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“This subject is very vital, found in Rev. chap. 12. Many people wonder about who goes through the Tribulation and does the bride go up before the greater part of it!” This chapter reveals also dual prophecy in history and we will lay some foundation to start with! Rev. 12:1, “reveals a great wonder appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, etc. This was the true church of all ages and was a “SIGN.” “Verse 2 reveals she was travailing to give birth.” “Verse 3 shows the appearance of the great red dragon having 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns upon his head! Now this dragon was satan who controlled the Old Roman Empire and has reference to the new reconstructed (revised) Empire which is the 10 common market countries. But notice the 10 horns of the new empire is not crowned now but will be shortly afterwards under a new kingdom that we will mention presently!” – “Verse 4 reveals satan’s casting down ready to devour the child. Verse 5 reveals she brought forth a man child and was caught up to heaven before God! This reference reveals in past history the first appearance of Christ but it speaks prophetically of the elect man child (bride) in our day being translated! Because afterwards verse 6 reveals what was left fled into the wilderness for 42 months! We will go deeper into this in a moment.” – “Verse 7 reveals the war in heaven and satan was even cast down more so into the atmosphere. There are several casting downs of satan where he received a stronger grip upon the earth each time!” “Verse 9 reveals the great dragon as the old serpent the devil! Verse 12 shows the beginning of the complete incarnation of the anti -christ, he is now preparing to take over the whole world, this is the hour of the last 42 months! The first 42 months of the 7 year period his real character was hidden from the world! It says woe to the inhabiters of the earth for the devil is come down unto you, because he hath but a short time (42 months). “Notice it is then that satan’s anti-christ comes into power world wide, his satellite kings, the 10 horns are now crowned, (read Rev. 13:1). Verse 3 also reveals it is at the same time that satan enters the beast and the deadly wound is healed! It is present tense because verse 5 reveals power is given to him to continue 40 and 2 months!” (Also read Rev. 17:9-12). This also reveals (Dan. 2:33) the iron and clay completely joined until it splits at Armageddon!” (Verse 43).

“Now returning to the chap. of Rev. 12, verses 13-17 reveal the dragon (Babylon) and world false religions persecuted the woman and it reveals that satan was wroth and persecuted (her seed) which was the foolish virgins. These are the ones which go through the Great Tribulation!” “However the verses reveal that many of those are protected but other Scriptures reveal many die for their faith during the Great Tribulation!” (Rev. 13:15) – “But the bride is translated before satan is completely incarnated in the beast! Although the bride does go through some dark hours and trials she does not go into the last part of the Great Tribulation!” – “And the true elect leave before the Trumpets and the 7 plagues are poured out and before Armageddon starts! They will already be around the throne! He takes them out before (Luke 21:35-36)!”

“Prophecy reveals that under the anti-christ there will be one world church, Babylon – Rev. 17 – all false religions, including all Catholics who have not received salvation and false apostate Protestants. There will be one world bank and monetary system, all governments, all military forces will be under his command, all munitions and war weapons (atomic) will be personally in his hand! Who is able to make war with him?” Rev. 13:4 – (Dan. 11:38) – “The reconstructed Roman Empire (Babylon) will control all false religions, commerce and industry, Rev. chaps. 17 and 18 are definite on this!” “This one world church system will control the mining of gold, silver and all rare metals, it will take great vaults to contain their accumulations of this!” (Nahum 2:9 – Dan. 11:38-39) – “The wealth of the world will be in her hands and his control – Rev. 17:4-5!”

God bless and love you,

Neal Frisby