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“I would like to go into the book of Nahum. There are some very good viewpoints concerning the end. It serves as a dual compound prophecy and concerns Nineveh in the past but definitely more so it forecasts events in our day!” Nahum 2:3-4, “describes the mighty men in red and the valiant in scarlet. This describes the preparation for war and it was in the day that the chariots shall be with flaming torches! It speaks of the fir tree being terribly shaken; this is denoting a time of earthquakes and devastating bombs! It reveals the chariots will rage in the streets. This reveals that this will happen during the age of the automobile and the world will gather to Armageddon!” “Chapter 3 reveals this even further.” – “Verse 2 reveals the prancing horses and the jumping chariots; this seems to be tanks and jeeps used in combat! Modern warfare is revealed in verse

  1. The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword and the glittering spear and there is a multitude of slain. You see it reveals modern warfare because ‘one horseman’ caused all of this. It was cannon and artillery fire because it goes on to say a great number of carcasses and there was none end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses. The bright sword (fire) and the lightning guns exploded and all these people were slain at once by the push of a button! It reminds us of this Scripture Rev. 14:20, when the blood reached the horses bridle and flowed for 200 miles!” Nahum 2:13, “reveals Atomic war when it says, I will burn her chariots in the smoke and the sword (weapon) shall devour! Also verses 11 and 12 speak of the dwelling place of a lion and the feeding place of young lions. This no doubt involves England and the U.S.A. in Armageddon war!” “Then in verse 9 of Chap. 2 reveals the wealth of Commercial Babylon. It reads, take ye the spoil of silver, take ye the spoil of gold: for there is none end of the store! Verse 10 shows her judgment, she is empty, void and waste, and the faces of them all gather blackness! (Rev. 16:10, Rev. 18:8) (Verse 13, “speaks of the voice of thy messengers the same as in Rev. 18:23.”) – Nahum 3:4 absolutely describes the spiritual Babylon of Rev. 17 at the end in our age! “Verse 9 is like Dan. 11:42-43 concerning the oil and the gold! The rest of the chapter reveals the great war at the end of time, and some of these verses are like Rev. 17:16 (destroying fire).”

“Now we wonder where the anti-christ beast is in this chapter and where it will all head up in him. Well we have just the Scripture here to prove it. Nahum 1:11, it describes there is one that imagineth evil against the Lord, a “wicked counselor”, this means anti-christ. The rest of the chapter describes the fall of this vile god and the doing away with his molten images! This perfectly describes and is in unison with Daniel and the book of Revelation. It described the wealth, the idolatry, the Commercial, the supersonic age, modern warfare and the age of atomic power and the symbol of different nations involved, even the main colors scarlet (Romanism), red (Communism). It aptly portrayed the “wicked counselor” who deceived the nations (beast, Rev. 13). (For complete understanding read the short book of Nahum. It will be easier for those in case they do not want to check the Scriptures back and forth.) It also closes with God’s divine wrath and judgment on the age! So we see this small book definitely portrayed the age of Nineveh and our last modern age also. – Nahum 1:5 reveals the absolute power of

God, and verse 7 describes the Lord is good and He knoweth them that trust in Him!

At this time I would like to repeat a note that has already been sent to my partners before: “As has been prophesied we are living in perilous times, spiraling inflation, world trouble and awesome events are ahead!” And reveals the age is shortening more; a new era is starting. The tempo of world events has definitely been speeding up as we enter the end of time and more will transpire! “We will have great quakes, devastating floods, severe famines, and destroying winds all over the world! Also the Scriptures reveal that the wealth of the world is being gathered into a large system!” (Rev. 17, James 5:1-5) – “And then verse 7 reveals the elect is gathering for the latter rain in a spiritual church of capstone power and the Lord is gathering over her in bright clouds of His living presence as the soft bright rain of His glory is covering them with rest, healing and fulfillment of spirit!” “Now is the time for all of us to work because the U.S.A. and the world is shaping into a deadly pattern of chaos preparing for the reign of evil powers!” – And the Lord said through prayer and faith we would be able to escape these things and stand before Him!

In God’s Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby