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Faith the Victor | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1129 | 11/02/1986 AM

Well, praise the Lord! Isn’t He great? What about this building is so great? The Lord told me it was the past, the present and the future. The Lord Himself wanted to do it this way. If people want to argue about it, they have to argue with Him. I don’t have the kind of talent to put together a building like this. He spoke to me. I am just honored to be in the house of the Lord. [Bro. Frisby mentioned that the building was in the Phoenix Magazine as an Arizona landmark]. We don’t brag about. We honor it because it is God’s house of worship.

Now, are you ready? Lord, bless the people this morning as we come together. We believe you with all our hearts, for in you are the great things and the wonderful things of the Lord. We bless you and we worship you with all of our hearts. Touch the new people here this morning blessing their hearts. Let them feel the power, Lord, the power and the treasure of thy Spirit. Go ahead and be seated.

Now, let’s get right into this message here and see what the Lord has this morning. I guess I must have pushed old satan out of the way there. Now, Faith the Victor: how many of you know that? How precious in our age is the faith that God gives us? It comes right in and matches the Word of God and the promises of God. Listen real close. Hold on here. Begin to praise the Lord.

Doctors have always talked about the heart; heart [attack] being the number one killer in this nation here. This week they had a little bit about it and they would always say the same thing: heart [attack] is the number one killer. Fear is the number one killer. How many of you know this? Let’s get into this and see where it leads here. Fear causes heart disease. It causes cancer. It causes other diseases like mental problems. It causes fear, anxiety and worry. Then it causes doubt.

Now, when you get unenthused about God’s Word, unenthused about God’s promises, and unenthused about God’s message—you are not excited about the Lord and you are not excited about His promises—the next thing you know, fear begins to draw close to you. It comes closer. Through fear, you create doubt. Then through doubt, fear will pull you down. So, remember, always keep the enthusiasm of the Lord in your heart. Every day, just like it is a new day, a new creation for you, believe Him with that excitement of the Holy Spirit that is as new as the day that you were saved, or the day that you were healed by God’s power or the day that you felt the anointing of the Lord. If you don’t keep this as a front, and a power and a shield that’s upon you, fear will draw close to you. It is on the earth heavy right now.

There is such a fear upon this earth [right now] that never in the history of the world has such fear [taken hold]. It is such a perilous time as the bible gives it, creating fear, you see, like a cloud. The terrorists and so forth. Many people are even scared to go to the airports in many parts of the world. They have quit going to Europe and so forth. A cloud of fear is upon them because of all the things that are taking place. So, we find out, through fear will come doubt and unbelief. It will drag you down. So, always be excited about the Lord. Be excited about His Word. Be enthused about what He has given, what He is saying to you, and He will bless you.

Now, Jesus said–and this is the very foundation, fear not. How many of you know that? He would always say, “Fear not, fear not.” An angel appears; fear not, fear not, only believe. If you fear not, then you can only believe. “Fear not” is the word. So, the number one killer that creates heart attack is fear. It will cause not only one but many diseases. You have to be careful. You remember in the bible, the parable of the pounds, the parable of the talents (Matthew 25: 14 – 30; Luke 19: 12- 28)? Some of them traded and used their resources in the gospel, the talents, the gifts of power, whatever they had, they got it out and used it for the Lord. One of them hid it. When the Lord appeared, he said, “I was afraid” (Matthew 25: 25). It caused him all; cast out into outer darkness. “I was afraid.” Fear will drive you right into the pit. Fear will drive you into darkness. Faith and power will drive you into the Light of God. That’s the way it works. There is no other way, saith the Lord. These are the key words that would put you right out there and help each one of you out. “I was afraid and trembled before the Lord. I was afraid and hid what you gave me,” you see? “I was afraid the gifts, the power or whatever the Lord has said, didn’t take place,” see? These are the parables at the end of the age that affect all ages.

Saul, the King of Israel, a warrior supposedly. Yet, Saul was afraid of a giant, one huge giant…. He was afraid. Israel was afraid. David had no fear. Although, he was a youth, he had no fear. He marched right straight on in front of the giant. He had no fear. The only One that David ever feared was God. Now, if you fear God that is a different kind of fear. That would come from the Spirit. When that spiritual fear in you; fears God, it will wipe out all other types of fear, saith the Lord. If you have the fear of God in God’s Word, that spiritual fear will wipe out all types of fear that are not supposed to be there. You have what we call a caution. There is a kind of fear in the body of being cautious. That’s a spiritual thing, just about, too. There is a slight [an opportunity] that God gives for people to be cautious, but when it gets out of control and the devil gets a hold of it, and he gets a hold of the mind or possesses that mind, fear is a great trembling.

There is no harder life to live than to live in great fear. It’s a life—I don’t know any life that could be more agitating, full of turmoil, troubles and problems. But the bible said Saul feared the giant and it said David had no fear. He was not afraid of anything. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…” (Psalm 23: 4). He did not run. Yea though I walk…. How many of you are still with me now? No fear at that time, see? He only feared God. Isn’t that the way the church is supposed to; like the book of Psalms, praising God with no fear?

Oh, praise God! Can you get this, this morning? If you do, you are healed, you are saved, and you are delivered, says the Lord! Fear is what keeps people from getting healed. Fear is what keeps them from getting saved. Fear is what keeps them from getting the Holy Spirit. Listen to this: in Luke 21: 26—we find out what God said about it here. Fear of the future and world events within our age. And it says in Luke 21: 26, “Men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” What caused the heart failure? Fear. Atomic power, fearful, the powers of heaven are shaken. Men’s hearts failing for fear. Now, this prophecy that Jesus, the Master of prophecy, gave 2000 years in that chapter is noted in our age at the very end of the age because He associated it with powers of heaven being shaken. That’s atomic, when they are all shaken, the elements.

Fear is behind everything that is taking place, and all kinds of diseases. It is the number one killer today, and it is supposed to appear at the end of the age. If you think that they have had some failures now, wait until they cross over into the last three and a half of the great tribulation. You’ll see them dropping like flies because of the events with which they will be surrounded in the great antichrist system. Never in the history of the world would they see such things that would take place at that time. It will be after the translation…. Fear—the powers of the heaven shaken, and men’s hearts failing them because of one thing, fear.

You know, there are powerful demons that bid to wreck you mentally and physically. They will come at you mentally. They will strike you with sickness physically. They will try everything they can to dominate, to take over the body and to destroy you–if you sit around unenthused about God, not believing in God’s promises—[you will be overcome]|with fear until you doubt God. Did you know that demon powers can cause accidents? Now, some accidents are caused because people are very careless, but even then satan can push you over [cause an accident]. Demons attack you. They confuse you. You may see a miracle and not be able to believe it even if it happens to you. Demons are real. They are the very ones that are behind this fear, saith the Lord. They work upon that.

Now, a Christian has to be full of the power of God, full of faith, and full of the anointing. At the top, I wrote, Faith the Victor in God’s promises, a most vital precious thing as the age closes out. Jesus Himself said my elect cry day and night, and would I not avenge them? At the end of the age Jesus said, would I find any faith when I come? Sure, the real faith that He is looking for, the pure faith would be in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, the very elective, predestined seed that He has. They would have that faith. Without faith, you cannot enter heaven. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. You say, “I please God this way or that way.” No, no, no; it is impossible to please God unless you are showing that faith. He knows faith is in there, but [it is important] to act that faith, to believe in Him in the heart with all your heart.

Fear will drag it all down…. Satan knows that through fear he can move in and destroy the churches that are turning lukewarm. Also, the elect can get a setback through fear. You know the great Elijah, one time, fell back a moment because of what he went through, typical of the end of the age, but he rallied in a hurry. Amen…. It didn’t really draw all of his faith. He was a little confused about some things for a while; the way people were doing at the time that he came. With so much power on him, he couldn’t turn them around. It had to come out of the supernatural heaven like fire to finally get the job done.

We are living at the end of the age…. Satan knows that if he can strike those churches with doubt, he’ll get that fear in there, get that doubt in there, and then it would tie things up. It would tie them up to where God cannot move, see? Divine love takes that fear out too, and you’ve got to have that [divine love] working there. That’s why satan today—he knows he can put out horror movies, blood gory, put out science fiction, war doom, destruction, and he can put all these things out in the movies today, and begin to strike fear in the children. He knows that by producing fear, he can move right on up and blow that you are them away…. It pays to be cautious alright and have a certain amount [of caution] not just going to walk out something, but also it pays to have that spiritual faith which will regulate it perfectly. It will even regulate that fear toward God’s Word. Faith, how powerful! How wonderful it is! Amen.

You know, people today, in all the nations are confused. They are upset. When they get fearful, they turn to drugs. They go to doctors and get pills. They drink liquor. That is not the cause of all of them taking drugs and liquor, but it is a great part of what causes it. Fear is one of the keynotes to that. They will be nervous, confused and upset with the age closing out, things happening to them, and with the condemnation of the Lord upon them. The power of salvation is upon this earth, and they are fleeing from the Lord. The next thing you know, they’ve got drugs, they’ve got this and that. They are running to doctors, psychiatrists and everything like that. Some of them because of the morbid fear upon them, they get themselves hypnotized to try and lose part of their minds to get rid of that fear. You are still with me now? The key to what is causing the nation [people] to do so much of the drugs and so much of the drinking is the fear that’s come upon them because the powers of the heaven have been shaken. I tell you one thing: get your faith and that substance working.

You say, “What is the answer to fear?” Faith and divine love. Faith will move that fear out. Jesus said, “Fear not.” But He said rather, “Only believe.” See; fear not, only use your faith. That is exactly right. So, we find out, with all these things taking place, strong faith and [in] the Word of God is the answer. You have a seed of faith, allow that to work and grow. I don’t care who has died in the past having Jesus as their Savior, they would have to have so much faith or they will not come out of there when that Voice sounds. It is regulated to a certain amount of faith or you will not move from that grave. They died in the faith saith the Lord. And I say so myself; they died in the faith. Now, many of them that died in the tribulation (saints) died in the faith. The ones in the translation upon this earth, when God makes the call and the people are translated up, when He makes that call, the translative faith is in their hearts. When that Voice sounds, you are gone! That is why in all of my ministry besides preaching and teaching about revelation, mysteries, prophecies, healings and miracles—that is why I teach so strong a faith in the Living God because without that [faith], it would do no good to teach the others.

You must have that faith in your heart. But I have laid enough of faith in there to blow you up. Elijah had so much faith that he called on an angel—one fed him. I tell you, it’s real power. He got in the chariot and left. We will have the same kind of faith and get with God, and we are gone! So that is why I am doing what I am doing in the anointing; it is bringing that faith to the people. You know in Acts 10: 38, it says, Jesus was anointed and went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil. He tried to get everyone of them because He was getting rid of that devil. Jesus was so anointed with power, they [the devils] said, “What have we to do with thee?” They screamed with a loud voice and left. He came with that Light upon Him. “What have we to do with thee,” see? Today, what have they to do with me? They run out of the door. Can’t you see it? Jesus said the works that I do shall you do. So, that has got to be one of the works [casting out demons]. If you get enough of the power of God, they’ll cut out.

At the end of the age, He will draw, and He will pull that elect. You talk about a time when those rains [former and latter rain] come together! Oh my, what a time! He went about doing good and healing all that He could get to, who were oppressed by the devil. Did you know that today, in some of the movements, it is taught in a different way? People today have so much fear and doubt. Did you know that people are even afraid to get healed? People are afraid, saith the Lord, to even believe…. In my experience in the ministry I have seen it that way…. I have seen them tremble and get scared and want to turn back the other way. They are afraid that God might touch them. I’ll tell you what: you better let Him touch you or you are never going to get eternal life.

People are afraid to get healed? Why? Healing is one of the greatest transformations of power. I have seen people who have been operated on and so forth, suffering in pain, and I have seen God just take a second and take out what they had. You don’t feel anything, but glory; nothing, but joy. He is the only Physician in the world who doesn’t have to give you a shot [injection] when He cuts something out, a growth or something that is there. You will feel nothing [no pain]. I have had them go back to the doctor and they x-rayed them—doctor couldn’t find any tumor–tumors in their throat or cancer in them. God just came in there with the power of the Lord—the works that I do shall ye do. These signs shall follow them that believe, see? The tumor is gone, see? It disappears right off the top of their skin. You don’t have to give them anything. The Lord does it. You don’t feel pain or anything about it when it it’s gone like that.

Still, because of the supernatural and the power of God, and because the Word of God is so different from the world itself, and so different from many churches today, the people are afraid. “Maybe I can’t live for God. Maybe if I get this, I have to do this and that for God.” You see, “I am afraid” that one told the Lord. Never think of that. Just believe Him in the heart. He will guide you. You may not be perfect, but He will guide you. Don’t ever be afraid of that. Don’t let that [fear] drag you down. Believe only in the Lord. Many people that He talked to there, He told them to believe in Him. I know a lot of people, they are afraid to be healed. What kind of a spirit is that? That is a spirit that is going to drag you away from church. This faith, this antidote, will drive out the fear if you allow Him to go through you, and you allow the Lord to take up an abode in there. I tell you one thing: He will drive that out there. You will only have the kind of fear that comes from the Living God. How many of you believe that? Faith is the victor! How spiritual and how powerful that is!

Satan was defeated at Calvary. Jesus defeated the devil. The bible [Jesus Christ] says ye shall cast out the devils that cause all kinds of fear, oppression and sickness in my name. The bible says that Jesus gives us freedom from all the power of satan as we operate our faith. In another place, the bible says that the children of Abraham should be free from satan’s bondage (Luke 13: 16). Any oppression, any worry, any anxiety or anything that would drag you down, put your faith into action, and God will bless you…. If you are here and you are wondering why you want to get saved, but somehow you don’t want to reach out, fear will keep you from salvation. A lot of people won’t get salvation; they say, “Those people, I don’t know if I can be like those people.” You never will as long as you are looking from the outside on the inside. But just get that fear out of the way and accept the Lord Jesus in your heart. You will say then, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

So, your faith, another thing about it: as fear closes in upon the earth–fear of annihilation, fear of the horrible destructive weapons that are coming upon the earth, fear of science, the way it is going, fear of people, fear of our cities and fear of the streets—that’s when you need this faith. Faith is a substance. It is within your body and you can activate it. So, faith is so important with the Word of God. The Word of God is the most important thing in the world. But without faith, you cannot believe it; without faith, the Word of God just lays there. You put wheels under it, amen, and it starts working for you. God is really great! Isn’t He? The bible says the body is dead without the spirit. The same thing with spiritual things too. You are dead without faith. So, always remember, faith is a wonderful thing. It must be taught strong, potent and powerful.

[PRAYER LINE: Bro. Frisby prayed for people to have faith]

How many of you feel good now? This is why you go to church; to keep your oil of faith and power, and to keep you filled. Keep your faith up. Once, that faith starts disappearing in you, you are in trouble indeed, saith the Lord. It is like fire to a motor. You’ve got to have it. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Faith the Victor | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1129 | 11/02/86 AM