that chastisement, then you are not the sons of God, but you know the word [bastards], I don’t want to repeat it. But he called them that. Paul did. I don’t want to be the other. I want to be a true son of God. Amen? That is exactly right. I believe Hebrews brings that out in a chapter of Hebrews [Hebrews 12). So, the real sons of God come through that and the others are called just what Paul called them. They will not take correction from the Word of God. Therefore, he called them that [bastards]. Now, I know why he called them that—but those are the wrong seed and they go right into the world system to be marked.

But God’s children are gathered together as the sons of God in the thunders. They are called the wheat of God, the manchild and the sons of God. When they come forth, they are going to bloom. They are going to be a royal people. God is going to give them a royal blessing, full of joy, a royal spirit, saith the Lord. Oh, glory to God! There will be something different about their joy. There is royalty to it. There would be something different about their laughter. He is going to make it kingly. There is going to be something different about the way they walk. God will be with them.

The queen—she will be right there with Him, sitting right there. That’s exactly right. He called her [the bride] the Queen of God, right there, the bride and the sons of God. When He called them the bride, the manchild, and the queen, you see what He is doing? It’s mixed up of men and women. That’s why those names are changing. The true name is the bride of Jesus Christ…. And so, with patience we wait for it. Not that we have seen it, but we wait by faith and it will take place. There is the Headstone, the very Capstone anointing of God coming to His children.

So, as Paul said, don’t seek after the flesh, but seek after the Spirit of God. Those that are the sons of God are led by the Spirit of God…. So, the stronger the anointing—they may come through for healing and prayer—but they have no foundation to them and they flow right on out. But the Lord’s children are coming forth as the sons of God—they will come into my anointing as never before. There has to be a change…. As the sons of God come out, we see nature travailing. We see the weather patterns changing upon the earth, and all of the events. All of nature groaneth and travaileth as the body comes together.

They [sons of God] are being chastised and purged, but they will come into the joy of the Lord. Bro. Frisby cited Malachi 3: 1-3. He will suddenly come to His temple. Who shall be able to abide? He will be like a refiner of silver, it says. He will purge you there. For what you have suffered or will suffer, Paul said, I count that as nothing when I look at the glory. You know Paul saw the Star of God. He saw the Light. He said he counted these little problems as nothing compared to the glory of God. This is nothing compared with the weight of glory that waits there in the kingdom without end. The sons of God will be joint-heirs and they will rule. He said behold, I give you all things that I have. Glory to God! That is why He makes it like He makes it to where there is a challenge, and the flesh tries to pull you away from that reward of God.

There is a contest on the earth, Paul said, when I wanted to do good, evil was present. I die daily and whip that old man and get on with the Spirit of God. So, there is a contest because the reward for the prize of the high calling of the overcomer is greater than that of other groups that God has. It is something that even the angels stand back in awe…. Glory to God! Joint heirs, rulers!

What you have suffered and gone through while being purged is coming into the sons of God’s travail. But at the same time, a great blessing is upon them all the way through. They are being tested and refined so that they can come forth as God wants them. Here is what Paul has to say about your sufferings: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8: 28). How many of you know [notice] that he put that after the travailing? Paul knew that those things [sufferings and travailing] would be there, but he said that all things work together for the good of them that love God who are called according to His purpose as the sons of God.

“For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren” (v. 29). In other words, Jesus was the type of the firstborn that He would have like unto Himself in power that would be called the sons of God. I want everybody to get up on your feet. Isn’t this wonderful? I believe that like the cocoon, you are going to break forth very soon in rainbow colors…. So, I want you to get out of the flesh this morning. Begin to praise God. Come on. Come on, sons of God! Take hold! Let your thunders go! I feel God. Come on, sons of God. They are manifested. Glory! Hallelujah!


Anointing Sons of Thunder | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #756 | 11/11/79 AM