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In this special writing let us speak a little concerning God’s signs! The Lord is moving swiftly in His cloud choosing out His elect now! And this reminds us of Ezekiel who saw a remarkable foresight of supernatural stirring, an energy of God’s presence, approaching like a cosmic force!” – Ezek. 1:4, “Behold, he saw a whirlwind coming, turning as a great magnetic cloud with fire moving within it glowing with brightness about it; and the color of amber was coming out of the fire!” – “He was getting ready to receive a message from the Most High!” – “Verse 10 reveals the same type of messengers which are around the throne in Rev. 4:7!” – “Verses 26-28 depict a man upon a throne, and from his waist up he seemed to be glowing in a fiery amber, and from his loins downward seemed to be dazzling like a flame of fire in brightness with a rainbow glowing around him!” – “Evidently this is what he saw in the middle of a cloud coming towards him as the living beings stepped forth from the presence of God! He saw this manifestation and again today God is coming forth in the pillar of fire and cloud! He saw the glory of the Lord! Chap. 2 reveals God was about to give him a leadership message to a rebellious people!” – “But a few would believe. (Ezek. 9:4) They believed the inkhorn writers message!” (Verse 11) – Ezek. 2:5, it was to reveal a prophet was among them! Verses 8-10 reveals God gave him a scroll and it was written full of warnings, sorrow and pronouncement of dooms! We today can see these same judgments coming upon the human race like a raging tidal wave of chaos! Economic conditions, famine, earthquakes, storms, etc.” – “The personality with the glowing rainbow around him that Ezekiel saw was the angel of the Lord! And in the cloud was both deliverance and judgment approaching!”

“Let us take in consideration this angel of the Lord who is appearing again in a ministry to His elect! The angel of the Lord is in the pillar of fire and cloud; the elect is being guided by the pillar of fire, the star in the cloud! It is the Capstone angel! The angel of the Lord is God’s own manifestation of absolute deity! The cloud of life!” – “He appears in the most important times, and when something great is about to occur! Let’s follow the Scripture pattern concerning these various appearances.” In Rev. 10:1, “reveals him in a cloud, rainbow, thunder, fire and voice with a message!” (roll) – This is like what we just spoke of that the prophet saw in Ezek. 1:4, 26-28 and chap. Ezek. 2. Again in Judges 6:11-13, “the angel of the Lord made a dramatic appearance! – It reveals He was about to do wonders and miracles! Verse 21 shows fire associated with Him!” – “In Judges 13:20 the angel of the Lord makes another appearance, spoke and went up in a flame towards heaven!” – In I Kings 19:6-8, “The angel of the Lord touched Elijah the prophet the second time! And I feel inspired to say that now God is going to touch the elect church and it’s going into the second and most powerful manifestation and move!” – Now the Lord touches me and directs me to this Scripture: Joshua 5:13-15, “Where the angel of the Lord appeared with a sword in his hand and spoke to Joshua and said, as the captain of the Lord of Hosts am I now come!” “And it proved that this angel was God, because he worshipped Him and told him he certainly was on Holy ground; meaning deity was there!”

“Now the Lord unctions me to this following Scripture, Dan.10:6-7, wherein the angel of the Lord appeared in this form and a great quaking fell upon them! Verse 14 reveals it had to do with the latter days leading the elect of this age!” – In Dan. 8:16 the angel of the Lord in the form of a man spoke to Gabriel concerning a message! And this same angel of the Lord is giving a message to His people again closing out the age! We have even seen photographs of these manifestations. What a wondrous visitation with even more encouraging signs to come portraying the manifold wisdom of the Almighty!” “I can just feel that cloud of fire unfolding itself coming towards us! O praise Him!” – “The Lord spoke to me and said this same angel that was in the pillar of fire and cloud to Israel is making His appearance with us again! Thus Saith The Lord!” Read Ex. 40:34-38 – Ex. 33:9-11, “The angel of the Lord spoke face to face with the messenger!”

“Behold, saith the eternal Lord of Hosts, herein I will move upon My servant to put this Scripture here for My people. Ps.

34:7, “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them!” – “This is literally true saith the Lord! O taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man that trusteth in him and in this message that I have given!” “O let us magnify the Lord in His Holy name Jesus!” – “For He is in His Holy Mount the Headstone angel glowing in rainbow colors standing in the presence of His living pillar of fire!” – “Behold saith the Lord, have ye not read in Ps. 91:1, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty! Yea, saith the Lord, the Capstone Message and My people are abiding under the shadow of the Almighty!” – Verse 11, “And I will give my angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways! For it is I the Lord that goeth before thee!” – “Amen, the angel of the Lord is in front of us as never before. Let us prepare our hearts for He will reveal Himself anew to everyone that believeth!” – “Let us be sure and listen to His words coming forth!”

God Love and Bless you,

Neal Frisby