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“Let’s take a look at the future and also events occurring now. The nations are suffering from an international monetary crisis, they are perplexed and in bewilderment! The man of fierce countenance (beast) and understanding dark sentences will appear in the midst of world-wide problems!” “It has been said that in history a nation can survive a depression and come out stronger, but no country has ever had several straight years of double-digit inflation and remained a democracy! Run away inflation eventually bankrupts everyone including the government! Production begins to come to a halt and there is chaos! The only alternative is dictatorship to restore order!” “Once the U.S. loses its freedom it will not come back again. This is historical fact!”

“In the future several major things to watch which will confront the world and this nation will be shortages, labor crisis, and national debt. We will have recession and inflation mingled with prosperity until out of a crisis the anti-christ will restore prosperity for a limited time!” – “No doubt the coming economic storm will reshift or redistribute the wealth into the hands of the Babylon system at a super church and state level!” – “The government could use the oncoming crisis as an excuse to finally bring strict wage and price controls under the beast system!” (Rev. 13:15-18) – “Also in the future there will be extreme and all kinds of world shortages (famines) entering the Tribulation and worsening; even then prosperity won’t mean much with severe shortages! And what supplies are left the beast system will control it through a numeral system!”

A noted economist said, a tremendous economic convulsion is about to destroy the entire financial structure of the world and affecting the United States! The end result will be recessionary, inflationary depression, the magnitude of which we’ve never experienced. Millions of people will be out of work, millions will be hungry. Riots, killings and pluderings will sweep the nations! – “This could definitely occur near or approaching the Great Tribulation until prosperity (new system) is restored out of chaos!” – “Also later and entering the Great Tribulation disease will gnaw its way into the lives of millions more! Cities will be like jungles infested with half-starved humans, preying upon the weak, the old and defenseless! There will be the haunting hunger of the young and the innocent looking up with dark hollow eyes begging and pleading for a morsel of food that is not there to give!” “The earth is ‘marked’ and at the end of the Tribulation food will be scarce, promoting Armageddon War!” “In the Tribulation, on one hand you have prosperity and on the other hand starvation!” – “In the days ahead we will begin to see in a minor way what will happen in a major way later!”

“Although the bride does go through some dark trials and hours, she does not go through the last part of the Great Tribulation!”

– We might add this before we proceed, that money without any “substance backing” will finally become worthless unless corrected soon, so give what you have for the gospel now and use the rest for your needs. Unless inflation is corrected the value of it will depreciate. – (Quote) “Thomas Jefferson once warned, I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Volume 1, Jeffersonian Encyclopedia) “May we insert this, it means that later the super church (the Babylonian system) will have control of all financial banks at church and state level.” (Rev. 13:10-18) – “Pres. James Garfield said, he who controls the money of a nation controls the nation.” – “Also the financier Amschel Rothschild once said, give me control over a nation’s economy and I don’t care who writes the laws.” – “In the next few years ahead we will be on the brink of a national shakeup, we have probably seen nothing yet compared to the world-wide economic conditions coming!”

“All the nations are ready to unite into one government and into one giant computer! As we know, God has His children’s names written in the Book of Life, and satan will write his evil followers in his book of death! No doubt a giant electronic computer with “idol form” being on top with the name and number of his followers in it! Those who do not take the number or mark from this “electronic (fire) light” will be killed!” (Rev. 13:15-18) – “Also each home or person may be forced to take smaller computer idol images in order to be under control in doing their buying and selling!” “Bel swallowed up the nations!” (Jer. 51:44) – “Daniel saw a strange god with him, evidently an ‘idol-like image’ formed into a computer, “a god of science!” (Dan. 11:38-39) – “Satan was also created in lights of similarity!” Ezek. 28:13-16, 18. “There will also be an ecclesiastical image unto the beast, in other words acting like the beast system before them!” (Rev. 13:11) “Also remember the monetary medium gold image that Nebuchadnezzar set up in Babylon!” (Dan. 3:1-4). The Bible says God will propser and bless his children even in troublesome times.

God bless, love and guide you,

Neal Frisby